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  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • Moz 20/10/2014

    @jcaspian Given that it would appear you can't play the game without the extra 20GB then why both buying a physical copy at all? This is clearly another move by MS to force Digital on people, which is just more of their anti-consumer BS which will loose them sales. Hell I'm annoyed despite buy 90% of my games digitally anyway, there's just no need for them to force the issue like this. Reply +5
  • Moz 20/10/2014

    Well I call bull shit Forza 4 on 360 came on 2 disks and one of them was simply data that installed to the hard drive and you could then just leave that disk in the box for ever more. Reply +17
  • UK gov changing law to get tough on internet trolling

  • Moz 20/10/2014

    @DanSmith09 Not completely as saying something to someone face to face will only be herd by a handful of people, when you saying online it's generally seen by alot more people.

    What we have to hope though is that policy and the courts use common sense when applying this law.
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  • "Majority" of DriveClub owners can now connect online

  • Moz 20/10/2014

    @Dave52 Yep the response to game game there and at other shows is one of the reason it got delayed Reply -1
  • Moz 20/10/2014

    @Some_Goats surely that should be "DC owners should now" as it's still not a definate Reply 0
  • New Nintendo 3DS review

  • Moz 19/10/2014

    The Australian release could interesting. Isn't Australia part of the pal region? So Anyone in Europe could import which could make stock levels interesting Reply 0
  • We cannot let this become gaming culture

  • Moz 17/10/2014

    Self importance and entitlement are a part of the human condition, arguable an import one the has help drive us to achieve great things. Sadly the anonymity of the Internet removes alot of the reprocusions that help to stop people getting out of control. I just hope that as a community we can find a way to clamp down on out of order behaviour before governments and police authorities get too involved. Reply +2
  • Moz 17/10/2014

    That was one of the best written and considered pieces I've read about gamersgate and I hope it is read by all and paid attention to before this whole sorry mess ruins the hobby we all love Reply -4
  • Wii U GameCube controller adapter compatible with more than just Smash Bros.

  • Moz 08/10/2014

    Humm that's a shame the adaptor will need to be super cheap to be worth while

    Edit; managed to miss price in article 18 is too much for only smash. Will use the money for an extra pro controller instead
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  • Sony "temporarily holding back" DriveClub's free PlayStation Plus edition

  • Moz 08/10/2014

    And the shambles continues Reply +3
  • DriveClub review

  • Moz 07/10/2014

    @Great-Googly-Moogly Fair enough. I'm still looking forward to playing it too. Sometimes having your expectations lowered before hand can make the game better as you then see all the good stuff instead of the disappointments Reply +1
  • Moz 07/10/2014

    @Snake_2011 go read Oil's post near the beginning with link other non-xbox stuff Mike has done. Just cos someone works for a console specific site doesn't make them instantly biast towards that platform Reply +13
  • Moz 07/10/2014

    @Great-Googly-Moogly why risk your money when you can play the ps+ version for free and then upgrade if you like it Reply 0
  • Moz 07/10/2014

    @hazzatori which is exactly what the horizon games do, make racing fun. Reply +10
  • How Left4Dead changed my life for the better

  • Moz 28/09/2014

    I'm guessing Rick never played the original Rainbow six as that was a sublime co-op experience many years before L4D Reply +12
  • EGX 2014: editor's choice

  • Moz 27/09/2014

    @CatmanBegins I'm hoping for London Olympia. NEC isn't great if you plan on doing more then one day Reply +1
  • Blizzard will wipe Heroes of the Storm accounts one last time

  • Moz 22/09/2014

    @PlugMonkey king and supercell are still far worse you can hardly play their games without spending crazy money for very little return, the likes of Hearthstone and dota2 are fully playable without spending anything on them. Reply +2
  • Moz 22/09/2014

    Surely the closed Beta must start soon after this maintenance? I'd guess 2 to 4 weeks for them to test out the changes with the existing Alpha testers then do a big Close Beta invite. Please .... Pretty Please. Reply -1
  • Nintendo brings huge line-up to EGX London

  • Moz 22/09/2014

    @Alastair also the monster hunter booth in Tokyo was using the new 3DS so here's hoping they do the same at EGX Reply +1
  • Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

  • Moz 15/09/2014

    @reggy72 @DaveSimonH and it's not like the cream of rare achieved much after rare anyway. Timesplitters was great but seems they ran out of steam after that. A developer is little more then a name plus a collection of IP with or without outside influence there's no guarantee of the quality of their next game as staff come and go as they please. Reply 0
  • Moz 15/09/2014

    You have to wonder, would MS have bothered developing project Spark if they'd know that buying minecraft would be an option a couple of years back. Reply -1
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Bayonetta 2

  • Moz 14/09/2014

    @Darren mk8 and 3d World still look great on my 55 screen. Plus how many of those 360/PS3 games also have a solid 60fps? The WiiU hardware is never going to set the world on fire but the improved shaders and lighting put it ahead of last gen Reply +8
  • Performance Analysis: Destiny on Xbox One

  • Moz 12/09/2014

    @cruzkit firstly games having parity between the systems doesn't prove anything in regard to which is the more powerful hardware.

