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  • Sony wanted Titanfall developer Respawn to work on Vita

  • MinerWilly 17/04/2014

    Damn , with Sonys involvement Titanfall could have been a true classic. Reply -1
  • The fixing begins: DICE issues Battlefield 4 updates

  • MinerWilly 07/12/2013

    @sickpuppysoftware I got it for 25 quid new yesterday from Amazon on ps3 mainly so that when I get a ps4 in march I only have to find a tenner. Reply 0
  • Battle of the Bulge review

  • MinerWilly 24/01/2013

    Would 100% buy an android version for my nexus 7, good luck with the iPad version Jeff, sounds fantastic.

    My favourite war book- The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer.
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  • Sega: Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed Wii U graphics on-par with PlayStation 3 version, "maybe even better"

  • MinerWilly 17/08/2012

    Plenty of people will buy this even though the tech is outdated , Apple have had no problem shifting their last couple of iphones although they where clearly not as good as other competitors offerings . Reply +1
  • Manic Miner 360: Revisiting a Classic

  • MinerWilly 26/07/2012

    Really hope Matt Smith is getting some royalties out of this but I doubt it , his story is fascinating and all those rumours of his whereabouts over last 30 year's! There's a clip of him on YouTube and he seems a decent bloke. Mr T and Matthew Smith where my heros as an 80's kid. Reply +2
  • World of Warplanes Preview: Shooting the Breeze

  • MinerWilly 23/07/2012

    If it plays like the flying in Battlefield 1942 then it'd be awesome. Fingers crossed. Reply +3
  • Sony reveals which PS3 game has been Platinum'd the most

  • MinerWilly 03/03/2012

    @sanwuqi5645 peddling proper Chav gear there ! And how about converting to Euros and Pounds after all this is Eurogamer not Usagamer . Shoddy business plan mate. Reply 0
  • Volition dev: next Xbox not playing pre-owned games would be "fantastic"

  • MinerWilly 06/02/2012

    Only an idiot buys new titles as used copies for just £2-£3 pounds less than retail price . Its the older games i never picked up at the time that i buy used . In last few months i got MGSIV , Assassins Creed 2 for £2.50 each , Sega Rally for £2 and id be fuming if this was taken away from me .
    Surely gaming companies would only want their games on XBOX even more so if they believe they can make more money so although a lot of xbox users are saying here that theyd switch to another console i think they'd think twice if they couldnt get latest FIFA, Madden , COD , Battlefield or latest Bethesda title.
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  • GAME in trouble as doubt cast on ability to stock new games

  • MinerWilly 01/02/2012

    @djkav Great Shout , i used to spend all my pocket money in there on Speccy games ! There sure was no Used Game Market back then , you either copied your games onto a C-90 or because they where relatively cheap you actually bought new games in those days . Reply +1
  • Kingdoms of Amalur Preview: Action Speaks Louder

  • MinerWilly 31/01/2012

    Played demo before reading anything whatsoever about it and really enjoyed it . Not normally a fan of the genre so was pleasantly surprised . Rented Dark Souls , gave it 2-3 hours but got really bored of it , its nothing like this game . Reply -2
  • BASIC Instinct: A New Golden Age Of UK Development?

  • MinerWilly 23/01/2012

    I was of course a massive Speccy fanboy and hated using the BBC in school except for one saving grace MAGIC MUSHROOMS what an amazing Manic Miner rip off but it had its own amazing editor way way way before Little Big Planet claimed to be revolutionary .... Reply +1
  • Naughty Dog's new PS3-exclusive The Last of Us trailer

  • MinerWilly 11/12/2011

    This game looks amazing . The setting reminds of Britain during the 1980's when Thatcher was in charge. Reply -1
  • Ten Unsung Gaming Heroes

  • MinerWilly 30/11/2011

    Where the heck is Matthew Smith?? the first games programming teenage millionaire and creator of the 2 most famous European games of the 1980's (yes way bigger than Mario you young 'uns) Manic Miner & Jet Set Willy .... Just ask anybody over 30 and they all know of these games .
    Mario and Nintendo meant virtually nothing in the 80's in Europe as only very very rich kids had consoles because game prices where extortionate as well as inferior and to think this site is even called "Euro"gamer ... show some respect !
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  • Sex education PC game Privates wins a BAFTA

  • MinerWilly 28/11/2011

    Ha ha , great headline ! Reply +17
  • UK top 40: Modern Warfare 3 sells fewer than Black Ops

