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  • Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus review

  • Monsieur_Blade 27/10/2017

    Had to stop reading the review a couple of paragraphs in as the amount of spoilers was ridiculous.

    This is my most anticipated game of the year so the less I know about the story the better. Metro GC gave it a 9/10 and said it was even better than the first game so that’s good enough for me!
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  • PES 2018 review

  • Monsieur_Blade 15/09/2017

    Um, strange review. I've been playing it for the last 48 hours and so far it seems superior to 2017 in nearly every area. There's only been small tweaks here and there but the slower pace, improved passing and increased physicality of the players has all improved what was already a pretty great football game in my opinion.

    The only thing I'm slightly concerned with is it feels a little too easy to score from crossers.

    I same the same thing every year though: it's actually pointless to review a game like FIFA or Pro Evo after just a few days play as it takes a good couple of months to discover any major negatives or positives.
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  • PES 2017 review

  • Monsieur_Blade 19/09/2016

    But unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years, everyone knows EA have all the licenses and it's the same every year.

    My complaint is the review wasted 3-4 paragraphs complaining about something that everyone knows about and can easily be remedied with a data pack download.
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  • Monsieur_Blade 19/09/2016

    Good review but why spend 3 or 4 paragraphs complaining about the lack of licenses and criticising the game for it when there's nothing Konami can do about it! EA buy all the licenses for FIFA and price everyone else out of it!!

    It's the equivalent of a Leicester city fan saying "yes we play better football than Man United and are more entertaining to watch but I'm really angry at Leicester for not buying Pogba and Ibrahimovic and letting them go to Old Trafford."

    Leicester can't compete financially with Man United and Konami can't compete with EA. it's as simple as that. Plus there's a number of data packs u can download to sort all the kits and teams out.
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  • Project Cars gets a new, final release date

  • Monsieur_Blade 16/04/2015

    As 8th May is only 3 short weeks away that surely, surely means it's actually going to be released this time?

    I've held off getting a racing game for my PS4 in anticipation of this so 8th May can't come soon enough for me!

    Fingers crossed it's as good in the flesh as it's looked in the preview videos.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 review

  • Monsieur_Blade 10/11/2014

    Woohoo!! :) I preordered this immediately after playing the demo over a month ago. I'm glad to hear my decision still seems sound. Really hope this sells well cos FIFA really need some serious competition this gen. FIFA 15 felt competent but just bored me to tears. Reply +2
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 release date announced, demo due in September

  • Monsieur_Blade 13/08/2014

    @Big-Boss I know where you're coming from but at the end of the day, even releasing PES 2015 at the end of August wouldn't have a massive impact on their sales if the gameplay was poor and there were still loads of bugs.

    My hope is (and I've been burned by Konami many times before) the extra couple of months development time means Konami might actually finally get it right this time and re-create their former glories. If the gameplay is good then people will buy it no matter what time of year it's released.

    As good as Fifa 14 is on the PS4, it still feels a little stale to me and doesn't give me anywhere near as much joy as PES 3-6 did on the PS2.
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  • Monsieur_Blade 13/08/2014

    @Big-Boss I think the November release is actually a good decision. It gives Konami a couple more months to iron out any problems and it also means they're not going head-to-head with Fifa.

    By November I'm guessing quite a few people might have decided Fifa's not for them and could trade it in for PES 2015. If they both came out at the same time I couldn't see many people shelling out £90+ for two football games.
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  • FIFA 15 has all 20 Premier League stadiums

  • Monsieur_Blade 06/08/2014

    @mooseti When was the last time you went to Hillsborough? It's a rust bucket of a stadium that's falling to pieces.

    I think what you really meant to say was where is Bramall Lane? The oldest and greatest professional football ground in the world!
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  • Microsoft is heavily discounting Titanfall and more this week

  • Monsieur_Blade 08/07/2014

    I've been wanting to buy the witcher 2 on the 360 for ages but refused to pay £14.99 for a 3 year old game. I'll be snapping it up tonight though for £4.95! :) I've got the witcher 3 on pre-order on PS4 so really looking forward to playing through the witcher 2 first. Reply -1
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order review

