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  • PES and Football Manager delete disgraced Adam Johnson

  • Muddtallica 04/03/2016

    We released a team update last month to remove Adam Johnson; however due to technical issues it is not possible to delete him from everyone's version.
    It's weird the way this statement anthropomorphises the virtual in-game Adam Johnson, referring to "him" as an entity that cannot be destroyed, despite their best efforts. It makes him sound like he's a rogue AI now, a la Skynet or Agent Smith, and that there might be a risk of some FIFA 16 owners loading the game up to find that Johnson has replicated to replace every single player in the game.
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  • Splatoon sales are strong in Japan, at least

  • Muddtallica 11/06/2015

    Splatoon debuted in the UK charts in second place behind a rampant Witcher 3, but quickly disappeared soon after.
    How has this conclusion been reached? It only dropped from second to fourth in its second week in the all-formats chart; if you're looking at the single-formats chart, it held steady in third.

    If you think that constitutes "disappearing", you probably weren't looking very hard for it.
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  • Wii U-exclusive Devil's Third shown off in bizarre trailer

  • Muddtallica 10/06/2015

    Surely it's not quite correct to say a Western release hasn't been confirmed? It doesn't have a date yet, but it was announced by Nintendo's Western divisions last E3 and has its own page on the Nintendo UK website.

    This isn't a case like Fatal Frame 5, where they literally hadn't mentioned it as being on the cards for the US/Europe until last April; this one is definitely planned for Western release, we just don't know when.

    EDIT: Ah, the story's been updated now, so we DO know when! August 28th. So much for unconfirmed!
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  • Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 review

  • Muddtallica 25/11/2014

    Note to the editor: you've got the name of the game wrong almost every time you mention it in the review! It's Tales FROM the Borderlands, not Tales of. Might want to amend that! Reply +12
  • Amiibo unlock extra racing suits in Mario Kart 8

  • Muddtallica 05/11/2014

    I'll be honest, I was hoping for a bit more than this in terms of amiibo functionality; I'd have thought it'd be an obvious step to let you transfer your ghost data and kart configurations around, for example. This seems a fun extra, but I'd welcome some further details on the Nintendo Direct.

    I'm still cautious on the whole amiibo concept. The figures look decent - though markedly worse than the prototypes - but none of the functionality revealed thus far has really convinced me I need to drop the money. Both Mario Kart and Smash Bros' amiibo features seem like they were added in relatively late in development as an afterthought, and I can't imagine the Hyrule Warriors update being any different. Perhaps the second generation of amiibo-compatible games will utilise them in a more integral role, but then that opens the whole can of worms over whether Nintendo want to split their already small userbase further and force them to buy a load of expensive figurines in order to properly play key exclusives?

    Skylanders and Disney Infinity have obviously shown that a figurine-oriented franchise model can work, but Nintendo's taking a slightly different - and untested - approach by trying to tie amiibo in with a wider range of titles, many (or all?) of which won't really support the figurines in any substantial or game-changing way. It could work out for them, and it'll certainly improve the Nintendo brand's visibility on shelves, but I can't help but feel the whole thing is shaded by the same throw-everything-at-the-wall, all-things-to-all-people non-strategy that gave us the Wii U concept, and we've all seen how that's working out commercially. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong on this, though.
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  • Nintendo details contactless sleep and fatigue sensor

  • Muddtallica 30/10/2014

    I'm glad to see they're partnering with ResMed - an actual medical device manufacturer with specific experience and approved products in this field - for this first foray into health technology. I'd been kind of concerned that they'd just blunder into the market with some superficial product based on Nintendo Science! and that didn't have any actual medical/scientific grounding, which is one of the key criticisms of the likes of Brain Training (and even Wii Fit to an extent).

    I do suffer from poor-quality sleep and am fairly interested in the idea of a user-friendly, consumer-focused and non-intrusive sleep sensor; I can see there being a market for it. It certainly is a departure for Nintendo and strengthens the perception that their QoL activities won't have much in common with their gaming business at all; as long as they commit their resources effectively and figure out a proper way to market the health equipment, it could become a profitable side business.
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  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS bug causes characters to inflate

  • Muddtallica 30/09/2014

    @MrTomFTW Further to the other responses: they also patched Pokemon XY, due to a game-breaking bug that caused the whole game to freeze when you save in a certain area. They were a bit iffy with patches in the Wii era (their solution to Metroid: Other M's game-breaking bug was for people to mail away their SD cards and save files for a replacement, for example), but they seem to have got with the times now. Reply +4
  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS review

  • Muddtallica 26/09/2014

    A typically brilliantly written review from Simon Parkin, but one that reveals that he fundamentally doesn't *get* Smash Bros in the same way that he clearly understands Musou/Dynasty Warriors, another series that's often unfairly written off as shallow.

