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  • The best Xbox One games

  • MrEuroTrigger 06/04/2015

    @IronSoldier Spot on, good sir, As someone who owns several consoles I do not intend to play PC games listed above on Xbox. Multiplats as well as PC only games are for what I own gaming PC - I often happily replay a multiplat previously finished on PC on a console for second, third time, still these multiplats cannot be a reason for console purchase, for what games should I buy Xbox One...or shouldn't I? This EG list just plainly shows that One has almost no worthwhile (exclusive) games for gamers demanding diversity & original production, but nothing new here, situation has been similarly dire on 360 as well since 2010. Sunset Overdrive not only undeperforms technically, I also consider that game utterly average like previous Insomniac title Overstrike/Fuse is. Reply -2