  • Monsieur_Blade 20/05/2014

    Really disappointed with that review. Was hoping this would be the game that made me happy to have bought a ps4. Having said that, I'm gonna read a few more reviews before deciding whether to buy this or watch dogs.  Metro gamecentral gave it 9/10 and said it was the best wolfenstein ever, so I'm not sure who to believe. Return to castle wolfenstein is one of my favourite fps though so if it's anything like that I'll buy it in an instant.  People also need to remember that this is just one persons opinion and it doesn't mean it's correct. I still remember eurogamer giving the original Mafia 4/10 and yet that's one of my favourite games ever! I'd easily give it 9/10.  And if I'd listened to the eurogamer review I'd never have even played it! Reply +3
  • PS4 gets Sky Go and Now TV from this summer

  • Monsieur_Blade 01/05/2014

    Good to see the ps4 entertainment apps finally growing in number. Can we please, please, please have a BT Sport app next!! And 4od too. Reply +6
  • Digital Foundry vs. inFamous: Second Son

  • Monsieur_Blade 27/03/2014

    While I can't disagree that the lighting and draw distance are incredible in iss, there's still some areas that really don't blow me away. One of the biggest disappointments for me are the trees. Surely the ps4 is capable of rendering almost photo realistic trees and yet in second son they look like they're from the ps2 era. Most of the graphics are super pretty but I was expecting to be blown away by the graphics and really haven't been. Maybe it's to do with the fact they're ever so slightly cartoony? Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty game but it hasn't knocked my socks off like I expected.  Reply -14
  • The Last of Us headed to PS4 this summer, Sony employee says

  • Monsieur_Blade 27/03/2014

    I can't understand why people think a ps4 version is pointless? There's a huge amount of people who have jumped from xbox 360 to a ps4 (myself included) and will never have had a chance to experience tlou. I'll personally be buying this day one!Tomb raider did seem a little pointless in porting as it was already available on both ps3 and xbox 360 but tlou is a sony exclusive so porting it to ps4 is a great idea imo :) Reply +13
  • UK chart: inFamous: Second Son dethrones Titanfall

  • Monsieur_Blade 24/03/2014

    Played about 3-4 hours of infamous ss over the weekend and I still haven't quite made my mind up about it.It looks gorgeous but it hasn't quite grabbed me yet. It's def a lot of fun but I'm hoping the story pulls me in cos after the novelty of the city wears off I can see it getting a bit repetitive. I'm only 18% complete at the minute though so I'm sure it'll improve as I get further in and increase my powers. Reply +3
  • EA celebrates FIFA Ultimate Team's birthday by giving away free packs

  • Monsieur_Blade 20/03/2014

    jnewco81 wrote:Somehow i've never even tried UT. I buy Fifa every year and the Career and Online Seasons Modes eat plenty of my free time!I'm the exact same. Career mode takes up all my time on fifa so have never even tried UT.I don't even really understand how it works? Is it like masters league online on pro evo? I take it u play against other humans rather than the computer? Reply 0
  • Two new Assassin's Creed games this year, one set in 18th century Paris

  • Monsieur_Blade 20/03/2014

    Slow down ubisoft!I've finally got round to starting AC 2 this year (and I'm loving it!), when I've completed that I'm gonna get AC4 for my ps4 and now it looks like another games been announced! How on earth do they make them so quickly?!? Reply 0
  • Google Chromecast launches in the UK today, priced £30

  • Monsieur_Blade 19/03/2014

    So would I be able to watch bt sport on my tv by plugging one of these dongles in? I haven't got a bt freeview box so I can currently only watch on my nexus or laptop. If this solves that problem I'll happily spend £30! Reply +3
  • Gran Turismo 6 review

  • Monsieur_Blade 06/12/2013

    "There's a flipside, though, with rubber-banding that's almost comical in its implementation. The illusion of a race is more convincing, but it falls apart more often - on too many occasions you'll enter the last lap six or seven seconds adrift of the leader, only to miraculously catch up and claim the position on the last corner. Heroics are great, but when they're so commonplace their impact is somewhat diminished."

    The minute I read the above I knew this game wasn't for me. I find rubber-banding one of the most frustrating things in any racing game and it just takes any sense of achievement or realism out of the races.

    It sounds great overall but how a game that has poor sound effects, poor crash collision and blatant rubber-banding can get a 9/10 is beyond me. It sure looks pretty though!

