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  • Xbox sales decreased 20 per cent year-over-year in Q1

  • MilkYMoO 25/04/2015

    @FMV-GAMER You must remember, the PS4 is like some holy relic to Sony fanboys. If you don't have one, you're like some infidel.

    I told you before Sony fanboys are insane. For every PC or Xbox fanboy, there's ten Sony fanboys on Eurogamer. You've seen the way they can't resist commenting on an Xbox One or PC article. They always have to take a dig. There's loads of them commenting on this story as you can see.

    I'll definitely be getting a PS4 sometime. Probably an Uncharted 4 bundle. When I do, I'll also be able to download every PS+ game that was released for it, since it launched. I always make sure I purchase the free PS4 PS+ games each month. Right now I have no need for a PS4. Besides Killzone, there's nothing on it I want to play.

    I don't consider fanboys to be gamers. So let them neg all they want.

    I'm also enjoying my Xbox One. I'm having loads of fun with it. It has some great games. Sony fanboys won't like me saying that lol.
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  • MilkYMoO 25/04/2015

    @IronSoldier When I want to play Playstation game, I just play them on my PS3. Plus I have loads on a memory card to play on my Vita. PS+ gave away so many over the last few years.

    I also have Manx TT Superbike. Its been awhile since I played that. I also still have Sega Rally. Even that glorious racer has dated badly unfortunately. Wipeout 2097, and Panzer Dragoon II, still look okay and play well. I have a game called Scorcher. Its like Wipeout, but much harder and even faster. A stunning looking game at the time. Of course I still have a near mint copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga. I don't think I could ever sell it.

    Do you use an upscaling box for your old systems?. I bought a dirt cheap one off eBay years ago. It does wonders for my N64 an PS2. Unfortunately it didn't improve all the other old systems I tried with it.
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  • MilkYMoO 24/04/2015

    @FMV-GAMER I think we both got negged for liking the Saturn lol. Reply -3
  • MilkYMoO 24/04/2015

    @IronSoldier I have both, but I still use my Saturn because of all the 2D games I bought for it. Here's some I still play.

    Guardian Heroes
    Galactic Attack
    SEGA Ages Vol.1
    Marvel Superheroes
    King Of Fighters 95(with memory cartridge)

    Those games are as good now as they were back then. I just think the Saturn has aged better than the Playstation. Playstation was all about flashy 3D games. But now they look dodgy. The Saturns huge range of 2D games still look great today.

    Let the neggers neg all they want lol. They seem to forget that video games existed long before the Playstation arrived.

    I have a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, and PSVita. Shouldn't that qualify me to be some type of Sony fanboy lol.
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  • MilkYMoO 24/04/2015

    @FMV-GAMER If it ends up with as many amazing games as the Saturn had. Then I'll be very happy.

    The Saturn was a sales flop, but it was easily one of the best consoles ever. Thanks to all the amazing 2D games released for it. It doesn't seem as dated as a Playstation. 2D games just age so well and the Saturn was a 2D powerhouse. Playstation was all about 3D, and those games look horrible now.

    I suppose you could compare the Xbox One to an N64 salewise. Microsoft consoles are damned to always be the runners up lol.
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  • MilkYMoO 24/04/2015

    @IronSoldier Its also stood the test of time far better than the PS1. Reply -5
  • Mario Kart 8 x Animal Crossing DLC review

  • MilkYMoO 24/04/2015

    @LifeStream7 I feel exactly the same way. I loved Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Wii. So that makes it harder to miss out. Reply -6
  • A paid Skyrim Steam Workshop mod has already been pulled

  • MilkYMoO 24/04/2015

    @ronorra That ad must of been made before the Wii came out. Reply +1
  • MilkYMoO 24/04/2015

    @blarty I was just letting people know it was on sale. It's also free to play this weekend. Reply +2
  • MilkYMoO 24/04/2015

    Skyrim is only 3.74 on steam this weekend. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Mortal Kombat X

  • MilkYMoO 23/04/2015

    @frazzl You're such a multiplatform fanboy. Shame on you :). Reply 0
  • MilkYMoO 18/04/2015

    @Antropie I've seen your insanity posting in the comments of other stories. I'm staying well clear of you lol.

