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  • Firaxis announces Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

  • Moz 12/04/2014

    This is now my most Anticipated game of the year Reply +22
  • I never want to play Shenmue 3, Half-Life 3 or The Last Guardian

  • Moz 12/04/2014

    Everyone keeps going on about Half-life 3 and seem to have completely forgotten HL2 ep3 which was announced (well they said they were doing 3 episodes) and has never happened it's a joke. I can understand HL3 not happening until they can make the game they want to make but with episode 3 surely people are expecting anything that outlandish! Reply +9
  • Ubisoft shows off the PC version of Watch Dogs

  • Moz 11/04/2014

    @karlo87 This does raise the question of do DF need to start including Nvidia and ATI separately in face-offs? - Though I call PR bullshit on claims of the Nvidia only stuff making a huge difference. Reply +2
  • "We have the ambition to build the best gaming console for fans"

  • Moz 10/04/2014

    Well the only way to do that is with good exclusives cos your not getting the best versions of multiplat games. Reply +28
  • Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance review

  • Moz 03/04/2014

    @MattEvansC3 Who would buy that though?
    The only way it would work would be if the models where very high quality and the game would have to be way more involved then skylanders. Just don't think it can be done in a profitable manner
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  • Moz 03/04/2014

    I'm still in shock that GW even let this happen very unlike them normally more protective of the IP Reply +2
  • Daylight delayed to the end of April to make it scarier

  • Moz 02/04/2014

    From the trailer it just looks too much like Outlast. One to wait until it's the free game for the month on PS+ I think Reply +1
  • Amazon Game Studios announces its first exclusive for Fire TV

  • Moz 02/04/2014

    @KORNdoggy As a games console yes it's gonna bomb but I think it has a shot at standing up to roku and Apply TV and the games aspect of it will help with that. I'd be very surprised if even Amazon expect this to sell to "hardcore gamers" Reply +2
  • Moz 02/04/2014

    That looks bad (graphically) even by Android standards!!! Reply +4
  • Amazon reveals Fire TV set-top box and controller

  • Moz 02/04/2014

    @Dizzy Not really it more aimed at competing with Apple TV then being an android games console Reply +8
  • Moz 02/04/2014

    " While still early, an image from Gizmodo of the controller in use today confirms the leak as being representative of the current model."

    Might want to update that as there are pics on
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  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • Moz 26/03/2014

    @jonbwfc Well said with Kickstarter you should only pledge if the rewards are worth the money and thing you pledge over that is just giving away your money. Which for some cool small project I can understand people doing, but if it looks like the end product is going to make them a lot of money just don't give them anything extra. Reply 0
  • Moz 26/03/2014

    @torment74 sadly no chance of a refund. This should make people think very carefully about Kickstarter. It's a great idea but keeps being abused. Sadly the only solution is for all the backer of a project to become stake holders but the legal costs make that unviable. Reply +2
  • Moz 26/03/2014

    @TeaFiend But Facebook could have done all of that without directly owning the OR nothing was stopping them making software for it. The only reason to own the hardware is so they can make their software a compulsory part of the system. Reply +4
  • Bear Simulator will make your dreams come true

  • Moz 25/03/2014

    From the Kickstarter page "You play in FPB (First Person Bear)" Shouldn't that be FBV for first bear view???? Reply +6
  • Heroes of the Storm: Blizzard's long road to reinventing the wheel

  • Moz 24/03/2014

    @bavelb totally agree from the matches I've watched so far the joint level system actually helps to mitigate bad players screwing over the team as a good player can drag the rest of the team up with him.

    And yes the bonus function pretty the same as items. Just a more stream lined approach. So maybe less flexible but far more accessible, which I think is the name of the game for Blizzard at the mo and I welcome it. HotS isn't going to replace DOTA for me but it going to make a nice secondary game for when I want MOBA gameplay but also want a break from DOTA
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  • Performance analysis: inFamous: Second Son

  • Moz 22/03/2014

    @talalalreyami03 until you have enough power to run a pixar movie in real time at 4K 60fps dropping to 30fps will continue to be used in games that benefit from better visuals over control responce. Reply +7
  • Watch Dogs PlayStation-exclusive content detailed

  • Moz 20/03/2014

    @captain-neilw this might not be the case anymore but historically part of the extra cost was because of the licence fee they have to pay to the platform holder to release games on their system Reply 0
  • Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4

  • Moz 14/03/2014

    @MrTomFTW Indeed, the Next-gen sales figures generally are pretty mental. So much for the cries of "consoles are dead" Reply +2
  • Titanfall runs into problems on PC with error 503

  • Moz 12/03/2014

    @MasterDex I think in these times of regular patchescand updates that maybe review scores have become redundant. Back in PS2 days a review could partly reflect bugs because they'd always be there. Either way completely agree that day one issues shouldn't effect the score Reply 0
  • Moz 12/03/2014