    Hope others enjoy it but def not on my 'to-buy' list.
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  • 150 Tesco stores will have PS4 stock tonight

  • Monsieur_Blade 28/11/2013

    @lambchop I must admit, the closer we get to launch the more my sensible hat seems to be slipping.

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  • Monsieur_Blade 28/11/2013

    Must admit I do feel jealous of people getting a shiny new ps4 tonight and tomorrow but I've put my sensible hat on and decided I'm not getting a ps4 till feb 2014. That way infamous will nearly be out, there should be better bundles available and it gives me a couple more months to save up too :) Reply +1
  • Next-Gen Now: watch Forza Motorsport 5 at 60fps

  • Monsieur_Blade 20/11/2013

    I'm a big forza fan but that video was completely underwhelming. The cars looked great but the backgrounds and the buildings look like cardboard cut-outs. In fact I'd almost say the forza 4 backgrounds look more impressive. Hardly next gen :( Reply +1
  • Batman: Arkham Origins review

  • Monsieur_Blade 25/10/2013

    Just reading the review made me feel like I've seen and done it all in arkham asylum and city. I loved asylum and enjoyed city but by the end of city I'd done enough 'enter a room through a vent, take down 6 guys with stealth' to last me a lifetime. I've got no desire to play this at all. Maybe its series fatigue on my part? Reply +6
  • PES 2014 Xbox 360 patch fixes online issues

  • Monsieur_Blade 24/10/2013

    About Flipping time konami!! I've been waiting 5 weeks for this to get sorted, which is a joke. Reply +2
  • Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast retrospective

  • Monsieur_Blade 13/10/2013

    If they did a HD remake of Jedi outcast 2 I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Absolutely loved this game and remember having so much fun with the light sabre battles. I also remember picking up countless storm troopers in a throat grip and dropping them off platforms :) Reply +6
  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4 Killzone, Camera, second DualShock bundle for UK

  • Monsieur_Blade 26/09/2013

    That is a pretty impressive bundle. If they swapped the camera for a years subscription to ps+ instead I'd pre order instantly. Reply +18
  • PES 2014 review

  • Monsieur_Blade 18/09/2013

    After playing both the pro evo and fifa demos I'd already decided to go with pes 2014 but that review has made me even more excited! The only thing that worries me is the poor keepers and the catch-up bug that seemed to be on the demo. From reading the review it sounds like the keepers are still poor but have they sorted out the catch-up bug? I was 5 yards in front of a defender with Rooney on the demo and he caught me up instantly! Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 bundle includes Killzone, Camera, second DualShock

  • Monsieur_Blade 30/08/2013

    I'm getting excited now the bundles are being announced! If u could swap the camera for another game I'd be sold. Or maybe drop the camera completely and make the bundle £399. Reply 0
  • PES 2014 loses Spanish stadiums and stadium editor after "extremely aggressive" EA licensing

  • Monsieur_Blade 29/08/2013

    I'm not that bothered about the lack of licenses (konami simply can't compete with cash cow ea) But to not have any weather effects is pretty poor. Especially considering they've been working on the Fox engine for 18 months now. I refuse to buy fifa due to my hatred of ea but konami really do shoot themselves in the foot sometimes. Reply +9
  • Xbox One launch line-up revealed

  • Monsieur_Blade 20/08/2013

    I'm still not 100% decided on the ps4 but there's not much in that list that makes me want to change my mind and go with xone. It's a good line up but there's only dead rising 3 and forza 5 that really catch my eye as exclusives. I'll be interested to see the ps4 list of launch games now cos I reckon that could seal my pre order. Reply +2
  • Microsoft names next free game for Xbox 360 Gold subscribers

  • Monsieur_Blade 16/07/2013

    dcangel wrote:[link=profiles/Monsieur_Blade">@Monsieur_Blade - It's about 4.5GB - Reply 0
  • Monsieur_Blade 16/07/2013

    Played the first AC game a couple of months ago after borrowing it from a mate. Got about 25% of the way through and gave up. It just became really repetitive. I've heard AC II is much better though and far more varied. Def gonna give it a go.  Does anyone know how much space it takes to download? I've only got a 20gb hard drive and space is already at a premium. Reply 0
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf review

