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  • Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse: Episode Two is out now on PC, Mac and Linux

  • Moribundman 17/04/2014

    SHOCK! HORROR! I enjoyed the first episode and didn't encounter any bugs.

    I've had plenty of other games on the go (not least Telltales offerings, which while great, make the bugs and delays in this small British project seem trivial).

    Looking forward to picking up where I left off once the family are off hols and out of my hair!
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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity confirmed by Ubisoft with in-game footage

  • Moribundman 25/03/2014

    I suspect it will introduce some out there gameplay mechanics hitherto unseen in the series, as befits a solely next gen release.

    Will we see a more free-roam multiplayer mode a la GTA Online? That would be pretty good in AC games.

    And if GTA truly does live out a vision on next gen where Los Santos/Liberty City et al act as a free roam lobby AND the stage to enclosed small scale levels so the persistent online universe allows you to revisit cities from previous games, maybe Ubi could do the same with the AC series - have Assassins free roaming around Florence, Istanbul, Boston and able to jump into a team based co-op or traditional curated AC online scenario before disappearing into the animus and loading a Jerusalem or Acre deathmatch level from 500 years in the past...
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  • UK budget could end 69p cheeky cheapies

  • Moribundman 24/03/2014

    @Lemming81 I think people are negging the Scots Nationalism rather than his (other?) salient point. (I am sure Alex Salmond would never tax anything, let alone look for easy revenue generating targets like online gaming which large numbers of vote casting Scots couldn't gi a toss aboot, but this is not the place for that debate) Reply +3
  • Moribundman 24/03/2014

    @dancingrob They won't close such loopholes if they make any money for them or their pals, or if they see it as a legitimate con for high up Tory donors in good standing. Mobile gamers and TF players probably fall more outside the "give a shit" area of their political zen diagrams... Unlike "plain speaking" "hard working" people who like a "pint of pop" and a "spin at Mecca" who they are shitting themselves will vote UKIP left unchecked. Reply +3
  • Moribundman 24/03/2014

    It really needs to be made clear to the chancellor that as @edhe says you cannot charge value added tax on an intangible program... I assume the same goes for microtransactions, so Steam trading (which is already gimped UK-side due to the relative value of the pound vs the Euro or the Dollar), Team Fortress Keys, Simpsons Donuts et al will get slammed with the same bullshit. Reply -13
  • Moribundman 24/03/2014

    Look on the bright side proles - you don't have to pay tax on fucking bingo!

    (Fucking shithead Gideon)
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  • Two new Assassin's Creed games this year, one set in 18th century Paris

  • Moribundman 20/03/2014

    As I said earlier, this has apparently been in development for several years.

    To some extent I agree with the moaning about annual releases but I didn't find Black Flag wanting and this has been in development since before even AC3 was released.

    I strongly doubt the pics released even remotely resemble the finished game and I would urge lovely Ubi to make some sort of initial tease (whether they planned to or not) showing just how good I am sure this game looks just to counteract the naysayers pissing on UNOFFICIALLY LEAKED development screen grabs...
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  • Moribundman 20/03/2014

    Hoping "Comet" is Victorian London. :-) Reply 0
  • Moribundman 20/03/2014

    They have been working on this for a lot longer than the released shots suggest. I am talking well before AC3 came out. Reply 0
  • Google Chromecast launches in the UK today, priced £30

  • Moribundman 19/03/2014

    Seriously if I hadn't started playing GTA Online recently this would utterly negate my intention to renew my Gold sub in September. Sorry MS, Titanfall looks great and all, but I will be buying a PS4 next, not an Xbone, and when I do I will have media apps including iPlayer plus online gaming for free and the CHOICE of buying into a premium sub.

    On another note, 4oD, ITV Player, Demand 5 et al will all make their way to chromecast soonish I am sure.

    Amazon Live Video on the other hand is unlikely to, for the same (spiteful) non-reason it is currently unavailable for Android - Amazon, who want to sell Kindle Fires, released the app on those tablets (which run on a proprietry version of Android) but refused to release an app to the wider Android community (ie. by releasing it into the Play store). All queries regarding this are met with ambiguous to laughable responses by Amazon customer service (google them). Amazon went on to develop an app for iOS which has a smaller install base and requires more dev work than porting a Kindle app over to Android proper, so clearly this is everything to do with selling more Kindle Fires, and Amazon are clearly prioritising hardware sales over content sales and provision of service to their Prime subscribers who already have Android devices.

