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  • Nintendo: Super Mario Run sales "did not meet our expectations"

  • Mr.Spo 24/03/2017

    I've downloaded this but am yet to really use it. It doesn't seem to have made any noticeable splash on Android, perhaps because it's come out so long (in mobile gaming terms) after the iOS release and with so little fanfare.

    In future, Nintendo need to stick to iOS/Android versions launching at the same time, and either compartmentalise their content (e.g. charge per world or per section), or swallow a bit of pride and launch at a lower price. They also need to drop their always online requirement, and clarify their business model in the App/Play stores, so that casual consumers aren't confused.

    If a property as big as Mario struggles to sell mobile gamers on premium priced games--flaws and all--Nintendo have a serious uphill battle when it comes to generating large amounts of revenue on mobile. That being said, revenue generation is secondary to using mobile to advertise their properties to a wider audience. I also think if Nintendo avoid similar missteps, Animal Crossing on mobile has the potential to be huge.
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  • Meeting Andrzej Sapkowski, the writer who created The Witcher

  • Mr.Spo 24/03/2017

    If I had more time to read for pleasure Sapkowski's novels and short stories would absolutely be on my shelf. Unfortunately finishing a PhD in literature (and teaching part-time) means "reading for pleasure" is something of a foreign concept at this point. Reply +3
  • How Zelda and Horizon fix open worlds in very different ways

  • Mr.Spo 22/03/2017

    Link is given a hero's welcome wherever he goes; the denizens of Hyrule fall over themselves to toss him off for being their prophesied saviour.
    This isn't exactly true in my experience. Yes, in Kakariko Village, people fall over him: but that's because they are the Sheikah, guardians of the realm, protectors of the Royal Family and the only people in Hyrule who have a real grasp of the history of the realm, and of Zelda and Ganon. A handful of other characters have that response to Link because they knew him/of him 100 years ago(I'm 50 hours in but only done one Divine Beast so far), but broadly, travelers, people at stables and people in Hateno Village just treat Link as another traveler. It all makes sense within the logic of the world, though. Many people won't care over-much about the old legends; they just want to survive. Others will want the Hero to return once again to rid the world of the calamity; if they know the legends.

    This is a bit spoilery, but it's also quite clear that this Zelda game takes place in the far future, many thousands of years after Ocarina (which itself took place hundreds of years after Skyward Sword, the beginning point of the series, which also featured an indeterminate past in which the Goddess Hylia protected the first Hylians from Demise). If you find the stone tablets telling you the history of the Zora, you learn that the sage Ruto lived in the distant past, long before the Divine Beasts were made--and the divine beasts were made 10,000 years before the events of Breath of the Wild. In fact, Ocarina is by this point so remote, that the Zora don't even seem to know that 'the man' who caused such havoc during Ruto's time was in fact Ganondorf; and that man has now become the primal, raging evil that has endured for millenia as the Calamity. One of the things I loved most about Skyward Sword was the sense of myth and legend that seemed choate, and I'm getting a similar sense from BotW.
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  • Mr.Spo 22/03/2017

    Great read, but I'd say Zelda is actually optimistic. Nadia Oxford has a great piece about this on USGamer. Zelda's post apocalyptic world is that rare example of a colourful wasteland; the normal tropes of grey, barren wasteland only found near Hyrule Castle. We might even see Ganon's malice as a kind of nuclear fall-out.

    Yet despite that, small communities have popped up and live peacefully. They haven't broken down into disparate bands desperate for conflict. Arguably that's reflective of a key aspect of human nature; that is, at our core we are social beings. Our success as a species stems from our ability to construct complex social structures.

    I also really like that Ganon is a kind of primal, elemental evil in Breath of the Wild, but that's a thought for another day.
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  • BioWare mulls Mass Effect Andromeda animation, character creator improvements

  • Mr.Spo 22/03/2017

    @Thegreatbrainrobbery That's interesting because a number of reviewers commented that Andromeda feels more like a spin-off than a genuinely new Mass Effect game.

    I'm glad I didn't pre-order. I'll wait until there are cheap, patched up copies floating around some months down the line.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda review

  • Mr.Spo 20/03/2017

    This is a shame. The point around the new dialogue system really does nail what I was concerned about, though. Yes, paragon/renegade is reductive in terms of ethics, but it also gives you a level of narrative focus that allows tighter mechanical choices.

