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  • Dirt 4 review

  • Mr_Sleep 06/06/2017

    @Dirt3 I guess one could argue Germany was fairly easy at times in comparison to Wales or some sections of the other tracks but yeah, I largely agree that it takes quite a bit of te to get used to the handling. The need to feather the throttle in and out of corners takes a while to get right. As does learnimg the tracks, it does make me wonder how I will contend with generated content.

    I just had a blast on it with my wheel to see where my skills are and they are toilet, didn't help that I had a Sweden race with fast cars to contend with.
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  • Mr_Sleep 06/06/2017

    I am not sure I agree with the comments in the article about how, in Dirt Rally, using a pad was more difficult than a wheel. I was consistently fast with the pad with all assists off and my efforts with the wheel have not been nearly as successful. Reply +5
  • Dirt Rally console review

  • Mr_Sleep 30/03/2016

    @nottorp Hah, I never even thought to try it! I will go and give it a go and see how bad it is.

    Edit: So I tried it with keyboard and crashed three times and rolled the car twice on a Greece sprint, also, hairpins were horrid. Although I feel the true elite way of playing Dirt Rally should be using keyboard controls.
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  • Mr_Sleep 30/03/2016

    In regards of the pad, it is perfectly playable using an Xbox 360 controller as I have been on the PC. I am pretty competitive with the online leaderboards, for the most part. I would have thought the newer console pads would be fine too. Reply +3
  • Mr_Sleep 30/03/2016

    I would recommend turning off all the driving aids if you are likely to put in a lot of time with the game. All that fluff will just make you a worse driver in the long run - take the punishment and live with it and you will get better. The same applies to the on-screen corner prompts and the HUD in general, it can be useful for a time but I became better at the game when I turned all that off and just concentrated on the co-driver. Reply +5
  • Dirt Rally review

  • Mr_Sleep 14/12/2015

    @bosseye On Finland I have veered off the track, hit a tree and both of my front tyres have come off and it was race over. Finland is probably the most damaging of all locations in this regard.

    They seem to have been increasing the likelihood of punctures during the early access phase. I bumped (heavily) into some snow in Monaco with my back end and that caused a puncture. I think they may have gone a little over-board with that.

    One other thing, a good way to improve times, especially on tarmac, is to think of the corners as different areas on your throttle. So a six is flat out, a five is slightly less than that and so on. It doesn't always work and with gravel one has to feather it a lot more than that to keep grip.
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  • SteamWorld Heist review

  • Mr_Sleep 10/12/2015

    "The game is full of these elegant synergies."

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  • Armello review

  • Mr_Sleep 04/09/2015

    Mr Parkin, in the fifth paragraph there's a minor typo. "The number of dice you throw is equal to you combat value." Reply -1
  • Lords of the Fallen review

  • Mr_Sleep 28/10/2014

    "That can lead to unfair hits, as it's hard to prowl cautiously through a dungeon when the game won't let you see what's going on. More than once I was struck by enemies whose weapons passed through solid walls. Projectile attacks sometimes do no damage for no reason"

    This has obviously been lifted from Dark Souls too, I had all of these things happen before now. Including projectiles passing through walls.
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  • Total War: Rome 2 review

  • Mr_Sleep 02/09/2013

    The strap made me laugh. Reply -1
  • Saturday Soapbox: Leave me alone

  • Mr_Sleep 20/04/2013

    The point about immersion breaking is a good one. I found with Tomb Raider it was incredibly jarring (at first) to be constantly told how much XP I was gaining for the different types of action. It didn't sit at all well in a game that was trying to get the player to play a character trying to survive a traumatic ordeal. Imagine if, during a film, you were confronted with an XP pop up every time you watched a scene! Reply +6
  • Dark Souls worldwide sales total 2.3 million

  • Mr_Sleep 12/04/2013

    It's the only game that has caused me to buy it twice. Once on the 360 and once on the PC. Says a lot that it only had to drop to around the Ł20 mark on the PC and it was an instabuy. The replay value alone is huge and the graphical upgrade made it quite an attractive game.

