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  • Here are 15 video game movies to watch this Christmas

  • Moz 24/12/2017

    @PyD Glad Iím not the only one. While itís terrible in many ways I love DOA Reply +4
  • Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princess to launch on Android in 1080p

  • Moz 05/12/2017

    @Manny2000 or they'll just release these remasters on the Switch Reply +2
  • Mother defends 14-year-old son sued by Epic over Fortnite cheat video

  • Moz 28/11/2017

    Is she not opening herself and her son to other court action by admitting she didnít consent to him playing the game? Reply 0
  • Gwent's single-player story campaign Thronebreaker has been delayed until next year

  • Moz 23/11/2017

    Could be theyíre waiting to see what happens with the loot box issue at the moment as you can quarentee itís going to impact digital CCGs if anything comes of it Reply +2
  • "This game is a Star Wars-themed online casino designed to lure kids into spending money"

  • Moz 22/11/2017

    @kangarootoo is it though, the wording being used is talking about protecting children from gambling like behaviour even without the money some will argue that itís still simulated gambling.
    I am all for stopping these money grabbing tactics but we have to make sure that itís very clear that itís the money aspect that is the problem not the loot box mechanics themselves
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  • Moz 22/11/2017

    So something that has occurred to me. If you take the micro transaction out of the equation what makes a loot box different to any other kind of random drop in games? Reply -2
  • Moz 22/11/2017

    @joelstinty re your edit, surly if they just donít some these games then we all loose?
    For the games that genuinely struggle to make their money back then developers and gamer need to come together to find a mutually agreeable way to fund these games.
    And in some cases that may mean paying a premium price for a premium product. Or indeed if people arenít willing to pay then sadly the game canít be made.

    Another aspect for me that I think gets ignored a lot isnít so much about the price but about the time requirements for a lot of the big games on the market. Personally I didnít buy Titanfall 2 because I already had Overwatch and Destiny providing near limitless entertainment as FPS games. If the game never comes to an end then what reason do people have to move on
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  • Moz 22/11/2017

    @karldesfosses a nice idea though thatís basically just time gateing purchases the best option at that point would be to give every item a real world value and let people buy what they want. You could then keep random drops as a reward for winning/playing matches Reply -1
  • Moz 22/11/2017

    @joehalas agreed though the trouble we face is how do you regulate that in a meaningful way when fundamentally itís all the same mechanics.

    Where do you draw the line and how do you stop people finding their way around it?

    A little off topic
    I donít even understand how some of these F2P games evenmake money when they are so insanely priced! I play Clash Royal and I donít buy anything in it because the prices are stupid at the point Iím at it would cost me £20 just to upgrade one card!!! Who in their right mind pays that. Which I guess is the point people are paying it and surely a lot of those people probably shouldnít be
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  • Moz 22/11/2017

    @bad09 you seem to be disproving your own argument or have a bad understanding of how the world works. If these companies donít provide the expected returns and growth then the share holders start pulling out and the company goes under. Iím not saying I like it but thatís how the world works.
    If you donít like it then donít buy the games these big companies make go play the games made by the smaller companies.
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  • Moz 22/11/2017

    @rubberducko the problem is that the publishers got greedy. Iím all for paying a fair price for content but BF2 and a number of other games are far from that.

    But Iíve also said before that gamers resistance to price increases in the core package has lead to this situation in the first place
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  • Moz 22/11/2017

    One thing thatís seems to have been over looked is what happens to the likes or Hearth Stone and MtG online if ďloot boxesĒ were to be band.

    And hell physical CCGs have been around for over 10 years and surely fundamentally they are the same thing. If the law makers go to the extreme of using the ban hammer could we see the death of all CCGs?
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  • The government finally responds to gambling in video games petition

  • Moz 26/10/2017

    From that it sounds like there are already some measures in place that could be used to help at least temper the use of loot boxes and micro transactions.