  • MinerWilly 14/11/2011

    I had a feeling this might have been the case , seemed to be a lot less buzz in the shop where i work on release day compared to the Blops release . Reply +6
  • Konami dev: many Western gamers have no interest in Japanese games

  • MinerWilly 05/11/2011

    Give me an updated Advance wars on PS3 and XBOX and i'll buy it . Reply -1
  • Bowling for Liberty

  • MinerWilly 05/11/2011

    Christ i wish id never read this article ! Ive barely played RdR or GTAIV (about 20% in on each one) thanks for 2 huge spoilers in each game ! I never saw the little warning at top .... Reply -63
  • Joe Danger dev understands PS3 owners' anger

  • MinerWilly 05/11/2011

    I havent heard or read a single comment from any Playstation user that is arsed about this going to XBLA , I own it and had hoped it would be something like Exitebike or Trials HD but it wasnt close to either game and was largely a dissapointment . I think this so called story is nothing more than a ploy to get coverage (in fact i know thats exactly what this is ) Reply -1
  • Atari Flashback 3 console: 60 games, £50

  • MinerWilly 07/09/2011

    I want the metal switches not big round plastic ones :( Reply +3
  • Apple has £46.9 billion in reserve

  • MinerWilly 30/07/2011

    Very Proud to say not a single penny has come from my pocket , im to savvy to fall for their false claims . Reply -1
  • Battlefield 3

  • MinerWilly 22/06/2011

    Battlefields been around since 2002 , that pretty much qualifies it for the last decade as well as this one ? Also Battlefields online play has always, yes Always been better than CoDs . Reply +1
  • WRC 2 official rally game release date

  • MinerWilly 18/06/2011

    @astro-creature. 100% agree , rented dirt 3 last week and yes it is a great game engine but it only has 4 countries with 5 small stages each which are fantastic and then they have all this stupid American minority sports tacked on to appeal to the American market . It's such a shame , I miss Corsica from the old games . Reply +2
  • Sony withheld PSN hack truth - report

  • MinerWilly 15/06/2011

    The comments from the members on here are for once far more mature than the article that we are commenting on. Reply +12
  • Bleszinksi kills Gears of War PS3 hope

  • MinerWilly 15/06/2011

    I've never seen any evidence of Playstation owners really wanting this series . The first one looked great at the beginning of this generation of hardware but they have since been surpassed by many other titles. Reply +2
  • PS Move "doesn't add value" to FIFA

  • MinerWilly 13/06/2011

    Im a Move owner and agree motion control would be ridiculous but i also think its just as useless on any of the platforms . Gamepad every time for FIFA or PES . Reply -1
  • Jet Set Willy

  • MinerWilly 12/06/2011

    @stoomonster thanks for the in-depth replies Stoo , I have such fond memories of growing up in those days and you played a part in creating some of my all time favourites . It all seemed so magical back then as a kid , im 36 this year and still love gaming . Battlefield 1942 and then its sequels are the only games that i have put a similar amount of hours into since Jet Set Willy , The Great Escape and Head over Heels ! Reply +3
  • MinerWilly 12/06/2011

    @StooMonster , Denton Designs ? Did they have a hand in the game "The Great Escape" published by Ocean ? That was my 2nd most played game on Speccy , absolutely miles ahead of its time . Reply 0
  • MinerWilly 12/06/2011

    @StooMonster , wow you actually worked at Software Projects , im so jealous mate . I live in Liverpool and have often wondered where exactly the Bear Brand Complex is in Woolton ! Looking at the cassette box cover right now and it says
    Software Projects
    Bear Brand Complex
    Allerton, Woolton
    051-428 7990
    Ive looked for it a few times to no avail is it past the 3 tower blocks when your going down Menlove Avenue then left at the junction . I often jog from my house on Penny Lane up to there and am wondering if it was demolished . In my opinion if it exists it should have some kind of plaque outside and make it a protected building ! Liverpool had such an amazing gaming scene then with yourselves and Imagine (later taken over by Ocean) and still does to this day , perhaps without you guys we never would have got Pysgnosis and later Sony Liverpool .
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  • MinerWilly 12/06/2011