    My instabuy was also out of support for From, another thing that I barely ever consider when buying most games. I'm not sure how they did it but they have my support.
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  • Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition gameplay trailer shows off improved Infinity Engine

  • Mr_Sleep 23/11/2012

    From what I can see you can already do most of this with a whole lot of freely available mods. No? Granted the mobile support is something new and different. I'm a massive fan of the BG games but the video doesn't exactly sell it to me. Reply +2
  • Game of Thrones Review

  • Mr_Sleep 31/05/2012

    "not to mention the first notion of necrophilia I can recall encountering in a game"

    Morte in Planescape Torment certainly suggested he did that sort of thing. Pretty sure Grim Fandango had some jokes about such things too.

    Edit: Bugger, beaten to it.
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  • Kinect Hacking: The Story So Far

  • Mr_Sleep 15/01/2011

    I would absolutely love to implement kinect with Max MSP, I'd be surprised if there isn't someone working on it. Interactive sound is not uncommon now anyway using video feeds but this would have even more uses. Reply +1
  • Why I Hate… Achievements

  • Mr_Sleep 07/01/2011

    "they are a constant reminder of how I've wasted my time when ironically I could have been achieving greater things."

    Speaking of that, I really wish steam didn't tell me how many hours I've played a game for. It's over a hundred on Dragon Age and for some reason I'm playing it through again. Embarrassing.
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  • Mr_Sleep 07/01/2011

    The funny thing for me is that I couldn't give a toss about Steam achievements. They pop up and I don't care but 360 one's I am interested in. Then again, I have only completed the achievements of four games, two of which give you all the achievements for just finishing the game. I think they can be very useful for making one play in a different way or increasing the longevity of a game but ultimately they've made me play some games for longer, like the excellent Shadow Complex, so they have their uses for me. Reply 0
  • BioShock Infinite

  • Mr_Sleep 13/08/2010

    Is that Vince Cable with friendly mutton chops in the picture on the front page? Reply +2
  • E3 2010: Raising The Bar or Pushing The Envelope?

  • Mr_Sleep 17/06/2010

    Nice one. Reply 0
  • Pure Football

  • Mr_Sleep 03/06/2010

    "The AI is frustratingly predictable."

    To be fair this can apply to Fifa 10 as well, the AI in Fifa seem to love booting the ball to the striker for a chest/header down. I have seen about four flowing passing moves from the back in my entire time playing Fifa. As far as the game is concerned the passing game is hoof ball. Still, I'm sure it's better than this. The video makes it look awful.
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  • The EGTV Show: Eurogamer joins Miss Frank

  • Mr_Sleep 03/12/2009

    "Roving cameraman there."

    hah, yeah, I especially liked the one that looked at one of them holding her hand behind the others' back and then moved to the arse. Also the signed copy was kind of dwarfed in its status by the lady's bosom. The camerman might well be auditioning for a job at the football :-)
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  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • Mr_Sleep 03/11/2009

    I'm sure there's just sex in the game to bait fox news into giving them lots of free promotion. Reply +2
  • Penn & Teller do games this week

  • Mr_Sleep 07/07/2009

    FX show Penn and Teller's Bullshit over here, it's usualy on some time after one o'clock and I reckon theyr'e probably old series. None the less, I always kind of enjoy it. The complimentary medicine one was pretty funny. Reply 0
  • Bejeweled Twist

  • Mr_Sleep 21/11/2008

    "The other night I was sitting opposite someone and I realised instead of listening to what they were saying, I was wondering what would happen if I rotated their facial features clockwise."