  • Monsieur_Blade 05/06/2013

    I must be cursed! I've been debating whether to sell my 3ds for months and after buying a new flat (and finding I was spending more time on my nexus then 3ds) I decided to cash in a couple of months ago cos I really needed the extra funds, I'd completed all my current games are there were no new games that took my fancy. Since then luigi (9/10) fire emblem (10/10) and now animal crossing (9/10) have all come out and sound amazing! It's really tempted me to buy a 3ds xl but I just can't afford it at the min. Damn u Nintendo!!! Reply +1
  • Football Manager Handheld 2013 kicks off tonight on iOS, Android

  • Monsieur_Blade 12/12/2012

    RGeefe wrote:@Monsieur_Blade 2d dots on a pitchI actually prefer the 2d dots to the full 3d match view so this suits me fine :) Reply +2
  • Monsieur_Blade 12/12/2012

    marc_si wrote:@Monsieur_Blade the mobile version contains both 2d display and text options for viewing the match.Great news!  thanks marc. Reply 0
  • Monsieur_Blade 12/12/2012

    I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that Santa brings me a nexus 7 for Christmas so i think this will be my first purchase. I just don't have the time for the full version anymore so this should be the ideal compromise.Quick question - does the mobile version still have the 2d match engine or just text? Reply +1
  • Amazon Black Friday deals week continues for UK shoppers

  • Monsieur_Blade 19/11/2012

    My mate at work has been on the lookout for a cheap xbox 360 for his daughter. I told him to have a look at the black Friday deals but i didn't think they'd be as good as this!!He got a 250gb xbox, 12 month xbox live subscription, halo 4 and forza horizon for £179.99! That's incredible!! He said he wasn't sure if his daughter would like halo 4 so i said i'd take it off his hands for £20.I look like the good guy, he sells a free game for £20 and i get a £35 game for £20 - everyone's a winner! :) Reply +8
  • Fallblox review

  • Monsieur_Blade 14/11/2012

    skunkfish wrote:@bemaniac Eh, this game IS Crashmo.I think he's referring to christian's deceased wife :( Reply +5
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 protagonist is a retired East Coast gangster - report

  • Monsieur_Blade 08/11/2012

    SpaceMonkey77 wrote:@Monsieur BladeThere's a game just like that. Its called Sleeping Dogs, and dare I say its usurped GTA's flimsy paper crown. You play a cop treading both sides of the law, to finish a big case. And guess what? Its cleaning up the charts in sales, because we want something different.Dare I say, that's it out GTA'ed, GTA. SD is fun, and worthy of any gamers collection.But did sleeping dogs actually have 2 different story paths u could go down depending on the decisions u made? The undercover police thing was just an example.  I just think there are so many more exciting storylines than the cliched and over-used 'ex-gangsta dragged back into the mob.'  Reply -2
  • Monsieur_Blade 08/11/2012

    'A former gangsta that wants a fresh start but gets dragged back into the mob life.' You'd think with the huge team that are working on GTA V they could come up with something slightly more original than this!

    I understand that its a mob game but why not put a slight twist on it - You could be a policeman who has to go on your first undercover assignment but then gets attracted to the mob way of life. This could then lead to a lot of split decisions - do you stay loyal to the police or the mob? There could then be two different storylines that play out depending on the path you choose.

    I should work for Rockstar if 'the former gangsta getting dragged back into the mob' is the best they can do (it's basically the Red Dead Redemption storyline again!).
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  • WRC 3 review

  • Monsieur_Blade 16/10/2012

    So we have to wait 5 days after the games released for a review and then u make it incredibly short and don't even explain how it handles on mud compared to gravel, snow compared to tarmac...etc. U didn't even mention the wrc season mode - which is the mode i want to know most about! I usually like eurogamer reviews but that was shocking! The demo impressed me enough to buy this though. Just gonna wait till it drops below £25.  i'd take a classic Colin mcrae type game over the Americanised dirt series any day!!  This sounds like the first proper rally game, with decent graphics thrown in, in years. Everyone who's played the full game (bar the reviewers) seems really impressed (look at amazon) so that's enough for me. Reply +17
  • Why Football Manager 2013 won't ruin your life

  • Monsieur_Blade 15/10/2012

    basiclee wrote:I really don't think any one is interested in FMC, FM players want the in depth experience, that's what they play FM rather than one of it's pathetic competitors.Well i met up with 2 mates who i went to uni with at the weekend. None of us have bought a fm since 2010 cos we just haven't got the time anymore :(I told them about the new classic mode and all 3 of us are gonna buy fm 2013 because of it.... So i guess you're theory is wrong. Reply +13
  • Forza Horizon review

  • Monsieur_Blade 12/10/2012

    I had almost no interest in this until reading the review - It sounds incredible though!! Problem is I was gonna buy WRC 3 as my next racing game but this has really made me want Horizon!! Decisions, Decisions?

