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  • Blades of Time Review

  • Mr 16/03/2012

    'But if you were, oh, I don't know, left it in the will of an eccentric uncle, say, it would probably be worth taking for a spin before you traded it in.'

    Laughed me arse off at this.

    I almost have to have it now.
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  • Assassin's Creed 3 reveal trailer

  • Mr 05/03/2012

    Red coat: "Oi, look over there - there's a medieval bloke hiding in the trees" Reply +23
  • It's time to kick back against gaming bigots

  • Mr 03/03/2012

    Just in the gaming community? Take a dip into youtube for a taste of our 'civilization' Reply +84
  • 5 minutes of Far Cry 3 gameplay

  • Mr 20/02/2012

    Looks great... but those triangles in the middle of the screen pointing out the enemies - Yuk.

    Agree with some comments above and hope number 3 isn't a knee-jerk reaction to Far Cry 2, some of which - and i do mean 'some' - was fantastic. While I'd love to see 2's problems sorted, I'd hate to see 3 pander to all the whining.
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  • A January account of Xbox Live hacking and fraud

  • Mr 27/01/2012

    It's still going on. My (security conscious) friend was hacked yesterday and a ton of MS points bought in his name, and the ones already on his account stolen. His account has been frozen now for the foreseeable future.

    I urge all XBL users to remove your credit cards (you have to call M$, who are very weird about the whole thing when you call) from your accounts and change your passwords ASAP.
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  • Dark Souls patch 1.05 released, notes

  • Mr 23/11/2011

    Having played through most of the 'blockbusters' this year, Dark Souls is easily the one that impressed the most. Reply +1
  • Making an XBLA Game: The Inside Story

  • Mr 22/11/2011

    Good read EG - very interesting

    Agree with some of the comments that, even though one suspects these obstacles, this was article still an eye opener. You can smell the fear that consumes business these days.
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  • Battlefield 3 Review

  • Mr 27/10/2011

    Had this game for a couple of days. Prepare for this:

    "Connection to server lost"
    "Failed to join game. Please check your connection".

    Each time I've lost the unlocks from that particular game, which is.... yup, annoying

    Over, and over, and over and over....
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Console Battlefield 3

  • Mr 05/10/2011

    There are two BF3 games - One is on PC, one is on console (I have the consoles only).

    The consoles cannot handle the stunning game we see on PC. What can DICE do about this? Nothing. Are they allowed to say this... NO

    It's time to for me pay up for a PC. Too many games nowadays are half the experience.
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  • From Dust

  • Mr 27/07/2011

    Enjoyed the review, but there are mentions of fiddly/frustrating controls - did you find this too? Reply 0
  • The EGTV Show: The Future Of PC Gaming Pt.2

  • Mr 17/07/2011

    Really interesting series - keep em coming! Reply +1
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

  • Mr 20/05/2011

    Enjoyed the review

    Sadly don't have the pc power

    Mine struggles with the first one

    One day it will be mine though....
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  • Game of the Week: Portal 2

  • Mr 22/04/2011

    Bang on about Portal

    But what were you smoking when you played Operation Flashpoint Red River???? Whatever it was, I need some to finish that steaming broken pile of horsepoop. Yes, too kind, I know...
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  • Operation Flashpoint: Red River

  • Mr 21/04/2011


    You're right... enjoy this game

    Yours sincerely

    Bobby Kotick
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  • Mr 21/04/2011

    Doesn't sound like the game I've just been playing. Broken team AI (medic standing next to you as you bleed out, team standing on wrong side of wall etc etc)), the most stupid enemy AI (p*ss-poor), cut and paste missions (defend, retreat... x5, against endless lemmings), and all the while being shouted at by sergeant Knox with the most cliched boxed-marine dialogue you ever heard.

    You are funnelled along at a rate that doesn't suit the game mechanics, making for a frustrating time of it.

    I wish it was as described in this review. I really do.

