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  • A guide to gaming's most valuable treasures

  • Mr.Spo 25/01/2015

    I managed to get hold of Panzer Dragoon Saga shortly before Christmas for £101, somebody started it on a 99p listing. Played the first two discs, had fallen in love with it, third disc didn't work. Luckily got a full refund for it, but gutted I hadn't got hold of a fully working copy. It really is quite brilliant and singular; I'm determined to get hold of a full copy sometime and finish what I started. Other than that I only need Shining Force 3 and Dragon Knight for my Saturn and I'll be happy.

    My DreamCast collection is nearly done, too. I've got Shenmue 1+2 but am yet to play them, I just want Silver and Grandia 2. I've began a little N64 collection with Mystical Ninja and Jet Force Gemini; Turok 2, Donkey Kong 64, Mischief Makers, Body Harvest, Space Station Silicon Valley and Pokemon Snap are on the list. Also a working expansion pack and official controller pack are necessities.

    Like I've said elsewhere (possibly even in this very thread), collecting games for me is more about collecting the games I'm desperate to play. Started when I wanted all the Zelda games in one form or another (I own them all across digital and physical now, yet to finish Adventure of Link or Four Swords Adventures). Now it's extending across consoles, usually for JRPGs or great early 3D games (see N64 list). I've got a Fire Emblem itch to scratch now, but sadly Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are quite expensive. Here's hoping they come to Wii U as downloads...

    Thanks for updating this! Could we start weekend retrospectives? I love that kind of thing.
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  • Pokkén Tournament gameplay shows off critters, controls

  • Mr.Spo 23/01/2015

    Judging by the custom controller that has the standard Nintendo four face-button arrangement, L/R/ZL/ZR and a D-pad, a Wii U version of this could well be in the works. I'm presuming it is, Nintendo need all the software they can get. It could well be a decent seller outside of Japan, too; the Pokemon brand name is still pretty strong globally. Reply +4
  • Citizens of Earth review

  • Mr.Spo 23/01/2015

    I've just bought Shin Megami Tensei IV on eShop while it's on sale. I know Citizens of Earth has a reduced price on both eShops but I think I'll wait till there's a more substantial sale. Mother 3 on Virtual Console would be great in the mean time. Reply 0
  • Club Nintendo to close later this year

  • Mr.Spo 20/01/2015

    "If we succeed in the redefinition of video game platforms that I speak of today, our account-based connections with consumers will become very clear. For example, until now it has been taken for granted that software is offered to users at the same price regardless of how many titles they purchase in a year, be it one, five or even ten titles. Based on our account system, if we can offer flexible price points to consumers who meet certain conditions, we can create a situation where these consumers can enjoy our software at cheaper price points when they purchase more. Here, we do not need to limit the condition to the number of software titles they purchase. Inviting friends to start playing a particular software title is also an example of a possible condition. If we can achieve such a sales mechanism, we can expect to increase the number of players per title, and the players will play our games with more friends. This can help maintain the high usage ratio of a platform. When one platform maintains a high active use ratio, the software titles which run on it have a higher potential to be noticed by many, which leads to more people playing with more titles. When we see our overall consumers, they generally play two or three titles per year. We aim to establish a new sales mechanism that will be beneficial to both consumers and software creators by encouraging our consumers to play more titles and increasing a platform’s active use ratio without largely increasing our consumers’ expenditures.
    Nintendo aims to work on this brand-new sales mechanism in the medium term, but we would like to start experimenting with Wii U at an early stage."
    Iwata speaking at a financial briefing last year.
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  • Mr.Spo 20/01/2015

    I've always found the service to be pretty good, but I think it's about time Nintendo did something more directly integrated with their different services. It's about time your ID was properly linked with your retail and digital purchases, and that there was a proper account system. Hopefully this closure is part of Nintendo moving in that direction.

    I've had hanafuda cards, a Game & Watch, some soundtrack CDs and a number of Virtual Console games (through Wii points), as well as the opportunity to buy the Ambassador 3DS, so I'm not too fussed.
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  • What happens when Ikaruga's director remixes one of Sega's all-time greats?