    I am 100% certain Amazon has a "Prime Live Video/Kindle Fire" branded dongle in the offing and intends to sell it to compete with Chromecast and this comes across as a stultifyingly petty minded attitude, especially given their open stance on Kindle apps, and Apple and Googles relatively sensible approach to each other of late.
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  • Broken Sword 5 Episode One hits App Store priced £2.99

  • Moribundman 18/03/2014

    And to bring all this to a crashing pedantic halt, Revolution have informed me via the medium of FB that the mobile versions of BS5 are the same price, but there was a time limited discount to £2.99 on iOS, so EG I believe they are both £4.99 contrary to your original story...? Reply +3
  • Moribundman 18/03/2014

    In somewhat related news - BS1 and BS2 currently discounted to 99p on iOS store (probably on account of them being SO OLD y'know?) with discounts to follow on Play store too. I will be purchasing both these again on Android for 69p (for the 5th time in the case of BS1!) Reply 0
  • Moribundman 18/03/2014

    @PinktotheLast You sir, do have a point. And that's why I happily forked out on the PC. I appreciate that they clearly have an issue with the Android release and should probably be urging everyone on that platform to buy it rather than complaining, but whereas I'd have been happy to purchase the game a second time at £2.99 as an impulse buy, £4.99 is a bit more of an ask for something I already own. "boofuckinghoo" the first world problems of trying to support a developer while not spunking my money down the drain are really piling up... Reply 0
  • Moribundman 18/03/2014

    @TarickStonefire And yeah, the Directors cut of Broken Sword (with the extra dialogue, scenes, artwork - essentially a dry run for BS5) was released 3rd September 2010. It's got fuck all to do with when it was released, those games AND the new one are all £2.99 on iOS and those games are £2.99 on Android but episode one of the new one is £4.99. Did I make myself clear that I already own this and simply object to paying an "Android tax" to buy in on mobile? Anyway, when I was a lad you could buy "brand new" Codemasters games for £1.99 from the newsagents, so paying £4.99 seems pricey to me in my first world ivory tower. Reply -1
  • Moribundman 18/03/2014

    @TarickStonefire Yeah miserly. I did mention I already bought this game for nearly £20 on the PC and wanted to support it again right? And that I have paid many times to buy this series. I bought Lure of the Temptress and Beneath a Steel Sky on the Amiga. My point is not that it is an unreasonable price point in and of itself, my point is that you surely cannot charge someone nearly twice the price based on their choice of phone/tablet.

    £4.99 is much cheaper than the £18.99 PC price (albeit that being for both episodes), but the same price should apply for both mobile platforms, just as it does with the other games in the series.
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  • Moribundman 18/03/2014

    Sorry, it costs £2.99 on iOS and £4.99 on Android? Because if so I'm afraid I am not going to buy it.

    I owned the original on PC in 1996, bought the second and (somewhat misguidedly) the third on release, and purchased BS1 on Game Boy Advance of all platforms, then the Directors cut on DS. Later I bought the set on Steam.

    I didn't buy BS5 through Kickstarter possibly due to misgivings over the 3D episodes, but I bought episode 1 on Steam and it is excellent. I would happily buy the Serpents Curse (part 1) on Android for £3 but I am not paying £5 for it for no good reason when my wife could buy it for her iPad for 2/5 less.

    1. This is half a (very good) game. £3 is reasonable - £5 is really effing pushing it.

    2. Perhaps Mr Cecil and co should set up a system for diehard fans wishing to show support who have already bought the game on PC whereby they get some sort of discount?

