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  • Minecraft: Story Mode: A chip off the old block

  • MoFo 10/09/2015

    Yay episodic content. I love paying way over the top for a quarter of a normal game's content. And the joy I'll have as my kid nags me for each new episode and cries when I tell her I'm not going to bow to these underhand money grabbing tactics.

    Yes it's grumpy Thursday.
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  • A Cities: Skylines expansion will be unveiled at Gamescom

  • MoFo 01/07/2015


    I can run this on my laptop fairly happily with it giving more than decent graphics. Although I've never progressed to an insanely huge city as I prefer dabbling in smaller cities.
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  • 25 minutes of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gameplay

  • MoFo 19/06/2015

    Maybe I'll "Stick around" until this comes out.

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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 real-life recreation is eerily accurate

  • MoFo 09/06/2015

    @atothewest Not sure what you mean? You can't jump on the spot in the game.

    Edit: apart from which enemies rarely shoot at your feet. They always seem to hit around chest height. Maybe I'm totally misinterpreting this.
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  • MoFo 09/06/2015

    Only thing that annoys me with this video is that they've gone to such lengths to mimic GTA 5, yet they throw in stuff that doesn't actually happen in the game. Eg near the end when he gets shot at he does a little jump as bullets hit near his feet. Why add that in? Otherwise great effort. Reply -14
  • Sunset review

  • MoFo 29/05/2015

    We live in a golden era of indie games. Thank you indie devs :) Reply +12
  • Homophobic and transphobic game removed from Steam Greenlight

  • MoFo 06/05/2015

    I agree that sometimes people are too readily offended by obvious satire or dark humour and I love to see games push the boundaries of what's acceptable but I just can't find any merit to justify this. It's like bullying someone until they kill themselves and then saying, "Hey it was just a sociological experiment." Reply +1
  • Here's our first look at Just Cause 3 in action

  • MoFo 28/04/2015

    Nice of them to do that big american voice "Just Cause 3" voice over at the end. I'd forgotten how to read by the end of the video I was so hyped, so could've missed what the game was I was watching without it. Reply +1
  • New gameplay video shows Mad Max game has a Thunderdome

  • MoFo 23/04/2015

    Not enough Aussie accents. Reply 0
  • Disney Infinity 3.0 leak names characters - report

  • MoFo 20/04/2015

    I just went to buy some more characters for Disney Infinity 1.0 for my daughter when I realised there was a 2.0. That was only a few days ago and apparently now there's a 3.0 coming. You know, I've suddenly gone off this altogether. If they're going to just keep churning out newer versions rather than adding extra content to what's already there, then I can't really see any longevity to buying in to any of them.

    And yes apparently you can at least use 1.0 characters on 2.0, but you couldn't play the games associated with those characters. Nope.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 played on omni-directional treadmill and Oculus Rift

  • MoFo 17/04/2015

    @spekkeh "Murder Simulator"

    Technically he's correct. The game let's you simulate murder.

    But that fails to miss one crucial point: we're not all mindless idiots who act out in real life anything we see on a screen. We simulate being murderers in a game because yes, it's fun. But I've never, despite the tens of thousands of people I've killed in a game, ever felt even the remotest desire to kill a real person.

    Arguably someone may claim that some people are influenced enough by games to kill. I argue back, no they're not. People that kill were mentally pre-disposed to kill and they're the kind of people who'll then go out and buy a game that lets them kill but the game didn't make them potential killers. In the same way that lots of people killed other people long before video games came along. Why? Because they're mentally predisposed to be that way.
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  • MoFo 17/04/2015

    This looks like ... fun? Reply +2
  • Videos show Grand Theft Auto 5 running at max settings on PC

  • MoFo 14/04/2015

    @Agarwel_Idiriz You think? Having played myself on max settings I seriously thought the PS4 version looked last gen in comparison. And I do have both so not just being a PC fan boy. For me the step from PS3 to PS4 fells similar to the step from PS4 to PC.

