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  • You need four amiibo to get everything Metroid: Samus Returns has to offer

  • Mr.Spo 26/07/2017

    @Nikanoru "mostly". Plus the extra difficulty mode. There's also a big difference between games built around toys-to-life and a game that doesn't require toys locking content behind physical paywalls that very few people are going to buy.

    The fact some of this content is inconsequential is even worse. £13-£15 for a plastic toy and an art gallery? Really?
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  • Mr.Spo 26/07/2017

    Madness that they're locking content behind amiibos that are sold out well in advance of release. I'm buying the game but as with every recent Nintendo title I'm not bothering with amiibo. I bought a couple of cheap amiibo when they restocked the Smash range, which had decent extra functionality, but this strategy of in-game content tethered to figurines with extremely limited availability is absolute nonsense. Hell, these amiibo were sold out before Nintendo even announced their functionality.

    Nintendo have generated a lot of positive news with Switch's success and some top-tier first party content over the last few months, but between extremely limited production runs of amiibos, special editions and their Mini consoles, increasingly using amiibos as expensive physical dlc and the absolute mess that is Switch Online, they're clearly repeatedly dropping the ball. That being said, whatever parts of the fanbase keep buying amiibos are only encouraging this kind of practice.
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  • Nintendo Switch shipped an impressive 4.7m in four months

  • Mr.Spo 26/07/2017

    @seeyoshirun Also significant that the vast majority of those 3DS shipments were launch month. 3.6 million at launch, 700,000 in the second quarter, demonstrating that many units sat unsold on retailer's shelves and that demand tapered off quickly. Switch is in a stronger position with better ongoing sales, more momentum and ongoing stock shortages suggesting high demand at this point.

    3DS might still have had a stronger first year overall, though. The system really kicked off with Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and Monster Hunter 3 (Japan) following the summer price-cut. Switch needs more stock if it's going to continue outpacing 3DS. As hotly anticipated as Mario Odyssey is, Nintendo need to increase shipments if they're going to make the most of their current momentum. Right now, given they're sticking to the 10 million target and are having difficulty procuring components for Switch, they genuinely may not be able to increase shipments.
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  • Mr.Spo 26/07/2017

    @grassyknoll Nintendo had far more luck meeting demand with Wii, which really demonstrates how insanely high Wii demand was. They shipped 20 million in the first 14 months, which is crazy. Without shipment increases Switch would be just under 13 million in 13 months, which would be a great start considering low expectations just 6 months ago after the full reveal. Two analysis firms predicted Switch would sell 5 million in 2017, for example!

    It's important to note that planned shipments don't equal the production run, though. Unconfirmed reports from Japan claimed Switch's production run for the financial year had been increased to 18 million. Even if that's true, that doesn't mean Nintendo are going to nearly double shipments: several million of those 18 million produced are no doubt intended as shipments for the next financial year. That being said, with demand not being satisfied and the Christmas quarter coming, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo resort to shipping more units by air and bringing forward some of their 2018 shipments to meet demand, as they did during the launch month. It'll remove their profit margin from hardware sales, but a bigger install base equals more software sales equals more profit.

    They'll also need as big an install base as possible so that the install base diversifies and consumers start to pick up third party titles in meaningful numbers. No doubt this financial year will be dominated by Nintendo published titles in sales volume. Zelda, Kart, and Mario Odyssey all have a shot at 5 million or more on Switch in this financial year alone. Hell, at this point it's likely to happen.
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  • Mr.Spo 26/07/2017

    @flooff The Switch will be at 12.8 million by the end of March 2018, at a minimum. Do you really think Nintendo will struggle to shift another 7 million beyond that point? Reply +10
  • Mr.Spo 26/07/2017

    Is the 3.92 million figure for Zelda just the Switch version? If it is, then it's likely at the 5 million mark including the Wii U version. Could very well end up being the best-selling Zelda yet, especially if Switch carries on selling strongly next year.

    Edit: That figure is only for the Switch version, by way of comparison the Wii version of Twilight Princess took 13 months to hit 4 million, with ~1.5 million sales on GameCube. For the Switch/Wii U versions combined to be at over 5 million in four months means Breath of the Wild has a real shot at being the first entry in the series to hit the 10 million mark.
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  • Mr.Spo 26/07/2017

    By way of comparison, 3DS's second quarter shipments were 720,000 units, and Wii U shipments for its second quarter were just 390,000. There's been no catastrophic drop-off for Nintendo, which is crucial. It's a long way from guaranteeing long-term success, but a Wii U style belly-flop has certainly been averted, and there's no need for a painful, loss-inducing price-cut as with 3DS. Sales for the rest of 2017 should be fine, and they'll hit or likely exceed the 10 million financial year target, though for now they've kept the 10 million target in place.

