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  • Destiny will add audio options and colourblind support in next update

  • MisterCraig 20/03/2015

    Wanna run through all the stuff so bad. Reply +2
  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • MisterCraig 23/02/2015

    I think this is something separate from kids playing games under the ESRB label.

    We're looking at social media features that didn't exist when most of us were this kids age. Personally I don't know how I would react in this young lads position to an offer like Kermit's, because I was never in that position.

    Ratings for games are always playing it safe, and every person is different. I played Perfect Dark way under the age of 18: my Gran bought me the game after watching me play it in store for 15 minutes and making her mind up. I sent my PS1 to a random guy's house to 'chip' it, allowing me to play copied games; the console came back in one piece with a pile of amazing games.

    But none of that is relevant to how the internet affects children in gaming, and that is where the heart of the issue lies. As a parent I'd be far more concerned with my kid broadcasting online without my supervision. Frankly, getting your characters deleted by a troll is tame compared to some of the horrible acts that take place online, and we're in this generational shift where uninformed parents are unknowingly putting their kids in vulnerable situations.

    If mainstream retailers like Game spent a little more time informing parents of the inherent risks to modern gaming consoles, rather then trying to coax more money from wallets, we'd minimise incidents like this in the future.
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  • Apotheon review

  • MisterCraig 05/02/2015

    I genuinely think I need to be re educated on the ratings scale applied by Eurogamer.

    If it played just a little tighter, Apotheon would be brushing up against greatness.
    This review reads perfectly and gives a great impression as to what a consumer can expect. But the 8/10 score, coupled with that quote, skews my understanding somewhat.
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  • The Crew review

  • MisterCraig 11/12/2014

    Pauses Mario Kart 8

    Reads review

    Spares a moment for Eurogamer's integrity

    Unpauses Mario Kart 8
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Snake and Quiet gameplay revealed

  • MisterCraig 18/09/2014

    Honestly, just give the female character some fucking clothes. Tired of this shit already. Reply +7
  • 170 Halo: The Master Chief Collection Mjolnir Edition has 12" Master Chief statue

  • MisterCraig 06/08/2014

    The pose on that slope makes me feel like he's going to fall forward. Reply +1
  • The Evo fighting game tournament has a new champion

  • MisterCraig 14/07/2014

    @BigDannyH Brutal. Reply 0
  • BioWare's first "fully gay" male party member in DAI

  • MisterCraig 01/07/2014

    @TZH I'm pretty sure that yes, you can just be a gay character and not pursue any of the romance paths. I think that's what you mean? Reply 0
  • The sickening side of the Steam summer sale

  • MisterCraig 28/06/2014

    At what point can we officially call this out as being more about the joy of picking up cheap games than the games themselves? I'm not sure, but I suspect Valve zoomed past it in a rocket ship quite some time ago, and if we can still see it, it's only because it's doing a victory lap.

    You totally first pumped after finishing that paragraph, didn't you?
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity: everything we know so far

  • MisterCraig 24/06/2014

    Wouldn't it be fun to play a game without having to know everything. Reply +2
  • Video: Mario Kart 8's controversial Fire Hopping technique

  • MisterCraig 05/06/2014

    Ian, I Reply +1
  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 just got a lot more interesting

  • MisterCraig 03/03/2014

    @SpaceMidget75 I actually think they did release the update via download. The way I see it (and I am absolutely not targeting you) people get pretty upset over Street Fighter version X Y Z and feel they are being mugged, yet they splash out on CoD and Fifa every year, which are effectively the same game tinkered with.

    SF releases have come once every two years. If you only bought Vanilla in 2009, then buying a new version in 2014 isn't that big a bite on the wallet.

    It all boils down to how much you want out of the game. If you don't care how up to date the copy is, you could get Super Street Fighter 4 for about 5 and get all the lobby features you wanted.
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  • MisterCraig 03/03/2014

    Personally I think this will be extremely fun casuals. This could also make for some hype tournaments as well.

    I should mention: anyone in Scotland that wants to play local, whether its' learning or competing, should check out Rushdown Edinburgh on facebook! :D
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  • MisterCraig 03/03/2014

    @SpaceMidget75 Hey buddy. Every version since SF4 had an 'Endless Lobby' feature which is exactly what your' after. They also introduced team battles, and in this version will introduce 3v3. If you're mates are still kicking about you should check it out, it's so much fun. Reply +5
  • Street Fighter 4: Anniversary edition

  • MisterCraig 03/03/2014

    Pretty good read. PR Rog will be lethal with Balrog in Ultra.