    Don't get me wrong - I appreciate Revolution converting the game(s) to Android. The Hector Games (bought by Telltale) never saw the light of day on the platform, and nor did either Monkey Island Special Edition, or the Simon the Sorceror games. I owned all on iOS but since I don't use it any more I don't have access to my purchases. I am glad Android is being taken more seriously (it should be - many many more people own an android device than own an apple one) but ensuring compatibility across multiple devices or whatever surely doesn't warrant charging almost double the price?

    edit: I just checked and BS1 & 2 are £2.99 on Android and full games, BS5 is £4.99 and half a game...? But nothing is mentioned anywhere about this, or microtransactions. Is the version on Android charging for the full game up front hence the price difference? Could EG clarify?
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  • Reclusive Rockstar accepts BAFTA Fellowship with speech

  • Moribundman 14/03/2014

    @ZiltoidtehOmniscient Console exclusivity deals? Seriously? The Microny Illuminati gather around their wicker owl and discuss how to boost profits by bunging R* money NOT to release GTA on PC (for a bit)?

    Since GTA3 they have built games with the console of the day in mind, pushing the limits of that hardware, with a PC conversion as an afterthought. It's not a great situation, but its hardly a conspiracy - that's like moaning you can't play Mario on your Xbox. You could if Nintendo chose to release their games cross platform, but they don't.

    R* could take the community modders who tweaked the GTAIV engine into the fold and have them work separately from the console build. Hell, the rumour is they have a team working on the PC/PS4/Xbone conversions together as a separate beast from the original release.

    Would be nice if they were a bit more open, but hey, it's Rockstar...
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  • Moribundman 13/03/2014

    I'm assuming GTA Online has been rewarded for its promise rather than the delivery so far, and now with a BAFTA under its belt, R* needs to make good on that promise. If they are indeed treating GTAO as a "separate title" from GTA V they need to start distinguishing it, rather than leaving it as merely a better implemented multiplayer mode than that of GTAIV.

    By this I mean do the following ASAP:

    1. Iron out existing bugs as a priority (which to be fair to them they seem to be doing).

    2. Get it on the PC and next gen, with a USP (most interested parties - or certainly any interested zealots - will have already got the 360 or PS3 version by now, so GTAV needs to launch on the other platforms with a beefed up iteration of GTA Online to drive sales, as well as the expected graphical/physics superiority).

    3. Flesh out the game world - reintroduce more minigames from GTA4 and RDR (they already brought back arm wrestling and darts, how about poker? pool? club dancing? um bowling? These would all be easily done - SA gyms could be reintroduced to build strength stats rather than launching a mission and punching a bus to grind!)

    4. Add other cities (if this is a "separate title" why should it be tethered to GTAVs environment? Patch in a souped up Liberty City, an expanded Lludendorf or Bullworth (even just as a death match or 1 race map perhaps). I can understand them wanting to save the likes of Vice City, Carcer City, San Fierro and Las Venturas for a separate single player campaign disc release with a bolt on online component that ties into the GTAO ecosystem, but how about giving owners of GTA4 Liberty City for Online free??

    BOTTOM LINE: There should be more to GTA Online than there is to GTA V.

    Why would I grind my way up the levels to buy/upgrade a car in Online if Franklin/Michael/Trevor already have millions of dollars and can download all the cars from any Online expansions for free, and fully upgrade them without denting their wallet? I like the way R* are being inclusive here, and it gives you an opportunity to test out whether you wish to buy a car or gun for your MP character, but maybe they could let you test drive a new car from a showroom before you pay ingame (or real) money for it? Same with weapons at a gun range? After all - you can try on clothes before you buy.

    Also on a similar tack, given the slow grind even to permanently purchase a pump shotgun (which can be obtained free from any cop car) or unlock a number of mundane launch garments, vehicles or hairstyles, getting BETTER cars/guns with full upgrade sets/half a wardrobe full of clothes FREE with permenant game updates that span multi and single player game (a la the Beach Bum pack). It all seems inconsistent and lopsided. Either EVERYTHING should be level locked unless its a time limited download like the Valentines pack, or the level locked items should be revised so that the cooler, more recent items become more "premium" and the mundane initial releases should be made more commonly available. There should also be more "exclusive" items like the tats, that can only be unlocked by winning certain events, so players can display bragging rights.