    Splatoon 2 is off to a brilliant start in Japan. 670,000 sold in 3 days, which is four times the original's opening week sales and nearly half the original's total sales in Japan. If Nintendo can start getting more stock out, Switch should sail along smoothly over the next 6-9 months at least.
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  • Crash Bandicoot blocks Splatoon 2 from UK chart top spot

  • Mr.Spo 24/07/2017

    @grassyknoll As others have pointed out, Fate/Extella is a niche release on a new platform with a tiny install base. On top of that, retailers like GAME aren't even selling Fate yet- and other retailers are selling it at £59.99, whereas it's available digitally for £10 less. There's factors there that easily prevent the title from charting, other than this idea (impossible to prove to any reasonable measure just yet) that Switch is underperforming in the UK, which is traditionally Nintendo's weakest major gaming market. The performance of an expensive, niche title - that's not even available at some major retailers and is more expensive physically than digitally - really doesn't tell us anything about a new system's health. Switch seems to have an extremely limited supply, too, which makes accurately gauging demand even more difficult.

    The presence of three major first party brands in the top 10, however, is only good news for Nintendo. They need their first party titles to perform well and to remain visible, to have the kind of evergreen sales and persistent hardware selling power Nintendo software very rarely achieved on Wii U. Ultimately Nintendo need to build the install base so that other developers have a market to sell into. It's only natural right now, with early adopters picking up the system, that they'll gravitate towards the big Nintendo titles. Agreed though that Arms seems to have underperformed in the UK relative to other markets.
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  • Nintendo's new online service looks like it could be every bit as bad as you feared

  • Mr.Spo 19/07/2017

    Absolutely bizarre. I barely ever use online features like this, but in 2017 it's one of the basic services a platform holder needs to execute well. A companion app for the online service is a nice idea, but tethering basic online multiplayer functions to that app is absolutely nonsensical. Reply +7
  • Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon special edition includes extra potions

  • Mr.Spo 12/07/2017

    Meanwhile, the really excellent looking legacy edition of Metroid: Samus Returns went up for pre-order an hour ago on Nintendo's UK Store and sold out in 50 minutes. Ridiculous.

    I get limited editions being 'limited', but how few have Nintendo put on sale if they go so quickly?
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  • In Breath of the Wild's The Champion's Ballad you will be playing as Link

  • Mr.Spo 07/07/2017

    A direct sequel would make a lot of sense for the next Zelda title, too. Something like Link's Awakening or Majora's Mask: re-use the game engine and the same Link, but completely change the tone and setting of the game. The structural shift wouldn't need to be as extreme as from Ocarina to Majora, for example, but building on Breath of the Wild would be easy. Have fewer spirit orbs and hide them in the overworld, rather than having distinct shrines, build them into the overworld. Have more labrynthine dungeons like Hyrule Castle.

    Looking forward to this, anyway. I can't decide if I want to buy the season pass on Wii U or wait until I have a Switch and buy and replay Zelda on that.
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  • eBay takes on SNES mini scalpers, pulls listings

  • Mr.Spo 06/07/2017

    I reported a few, good to see eBay doing something. I have my pre-order but I know many others weren't so lucky.

    "We will remove listings for pre-release items and accessories if the release date of the item is more than 30 days away," the spokesperson said.
    That won't be enough to deter scalpers. eBay should tighten their rules here: only manufacturers or licensed sellers (games retailers, for example) should be able to 'pre-sell' items. Anything else is a license for scalpers to snap up stock of any high demand item and then pre-sell their pre-order in the month leading up to release.

    I'd encourage anyone considering buying one of these pre-orders not to jump. SNES Mini is launching a full two months earlier than NES Mini did. There might not be any more stock at launch, but there will be more stock before Christmas.
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  • Now PlatinumGames has teased The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch

  • Mr.Spo 06/07/2017

    Kamiya has taken to Instagram to tease The Wonderful 102, Okami 2 and Half-life 3.