    Anyone living in Scotland interested in learning this game, should check Rushdown Edinburgh on facebook. We play SF and a just about any fighting game from beginner to advanced. It's a great laugh!
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  • Naughty Dog mulls The Last of Us 2

  • MisterCraig 24/02/2014

    Please don't make a sequel unless its' called something else and features completely new characters in a totally different game. Cheers. Reply +2
  • Watch Titanfall on Xbox One at 60fps

  • MisterCraig 13/02/2014

    I see grey. I see brown. I see weapons with zero kickback.

    I see last generation.
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  • The Secret Developers: Wii U - the inside story

  • MisterCraig 11/01/2014

    What a sad story.

    Having picked up a WiiU over Christmas I can certainly vouch for the potential of the console. Playing ZombiU and the first party games has been a truly amazing experience. Multiplayer Mario is a thing of beauty too!

    I hope Nintendo do themselves a favour and give developers a chance; the room for creativity with this console is vast but you feel it might be wasted if Nintendo don't wise up.
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  • We need to talk about Yaiba

  • MisterCraig 12/12/2013

    Seems like a waste to make a game that looks really quite sick in terms of visuals and playability, only to stick a chauvinistic blade right into the heart of it.

    'When do you ever shut the fukc up' '...sugar tits'

    One step forward two steps back.
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  • Man makes Spelunky history by recording the first successful solo eggplant run

  • MisterCraig 13/11/2013

    When he spraffs his bombs right at the end I nearly spat out my tea. Too sick.

    Also I didn't know Mila Kunis was so into this game.
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  • Touring the World with Miyamoto

  • MisterCraig 04/11/2013

    There are a lot of commas in this article. You didn't need to use half of them.

    Splice up your life.
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  • Street Fighter 4 is so good maybe we don't need a sequel just yet

  • MisterCraig 28/10/2013

    Street Fighter to me took on a level of gaming beyond your regular Friday blockbuster. It runs far deeper than any FPS or RPG regardless of how well constructed they are. This also saved me a fortune once I realised every 'AAA' title I bought after SF4 was shelved within a fortnight when the itch to fight returned.

    This fighter is a pleasure to look at and the gameplay - after putting in the time to better yourself - is so compelling that you can't resist the urge to dig some more. Whether it's learning a combo or beating someone who always seems one step ahead; there are countless stories told within 90 seconds of every round.

    Scotland has a great scene supporting this game and if anyone wants to learn more they can visit VS Scotland on facebook or contact me personally on Eurogamer.

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  • The Wolf Among Us, Epsiode 1: Faith review

  • MisterCraig 11/10/2013

    @adamwilliams Who would have thought IGN would cover that! Profound Sadness -_- Reply +6
  • MisterCraig 11/10/2013

    Those screens look fantastic but I wonder: how does it animate? The Walking Dead was home to some fascinating stills until it started to move and all of a sudden we had buggy interactions and awkwardly delayed camera cuts.

    I'd like to think that with a bigger budget after its recent successes (I had my whole family playing TWD game and they loved it) they were able to fill the production gaps that stopped TWD from being seamless.

    Still, I'm excited to play this and didn't even know it was on the horizon.
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  • Grand Theft Auto Online micro-transaction pack prices revealed

  • MisterCraig 25/09/2013

    I vote no to this bullshit. Reply +23
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 will let you smoke weed

  • MisterCraig 21/08/2013

    Hadn't seen a word or watched a video about GTA5 in anticipation of keeping it spoiler free. Kind disappointing to learn about what would have been a hilarious surprise on the front page of Eurogamer's website.

    Kotaku creeps ever closer.
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  • Valve voice actor says Half-Life 3 is not in development

  • MisterCraig 15/08/2013

    F*CK Reply +8
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection review

  • MisterCraig 12/03/2013

    I think it's an essential game for any fighting game enthusiast, and a welcome start for anyone that wants to start getting into either the Marvel Vs Capcom games, or Street fighter series; it has elements that have been used in both franchises. Pick it up! Reply 0
  • Amid growing anger at micro-transactions, CliffyB calls on gamers to vote with their wallets

  • MisterCraig 04/03/2013

    Bleszinski said game companies "exist to produce, market, and ship great games ultimately for one purpose. First, for money, then, for acclaim"
    This is single most depressing thing I have ever read on this site.

    Granted he may be talking specifically about the Activisions and the EAs of our generation. But I would challenge that statement over and over again.

    You look at the likes of Thirty Flights of Loving, Braid, Dear Esther, Journey and other productions in this media and you don't even have to read developer commentaries and blogs to know that these are developers who care deeply about their work and have something important they want to say to the world using gaming as a portal.