    With some patches and a few price drops I would like to try this because I love the series, but right now, it doesn't sound worth the time or the money.
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  • Switch loading times tested: MicroSD vs carts and internal storage

  • Mr.Spo 16/03/2017

    @Malek86 Yes, I've been pleasantly surprised by the loading times on Wii U. Compares favourably to other open world games. Reply +9
  • The reward for collecting all 900 Zelda: Breath of the Wild Korok seeds is a bit poo

  • Mr.Spo 15/03/2017

    This has actually made me love Korok seeds even more. It's pretty hilarious. Nintendo know exactly what they're doing, because you actually "only" need 441 seeds to max out your inventory slot, meaning there are 459 "useless" seeds in the world.

    I really like the fact I often pick up these without meaning too, just for doing something fun I would do anyway, like seeing if I can hurl a rock into that ring of stones in a river, or pushing some boulders off a mountain.
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  • Nintendo Switch lets you see your playtime - after 10 days

  • Mr.Spo 13/03/2017

    I find it baffling Nintendo didn't just incorporate the usage system they have on 3DS, which is far better than this or what they did for Wii U. Reply +1
  • Breath of the Wild is a Zelda game for the Minecraft generation

  • Mr.Spo 10/03/2017

    @PickleJuice This has absolutely been my experience so far, after about 23 hours. It's rare I spend more than half an hour without something fun or exciting. I also happily spend 3 hours or so on it each evening without feeling I've wasted my time; which is not always the case with open world games.

    I suppose part of it will be how much you enjoy the shrines and the puzzles of Zelda. If you don't enjoy that, then a huge chunk of the game will be lost on you.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild speedrunner finds surprising new way to travel

  • Mr.Spo 09/03/2017

    Well, I know what I'm doing tonight. I haven't made much use of stasis in the overworld. Clearly I need to be more imaginative! Reply +3
  • Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever in Europe

  • Mr.Spo 07/03/2017

    From what we've heard so far, then, we can assume Switch sales to consumers in the first 48 hours are around the 1 million mark. 313-330k in Japan, over 300k in Europe (3DS was 303k), and somewhere in the region of 400k in the Americas, based on Wii sales. The crucial question is how many of the 2 million Nintendo planned to ship this month will they sell in the remainder of the month? If too many of those units sit on store shelves, retailers will hedge their bets and second quarter shipments will stall, which will give a very public impression of Switch struggling. Exceptional reviews for Zelda might help, and Nintendo could (perhaps should) aim to have April's release of Kart followed up by Arms and Splatoon 2 before the end of July at the latest. Reply 0
  • Mr.Spo 07/03/2017

    @electrolite Yes, I think this is important. Nintendo have a spotlight on them right now and should make the most of it and get release dates for the next 3 or 4 months nailed down in a Direct. Reply 0
  • Mr.Spo 07/03/2017

    @Malek86 Nintendo didn't shift 3 million units to consumers during the Wii U launch, though. It's important to remember that. Nintendo only shipped 100,000 Wii U units in the quarter after launch because units sat unsold on store shelves around the world. The figures included in this press release seem to be sold through to consumers, rather than to retailers.

    Absolutely agree that it's too early to judge the system, but it's categorically untrue three million people picked up a Wii U in the opening quarter. If they did, second quarter shipments would have been far higher. A good indication of how Switch is doing will come in four months time, when we'll know how many units Nintendo sold to retailers in the post-launch quarter.
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  • Nintendo Switch off to solid sales start in UK

  • Mr.Spo 06/03/2017

    @Malek86 I'm not so sure, this is a difficult one to judge. 3DS's opening weekend was later in March, and we can assume far higher levels of stock for 3DS, given estimated global Switch shipments for this financial year (i.e. March) are 2 million, and initial 3DS shipments were 3.6 million. 3DS was also the successor to the best ever selling Nintendo system, whereas Switch has been pitched as the Wii U successor: a system that has been a commercial failure here in particular.

    Additionally, 3DS's 113k was just over 1/3 of Nintendo's European launch weekend sales for 3DS (303k) which is a record for a Nintendo handheld. Given the UK has become such a weak market for Nintendo, whereas France and Germany have remained stronger for Nintendo, it'll be very interesting to see Europe wide figures for the opening weekend.
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  • Mr.Spo 06/03/2017

    For those talking anecdotally about stock levels: Switch shipments will be substantially lower than either 3DS or Wii U this month. Nintendo shipped 3.6 million 3DS systems during the first month, and a little over 3 million Wii U systems. They are shipping 2 million Switch units globally this month.

