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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe patched to remove offensive arm-clench gesture

  • MrFlump 18/05/2017

    @Rpt81 Time to bury the switch in the sand and cover its face in jam... Reply +6
  • Be warned: surprise Resident Evil 7 ending spoiler leaks online

  • MrFlump 17/01/2017

    That Hideo Kojima cameo at the end when he says "You know Claire Redfield, we really are the last of us."

    Did not see that coming.
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  • Fans think McDonald's new Mario toy features plumber on the toilet

  • MrFlump 09/01/2017

    After the last McDonalds I had, i was passing a throne of brown bricks for an hour. Reply -1
  • Blizzard teases Overwatch plans for 2017

  • MrFlump 22/12/2016

    I still think that they are taking console players for granted. It took them long enough to fix the PS4 pro HUD issues (health bars and name plates getting blocked by scenery making it a lot harder for healers) and posts on the forums about it were just removed. Anyone who had played the game on console at Blizzard would have instantly seen it as a serious bug.

    I'm struggling to find the motivation to play on PS4 where most of my friends are compared to the PC version which seems a lot more balanced. Console still feels like it needs a good balance pass done on it separate from PC.
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  • Steam to ban non-screenshots from store pages

  • MrFlump 02/11/2016

    Would be good if they also were made to show the spec that was used to take the screenshots. There's a massive difference in some games from recommended to optimal specs. Devs can just bump everything up to full and while it may look amazing, it would still be a valid screenshot even if it only runs at 1fps. Reply +25
  • Civ 6 versus Civ 5: what a difference 200 turns make

  • MrFlump 21/10/2016

    Midnight unlock on Steam last night, slept in for work this morning. Seems like Civ is back. Reply +1
  • New video shows Jon Snow actor in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • MrFlump 16/09/2016

    For a brief moment reading the title I thought it was a unique choice bringing in a Channel 4 news presenter...

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  • Faulty Overwatch console aim-assist will be fixed, says Blizzard

  • MrFlump 23/08/2016

    @Bertie Its actually an issue more with the mix of both the speed and horizontal and vertical movement at which they move and having to put your sensitivity up to maximum just to have the chance to track them - something not as easily done with a controller. Aim assist will only go so far and might stop the issues of aiming at funny angles (attacks from above etc) but in order to address fast moving characters, it would almost need to be an aimbot!

    I would seriously consider dropping the health of the faster moving characters on console by 50hp. Genji should be a glass cannon. He should not have 200 health, the ability to reflect all your attacks and move around and get away so freely. Given Lucio can self heal as well, he needs to be more vulnerable given his utility for group AoE healing compared to that of Mercy or Zenyatta. Given Tracer has 150 health, I feel you actually stand a chance against her despite her blinking around and rewinding.

    Its little changes that the console needs that maybe make it a bit different from PC, but in order to make the game feel a little more balanced and not make some characters feel like a mandatory choice.
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  • MrFlump 23/08/2016

    Nevertheless, Kaplan's interaction with the console Overwatch community helps lessen the perception that Blizzard doesn't listen to them, only to Overwatch PC players.
    @Bertie the problem is that there is almost zero discussion about balancing console despite them saying they were balancing the game differently on PC and console.

    Other than the Tjorborn change there has been no specific console change that I can recall (and even then, they broke one of the better high speed character counters by reducing the damage of the turrets rather than the range). They've not addressed any issues related to targetting fast moving characters on console. A good Genji on console can almost single handedly wipe out a team and you can't aim at him quick enough or have to get lucky that flashbangs, rockets or Ana darts etc actually hit.

    Lucio and Genji jumping around payloads as well simply because they know its a pain in the arse to target them due to their speed on console is an issue. Its remarkably easy to hold up a payload just by jumping around it.

    Its very easy to feel like they're just focused on PC as there is no engagement or mechanism for people on console to discuss with Blizzard and almost everything goes unanswered. The fact that many on that thread are basically falling over themselves to thank Blizzard for finally addressing this specific console issue speaks volumes. They need to be more engaging of their console community.
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  • All change for Overwatch Competitive Play

  • MrFlump 17/08/2016

    @lukazor My experience is that there are counters to most anyway, but certainly its a viable attack strategy for a bit anyway. The three characters I despair seeing when attacking a payload are Hanzo, Symmetra and Widowmaker.

