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  • Pirated games don't die

  • Moonbender 20/04/2003

    Apparently, idiots never die, either. Reply 0
  • Galactic Civilizations

  • Moonbender 19/04/2003

    Actual gameplay shots are on page 2. They look pretty bland, but of course, 4X games usually do. Reply 0
  • Xbox Live tops 50K in Europe

  • Moonbender 17/04/2003

    Lack of broadband in Europe? There's no lack of broadband in Europe anymore, I'm pretty sure broadband availability is about as high as in the States. It's not available everywhere, but that's not really anyone's goal at the moment.
    There are more than 3.5 million DSL links in Germany alone, which is relatively (per capita) more than in the USA. (Of coure, DSL is more or less the only broadband link broadly available in Germany, while the USA have a lot of cable links.) Considering how Germany is more of an urbanised country than the USA, I'd venture to say broadband is available to more people here than there, but that's a guess.
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  • Fire Chief

  • Moonbender 17/04/2003

    I'm very pessimistic, but it's purty. Reply 0
  • TOCA competition winners

  • Moonbender 17/04/2003

    Right, I've not won anything since the awful Task Force dagger.

    Well, I haven't won anything, ever, so kindly stop bitching. ;)
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  • OpFlash 2 on the cards

  • Moonbender 16/04/2003

    The PR image in question. Reply 0
  • Galaxies gets tenth planet

  • Moonbender 14/04/2003

    This will possibly be great for people who like MMRPGs, but I see a lot of casual players flock toward this because it is Star Wars after all and they are in for a major surprise. The level treading mill will be in as it is in every single other MMRPG, and John will no doubt question the point of it all. Reply 0
  • Raven Shield hits 1.1

  • Moonbender 14/04/2003

    Played it last week with a couple of mates, co-op in a LAN. Best co-op play in a long, long time. I placed a breaching charge, two threw a flashbang, three took out the dazzled terrorists. Reply 0
  • Top Gun Combat Zones

  • Moonbender 12/04/2003

    This is what console gamers call a "flight sim". You know, like Flanker 2.5 and Falcon 4. It's also got more polygons than Falcon 4, so it's most likely better. Reply 0
  • Freelancer

  • Moonbender 11/04/2003

    Just to give some contrast, I thought Freelancer was terrible. Utterly horrible, 8/10 only on a scale where 10 means "sucks!" The space fighting was okay, I liked the controls although they are just a pretty shallow clone of Tachyon's - at least they're intuitive.
    The story is line is pathetic, too, it literally combines all bad cliches into one horrible bunch, fittingly represented by totally cliched voice acting. What's worse, and perhabs my own fault, I frigging didn't want a story line owning the game, I was expecting meaningful free-form gameplay, which means interesting standard missions and lots of sidequests with small storylines.
    The weapons are abysmal, with no variation at all, just the same three to five guns at various power levels, and the role playing, wait, there is no role playing.
    The graphics are terrible, too, which is of course to be expected from a game with such a long development cycle and such low system requirements.

    I could go on for hours, I was extremely disappointed because I looked forward to this game big time.
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  • Neighbours From Hell gets release date

  • Moonbender 09/04/2003

    *stares blankly*


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  • 3dfx Voodoo 5 6000

  • Moonbender 09/04/2003

    Yes! Let us resurrect this ghoulish thread and start a new terrible regime of evil. Reply 0
  • Valve/Activision to release Day of Defeat

  • Moonbender 07/04/2003

    More than a year? Basically all games take more than a year to develop, no? Reply 0
  • Moonbender 07/04/2003

    DOD is great, easily one of the best HL mods - but this is still getting ridiculous. And I certainly wouldn't shell out any money for it. Reply 0
  • Worms 3D

  • Moonbender 07/04/2003

    Soldat is similar to Liero, as well. Kind of the Counterstrike version - CTF gameplay, "realistic" weapons. Great internet gameplay, at times. Reply 0
  • Railroad Tycoon 3 this autumn

  • Moonbender 07/04/2003

    Transport Tycoon was great, agreed. Industry Giant I and II were quite similar, and I thought at least the first one was quite good (never played the second one, I think). However, the English-speaking press didn't seem either too much - the Germans certainly did (it's a German developer). You might want to try it, if you haven't already.