    He's a master troll. I don't doubt Platinum have something in development for Switch, and a compilation of their Wii U games would be great for Switch owners, but he's also on top trolling form.
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  • UK shops get SNES mini in stock

  • Mr.Spo 29/06/2017

    @FrozenMetalHead They've basically already said this is a temporary product. It all probability it'll be available late September till late December and then discontinued. Reply +1
  • Mr.Spo 29/06/2017

    @craigrusse11 It should be pointed out this is launching two months earlier than NES Mini did- so plenty of time for additional shipments leading into Christmas. It also gives Nintendo more time to increase shipments should demand be high, as it currently seems to be. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch has sold over 1m units in Japan

  • Mr.Spo 28/06/2017

    Just to demonstrate how this isn't a particularly accurate measure of success or failure, I've added lifetime sales in Japan for each system.

    Game Boy Advance: 3 weeks LT: 16.96 million
    DS: 4 weeks LT: 32.99 million (Japan's best-selling system)
    PS2: 5 weeks LT: 21.42 million
    Wii: 6 weeks LT: 12.75 million
    3DS: 13 weeks LT: 23.31 million
    PSP: 14 weeks LT: 16.87 million
    Switch: 17 weeks
    GameCube: 17 weeks LT 4 million
    N64: 29 weeks LT 5.5 million
    PS1: more than 30 weeks 19 million
    WiiU: 34 weeks LT 3.3 million
    PS3: 36 weeks LT 10.4 million
    PS Vita: 43 weeks LT 5 million
    DreamCast: 45 weeks LT 2.3 million
    PS4: 49 weeks LT 4.5 million

    Most of those figures are from Wikipedia, though some I've taken from Famitsu and manufacturers. The Wikipedia figures for PS4 and 3DS were out of date, so I used more recent totals for those systems.

    With the exception of PS1 and PS3, all systems that had a slower start than Switch sold in the 2-5 million range. Every system with a faster start than Switch has sold in the 16-33 million range in Japan. Again, this doesn't really tell us a huge amount. It at least suggests Switch should outperform N64, GC, Wii U, DreamCast and potentially the Vita and the PS4, but given Nintendo's reliance on Japan with 3DS, it would be shocking if the Switch struggled to get to the 5 million mark there. I would guess that after 5 or 6 years on sale in Japan, Switch will be closer to 20 million than 5 million. Whether it's above or below 20 million is another story.

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  • Mr.Spo 28/06/2017

    Splatoon 2 and stock levels will dictate how quickly Switch accelerates from this point on. Splatoon is the best-selling new IP since Wii Sports in Japan, and the best-selling home console game of the current generation (in Japan)- and it managed that on a seriously unsuccessful platform in the Wii U. I'd expect Splatoon 2 to be Switch's best-selling game in Japan before long. Reply +6
  • Mr.Spo 28/06/2017

    @Shakey_Jake33 Not that surprising. There are at least 25 million 3DS and Vita consoles in the wild in Japan, so they outnumber Switch 25 to 1! It'll be interesting to see if that changes as the Switch userbase expands; that should answer your question as to how the Japanese audience are using the Switch. Reply +1
  • Nintendo confirms SNES mini, including never-released Starfox 2

  • Mr.Spo 27/06/2017

    People might want to calm down a little before frothing at the mouth. Amazon have just re-opened pre-orders at a lower price, and anyone assuming Nintendo are going to launch this on September 29th and then not restock in the run-up to Christmas are being pretty dumb.

    Yes, it's still going to be a limited run up until the end of 2017, but there will be more stock than NES Mini and there will be more shipments beyond the launch date. This is launching nearly two months earlier than the NES Mini did, and that late launch is one reason (besides badly underestimating demand) Nintendo couldn't get more products to market before Christmas. Nintendo shipped 2.3 million NES Minis in all (1.5 million at launch, 800,000 in the New Year), but will be shipping more SNES Minis than that.
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  • Mr.Spo 27/06/2017

    The positive point here is the far earlier release date than NES Mini. With NES Mini launching so close to Christmas it was too difficult for Nintendo to secure more stock once the initial limited run sold out. While it's disappointing this is still a limited run, the September launch means Nintendo will have more time to prepare extra shipments.