    Whats been pissing me off most are Lucio's and Genji's just jumping around the payloads because they're so difficult to hit (on console at least) and they just hold the damn thing up. Winston even struggles hitting them on console because of the block that is the payload for a lot of the time.
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  • MrFlump 17/08/2016

    @lukazor Actually, torb or bastion can work on a payload by sitting on the payload with a Reinhardt shield defending them :) You can push pretty hard with it. Add in a Mercy power boost buff and Bastion is insane.

    Regarding the ranking. I honestly think the game would be better off not showing the ranks until the end of a season. Calculate it in the background. Matchmake based on the ranking but don't let us know until the end of the season. Takes all the depressing drops in rank out of the equation.
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  • MrFlump 16/08/2016

    @Haar I wasn't talking about rating decay at all. I know how that works at the top levels.

    What I'm saying is that lets hypothetically say I'm sat at 2500 and I go away on holiday for a week. My team have a huge win streak while I'm away and let's say they go up to 3250 during that time. I'm now outside of their matchmaking level when I get back from my holiday and I can't play with them. I'm now forced to play with randoms on the off chance I can increase my rank to get up to the same level as them just so I can play.

    Now, if I were to come back, we're of a similar skill level but it'd be seen as them lowering their rank for an easy game when in reality that's not the case. The averages system works okay. While it can be abused by a few I suspect that its not the majority doing that. They simply need to reduce the gain significantly if you're a higher ranked player grouped up with a much lower team.
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  • MrFlump 16/08/2016

    Sudden death change - about bloody time!

    The 500 skill rating grouping thing is a major concern to me. If I am away with work or can't play for a week and my group play, they could advance beyond my rank and I won't be able to join up with them and then I'm forced to play with randoms in the hope that they aren't complete morons to get my ranking up to a point where I can play with my regulars again. I know they said they may find 500 too aggressive and change it, but the system of averages worked well enough. I know how it can be manipulated and have seen that happen before, but you just suck it up.

    And yet again, no word on any kind of balancing, changes or fixes for console.

    * Some characters are too mobile to hit, and have too high HP to warrant the evasion they have or have far too small hitboxes for controller aiming.
    * Some characters are under performing because of difficulty in aiming or using them - you rarely see Widowmaker or Ana on console
    *Communication on consoles is not easy because people don't use microphones and can't type - there needs to be more comms options on the wheel.

    There's also no information or means for console players to test and provide any feedback on the season 2 changes. Rather, we just get it forced upon us anyway and probably find it doesn't actually work given the differences from PC and then have the start of yet another season completely ruined.

    They need to engage and involve the console gaming community more. I honestly think Kaplan has never fired up the PS4 or XB1 versions of the game.
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  • Overwatch "taking action" against Lucio Ball exploiters

  • MrFlump 09/08/2016

    @EnormesCojones It's based on your highest rank achieved, not what you end the season on from my understanding. So as long as you have at some point broken into the higher ranks, you'll be eligible for the points.

    I just wish there was more love on the consoles as there are some serious balance issues with specific characters that Blizzard are really being slow to acknowledge or even address or respond to. Their console support and interest levels are practically non existant.
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  • Ana goes live in Overwatch on PC, consoles TBC

  • MrFlump 20/07/2016

    @Sober-Si Winston is a funny one on console, yes he can do a bit of damage but the rotation to even be facing in the roughly the same direction or even being able to turn to face or see where tracer or Genji are is the problem. Adding in his size makes him without doubt the easiest "tank" to destroy, and he goes down fast I think because most console players can obliterate him.

    I'm not sure how it is on PC but seeing Genji and Tracers on defense is very common on most games I've played because they are a nuisance.
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  • MrFlump 20/07/2016

    Any kind of communication on whats happening on console would be good from Blizzard. There are so many issues on console it makes me wonder if they actually did any real balancing at all but the complete lack of any information from them regarding it is a real issue and I think EG should really be finding out whats going on with that.