    Have fun fighting your cause. I got to get ready to go to the pub.
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  • MilkYMoO 18/04/2015

    @Lord-Nicon Its a port of the PS4 version. But a good one. Its slightly dissapointing, but developers will always put the PS4 version first. PS4 most of the time will be the lead platform. Reply -17
  • Gradius 5 downloadable today on PlayStation 3

  • MilkYMoO 23/04/2015

    @mrgrissom I only have an RGB scart cable. But the cheap upscaling box I own, makes all my PS2 games look great on a HDTV. Theres no blockiness or picture noise on the screen. It also does wonders with my N64. Reply 0
  • MilkYMoO 22/04/2015

    A must own for shoot em up fans.

    Looks amazing with my PS2 connected to a cheapo upscaling box on my tv.
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  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC

  • MilkYMoO 21/04/2015

    @KanevilPS PC Masturbating Race, Nintendorks, Segastly's, Specbums, Commies, and so on. I can't think of ones for Atari and Amstrad fanboys. Reply 0
  • The Escapists coming to PS4, says PEGI

  • MilkYMoO 15/04/2015

    @IronSoldier You obviously haven't played many games on an Amstrad. But you have seen the new R-type remake for the Amstrad. That would be impossible on a spectrum or Commodore.

    Checkout the scrolling in Trantor The Last StormTrooper. Compare it to the Spectrum or Commodore versions. It blows those versions away.

    Gryzor, Renegade, Chase HQ, RoboCop, and so many more. All superior on the Amstrad. Plus it could do vector graphics better than the Spectrum, and definitely the poor Commodore 64.

    Its a pity I don't have my original CPC 464. But I still have the original monitor and its working perfectly.
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  • MilkYMoO 15/04/2015

    @IronSoldier The Amstrad often got speccy ports. But when developers made the effort, games looked far superior on the amstrad. Checkout games by Ocean for example.

    Amstrad games when done right, had all the detail of Spectrum games but lavished with colour.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront playable "first on Xbox One"

  • MilkYMoO 15/04/2015

    @Brev2034 Don't forget Elite Dangerous, Below, and the brilliant looking Cuphead. Plus Microsoft will announce a few surprise 2015 releases at E3. Reply +1
  • MilkYMoO 15/04/2015

    @frazzl Its been there for about a week. Well worth downloading. I don't understand the rules of ice hockey, but I'm having great fun with it. Reply +1
  • MilkYMoO 14/04/2015

    EA Access is fantastic value for money. I'm really enjoying NHL 15. Its a game I wouldn't normally buy like a lot of sports games.

    Really looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront 3. I must check to see if PS2 Battlefront 2 is still playable online. It was up until a couple of years ago, when I last checked.
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  • Video: Modern games inspired by the ZX Spectrum

  • MilkYMoO 13/04/2015

    @IronSoldier Amstrad cpc's were also very popular in Spain and Germany.

    There were also loads of Amstrad games with extra features when played on the Amstrad CPC 6128.

    Even to this day, I'm so envious of 6128 owners lol. I wish I could play the remake of R-Type on my CPC 464.
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  • Debut trailer for Farming Simulator 15 on PS4 and Xbox One

  • MilkYMoO 10/04/2015

    A demo would be great. I could then plant myself in front of the TV and give it a go. Maybe then the gameplay would grow on me.

    God I'm so manure at this.

    I'm off to the pub.
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  • The best Xbox One games

  • MilkYMoO 05/04/2015

    That is a pretty good list. I'd put IDARB in there instead of Destiny. That game is an indie gem.

    I was hoping Crackdown 3 would be coming out this year. I suppose there's no chance of that now. Really looking forward to Cuphead aswell. Another game that seems to have dissapeared from the gaming radar.
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  • MSI Titan GT80 Titan SLI review

  • MilkYMoO 29/03/2015

    My laptop trumps this laptop in one way. My laptop has a HD-DVD player. It's not so fancy looking now is it?. Reply +3
  • Xbox One April system update includes voice messages

  • MilkYMoO 27/03/2015

    @MilkYMoO It's feckin brilliant isn't it?. It must have at least ten hours worth of gameplay, probably a lot more. Free racing fun at its best.