    I'm not saying there's anything wrong or illegitimate about the review - it's his opinion, and a well-articulated one - but there's so much in here that betrays a lack of understanding of the way the game mechanics actually function at a core level. The arcing, floaty jumps are a feature, not a flaw - the combat engine is based just as much on movement, positioning and aerial superiority as it is on ground combat, which factors into the balance of several characters (Link and Little Mac are aerial weaklings, for example). Describing each fighter's list of moves as "slim"? I guess that's true, if you're taking the view that only the four B-button specials count as moves, rather than acknowledging that the various direction and power-modifiable A-button attacks are dramatically different between each character and completely alter their play styles. I'm also unsure why you'd ever want to use the D-pad to control the characters, given that Smash has been built from the outset as an analogue-native fighting engine, meaning that all movements and attacks are based on different levels of stick pressure and input speed.

    This review is an interesting perspective from a non-Smash devotee, but it feels like Simon has allowed an overly rigid understanding of how a fighting game "should" play to prevent him from understanding how to actually play Smash Bros.
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  • New 3DS and New 3DS XL out in Australia this year

  • Muddtallica 24/09/2014

    If I had to take a wild guess, I'd translate this decision as meaning that Australian sales of the regular 3DS have tailed off sufficiently that they need to deliver the commercial kick in the arse that New 3DS represents immediately, whereas in the US/Europe they still think they can get one more healthy Christmas out of the existing models.

    Bit annoying for those of us who already know about the new model - and indeed, for those who don't, and buy the inferior current model this Christmas without realising the upgrade is coming - but I'm prepared to wait it out. Pretty happy with my XL for the time being, and I don't feel I need the new model to properly enjoys Smash Bros/Pokemon OR&AS.
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  • Mass Effect 4 concept footage reveals Mako vehicle

  • Muddtallica 28/07/2014

    I'm glad they've finally grasped the idea that the problem with the Mako in ME1 was execution, not concept. I loved the idea of being able to roam vast, untamed, uncharted worlds by vehicle and by foot; it really broadened the scope of the universe and added to the seamless immersion that ME1 seemed to prize. The issue was that it handled like a butter-coated brick, which hurt the playability a lot, though not enough to put me off the idea behind it. I was all for seeing it improved in future sequels, and was glad that BioWare seemed aware of the feedback on it, but was then dismayed that they chose to junk the concept almost entirely in ME2 and 3, rather than go back and fix it; it made gave the sequels poorer, smaller, shallower worlds as a result.

    I'm glad to see vehicles returning, and I hope it's indicative of BioWare getting back a bit of confidence in their core Mass Effect concept. I generally like the series, but it was only the first one that I really loved, even though there was a lot wrong with it; I just found it a shame that BioWare were so thin-skinned about the fan feedback to it, and so heavy-handed in their approach to addressing those concerned. People complained about the vehicles? They're gone. RPG levelling system is a bit clunky? Scrapped completely. Think the immersive elevator scenes to mask loading times go on a bit long? Remove them, replace with static loading screens. ME2 and 3 felt focus-group-tested half to death, and I missed a lot of the more ambitious idiosyncrasies that the first one had. Now they're out of the churning process of completing "The Big Epic Trilogy (TM)", it'd be nice to think they'd take stock and really think about the big ideas that really underpin the core appeal of the series, and try and recapture that. I'm not totally confident they will, but it's nice to dream.
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  • Huge Dragon Age: Inquisition Q&A info dump

  • Muddtallica 09/07/2014

    Worth noting: Sumalee Montano was Nyreen the turian in Mass Effect 3: Omega, if you want a more BioWare-centric frame of reference. Also Arcee in the most recent Transformers cartoon, Transformers Prime. Good voice actress! Reply +5
  • Bayonetta dev Platinum making The Legend of Korra game