    Faster characters on console with small hitboxes are one of the biggest issues (such as Tracer, Genji and D-Va out of her mech). I'd go so far as to say Tracer and Genji are almost glass cannons and probably should get a health nerf. When you do get one or two shots off on them, they just scuttle off quicker than you can shoot or aim at them and then they're back a few seconds later at full health to finish you off. I dont believe that there are any real hard counters for Genji and Tracer on console due to the difficulty of locking on to them.

    Pharah in the air on console is also a pure headache to shoot down, they need to do something like increase the cooldown on her jump jet so she has to use it more strategically.

    Tjorborn, dear god Blizzard, you screwed him up bad on console. He's a really really good offensive character when bundled with a Reinhardt on a payload. Not bad for "defense". The damage nerf is the only real change console users have heard about, i think that might be the wrong approach. I think he's easily countered with a D-Va but he can just put another turret up as quickly. I think reduce the range at which the turret can lock on making him a more strategic defensive character and keep the damage as is. I'd also make the cooldown for him to place another turret start when his last one is destroyed (or if he chooses to destroy it himself, it triggers the same cooldown).

    Widowmaker on console didnt need the nerf and I think she should be able to do a fair bit more damage given the issues of trying to get a headshot using a controller. Hanzo on the other hand, how many tools do you want to give him? Give Widowmaker the same hitbox as Hanzo or make it so both need to be perfect shots and keep damage the same.

    And does Junkrat really need to have to drop grenades after dying? He's a pain in the arse as is with all the grenade spam and traps. It does feel like some characters just have a little bit too much in their arsenal and others less so.

    Anyway, those are my observations but to be honest, they need to have a proper discussion area for console owners as their own forums are a toxic mess of PC players having a go at console users on many threads. Maybe then with their own area, they might start seeing the issues related to console and be able to respond and react.
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  • The Tetris movie is a trilogy because "it's just a big story"

  • MrFlump 29/06/2016

    I'm sure this will be a "block-buster"

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  • Torbjorn's turrets being nerfed in Overwatch - but only on console

  • MrFlump 27/06/2016

    Coming up against a group of 6 Tjorborns on Hanamura the other night with turrets placed to protect turrets was one of the most frustrating experiences I've had in the game so far.

    They need to make the turrets more susceptible to rockets or sniper shots or reduce the range at which they can shoot. Pharah shouldn't need 3 rockets or more to destroy a turret yet not be able to get far enough away to prevent the crap being shot out of her at the same time. Alternatively, have a cooldown after your turret is destroyed before you can deploy another one.

    The other major issue on console I have is with the difficulty of locking on to Genji and Tracer because they're so damn fast and I have the same issue with targetting them because of their mobility. A good Tracer or Genji can just work through a team solo.
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  • Sony E3 2016 conference live report

  • MrFlump 14/06/2016

    Ah yes, underpants soiling simulator... Reply 0
  • MrFlump 14/06/2016

    She looks like she's enjoying that way too much Reply 0
  • Overwatch fastest-selling Blizzard game on console in UK

  • MrFlump 31/05/2016

    @Daeltaja Amen to that. I'm amazed how many times I've seen objectives ignored while people are just in it for kills.

    Overwatch is a great game though and I'm properly hooked on it. Picked up Doom yesterday and hoping to get some time with that soon.
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  • Watch: Video game helicopters are good for precisely two things

  • MrFlump 02/05/2016

    3 days after a helicopter tragedy after leaving an oil platform in the North Sea causing the death of a British citizen, an Italian and 11 Norwegians? The families probably are happy that at least it was a "noble activity" when the helicopter exploded as it hit the ground.

    I'm sure it wasn't intentional (or was a timed piece), but this seems like some insensitive timing.
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  • Watch: Lost Reavers is impressively bad

  • MrFlump 25/04/2016

    @cowell In a similar vein, you would probably need to be knocking back fistfuls of Ecstasy to make this game even moderately entertaining. Reply +11
  • PS4 exclusive Ratchet & Clank tops UK chart

  • MrFlump 25/04/2016

    Ratchet and Clank is a great game and well worth playing to anyone who has a PS4 - its certainly got all the charm and humour of the previous ones. The price point helps as lot as well since it was equal price both digitally and at retail for £29.99 (hell, even Game are selling it for £29.99).

