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  • Watch: Here's the first hour of Prey

  • Moz 15/02/2017

    @jabberwocky does seem that way, you have to wonder why the game is called Prey at all! Reply +9
  • Mega Man 2.5D is a fan-made game eight years in the making

  • Moz 01/02/2017

    @spamdangled it's not an urban myth, at least not in the UK anyway, you have to actively defend your trade mark to stop it being diluted. Even if you work for a company you'll be told to only use stock logos as altering them in anyway can also dilute the trade mark Reply +1
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Switch and Wii U differences outlined

  • Moz 18/01/2017

    This game was never going to be a good example of what the Switch can do, it started it's life on the WiiU and was ported to the Switch.
    Plus it's a big open world game! FFXV uses a dynamic res and still doesn't hit 30fps on XB1 or PS4(regular)

    Indeed the system isn't has powerful as a PS4 but the early games are showing its no slouch and all that in something the size of 7" tablet!! And for £80 less then an iPad mini
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  • Moz 18/01/2017

    @ultra-dan on a device 1/10 the size of a PS4 Reply +9
  • Watch: Here's how switching the Nintendo Switch works

  • Moz 14/01/2017

    I can see me using portable mode when the other half wants the TV more then actually on the go. Though it will also be good for when your in a hotel or some where similar that will have a power outlet.
    The battery life is probably the biggest disappointment but then how often will the average person be away from a power source for more then a couple hours anyway.
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  • Nintendo's precarious reveal runs risk of Switching off fans

  • Moz 13/01/2017

    @system11 Fair point tired brain doing maths wrong on the tax, apparently 20% or anything is 20 to my head at the moment! :S

    But still it seems a lot of people would have been happy with £250 which is what it would likely have been at the old exchange rates
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  • Moz 13/01/2017

    The lack of understanding of exchanges rates is staggering. The current state of the economy has screwed us in the UK. If the exchange rate hadn't tanked then we'd be paying £220 (ish) for the Switch. Which would have been way more palatable.

    As for the comparison to PS4 it's not surprising the Switch more expensive it's more compact and has it's own screen. Plus it new.
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  • Crytek breaks silence, closes multiple studios

  • Moz 21/12/2016

    Why is everyone so obsessed with the Timesplitters franchise, at the end of the day it's just a name. There's nothing stopping a company creating a Timesplitters-esk game it's not like there was a deep involving plots to follow on from. It really is nothing other then a name at this point. Reply +1
  • Where's our Watch Dogs 2 review?

  • Moz 14/11/2016

    @Kain1 surely the entire point of this article is to be Pro-consumer, they are telling people to not buy the game because it's fundamentally broken what's the point of reviewing it any further then that? Reply 0
  • The PS4 Slim is real - confirmed

  • Moz 23/08/2016

    @rep- There are games that use the light to show status effects, with the light on top you'll actually be able to see them. Reply +1
  • Prey reboot will be a metroidvania adventure

  • Moz 05/08/2016

    Looks good but why call it Prey?? Just seems like lazy marketing. Reply +4
  • HTC Vive price hike for UK - blame Brexit

  • Moz 01/08/2016

    @rob'mosh'pitt now add VAT and import duty to that Reply +2
  • PlayStation VR will be at EGX

  • Moz 22/07/2016

    @IronSoldier I never said I approved just that they have fulfilled their requirements. And in this instance I see no issue with it as such as it's clearly a promotion piece. Reply +1
  • Moz 22/07/2016

    @IronSoldier "do you not see a potential conflict of interest here whereby the possibility exists for Gamer Network to be encouraging EG to hype PSVR to the maximum so to create extra buzz for the product so to inspire more people to attend EGX?"

    That is indeed the entire purpose of the article (well that and making sure people have advance notice of the bookings this time) which is why they declare that their parent company is running the event. EG itself has no partnership with Sony in this matter and as such have no reason to declare such a thing. More over its an article about an expo which is one giant corporate marketing event in the first place. It's entire purpose is to promote the people at the show so how can you miss lead people as to its purpose?
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  • Moz 22/07/2016

    @IronSoldier but EG isn't in partnership with Sony, EGX are. I don't see where your issue of disclosure is coming from, if every outlet declared every sub-partner the declarations section would be longer then the article Reply +3
  • Moz 22/07/2016

    Could have sworn that when I got my tickets I read a Q&A piece on feed back from last years event and one of the improvements they said they would make is to ensure that you didn't need to pre-book demo slots! Sadly can't find it on the site anymore Reply +1
  • Exposed YouTube star says sorry you didn't realise he owned gambling site he promoted

  • Moz 07/07/2016

    It's interesting how EG are focusing more on TmarTn then Syndicate. I'm sure this has nothing to do Syndicate coming to EGX ;) Reply +20
  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