  • Muddtallica 30/06/2014

    @B-Spec_Bob Well, yeah, that was pretty half-baked. To be honest, I think that story strand would have been quite a good basis for the second season; the idea of Korra trying to redevelop her powers, and the fallout on the world of so many benders (hurrhurrhurr, still gets me) being attacked by Amon, including Lin Beifong. But no, they just wrapped it up in the last 10 minutes, so that we could move on the nonsense we actually got in season 2! Disappointing, really. Oh well, overall reaction to the start of season 3 has been more positive, so maybe I'll give it another go soon. Reply 0
  • Muddtallica 26/06/2014

    @B-Spec_Bob Hmmm. That's encouraging on one level - ie, that I'm sick of the current plot and don't want to see it any more - but it doesn't sound very impressive from an actual storytelling perspective. :/

    I did genuinely find season one to be very good. I thought the new setting was fascinating, the world-building as good as ever, and the themes were fresh and interesting (pro-bending! Civil unrest! Metalbending police!). I liked the fast-paced plot, the flashbacks to the old cast and the general change in style, too. I know a lot of people hated how overly neat the very ending of it was, which I didn't agree with at the time; it was clearly a holdover from the time when season 1 was meant to be a self-contained miniseries, so it made sense that they'd try and tie everything up. Moreover, at that point I felt pretty confident that they'd have loads of good ideas to fill the next three seasons, so I was OK with them putting the Amon plot to bed; only now am I finding myself lamenting how many interesting potential plot strands the S1 ending severed, in favour of endless dull bickering. :( Ho-hum.
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  • Muddtallica 26/06/2014

    @varsas See, I didn't have any problem with Avatar's standalone, comedy-focused episodes, because a) I thought the humour was always funny and character-driven, whether it was childish or not, and b) the standalones felt like fun, planned and measured digressions within a well-structured story arc. Whereas when Korra does one of its many episodes dedicated to tedious teenage love triangles (that could easily be sorted out if any of the characters actually communicated like emotionally intelligent people), it feels like the writers are just flailing around with no clear idea of where they're going.

    That said, I am willing to bite the bullet and watch the rest of season 2 at some point, because I've heard it from several sources that I've already seen the worst parts of the season and haven't seen any of the best bits yet. I just got to the part when they introduced a GODDAMN AMNESIA STORYLINE, and threw my hands up and went "sod this". One of these days I'm going to just have to suck it up, sit down and watch the rest of it! :p
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  • Muddtallica 26/06/2014

    Man, the idea of Platinum unleashing their Bayonetta/MG Rising nous on the Avatar world is mouth-watering. Their style of action seems perfect for the shows' bending powers and creative element-based attacks; on pedigree alone, this has a good chance of being one of the best licensed games ever, assuming the execution is up to snuff. Pretty surprised by the lack of a Wii U version given the family focus, but I can cope with that.

    My main issue is...hate to say it, but I do rather wish this was based on the original Avatar show, rather than Korra. :/ Avatar was an absolute masterpiece, combining the wit of the best Western animation with the epic scope and thematic ambition of the best anime. Three tightly-plotted seasons, filled with amazing concepts, stunning visuals and loveable characters...I'd recommend it to almost anyone.

    Korra's first season was very good too, admittedly, with its Jazz Age setting and fast-paced storytelling, but the second season was a trainwreck that I couldn't even bring myself to finish. :/ All the focus went out of the plotting, and the characters - who were never as memorable as the original cast - became these horrible, shrill, selfish brats who were constantly being unreasonable arseholes to each other for no reason other than to drum up manufactured conflict. It seemed clear to me that the writers only had enough story and character material for one season (which was originally planned as a standalone miniseries) and that what I was watching now was unconvincing filler, so I kind of just gave up, which is a terrible shame, as it's a show I wanted to love, and did for its first year.

    If the Platinum game - and the just-starting third season - turn out good, then maybe I can be coaxed back in, but right now I'm approaching Korra-related stuff with trepidation. I've been burned before.
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  • First gameplay of PS3 Godzilla game from Bandai Namco

  • Muddtallica 26/06/2014

    I can confirm the new Godzilla film was indeed quite good: absolutely gorgeous visuals, lovely atmospherics and a solid understanding of the soul of the title character. It was enough for me to forgive the stop-start pacing and the thinly-written human cast, but I accept different people's mileages may vary.