    1. I can imagine playing co-op would improve things alot
    2. CM said you no longer get your team kamikaze'ing across your line of fire.... they still do, frequently, and die.
    3. You will spend ALOT of time applying bandages to your team who do not take cover.
    4. Dialogue is repeated endlessly, not occasionally, as stated in the review.
    5. The 'suppressing fire' command rarely works (when using the LMG myself I found no difference at all in enemy AI behaviour).
    6. Accuracy is no longer noticeable affected by prone/crouch.
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  • Crysis 2

  • Mr 24/03/2011

    Having played quite a few hours of this I can say you'd be crazy not to play it as it's a great game all in all.

    Against it though, is the usual suspects in the form of low-grade AI, especially the humans. The most frustrating aspect (apart from Marines talking cliched dross and stealing lines from splinter cell's automatons) is, easily, that the AI react even when you stealth kill/use silencers rendering the whole stealth aspect almost pointless...
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  • Why I Hate... Red Dead Redemption

  • Mr 18/02/2011

    Strangely - I agree with the article - but loved the game... Reply +6
  • DICE on MOH's past, present and future

  • Mr 10/11/2010

    The amazing (really... amazing) thing about MoH is that it was supposed to be their big shot at greatness. Everyone was watching. And they produced this... this mediocrity. Playable, yes, sometimes reasonably enjoyable, with a pathetic handful of maps, not very impressive to look at, and overall, sadly unimaginative. You'd expect this from peopel sitting comfortably on the top, but remember - this was their BIG CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!

    And then they charge 800 points for a tiny add on. 800! The same as Read Dead Redemptions zombie pack! You have to ask what the (as usual, clueless) executives where thinking when their aim was to attract a greater following.
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  • Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Pack

  • Mr 29/10/2010

    This is, frankly, how DLC should be done.

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  • Battlefield: BC2 Vietnam footage

  • Mr 21/10/2010

    So they didn't give us maps for the other part of the game because..... they had promised we wouldn't have to pay for them so it wasn't worth doing???? Or what.....That said looking forward to 'nam Reply 0
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

  • Mr 10/10/2010

    If you can get over the insanely annoying camera and the very clunky controls and the airy-fairy jap-style avatar bouncing off invisible walls, this is actually a very decent game (says someone who's 2/3rds through). Some epic moments backed up by decent music score and voice overs (with some horrible exceptions). Reply 0
  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West review

  • Mr 09/10/2010

    Took along shot on this (the screen shots just don't do it justice and nor did the demo) and really enjoyed it - just good clanking metallic fun with engaging enough story. For the first time in ages I actually wanted to know how a game ended. Slight delay on the buttons which was a bit frustrating sometimes, and could've done with a few more combos though. Reply +1
  • Alan Wake

  • Mr 05/05/2010

    Nice to read a review that fits exactly with what I've seen of the videos. The voiceover is just cheese. The dialogue is for a nation that needs it spelt out. I was hoping for a subtly unfolding story. Nice combat but after 6 years you'd hope so... really disappointed in this one personally. Reply +3
  • Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package

  • Mr 02/04/2010

    Great article but I don't agree with you when you say they have a huge skill for map making - the maps are so controlled that they become easily learned and as a result the gameplay becomes automated. Run here, throw a grenade, aim up at the window, run to here, shoot the sniper etc etc etc. I hate to draw a comparison with a different type of game but BFBC2 is such a relief after this blandness.

    I remember (grandad) playing cod when it had a similar freedom - CODUO (bombing across the huge map in a jeep with your mates and taking a base whilst nicking a tank and a grin on your face). That seems like a different franchise now: it's become the haunt of twitchers and tweenies and point chasers and I do really well on it after 65 cups of coffee and 6 red-bulls - where's the actual 'fun' in that?
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  • Demon's Souls

  • Mr 12/11/2009

    Nice article.

    Ordering right now.
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