    I think the Beach Bum update overly spoiled us all with a plethora of free things we didn't earn or unlock (at least you have to pay for the items in the Business update) and everything you can unlock in GTAO is probably already unlocked by one of the protagonists by the end of GTAV's campaign. The two need to diverge if they are genuinely being treated as seperate projects. Period. We need a set of cars exclusive to online, minigames exclusive to online, guns exclusive to online, gameplay mechanics or locations exclusive to online etc etc

    Edit: By the way, I joined the Eurogamer Crew on there (FUTA) is that an official one? If so are there any 360 gamers who play regularly on here? I should get involved more socially but the above things do really frustrate me.
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  • Looks like Mafia 3 is set in Louisiana

  • Moribundman 12/03/2014

    Set when? Mafia started in the 1920s(?) and ended in the 1930s(?) (with the flash forward crossover sequence set in the 50s) Mafia 2 began in the 40s and ended in the 50s. The first borrowed loosely from Chicago and San Francisco, the second had a largely Los Angles vibe with a little New York thrown in. I am trying to think what sense of period and place or historic/movie references surround the Sicilian Cosa Nostra and Louisiana? Presumably this would be based on Carlos Marcello who rose to prominence in the 1940s? If Mafia 3 is to be set in the same era as a previous version will it take another step further away from the driving side of the game?

    Questions Questions.
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  • Moribundman 12/03/2014

    New Orleans, or New Orleans crossed with somewhere else given an alt-world name that seems vaguer than the specific satire of the GTA worlds? Reply 0
  • Tales from the Borderlands story, mechanics detailed

  • Moribundman 10/03/2014

    Does this mean Telltale episodes will be coming out every FOUR months (up from three, up from two, up from one...) and be 25% as long as they used to be?

    I love TWAU and TWD but for fucks sake Telltale. At least Sam & Max and Monkey Island used to get released more or less when you said they would.
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  • See how classic Nintendo games look with the Oculus Rift

  • Moribundman 10/03/2014

    Blurry? Reply 0
  • Matt Stone: South Park The Stick of Truth censorship "not that big a deal"

  • Moribundman 07/03/2014

    It's a decision made by Ubisoft, utterly disassociated from PEGI or South Park Studios. Some some boring fuck stick has self-censored a game for adults, in a territory which ostensibly BANS games for sale to minors (unlike the US).

    I know underage kids buy and are sold 18 certificate games, but technically it is illegal to sell these to them, and also against store policy in most retailers.

    Also as I said in the other thread, in film, TV, theatre, Europe has always been culturally more mature and sensible about nudity, sexuality, sex and profanity while taking a harder line on violence and gore. In the US culturally the exact opposite has been regarded to be true.

    SO the country where people are more sensitive to nudity, sex and profanity, and which is quite happy to sell an adult game to a child as their constitutional right, where taking a stance or having an opinion on abortion and sexuality can win or lose you political office or fame, gets an absolutely uncensored version of this game.

    UBISOFT, the publisher, not the game's artistic creators, not the national or pan-continental classification board and certainly not the audience, decide to get scissor-happy with the game, which is utterly pointless anyway, since the grown adults who they are "protecting" have all already been able to go on Youtube and see the differences for four days, permenantly scarring their fragile, vulnerable, impressionable adult minds forever with these graphic scenes. And their kids can go look at them completely out of context too.

    Forgive me, but Comedy Central whip even the shittest quality new TV show content down from YouTube quicker than it can be uploaded, so how come all of these scenes that Saint Ubi has excorcised from the game are freely available for stories to be written about? Is this some sort of Guerilla marketing from Ubi? Are they trying to build publicity over this, then plan to release a "patch" unlocking it in a weeks time after stories like this have been written "acknowledging their strategic error"? (But still in enough time not to damage sales)

    Fuck off Ubisoft. I was going to get the 360 version. Now I am going to save my money and might pick up the PC one in a Steam Sale much, much later.
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  • Hideo Kojima explains why Metal Gear's protagonist is called Solid Snake

  • Moribundman 06/03/2014

    Aaaah but he was made to LOOK more and more like Snake Plissken as the series went on what with the eyepatch... When Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (hurhur) was released in 1990 he looked like an 80s action hero a la Michael Biehn. It wasn't until the rerelease that they redrew Snake to look like he does now . In fact per the MGS (1998) Wikipedia page character designer Yoji Shinkawa said "Solid Snake's physique in this particular installment was based on Jean-Claude Van Damme, while his facial appearance was based on Christopher Walken".

    Still I suppose this is more what he looks like and not where his name came from.