    PC looks both considerably nicer and the 60fps is a joy to drive around with. So much easier to handle cars and make quick reactions. I always felt 30 fps was fine for GTA V but at 60 FPS it's like a different game.
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  • The Long Dark's Early Access delivers some quality alone time

  • MoFo 02/04/2015 it always dusk as per the screenshots?

    Too lazy to even Google other screenshots even though I could have done so quicker than it took me to type this sentence. God what's the world coming to. Full of slackers like me that want everyone else to do their legwork. In fact, do the world a favour and don't even answer my question. I'm just deliberately elongating this post now to teach myself a lesson. I could have searched for screenshots myself ten times over by now.

    But yet, it's sociable to ask others questions isn't it? Where would we be without social interaction?

    Freud, where are you? I need you.

    P.S. I probably won't even come back on this thread anyway to check if anyone answers my question.
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  • YouTube Live to take on Twitch and be announced at E3 - report

  • MoFo 25/03/2015

    I don't think this'll work for Google, in the same way that Google Plus didn't work. My theory: Google just doesn't know how to name stuff so it sounds cool/trendy. People just associate "Google" with "nerdy". That's just my unqualified, made-up on the spot, theory. Reply -7
  • World Bank exec discovers son spent $4500 on FIFA packs

  • MoFo 18/03/2015

    Grow some balls and sue them for God's sake. If the people with power and money, those that have influence and the cash reserves to pursue this kind of thing won't, what hope have us poor plebs?

    This reads as, "I don't want to diminish my future prospects by screwing over and generating bad press with companies that are run by people I might one day seek a job with."

    Fuck you. Fuck you very much.
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  • Watch The Last of Us star Ashley Johnson's emotional BAFTA speech

  • MoFo 13/03/2015

    Wow. Playing Last of Us made my hair stand on end and listening to that speech did too. I'm weird. Reply +1
  • Valve's virtual reality headset is called Vive, made by HTC

  • MoFo 02/03/2015

    So looking forward to VR. Yet sadly no VR experience has left me anything other than writhing around feeling wretchedly sick from just a few minutes of play. Damn you body. Reply 0
  • Alienware Alpha review

  • MoFo 17/01/2015

    "Windows takes 82 seconds to finish loading, while the Alpha UI requires an additional 30 seconds on top of that"

    I stopped reading at that line.
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  • Reader's top 50 games of 2014

  • MoFo 02/01/2015

    Something something I hate Mario. Reply +1
  • Grand Theft Auto Online Heists in early 2015

  • MoFo 16/12/2014

    Opening line noticed by anyone? Reply +8
  • Advertising Standards Authority warns YouTubers to flag promotional videos

  • MoFo 26/11/2014

    That Oreo video is amazing. I want to buy an Oreo right now. They're so delicious. Nothing else in the world tastes so good as Oreo. Oreo I want to marry you and let's have copious amounts of sex and create little baby Oreos which we'll then eat.

    Now where's my cheque you gorgeous Oreo marketing people?
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  • Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode

  • MoFo 17/11/2014


    Not sure if you're being sarcastic. If not, presumably you weren't around when the first Elite came out. You know, when the internet essentially was non existent.
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  • MoFo 17/11/2014

    So if I want to play this on the regular 5 hour train journeys I make, I won't be able to? I hate the people who claim, "The internet is in everything as is always on." No really it's not. Planes, trains, shitty ISPs, power cuts, being overseas, etc. You know, there's this thing called a laptop that some people have. For me it's my only PC and it's on these train journeys that I get the most free time in my life to play games.

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  • Indigenous Alaskan platformer Never Alone gets stunning new launch trailer

  • MoFo 14/11/2014

    Looks gorgeous but only thing from that video that puts me off is it leaves me asking, "what is the gameplay challenge?"

    I see no puzzles. A lot of it seems to resolve around timed jumps or breaking stuff. Will there be more to it than that?

    Don't hate on me for asking. I would love to buy this game. The visuals are breathtaking. I just want reassurance that the gameplay will match up to that.
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  • Star Citizen first-person shooter gameplay unveiled

  • MoFo 03/11/2014

    If I play this game and am confronted with people using army speak over VoIP I will stuff very hungry piranhas in my ears to eat out my cochleas.