  • Moz 16/06/2016

    "But it left me with one big question: why will anyone need an Xbox?" - Because not everyone wants to have a PC. Some people just want a simple small box that plays games. Reply +24
  • Spec Analysis: Xbox Project Scorpio

  • Moz 14/06/2016

    A few points;
    - I was under the impression that AMD weren't producing Jaguar chips at 14nm which sure means while the GPU will likely be based on Jaguars replacement.
    -as for price this is coming out the best part of year after the Neo so costs will have gone down so I'd expect a price similar to Neo's launch price. (Of course Neo will be due its first price drop by then so it will be cheaper)
    -Lastly stop calling this a mid-gen refresh the XBox One will have been on the market 4 years by the time Scorpio arrives that only a year short of previously expected cycles. This does remind me though of Sega and the Dream but this time around Sony and Nintendo aren't going to be in a posstion to trump it.

    Personally I'm happy with a 4 year turn around gives a nice performance boost without the old system getting too long in tooth, which also helps with cross gen titles
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  • Sega warns of Total War: Warhammer server issues

  • Moz 24/05/2016

    @Kremlik Think he's more pointing out that on the first line it says "Total Warhammer : Warhammer" rather then "Total war : Warhammer" Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift's latest attempt to block piracy backfires

  • Moz 23/05/2016

    @UncleLou sorry Lou, missed the quotes part, that's what happens when you've not slept I guess :S Reply 0
  • Moz 23/05/2016

    @UncleLou That may be so, but this is a U-turn on Oculus' original design ethic. And is a move likely to do harm to both the oculus and VR as a whole. Reply +2
  • After 10 years of waiting, Half-Life 2: Episode 3 seems further away than ever

  • Moz 23/05/2016

    @cloudskipa I seem to remember Valve using that as an excuse at one point. Which for a full HL3 makes sense. But surely HL2:E3 should be made in similar style to the other episode without the need for anything ground breaking. Reply +3
  • Moz 23/05/2016

    The thing that winds me up is that they sold the episodes on the premise of there being 3, which is very different to a company just ending a franchise. Reply +14
  • Hideo Kojima reveals studio mascot

  • Moz 17/05/2016

    @riceNpea the plushy is also going to be a pain to produce Reply +1
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 review

  • Moz 17/05/2016

    @peterfll you can import but if it picked up by customs your paying 40% duty and then 20% VAT on top Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Forza Motorsport 6 Apex on PC

  • Moz 14/05/2016

    @IronSoldier maybe they ignored the beta status because they're as tired as the rest of us of devs hiding behind the beta banner as an excuse for any bugs left in the game. Reply -1
  • Moz 14/05/2016

    @like3cokecans I get the impression that moving forward the Xbox will become microsofts budget option for people who don't have/want a gaming PC and personally I'm Cool with that one less device to buy in the future Reply +5
  • Take a look at Microsoft's special edition Iron Man Xbox One

  • Moz 28/04/2016

    @Smokemeakipper because it's a StarkTech Xbox one not an Iron Man XBox one. Reply 0
  • Moz 28/04/2016

    @carmagainagain @MonkeyMagik rechargeable AAs definitely the way to go, save money over normal AAs and tend to last longer then the battery packs. Reply +1
  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • Moz 27/04/2016

    I'm not convinced this is right move. While first month sales aren't everything, giving the Neo a head start the NX could prove to be costly.
    Of course the NX could turn out to be nothing like we are expecting making any comparison to the Neo pointless

    @DonNorris - From the looks of things the NX itself will still only get about 6 months of marketing anyway.
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  • How PlayStation 4K Neo and the original PS4 will co-exist

  • Moz 20/04/2016

    @michaelprymula it's nothing like sega CD or 32X the games for those were exclusive to the add-ons. The NEO is for starts a full console and it will play all PS4 games like the WiiU plays Wii games or the latest iPad or iPhone will run games from previous "gens" of iDevice they are pulling out all the stops to avoid the fragmentation that add-ons like 32X caused. This is about giving people who are still holding on to their PS3 a bigger upgrade step. While also giving the 'hardcore' the option of improved hardware Reply +1
  • Moz 20/04/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 I imagine smaller teams will just develop for PS4 original with maybe a res/framerate boost on the Neo. There doesn't appear to be a requirement to have Neo inhancments in your game. Just for new games if inhancments are planned they have to be included day one not added later. Reply 0
  • Microsoft on cross-network play, Xbox One dev kits and more

  • Moz 08/04/2016

    @Badcompany88 one advantage I can see is for smaller games cross platform play at least maximises the number of player there are the match up against, which will help keep the online part of game viable for longer Reply +1
  • Tech Analysis: Final Fantasy 15 Platinum demo