    Im a huge fan of the series (hence the name !) . Miner Willy was a bigger star than Mario and it bugs me that todays younger gamers seem to think he was the original platform star here in Europe . The NES sold pitiful amounts in the UK and everybody was playing Jet Set Willy on their Speccys , commodores and Amstrads.
    He was in my mind the first gaming icon of home computer gaming (not counting pac man etc as they where arcade machines) , I have the 3 games mounted on my wall above the computer im typing on now as a homage to Matt Smith !
    I use the name MinerWilly as my PSN name online and its turned out to have been a great way of meeting older gamers from the early days of gaming . The young kids (yup Americans) say " Ha Ha " ," MinerWilly" "you have got a small dick" ! I dont even bother to tell them that would be Minor not Miner, bah bloody whippersnappers !
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  • Who's Winning E3? Day 2

  • MinerWilly 07/06/2011

    As an owner of both consoles i enjoyed Sonys conference more , i felt MS concentrated far far too much on Kinect and didnt seem to have anything meaty other than the already expected GoW3 and Halo4 . Those Kinect titles looked really poor , most where just voice control which i had on my 1st xbox . I think developers in general are scared to try and implement the Kinect motion because it doesnt really work very well (Star Wars totally on rails- case in point) .
    My favourite moment was the PS Vita price as i expected it to be a fair bit higher , and that price i may well get one on day 1 now . In general though i think E3 and other suchlike events are just one big jolly for journos and devs and virtually nothing of any interest is announced that isnt 90% already out there except prices and release dates.
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  • Battlefield 3 release date announced

  • MinerWilly 06/06/2011

    Pre-ordered it months ago before any media existed , im that hardcore . Battlefields been the best online multiplayer for me personally right since 2002's Battlefield 1942 release . Reply +7
  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • MinerWilly 06/06/2011

    Found the whole thing really underwhelming , like others have said it was all about Kinect and being able to use voice controls , nothing groundbreaking about that . Endwar did that really well 3 years ago and I didnt need to shell out £80 quid . Reply 0
  • White Knight Chronicles II

  • MinerWilly 06/06/2011

    Im not a fan of any of these type of games but 2 or 3 people on my psn friends list have been constantly playing the original pretty much every time i have signed into my PSN for the last 2 years !! That is certainly value for money and i reckon they wont be swayed by a 5/10 review . I'll bet if this was called Final Fantasy: White Knight Chronicles it would have picked up a 7 or 8/10. Reply 0
  • Sony defends free PSN games offer

  • MinerWilly 17/05/2011

    Im very happy with the selection , i dont think Sony owe me anything really as im not a member of PS+ so im more than happy to take a couple of free games off their hands ! The titles on offer are tremendous. Reply +7
  • Retrospective: The Good Old Days

  • MinerWilly 17/05/2011

    I loved 180 , and in particular the digitised speech on the Speccy and that dog that used to pee on the bar !! Kickstart 2 was amazing and had a full track editor long before games like LBP where called "revolutionary" ?
    Anyone remember another excellent budget classic called Booty ? You where a cabin boy and you had to avoid all these pirates oh and if Dan Dare was on budget (im 50/50) then that was a magnificent game .
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  • Sony details "Welcome Back" offers

  • MinerWilly 16/05/2011

    Fantastic list , i was expecting £5 games like Shatter and Critter Crunch , or even worse those dreadful minis . I already own the fantastic Wipeout HD so im thinking Infamous and LBP (was never into LBP but perhaps the GF will like it ) .
    Fair play Sony in fact i could put up with no PSN again every few months for some more free games !
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  • Homefront multiplayer demo coming

  • MinerWilly 04/05/2011

    Rented it , only played the multiplayer and was gutted when i had to take it back . I will be 100% be getting the demo for this . Reply 0
  • GAME staff told to buy 3DS from Tesco

  • MinerWilly 29/03/2011

    I dont shop at GAME because 99.99% of the time like we all know better deals can be had online etc . I can't see the problem with this either and if it perhaps helps to keep even just one GAME store in the country afloat and some young lads and lasses in employment then great and it was worth it .
    The real problem are Tescos and Asda who are undercutting companies and putting literally thousands of small shops (Greengrocers , Butchers , Fishmongers , Papershops, Off Licences etc ) out of business . I too shop at Asda and rarely visit any of those type of shops these days because i want as much for my pathetic wage as i can get just like everyone else but eventually i can see a time where we just have 2 giant shops in every city selling everything and when that finally happens they would have a monopoly and raise prices to ridiculous levels as there would be no where else to get the products.
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  • EU PlayStation Store update 16th March

  • MinerWilly 16/03/2011

    Great , i will pick up Tumble , Planet Minigolf and Flight Control HD at those reduced prices . Some decent demos too . Reply -1
  • Homefront