  • Mr.Spo 19/01/2015

    Sold! Reply +3
  • Woah Dave! review

  • Mr.Spo 16/01/2015

    Hmmm. Has anyone tried the 3DS version? May have to go on my ever lengthening eShop wishlist. Reply +4
  • Xbox One top-selling US console for second month running

  • Mr.Spo 16/01/2015

    @Rogueywon The statement from Nintendo shows that Wii U sales in the US have grown year-over-year. Hardware is up 30%, and crucially software is up 75%; that's where the real money lies, of course.

    I wouldn't say 30% growth over a year is the system flatlining. It's obviously not Wii U recovering to a competitive position, but it should have put Nintendo in a position where by keeping Wii U on the market is no longer equivalent to burning hundreds of millions of dollars in a bonfire.
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  • Mr.Spo 16/01/2015

    @Rogueywon Of course Mario Kart Wii sold better. It had the benefit of selling into a larger install base with a higher ongoing sales rate. Wii in 2008 was the fastest selling home console of all time, and not even PS4 is going to trouble that: I highly doubt any home console will be selling 25 million units in a single year like the Wii did. Wii U will have sold perhaps 10% of that in calendar 2014.

    From what I've seen Wii U's sales weren't terrible, but they weren't as good as they could have been. 20% year-over-year growth makes for a better showing than last year, but it's still trailing behind the other two. 1.2 million Xbox Ones v ~1 million PS4 v ~600k Wii U. Not a terrible showing by any stretch, but certainly not a strong showing. I think by now any reasonable person has accepted that Wii U is always going to be a niche device.
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  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the series at its approachable best

  • Mr.Spo 15/01/2015

    Exciting, might have to wait until March for this, though. Majora's Mask Collector's Edition on pre-order and parents birthdays make for an expensive February. Reply 0
  • Nintendo announces new Smash Bros. and Mario-themed Amiibo waves

  • Mr.Spo 15/01/2015

    @IronSoldier Yeah, I agree with redcrayon on this. The extra stuff you get in Captain Toad isn't new levels, modes or characters, just an extra item to look for in existing levels. To me that isn't very enticing.

    However, if this is a success, I am worried Nintendo hide more substantial content behind amiibos. They seem to be getting the balance right for now, and I don't think the extra stuff is a sign of real change with Captain Toad. If anything, it's more along the lines of adding slightly trivial stuff to your existing game content, like Hyrule Warriors or Kart's amiibo functionality.
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  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    @speedjack You'll have to fight me for the one Ness amiibo manufactured for the European market! Reply 0
  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    Watching Amazon like a hawk for that Ness amiibo. Reply +4
  • The Nintendo 3DS Hatsune Miku game launches in May

  • Mr.Spo 15/01/2015

    So why is this May release reported on, and not Splatoon's May release window and new footage?

    I know I'm whining in every other thread, but it's poor form, EG. You've covered almost every other detail from the Nintendo Direct, but not Splatoon's release window and new information, or the new trailer and 2015 confirmation for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Why so selective?
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D release date

  • Mr.Spo 15/01/2015

    @Pandy It's bizarre, they're reporting stuff like Hatsune Miku coming to 3DS, but they're not reporting that Splatoon is launching in May, or that Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming in 2015. Both major Wii U releases had several minutes of new footage. Splatoon in particular had quite a few new details revealed, including the game's central hub and huge amounts of customisation. The X trailer showed us more of the game than ever before, and was absolutely stunning. Reply 0
  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    @dogmanstaruk No problem, I don't know why EG have reported on some stuff and not fairly major news like Splatoon's release window, and the most extensive trailer of Xenoblade Chronicles X yet. Those two bits at least deserve a mention. Reply +5
  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    Could we have the other Direct news too? Xenoblade 3D, Ace Combat, Puzzles & Dragons for 3DS, cross-platform Mario vs DK (with cross-buy). Project Treasure, Splatoon in May, Xenoblade Chronicles X confirmed for 2015 and looking glorious.

    A good Direct overall, but Wii U has slim pickings.
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  • Nintendo announces new Fire Emblem game for 3DS

  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    @JamesSwiftDay Yes, but this will be developed by the "core team" responsible for Awakening, at Intelligent Systems. I think that's what EG were getting at but missed the exact details from the broadcast. Reply +2
  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    Looks fantastic. Reply +2
  • Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy headed to Wii U eShop

  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    @Pantsonmyhead Yeah, they're three of my favourite games so even with a disc copy, £9 is tempting. Reply +1
  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    Anyone who doesn't buy Prime Trilogy for £9 wants shooting. Reply +60
  • New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL UK release date

  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    Great Direct for 3DS + Wii U owners, not so great if you only have a Wii U. Wii U has Mario Party 10 in March and Splatoon in May, plus cross-platform Mario vs DK, plus Wii downloads. No word on why Kirby isn't coming in February in Europe, and nothing on Mario Maker or Yoshi. It also means I'll be going 3 months between retail purchases for Wii U once again (Captain Toad this month, Splatoon in May).