    PS - I take it the WRC 3 review will be up today?
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  • Microsoft reward scheme gives you 17p on your birthday

  • Monsieur_Blade 05/10/2012

    Noooooooo!!!!! My birthday's in September. That means I've got 11 whole months to wait for those 20 juicy points. At least I'll have plenty of time to decide what to spend all those points on! Reply +22
  • Football Manager 2013's new bits in video detail

  • Monsieur_Blade 18/09/2012

    DreadedWalrus wrote:@Monsieur_Blade I think most people now use the 3D view, myself included. Loads of people do still use 2D (and 2D Classic) though, so they won't be removing it in the foreseeable future. I myself sometimes switch to 2D Classic when I'm analysing how my formation holds up during a match, or if certain players aren't tracking their man properly when play is in a different part of the pitch, and so on - the fact that the whole pitch is shown at once and you can see shirt numbers is something the 2D views definitely have in their favour.Ah right, I'm quite surprised to hear that a lot of people prefer the 3d view.For me its 2d all the way, and classic view at that. Like u say, its a lot easier to see how your formation is holding up, u can see the whole pitch and it just feels more 'football manager' to me. After all, the game is all about stats and statistics! I'll obviously try the new 3d engine out on fm 2013 but i just love the 2d mode! So much so that i'd probably stop buying fm if they ever took it out. Reply +3
  • Monsieur_Blade 18/09/2012

    Do many people use the 3d engine during a game?  I've always used the 2d engine and much prefer it. The whole point of football manager for me is to use my imagination.  I love seeing the little dots moving around the pitch.  It reminds me of the football manager game i used to play on my old bbc! Reply 0
  • PES 2013 review

  • Monsieur_Blade 18/09/2012

    I did not see that 9 coming!! The last couple of years of pes have left me feeling very irritated after most games but the pes 2013 demo was the first time in years everything seemed to click. Haven't played the fifa demo yet but it looks like we're spoilt for choice this year.  The new fox engine could really see pes get its crown back! Be interesting to see how fifa reviews next week now. Ps - a 9 for pes!!! Its been a while. Reply +2
  • Football Manager 2013 introduces a "less time-consuming" Classic mode

  • Monsieur_Blade 06/09/2012

    Haven't played since fm 2010 and i even found that a bit too over bearing.Me and a mate were actually saying how we rush they'd go back to the 01/02 set up just last week! This seems like the perfect compromise. I just wish they'd release a classic version for the 3ds as well. Reply +1
  • PES 2013 to release one week before FIFA 13

  • Monsieur_Blade 06/09/2012

    SpaceMonkey77 wrote:I can only wish them well. I tried the demo, but got stumped at the forced training mode, where I could not skip it and go straight into the proper demo. It's thing like this where Konami should be more aware and alert.After so long trying to progress to the demo, I couldn't do a shot correctly and gave up. I'm sure seasoned ProEvo gamers will settle in nicely, but as a regular Fifa player, this was a barrier for me.Someone hasn't been paying attention in class. The very first screen when u enter the demo says 'do u want to learn more in the training mode?' all u do is click no and u can start a normal game. Reply +2
  • Monsieur_Blade 06/09/2012

    21st Sept is the earliest ever release for pes! Konami finally seem to be learning. After initially being a little under whelmed by the first demo I've now played about 20 games on the second demo and I'm really impressed! So much so that i can't go back to pes 2012's pants shooting! I've promised myself that I'm gonna wait till November before buying either pes or fifa this year though.  I'm gonna check people's opinions in the forum on the new masters league and career mode before making a final decision.If Konami have fixed last years masters league mess I'll def be buying pes 2013. Plus its usually around £20 by November :) Reply 0