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  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter review

  • Mr-Writer 30/09/2014


    It doesn't bother me, I'm waiting for the PS4 version.

    I was just saying at some point it will go to a price he is comfortable with.
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  • Mr-Writer 30/09/2014


    Thankfully with it being on PC I'm sure the price will drop to a more tempting one in 6 months maybe even less.
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  • The Order 1886: Rummaging around in the toy box

  • Mr-Writer 30/09/2014


    I went digital early so many will be left unplayed, not to bad most were just impulse buys when they went under £10 in sales.

    Gonna re-buy a PS3 in a few years when it's less than £100 for a new one and go back and play them.
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  • Mr-Writer 29/09/2014

    It will probably get a 7/10, which because it's a Sony exclusive means it's a 3/10 and utter shite to the fanboys of other consoles.

    I like the look of this, but as with Infamous I'm not falling over myself to play it.

    Last gen I bought so many games for the shake of it and had left so many unplayed, this gen I am only buying games I know I will complete day 1, the others I will get once I have no more new games to complete, or they go stupidly cheap in the sales.
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  • Face-Off: Bayonetta on Wii U

  • Mr-Writer 29/09/2014


    Straight from the developers mouth, they had a choice, either sacrifice what they wanted to do but get a bigger audience.

    Or sacrifice the bigger audience and make the game they wanted to make.

    Not many others have done that so they have made games both gen of consoles can play.

    The Witcher 3 is another example, why no last gen version?

    so yeah I'm trolling you, or you are an utter cretin.
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  • Mr-Writer 28/09/2014


    I said before already the Batmobile was an example.
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  • Mr-Writer 28/09/2014


    "Why? The bone and ps4 have higher specs, are their games more fun?"

    Yes they are fun, in fact games tend to be fun hence why people play them.

    Though no doubt you are one of those idiots who believe only Nintendo games are fun.

    Also more power means in capable hands gameplay can be improved.

    Arkham Knight for example, Rocksteady could of made it cross platform, but they wanted to add the Batmobile and so that ruled out last gen consoles and the WiiU.

    Now I for one I'm pretty confident driving the Batmobile around Gotham will be more fun than not being able to.

    Power isn't JUST about graphics, it can add a to gameplay.
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  • Mr-Writer 28/09/2014


    Because my point was for the price of a WiiU you could get a console (PS3/360) which despite being considebly older has a bigger library of top rated games.

    To which the reply was "well you can't play Bayonetta 2 on PS3".. To which I named just three games the PS3 has the WiiU doesn't.

    Then up you pop with your little comment (which you have now deleted) because you thought I was comparing the WiiU to a PS4 when that wasn't the case.

    As of this moment the WiiU DOES have more higher rated games than the PS4 but by Christmas next year due to not only Sony exclusives but also the piss poor 3rd party support I bet that the PS4 will have more games that you can't play on the WiiU than games that's the WiiU has and the PS4 hasn't.

    The fact is even with 12 month head start they have 16 games rated 80+ on metacritic that are not on PS4.

    The PS4 has 11 games, proving my point the WiiU is stuck, between consoles which are at the end of their cycle and new consoles just starting, yet both sets have more support than the WiiU.
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  • Mr-Writer 28/09/2014


    "LMAO - another hilarious guy.. Want me to list all the (high rated) wii-u games you cant play?"

    The WiiU has 16 games you can't play on PS3 rated 80+ on metacritic that includes 3rd party games.

    Last year alone the PS3 had 19 games with a meta score 80+

    This year 11 titles 80+ both exclusives and games that are 3rd party but can't be played on the WiiU.

    That's just the last two years.

    So yeah go ahead and list those games it doesn't change the fact that the PS3/360 has more highly rated games..
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  • Mr-Writer 28/09/2014


    Really? How many millions of copies did it sell?

    Didn't it make its budget back in a day or two?

    I personally don't want to play it, but it has sold well so people do/did want to play it.
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  • Mr-Writer 27/09/2014


    Can you play The Last of Us on WiiU? Or any other PS3 exclusive?


    So what's your point?

    The PS3 has a huge selection of not just top exclusives and 3rd party titles not just exclusives.

    And it gets most of the 3rd party games the WiiU does and gets loads that the WiiU doesn't.

    Can you play Destiny on WiiU?

    Can you play Dragon Age Inquisition on the WiiU?