    NES Mini was a colossal cock-up for Nintendo. I expect they won't want to miss out on so much easy money this time around. I still expect it'll be hard to find, but there will at least be shipments after the September launch.
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  • Mr.Spo 26/06/2017

    @SuperShinobi SNES's library is absurdly good. I was disappointed not to see Chrono Trigger, Actraiser, Mystical Ninja and others not on the list. I suppose there'll be a cheeky way to crack this and add more games, though, within a few weeks of it launching. Though I'd love it if Nintendo did expansion carts or downloads for this I expect we're looking at a closed box like the NES Mini. Reply +1
  • Mr.Spo 26/06/2017

    @VanillaLake Me too. Pre-ordered at Smyths for £69.99... Relieved to see Final Fantasy 6 in this collection. Much as I'd love there to be more games on this, it's a selection of classics, really. Reply +1
  • Mr.Spo 26/06/2017

    GAME have SNES Mini at £79.99, so $1 to £1 conversion. Ouch. Reply 0
  • Mr.Spo 26/06/2017

    @VanillaLake I'd expect this has the same innards as the NES Mini, which would make it more powerful than a Wii or 3DS, and presumably new emulation software from NERD (Nintendo European Research & Development). Reply +2
  • Mr.Spo 26/06/2017

    Hopefully we get the colourful JP/SNES version and not the ugly US system. A shame they haven't gone with a bigger library of games. Act Raiser, Terranigma, Soul Blazer etc would be great, but that list is still excellent. Star Fox 2 is a really welcome surprise. Reply +4
  • SNES mini pre-orders already on eBay with huge markup

  • Mr.Spo 27/06/2017

    I'm fairly certain these listings actually break eBay's rules on pre-selling.

    Unless these sellers are getting stock directly from Nintendo, they're not allowed to pre-sell items.

    EDIT: After trying to report one, it's not entirely clear if this does breach eBay's terms. If you report someone for pre-selling, it appears that eBay only consider it a violation of terms if the listing doesn't specify this is a pre-sale. I'm really not sure, to be honest, but I would think Nintendo and retailers should step in here. Only allow verified retailers to pre-sell SNES Mini, at least to cut down on the pre-emptive scalping.
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  • Nintendo's Japanese SNES mini has a different selection of games

  • Mr.Spo 27/06/2017

    It would be nice to have Mystical Ninja over here, but the selection of games in every territory is first-class. It's a testament to the quality of the SNES's library that we could spend a long time talking about what great games didn't make the cut.

    It'd be nice if Nintendo made that SNES cartridge slot functional and released an expansion cart in future, especially for Japan-only games that never saw a Western release. Genealogy of the Holy War? Seiken Densetsu 3? Rudra No Hihou? And that's ignoring games that were Japan only but which have since been released (on other formats) in the West, like Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean and Final Fantasy V.

    A man can dream. I'm sure there'll be a way to add those games to the system before long, anyway, even without Nintendo's blessing.
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  • Why Star Fox 2's release on SNES mini is such a big deal

  • Mr.Spo 26/06/2017

    Great that this is finally seeing the light of day as an official release. I'd hope Nintendo find a way, in future, to bring more SNES classics back, especially those (most) Western gamers haven't experienced due to them not being localised. Whether that's through remakes, like Fire Emblem Echoes, or through Virtual Console or some other method of re-release is up to them, but it'd be great to give more people access to gaming's history. Reply +4
  • Nintendo New 2DS XL review

  • Mr.Spo 24/06/2017

    I'm happy with my New 3DS from two and a half years ago. Great little machine with a superb, and still growing, software library. My most used system last year, and might even end up being my most used system this year. Reply +14
  • Super Mario Odyssey: Switch's next big technical showcase?

  • Mr.Spo 20/06/2017

    @carmagainagain I'd also point out you commented on Odyssey not being out for months, which seemed dismissive of the release slate for 2017 on Switch, which is fuller than Zelda and then Odyssey. Reply +4
  • Mr.Spo 20/06/2017

    @carmagainagain So for the first three months you wouldn't say that one of the best Zelda games, one of the best Mario Kart games and a good new IP is impressive? I'm not speaking as a Switch owner, mind, but I think given the teeth-gnashing in January (I count myself in that) that the line-up has been good so far and is very good for 2017.

    Nice try at dismissing Arms, though, based purely on UK sales rather than whether or not it's any good. Loe sales in week 1 doesn't mean the game somehow doesn't exist.
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  • Mr.Spo 20/06/2017

    @carmagainagain Splatoon 2 next month, Mario v Rabbids in August, Pokken in September, Fire Emblem Warriors and Xenoblade 2 around Mario Odyssey. Add good indie support, a smattering of multi-platform titles (Skyrim, FIFA, Rocket League etc) and I'd say that, plus Kart 8 (Essential, best in series), Zelda (Essential, best in series) and Arms (Recommended, new IP, free dlc support) makes for a very good line-up, particularly so for the first 9 months of a system's life.