  • Moz 04/04/2016

    Ok so now played through this and it was fun but can't help but think that they just re-skinned a tech demo from KH3 when it was still being made in luminos Reply 0
  • Moz 04/04/2016

    At this point I wish they'd cut their losses and moved this to UE4 like Kingdom Hearts 3. Rather then try to give Luminous one last hurrah Reply +6
  • Sony investigating PlayStation VR support for PC

  • Moz 29/03/2016

    @I_Am_CatButler ah fair enough I had missed that the articles talking about the breakout box doing it were just speculating Reply -2
  • Moz 29/03/2016

    @Bayonetduck wouldn't surprise me if PS4K is accompanied by the release of a 4K camera with standard USB. Even if they don't, releasinga PC version of the camera or an adapter is easy enough to do Reply 0
  • Moz 29/03/2016

    smart bit of marketing, even if they don't follow through with this people wanting VR on PC and console will go with PSVR as their first buy.
    Also the PSVR processing module could be a god send for people with PCs that don't quite hit the requirements for 90fps.
    Also the 120hz screen could be good people who still get motion sick using Oculus or Vive
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  • We know PlayStation 4.5 is real - but why is Sony making it?

  • Moz 24/03/2016

    @VotesForCows It's not what you used to sign up for when buying a console. But times change. Reply +1
  • Moz 24/03/2016

    Personally I think we've reach the point now were other then better visuals new hardware isn't going to allow for 'improve gameplay' like it has in the past. So all any new console is every go to bring to the table moving forward is improved visuals.
    I see no issues with moving to a model where by there is a new console released every 3 years to deliver that improvement in graphics for the people that want it, and then games to come out being compatible with the most recent 3 generations of consoles offering low, medium and high graphics offerings.

    It will still remain a far easier development environment verse making games for PC.
    You maintain the old long life span of consoles for people who want it while offering more up to date tech for the people who want that. (£400 every 3 years is still less then the PC elite shell out on hardware)

    As for the PS4K specifically I'm expecting it to have specs that can run all the current PS4 games at 1080p60 comfortably and then include a hardware up-scaler to give a 4K output, which could still result in a better image quality vs leaving the 4KTV to do the upscale.
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  • After 130 hours of play, someone's maxed out The Division

  • Moz 18/03/2016

    This has to have been a couple of people playing the same account surely. Reply +1
  • There's a problem with The Division's Dark Zone

  • Moz 18/03/2016

    It's the people who play for 10+ hours a day who are the real issue. The people who complain about the lack of end game content in this and many other similar games are the people with way too much time to play. They also seem to be the most vocal people.
    If they made the game so that there was enough content to fill 10 hours a day for weeks on end then the other 90% who don't have as much time would never get to experience the full game.
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  • Descent spiritual successor Overload releases playable demo

  • Moz 07/03/2016

    Looks interesting will have to give it s look. They have lots of backers but sadly their $50 - $100 bracket awards are a little lame not much incentive for people to go above the basic "get the game " tire unless they have money to burn on the higher tires Reply +2
  • It sounds like Xbox One will get hardware upgrades

  • Moz 01/03/2016

    @jasonchurch I think they are more talking about an upgraded version of the console rather then an add-on much like iPhones and iPads Reply 0
  • Moz 01/03/2016

    @SwissTony1994 For the different consoles at least there's zero reason not to have XB1 and XB2 players playing together. Reply 0
  • Moz 01/03/2016

    Called it when XB1 and PS4 were announced. Just following Apples lead.
    The gen of consoles have strong enough hardware that any games release in the next 10 years or more will be able to run with down-graded graphics compared to the "current" model of hardware.
    E.g. COD will be 900p on XB1 and then 1080p on XB1.2 but otherwise be the same game.

    Will mean the "next gen" consoles won't sell as fast at launch but they should keep a consistent sales level as some people will upgrade every gen and other every other gen like they do with Mobile phones at the moment
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  • It looks like Forza is heading to PC

  • Moz 01/03/2016

    For all the people who think this means XBox is dead is very wrong. The sales of XB1 and PS4 show that there is a plenty big enough market for dedicated consoles. And it's all down to simplicity of consoles. Even with the need to now install games on console it's still a lot easier to game on console then PC because you know the games you buy are just going to work. (with the exception of the odd bad release)
    This is just MS ending making exclusives soly for Xbox
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  • Five Nights at Freddy's World release date

  • Moz 14/01/2016

    so it'll be out a week before that then Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

  • Moz 09/12/2015

    @timeless001 Releasing the NTSC version in the UK probably isn't as simple as just releasing it, as it's technically a different version of the game it would likely need to go through rating board again, may even need the music re-licencing as that is often on a region by region basis Reply 0