    Dunno what to make of this new game; looks fine so far, but has there ever been a genuinely great/very good Godzilla game? Either in terms of a licensed title, or anything that aims for that same sort of city-wrecking kaiju destruction gameplay? I'm currently working my way through the lovely Attack of the Friday Monsters on 3DS, but that's a very different perspective on the concept. Can't really think of any brilliant monster-stomping games, though I'm sure someone will correct me if there have been some...
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  • Nintendo's first DS title for Wii U is Brain Training

  • Muddtallica 04/06/2014

    This reminds me: what the hell happened to the 3DS Brain Training in Europe? It was meant to come out last April, but got delayed the week it was due to release, and hasn't been heard from since. I know they said something about wanting to optimise the launch timing or something, but it's been more than a year now, and it's already been and gone in the US and Japan.

    Are we actually still getting it at all? Would be weird if not, seeing as how the first one was the top-selling game ever in the UK for a while; that said, I can't help but feeling the market for these kinds of games has moved on. Nintendo needed to do something really innovative with the 3DS edition to bring that casual audience back, and what they came up with was...added difficulty and Satanic imagery? :confused:

    Still, will be nice to see the original on Wii U, especially if it's free here too. Heard good things about the optimisation of the GBA titles on eShop, and will be interested to see how successfully DS games - with their unusual screen layout and primitive 3D graphics - will make that jump.
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  • Take another look at Hyrule Warriors, Nintendo's odd Zelda spin-off

  • Muddtallica 22/05/2014

    @Arrit There are loads of perfectly logical, valid reasons to criticise the Dynasty Warriors series and its spin-offs. Calling them "Smash Bros clones" isn't one of them. Reply +36
  • Philips wants Wii U banned for patent infringement

  • Muddtallica 15/05/2014

    Aww man, this is really going to ruin the chances of the companies getting together on a CD-i 2. :( Reply +88
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review

  • Muddtallica 07/05/2014

    Bugger. Been in a bit of a Spider-Man mood since seeing the new film (which I actually liked, mostly because it captures the essence of the character well enough that I forgive the hokey plotting), and was kind of hoping this would at least be a basically satisfying 6/10 affair. No such luck!

    If I REALLY wanted a Spider-Man game at this point, what would be the best recent option? TASM1? Shattered Dimensions? Not really willing to go all the way back to the old Spider-Man 2 era; I think that'd be a bit too much of a throwback, especially since I never really took to Maguire-Spidey. Or was that really the last half-decent Spider-Man game there is?
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  • Footage leaks of canned Star Wars game starring Darth Maul

  • Muddtallica 09/04/2014

    Shame about the game, it looked quite promising; certainly has a better visual flow to it than Force Unleashed, which I couldn't get on with at all. Would have been nice to have it tie in with the Maul stuff from Clone Wars - team him up with Savage Opress, not Darth Talon - but that's all moot now, really.

    Also, to add to the general Star Wars discussion: I have no great love for the prequels, but to those who are angrily throwing George Lucas on a metaphorical bonfire here, I advise you: go and watch The Clone Wars, as it's an outstanding animated series that genuinely represents some of the best Star Wars stuff on-screen since 1980. I know a lot of people were put off it by the duff film that introduced it or the slightly patchy first season, but if you persevere, you'll find great storylines, rich characters and some genuine darkness and maturity. Lucas had a big hand in generating a lot of the story and character concepts throughout the show, and it really underlines how much better off he is as an ideas man, as most of the stuff he comes up with is great as long as someone else can handle the actual execution. In the case of Clone Wars, he teamed with some great writers and animators, and produced a work of sufficient quality to redeem the whole prequel era in my eyes. And those who are saying Darth Maul was wasted: you sure as hell should be watching this, then.
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  • The numbers game

  • Muddtallica 05/04/2014

    I think this is quite a grey issue, and it all stems from the slightly unusual place that games occupy on the cultural spectrum. Every videogame ever made is 50% art, 50% consumer electronics product; for every wholly subjective aesthetic, experiential or sensory choice that an individual player may or may not respond to, there are core mechanics, technical issues and quality control considerations that CAN be objectively judged.

    To my mind, games differ from other forms of art, like films or songs; within the core of every videogame is a cold, hard machine that works or it doesn't. Anyone can enjoy even a poorly-made, schlocky film if they're in the right mood, in good company and it happens to speak to them for some personal reason; on the other hand, I'd argue that nobody is going to enjoy a genuinely bad game, with a dodgy camera, game-breaking bugs and crashes, or controls that don't work properly. Deadly Premonition is the example the article gives of a Marmite game that's a masterpiece for some, a car crash for others, but I'd argue that games like that are incredibly rare; in a lot more cases, a bad game is bad for everybody, because it just doesn't work very well, in the same way that a poorly-made digital camera or TV doesn't.