    However you are right that what's more important is how good is the game. From what I've played so far it is very good though I'm concerned that it's going to get repetitive quickly.
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  • Moz 12/09/2014

    @andrewrafter or the games are being made with parity in mind for a multiplat game it makes sence to have both versions the same even if one set of hardware could do better. Reply -1
  • Nintendo announces new 3DS and 3DS XL designs with extra buttons, improved CPU

  • Moz 29/08/2014

    Are nintendo Europe out of their minds? Are they seriously going to leave it til after Xmas cos that's not going to cheese off parents when little Jimmy's present is superseded! Reply +7
  • Xbox boss Phil Spencer makes case for Tomb Raider exclusivity deal

  • Moz 18/08/2014

    @Panchos they don't have to explain anything but not explaining just upsets people more. Personally I think the while thing is a bad move on their part don't see it shifting many extra consoles. They'd have been better off getting some exclusive extras. Reply +1
  • Living with the Alien: What it's like to spend a day with Alien: Isolation

  • Moz 13/08/2014

    This sounds like a modern day Enemy Zero which in itself was blatantly inspired by the first Alien film just with the alien being invisible. And that is no bad thing EO used the scare the crap out of me. Reply 0
  • Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

  • Moz 13/08/2014

    @elfergos he also says that it's a similar deal to ryse and DR3 which would imply there is scope for the game to be put on other platforms eventually. Though as both of those are coming to PC but not PS4 we have no way of knowing if that is because of the deal or that neither company wants to release on playstation Reply 0
  • Moz 13/08/2014

    Huzzah! Even though I have a xb1 and played the first on 360 I'll still be waiting until this is on other platforms before I buy it on which every platform it's best on. On the simple principles that making sequels into exclusives just isn't good practice. Reply +3
  • Unsubscribe?

  • Moz 02/08/2014

    @MattEvansC3 because that wouldn't be a total ball ache! Companies almost always make it a pain to cancel subscriptions, not a processes your going to want to do on a regular basis. A one stop shop is preferable. The same goes for the current fragmentation on PC with EA and blizzard insisting on having their own distribution platforms. Yes cutting out the middle man can save money but it adds to users personal administration. What's worse is the publishers seem to keeping the money savings to themselves. Reply +2
  • Moz 02/08/2014

    @Ajent as said in the article the big issue is fragmentation surely no one wants to he paying for 10 separate subscriptions in order to play all the games the want. It would be alot better if EA had done a deal with Sony and MS for inclusion on GwG or Ps+

    I understand that everyone wants a slice of the pie but there's a limit to the number of subscriptions people will be willing to deal with. The publishers need to work together when it comes to distribution and compete on the actual content
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  • Destiny's six-player raids can only be played with friends

  • Moz 31/07/2014

    My interest in this game is getting less and less each time a read an article! And i'm locked into getting PS4 copy already thanx to the way they did the beta codes!! (which insadently is the final nail in the pre-order coffin)

    EA or Activision need to start putting pressure on MS and Sony to allow cross platform multiplayer.
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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker delayed until Jan 2015 in Europe

  • Moz 30/07/2014

    @Malek86 They seem to have underestimate the mobile market somewhat the rate of hardware progress has just left them standing with a very dated looking system. While of course 3DS games in terms of gameplay are still way better then your average smartphone/tablet game the gap in visuals is just too big now.

    I hope with their next handheld that Nintendo move to a more iPad like scale-able model and also have the "XL" sized screen from day one. Then release a new improved model every 2 years (every year probably not nessesary especially given what this year mobile tech is capable off)
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  • Moz 30/07/2014

    @AkumaG No you can buy games any time but they sell the most in the first or 2. With a Jan release they can focus their advertising on Smash in the lead up to Christmas then advertise Toad over the Christmas. While it might not make a huge difference the thinking could be that it'll maximize the number of people who buy both games. You'd be surprised by the number of people that if they don't buy the game in release month during the hype and advertising they'll then just forget about it.(Plus a lot of stores have the bad habit of only stocking the latest games though admittedly they are more like to keep a wide selection around at Christmas).
    Of course if it still releases in JP and the US in December then it's more like just a delay in localisation.
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  • Moz 30/07/2014

    The move to January is almost a relief personally there are a lot of good games out during Sept - Dec. It also makes it a great "Christmas Money" game especially with the expectation that a lot of people will be getting Smash Bros WiiU bundle for Christmas. Reply +11
  • Moz 30/07/2014