    3DS has Zelda: MM 3D, Monster Hunter, Ace Combat, Ironfall, Puzzles & Dragons Double Pack, Pokemon Shuffle, Xenoblade 3D (for New owners), an anime app, Mario vs DK in Spring 2015, plus the announcement of a new Fire Emblem game that builds on one of the best 3DS releases so far.

    Nintendo are continuing to mishandle Wii U, while 3DS is partying like it's 2013.
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  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    Majora's Mask 3D that day too. Reply +1
  • Mr.Spo 14/01/2015

    Monster Hunter 4 XL model coming the same day. Reply +1
  • In Theory: Nintendo's next-gen hardware - and the strategy behind it

  • Mr.Spo 10/01/2015

    I think Nintendo need something closer to the N64 in terms of software library. More Western first and second party exclusives to broaden the library. Iwata has done a great job bringing Japanese development on board, and in strengthening Nintendo's development output in Japan, but Western operations (outside of Retro and Next Level) are sadly lacking. EAD Europe and EAD North America would be a worthwhile investment.

    Whatever they do, it needs to be affordable and have lots of Nintendo software. This fantasy Nintendo console that attracts third party publishers and is somehow a massive success is never going to happen. The brands and the audience for EA, Ubisoft and Activision are established on PlayStation and Xbox, and Nintendo aren't going to swing that around by coming out with a box that simply does what Microsoft and Sony do plus Mario et all.

    Nintendo did a lot wrong at the start of this generation with both Wii U and 3DS: high price point, poor branding, poor advertising, weak launch line-up, inconsistent software releases, lack of features. If they tick all of those boxes from day one next time around they'll do better on the home console front at least. Personally I'm most interested in how Nintendo are going to make the handheld space remain viable. 3DS has done well, but it's declining now and could be Nintendo's least successful portable--if you count GBC/GB together, that is. I don't think a single device that offers the same experience at home as it does on the go is the answer. That's very close to what Vita offered at launch, and we all know how that's turned out.

    I think more regional variations are likely. They've already said a Chinese specific console is coming, so why not have different approaches for Japan and the West? Target Japan more with your portable, and have a more Western orientated home console. Fascinating times ahead, though.
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  • When the new becomes old - why 2015 should be a stellar year

  • Mr.Spo 07/01/2015

    I'm optimistic about 2015, but my bank account isn't. Reply +5
  • The most exciting games of 2015

  • Mr.Spo 06/01/2015

    @YourFetish The most recent information was that both will come out in 2015 and that they are progressing well. Star Fox will apparently come before Zelda (this was announced at the Videogame Awards).

    I'm most looking forward to Zelda, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Witcher 3, Monster Hunter 4, Splatoon and Code Name: STEAM.
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  • Wii U-exclusive Captain Toad enters UK chart in 16th

  • Mr.Spo 05/01/2015

    @Blakester And £20 more than I paid on Amazon. Also £10 more than the RRP, how is that justified? Reply +9
  • Mr.Spo 05/01/2015

    Great little game, I expect it got a retail release because Nintendo need stuff on store shelves. Couldn't help but think (seeing the structure of the game) it was intended as a series of eShop releases.

    Still, it is excellent.
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  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2014

  • Mr.Spo 01/01/2015

    @Pierre2k Yeah, I can see 2015 being a good year for Wii U support before Nintendo winds down in 2016 as their internal teams gear up for new hardware launches.