    Selling twice as much as Wii U outside of the Christmas season could be a good sign, but Switch has the benefit of decent marketing and a critically acclaimed Zelda title on day one. It's far too soon to tell how Switch will do, though 'analysts' are apparently seeing lower sales levels in Europe than Japan or the States (MCV didn't name their sources).

    I bought Zelda on Wii U and absolutely love it. Here's hoping Nintendo keep Switch chugging along decently until Christmas.
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  • In praise of the Wii U, my son's first console

  • Mr.Spo 05/03/2017

    Adorable article, glad Elliot enjoyed Wii U so much. I expect if I bought mine at launch for 300 I'd be far less satisified than I am. I held off for a year and got the premium bundle (with Nintendo Land) and a copy of Wind Waker HD for 180, then a new copy of Wonderful 101, plus cheap copies of Rayman Legends, Pikmin 3, Deus Ex and ZombiU for another 70.

    After that I used it consistently up until mid-2016. I'd have kept using it if I could have found more time for Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and it frequently gets used for bouts of Smash, Kart (best versions yet) and 3D World with friends. Add some of my favourite single-player games (Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade X, now Breath of the Wild) and some great surprises (Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, Affordable Space Adventures, Splatoon), and I've definitely had my money's worth. But then I knew what I was getting in late 2013: a niche device that would likely never find a large market.

    I won't look back that fondly on Wii U as a piece of kit. While the gamepad was utilised brilliantly in some games--Xenoblade and Affordable Space Adventures two highlights for me--it's also very plasticky, with tiny, occasionally unresponsive face buttons. The OS is slow, and the console itself quite bland looking. However, the quality software is something I'll always look back on fondly.

    Here's to seeing it out in style with Breath of the Wild, Tokyo Mirage Sessions and the remaining 33% of Xenoblade. And probably many more evenings of multiplayer fun.
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  • Reviving Ocarina of Time's long-lost Ura expansion

  • Mr.Spo 05/03/2017

    @OnlyJoeKing Absolutely, certainly the hardest since the pre-Ocarina days. That being said, the auto-save system is robust enough it doesn't matter. Massively enjoying Breath of the Wild, even with high expectations. Reply 0
  • Mr.Spo 05/03/2017

    Great read. I remember seeing screenshots for Ura Zelda and Zelda Gaiden back in the day. I'm hoping the "Hard Mode" dlc for Breath of the Wild is a substantial reworking of puzzles etc along the lines of Master Quest; I've not bought the season pass and won't until there's more information. Reply 0
  • GAME is having trouble with launch day Nintendo Switch deliveries

  • Mr.Spo 03/03/2017

    My Wii U copy is "out for delivery" and has been for over 5 hours now. Usually Amazon Logistics deliver by 11am (Prime subscription), so I am wondering if it'll even turn up today. I suppose at least I do seem to have a copy somewhere.

    Hopefully those delayed copies will turn up before too long. I've a feeling Breath of the Wild on Wii U is only getting a very limited print run in Europe.
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  • Watch: Ian plays the first five hours of Breath of the Wild on the Wii U

  • Mr.Spo 03/03/2017

    My copy has yet to arrive. Hoping it turns up soon, I've got free time until 6pm... Reply 0
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review

  • Mr.Spo 02/03/2017

    Oh man, this sounds fascinating. As a long-time fan of the series, I am a little worried about them turfing out traditional dungeons and the story not quite hitting the right notes. I do have a couple of questions:

    1) Aonuma said some Shrines are like traditional dungeons, labyrinthine mazes with a boss at the end. Have you come across any in your play-through so far? It sounds like you haven't.
    2) How much of the story is told through exploration? Again, it was hinted you'd uncover more of the 'story' by exploring the world.

    Obviously answers without spoilers would be great, but the fact these points don't appear could just be an indication of the scope of the game.

    Tomorrow can't come soon enough. I really can't wait to try this out, nerves and excitement combined.