    As for Railroad Tycoon 3 - yay! I loved RT 2, I just hope they don't mess up in the transition to 3D. 3D can be great, but keep it isometric! Oh well. Sidenote, I played RT2, but RT1 was my worst enemy on the Atari ST. It was all English, and I didn't speak a word of it back then (I was, like, 8). Not exactly a game that explains itself. :)
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  • EVE Online

  • Moonbender 29/10/2002

    The beta has only just started, and with only 5000 testers to boot. They'll gradually raise the number, so you'll end up in it eventually, as will I. Reply 0
  • Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

  • Moonbender 29/10/2002

    Oh and do keep in mind this is for the PC version. No clue as to whether the PS2 version features the same music. Reply 0
  • Moonbender 29/10/2002

    Eh? Good old-fashioned American rock tunes? The PC version must have different music, then, cause the tracks certainly aren't old-fashioned rock ... most of them are the kind of metal that seems to be in right now, which I don't usually like, but which does suit the racing athmosphere extremely well. And then there are a couple of nice electronic tunes. I actually ripped them yesterday (they were in some kind of EA propietary format) ... here's a track listing, if anyone's interested:

    00 - Bush - The People That We Love.mp3
    01 - The Buzzhorn - Ordinary.mp3
    02 - Course of Nature - Wall of Shame.mp3
    03 - Hot Action Cop - Fever For The Flava.mp3
    04 - Hot Action Cop - Going Down On It.mp3
    05 - Pulse Ultra - Build Your Cages.mp3
    06 - Rush - One Little Victory.mp3
    07 - Uncle Kracker - Keep It Coming.mp3
    08 - Matt Ragan - Bundle of Clang.mp3
    09 - Matt Ragan - Cone Of Silence.mp3
    10 - Matt Ragan - Flam Dance.mp3
    11 - Humble Brothers - Black Hole.mp3
    12 - Humble Brothers - Brakestand.mp3
    13 - Humble Brothers - Sphere.mp3
    14 - Cykloid - ROM.mp3
    15 - Bush - The People That We Love (Instrumental).mp3
    16 - The Buzzhorn - Ordinary (Instrumental).mp3
    17 - Course of Nature - Wall of Shame (Instrumental).mp3
    18 - Hot Action Cop - Fever For The Flava (Instrumental).mp3
    19 - Hot Action Cop - Going Down On It (Instrumental).mp3
    20 - Pulse Ultra - Build Your Cages (Instrumental).mp3
    21 - Rush - One Little Victory (Instrumental).mp3
    22 - Uncle Kracker - Keep It Coming (Instrumental).mp3
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  • Earth & Beyond hidden by EA

  • Moonbender 30/09/2002

    E&B is crap anyway, so it's no loss. Reply 0
  • Battlefield 1942

  • Moonbender 29/09/2002

    Rawr, I nearly bought this yesterday (and in one of the battlefields, too, visiting my brother in Berlin ;), but I didn't have enough money with me. And just now the Asheron's Call beta went open, so I'm gonna be busy. (w0000t) :)

    But I guess all is well, sounds like the game will still be played in a month or two, and by then the netcode and other buggy parts will hopefully be fixed. I liked the demo a lot, although I did feel like the game wasn't polished enough, somehow - it all was a little bit rough. Maybe the UT demo spoiled me.
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  • X02: Complete Coverage

  • Moonbender 25/09/2002

    Yes absolutely facinating stuff, how about those patches for insert name of game here.

    Patches are a good thing, I wouldn't want to use a system without them. Patches are what made the €35 I paid for Half-Life worth easily 10 to 20 times their money. Not to mention that patches are simply a necessity to any online game. You know, online, that's the place where you play games with more than 4 people.
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  • Moonbender 25/09/2002

    Well, I didn't intend to blame or critisize anyone for reporting all the X02 rubbish, I'm quite sure it's necessary, but it's still boring. :) Reply 0
  • Moonbender 25/09/2002

    Razz ... wasn't referring to your video, but rather to the X02 rubbish dominating the site. Reply 0
  • Moonbender 25/09/2002

    Boooring! Reply 0
  • Earth And Beyond

  • Moonbender 25/09/2002

    Well, it's shipping now in the USA, I'd assume it won't be long till it's available in Europe as well, although of course you never know, especially with MMRGPs. Reply 0
  • X02: Xbox Live European launch details

  • Moonbender 24/09/2002

    Thanks Razz. Reply 0
  • Moonbender 24/09/2002

    I'm referring to the photo of a pie chart on Razz's link.

