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  • Borderlands DLC to get disc release

  • Monkster1978 01/03/2010

    Hi Oli, thanks for the update. Sounds like they have changed plans then, it would make more sense to release a triple pack especially if Knoxx is potentially the last addon they are doing. Reply 0
  • Monkster1978 01/03/2010

    Not sure about this article. It mentions a Disc based DLC release for all three packs on 9th April but according to Games website the release only contains 1st and 2nd DLC, and not the latest Knoxx addon -

    I could be wrong and maybe game are simply not showing the 3in1 DLC disc or the listing could be old and perhaps what was a double pack is now going to be a triple pack instead.. I might consider Ł15 for all three but not for two.
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  • World Cup producer on tackling quitters

  • Monkster1978 09/02/2010

    a good solution my friend came up.. Simply pair up quitters with other quitters depending on their current quit ratio. if you have 10% or less ratio then you should get paired up with other people who in general dont quit. Otherwise be prepared to face other quitters if your ratio is high. Reply 0