    It's not fuelled by greed (and that's exactly what we're looking at here, Cliff). It's fuelled by passion, which unfortunately in this world can only be sustained by money. But there is balance; Anyone who works on CoDCloneX and attempts to legitimise that purchasing in game currency to buy a better gun than some another person with less money/more common sense is a deep, rewarding and inspirational gameplay mechanic is off their nut. And Cliff knows it. Why would he advocate the desensitisation of our medium and throw more fuel on the fire?

    All of a sudden I'm realising I don't give a fuck about this guy or his average games, and that he is a troll.
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  • Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story developer Yasumi Matsuno exits Level-5

  • MisterCraig 09/11/2012

    Came here for the Vagrant Story trailer Reply +1
  • Loads of Grand Theft Auto 5 details emerge

  • MisterCraig 08/11/2012

    Weight a minute... Reply +5
  • New Borderlands 2 patch protects against Xbox 360 save-corrupting "virus"

  • MisterCraig 08/11/2012

    As well as the badass rank bug, there is a game breaking freeze bug that makes getting past the title screen impossible. Mentioned this many times to Eurogamer but got nothing back.

    Have to say the publication of these issues has been so hush hush it makes you wonder if there are prohibitions when it comes to reporting problems as serious as this.

    Been checking the 360 forum page on a daily basis but the feedback has been so poor. Feel kinda left out from Gearbox and I was a huge fan of their work.

    Was a huge fan.

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  • Borderlands 2 Xbox 360 "virus" spreading, deleting player saves

  • MisterCraig 29/10/2012

    @jambii267 Pretty sure they had to get the reviews of the DLC out before reporting this. Afterall they can hardly take money from Gearbox/2K to have advertising everywhere on the site, and then tell everyone the game is broken before anyone buys it.

    ^^^^^^^^^^ Sad reality.^^^^^^^^^

    I've been sending them mail for a month tipping them on it and got nothing back. In fact I now can't send any news reports at all, it says I'm blocked. Cheers EG!
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  • MisterCraig 29/10/2012

    There are quite a few bugs for this game that are known. This one here is a killer, and there are title screen freezes that have stopped people playing from day one. I am one of those people. 5+ weeks I've owned this game and haven't been able to play a second! Poor show.

    I hear it's a good game.
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  • A league of their own

  • MisterCraig 24/10/2012

    @butler` Thank you very much bulter Reply 0
  • MisterCraig 24/10/2012

    Is there a link to rewatch this event? Reply 0
  • Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty review

  • MisterCraig 17/10/2012

    Almost everyone who picked up the game at launch is now on their second play-through
    Assuming their game actually worked, and wasn't a bugged mess :(
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  • Borderlands 2 Captain Scarlett DLC out next week

  • MisterCraig 11/10/2012

    Gearbox continues to release paid content instead of fixing the game crashes and bugs that are really upsetting a growing number of gamers.

    If you've been affected by the recent problems let gearbox know! Here is a link to the forums:


    And someone has made a video too!

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  • Deathtrap Dudgeon: 90 minutes with Borderlands 2's Mechromancer

  • MisterCraig 11/10/2012

    @SClaw I see I wasted my time. Here's your plus 1, you earned it. Reply 0
  • MisterCraig 11/10/2012

    @SClaw Kind of harsh SClaw.

    I'm not 'flooding' the comments section. I have simply posted once per boderlands 2 article in an attempt to get this knowledge public.

    Does it not trouble you hear that Randy pitchford is deleting messages on his twitter asking about when the problems will be fixed? Just simply asking when; don't you think he's entitled to know that?

    The negligence is widespread and it's up to us to have a voice and get ourselves heard. If you haven't been affected by the issues and can stomach reading one post per article giving mention to this problem then I would ask not to give me the finger on this one. Put yourself in my position: I pay 40 for a game that doesn't work and we don't get any word as to when we can play it for 3 weeks. And I deserve the finger?
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  • MisterCraig 11/10/2012

    @kinky_mong That must be a real pain having to see my comment appearing a few times. I'd like to apologise for any inconvenience I've caused you.

    I have emailed Eurogamer 3 times. Which is why I have taken to the forums in a more public approach to get noticed. Not just for me but for the hundreds that are also suffering.

    Can't blame a guy for trying really. Haven't been impressed at all by the support.
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  • MisterCraig 10/10/2012


    Here is a link to an increasingly popular gearbox forum, where users are describing crippling game crashes specifically related to Borderlands 2.

    Gearbox are staying mute on this and haven't offered a how or when this occurred and will be fixed. Frankly I'm tired of reporting this to different sites and chatting on the forum about it. Basically a relatively large minority of people haven't been able to play this game since day 1 and it's been 3 weeks with no support from Gearbox. Yet Randy and his colleagues are dishing out twitter and facebook advertisements on a daily basis.