    The big question should be is Kojima aware of the double entendre/hentai connotations of a solid snake? ;-)
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  • South Park: The Stick of Truth videos reveal censored content

  • Moribundman 04/03/2014

    Having seen how they operate in the past, I am sure Ubisoft focus grouped the fuck out of this.

    It amuses me to think of them showing scenes such as the above to a group of randomly gathered "games fans" of all ages in a darkened room in different countries while someone behind one way glass takes copious notes of the discussion and comments generated...
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  • Moribundman 04/03/2014

    I would like to see a written explanation and apology from Ubisoft, seriously.

    They think the Bible Belt can take a game full of abortions and homosexuality but someone in a continent which since time immemorial has generally exhibited a greater tolerance and emotional maturity towards sex, sexuality, nudity, bad language and religious taboos in film and other media than it has to violence, in stark contrast with the United States which has consistently demonstrated the opposite.

    In short, Americans are traditionally squeamish about sex and taboos but gloss over or outright ignore worrying levels of violence, while Europeans on the whole are more blasé about full frontal nudity/pubes/bumsex/saying cunt a lot and more concerned with the propagation of violence in the media.

    And yet they censor this is Europe.

    Sorry that was verging on eloquent and wasn't intended to be.

    Fuck your arses Ubisoft. And then have Matt and Trey write a fucking screen telling us aqbout it.

    Edit: Negged by Murica?
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  • Moribundman 04/03/2014

    Oh OK. Sorry, I forgot we all piss our pants about abortion in this continent whereas the Americans are all on board with it and on the whole much more tolerant.

    Fuck your market decisions Ubi.
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  • BioWare "discussed" Mass Effect PS4/Xbox One remasters

  • Moribundman 03/03/2014

    I should add, I would buy remasters of these if at a single game price for all three and actually capitalising on the new tech rather than just a cheapo port.

    Same goes for GTA 4&5 (maybe bringing Liberty City into GTA Online) and remastered earlier Assassins Creed games.

    Oh yes and per @lukejones Oblivion, Skyrim but most of all MORROWIND. That unofficial PC Skywind mod should get bought out by Bethesda and invested in for a proper release.
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  • Moribundman 03/03/2014

    So it really is this generations Star Wars... A promising first part, a stunning, darker second part, a divisive third part that many were unhappy with.

    Now endless tinkering with the ending and the "special effects" for the anniversary of the release of the first episode (only they presumably would release the "special edition" on the 10th anniversary of ME1 rather than SW's twentieth anniversary).
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  • Another update for GTA Online is coming next week

  • Moribundman 03/03/2014

    Open the Casino with the next DLC R*! And include expansion pack sized SP content with equivalent tie in DLC for online.

    The Grand Opening of the casino and a casino heist plus a shootout at the racetrack would be great SP setpieces.

    I'm sure they would love to have a casino where we can spend our microtransaction cash and fuel gambling addictions! Something along the lines of New Vegas' casinos with a slick R* interface - the Poker game is already in Red Dead, reskin it, add Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Slot Machines and for good measure Horse Racing at the track (using RDR horse models - maybe make horses ridable in the wilderness too).
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  • Mob Wives star claims Grand Theft Auto 5 ripped off her life

  • Moribundman 27/02/2014 Don't know why someone negged this. It's just as frigging annoying in the other direction, and your argument is sound! (The bit about people judging Americans that is. Not the bit about her having a point. My reaction to which, see above.) Reply 0
  • Moribundman 27/02/2014

    Next up, Simon Cowell (who has a new show coming out soon) to sue Lazlow for stealing his format with Fame or Shame... Reply 0
  • And the new boss of Xbox is...

  • Moribundman 25/02/2014

    Oh dear, they can't sell enough Xbones to customers so they want to sell the whole brand to someone like Amazon?


    Does that mean Sony and Google will get into bed together?
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  • Another Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag DLC launches today

  • Moribundman 12/02/2014

    Getting all the preorder costumes with the season pass was nice, and I think overall I prefer Freedom Cry as "a thing" to the King Washington DLC for AC3, but seriously ONE fairly substantial SP DLC and some pre-done pre-order fripperies aren't worth the season pass (bearing in mind I am signed up for acinitiates to a high level and my participation in MP from Brotherhood to AC4 is conspicuous by its absence. Another DLC episode from Adewale, Aveline or Ade's grandson would round the season pass off nicely.

