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  • America's Army US-only

  • Moogrose 13/06/2007

    all the usual EG peep bullshit aside, i for one am rather dissapointed... was looking forward to this.

    however the orginal americas army game was released over here, so why do this now? i can't believe they would let down such a large market, certainly for GRAW anyway... very odd.

    EDIT: I crap at english
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  • America's Army for 360

  • Moogrose 12/06/2007

    FFS, we've seen nothing of it yet - lets not speculate eh? Reply 0
  • Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

  • Moogrose 30/05/2007

    Indeed. looking forward to this one. very much. Reply 0
  • Worms DLC tomorrow

  • Moogrose 29/05/2007

    They recently did lemmings for PSN ;)

    /is being a bastard.
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  • Moogrose 29/05/2007

    @Leviathan: I understand where you're coming from, to an extent. but i don't measure the value of a product by how much time, money and expertise went into making it...

    i can tell you this, i have gotten far more value from my 45 euro purchase of worms then i did from my 60 euro purchase of gears of war. but thats just me, its all personal you see... but my point stands, that anything under a couple of euros to the likes of gamers who spend the kind of money gamers do on the next gen systems, it's just not alot of money. at all.

    that said, to you perhaps its not worth it for the value and pleasure you derive from this "re-hashed" version of worms, well then, thats on you isn't it? and thats ok... but you can't convice me that its pricey.
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  • Moogrose 29/05/2007

    i fail to see how you can see these new maps as expensive, i bought the psp version of worms for 45 euros... and i bought the orginal download of Worms XBLA for under 10 euros... a couple of extra euros for some new maps seems fair.

    that said, at under 2 euros a map i'm not quite sure that expensive is even the right word - in the netherlands, where you pay to take a pee in a public place, thats worth about 3 bathroom breaks.

    cheap bastards.
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  • Worms

  • Moogrose 19/03/2007

    just my 2 cents, but i think its a fantastic game - i also own the psp version, but this just looks fab on a high-def telly. the mrs and i have had a good 'ol time of it together on the couch, and had a couple of solid online games.

    best XBLA title to date, and its a sin that a game like pacman gets a 8 while this gets a 6 - absolutely nuts.
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  • PS3 Home began on PS2

  • Moogrose 13/03/2007

    @disc and beano

    fair points both, and i agree. on beanos point... i just don't think its the most effective way to get people playing games, which is why i find it still slightly dubious.

    ulitmately i hope sony implement a xbox live like system on top of, or next to, home - for me the the whole idea of home is just a turn off.

    which is probably what it comes down to - personal preference. and yes, i agree - its fantastic they have it for the casual gamers out there, i just hope we have the choice for that - or a more integrated, live like system to work with.
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  • Moogrose 13/03/2007

    Which is exactly why they unveiled it at the GDC, and why they were talking about that aspect of Home at it's first unveiling.

    We may see more of what we the consumer end, get out of it in more detail at E3.

    Point taken... but sony are milking the good press to the consumer, for me that good press is still without foundation.
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  • Moogrose 13/03/2007

    Who's mongoose?

    You wouldn't believe how many times i get called mongoose on live :)
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  • Moogrose 13/03/2007


    no its not the same thing though is it. look, firstly i do apreciate that sony is stepping up and doing something online... i'm just not sure the direction is right. if you still have to jump out of games to go chat with a buddy or do an invite then whats the point really? - i'm holding back still to see what exactly they come up with, but as it stands it looks like a very spiffy marketing gimmic.

    this is how sony is selling it to publishers, take a read of the pdf on sonys site for 3rd party relations: Third Party Relations.pdf
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  • Moogrose 13/03/2007

    am i one of the few that just doesn't get it. i mean if i want to play a game - then i'll go play a game, if i want ot watch a video, i'll do that - why should i want to walk around in some virtual world to do so.

    i've not seen anything that it actually adds to any experience, it merely distracts - and it's a great advertising oppurtunity for the publishers...

    it just strikes me as silly is all.
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  • GRAW 2 storms to the top

  • Moogrose 13/03/2007

    well deserved for GRAW 2 IMHO Reply 0
  • Battlestations DLC tomorrow

  • Moogrose 28/02/2007



    +1 and all that...
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  • Moogrose 28/02/2007

    yes yes... the point for me is not only when the content is coming (so close to release) but the amount of points attached to said content so close to release (and for a one SP map and one MP map and some new war machines)...

