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I'm not Tom Bramwell, I'm not Tom Champion or Tom Phillips or any other Tom that may work for Eurogamer or it's sister sites. I am me.

Also, I'm not an employee of Eurogamer or Gamer Network. Don't ask for my official comment on anything, because I'm about as unofficial and as amateur as it gets. I volunteer my time to ban spammers and naughty people and that's about it.

A funny thing happens when people try to argue at me. Eventually, when they realise they're in the wrong and have nothing left to add they resort to personal insults and question how I could possibly be a moderator. It's so inevitable, an admission when they can't bring themselves to write the words.

It makes me smile every time.
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MrTomFTW (aka Mr Tom FTW) has most recently played Mortal Kombat Arcade, GTA IV PC, Grand Theft Auto V, and Spelunky on Xbox Live.

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