    What needs to happen is for specifics complaints to be made. As mentioned FIFA18 does have ways for you to "cash out" so that could make a good starting point to set some residence. But that is going to take people making complaints direct to trading standards as from the above it sounds like they have most legislation already behind them to do something about it.
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  • Government response to loot box concern is predictably non-committal

  • Moz 17/10/2017

    One thing worth noting is that the wording of the petition doesn't cover Overwatch's flavor of loot box as they are still reference the change to get items of a higher value then the cost of the loot box, which doesn't apply to Overwatch and some other games because you can't attribute a monetary value to the items as there isn't an option to by the in game currency like you can in some others games.

    While I have wale farming as much as the next guy it only really exists because the consumer pretty much unanimously rejected the idea of paying more for boxed games even though inflation would suggest that £70+ should be the current price of a new game.

    We keep expecting bigger and better games yet no one is will to pay the price for them.

    Exploitative loot boxes are deplorable but they are a symptom of a wider issue and the gaming community as a whole needs to open it's eyes and find away forward from this.
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  • Unofficial SNES cartridge-playing Super Nt unveiled

  • Moz 16/10/2017

    @gillgrissom CRTs arenít going to last forever either

    What we really need for the long term preservation of that authentic look is for someone to design an image filter that better emulates that CRT look itís the only long term solution
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  • How I ruined Sega's financial results

  • Moz 14/10/2017

    @el_pollo_diablo because he started to run short of money so he been release material again and his publisher had been pushing it like crazy Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 and Xbox One cross-platform play switched on in Fortnite, players report

  • Moz 19/09/2017

    Smaller games need cross platform multiplayer it will help them have a decent pool of players for match making Reply +5
  • Cult favourite board game Scythe is coming to Steam

  • Moz 19/08/2017

    Am I only person who doesn't like this game?

    Seems way too easy to mess up in the first few turns and then you get to spend the next 2 hours knowing you've lost and just having to go through the motions.
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds now warns you against forming larger groups than allowed

  • Moz 04/08/2017

    That kinda turns me off the game, part of the appeal of the "battle Royale" formula is in forming shaky alliances with other player.

    If you want to stop irl friends from exploiting the game then fix the match making so that it's impossible for them to all be on the same server it's easy enough to do
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  • Hearthstone streamer exposes clan of snipers who repeatedly targeted him

  • Moz 03/08/2017

    @imagonnawin a lot of the people watching are doing so because they can't currently play for one reason or another.
    Others are there to interact with people interested in the same games as them, make new friends, find people to team up with in team games.
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  • Harvest Moon, what have they done to you?

  • Moz 02/08/2017

    One thing that isn't clear from the article is that the original developer still holds the right to all of the look and feel of what we know to be Harvest Moon.
    In Japan the game has always been known as "Ranch Stories" and still is. 'Story of Seasons' is the game that Harvest Moon vets should be looking to get as it is 100% a continuation of the previous HM moon games with all the characters etc.
    The new "harvest moon" games are a cash grab from the old publisher.

    But why they went with 'Story of seasons' rather then just calling it 'Ranch Stories' is a mystery
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  • Check out Mario Kart's official first-person VR spin-off

  • Moz 24/07/2017

    Just done this, it's won of the attractions at Bandi Namco's VR Zone, just a single race but a lot of fun. Have a machine seat and wind effects Reply 0
  • GAME blames deep-rooted financial issues on Nintendo's lack of Switch stock

  • Moz 30/06/2017

    @RawShark To be fair any retailer that isn't selling clothes or jewelry is having a hard time of it.
    Game should look at doubling down on Merchandise as thats something people can browse and discover. But even then they need to match the online prices or at least be close enough that people will pay to have the item now rather then tomorrow
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  • Why can't Destiny 2 run at 60fps on PS4 Pro?

  • Moz 22/05/2017

    @Pirederas Battlefield 1 is also sub 1080p on consoles with dynamic scaling. Droping to 720p in places in XBox so why is everyone using it as a comparison whenBungie choose to go for a locked 1080p on both consoles. Reply -1
  • Snooker star says he's a recovering video game addict

  • Moz 21/04/2017

    Surely it can equally be argued that most professional sports man are addicted to their sport or have addictive personalities you don't get that good at something by having a casual interest in it.