    But then in 13 months I'll have bought 16 retail games (Captain Toad tomorrow), plus five Virtual Console games, seven eShop games and all the DLC for Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8. Add to that backwards compatibility with Wii retail/digital software, and an eShop/Virtual Console wishlist 20 games long and counting, and I think it's damn good value for money. Not for everyone, like you say, but for hobbyist, enthusiast gamers I really think Wii U is well worth the money. I play across a mix of systems and this year Wii U has been my most used by some distance.
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  • Mr.Spo 01/01/2015

    Tied with Bayonetta 2 for my Game of the Year. I feel like Donkey Kong was hard done too; going back to it, I think it's better than any of the SNES games, which hid game design that wasn't up to par with the 90s Mario's behind very high production values and (for the time) cutting edge graphics. Tropical Freeze on the other hand, holds up better than Rayman Legends or New Super Mario Bros U for me. Many individual levels revolve around a new mechanic; a refreshing change from the structure of Rayman and Mario, which introduce a new idea or mechanic, and then use it across 6 to 10 levels in the same world.

    Still, this was well deserved. I've only bought a handful of new Wii U retail releases this year, but what a handful! Donkey Kong, Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 and Smash U are fantastic. Captain Toad is coming tomorrow, too, so 2015 is off to a fine start.
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  • Digital Foundry vs Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

  • Mr.Spo 13/12/2014

    @spekkeh But I think the point stands, loathe as I am to moan about review scores.

    For me the text of the review is all important, but the scores at the end are valued by consumers and publishers a like. Smash on Wii U is 60fps, 1080p, and, according to EG's review, the best in a series which averages scores of 90 to 95 out of 100 on Metacritic; yet Smash is an 8, one point higher than AC: Unity which was riddled with glitches, the same score as The Crew and one point less than the Master Chief Collection, which still doesn't function as intended. Hell Smash, from my experience, even has working online.

    If we're sticking with scores--and if glitchy, unfinished games are becoming an issue--the onus lies on critics to punish that kind of behaviour, I think. It's a big issue, and it's also true consumers will have to share some responsibility and get out of the poisonous "Next Big Thing" pre-order mentality.
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2014 voting

  • Mr.Spo 12/12/2014

    To make up for it being overlooked at the Video Game Awards:

    1) Bayonetta 2

    2) Bayonetta 2

    3) Bayonetta 2

    4) Bayonetta 2

    5) Bayonetta 2


    I wasn't actually allowed to vote like this, but it is my GOTY
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delayed again, now due May 2015

  • Mr.Spo 08/12/2014

    CD Projekt Red has blamed new 12-week hold up on the game's "sheer size and complexity", and the need to correct "key details" before launch.
    Given how many publishers are happy to correct "key details" after launch, I think this is the right decision. Plus it gives me longer to save up for a new console to play this on...
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  • Ubisoft racer The Crew enters UK chart in sixth

  • Mr.Spo 08/12/2014

    @grassyknoll Thanks for that, not sure who negged you. That's a shame, at this point Wii U is the equivalent of the Saturn in the UK. I don't see that changing now. Have you seen the sales in France? At least 100k higher install base in a smaller market, 60k copies of Bayonetta 2 sold as of this month--which puts it on par with the opening month sales in the US. I have to wonder what Nintendo France do that Nintendo UK don't, though obviously different tastes are playing a part. Reply +3
  • Mr.Spo 08/12/2014

    Smash dropped from 13th to 14th. Not a bad drop off, but safe to assume (given the Black Friday inflation last week) unit sales saw a big drop off. Reply 0
  • Yes, Sony Santa Monica is working on a new God of War

  • Mr.Spo 08/12/2014

    @TONYgr A Balrog developed God of War... What is this new devilry? Reply +7
  • Digital Foundry vs Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS

  • Mr.Spo 07/12/2014

    @Der_tolle_Emil Unlike some other games recently released (including a certain Wii U exclusive), Smash had a very, very long QA process. There were some suggestions in the Japanese press that the QA process actually started shortly after E3. Obviously, given the variables, the game needs it, but it would be great if some publishers weren't so willing to skimp on that process. Reply +12
  • Mr.Spo 07/12/2014

    @Dantonir This thought struck me over the weekend, after the Zelda/Uncharted footage. Both will release around the same time next year, and you couldn't hope for two more high quality (I hope), yet very different experiences as the leading lights for two publishers/consoles next year.