    EDIT: Reading a few other reviews have clued me in on a couple of points related to my questions. Some shrines are fairly involved, some areas of the over-world almost function like traditional dungeons, and there's a system that allows you to discover more of the narrative, though it is entirely optional.
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  • Data-miners dig deep into Zelda: Breath of the Wild, create massive world map

  • Mr.Spo 01/03/2017

    Eurogamer will publish its Zelda: Breath of the Wild review tomorrow. Like the game itself, it's not to be missed.
    Essential confirmed?? ;-)

    Whatever the rating, I'm sure there'll be teeth-gnashing a-plenty. "ONLY A RECOMMENDED? I KNEW EG WERE SONY FANBOYS" "ESSENTIAL AND HORIZON DIDN'T GET ANY RATING? WTF"
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  • Nintendo Switch review

  • Mr.Spo 01/03/2017

    Also, in terms of battery life, Switch compares favourably to the original 3DS and the Vita, both of which could run out of battery in 3 hours or less if you used more demanding games. My New 3DS does better, usually 5-6 hours of charge with 3D mode on. Switch is in the ball-park for modern gaming handhelds when it comes to battery life, and has the option for home console play to boot.

    Which strikes me: how long before Nintendo shift emphasis in their advertising? Switch is a premium handheld that offers some home console functionality, particularly local multiplayer. Perhaps when Pokemon comes out?
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  • Mr.Spo 01/03/2017

    I'll be buying in six months or so, which I've known since the reveal in January. Sounds like a real Nintendo portable to me: inevitable design issues that will be ironed out with a refresh in 2 or 3 years time. Reply +4
  • Starbound developer's Advance Wars-like Wargroove headed to Nintendo Switch

  • Mr.Spo 28/02/2017

    A good mixture, and good to see a more pro-active approach to indie support from Nintendo. I really like the look of Pocket Rumble and War Groove in particular. Reply +9
  • Microsoft announces EA Access-style Xbox Game Pass subscription

  • Mr.Spo 28/02/2017

    @grassyknoll Exactly what I was thinking. This is along the lines Nintendo should be going with Virtual Console. Nintendo of America did hint they are rethinking the service because NES Mini's success caught them off guard, which may be one reason why Virtual Console isn't launching with Switch.

    Given Virtual Console was at its best (business model and variety wise) 8-10 years ago, though, I'm not that optimistic about whatever conclusion Nintendo will reach. Kudos to Microsoft for this, though.
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  • Hey, listen! Zelda: Breath of the Wild streams are spoiling the game's ending

  • Mr.Spo 28/02/2017

    @BlueThunderBlade Edge's review mentions that there are more severe frame-rate dips on Wii U, which is to be expected given it's running off a disc with only a partial install, but that (in their experience) they were not frequent enough to cause problems.

    I've seen similar things in previews: frame-rate dips occur across both versions, and are more severe on Wii U. I also wonder if the partial install for Wii U is available yet. Does it load from the disc, or (like the Xenoblade Chronicles X installs) does it need to be downloaded from the eShop?
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  • Mr.Spo 28/02/2017

    Good to know, time to avoid whatever suggestions Youtube throws up and the Zelda fan-sites I sometimes go on. It is frustrating to see this happen, though, and I am surprised Nintendo haven't already clamped down on it. Reply +1
  • Nintendo Switch has its first portable-only game you can't play on TV

  • Mr.Spo 27/02/2017

    Surely this is to be expected? How are you going to use a touch-screen if the system is in the dock? Touch only games will have to be portable only on Switch. Reply +1
  • Watch: Breath of the Wild is the bravest Zelda ever

  • Mr.Spo 24/02/2017

    Zelda's soul is there in that first cave when the old man tells you it's dangerous to go alone; and yet, given a sword, you do go it alone. Whatever elements of contemporary game design Breath of the Wild adapts (make no mistake I see that as a great thing), the biggest and best choice Nintendo made was to return to the soul of the series. It is dangerous to go alone, and so it should be. Reply +18
  • A complete history of Nintendo console launches

  • Mr.Spo 24/02/2017

    @Jonamok EG have literally just put up an article about this! Reply 0
  • Mr.Spo 24/02/2017

    I think you under-estimate the appeal of Breath of the Wild and Twilight Princess, though I say that as a Zelda nut who will simply buy the Wii U version and wait to get a Switch. Dismissing Twilight Princess as 'drab' ignores that it was hugely anticipated and extremely well received at the time, and that across Wii and GameCube, it went on to sell 8 million copies, which is the high-point for a Zelda title. Breath of the Wild looks to have the kind of thinking that Mario Maker, Splatoon and Kart 8 exhibited, in that it feels contemporary without losing the 'Nintendo' magic. Zelda is not Nintendo's biggest commercial hit, but it is a series that commands a different kind of pull. It is the kind of series people will buy a console for. The difficulty Nintendo will have is in keeping those people on board in the first few months, rather than just in the opening weeks.