    Oh and come on Ubi, chuck in the Wilkinson Sword Figurehead and Dr Pepper cleaver weapons to the season pass (anyone outside US who doesn't have these - google Schick/Dr Pepper AC4 promo to get a code).
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  • EA Sports UFC preview: The MMA genre re-disputed

  • Moribundman 10/02/2014

    “Play EA Sports UFC by day, Joe Rogan Podcast by night! All Day!” Reply +6
  • Star Wars 1313 trademark abandoned

  • Moribundman 20/01/2014

    @Shakey_Jake33 That true? They're just going to carry on as if Mara Jade/Thrawn etc never existed?

    Oooh dear. It will be a time of geek civil war, of which we have not known the like.
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  • How to get the Assassin's Creed Liberation HD discount

  • Moribundman 15/01/2014

    I can confirm that the discount is not applied at point of sale at Have not attempted it from my console or via AC4 yet... Reply +1
  • The Wolf Among Us will be among us in February

  • Moribundman 15/01/2014

    Surely it would be reasonable to expect an explanation for why season pass owners paid for something as long ago as September and haven't heard a thing since?

    This was supposed to be a monthly release game bridging 300 days and TWD2 releases wasn't it?

    Even if they just said "we had problems porting to a specific platform which hampered simultaneous release on all formats" they wouldn't have to be specific but at least we'd all know to hate apple.
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  • HMV's flagship Oxford Street store shuts down today

  • Moribundman 13/01/2014

    Oh and while we're at it - everyone should be frequenting the Rathbone Place CeX. It's a little tucked away but that place has a heck of a lot of history down there. Was it the first one? I remember the old ads in computer mags, Dennis Publishing is also down Rathbone place, and Charlie Brooker moved from working for that CeX to working for PC Zone. They still have one of his cartoons up above the door :-)

    CeX is the last shop to buy computery stuff in that gives online a run for its money and their business model means they can have a high street presence without totally ripping you off.

    They are a bit like Sainsburys or H&M though, pumping a smell into all their stores, except instead of Fresh bread or that ghastly H&M smell, they pump the smell of unwashed gamer crotch through their AC ;-)
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  • Moribundman 13/01/2014

    @BeardedGamerUK Forbidden Planet is actually just behing New Oxford Street now on Shaftesbury Avenue and is a relatively big, pretty healthy store. Sadly Waterstones on Oxford Street was knocked down in the interests of Crossrail, and Zavvi (formerly Virgin Megastore) on the corner of TCR was got rid too, and is now a fucking Primark. There is a lot going on around Oxford Street and St James area at the moment though, and when Crossrail is done I think they will be turfing out most of the cheapo short rent stores (the souvenir shit, the mobile fascias/calling cards, the MSG "food" shops and the perfume shops that are having a closing down sale with "free" stuff every week) and gentrifying the area with high end retail stuff. I live in hope that book shops, music shops and video/gaming/electronics shops will form part of this rebirth like the vegetation returning after a nuke...

    Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road is undergoing a MASSIVE relocation to the purpose done up building next door, I wish them every success.
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  • Moribundman 13/01/2014

    On the bright side, if you want to buy some complete and utter London tourist SHIT you could always go to the old Picadilly HMV. The flea market tat vendors squatting in there really have no expense... spent... Reply +3
  • Moribundman 13/01/2014

    This is all because those cunty fucking kids that play outside cannae work computers to make things come in the post, isn't it? All these geek/muso shops being bought out by discount plimpsole peddlars... Reply 0
  • Moribundman 13/01/2014

    The HMV on Picadilly Circus closed last year (the Zavvi/prev Virgin/nee Tower Records also on Picadilly Circus closed two or three years ago).

