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  • 5 minutes of Far Cry 3 gameplay

  • MrSnotbail 20/02/2012

    +1 for the hula figurine in the car Reply 0
  • Developers' Games of 2011

  • MrSnotbail 02/01/2012

    thank you, it really is. I actually lol'd :) -now, after re-reading what I wrote earlier, I think I have to work on my comma setting skills. Still, it is good to know my education wasn't all for naught.
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  • MrSnotbail 02/01/2012

    Opening paragraph: "there favourites", shouldn't it be their favourites? I'm sorry to be the grammar nazi here, but it just looks wrong to my non-british eyes.
    In case, "there" should be correct in that context, please let me know and help me improve my english, tha! :)
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  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Review

  • MrSnotbail 10/11/2011

    oh yes, oooohhhh yeeeeeeessss!!!! Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Expo 2011 sessions: Uncharted 3

  • MrSnotbail 18/10/2011

    ookey, that was kinda hard to watch - am I the only one feeling that Mr North has been a bit grumpy on this particular gig? The chemistry between the two is very tense and Mr Lemarchand seems quite nervous. In a way this is refreshing as it doesn't come off as a typically, professionally done marketing gig where everyone is having so much fun and is so existed about their product but it still is kinda creepy... Reply +4
  • Colin McRae: DiRT 2

  • MrSnotbail 04/09/2009

    bah, the review was a rather trite job, no? Reply -20
  • Arkanoid XBLA wants extra money

  • MrSnotbail 07/05/2009

    "We've contacted Microsoft to comment." ---let's see what they will say...

    They did the same with Exit and didn't learn from that experience (I guess people where worried there as well)?
    Even if it will bee free: if they are not going to tell it upfront...the way they do it just smells fishy and alienates the customer.
    The headline of the news article is indeed a bit flashy but the article has the facts and rumours straight and is far from tabloid by my standards.
    And would you please tell me what you mean by that (English isn't my first language): Fucking 300k ers....

    GamesConnoisseur, you are right (if I understood your post halfway correct ;)), a lot of the DLC available for points is a ripoff anyway (costumes and such, which should be already in the game when you first buy it).
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  • MrSnotbail 07/05/2009

    Alright, Dodgymat, why all the rage against your fellow gamers..? I think it is only fair to assume that the plan was to charge for the extra content. Somebody came up with the idea that the extra contect would be available for 400 points, which would make sence, albeit you are right, there is no confirmation for that whatsoever. You are also right that it's all just guessing for now but why would Taico split the game content in 2 parts if not for charging for the second part later on..?
    I hope they will make it a free download and all of use who smell something funny here will be proven wrong.
    But if so, I'll may think the decision to give it away for free was made after Taico has been urged to do so on behalf of Microsoft / bad press about the whole thing ;) --so I'm glad for this news entry.

    If the content is meant to be free right away and a publisher has to withhold it for whatever reason, it should be told upfront and clear (we will release extra content / levels / whatever / FREE OF CHARGE) and nobody will get angry - simple as that.
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