    I get this with Lumines all the time, well more of a block connecting thing but the same principle.
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  • Skills Shortage

  • Mr_Sleep 23/06/2008

    Out of personal interest, I'm studying for a Music Technology degree, what is the general method used for creating the sound and audio design parts of games? You see sound design for film or games is kind of where I'd like to head with all this study as getting a job in a studio is becoming a very difficult process; much like has the aforementioned web design. Just wondering what the options are for following this line of work. Reply 0
  • Ikaruga

  • Mr_Sleep 09/04/2008

    Speaking of dedication to the game and perfecting a strategy, check this out. Reply 0
  • Cult Classics: GameCube

  • Mr_Sleep 12/03/2008

    It's nice to have a bomberman to play with some mates round as the snes has packed up, has to be one of my favourite multiplayer games. Reply 0
  • Cult Classics: GameCube

  • Mr_Sleep 10/03/2008

    I defy anyone to have mastered the William Tell Overture on Gorilla in a weekend. Reply 0
  • Ubisoft sides with amBX

  • Mr_Sleep 07/01/2008

    I already feel more suggestible, and that's just from one article. Reply 0
  • LSWII Cube not canned

  • Mr_Sleep 07/09/2006

    "Tesco or Virgin would be my bets, probably in that order"

    I laugh at the idea of Virgin having any money. Har. Any high street store that sells just entertainment products, like games and music, are screwed at the moment. I doubt anyone but Tesco would do it, they've got all the money and they're moving out towards entertainment specific stuff, apparently.

    Edit: I'd also like to concur with the above regarding GAME, they really are just pitifully bad, all of their stores that I've been in have been laid out in the most awkward manner possible, making it impossible to actually get past all the women with prams who've been dragged in there by their mewling kids. The absolute worst (or best depending on how you look at it) example of this is the one in Ealing Broadway, pick the wrong time in there and it's hell, it's like wading through treacle trying to get through there, also every time I go in there recently some kid is trying to convince me to buy a certified 15 or 18 game for them.

    One time a kid asked me to buy one that only had a suggested rating on it, not the BBFC one, there isn't any legal problem with him buying it to my knowledge. Although it might be that GAME have a policy on that, I don't know.

    Ł22 for Mario Kart doube dash did piss me off quite a bit, god if only I'd known the wonders of CEX and I wasn't in a rush to buy it for something.

    Gamestation, my only complaint is hearing rap music in their store, not the rap music itself but the defeaning, speaker breaking volume of it.
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  • Sid Meier's Civilization IV Warlords

  • Mr_Sleep 08/08/2006

    "Oh, and Gandhi is indeed a total bastard. One of my most satisfying Civ IV games was when I nuked him into oblivion after he annoyed me for hundreds of years. ;)"

    "Which historical figure would you most like to fight?"

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  • Soul Calibur IV confirmed

  • Mr_Sleep 20/06/2006

    "Every time the same thing. Beat-em ups have progressed less than most genres put together. It's still rapid button pressing with a few tweaks on top each time no matter how much you try and dress them up."

    I think SC2 is different in this regard, if you play someone good (like Kalel) then you really have to do some pretty interesting things to win. It took me quite a long time to get to a stage where I could confidently beat button mashers and not so confidently beat the more practiced opponent. It's definitely a game where the subtleties come out when trying new things and working on technique and knowledge of characters.
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  • Games make you do drugs

  • Mr_Sleep 12/04/2006

    Why are these organisations constantly trying to put blame for permisiveness, drink and drugs on games and missing the most obvious and crucial of points. It's the responsibility of the individual as to their conduct, surely it doesn't matter if GTA leads to more people being interested in drink and drugs, the legal age of people who should be playing it are over 18 and should be old and responsible enough to make mature decisions.

    Although saying all that, what's wrong with some drink and drugs now and again? I presume if I go home and play on GTA I'm going to be injecting crack into my penis tomorrow. Though that of course will be the fault of GTA and not my own stupidity. Oh and it is obviously because I've been playing games that I think this way ;-)
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  • Neverwinter Nights 2

  • Mr_Sleep 05/04/2006

    I wonder if I could find Fergus in a pub around here somewhere...