    Maybe I should stick to Elite to avoid that fate.
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  • Project Spark is pulling in two directions at once

  • MoFo 31/10/2014

    Sounds interesting Hobit but I was really hoping to make $100 / hour, so I'm out. Reply +3
  • MoFo 31/10/2014

    Tried this in the Beta on my laptop. Every time I wanted to use it I'd be greeted with a message along the lines of, "You need to log in with your Windows Live Account". So I'd go through the process of logging in to my Live account only to find that, from then on, my laptop startup and log-in was also forcibly switched to using Windows Live.

    F U C K T H A T.
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  • Facebook eyes 100m Oculus Rift sales

  • MoFo 30/10/2014

    VR Movies.

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  • Dev behind Paranautical Activity Steam storm resigns, apologises

  • MoFo 22/10/2014

    This guy should consider becoming a psychiatrist or therapist. He's clearly got a solid grasp of understanding human nature, control of his emotions and knows how to apply himself correctly within society. Reply +3
  • Video: Karma, rhinos and wrestling bears - let's talk Far Cry 4

  • MoFo 20/10/2014

    I was going to comment how this looks decidedly not next gen but if it's on PS3 I guess that'll explain it. Anyone know? I've no sound on PC so not sure if it says.

    And this quote: "and fewer games in recent years have had the ability to tell yarns quite as good as those spun by Far Cry 3"

    What? Have you played any video games in recent years?

    I'm in the midst of playing FC3 for the first time and the story is horrific. A whiny little git running around the island moaning to everyone he meets. "Why does no one understand me?", "I have to do this by myself!" Jeezus, every cutscene makes me cringe with the over abundance of clichés oozing out of every orifice. And a great yarn? When does this start then? I've just unlocked the second island. Does the yarn and great story telling begin there?

    Either the rose tinted glasses have clouded your memory or this comment has been provided straight from the Ubisoft marketing team.

    Give me The Last of Us or GTA V any day over this drivel.

    I have a feeling I'm going to be downvoted by other rose-tinted spectacled gamers. So be it.
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  • Video: How not to co-op in Far Cry 4

  • MoFo 16/10/2014

    Looks somewhat disappointing after the previous video showing a stunning mountain scene. That one made it look like you'd experience travelling over full on mountains. This video makes it look like you'll get to travel over gentle rolling hills and leaves me wondering if the previous video was a one-off heavily scripted mission location.. Anyone else also notice how the more hilly areas were "clouded over" when the map was brought up? I'm betting anything beyond a gentle incline will be off limits. Reply +1
  • Chris Roberts unveils Star Citizen planetside gameplay

  • MoFo 13/10/2014

    @drip He says in the video that they're using a semi-procedural approach that is aimed at allowing them to retain that level of detail across the universe.

    Unless they're doing something extremely smart, I imagine things will take on a repetitive look fairly rapidly.

    What I'm interested in is if they'll be doing something smart with procedural building architecture and city layout.
    Will every workshop you enter have the same layout or will they all have a unique layout, just cleverly reusing the available 3D assets?
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  • Ex-BioShock devs reveal survival sim The Flame in the Flood

  • MoFo 08/10/2014

    Looks intriguing but I do believe she has possibly the most pointless and ineffectual torch in video game history. Reply 0
  • Project Spark leaves beta, boxed Starter Pack disc detailed

  • MoFo 07/10/2014

    Tried this out in the beta and thought it was fun. My main gripe was the "programming" setup which is fully visually done with a pleasant looking GUI. It seems really simple at first, just combine multiple instructions such as:

    Enemy -> IF -> player in area -> attack

    The problem is, I got frustrated with things that seemed like a logical combination in my head but obviously weren't how the game needed the instructions to be and often I couldn't figure out how I was meant to do it. For example, if you wanted an object to move in direction y, would you "apply force along y axis for x time", "move object at velocity in y direction for x seconds", "make object move forward with speed x for y seconds", etc. None of these seemingly obvious methods would work and you had to end up doing something more obscure. Also, you could combine many of the above in to different orders, "Apply force to x for y seconds", "For y seconds apply force to x", "For y seconds, with object x, apply force" and maybe only one of them would work. Or none of them, as I more than often would discover.