    @Crovax20 vhchartz will give you rough idea. Though I believe sales of hardware roughly doubled after the Mario Kart launch. Reply +4
  • Devolver Digital and indie devs help finance failing GaymerX convention

  • Moz 30/07/2014

    In all honesty I'm not sure what they plan to achieve from these events. I've never found my sexuality to have any impact on my enjoyment of EGX or KaPow or Games Days.
    There is still room for improvement within the Gaming community and industry but wouldn't that be better tackled by having booths and holding seminars at the existing conventions? That way your getting the message to the people you need to get the message to and spending less money on doing so.
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  • The Last of Us director reveals secret deleted epilogue scene

  • Moz 29/07/2014

    @TheDoctor11 Best guess is it's no long cannon. As it's described as a fair well to the characters that sounds like they didn't have plans for a sequel to begin with. Leaving the scene out of the game left it open for a sequel and they wanted to maintain that with the public version of the live performance but also wanted to give attendees something special just for them and /SynicHatOn it creates a lot of internet chatter this way /SynicHatOff Reply +2
  • Mass Effect 4 concept footage reveals Mako vehicle

  • Moz 28/07/2014

    I just want the game already, hurry it up lol. Reply 0
  • Tech Analysis: Destiny beta on Xbox One

  • Moz 25/07/2014

    @killersrquiet the other possibility is the they're simply not pushing PS4 to the maximum. Which is no bad thing leaving some head room helps keep everything smooth at all times. Reply +3
  • Deathrattle and roll: Early impressions of Hearthstone's Curse of Naxxramas

  • Moz 23/07/2014

    @zegerman1942 I did Maexxna the same way. Really disappointing to not get any thing for it. was hoping for the gold version of the cards you get from the normal run atleast. Reply +1
  • The Last of Us getting more DLC, but none of it single-player

  • Moz 21/07/2014


    would the industry get over it's obsession with multiplayer already. With both the last of us and Tomb Raider I'd have much prefered more single player content then them spending money on multiplayer that most people don't have time for because there are plenty other games that target multiplayer as their key feature.

    There is still space for games that have both SP and MP but there's no way that every game needs it.
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  • You've got male

  • Moz 19/07/2014

    @GreyBeard how is it hypocritical? They can't control who applies for their jobs? Surely the best thing they can do is to promote and talk about equality in the hope of attracting more people to apply for jobs when they are available. Reply 0
  • Moz 19/07/2014

    @dirtysteve also worth noting is that it wouldn't be the first time an azguardian has changed their sex both Hela and Loki have been the opposite of the "default" sex at various times Reply 0
  • Moz 19/07/2014

    @chucklepie let's not start that one again just because a company's staff aren't diverse doesn't make them racist or sexist unless you can provide evidence that they have hired people based on race or sex. In fact wouldnt it be worse to hire someone because they fill a gap in your staffs diversity when you have other applicant who are better qualified? Reply 0
  • Moz 19/07/2014

    Too many comments to see if this has been said already but the article should read that the current ms marvel is a teenage Muslim girl. Captain marvel is currently carol danvers (ex ms marvel) Reply +2
  • What's in the Destiny beta?

  • Moz 18/07/2014

    @Devox would agree that xbl tends to he more stable but this is partly achieved by aggressively throttling download speeds. So while PSN falls over more on launch days at all other times I find I can download stuff alot quicker from Psn then xbl so it's all prose and cons. All parties need to look at their online infrastructure further but things are improving at least issues are down to being for the first few hours instead of the first few days (look at the GW2 launch compared to Wildstar)

    On Destiny Beta specifically the main issue is clear they shouldn't have waited til launch day to issue codes. Codes and downloads should have been available at least 24 hours before servers went live.
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  • Blizzard challenges itself to create more diverse heroes and content

  • Moz 11/07/2014

    @Eisenstein interesting you should mention Rowling as she had even considered the sexuality and background of characters even if it never came up in the books. i.e. Dumbaldor is gay and we only know this because she said so.

    I think it's import that diversity is handled in the right way making it an aspect of a character instead of being their defining feature

    As for making changes to suit an audience, your quite right any one who wishes to make money from their art will change it to suit the people paying the money.
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  • Moz 11/07/2014

    @Fallout There can never be enough gay dwarfs ;) Reply 0
  • Mighty No. 9 launches second crowdfunding campaign for "bonus" content

  • Moz 07/07/2014

    @S3M Maybe the answer is to start doing staged Kick starter campaigns. Still do one campaign but include a 3 step plan with targets and what they will show backers to prove they have met the development target, then they only get 1/3 of the money upfront. When they reach the first development target they show the demo that proves they've reach the goal and the backers get to vote on if the project deserves the next 1/3 of the money or not. then the same for the final third. Reply 0