    Looking forward to this.
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  • Gothic 3 dated

  • Mr_Sleep 08/03/2006

    Just a word of caution, the controls of the first Gothic can be hard to master at first.The general view is controlled with the mouse but you attack people/monsters or open chests with a forward push or something, I can't really remember, but it's weird. It only takes about an hour or so to properly master and when I replayed it not long ago I still had the skill, so it's not too much of a problem. What I'm saying is don't let the slightly shonky controls put you off prematurely, there's a great game hiding underneath the rock hard early exterior, it does look a bit dated though, as Lou said. Reply 0
  • Mr_Sleep 08/03/2006

    Good, that might finally mean they can start making some money, I'm surprised they haven't been offered a project on some MMORPG or something. Reply 0
  • Mr_Sleep 08/03/2006

    Hooray, now, what's the likeliness that Germany will get it about three months before we do? ;)

    Looking forward to it.
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  • Rev rumour dismissed

  • Mr_Sleep 23/02/2006

    "We have not announced any details of the Nintendo power supply at this time,"

    Or very much of anything else for that matter.
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  • BloodRayne 2

  • Mr_Sleep 21/02/2006

    "Unlike what ever this kids playing:"

    That was quite a bizarre video, I'm sure he's playing some kind of FPS as he's got the classic WASD form at one point. Could be that the loading screen was pissing him off, that's what it seemed to be to me and then once he got in the game it just got worse and worse.

    It's one of those weird videos that makes you laugh at first but after a while it just gets disturbing and worrying. I'm not sure how true it all is though, I just doubt it's authenticity somewhat.

    Who here wouldn't like to kick back and do that once in a while. I know sometimes I've had some situations with Windows that have damaged my keyboard with pure frustration, and I'm a level headed fairly laid back individual, so I can kind of understand it but no where near to that level. Someone needs some Ritalin ;)
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  • Thompson writes to Bono

  • Mr_Sleep 10/02/2006

    How did this end up in the media if it is letter sent to Bono? Reply 0
  • Player-made content is future

  • Mr_Sleep 06/02/2006

    Wonga, you've obviously never witnessed the Ferarri of PC cases! Sorry I couldn't find a better pic but seeing this in real life is hilarious. Reply 0
  • GTA actor slams Rockstar

  • Mr_Sleep 30/01/2006

    Errr, Sandbagged, what exactly does he mean in that context? Reply 0
  • SoulCalibur III

  • Mr_Sleep 20/12/2005

    "Personally I'd get SC2 on Xbox and play it in shiny 720 progressive scan."

    This post brought to you by Bill Gates and all the team at Microsoft, where size matters. ;)
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  • Naughty MMO on the way

  • Mr_Sleep 16/12/2005

    What a bizarre idea, for some reason I think this will sell more in the US than WoW, Guild Wars and City of Heroes combined! ;-) Reply 0
  • Free 2d Halo shooter

  • Mr_Sleep 13/12/2005

    Abuse was fantastic! \o/ Reply 0
  • Call of Duty 2

  • Mr_Sleep 03/11/2005

    I agree really, the idea of pickign up a health pack and suddenly being restored is ridiculous, Max Payne's painkiller thing was an interesting change but he'd have definitely died of blood loss. I think it's only Splinter Cell and the like that would feesibly work without some kind of health replenishment system though Reply 0
  • Bioware and Pandemic to merge, creating new 'super-studio'

  • Mr_Sleep 03/11/2005

    I think the only thing Bioware really lack is a creative force in the writing sector, I think they struggle with the writing aspect yet they create very interesting technical games. Neverwinter Nights being a good example, rubbish story but very good tech demo. Reply 0
  • Now Thompson's called the feds

  • Mr_Sleep 24/10/2005

    "I am Jack's desperate need to get laid."

    By a virtual woman, probably. Just out of interest lads, would you get in trouble if I had a good go the old goat?
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  • F.E.A.R.

  • Mr_Sleep 18/10/2005

    /Notices very large FEAR banner

    I'll probably pick it up when it goes down in price a little, I've started again on Far Cry and I'm enjoying how I'm already doing things differently to last time without really thinking about it. Shame FEAR doesn't seem to contain such sandbox methodology.
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  • Mario Party 6

  • Mr_Sleep 04/07/2005

    "Is it me or does Ellie only review bad games?"

    Ellie is the new Pat/Mouse
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