    Yes you could probably look up solutions online, but if you're going to make a system that seems like it was intended to be easy and intuitive....bloody well make it easy and intuitive! I ended up finding for around 2/3 of the things I wanted to do I would end up getting stuck trying out multiple solutions.
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  • Kickstarter games in 2014 are making less than half what they did last year

  • MoFo 02/10/2014

    I've looked through Kickstarter gaming projects twice in the last couple of months. Both times I came away thinking, "What a load of tosh." Perhaps there's a downturn because the guys that had good ideas have got them funded in the initial wave of enthusiasm and are now busy working on them. What's left is the dribs and drabs of ideas that don't quite cut the mustard. Reply +1
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 review

  • MoFo 24/09/2014

    Am I the only one that looked at these anti-aliasing comparisons for a while before giving up and accepting I see no difference whatsoever in them? Easily pleased I guess. Reply +16
  • Steam Discovery update personalises video game shopping

  • MoFo 23/09/2014

    FINALLY!!! Praise the Gaming God. Now when I browse through a list of games, select a game to view and then hit the back button, it now takes you back to the page you were previously browsing rather than back to page 1.

    How many years did it take them to figure that one out!!!!
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  • Kickstarter updates Terms for successful-then-cancelled projects

  • MoFo 22/09/2014

    I really don't see what all the fuss is about. If I back something on Kickstarter it's based on the presumed risk that the project may never come to fruition. If I wasn't comfortable with that risk I wouldn't give them my money. The simple fact is though, we've seen a lot of great Indie games coming out that wouldn't have stood a chance without Kickstarter. For that reason, long may it continue, warts and all. Reply +2
  • Minecraft, architecture and the trouble with children

  • MoFo 15/09/2014

    I kinda did the opposite to one of my daughter's homes in minecraft. A lovely tree house she'd built spread across multiple trees but I figured you'd need to keep warm at night in it right? So I added a fireplace. And then just for added effect wouldn't my daughter be so chuffed with me if the fireplace actually worked? See where this is going?

    She wasn't really gone all that long but it's amazing how quickly the fire spread and I don't think there was anything in the tree house that wasn't made of wood.
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  • Steam and Early Access: To curate or not curate?

  • MoFo 06/08/2014

    I think Steam needs a smarter method to allow you to discover the kind of games you like. I like strategy games but that doesn't mean I want to wade through every game that's classified as strategy. Let me narrow it down (WWII, Sci-fi, etc) Then let me filter out games with a user review less than Reply +5
  • Yogventures studio reveals troubled development, how Yogscast "lost faith" early on

  • MoFo 21/07/2014

    Wait, who in their right mind agrees to pay someone $35k up front? Why would anyone do that? Why would anyone even think this was a good idea in the first place? There's such a thing called a "salary". It's pretty common and tends to work really well. Guess this guy never heard of that term before and opted for the less commonly used, "give someone loads of money with no strings attached" approach. Reply +9
  • Peculiar Skullgirls message confuses, catches those who pirate the game

  • MoFo 10/07/2014

    Some people wish to counter this by saying, "Yeah but sometimes I will pirate a game just to trial it and I'll buy it if it's good."

    I used to say that too. Then I realised I'd finished quite a few pirated games and NEVER bought them. I was just saying it to convince myself that what I was doing was justified and that it was the dev's fault for not making a demo or that I'd been burned too many times before by games I'd paid for that turned out to be crap.

    The reality: I just didn't want to pay for them.

    It's all good now though, cos: Steam!!!
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  • EA responds to fan outcry over The Sims 4 missing features

  • MoFo 08/07/2014


    With you on that. I've not bought an EA or Ubisoft game in over five years. Between DLC, "always online" and insanely crippling anti-piracy measures, I just can't be bothered. Besides, I find Indie games always offer fresher more original gaming anyway.
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  • MoFo 08/07/2014

    Hilarious. I can't decide if they genuinely think we're fooled by this nonsense knowing full well this'll be a DLC purchase, or if they've just entered a new phase of uber-trolling us and they just don't give a shit.

