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  • New CSI game coming to PC and consoles

  • Mrs_bad09 02/09/2009

    I'm in the process of collecting the Vegas & New Yorks Boxsets, not feeling any love for Miami : ( , i pick the entire of Season 4 Vegas on Saturday i HMV for Ł19.00 which i thought was brilliant. Holding out for CSI New york season 5 entire boxset for my Birthday.

    Wouldn't Mind seeing some footage just as a teaser.
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  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine

  • Mrs_bad09 04/05/2009

    I haven't actually seen the movie and probably won't until it is released on Blu Ray but being a big X Men fan i'm not expecting much from Wolverine , it's all about Transformers 2 this year for me. Reply 0
  • Mrs_bad09 02/05/2009

    I played the demo on PS3 last night thought it was ok but a bit repetitive still might buy come payday.

    Still there is other stuff coming out that i want more.
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