    I appreciate this article's call for more complex, less numbers-driven discussion of games as an art medium, but at the same time the importance of reviews as buyer's guides can't ever be phased out as long as games retain their toy-like internal designs and mechanically-based roots. You may accuse me of holding back the artistic legitimacy of the form by checking Metacritic scores and reviews before buying, but from the perspective of a consumer, I'd rather do that than drop £40 on a game that deletes my save data if I look at it wrong or can't connect to a server for a month after launch.
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  • Nintendo sorry Wii U still lacks TVii feature in Europe

  • Muddtallica 14/01/2014

    I can understand the delay in bringing the service to Europe. EU and UK TV services and viewing culture is pretty different to what exists in the US, so I'm assuming Nintendo has found there are more hurdles than expected in translating the TVii model across, and aren't willing to dedicate that much time or resources to developing it, when they have much bigger priorities to focus on when it comes to Wii U...

    ...but if that's the case, then for God's sake, get rid of the button on the dashboard. Its presence there is becoming something of an embarrassment, a constant red reminder that Nintendo have fumbled the development of their console's core media services. A button on the main home screen that does nothing but bring up an error message, more than a year after launch? As examples of poor planning go, it's almost as bad as having a typo on the main options screen. Nintendo just need to nix it for now and bring it back when/if they ever manage to get TVii working over here. If not, it's easy to visualise a scenario where that remains a vestigial, unused feature in Europe throughout the entire console lifespan, and that really WILL be an embarrassment. :/
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  • Total War: Rome 2 - Caesar in Gaul review

  • Muddtallica 14/01/2014

    @abeeken I know, right? That's what I was going to complain about. I can only assume they're just trying to avoid spoiling the fact that the Gaulish Village is the game's final map, and Obelix is the end-game boss. Reply +5
  • Most Anticipated: Super Smash Bros.

  • Muddtallica 10/01/2014

    I don't think I've ever seen a better encapsulation of the appeal of Nintendo multiplayer than the phrase "being able to laugh when things fail".

    It cuts right to the heart of why games like Smash Bros, Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros manage to remain so appealing and moreish, despite levels of randomness, unpredictability and chaos that would (rightly) expose most other games to accusations of cheapness and imbalance. There's an intrinsic and undefinable slapstick rhythm and logic to the whole experience, Tom and Jerry-style that makes everything make sense, as long as you accept that sometimes you'll be Tom rather than Jerry. I'm a pretty good Smash Bros player, and I expect the game's balance to reflect that with victories in the majority of games I play - yet I fully accept that weird, crazy stuff will happen sometimes, and I'll be the fall guy. With that in mind, I can honestly say I have just as much fun playing Smash Bros when I'm racking up KOs with prodigious skill as I am when a party ball hits me in the face and I fly into a Bulborb's mouth.

    As long as everyone's playing with that same spirit, there are few experiences in this world more joyous than four-player Smash Bros. As such, I'll be hoping to get both versions of the new one on day one. :)
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  • Beyonce's onto something, you know

  • Muddtallica 14/12/2013

    As @Pandy points out, Nintendo have been experimenting with this kind of thing recently. A lot of the eShop games they highlight in Nintendo Directs are made available as special surprises straight after the broadcast (SteamWorld Dig really benefited from this), as are demos of big games thy've just been discussing (Bravely Default and Ace Attorney 5 come to mind recently). The biggest one they did was probably the stealth release of EarthBound, which created quite a lot of buzz, given the highly-anticipated nature of that game's belated reemergence.

    So yeah, on a smaller scale, this can be done pretty effectively with games. Not sure if the model would translate to something huge like a Halo or GTA (which a new Beyoncé album is analagous to), but it'd be exciting to see someone try.
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  • Game of Thrones baddie lends voice to Kickstarter hopeful The Mandate

  • Muddtallica 27/11/2013

    See, all of these Game of Thrones spoiler arguments could have been avoided if the article just referred to him correctly as Mr Filch. Reply 0
  • Nintendo's mysterious 3D Pokémon game is a detective adventure

  • Muddtallica 28/10/2013

    Does anyone still have sidekicks in real life any more? Did anyone ever, for that matter?