    I also picked up Star Fox but the control system just feels all kinds of wrong to me in that. Or I was expecting it to be more like 64...
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  • The Division's big Incursion update has got off to a very rough start

  • MrFlump 13/04/2016

    We were just so pissed off last night with this. The latency was causing us to have no time to react to grenades that just exploded with no warning on us. At one point I was dodging 4 grenades that appeared at the same time around me despite only 1 grenadier actually being up.

    The shotgun charging enemies as well, I'm pretty sure they've increased their range for damage dramatically. Having your health at 85k with armour mitigating 60% of the damage drop to next to nothing from a guy attacking you from the other side of the room with a shotgun is pretty difficult to accept.

    We've been clearing challenging modes for a while with no issues, but with the warping enemies and damage coming in all at once last night it was really a whole lot of no fun at all. (And a couple of disconnects don't help either).
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  • Quantum Break UK's best-selling boxed game

  • MrFlump 11/04/2016

    Quantum Break is an alright game and I went through it on Hard Mode in about 11 hours and got all the collectables. I didn't feel the need to play it again though once I'd played it and watched all the cut scenes and different permutations of them.

    Traded it in at Game on Saturday and was told by a friend who works there that they've had quite a few traded in. Got Dirt Rally instead which is properly brilliant!
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  • Destiny's Valentine's Day event isn't worth setting a date for

  • MrFlump 10/02/2016

    Saw the update start downloading last night and all it did was remind me to remove the Destiny client from the PlayStation and free up some space.

    Not played in a couple of months now and played so many other games in the meantime. May come back if Bungie actually bother to do some meaningful updates, but at this rate, it really feels like they're just milking the remaining players for their cash via vanity items wrapped in tenuous events that could easily have been implemented as a mode in the core game.
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  • Elite: Dangerous dev Frontier focuses on SteamVR

  • MrFlump 22/01/2016

    ED actually works with SteamVR anyway using an Oculus Rift (at least for DK2). Its the only way (short of arsing about with upgrades from Windows 7) that I've managed to play it on Windows 10.

    If SteamVR supports the Oculus Rift and frontier are using SteamVR, then its not a major issue. Its just not directly supported as part of the Oculus SDK which is going to affect those users who haven't migrated their ED from the Frontier store to Steam.
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  • Oculus Rift costs £500

  • MrFlump 06/01/2016

    As for the eventual price: the consumer version should come in similar to what DK2 costs now. "We want to stay in that $200-$400 price range," he states.
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  • MrFlump 06/01/2016

    @rick_x Every time this comes up, people never account for VAT. Its £409.60 without VAT (using exchange rate of today), add on 20% and its £491.52 (using todays exchange rate). The conversion is fair enough in this case.

    They're at least not using the $=£ conversions that Activision like to implement.
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  • Faster hard drives boost Xbox One Fallout 4 performance

  • MrFlump 10/11/2015

    @SeanBeansGravyBoat I suspect that they'll let people know when something is better on the Xbox one when it actually turns out to be and not just shut up until such time as it happens.

    The fact they're being objective and saying external hard drives or SSD's are having a noticable improvement on performance is something people want to know regardless of platform.
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  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate sales "clearly" impacted by Unity

  • MrFlump 05/11/2015

    Could be that there's also a lot of games out at the moment and maybe many people outside of those who are fans of the series are a bit bored of the franchise being churned out every year?

    Not sure the investors would have reacted well if they said that though!
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  • MGS5 Quiet save data issue fixed on PC and PS4

  • MrFlump 14/09/2015

    The mass of server messages to skip through when starting the game up is getting crazy, especially when its telling me all the things I could have upon checking in on my iDroid... if the servers were accessible and not always telling me they're in maintenance mode.

    Just needs Jim Bowen to pop up and say "look what you could have won".

    Actually, its Kojima, he's probably considered doing that.
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  • GAME apologises after Super Mario Maker mix-up

  • MrFlump 08/09/2015

    @vert1go Maybe but shop to are £48.85 with the amiibo making them more expensive than game (still cheaper than 329 quid though!). Reply +1
  • MrFlump 08/09/2015

    Yep, 2 more for me too. £328.93 of transactions pending and no sign of a refund. Reply +1
  • MrFlump 07/09/2015

    I'm one of the poor sods quotes above. They've apologised via Twitter but not even a courtesy email to those who had the issues and don't check Twitter.