    @George-Roper And that's what news reports are for. To call out this rubbish and discourage people from preordering online games in future. It's a bit late to have it alter a review score after the fact when it's no longer relevant. Reply +6
  • Moz 12/03/2014

    @illage2 and then the gaming world would become very dull. If you want 64 player matches go play BF4. Variety is the spice of life as they say. If 6v6 isn't of interest to you then Titanfall is not your game doesn't make it flawed or inferior just different which is a good thing in my book Reply +5
  • Moz 12/03/2014

    @George-Roper As far as reviews go I prefer it was based on the state of the game after the first week as initial volume based issues aren't relevant to soneonevreafing a review to decide if they want to buy or not. On going issues (BF4 I'm looking at you) should be part of a review however. It's debatable if online games (especially MMOS) should be scored at all as the experience changes from one month to the next. Reply +4
  • Watch Dogs PC minimum specs confirmed

  • Moz 12/03/2014

    @Dizzy question is will they be transparent about it and carry on numbering the systems or will they continue to follow Apple and every 2 years release "the new Xbox One" and "the new Ps4" How many people have bought last year's iPad without realising? Reply +1
  • Moz 12/03/2014

    @MENTAL1ST the 3GB reserved on PS4 is for more then just the OS it's to account for other apps (Web browser etc) running at the same time as well as memory used by the video capture/streaming.

    When it comes to PC required specs they have to make a best guess at the average ram people will be using for other stuff while they are play the game. I'd say for any new build 8GB is the minimum. Personally I'd advise people to get 16 plenty of head room and you can do things like having Heathstone running while your waiting for the next round to start in another game.
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  • Tech Analysis: Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition on PS4

  • Moz 09/03/2014

    @marcioindau Read the full thing, they mention that the game has many improvements over the PS3 version. So they decided to spend the extra process power on making it look better rather then increasing the frame rate. Why is everyone so fixated on 60fps? There are other ways to use the increased power in the PS4/XB1 you know. Reply +5
  • Titanfall Season Pass announced, priced at 19.99

  • Moz 06/03/2014

    It's a good price but there's no mention of any extras for getting the season pass before the first dlc is released so I don't really see the point. May as well wait and get it when the first dlc drops. Reply +5
  • When will we see a gay protagonist in a triple-A game?

  • Moz 28/02/2014

    @RodHull Now a Gay lead in an Action movie is something I'd love to see and for the average Action move would only effect the first and last 5 minutes of the film anyway. And could have quite a big impact if not talked about in trailers or preview. Just have your normal action move and at the end the lead kisses the male sidekick instead of the main female character. Would be a good way of showing a bloke that happens to be gay. Sadly at the moment it would probably course more "shock" then you'd want it to. When were at a point where 90% of the audience wouldn't bat an eyelid at it anyway it can be done to make a point to 10% left still having an issue. Reply +3
  • Microsoft announces first Xbox One price cut - and throws in Titanfall for free

  • Moz 24/02/2014

    @TheMoodyBlue And how is that relevant? at no point does he say he's then going to buy a PS4 instead just the he's going to sell his XB1 cos he's unhappy with the experience. Reply +1
  • Spelunky mod turns cave explorer into Metroid

  • Moz 20/02/2014

    Seems alittle disappointing really if they'd modded in the metroid gun so it was like playing metroid instead of just spelunky with a metroid skin would have been way better Reply 0
  • Tech Analysis: Titanfall beta on Xbox One and PC

  • Moz 16/02/2014

    @clonedtrooper game play is of course always king and Titanfall has gameplay in spades but I think people are in their right to be disappointed that there expensive next-gen console does not perform at the levels they where expecting. Sadly this is mostly a result of the current economic situation MS (and Sony) can't afford to take to the normal losses consoles experience in the first year so neither company has pushed the hardware as far as they may have done 7 years ago. My personal biggest concern is what happens when a game can only manage 720p30 on the Ps4 what's the Xb1 version going to be like? Reply +5
  • Watch Titanfall on Xbox One at 60fps

  • Moz 12/02/2014

    @wyluzuj Not at all the video downloads are 1080p60 there is no claim as to the res of the game Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift will let you train with the England rugby team

  • Moz 06/02/2014

    Sales of Oculus rift to Woman and Gay Men just shot up then. Reply 0
  • PS4 vs Xbox One: which is the better media player?

  • Moz 02/02/2014

    @spiritsnake It's where Mummy and Daddy go while little Jimmy is playing GTA5 in the living room. Reply +1
  • Tropico 5 announced for PlayStation 4

  • Moz 30/01/2014

    Could this be the first game to put the track pad on the DS4 to good use? Reply +4
  • Xbox One firmware update due in March - report

  • Moz 30/01/2014

    Damn was hoping for a 1tb version in time for titanfall Reply +1
  • Can a 100 PC graphics card match next-gen console?