    I'd quite like a sidekick.
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  • Rayman Legends review

  • Muddtallica 26/08/2013

    I'm quite stunned that most outlets appear to have reviewed this on Xbox 360 rather than Wii U. I've played the demo and Challenge App for the Wii U, and hands down it's the best showcase of the potential of assumetric multiplayer I've seen, moreso even that Nintendo Land. It's still the game I wheel out when I want to demonstrate the concept of the system to friends, so I'm rather surprised that so little attention seems to be getting paid to it in the multiplatform reviews. Did Ubisoft not give out review copies of the Wii U version or what?

    I had no doubt after the demo that this game would be a classic; as such, I'm honestly more interested to see the platform face-off than the actual review. I'd like to see if the GamePad-enabled features are as much of a game-changing differentiator as it appeared they were.
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  • Sony announces Nintendogs-esque PlayStation Vita Pets

  • Muddtallica 15/08/2013

    Can't help but feel this is a generation too late. Nintendogs was a monster system-seller for the original DS, one which the old PSP could have done with an answer to; that was years ago, though and by contrast, the 3DS Nintendogs games hardly set the world alight sales-wise. Surely the market for a Sony rival to this series has long gone? Reply +5
  • Donkey Kong's back, but has he learned any new tricks?

  • Muddtallica 23/07/2013

    Echoing the general sentiment here: I have an overwhelming nostalgic fondness for the first Donkey Kong Country, and I do still think it's a tremendously solid, well-weighted platformer, but I can totally understand the criticism that it was considered special for its aesthetics rather than in its game design.

    I would certainly balk at anyone extending that criticism through to Retro's game, though. I played Returns on Wii back in 2010 and just finished running through it again on 3DS, and it's a genuinely outstanding example of the genre, with robust physics, inch-perfect level design and an incredibly demanding (but entirely fair) sense of challenge, as well as amazing visuals for its host platforms. I know this mightn't have been the game everyone wanted Retro to make, but to my mind they're the perfect custodians for this series, in that they're a team with similar design sensibilities and comparable talent to Rare in their heyday. From the sounds of things, this is the game they wanted to make, so I'm more than willing to see what they have to show. If it's even 75% as good as the first one, it's be a classic.
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  • TT Games doing a Lego Movie video game

  • Muddtallica 16/07/2013

    The Lego Movie is actually pretty high on my want-to-see list, even before the trailer came out; it's directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the awesome guys responsible for the TV show Clone High and the excellent films Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street. They are funny blokes, and the film looks like it's got their fingerprints all over it.

    I'm pretty confident it'll turn out well; I hope the game'll be decent too!
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  • Nintendo adds paid DLC games and hats to 3DS StreetPass app

  • Muddtallica 18/06/2013

    Yeah, the update is currently pretty unstable, to be honest. The shop crashes every time I've tried to enter, and I also had a crash in the plaza itself; I expect this'll get patched pretty soon.

    Seems a very solid update though, even without the shopping options. The overall framerate and speed of everything has improved, there's loads more little options and flourishes, and new Skyward Sword and Xenoblade puzzle panels. All of which is great to me!

    The paid DLC, I'll wait and see. £4.50 sounds pretty steep if these games are as shallow as StreetPass Quest, but the descriptions make them sound a bit more robust than that; might wait to see some reviews and reactions first. Still, doesn't dispel my general conception that Nintendo hasn't quite figured out digital pricing yet.
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  • UK chart: The Last of Us wins biggest new IP launch since LA Noire

  • Muddtallica 17/06/2013

    Great showing for two great games! :) I wonder if Animal Crossing could've got nearer to the top spot if they'd counted eShop sales? Most of the people I know bit the bullet and downloaded this one, because it's a game that's fantastically well-suited to being installed on the system. Loving AC so far; hope I get a chance to play Last of Us at some point too... Reply +3
  • Oh look, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut no longer Wii U exclusive

  • Muddtallica 12/06/2013

    How is SmartGlass going to be a viable medium for the second screen features of this game? On iPhone at least, that app is entirely unviable for any kind of intensive game interaction, due to the fact that it goes into standby mode after about a minute, then needs to spend another minute re-synching to the Xbox when I start it up again. Based on my experience with it, I'm deeply sceptical of any software that uses SmartGlass for anything other than menu navigation.

    Probably I'll still get this for Wii U, all considered.
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  • Wii U Virtual Console goes live in Europe tomorrow

  • Muddtallica 26/04/2013

    Part of me is cynical about this, particularly when it comes to pricing; it's not that I don't think Super Mario World is worth £5 (of course it is), but there's no escaping that Nintendo's digital prices are out of sync with the precedent set by the rest of the market.