    The PS3/ 360 are last gen yet they are still more supported than the WiiU...
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  • Mr-Writer 27/09/2014


    But for the same price of a WiiU you can get a PS3/360 both of which have not only a bigger library but also more top quality titles.

    The WiiU is stuck in the exact same "generation" as the Wii, where it's slightly above what was before it, but miles behind its competitors.

    And the casuals aren't here to save Nintendo this time.
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  • Mr-Writer 27/09/2014


    The PS3 version sold more than any 3rd party none exclusive has on the WiiU.

    In fact it sold more at retail on PS3 than

    Wind Walker HD
    Pikmin 3
    Lego City Undercover
    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    And I wouldn't be surprised if the sequel sells less as well.
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  • Watch Dogs Wii U won't get the Bad Blood DLC

  • Mr-Writer 26/09/2014


    Do you know what the word rehash means?

    re·hash (r-hsh)
    tr.v. re·hashed, re·hash·ing, re·hash·es
    1. To bring forth again in another form without significant alteration: rehashing old ideas.

    Improved triggers
    Concave analogue sticks
    Microphone jack
    Digital buttons
    The share button
    Built in speaker
    The grip

    10 difference just off the top of my head.

    Yeah "rehash" may I suggest looking up the meaning of a word first in future.

    But hey don't just take my word for it...

    "A moment of silence for the DualShock 1 through 3, each iteration — save for an upgrade to analog thumbsticks — all but identical since Sony’s gamepads debuted in 1997. Not so the PS4′s DualShock 4, which looks only superficially like its predecessors."

    "Sony made massive improvements to the DualShock 4 controller, and it may quickly become one of my favorite gaming peripherals. Whereas the DualShock 3 felt too light, with uncomfortable analog stick placement, the DualShock 4 feels just right."

    "The controller has better sticks, better triggers, better weight, and an awesome jack."

    "It may look very similar to the DualShock 3, but the PS4 controller is more of an improvement than we were expecting, The grips are a little bigger and more ergonomic, so they fit the palm better than before, while the triggers have far greater range."

    Also note the "utter balls" controller has a higher number of positive reviews than your so called "one of the best" gamepad.

    Funny that isn't it.
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  • Mr-Writer 26/09/2014


    I don't have to I choose to.

    You said Sony copied Nintendo when they haven't. Whilst Sony may have not brought motion control to the masses they had been working on a motion control before the Wii was released so hardly copied is it.

    Again remote play was out 5 years before the WiiU so you are wrong again.

    You again claim the DS is shitty now because of its D pad? I know you Nintendo fanboys are bitter but the one thing the DS has and always has is a good D pad.

    I think it's quite ironic that you claim I am the one who needs to learn to argue when it's you who is the one that is not only using arguments which are factually incorrect, but then you go and slot right into the typical Nintendo fanboy mode.

    Trying to deflect the WiiU's massive short comings with strange criticsams, I meaning calling the DS4 a DS3 "rehash" is just as laughable as all of your other weak arguments.

    If motion control was so groundbreaking why has it fell to the wayside like every other gimmick? Nintendo themselves have walked away from it only supporting it for BC (which in a way they copied BC off Sony as no other Nintendo console was BC before the PS2) then again I forgot in the eyes of the deluded and brain dead Nintendo fanboys Nintendo invented everything, and people can't have fun on another console as that's exclusive to Nintendo.

    You act an idiot and say idiotic things I will treat you as one.

    Oh and nope I don't pirate anything as I believe people who pirate are scum you can even look at previous comments to see this and you can even see I have posted my steam account. I buy all my music, films, tv series and games.

    In fact for shits and giggles...

    So again you are making stuff up and now look as stupid as I believe you are.

    And with that I have wasted enough time on your poor excuse for an argument and I'm gonna be the bigger person and walk away :)
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  • Mr-Writer 26/09/2014


    " Also, funny how the streaming has been copied by Playstation and second screen "

    Errmmmm remote play has been around since the PSP and PS3... Pretty sure both of those where around before the WiiU

    2007... 5 years before the WiiU released. So how did Sony copy again?

    " Just like motion controls in Wii era with PS Move and Kinect. You probably called Wii controls a gimmick then, too."

    And yes motion controls where gimmicks same as PS Move and Kinect.

    They offered very little in terms of ground breaking of massively game changing hence why we don't seem them this gen.

    Call me a troll but your the one posting lies where as I deal in facts. You can't deal the fact I am right so are trying to deflect the WiiU's short comings by making up petty ones for PS4.

    The WiiU is £100 over priced.