    This is the problem when exclusive stuff is retailer specific though as it just means you can't order from your preferred supplier and get the same stuff. Salt into the wound is Nintendo UK posting just now about ordering it from Game!
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  • The Taken King makes big changes to Destiny's weekly activities

  • MrFlump 28/08/2015

    @patch The US price isn't the big issue for me, its more the Euro price. That includes VAT which is about 20%.

    40 euros converts to £29.30 - so in terms of the European market, we're being ripped off in the UK. If i could pay on the PS store in Euros, it might be more tolerable, but I shouldn't be paying 25% more for wanting to pay in GBP.

    I played year one a lot, but I wont be ripped off and I am voting with my wallet this time. As much as I enjoy Destiny, they cannot in any way justify the Euro/GBP difference when both include VAT.
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  • Everything we just learnt about Destiny: The Taken King

  • MrFlump 19/08/2015

    Shame they didn't educate anyone on why the euro/dollar price is far better value than the gbp one. Reply +13
  • The Amiga is 30 years old today

  • MrFlump 23/07/2015

    Remember getting my A500 and FA18/Interceptor and Deluxe Paint bundles with it. Good times.

    Lost so much time to Super Cars II, Lotus Esprit, Microprose Golf and so many other forgotten gems.
    Still have a working A500+ and A1200 with a 60Mb hard drive!
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  • The Taken King is the expansion Destiny has been waiting for

  • MrFlump 01/07/2015

    @Mhoey Maybe before being such a twat with your comment take your head out your ass and read mine again.

    I like Destiny and I do want the content, but I will not be paying that extortionate price. Nor did I at any point suggest I would be, but by all means make an assumption and be rude about it in the process. I don't expect EG or anyone else to fight on my behalf, I am voting with my wallet. I do however urge everyone who is sick of being ripped off like this to do the same. It's the only thing that companies like Activision will respond to.
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  • MrFlump 01/07/2015

    @tomphillipsEG Tom - last week in the same interview you were grilling them on the price disparity and then another article today which appears to have been conducted at the same E3 interview seems to have countered that. Hell, the raid that was supposed to be in the latest expansion was held back (I'm assuming Oryx?) - are we paying for that again?

    I'm not saying that the content in TTK isn't welcome or disputing that, but as both consumers and gamers (especially with the UK pricing), even you can't say that we're not being put in a very awkward and conflicting position and I think the issue i have with the article is that you even referenced the steep price point.
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  • MrFlump 01/07/2015

    So basically you're approving Activision and Bungie ripping off UK players?

    I do like destiny and I do want the expansion but at some point you need to take a stand against anti consumer practices and say we will not be held to ransom.
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  • Microsoft readying an Xbox One Rare collection

  • MrFlump 15/06/2015

    Blast Corps to me would actually very likely sell me on an Xbox One. I loved that game and would be nice not to have to keep digging up the N64 for it! Reply +10
  • PS Now UK beta rental prices are pretty high

  • MrFlump 11/06/2015

    Been running the beta but they've asked for feedback on the prices when they sent out the update email to people.

    Prices are just way too high for this so they need to be told via the feedback form. Pretty sure when hardly anyone is paying for it on the beta as well, it'll become pretty obvious that they're pricing themselves out of it.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront playable "first on Xbox One"

  • MrFlump 14/04/2015

    If it ends up as broken as the BF4 launch, then 5 days lead time might be how long it takes to get into a stable MP game anyway. Reply +66
  • Battlefield Hardline fends off challenge of Bloodborne in UK chart

  • MrFlump 30/03/2015

    @wyp100 I'm not convinced about that statement.

    One of the cheapest ways to get Bloodborne was digitally using the Paypal £50 credit for £40 offer. I know of at least 15 people on my friends list who bought it that way and only 3 or 4 who got a physical copy.