    Not to worry, there's still a massive uncomfortably cramped Sports Direct (sort of but sort of not still trading under the Lillywhite's store banner) on Lickawilly Suckuss...
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  • Xbox One and Xbox 360 to get original TV shows early 2014

  • Moribundman 16/12/2013

    Might as well get something out of the dog end of my Gold sub before I go out and get my PS4... ;-)

    edit: That is of course unless they think they can charge me money for this on top of Gold, in which case HAHAHAHAHAHA.
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  • Fallout 4 is in development, set in Boston - report

  • Moribundman 12/12/2013

    Re: a UK Fallout... Sadly not. This is the same argument as for anyone saying they should make a GTA not set in the USA - there are two very big reasons why you won't get your wish: while we think we'd be delighted, the US and rest of world market would potentially be more resistant to buying a triple A franchise title that indulged our little nation rather than the US with whom most everyone is at least vaguely familiar, and they would not get any in-jokes and ironic references to localised history. (If it were to be set in the UK, you'd want a UK team working on it otherwise it'd all be red phone boxes and chimney sweeps... Jesus, I played Broken Sword 5 the other day and York-based Revolution managed to f**k up the South bank of the Thames and make Battersea a sleazy neighbourhood, so God knows how cringeworthy a Maryland based concoction of alt-London would be. Bodes well for 1886 the Order, eh? ;-)

    In addition to lack of general awareness or engagement with the UK (or anywhwere else) globally, in the Fallout universe the UK is not a major player. It would be nice to see a cameo mission overseas in the UK (or better yet, somewhere iconic in China or the Chinese dominated Soviet Union) in the same way we visited Alaska in FO3.

    Finally the whole point of GTA (and Fallout) is that is satirically studies the mentality of a particular nation taken to extremes and stretched just a little further than our reality. The United States of America is the main character running through both the Fallout and GTA franchises.

    On a sidenote, this is what made DC a fascinating location for a Fallout game - with the rich historical significance and national importance, and for the same reason Boston would make an awesome setting for a Fallout game. There were naysayers for the DC setting after all prior Fallouts were Westcoast based, and Bethesda could work wonders with Boston. Remember - DC is a very, very young historic city even by American standards, while Boston is one of the very oldest and richest settings, which would benefit from a warped Falloutification and some focus.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Pirates review

  • Moribundman 06/12/2013

    Its a lovely little game, carrying across the ship combat from AC3/4 relatively in tact and reminded me a lot of the GTA phone conversions, minus the fiddly on foot controls - and beautifully free of IAPs.

    My S4 has got fat-battery disease at the moment so while I wait to see if the £8 "official" battery I bought on Amazon turns out to be the real deal/try to get a free replacement from my nearest Samsung service Centre without my original receipt I would appreciate being able to play on my 2012 Nexus 7. Next patch Ubi?

    I'd also like to see some sort of intergration with uPlay or whereby you can unlock cosmetic ingame bits in AC4 - they've done it with all the figures, books, button up shirts(!) etc...
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  • The Walking Dead: Season Two includes another returning character

  • Moribundman 03/12/2013

    They shouldn't be releasing TWAU and TWD at the same time - TWAU ep 2 has clearly been delayed (based on previous schedules) and I can only assume it is because they are trying to rush their big money spinner out of the door, and that this will lead to both games suffering as a result... Reply 0
  • Next Assassin's Creed will be "much more" next-gen

  • Moribundman 20/11/2013

    I know based on personal observation that Ubi keep at least 2 AC games in the pipeline beyond each release to one extent or another. I am curious as to how they intend to show off the next gen aspect of the next game. Reply 0
  • Xbox One: what you get for Xbox Live Gold

  • Moribundman 20/11/2013

    I have a 360, I rarely ever play multiplayer games, but I already pay for netflix and a TV Licence (not Sky) I watch Netflix, 4od and iPlayer. Sorry, but I don't wish to pay Microsoft to view my already paid for services on my TV. I can unplug the HDMI cable from my Xbox, stick it into my laptop and happy days. (And PS4 it is come the new year) Reply +2
  • Assassin's Creed 4 DLC will let you play as Blackbeard

  • Moribundman 20/11/2013

    Although I will add to that, that either there is a diehard section of ardent multiplayer fans who aren't very noisy or most AC fans don't give a shit about it.

    I recently reviewed my stats across all the games and noted that I have 0% for MP in every single one from Brotherhood onwards (played the tutorial, seemed nice but I am not a multiplayer gamer).

    If they released a SP only AC game it would sell a lot of copies. If they released an MP only one they would only muster MODERATE sales if they tied a bribe into it (unlock stuff in the separate SP game... Major franchise plot advancements...)
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