    Sounds more like he just liked playing WoW more then playing snooker the difference being that he gets paid for playing snooker.

    There is a difference between being addicted to something and having a passion for something. Obsession is not addiction but they are similar, can't help but feel that the media are too quick to jump to calling something an addiction for headlines
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  • Overwatch Insurrection trailer leaks, shows today's new PvE mode

  • Moz 11/04/2017

    Is it just my untrained english ears or do all the cast have french accents in the french version? Reply 0
  • Inside the next Xbox: Project Scorpio tech revealed

  • Moz 06/04/2017

    Extra little tidbit of info in the Forza Screen. Memory use 5059.8MB being 65.88% of the available ram would suggest that 8GB is accessible for games at this stage. Guess the 4GB reserve for the OS will be mostly for 4K GDVR Reply 0
  • Yooka-Laylee review

  • Moz 04/04/2017

    @SpaceMonkey77 the speed run community says Hi o/ there is plenty replay ability in platformers for the right people.
    But how does that effect the initial sales, very few people make it through one playthrough of a game.

    Not to mention that it's massively replayable games like Destiny and MMOs that are killing the industry as it drastically reduces the number of games the average person buys.
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  • Fans have noticed something odd about Lego City Undercover on Switch

  • Moz 28/03/2017

    Nintendo should just make 32GB the smallest available cart at chip coast level I'm sure they can soke up the difference without a big impact on their margins Reply -1
  • Capcom remasters six classic Disney titles for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • Moz 16/03/2017

    Sweet was just the other day saying it was a shame the Rescue rangers wasn't on VC so this makes me very happy :D Reply 0
  • I am Setsuna on Switch is a visual match for PS4

  • Moz 13/03/2017

    @poundo yeh that's a poor show by the editor not noticing that the last paragraph is basically the same sentence twice! Reply 0
  • Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive

  • Moz 13/03/2017

    @Damar Offering the extra will have got them out of the price parity clause

    as for price parity on other titles that's down to the publisher, some will opt to absorb the extra cost themselves in the hope that it will increase the number they sell.
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  • Moz 13/03/2017

    @djayjp you need to remember that all retail pricing in the UK is including 20% VAT (sale tax).
    So at wholesale pricing that £10 equates to £8.33.
    There is still some obvious markup happening along the manufacturing chain but its not ridiculous.

    This will likely only be a short lived problem, once everything is properly stocked the likes of Amazon will do big cuts on the prices anyway.

    Not to mention that at least there is a tangible reason for these price increase vs the £60-65 rrp that was given to several PS4 and XB1 games at launch
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  • Moz 13/03/2017

    So done a little research and was surprised to find the £10 extra is sadly not that far from the cost price!

    Currently a 16GB microSD has a market price of $5 so by the time you've added the cost of the customer casing, VAT etc it really is not cheap! Clearly there is some profit still being made in the £10 but not a lot.

    However given that the Switch has very limited internal storage why can't Nintendo use that as a justification to Bricks and Mortar store for the digital copies being cheaper seeing as consumers then have to buy microSD cards to store the games on. (e.g a 128GB card is costing £37 on amazon at the moment which will only hold 4-8 full sized games so your already paying £5+ extra per digital game anyway)

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  • EGX tickets go on sale

  • Moz 08/03/2017

    Can you let them know the Virgin Media link is going to last years page Reply 0
  • Nintendo toyed with Zelda: Breath of the Wild items, specific dungeon order

  • Moz 08/03/2017

    It was rather obvious that the slate was meant to be mirrored in the game pad. And it does feel like the interface has suffered as a result of the change. But over all it's impressive what they achieved with just 12 months to get the game running and reworked for the Switch Reply +4
  • Snipperclips review

  • Moz 08/03/2017

    Worth noting is that if you are planning on getting a second set of Joy-con then you can get Snipper Clips for £5 by buying the bundle package
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  • Nintendo says Switch dead pixels "normal", not a defect

  • Moz 07/03/2017

    This is nothing new to be fair didn't Sony have the same policy with PSP and Vita?
    Have had similar responses in regards to monitors in the past too.

