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  • Life is Strange review

  • MrEuroTrigger 27/10/2015

    @RinuCZ Díků netřeba krajane, já se do Mass Effectu 3 ani nepouštěl, když jsem viděl, jak to kamarády našňuplo, o to víc mě však zklamalo tohle, módní vlna zbytečných obětí ještě není zdaleka za námi, vlastně bych měl být rád, že Max nespáchala harakiri. Btw. pokud jsi PC hráč, který rád tě uvidím na už je tam přes 10 000 her s unikátními popisky a konzole všeho druhu přibudou přibližně do roka. Takže pokud rád komentuješ hry, katalogizuješ svoje sbírky, je to zajímavé místo. :)

    Co se LiS týče, měli by si po sobě ten bordel v poslední epizodě fakt opravit, na kompletní překopání aby na činech záleželo už je pozdě, takže aspoň vydat extended edici s tak 4řmi (smysl dávajícími) konci, aby si všichni přišli na své. Šance jsou minimální, protože nad Dontnodem v jednom kuse visí bankrot a přežívají doslova ode hry ke hře, ale máme tu Kickstartery a nějaký půlmiliónek i více na rozšířený konec a fyzickou sběratelku by jistě nebylo problém vybrat...
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  • MrEuroTrigger 24/10/2015

    @RinuCZ Yet, "assumptions" based on what creators choose to show prior the release is all what the potential buyer is left with, while deciding whether to preorder particular game or not.

    Of course they weren't gonna show us that any decision Max did prior last 5 minutes of the game does not matter. It's like they were presenting that game-breaking, system-freezing bug in the middle of the Episode 5 (which must have been well known to them), as if it was immersion build-up helping feature or something - prior the release of EP5. It's like they were posting negative reactions on the Episode 5 instead of positive on LiS homepage after its release...

    I'm glad that you get what you were looking for, based on your own assumptions created by processing the info provided by devs before the purchase. This important game is relevant in the exact regard you described. In addition to everything being said - lackluster endings spoil the overall experience to the certain extent for me. It leaves me with beuty of slice-of-life storytelling starring atypical characters, but only for sake of slice-of-life storytelling. This has been a suprise as many people including me were excpecting more than just that especially after such a build up from all the previous Episodes - not like there were no warning signs like whole survaillance petition, on the other hand, there were also excellently executed side-storylines (Kate). I don't know what was the cause of lackluster finale, probably deadlines mainly, still, it's a pity, because a chance to move genre ahead was botched by another binary decision based outcome unrelated to any action preceededing it in the game claiming that every action has its consequences...
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  • MrEuroTrigger 22/10/2015

    @sickofbeardsley The tornado should have come anyway as Max had been dreaming about it for quite some time before she gained the powers/tampered with the original timeline. Also, meteorologists would discover its emergence several days prior and the town would be evacuated safely, these kind of phenomena do not materialize out of nothingness. What was all about f.e. Samuel, Tobanga, dead and spiritual animals anyway? These motives were completely unexplained in the last episode. The nightmare section was a mere filler adding nothing to the overall story (with lazy design - recycling content and "enemies" repeating same paths), which was followed by final decision rendering most of previously made decisions completely useless. Oh and "Sacrifice Arcadia" ending is epitome of rushed for me. Presumably, Warren is dead, Chloe's mother dead as well as most of the townsfolk and still girls don't seem to try helping or finding out anyone, they just drive out of the place, which is almost if not criminal act at the given situation.

    I respect your different angle, do not want to turn this into endless debate, but I perceive these and several more aspects as a let down, regardless the good/bad wibe of things. I enjoyed the game up until the last installment (unless there will be some DLC :D).
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  • MrEuroTrigger 22/10/2015

    @sickofbeardsley It's not about saving everyone already - Chloe's dad and Rachel are irreversibly dead, Kate and Nathan might be as well depending on choices (and their lives are screwed, Kate is victim of abuse, Nathan a murderer). I fully agree at mattering decisions from the beginning to the end.

    I cannot say I find self-sacrifice that amusing it's a very old motive (ancient legends like Beowulf and much older works contain this) as well as "destiny" mentioned troughout the game. In video-games, I see it as a fashion wave. All these obligatoire protagonists/hero deaths are annoyingly overused by creators who cheaply exploit this to make game stories more "touching", while there are so many other tools to do so left dormant!

    As your opinins shows, amongst opinions of others, this is more of the matter of personal choice, therefore, I'm all for good and bad endings options so everyone is content with the game's outcome. Still, even a bad ending needs to have solid basis and gamedesign of the fith episode is lazy/rushed/streamlined beyond expectation if we take promising tension build up of the previous episodes into account.
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  • MrEuroTrigger 22/10/2015

    @sambridgett Maxine's diary ed. would be amazing! Reply +4
  • MrEuroTrigger 22/10/2015

    @sickofbeardsley Actually I haven't forgot that great journey, but Episode 5 is just underwhelming in terms of its execution along with negation of promising motives developed in previous episodes. I say good ending for shinny happy people, neutral for realists and bad ending for gothic souls would be ideal *if* the whole matter was well executed which is sadly not the case. Nightmare section is one such example, killing whole town or your best friend regardeless of all the previous actions... Reply +2
  • MrEuroTrigger 22/10/2015

    LiS is yet another example of how tricky pre-orders could be. After giving your money to the devs, you immediately loose control over your investment in terms of how said resources will be used on the ongoing project. I prepaid Episodes 1-5 back in spring and until the end of episode 4, it was hella of a ride, but this last episode feels not only rushed out, but utterly unfinished - from all the loose ends to the wasted potential of whole "choices" concept. As Dontnod already had been at the verge of bankrupcy after Remember Me and it is Life is Strange which has saved them from it, these devs surely aren't idle, being deep in the development of Vampyr announced back in January instead.

    There might be even a divide within Dontnod itself regarding how they managed/mismanaged the fifth episode, however, we probably cannot expect them to fix this terrible mess of Polarized any time soon. They might be out of time (and money) like their heroines in LiS. Explaining the plotholes, making previous choices matter, cutting & redesigning parts recycling content adding nothing to the story (looking at you, nightmare section) and finally, adding at least two more endings making sense (as current two really does not) all of that would need certain resources which they probably do not have right now. Shame.
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