    *looks at hands* ... *notes that when they go side by side his thumbs are in the same place*

    You must be inbreed then.
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  • Mr-Writer 26/09/2014


    I don't want to give the WiiU a go because its a premium price for a console that is just slightly better than a PS3 and will get left behind by X1 and PS4 in a few years.

    The controller is a gimmick there is not one game out there that wouldn't be a good game still if it didn't have a pad.

    As for the dual shock not having stick in the right place? Are you a mutant as my thumbs go next to each other, only the people who can't hold a DS properly complain.

    But then again you don't think the gamepad is as gimmick so you clearly are deluded.
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  • Mr-Writer 26/09/2014

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  • Mr-Writer 26/09/2014

    Nintendo fans thinking that 3rd parties owe them /cringe

    Nintendo released a slightly more powerful PS3, for a premium price, with a gimmicky controller that tried to hook the casuals again.

    They failed, and are paying the price.

    Rather than pointing the finger else where, maybe the "fans" should look at Nintendo and ask what can they do to change this?

    As this isn't the first time and it won't be the last, yet Nintendo have yet to come out and not only admit its a huge problem, but also they have failed to come out and say "we will do something about it".

    Look at MS Diablo 3 was an inferior port, and they pushed Blizzard to make it on par. They get a lot wrong MS but when they can they take action.

    Nintendo and their fans just blame everyone else.

    And rather than admit the truth they just try and make out that other consoles have no games, or that other consoles are struggling just as much as the WiiU, or that you can only have fun playing a Nintendo game.

    Quite sad when you think about it.
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  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS review

  • Mr-Writer 26/09/2014


    ??? 7/10 for a Nintendo game is a good score, its only when its a Sony that a 7/10 equals the same as a 4/10.
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  • PS4 online multiplayer free for all this weekend

  • Mr-Writer 22/09/2014


    Two games a month for £40 a year is anti customer?

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  • Bloodborne release date confirmed

  • Mr-Writer 18/09/2014


    I'd say PS4 if you have a Vita, I used my Vita quite a bit, but it gets even more use now that every PS4 game can use remote play.
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  • Mr-Writer 18/09/2014


    I'm willing to bet you won't be buying this on PC.
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  • Mr-Writer 18/09/2014

    Day One Reply +9
  • Latest Humble Bundle includes Papers, Please, Gone Home and Luftrausers

  • Mr-Writer 17/09/2014

    Humble bundle has been shit for months hope it picks up love a good deal I do. Reply 0
  • Sony quadruples forecast loss for financial year

  • Mr-Writer 17/09/2014


    "Sony only build things to work with other Sony products"

    What like Apple?
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  • Face-Off: Destiny

  • Mr-Writer 13/09/2014

    *grabs popcorn* Reply +1
  • Performance Analysis: Destiny on Xbox One

  • Mr-Writer 11/09/2014


    "Did not quite work out"

    Ermmmm 10,000,000 units sold would say other wise.
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  • DriveClub details its DLC plans

  • Mr-Writer 10/09/2014


    " discount off future DLC. My understanding of a "season pass" was that you paid money up front and then you got all the DLC as part of that one off cost for a time period."

    And that is almost the exact situation here expect you pay €25 for the season pass.

    Which if you didn't buy it and bought it all on it own they say it would come up to €70 odd.

    How is that not simple?

    Also a season pass means you get a set number of DLC. Once that DLC has been released more that doesn't come part of the season pass can be released.

    I think Borderlands 2 did it (so it's not a console only thing) they said you'd get 5 packs of DLC.

    Which you did.

    Then they released other DLC which wasn't part of the season pass and simply said the season pass covers the 5 story DLC only.
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  • Mr-Writer 10/09/2014


    What's wrong with a totally optional thing?
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  • DayZ producer moves to calm concern about development

  • Mr-Writer 10/09/2014


    Surely making the PC version first and then porting the complete version to PS4 would make more sense then doing what you are speculating.

    I would think a port of a completed DayZ would be much easier than working from the ground up? Considering the PS4 has more in common with a PC now than the previous Playstions have?
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  • Xbox One's Japanese launch musters half sales of Xbox 360

  • Mr-Writer 10/09/2014

    Waits for Vertigo to come on and trying to paint the PS4 10 million in less than a year as a failure...

    Edit: look like he has already been.
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  • Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion - report

  • Mr-Writer 10/09/2014


    Some could argue that since losing Bungie Halo has lost its magic.