    It's not as if any other system this generation (or any other generation) was drowning in quality, new exclusives in the first 9 months, and very few games as good as Breath of the Wild and potentially Odyssey launch on any system in any year, never mind both in the first 9 months of a system's life.
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  • Eurogamer's best of E3 2017

  • Mr.Spo 16/06/2017

    Odyssey has become my most anticipated title. I'm really pleased to see Samus Returns is a thing, too. Will there be a preview of that up? Reply 0
  • Here's a SNES-inspired alternative to the Switch's Pro Controller

  • Mr.Spo 15/06/2017

    I use their SFC30 controller for PC gaming, though it can feel a little odd playing Phantasy Star 4 with a replica SNES pad. I'm assuming these variants will be bigger to fit in the analog sticks, extra shoulder buttons and motion/rumble. SNES pads are quite dainty by today's standards. Reply 0
  • The big interview: Shigeru Miyamoto and Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot

  • Mr.Spo 15/06/2017

    Rayman as a character, Rabbids as an assist trophy, either in Smash Bros DX or a new Smash Bros for Switch. Really pleasantly surprised by Kingdom Battle, another title to consider when I have a Switch. Reply 0
  • Why are some Monster Hunter fans upset about a new game in the series?

  • Mr.Spo 15/06/2017

    I haven't seen much or any fan outrage. I got into Monster Hunter on 3DS and love the series. 4 Ultimate played on New 3DS is one of my favourite games of the generation, and buying World isn't going to be a problem for me because I own the hardware it's coming to. Even speaking as someone yet to get a Switch, I do think that system is a great fit for this series, though.

    I can understand the disappointment to an extent. Monster Hunter's success on 3DS has been a rare bright spot for Capcom these last five years, and on 3DS the series has reached a bigger Western audience that it did on PS hardware, particularly in the case of 4 Ultimate. Nintendo have also given Capcom a lot of localisation and advertising support with the series since it came to Nintendo hardware with Tri on Wii. Given Capcom are currently keeping that Nintendo audience in the dark regarding the future of the series on 3DS or Switch- even with Japan recieving XX on both systems- and frustration is understandable. Equally, we might see a Monster Hunter World Portable further down the line for Switch.

    Don't forget this is a big gamble on Capcom's part: the vast majority of the MH fanbase are Japanese gamers playing on portable systems. If Capcom don't get this exactly right, then it could cost them. I really hope World turns out well, though.

    There were rumours Sony had paid for Monster Hunter 5 on the basis that the game be more Western-friendly and that the game could not come to Switch. The same rumour leaked the Switch version of XX (though that was a safe bet) and claimed Sony want MH5 due to less than stellar sales of PS4 in Japan. How true that is I have no idea, PS4 is so successful outside of Japan the relative lack of success in Japan doesn't matter.
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  • Nintendo consolidates an already special year

  • Mr.Spo 14/06/2017

    @seeyoshirun This will always come up, and the complaints are often from those who have a very superficial understanding of Nintendo's output. Not only with the structural and mechanical variation between games, but when you consider the gaps there actually are between installments in franchises, the variation is even more noticeable.

    On the surface of things, there's been a 7 year gap between 'main' Metroid titles, but you look deeper and it's actually been 10 years since Nintendo launched a new Prime game, and 13 years since they launched a 2D Metroid. It's been nearly four years since the last 3D Mario, which had a completely different structure to Odyssey: it's been 15 years since Mario Sunshine, the last 'sandbox' Mario. And you're right about new IP. Complaining about a lack of new IP the week that Nintendo launch their latest, newest internally developed IP and one week before Nintendo launch a new IP from one of their subsidiary studios (Grezzo's Ever Oasis is out a week on Friday) smacks of ignorance.
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  • Mr.Spo 14/06/2017

    Not even a couple of almost-no-shows - a mini-trailer for Metroid Prime 4 that amounted to a logo, and the acknowledgement that a new Pokemon RPG was under development - could derail things
    I hadn't thought about this originally, but this actually overlooks the most significant announcement yesterday. A number of us have been arguing it would happen, and Eurogamer were the first to report it would happen, but we have confirmation now: the mainline Pokemon games, Nintendo's biggest, most reliable big-gun, is coming to Switch. What's more, given the lack of details and the fact it's not due until the second half of 2018 at the earliest, it's safe to assume this is a new generation.