    even 400 pnts would be more reasonable considering...

    i'd also imagine that this may split the MP game again into those who have it and those who don't, which also strikes me as odd, again - so close to release.
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  • Moogrose 28/02/2007

    i do love this game, it is excellent once you get the hang of it... but its as short as shit in SP and most of the MP maps are uninspired, although still good fun... i would say that this close to its release, asking 600 points for this content is taking the piss... IMHO. Reply 0
  • No Live Arcade game tomorrow

  • Moogrose 20/02/2007

    XBLA need more attention from microsoft, it seems as though they got loads of games in the pipeline and then they pull of this shit... Reply 0
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

  • Moogrose 12/02/2007

    @Ceatlan - yup. on the highest difficulty setting you got none of that power up shit or after spin option... so just raw old golf. and its hard. very very hard. Reply 0
  • Eye On '07: Xbox 360

  • Moogrose 02/01/2007

    Didn't see Battlestations: Midway in that list... one i am personally looking forward to...

    /likes planes and boats
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  • Brothers in Arms: D Day

  • Moogrose 22/12/2006

    Excellent game... once you get a hang of the controls it all really comes together. Although its the same levels and what not... i played through both RTH30 and EIB along time ago, it feels wonderful to do those levels over on the psp. Reply 0
  • Medal of Honor: Heroes

  • Moogrose 21/12/2006

    Just got Brothers in Arms:D-Day yesterday... and its good fun, while the controls do take some getting used to, once you got 'em its marvelous.

    All the good 'ol levels from the previous two games.

    Looks good too for a psp game.

    /loves BIA
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  • Ford Street Racing: LA Duel

  • Moogrose 15/12/2006

    Will you guys be reviewing Brothers in Arms:D-Day?... what with all the ads and evrything :) Reply 0
  • Battlestations: Midway

  • Moogrose 14/12/2006

    Lovely, really looking forward to this after the preview video that hit the XBL Marketplace. Reply 0
  • This week's XBLA release

  • Moogrose 12/12/2006

    @fizzer25 - Instead of hijacking this thread with your silly questions, check out the thread i hijacked with my silly questions towards spadge (Team 17 employee for those who don't know)

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  • More titles on PS3 Store

  • Moogrose 11/12/2006


    Cannon Fodder announced for PSP
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  • Moogrose 11/12/2006

    /bows to spadge and kisses feet.

    I do hope you've not scared him off with that ;)
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  • Moogrose 11/12/2006

    But Worms is owned by Team 17.

    Exactly, and spadge works at Team 17. thus the question about worms - which has already been "announced" for XBLA.
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  • Moogrose 11/12/2006

    re Lemmings on XBLA, doubt it, Lemmings is owned by Sony.

    Indeed, i realise this - and was actually asking about WORMS ;)
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  • Moogrose 11/12/2006


    I do hope worms is on its way to XBLA soon... like, very soon... er, is it?


    EDIT: Is this considered a hijack? i wouldn't know, but it may be my first of many where spadge partakes in the conversation.
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  • Wii outsells PS3 in the USA

  • Moogrose 11/12/2006

    ANother in a long line of misleading reports from the media.

    MS sold as many 360s as they could ship. (@$300-$400)
    Ninty sold as many Wiis as they could ship. (@$250-ish)
    Sony sold as many PS3s as they could ship.(@$500-$600)

    Thought your prices were misleading ;)
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  • MS tackling fake Live accounts?

  • Moogrose 29/11/2006


    They are just blocking the downloads... as reported everywhere else on the net, not closing down the acccounts!

    get a grip people. you hear! :)
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  • PS3 software tie-in ratio rubbish

  • Moogrose 14/11/2006

    its probably more to do with people buying it for blu-ray movie use rather than games..

    now that will fuck sony

    Um, considering they have a great deal of interest in blue ray succeeding (and collect royalties on each disc)... i don't think it will actually - you know - fuck them.
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  • PSP owners will need 3.0 firmware to connect with PS3

  • Moogrose 09/11/2006

    @DiscoMike... you may be thinking about a back compat update... but there were no OS updates on day 1 for the 360... the first update was early this year. Reply 0
  • Worms XBLA nearly finished

  • Moogrose 09/11/2006

    I still play worms on the psp... if its that version (with randomly generated playing fields)... but in HD, widescreen and with online play... i will happily part with 20 - 30 euros for it.

    its worth it.