    Ah, I see. Couldn't access today, but I vaguely remember seeing it the last time.
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  • Medieval: Total War

  • Moonbender 24/09/2002

    Well, I like it. Reply 0
  • Moonbender 24/09/2002

    I think he was referring Razz's link which is, indeed, a bit of a spoiler. And it's pretty much true, too, the story isn't the epitome of rationale, but the fact remains that I was totally immersed into and, frankly, horrified by the movie in spite (or ignorant of) all the alogical parts. I only started caring for them when I was save again, after seeing the movie.
    But I'm a wuss, maybe real men aren't immersed and horrified. =)
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  • Moonbender 24/09/2002

    Cheers Nem, Signs owns! Reply 0
  • Whirl Tour

  • Moonbender 24/09/2002

    Hey but apparently Visionary Philosophers like chocolate. I like chocolate. So obviously, they never err! Reply 0
  • Moonbender 24/09/2002

    Your IQ score is 136 ... yeah right, and not only that, but we can tell your Intellectual Type is a Visionary Philosopher. I'm sure my parents will be pleased. o_O Reply 0
  • Cube Summoned

  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    :P Reply 0
  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    It's plain HTML, ie <a href="url">pretty red link</a>, <i>italics</i> and <b>bold</b>.

    And as for cats, a friend recently sent me this disturbing movie.
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  • Paris occupied by Germans

  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    I only just got it after Gestalt added the "throwing" part. :P Reply 0
  • What's New?

  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    Sounds like the two of you have the most exiting jobs in the world. :) Reply 0
  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    Well, I know that SAS is some sort of statistics software and not short for Special Air Service. :) Reply 0
  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    Nah, I don't really have a profession right now. :) I'll start studying computer science in a few weeks, though, where PHP will fit right in. Reply 0
  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    Yeah, that's PHP doing its thing. :) Reply 0
  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    You're right, it didn't work with spaces, and sam was right in saying that putting a "+" where a space would be fixes it. However, don't do that anymore, the program now does it automagically, so it works now with spaces. I think. :)
    And otto was also right in pointing out it's not case sensitive at all, fixed that, I don't know what gave me the idea.
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  • Moonbender 22/09/2002

    Exactly, that's the problem. My script isn't smart enough to see that first bill wasn't you. :)
    The scale of the graph was, in fact, buggy, thanks for pointing me there, it's fixed now.
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  • Moonbender 22/09/2002

    It should work for non-registred users, but there's probably some bug. I'll look into it. Reply 0
  • Moonbender 22/09/2002

    Glad you folks like it. If anybody at EG wants to host it, that's great, it'd certainly speed up the retrieval. ;) Reply 0
  • Moonbender 22/09/2002

    Moonbender's one and only EuroGamer post count fetish! analyzer, when Microsoft Word just doesn't cut it anymore. Enjoy. And don't break it. :P Reply 0
  • Moonbender 21/09/2002

    I get 3273 comments by skal, and 5428 by Gestalt. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer appoints new Editor

  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    Gestalt, Halo review.

    Yes, well, I know, I was kind of kidding. :) People always said that Gestalt is only slagging off games in the comments to reviews of Halo, Black & White, Mafia, et al, but he's had his share of rave reviews - just look at his GTA3 for PC review.
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  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    See? Gestalt never made a positive comment about a game in his entire EG career - now that's a cynic! Reply 0
  • Moonbender 23/09/2002

    Sad to see you go, John, although now I can finally hope for fair reviews of MMRPGs ... ;)
    And hello to Kristan "?" Reed!
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  • UT2003 goes gold!

  • Moonbender 20/09/2002

    In fact they did adjust the gold version according to feedback, but generating feedback isn't really the point of a demo, anyways. But yeah, there will be patches, and I wouldn't want to be without them. Playing a static game totally sucks, in Counterstrike the days of new betas were always pretty thrilling. Reply 0