    ...but goddamn, the fact they're 60hz is REALLY compelling to me. With a few of these games, this is actually the first time we've ever had an official European release running at the correct speed and sans borders, which is a big deal to me. I've never had a chance to own a full-speed version of Super Mario World before - not counting the shrunken and modified GBA port - and I'd really like to, honestly. I never really bought into the Wii Virtual Console due to the 50hz issue, but I feel like Nintendo may have me over a barrel here.

    I only hope their recently-discovered enthusiasm for sales and special promotions on the eShop extends to these VC games in time, as that would make the deal a lot sweeter for me.
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  • 2K takes XCOM shooter website, videos offline as evidence points to rebrand to The Bureau

  • Muddtallica 15/04/2013

    Holy crap, they're turning it into an adaptation of The Bureau?

    I hope I get to play as Mr Hennety.
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  • HMV bundles Wii U Premium and Zombi U for just £199

  • Muddtallica 22/03/2013

    I know this thread is most likely going to mostly dedicated to snark, but to be sincere briefly, that's a really good price. Minus the cost of ZombiU, you're basically getting the console for £160, which is damn reasonable, and it's not like the game's a turkey either.

    Don't think it's the deal to turn around the console's fortunes, but for anyone who's kind of tempted by the hardware, I'd call this a great deal. Could be timely as well, given that the second wave of Wii U games is just starting to trickle in now.
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for Wii U confirmed, and yes, they've fixed the boss battles

  • Muddtallica 20/03/2013

    Sounds like they've really gone the extra mile and done a good job on this, which is why it's disappointing that I can't imagine their hard work will be rewarded. Even with the improvements, I feel nine out of ten people are going to look at it as an old game from 2011 they've already played and give it a miss. Thus sending a message to Eidos that "gamers don't want Wii U games!", and perpetuating the negative cycle. :/

    I'll probably pick it up because I missed Human Revolution and this certainly sounds like the best version of it, but I do fear for its prospects somewhat.
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  • BioWare announces Mass Effect 3: Citadel, the final single-player DLC

  • Muddtallica 21/02/2013

    The post-adventure stuff is the part that really interests me here; sounds like they're going all-out to outdo even the Shadow Broker archives from ME2 in terms of pure fanservice.

    That seems the right approach for the final chunk of the entire Mass Effect trilogy. Say what you will about the way the series developed, but one thing that BioWare really got right across all three games for me was their ability to create genuine affinity between the players and the characters. Having one last opportunity to clown around with them is something that appeals to me; it really will feel like catching up with beloved old friends, which is a great achievement for any kind of narrative medium. I've had a mixed experience with ME3 and its DLC, but if this is written to the standard of the rest of the trilogy, it'll be a must-buy for me.
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  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D announced for 3DS

  • Muddtallica 14/02/2013

    Brilliant, I do hope this loses the waggle, as has been mentioned. I'm not someone with a kneejerk aversion to motion controls, but in DKCR's case the controller shaking wasn't particularly logical, intuitive or responsive, and would have been far better suited to a simple button press.

    Making that change would effectively solve the one significant problem of an otherwise rock-solid (and rock-hard) platform game. Bring it on, I say.
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  • Capcom addresses why Resident Evil: Revelations isn't coming to Vita

  • Muddtallica 24/01/2013

    As everyone in the world has now pointed out, this doesn't seem to make even a lick of sense. No, the Vita architecture isn't much like the 3DS, but presumably it is somewhat similar to the PS3, which Capcom seem to have had no problem porting this game to. This explanation seems disingenuous, to say the least.

    Shame that Vita owners are missing out, Revelations was a blast on 3DS and a very good Resident Evil game by any standards. Still, I'd hazard a guess that there aren't many (or any, actually) people for whom the Vita is their only console, so most people should get a chance to play it, and so much the better I say.
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  • The Cave review

  • Muddtallica 22/01/2013

    This game hasn't got quite the rave reception I was hoping it would, but it's still been positive enough that I'll likely buy. After all, Monkey Island 2 was the game that got me into gaming in the first place, so I feel quite a lot of attachment to Gilbert and Schafer, understandably.