    /demands screenshot... please :)
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  • Moogrose 09/11/2006

    lovely... can't wait. Reply 0
  • 360 has the advantage - Ubisoft

  • Moogrose 01/11/2006

    By the way, does anyone else think Wii is not that good value for money from a purely hardware point of view?

    Yes, at 250 euros its only 50 euros cheaper then the 360 core... which is a bit of a joke considering whats inside each. I reckon microsoft should drop the core price by 50 euros and take advantge of that.
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  • Japan to get Wii with DVD player

  • Moogrose 31/10/2006

    A game shop in my city (The Hague) actually refused stocking the micro because of nintendos continous upgrades and bad retailer support... now they upgrading the damn things before they even out...

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  • PS3: Ask Us Questions

  • Moogrose 30/10/2006

    what are the graphical capabilities (in these early, work in progress games) compared to the 360? Reply 0
  • GRAW 2 announced

  • Moogrose 25/10/2006

    We don't yet know what GRAW 2 is... could be the regular GR follow up game with a lower price... like GR2 had summit strike. OR original GR had island thunder etc...

    that said i do look forward to it... but i am dissapointed bythe BIA delay.

    /is big GRAW fan
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  • PS3 shipment figures in doubt

  • Moogrose 23/10/2006

    One would hope that the can't deliver the numbers (annouced much earlier), otherwise why delay the euro launch... Reply 0
  • PS3 launch line-up unveiled

  • Moogrose 20/10/2006

    That said, Tiger Woods 07 has to be the fugliest launch title - and it is identical to the 360 version to boot. For some reason, the 'next gen' versions look crap even compared to the current gen versions.

    I'm not sure you've played the current and next gen versions with a statement like that... the 360 version is without a doubt much prettier (with large crowds to boot).
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  • Mizuguchi defends Lumines 360

  • Moogrose 19/10/2006

    I think its slightly shit that you have to but things that are in the menu... buying the "full" game is like paying for a demo... if choice (and technical limities) were an issue they can just release the other packs for free surely... i call bullshit. Reply 0
  • CoD still tops Live chart

  • Moogrose 09/10/2006

    Whens all said and done though, they're not really claiming anything are they? They're just saying, look - this is what we got off live... there you have it. the most popular games played while connected.

    most people obviously are connected, even when playing single player games - otherwise those games wouldn't be there... the comparison stands.
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  • Moogrose 09/10/2006

    @cooljam... whats your point exactly? they are reporting the top games played while connected to live... which is assured to be relevant for the greater group that make up 360 gamers.

    its like a poll, you ask a few thousand people and that generally reflects the view of millions... so it is.
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  • Tony Hawk Xbox 360 demo soon

  • Moogrose 09/10/2006

    or GRAW

    /actually loves GRAW
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  • Zune to use MS points

  • Moogrose 02/10/2006

    Suspect this will be in the autumn (read FALL) Live! dashboard update.

    Anyone any idea when thats due ?

    If anyone says FALL, i will slap them without delay.

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  • Japanese PS3 price cut, as Kutaragi talks technology

  • Moogrose 22/09/2006

    oooh, look - he's making it up as he goes along! Reply 0
  • PGR3 Xbox 360 bundle

  • Moogrose 21/09/2006

    i happen to disagree if you look at all other next gen consoles ps3, wii, aswell as handelds psp and DS they all have wifi built in. seems a bit odd to charge 40 quid for this when something similair is in the DS for 100

    PS3 tard pack has no wifi.
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  • GRAW multiplayer pack 3

  • Moogrose 13/09/2006

    Free on the PC... coming soon to an Xbox 360 near you for 1200 points (10.80)!

    I own the 360 version, and play regularly so i know what you're saying but wish you could let it go (although i felt it not to be a huge issue - affordable) but the pc version was released being quite unfinished, with very few maps, and a couple of play types.

    consider it a patch
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  • GC: Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Moogrose 13/09/2006

    The issue for me is the first bit... the animations look unique to each NPC, which would be a real step forward if thats the way its gonna work.

    The graphics look marvelous... i can't see why it wouldn't be real time. all that said, with the last MGS game i played a little bit of me died inside praying that the endless dialog would stop.

    yes yes, i get it. not my game.
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