    I think the charts should be more accurate and start to reflect digital sales sooner than later. That way there might be more exposure to gems like Cities: Skylines, Ori and the Blind Forest etc. Seems the only people who benefit from this are companies like EA who can claim top spot and get the publicity when in reality, they're probably at best 4th or 5th overall especially when you take PC into the equation.
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  • Destiny item comparison sacrificed for expanded vaults on last-gen

  • MrFlump 27/03/2015

    Still plenty people playing this in the EG clan also and it is still a very popular game with a lot of people playing it so I'm not bothered by news posts on it.

    Also, i think that bringing attention to the limits being imposed on the PS3 and X360 platforms is interesting and showing that games on last gen consoles are now struggling to keep up with their current gen counterparts.

    Given the limits are starting to be reached, I wonder how viable further expansions are for the last gen versions...
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  • David Braben on how Elite: Dangerous on console will actually work

  • MrFlump 06/03/2015

    @Malek86 Elite isn't on Steam. Its purchased directly from Frontier via their store.

    Either way, i'm quite annoyed that they're still working on stuff for the PC version that needs fixed and updated and they've been off spending time and funds they've got in so far in developing a console version as well.

    I'm not opposed to a console version appearing, I think they should have been working on getting a lot of the content and some of the weaker areas of the game resolved on the PC first. I'm still waiting for the Mac version promised as part of the kickstarter and they're already announcing new platforms before they've finished on the ones already committed to.
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  • Destiny: Crota's End guide

  • MrFlump 26/01/2015

    @Bedders Cheers for that.

    If it helps you guys any, myself and one of the other guys in the Eurogamer clan took video of our first kill and posted them up last night. Will give you a kill perspective from both the sword bearer and a ranged perspective you should be able to match up. By all means pop into the clan and say hello as well :)

    We deliberately avoided the tactics of using hunters or titan bubbles on the knights to ensure we had working strategy for any combination of people coming in without needing specific gear other than maybe something on the sword bearer to help regen health (in my case, a health on orb pickup helm and suros regime). We also did this with people using weapons other than Gjallerhorn on Crota as well.

    Ranged view:
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  • MrFlump 24/01/2015

    Did you even play this on hard mode? Because what you've posted is pretty thin on the ground and incomplete and in some places just wrong... (Referring here to the Crota hard mode info)

    Without the Chalice to pick up, you can't afford to take much damage from the enemies at the start, so use Titan Defender bubbles to avoid it.
    Rubbish. You need to kill the acolytes fast. People will take damage, but you can't just hide in a bubble and hope they go away. Just move and strafe a lot from the acolytes and handle the damage.

    What's even more bizarre is that you didn't mention that there are specific weapons here like Suros Regime, Red Death and even some armours that regen health when you kill things or pick up orbs. That is how you mitigate the lack of chalice.

    Because this fight wasn't annoying enough originally, Bungie has also replaced the Knight that jumps onto the mid platform with a Hallowed Wizard. Fun times.
    Thanks for the invaluable advice on how to kill or handle that. It spawns after you kill the two knights in a room. If you are using a strategy killing the Knights you need to ensure the wizard is down before your sword holder is ready to hit Crota because the wizard will soak up some of your rockets otherwise and you won't get Crota to kneel.

    Crota is really upset that you're trying to kill him on Hard mode, so he brings on his Oversoul pretty often, similar to his Enrage state in the regular fight.
    This is just plain wrong! That's just utter garbage and does not happen! Oversoul occurs on player death or during enrage, it is not random.

    It's a good idea to have a Titan work closely with the sword-wielding player, using a Defender bubble to help protect him from the Boomer Knights while he's swinging at Crota. The bubble drops orbs of light that help charge up a Super too.
    This is what made me think your tactics were a copy paste from random sources or reddit. If you get the wizard on the platform (as mentioned above) you have already killed those Knights, if you time it correctly you shouldn't have them respawn during your Crota attacks..

    Crota will go into Enrage mode when you get him down to about a fifth of his health
    He takes 18 R2 (don't know Xbox equivalent sorry) smashes to go down and enters enrage mode after you land the 14th. It's important to time it so that you can get him to past that that point and get him to kneel again before moving to finish him off. You have to be a bit more precise than "about a fifth"

    I'm all for you posting these guides but your tactics suggest that you've either not done the encounter, copy pasted from a random source or done a bad job of explaining or understanding what was happening in the fight.
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