    Halo 4 did well with reviews, but not as well as 1-3.

    Same with Gears, 1-3 90+ on Metacritic

    Judgment shows a decline as soon Epic stop developing.
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  • Mr-Writer 10/09/2014

    I know some people will be angry, but for $2billion he'd be an idiot not to. Reply +3
  • PS4 passes 1m sales mark in the UK

  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    No your not you came in saying that the PS4 has no killer apps.

    Not for you, that's fair enough if it doesn't have the games you want then you would be daft to buy it.

    But someone else might of seen Killzone as the killer app, others Infamous.

    For me it was functions like remote play and party chat which allow me to play games like Diablo, PVZ and BF without the TV.

    Sure you can play them on PS3... But you can't play them on remote play when your mrs hogs the TV.

    Also being able to flick between a game to Netflix back to a game, has meant I can get more gaming in then I would of been able to with the PS3.
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    You do know people can own more than one console you know? And you can guarantee it can you? Prove it?

    Also how much people enjoy a game is personal. You can still enjoy a game that is a 7/10 just as much as a game that 10/10.

    Unless you let game reviews dictate what you play and enjoy, which is pretty sad if it does.

    No one who enjoys a game goes "I really enjoyed that game but Eurogamer gave it a 7/10 so I actually didn't enjoy it"
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    No, but he isn't saying that.

    He is saying that they targeted different markets.

    Which they do.
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    So you disagree that the Wii and PS4 target different markets?
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014

    @SuperSoupy "Not one truly amazing game, save for the two that have been out on PC for a few years anyways"

    Says who? You?

    And why does there have to be a truly amazing game to justify buying a new console?

    How do you know everyone who played second son tried to love it? Are you saying no one out there truly loved this game?

    Prove it.
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    10,000,000 people disagree.

    Me being one of them, BF4, Killzone, Resogun, Diablo 3, Minecraft, PVZ GW.

    Most of them I can get on my PS3, but I can't party chat on my PS3, the PS4 versions are better, and everyone of them can be used via remote play.

    So there is plenty for me and many others to play, and we get to play...

    Akrham Knight
    GTA 5
    LBP 3
    The Order
    Uncharted 4
    Dying light
    Dead Island 2.

    Just because you are ignorant to other people choices doesn't mean they are wrong.
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    Why are they douchebags? For pointing out what everyone already knows that the Wii was a console aimed at the casual audience?

    Are you saying the Wii was not aimed at casuals?

    If you do agree it was aimed at casuals then he has a point.

    So then why is he being a douchebag?
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    You do know the WiiU only has 98 more games...

    Despite a year head start

    Myth busted

    Hope that helped

    No doubt you will ignore this and go into hiding.
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    Yet only one of those games you mention are in the top 10 Wii games sold, its not until you count the top 20 that a few more hardcore games come through.

    To even try and argue that the Wii served the hardcore like the PS3/360 did is utter drivel.
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  • Staring into the eyes of FIFA 15's new player ratings

  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    So you can't actually explain why then?

    Thought not.

    Thefore I am right.
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    I fully accept they will be lower, but the year before they won the league.

    And City were rated higher.

    How do you explain that?
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    And who won the league the year before?


    Oh funny how they were still marked lower than City then as well.

    Also last year Mata was Chelsea's highest rated player...signs for United and his stats are lowered.

    Oh and look RVP and Falcao have had their stats lowered from 89 to 88.

    And are Barca and Real Madrids players all going to be marked down because they finished behind A Madrid?

    I think not.
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  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014

    No doubt United will be marked lower as they always are, don't want to upset City and their big bag of money! Reply -25
  • Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham first Lego game to get a season pass

  • Mr-Writer 09/09/2014


    The lack of install base on the Vita :(

    I love my Vita, but until people buy the thing it won't get the love it should.
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  • Minecraft Xbox One release date confirmed

  • Mr-Writer 04/09/2014


    How was it botched? They didnt announce it on the blog.

    They said it would come on Wednesday for the US which when it released at 2am Thursday morning in the EU it was still Wednesday in the US.

    It's also cheaper than the X1 version (£14.99)

    And releaded a day earlier.

    So how was it botched?

    Surely putting up a game at £114 when it should be £14.99 is a bigger screw up?
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  • Mr-Writer 04/09/2014

    or buy the PS4 version by itself for £15.99
    Really? I got mine for £12.99? As I got 4 packs of skins and the game for £19.75
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