  • MinerWilly 15/03/2011

    I skipped the single player part of the review just the same as i always planned on doing with the single player part of the game , why even bother wasting resources on having a campaign when the game from day 1 has been touted as a multiplayer shooter.
    Battlefield is the greatest online multiplayer shooter right since the release of 1942 in 2002 and they never properly bothered with campaigns until the console versions came out years and years later.
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  • Ubisoft announces guitar game Rocksmith

  • MinerWilly 15/03/2011

    They should get Marty Schwartz involved that man is a youtube guitar teacher god , if there are ever oscars for YouTube he deserves one . Reply 0
  • The boy who stole Half-Life 2

  • MinerWilly 21/02/2011

    Best story on Eurogamer for ages that. Great job Simon. Reply +1
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2

  • MinerWilly 16/02/2011

    Rented it tonight for £1 from Blockbusters , gave it 45 mins . Wont be playing it again , thats the good thing about renting as if id bought it id have had to convince myself i was actually enjoying it whereas i can honestly say its a poor mans Burnout and i didnt like Burnout either . Wish id bought a lottery ticket with my £1 . Reply +1
  • Jet Set Willy on iPhone dated

  • MinerWilly 13/02/2011

    @smelly I'd really love to think so but sadly i doubt it , Software Projects probably sold the rights off before the majority of the members on here where born . I have both Manic Miner and JSW (including colour code security chart!) mounted on the wall above my monitor ! Guests love it when they spot them . People go on about the time its taking for the next Duke Nukem , well im still waiting for Miner Willy meets the Taxman ! Google it . Reply 0
  • MinerWilly 11/02/2011

    Miner Willy was THE real gaming hero of the eighties in Europe , hardly anybody had a NES . Remember that young ones .Our only real experience of Mario was on those Game & Watch games , on Atari 2600 or on a display in Woolies where we'd all laugh at the high prices for games. Reply +2
  • No mod tools for Battlefield 3 at launch

  • MinerWilly 08/02/2011

    Im not some new to Battlefield player , i own every single Game , expansion , DLC , mod etc ever released and i just want to say please lets have more than 24 online for the console versions . If not then seriously i wouldnt even bother adding jets because from a lot of past experience there will be a queue of 6 players fighting for one of the 2 planes plus 2 guys already airborne , now 24 minus 8 from both sides would pretty much make it a 4 vs 4 Battlefield for us ground pounders who actually do the job of capturing and holding the bases (usually the people whom like to snipe in BF games and not help complete any objectives are the same player whom become obsessed with the planes )
    I really really hope VG246 or whatever have just made a wild stab at a guess because we MUST have 32 players minimum for this to work . (im sure DICE knows this , because jet maps will require larger playing areas - well they did on BF2)
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  • Battlefield 3 to level Paris

  • MinerWilly 05/02/2011

    @Mcshifty Battlefield Multiplayer has ALWAYS been better than CoD multiplayer right from 2002 when the first Battlefield was created (yes before CoD existed) Just because Cod is the most popular game doesn't necessarily mean that its the best game of its type . CoD used to have excellent single player the first 2 on PC had breathtaking single player campaigns and Battlefield didnt even bother until the console Bad Company games .
    Im glad you finally saw the light , one thing thats good about Cod is it keeps all the rude , annoying, music playing racist brats in one place and away form Battlefield .
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  • Eurogamer Asks: Are second-hand games killing the industry?

  • MinerWilly 01/02/2011

    Wow i had no idea Mastertronic where still going strong ! I used to adore their budget range of original games over 20 years ago , some absolute classics of the 8bit european gaming scene . I hate the way so many young people think that we where using NES's and loving Mario in the eighties , im sorry but that was just not the case whatsoever and only a tiny amount of people owned a Nes in Europe . Mario to me just meant Game and watch . The real gaming heroes where Miner Willy , Monty Mole , Horace , Jack the Nipper , Dizzy and the sublime Head over Heels . Reply +5
  • PS3 firmware v3.56 beats Jailbreak?

  • MinerWilly 27/01/2011

    @timewarp87 Nice one ! :) Reply 0
  • MW2 linked to Russian airport bombing

  • MinerWilly 25/01/2011

    I think its disgusting journalism to even suggest such a thing after the terrible events yesterday . To be honest even the headline for this article is out of order . Somehow i highly doubt you would have had the same headline had this been at Heathrow. Reply +4