    I'm not saying it's right but it is standard for manufacturers to claim that a couple dead pixels isn't a defect.
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  • Is Zelda on Switch worth the upgrade from Wii U?

  • Moz 04/03/2017

    @goggamanxp indeed and it's understandable but given it's development it's not surprise that BotW has turned out like it has. Hopefully games built for the Switch from the start will fair better. Not expecting PS4 level graphics but game running a good 900p or 1080p should be within the systems capabilities Reply +2
  • Moz 04/03/2017

    As they point out in the article it's worth bearing in mind that this was ported to Switch quite late in development so we shouldn't have expected any major graphics upgrades. Hopefully they can get on top of the streaming issues on both systems in a later patch.

    So far I'm impressed by what the system can do in such a tiny form factor. While not a graphically intense game is going to be interesting to see how Snake Pass fairs in comparison to other systems
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  • GAME is having trouble with launch day Nintendo Switch deliveries

  • Moz 04/03/2017

    For the record I'm never ordering stuff like this from Amazon ever again 8pm my parcel finally arrived! Reply -1
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review

  • Moz 02/03/2017

    @VanillaLake I'm going to take a guess and assume that Nintendo has only given reporters the Switch version of the game to review. Reply +1
  • Watch: Here's the first hour of Prey

  • Moz 15/02/2017

    @jabberwocky does seem that way, you have to wonder why the game is called Prey at all! Reply +9
  • Mega Man 2.5D is a fan-made game eight years in the making

  • Moz 01/02/2017

    @spamdangled it's not an urban myth, at least not in the UK anyway, you have to actively defend your trade mark to stop it being diluted. Even if you work for a company you'll be told to only use stock logos as altering them in anyway can also dilute the trade mark Reply +1
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Switch and Wii U differences outlined

  • Moz 18/01/2017

    This game was never going to be a good example of what the Switch can do, it started it's life on the WiiU and was ported to the Switch.
    Plus it's a big open world game! FFXV uses a dynamic res and still doesn't hit 30fps on XB1 or PS4(regular)

    Indeed the system isn't has powerful as a PS4 but the early games are showing its no slouch and all that in something the size of 7" tablet!! And for £80 less then an iPad mini
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  • Moz 18/01/2017

    @ultra-dan on a device 1/10 the size of a PS4 Reply +9
  • Watch: Here's how switching the Nintendo Switch works

  • Moz 14/01/2017

    I can see me using portable mode when the other half wants the TV more then actually on the go. Though it will also be good for when your in a hotel or some where similar that will have a power outlet.
    The battery life is probably the biggest disappointment but then how often will the average person be away from a power source for more then a couple hours anyway.
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  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • Moz 13/01/2017

    @system11 Fair point tired brain doing maths wrong on the tax, apparently 20% or anything is 20 to my head at the moment! :S

    But still it seems a lot of people would have been happy with £250 which is what it would likely have been at the old exchange rates
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  • Moz 13/01/2017

    The lack of understanding of exchanges rates is staggering. The current state of the economy has screwed us in the UK. If the exchange rate hadn't tanked then we'd be paying £220 (ish) for the Switch. Which would have been way more palatable.

    As for the comparison to PS4 it's not surprising the Switch more expensive it's more compact and has it's own screen. Plus it new.
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  • Crytek breaks silence, closes multiple studios

  • Moz 21/12/2016

    Why is everyone so obsessed with the Timesplitters franchise, at the end of the day it's just a name. There's nothing stopping a company creating a Timesplitters-esk game it's not like there was a deep involving plots to follow on from. It really is nothing other then a name at this point. Reply +1