    One query - does the Wii U version have its own achievement tracker, in the absence of any unified system-wide framework? I'm inclined to get it on Wii U since this seems a good fit for the console, and I'm keen to get the most out of the Nintendo Network Premium offer, but I also don't want to miss out on the achievements, since they sound like the fun sort of "rewarding you for playing the game in creative ways" unlocks, rather than the hated "rewards for grinding" type of achievement. Any word on this from any source?
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  • Club Nintendo rewards don't register if purchased on Wii U while in Wii mode

  • Muddtallica 16/01/2013

    I've had my Wii U since Christmas and I don't have a lot of substantial complaints about it, but if there's one thing I have to pick out, it's Wii Mode. It's a horrible little ghetto within the console architecture that feels entirely distinct from the rest of the experience, forcibly booting you out of the slick Wii U interface into this depressing, stripped-down approximation of a Wii, only with a laundry list of niggling limitations (no WiiConnect24, no GameCube support, this whole Club Nintendo issue).

    It was an unpleasant shock to me, because I've been accustomed to Nintendo games generally playing just as well (if not better) on their successor systems (GameCube to Wii, Game Boy to GBA, GBA to DS), and was rather looking forward to transferring everything on to a single unit; certainly won't be doing that now. It feels like a cheap afterthought and inferior to using a regular Wii in every way; needless to say, I'll be keeping my Wii hooked up for Wii and GameCube games, and won't ever touch Wii Mode again if I can help it.
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  • Nintendo Wii Mini review

  • Muddtallica 12/12/2012

    I was going to complain that this article was an unnecessarily bitter and vicious list of gripes about hardware design elements that are openly advertised and would be fully known to anyone purchasing the console...

    ...then you mentioned the removal of component cable support, and I had to hold my hands up and say fair enough. That's an absolutely mental decision in 2012 and really renders this product almost completely worthless. A shame, because I actually do think it's a nice-looking little thing, but it just sounds way too crippled to have any reason to exist.
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  • Chasing Aurora review

  • Muddtallica 07/12/2012

    I wouldn't agree that EG are being overly negative about Wii U. Admittedly, DF is taking a pretty harsh tone with its technical analyses of the games and hardware, but most of the game reviews have been positive, and the Miiverse and "Wii U's Third Space" editorials were really enthusiastic and well-written encapsulations of some of the more nebulous aspects of the console's appeal.

    That said, I do think this review has taken a bit of a strange angle, and appears to be reading a huge amount into the console's future based on a representative sample of *two* launch games. I think there is a risk that the Wii U library could fall into the traps that this article outlines, but hey, let's give it a few months or so before passing judgement, eh?
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  • Scribblenauts Unlimited review

  • Muddtallica 03/12/2012

    @MrDurandPierre Well, if we're going to get REALLY nerdy - and why the hell not - the genophage adversely affected the probability of pregnancies being successfully carried to term, rather than rendering specific females infertile. So it wasn't the case that 99.99% of krogan females were infertile, it was that 99.99% of pregnancies would fail.

    But yeah, easy mistake to make. The Mass Effect universe is a bit of an intergalactic sausage-fest, indeed. :)
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  • Muddtallica 03/12/2012

    @Lemming81 The review text raises issues about the fact Max has only one sister and 40 brothers, which is what's depicted in that image, so I assumed that's what the caption is riffing on.

    Besides, the gender thing isn't the point, it's the fact that this is clearly a picture of a massive, fertile family full of healthy offspring, which is the exact thing the ME genophage prevented from happening. That's why the joke doesn't make any sense.

    God I am such a saddo.
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  • Muddtallica 03/12/2012

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to be a massive nerd and say the Mass Effect joke you've put in the caption there really doesn't make any sense. Why would the genophage create a huge all-male family? The genophage doesn't stop you from having female babies, it stops you from having any babies at all.

    Sorry to get all Comic Book Guy on this, but it is a REALLY specific reference you've made there; if you don't get the basic detail right, the joke doesn't work!
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  • UK chart: Wii U games miss top 10 as Call of Duty retains crown

  • Muddtallica 03/12/2012

    For those asking how other consoles have done with chart rankings on their debut week: 3DS had Super Street Fighter IV and Pilotwings Resort at sixth and eighth in the chart on launch week, while PS Vita had Uncharted and FIFA at number one and two.

    Of course, the latter example in particular shows that launch week game sales are no real barometer of long-term success, but still, it seems like you'd usually expect your new console to have a couple of games in the top ten; as mentioned in the story, Nintendo certainly did.

    Not saying WII U IS DOOOOOOOOMED or anything, but I think Nintendo will be disappointed with this.
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