    And they're losing loyal Gearbox and 2K fans every day.

    Have a look eurogamer, please.


    This is a post from another Borderlands 2 article.

    Edit: I think Randy pitchford just negged me! He's a jerk.
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  • Borderlands 2 Badass Rank bug plaguing users "not connected" to DLC

  • MisterCraig 10/10/2012


    Here is a link to an increasingly popular gearbox forum, where users are describing crippling game crashes specifically related to Borderlands2.

    Gearbox are staying mute on this and haven't offered a how or when this occurred and will be fixed. Frankly I'm tired of reporting this to different sites and chatting on the forum about it. Basically a relatively large minority of people haven't been able to play this game since day 1 and it's been 3 weeks with no support from Gearbox. Yet Randy and his colleagues are dishing out twitter and facebook advertisements on a daily basis.

    And they're losing loyal Gearbox and 2K fans every day.

    Have a look eurogamer, please.

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  • Next Borderlands 2 DLC details leak, headed to Oasis

  • MisterCraig 10/10/2012


    Why aren't you reporting this?


    This is one of the most talked about aspects of a game you guys advertised for months before release, and still continue to advertise.

    So why don't you do the common gamer proud and report some actual helpful news? It's been weeks and no one wants to acknowledge or talk about this.

    Please have a read and think about contacting gearbox. It would be a massive help.

    Just saw your other post related to the lack of link up play related to DLC. That's a start! But please check out the freeze and crash problems plaguing dozens of gamers in the link above. Thanks.
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  • Borderlands 2 Mechromancer class releases today

  • MisterCraig 09/10/2012

    This patch has not remedied the freeze and crash glitches that are preventing a lot of people from playing Borderlands2.

    This is extremely disappointing from Gearbox, 2K, and even Eurogamer for investigating the problem (which I have tipped towards several times).

    There has been virtually no correspondence from Gearbox over this issue. When I contacted Microsoft I was told they've been receiving dozens of calls from unhappy Borderlands2 customers.

    Anyone coming across this problem can visit the forum here, although most people are just returning their games now after being ignored for nearly 3 weeks!

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  • Would you like any side quests with that?

  • MisterCraig 08/10/2012

    Borderlands 2 is a bugged game. Hundreds are suffering on PS3 and XBOX360. Gearbox have released two small sentences regarding this matter without giving any clarification as to what is wrong and when it will be fixed. Not so much as an apology; nothing close to an honest acknowledgement.


    I've contacted Eurogamer two or three times regarding this news and heard nothing back. Too busy reporting Kotaku-esque news? Ach I don't know. I'm just bitter because it's been three weeks and paying customers haven't been able to play this game while no one in the gaming world seems to care a fuck.

    But hey how about Kevin Butler being sued by Sony for advertising the Wii? I know right? You heard it here first people.

    Edit: Wait wait wait. Before the negs continue (keep em comin), don't forget to check out the latest Daily Mail inspired news (picture above toilet in CoD offends Muslim minority). Why are you still reading this? Get over there!
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  • Cliffy B: Japan game devs must not ignore multiplayer

  • MisterCraig 14/05/2012

    Pretty sure a lot of people disagree with this sentiment. I mean, Vanquish is incredible. I've finished it so many times going for score attack and understanding the game. That experience would have, in some form, been comprimised with a multiplayer mode.

    Also consider Mass Effect 3: who here actually stuck with the multiplayer in that game? Perhaps if they didn't strive to tick that 'all important' box, then they could have had a more satisfying ending, which felt like something of a struggle and wasn't cohesive to the rest of the campaign.

    Cliffy B is right about one thing though: Vanquish multiplayer would have blown the tits off of Gears anyday!
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  • Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut adds player "personalisation" to endings

  • MisterCraig 11/04/2012

    Yes, it is a mess. But at the very least it's being rectified and they acknowledged the issues.

    Take your time Bioware; just get right this time.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 3D - first 15 minutes

  • MisterCraig 01/03/2012

    Quite genuinely (not trolling here) is there any reason to get this game on 3DS, when you could have the new Collectors MGS on xbox or ps3, with superior visuals and the under appreciated Peacewalker? Surely even Vita owners could play their PS3 copies on the go, making it portable as well?

    MGS overload !
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  • Hironobu Sakaguchi: Fantasy Man

  • MisterCraig 27/02/2012

    Best EG article since I can remember.

    Those early FF's seem to have a gravity to them, such that your don't have to look far down the comments section to find someone who's life changed playing, seeing and hearing one of those games.

    That 'pleasantly weird feeling'? You are not alone Cloud XIV.
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