    "Hey guys, ah yeah we found that getting Sims to eat in-game was just way beyond the technical capabilities of modern technology, so we...uh....just dropped that aspect from the game. So all ya Sims are gonna drop dead after a couple of days. Nah the game won't suck because of this....well at least for the first 10 minutes of gameplay."


    "Oh hey guys, we're happy to announce the all new "I'm hungry" food eating DLC out NOW! Did we say that wasn't possible? Really? I've no idea what you're talking about. Now where's your MONEY? GIMME GIMME GIMME!!"
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  • How No Man's Sky stole the show at E3

  • MoFo 26/06/2014


    I believe what he's saying is Minecraft wasn't "designed" for the ~Youtube generation, it was just a game that happened to be picked up by Youtubers. Whilst this game is being intentionaly designed with Youtube in mind.
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  • MSI Nightblade review

  • MoFo 22/06/2014

    I would love a small form factor PC but I hate the fact that the design always has to look testosterone injected. I'm a guy but that doesn't mean I want something that looks like a school boy's hard-on inducing vision of the future. Just give me a subtle device that I can discretely tuck away somewhere please.

    Any case recommendations that'd fit that billing are greatly appreciated.
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  • Editor's blog: I am sexist

  • MoFo 20/06/2014


    You say, "However it's incredibly frustrating to see men flip their shit about some really, really basic feminist critique that's neither radical nor aggressive .... If you can't deal with this tame stuff, how would you react if you read some radical feminism that's not calling for toning it down, but for a complete dismantling and rebuilding of society?"

    I don't see many people here flipping their shit here but rather questioning whether Tom's points equate to sexism at all. Should we just accept what Tom says? IF someone claims my actions are sexist should I just say, "yes you're right. My bad."

    From the tone of Tom's article I come away with the feeling that he is going to spend the rest of his days questioning every one of his actions....should I step on to the zebra crossing now or wait until a car drives up with a male driver in case I'm considered sexist for causing a female driver to stop for me? I won't join that queue in the checkout because if I'm standing behind a woman she might fill ill at ease with me behind her.

    Yes these examples are sexist in themselves but that's exactly how this article comes across to me.

    If men need to pussy foot around every thought and process going through our minds to rid ourselves of any potential sexist actions, isn't that sexist against women? Sounds to me like we'd be assuming women are so incapable of being able to deal with the slightest non-equal thought that we have to change everything we do in order to protect them. Because what....they're too weak a species to handle it?

    That is what this article boils down to to me. Tom thinks women are too weak to handle differences between men and women so he's decided to change his ways in order to protect them.

    Poor weak women.

    P.S. I have a daughter. She's strong minded, strong willed and is going to be a force to be reckoned with when she's older. Do I feel I need to analyse the smallest details in the world for fear that it may negatively depict women and so be unfair on my daugther? Nope. I'm confident she'll be able to handle things just fine.

    Oh and yes of course we need to ensure men and women have equal opportunities where appropriate. I'm not arguing against that. But I do hope my daughter will grow up in a sane world where we're all able to freely express our creativity and continue to create games that'll appeal to just men or just women or a mixture of both.
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  • MoFo 19/06/2014

    Any female perspectives here? Should we ban this hog-tie scenarios? Or ensure you can hog-tie a man or a women? Even if it's based on replicating a famous movie scene, should we ignore that aspect? Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed Unity is a backward step for progressive games

  • MoFo 12/06/2014

    "rather than doing the astonishingly obvious thing they should do instead, which is fix it."

    Yeah sure, let's just fix it up. Should only take a few minutes to pop some female avatars back in the game. Piece of cake right? I mean hell Tom, it's probably just as simple a fix as switching the bMakeSexistGame bool back to FALSE?

    Seriously someone with your experience in gaming should know these things aren't easy, even if they are "astonishingly obvious"

    My God, this is the first time in my life I've taken the side of Ubisoft. Someone crucify me please.
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