    Smash on Wii U is glorious. I'd love an expansion in 12 months time...
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  • Zelda Wii U detailed with new developer walkthrough video

  • Mr.Spo 06/12/2014

    Obviously very early footage, you can see Link's cape/hood thing clipping through his shield when he's on horseback. Looks very promising, though. Looking forward to it! Reply +1
  • The Game Awards 2014 live report

  • Mr.Spo 05/12/2014

    I'm always suspicious of videogame award ceremonies, but I really hope Bayonetta 2 gets Game of the Year. The extra publicity might help it sell a few more copies. Reply 0
  • Shovel Knight has sold over 300K copies

  • Mr.Spo 05/12/2014

    Add another copy for when I get around to buying and playing it. Reply +2
  • Super Smash Bros. creator says Wii U version is likely his last

  • Mr.Spo 04/12/2014

    @SpaceMonkey77 On the Kid Icarus count, it became a Kid Icarus game because Sakurai wanted to use that license:

    "Interestingly, the genre came first and then Kid Icarus and Pit were fitted into that later. Initially, Nintendo and Mr Iwata came to me with a request to create a game for the new portable system. I had a proposal for a game where a character would fly - for air shooting, then would land and battle on the ground, in the same way the game is set up right now. In discussing that, we realised that Kid Icarus and Pit would be a perfect match, so that's how it came about... we were able to use the design of Pit developed in Smash Bros; to incorporate him into the game."

    Standard development process at Nintendo. Create a prototype game. What existing IP fits? If the answer is 'none', create a new IP. That's how Splatoon happened.
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  • Mr.Spo 04/12/2014

    @Calverz Maybe because they gave him the capital to set up Sora Ltd, his own development studio??? Reply +4
  • Mr.Spo 04/12/2014

    I'd love to see a Wii U version of Kid Icarus, but I think Sakurai has earned a bit of a break first. Reply +16
  • Ex-Nintendo indie game guru Dan Adelman now working on Chasm

  • Mr.Spo 03/12/2014

    @Triggerhappytel Given Nintendo have gone from "We don't want garage developers on our platforms" to having a diverse, high quality selection of indie games on both 3DS and Wii U, I think Dan did ok at Nintendo. There's room to improve--there always is--but Nintendo platforms aren't the wasteland they once were for indie games. Reply +6
  • Sony announces PS1-themed PlayStation 4

  • Mr.Spo 03/12/2014

    I get why this is a limited edition, but if this was more easily available I'd be buying a PS4 6 to 12 months earlier than planned. Reply +5
  • Nintendo and Philips sort out their Wii U patent dispute

  • Mr.Spo 02/12/2014

    It also appears that Nintendo had been pursuing patent infringement cases against Philips. That may just have been in response to Philip's action, though.

    Good to see they settled it in this manner, rather than echoing Samsung and Apple's global, ongoing war over patents.

    EDIT: Also, Nintendo now have access to some Philips patents, and Philips are pretty big in medical and healthcare equipment. And Nintendo are planning their "Quality of Life" health products.
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  • Mr.Spo 02/12/2014

    @IronSoldier Was the game Smash? There was a day one update for that. Other than that I don't know, I'm on a lunch break in work so no Wii U to check. I haven't noticed a proper system update recently, but individual software updates for amiibo have been happening. Reply 0
  • Game Of Thrones: Iron from Ice review

  • Mr.Spo 02/12/2014

    @Dajji77 Well, that's a poor analogy. Yes, you're not comparing GoT to porn, but you are implying (unintentionally I assume) that the TV adaptation would share next to no thematic concerns with the material it is based on. Yet in this case the TV adaptation very obviously explores many of the same themes as the books while being distinct from the books. As I said, yes, there's objectification and titillation, but there are also scenes where nudity and sex make 'sense'. Is there a better way to state that?

    I'll give an example from season 2, with one character trying to seduce her husband, whose homosexuality (seen as immoral/unnatural in some parts of Westeros) is rumoured in the world and known to the viewer. She bares her breasts, but that isn't objectification. The husband's reaction to her nudity is so incredibly important. In season 4, there are a couple of 'sexposition' scenes with a new character, a promiscuous, sexual character. Do you simply tell the audience about that? Or do you depict the sex? It's better to show, not to tell.

    I won't dispute that the series goes too far, at times, but it's also more nuanced in its use of nudity and sex that it is given credit for. And it's not as if nudity is restricted to women, or sex restricted to heterosexual relationships. Female characters are also very often characterised by more than their appearance or sexuality. It's not as simple as "shows breasts = titillation and gratification", nor are the 'sexposition' (which was dialled down in the latest season, despite one very dubious insertion on the part of the TV network late in the season) scenes indicative of the show as a whole.
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