    In terms of the conclusion you reach, though, broadly I agree. If Pokemon Stars is coming at Christmas alongside Mario Odyssey, then Switch is a very different prospect. We make the mistake at launch--and this is truer of modern hardware than past systems, which couldn't be updated via the internet--that the product that launches on day one is a conclusive statement of that system. I think the closest analogy we have is 3DS, which was broadly well-received, but which had an abysmally weak launch line-up (no Nintendo blockbusters). The only major Nintendo titles to launch before Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3D Land were two N64 remakes (granted, Ocarina 3D is one hell of a remake to have), and the very lightweight Pilotwings, Steel Diver and Nintendogs. On the strength of the Nintendo software Switch has, I'd say Switch is in a better position. Zelda, while launching on Wii U, is at least a hotly anticipated new title, and Mario Kart, Splatoon, and Mario Odyssey are all big brands. Any shot at meaningful success for Nintendo will rely on them converting their portable audience onto Switch, and right now the price is far too high for that to happen. A price cut, a revamped marketing campaign (though Switch's messaging is currently far better than 3DS/Wii U at launch) and Pokemon/Mario at Christmas will turn Switch into a very different proposition.

    On top of that, I'd also say that looking at previous console launches doesn't really tell us a huge amount, purely because the market is so different today. Switch and software like Breath of the Wild have had a far bigger impact on social media than any Nintendo products before them, so I do wonder how that will factor in during the months ahead. Really, we can study the history of previous machines all we want, but none of them can ultimately tell us how the market today will respond. Neither can we know right now what else Nintendo have planned for Switch, or the lengths they'll go through to make sure it succeeds. Given what they did for 3DS though, I expect Nintendo will be prepared to take the hit when the time comes.

    EDIT: I am aware that last bit of my comment seems contradictory, but I agree with Oli that ultimately Nintendo's approach to their portable business will factor into Switch in a big way in the months ahead.
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  • Four hours with Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Mr.Spo 23/02/2017

    I'm feeling a little more optimistic after reading this and checking out some of the other stuff that's popped up. I'll still wait for reviews before making a decision (especially with Zelda out next week and time/money extremely limited), but I really hope Andromeda turns out well. Reply +1
  • Nintendo Switch eShop will finally link purchases to accounts, not consoles

  • Mr.Spo 18/02/2017

    @SabreWlf They may do what they did with Wii to Wii U, and allow you to buy heavily discounted Virtual Console titles if you already own them, e.g. 50p for a NES title you bought, 1.50 for an N64 title you bought.

    Anything more forward thinking or generous than that seems unlikely. I'd love to see Virtual Console live up to its potential, but Nintendo's silence on it does not fill me with confidence. Having access to several dozen Nintendo classics from across their systems day one on Switch, to play at home or on the go, would be a big plus point, but there's been zero talk of Virtual Console so far other than the cryptic comment that they are aware people will want to transfer their titles from other systems.
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  • To understand 1-2 Switch, look back at Nintendo's crazy pre-history

  • Mr.Spo 17/02/2017

    @JoelStinty I think you are exactly right. Nintendo are obviously pushing the social angle with Switch, but they're also going to lean heavily on their core base at first and don't want to alienate people by having Switch positioned entirely as a party machine.

    I think this would be great in a bundle at Christmas. The question of value is also an interesting one. 1 2 Switch has 28 mini-games, so (assuming you pay the full RRP) you're paying 1.40 ish per mini-game. I wouldn't write it off just yet, there's something of WarioWare about it, too.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild hard mode, Cave of Trials part of 17.99 season pass

  • Mr.Spo 14/02/2017

    @VotesForCows Yes, this puts me off. If the Hard Mode is simply like Hero Mode in the recent remasters, it should be in the game without charge.

    If the new Hard Mode is something closer to Ocarina's Master Quest, with re-configured dungeons, or the original game's second quest, with things hidden in different places around the world (or a combination of both those options) then I'd be ok with it.
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  • Nintendo's latest mobile gamble doesn't quite pay off

  • Mr.Spo 09/02/2017

    @jonno394_uk That's impressive, but bear in mind Super Mario Run has yet to launch on Android.