  • Moz 26/01/2014

    @geox30 Not at all, Bioshock Infinite, Max Payne 3, Starcraft II all require you active them online to a specific account.
    Will have to test X-com as it's installed to otherhalfs steam account and wont let me play it under my account on the same PC (but not tried with disk in the drive as they normally just get thrown in a draw after install so that may work, surprising though as most games the authentic using steam then lock out that the CD-key which i've come across in the pass when trying to install a retail copy of game that had either been returned by someone or had had the key taken by a key and I had e-mail Valve pictures of the game and the receipt to prove I bought it new)

    However while we've both maybe exaggerated in both direction there are still a lot of key games on PC that can't be shared and as a result most retails wont take any PC games for trade-in so there is still added value to console games in that respect.

    As I said in another post generally it's fairly mute as overall the cost over a 5 year period is probably about the same for console and PC (if your using comparable hardware, keep to the cutting edge and you can easily spend 2k every 2 years on a PC but that's for elite enthusiasts) It just boils down to how much your able to part with at any one time.
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  • Moz 26/01/2014

    @Suarez07 Not a 100% true all your ps+ games have an expiry date set to when your current subscription runs out, you can take the system off line and play these games until that date. When you extend your your subs the expiry date is updated. It's a great value service, you may not own the games but then how many games do you go back to play a year down the line anyway?
    Not to mention that with the number of patches and online features in modern games the disc is going to be fairly useless once they shut down the servers anyway. I'm not saying this is a good thing but it's the way it is, don't be under any delusion that you own any modern games (not in a meaningful way anyway)
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  • Moz 26/01/2014

    @geox30 Yes all the time and every retail game i've bought for PC in the last 5 years has had some form of online DRM that blocks other people from using your CD-key. What are these mythical games your buying at retail that don't have DRM? Reply 0
  • Moz 26/01/2014

    @FogHeart Not 100% no but a portion of the price difference is counteracted by the trade in ability of console games. All in all both work out about the same cost. But with PC gaming you tend to need to spend out lump sums more often where are in console gaming the cost is more spread. Reply 0
  • Moz 26/01/2014

    @geox30 Yes it does!! Any steam game once registered is locked to your account, yes someone else could install it but they can't play it without being logged into your account! Reply 0
  • Moz 26/01/2014

    @geox30 and most of them require you to register the cd key with some form of online DRM (Steam or Origin normally) which prevents you simply lending the disc to a friend, and (in the UK aleast) game shops wont take them for trade-in Reply 0
  • Moz 26/01/2014

    @shruteshkumar It's pure economics. If the economy was in a better place then they could have push the price point up 100 and taken a bigger loss on the hardware to give beast machines. But that just wouldn't have worked in the current climate. However clearly both PS4 & XB1 have been designed to accommodate the next round of consoles having full backwards compatibility. So there could conceivably be a far shorter wait until PS5 & XB1v2 with "cross-gen" games being around for years instead of just the first 6 - 12 months. Reply 0
  • Moz 26/01/2014

    The bottom line is if you can afford it having consoles and a gaming PC give you access to all the games. If you can't, get which ever gives you the games you want to play.

    On a side note regarding software price people tend to forget that you can't trade / share PC games so for a lot of people they get the difference in software price back by trading or swapping games with friends. So you can't simply balance the the higher PC hardware price against the cheaper software (for all people)
    Reply +3
  • Tomb Raider finally achieved profitability "by the end of last year"

  • Moz 18/01/2014

    @TheJuriel personally I'm quite happy with 30fps for this type of game if the extra processing is used to make it look even better. Until there's enough power for true photo realism at 60fps dropping to 30fps will always give better visuals. Reply +2
  • Silicon Knights' appeal against $9.2m Epic judgement fails

  • Moz 13/01/2014

    Personally I'm happy for both Silcon Knight and EPIC to disappear off into the night. Too Human was pretty terrible and there's something about UE the gives every game build with it the same look. Just elements of the engine are too distinctive. (Though sadly you just have to play 10 minutes of NF:Rivals to see we could be faced with the same thing with Frostbite 3 but hopefully that was lack of time leading to using lots of stock assets and lighting routines) Reply -5
  • Razer's module-tastic PC is mad, or genius

  • Moz 08/01/2014

    To make this work they need to licence the design to other vendors then it has a chance to become a new standard. If it's exclusively razer it'll die out very quickly as I doubt theyll manage to produce the variety of modules needed. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013

  • Moz 31/12/2013

    Good to see I'm not alone in my love of the new Tomb Raider. And the last of us is definitely my number 1 for the year. Interesting to see Mario so high in a reader voted list considering the relatively low number of people who have played it, just shows how damn good the game is. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer's 2013 alternative awards

  • Moz 29/12/2013

    @DreadedWalrus sort of though the touchpad is also clickable so can be used in place of the back button while also having a trackpad which I'm hoping will see some use as it could rts games more playable on console. Reply 0
  • Moz 29/12/2013

    @Oli I'll see your 55 hours of Solitaire and raise you 520 hours of dota2 and I'm sure they'll be people on way more then that. Reply 0