    That's huge news for Switch. New mainline Pokemon games sell a minimum of 15 million copies, and will shift Switch more effectively than a Pokemon Stars would have done. As excited as we all are for the eventual Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon is the really big news here.
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  • Mr.Spo 14/06/2017

    Is it really fair to call Yoshi's Woolly World "bland"? Genuine question because I never picked it up, but I'd heard lots of positives about it. And while that Xenoblade 2 trailer didn't make the game sing, the Treehouse footage showing beautiful, dreamlike open vistas and a bustling town was much more enticing. It looked like a spiritual successor to Skies of Arcadia, and the colourful, stylish RPGs of the SNES era. Sad to see the penchant for dismissing games based on two minutes of footage is alive and well.

    Overall I thought it was solid, not spectacular. But, riding a successful launch with their first Switch Christmas season to come, and with confirmed big hits in Zelda and Kart, Splatoon 2 and Odyssey, and there wasn't a huge amount they needed to do. For 2017 they have a steady supply of software, so now they need to work on services, and make sure that as 2017 goes by and more Directs happen, 2018 looks fuller. If Yoshi, Kirby, Fire Emblem are joined by Pokemon and Metroid Prime 4 in late 2018, and games like Dragon Quest XI materialise, 2018 could easily fill out for Switch.

    With Odyssey in particular looking brilliant, it's a question of when, not if for me and Switch.
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  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is getting a 3DS remake

  • Mr.Spo 14/06/2017

    This had been leaked a couple of months ago but it's still nice news. 3DS is set for a good 2017. Ever Oasis, Miitopia, Samus Returns, Superstar Saga, Ultimate Sun/Moon and Monster Hunter Stories at least on the way over the next 6 months. Reply 0
  • Metroid: Samus Returns announced for 3DS

  • Mr.Spo 13/06/2017

    Treehouse also just seem to have confirmed a remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is coming to 3DS, should find out in a few minutes when they resume broadcasting. Reply +1
  • Mr.Spo 13/06/2017

    3DS is such a lovely little machine. Is it too much to ask them to keep remaking the "black sheep" second games? This, Fire Emblem Gaiden... and Adventure of Link, too? Please...? Reply +5
  • Super Mario Odyssey is a very weird Mario game

  • Mr.Spo 13/06/2017

    Sounds great. The last thing I would want from a new sandbox Mario is "collect 120 stars!" Looking forward to it. Reply +14
  • Super Mario Odyssey launches October

  • Mr.Spo 13/06/2017

    I wasn't sure what they could do with sandbox Mario other than make the sandboxes bigger, but the capture mechanic looks brilliant. I think I'll need a Switch for this. Reply +6
  • Ubisoft storms E3 with a vital reminder that video games are human and fun

  • Mr.Spo 13/06/2017

    I thought this was excellent. I'm a little concerned about the toys-to-life aspect of the space game, which had a lovely 80s sci-fi vibe, and we've no idea when BG&E2 comes out, but like you say, this show was very human. Great to see the developers get some credit on gaming's highest profile stage. That's what I liked about Nintendo's 2014 E3 broadcast. Reply +2
  • Monster Hunter World announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • Mr.Spo 13/06/2017

    Excellent news! Hopefully this rivals 4 Ultimate in quality. Reply 0
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 finally resurfaces, gets a full CGI trailer

  • Mr.Spo 12/06/2017

    @flooff Yes, I got Fifth Element vibes. A little bit of Firefly, too, in the run-down, futuristic Asian elements. There's clearly a lot more to learn, and it seems to be very early in development, given the whole 'Space Monkey' programme. Reply +1
  • Mr.Spo 12/06/2017

    Goosebumps when Jade's theme kicked in near the end, it was only then I believed we were finally getting an actual trailer for this game.

    A lot of question marks over some of these reveals though. When is BG&E2 coming out? What are these mysterious online features? Can Ubisoft really bring toys to life back, and did they even need to try? Can a Rabbids game actually be good?

    But, that's what the previews and coming months are for. Kudos to Ubisoft, that was enjoyable. A varied line up, some nice surprises, and one big bombshell.
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  • Surprise! Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a thing

  • Mr.Spo 12/06/2017

    I am genuinely surprised about this game. I really want it to turn out well! Reply +5
  • Ori sequel looks absolutely phenomenal

  • Mr.Spo 11/06/2017

    Loved the first, yet to play the expanded version. Disappointed there's no release date for this! Reply +2