    It will be interesting to see how it pans out, though. Kimishima has indicated in Time that the first few mobile titles are experimenting with business models, to see which is most viable for future software.
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  • Mr.Spo 09/02/2017

    @hiptanaka That doesn't mention anything about surpassing Super Mario Run. Total revenues for Mario are $53 million as of the end of January, and $14 million in revenue in the first 3 days. Fire Emblem Heroes is nowhere near passing Super Mario Run in revenue. Reply 0
  • Mr.Spo 09/02/2017

    @hiptanaka Do you have a source for that? I saw a $3 million day one figure, but nothing else. Reply +1
  • Mr.Spo 09/02/2017

    I've been treating it as a time-waster and had fun with it. I also haven't needed to spend a single penny, it's fairly easy to rack up orbs and do the campaign on normal/hard and keep unlocking a few characters every now and again.

    I'm wondering if Martin's expectations were a little too high here. For a start, Nintendo aren't going to pump out a full Fire Emblem for mobile: this is a spin-off. Secondly, the reception to Mario Run demonstrates how skewered mobile expectations are when it comes to charging up front. Yes, there were/are other problems with Run, but mobile is now a fully developed industry with a clear, dominant business model in F2P. To some extent Nintendo will have to follow that model if they can't overcome it with their biggest brands.

    I'm on Android, so haven't played Run yet, but I wouldn't qualify Heroes as particularly disappointing. It's a mobile gacha version of a very deep strategy series, and my expectations were in line with that. Personally I think Advance Wars would actually be a better fit for mobile than Emblem, given that series doesn't feature relationship building or permadeath, and given it hasn't been seen for a while. So long a they don't charge actual money to build units in battle...
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  • Nintendo Switch Puyo Puyo Tetris release date served up

  • Mr.Spo 09/02/2017

    Releasing this at the same time as Kart 8 is a good way to guarantee very few Switch owners pick it up. Reply 0
  • Let's take a look inside Nintendo's Zelda: Breath of the Wild wrap party

  • Mr.Spo 07/02/2017

    @Jetsetsilly It's the second game with an install. Xenoblade X had one required install and several optional installs. And yeah, I have my Wii U copy pre-ordered! Reply 0
  • Mr.Spo 06/02/2017

    @Jetsetsilly There's a 3GB install for Zelda on Wii U, no install on Switch. Pulling data from the flash memory is easier than pulling data from the disc, so the install is there to ensure smoother performance. If Nintendo have any sense the install will be available in the week running up to launch... so who knows, really? Reply +1
  • Watch: Johnny cooks Yeto's Superb Soup from Twilight Princess

  • Mr.Spo 02/02/2017

    You didn't even use authentic Reekfish? Honestly. Reply 0
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild fans in a flap as bird race appears to confirm timeline theory

  • Mr.Spo 02/02/2017

    From the trailers there are references to Skyward Sword (Goddess statue, Earth spring), Twilight Princess (Castle town, great bridges), Wind Waker (Koroks, Rito), and Ocarina (Temple of Time, Gerudo). Even though I'm a huge fan I'm not really fussed about where it goes in the timeline. I'm just really, really looking forward to finally getting to play it. Reply +14
  • Jelly Deals: Final Fantasy 15 is down to 28 at the moment

  • Mr.Spo 01/02/2017

    Oh, now this is tempting... but I genuinely don't know when I'd get round to it! Reply +3
  • Who's who in Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Mr.Spo 31/01/2017

    @TheStoneRoses Don't get me wrong, I really do hope it turns out great. What I've heard/read/seen hasn't inspired me with much confidence for the final game, but I'm happy to be proven wrong when it releases. Reply +1
  • Mr.Spo 31/01/2017

    I know I say this on every Mass Effect Andromeda article (sorry), but I'm still not feeling the hype for this. I really liked the larger squad and the squad dynamics in the second game, so a default squad of 6 in total is a little disappointing from my perspective (versus 10 in ME2 minus dlc).

    How are other fans of the original trilogy feeling about Andromeda at this point? I'm keeping an eye on it but I really can't see myself buying it day one.
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  • Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age gets July release on PS4

  • Mr.Spo 31/01/2017

    I'm really hoping this makes it onto PC, I missed XII back in the day. Reply +5