    New preview update available too.
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  • MilkYMoO 27/03/2015

    Just noticed "Forza Horizon 2 Fast and Furious" is available to download :). Reply +1
  • Bloodborne review

  • MilkYMoO 27/03/2015

    Only the second game to get an "Essential" on eurogamer so far. A Bloodborne PS4 bundle would be tempting. Reply +2
  • Double Xbox Games with Gold titles announced for April

  • MilkYMoO 26/03/2015

    Great month of free gaming goodness. I loved Hustle Kings on PS3, so hopefully I'll enjoy Pool Nation FX. Reply -1
  • MGS5: Ground Zeroes 5.79 in PlayStation Store Easter Sale

  • MilkYMoO 25/03/2015

    I actually love hot cross buns. Only a week and a half left to buy them. Damn I need to buy more and fast. Reply +2
  • Performance Analysis: Bloodborne

  • MilkYMoO 24/03/2015

    @Ashby678 Comment of the week.

    You sir, deserve a free copy of Bloodborne.
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  • Out Ran: Meeting Yu Suzuki, Sega's original outsider

  • MilkYMoO 23/03/2015

    Must hug my copy of SEGA Ages: Volume 1 for the Saturn. Reply +3
  • Conker's Big Reunion gets an April release date in Project Spark

  • MilkYMoO 19/03/2015

    Project Spark is amazing. I just wish I had the patience and time to create something good with it.

    Hope this turns out to be good.
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  • Titanfall: One year on

  • MilkYMoO 19/03/2015

    @cloudskipa Be happy that you can play both.

    Let the haters hate. You just keep on gaming.
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  • MilkYMoO 19/03/2015

    Fantastic game on Xbox One. One of the most fun games I've played in years. Deserves all the praise it gets. Reply +11
  • Microsoft will allow pirates free upgrades to Windows 10

  • MilkYMoO 18/03/2015

    Well done Microsoft. Reply 0
  • DDoS attack disrupts Battlefield Hardline on Xbox One

  • MilkYMoO 18/03/2015

    @OnlyJoeKing Okay lets hug. Reply +1
  • MilkYMoO 18/03/2015

    @OnlyJoeKing Jaysus that was a rather pathetic fanboy comment to make.

    Sony are big enough to defend themselves.
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  • Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X review

  • MilkYMoO 17/03/2015

    @Paul_Denton I had a Geforce 4 TI 4600. I still have it boxed away somewhere. Replaced my Geforce 2 GTS with one. Reply +4
  • Nintendo to release games on phones and tablets

  • MilkYMoO 17/03/2015

    @IronSoldier Like you with the Xbox One ;).

    Sorry I couldn't resist lol.
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  • Microsoft: any game can come to Xbox One, despite parity clause

  • MilkYMoO 16/03/2015

    @DatAdamGuy Well said. Reply -4
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Revisited

  • MilkYMoO 15/03/2015

    @MrMeX Isn't the Xbox One running three operating systems?. Reply +1
  • Performance Analysis: Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer

  • MilkYMoO 15/03/2015

    @FMV-GAMER Eurogamer reviewed Homeworld remastered a few weeks ago. You should check out the review. They also did a preview about a month ago.

    The Homeworld games are RTS games. They're very easy to pick up and play. But take awhile to master. I can't recommend them highly enough. You should at least add them to your steam wish list, then check out some gameplay vids.

    I really enjoy having my pc connected to my tv along side my consoles. Like you I really like the unique games you only find on pc, like Homeworld. I don't care about what system I play on though. I just care about the games.
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  • MilkYMoO 14/03/2015

    @FMV-GAMER It seems like you made a great choice getting that headset. They look really comfortable too. I'd love to try them out.

    The PX5's come with 16 built in presets. Thankfully the second preset sounds great for every game on my PS3, 360, and Xbox One. Movies sound great too. I don't have to mess about with presets anymore.

    Well I deactivated the on board audio on my motherboard in the bios. I download Creative drivers. They still release drivers for my soundcard. My mobo does have realtek audio though.

    Since your headset remote is also a soundcard. Shouldn't you be just using Roccat drivers?. You don't need your mobo audio turned on?.

    When I upgrade my graphics card driver, it also installs an AMD sound driver. I'm nearly sure its just for hdmi audio. I seem to need it for my tv so I always let it install. My PC is always connected to my 40" Samsung tv. Maybe the Nvidia drivers do something similar. You probably don't need that driver at all.

    I'm playing a lot of Homeworld remastered collection. Thats really all I play for now on PC. I'm very tempted to get Southpark the stick of truth. Only 10 on steam.
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  • MilkYMoO 14/03/2015

    @FMV-GAMER I checked out your headset on the Roccat site. Watched a few vids about them on the site too. The remote has a lot of the features that are built in to my headset. Like buttons for presets and connecting to bluetooth devices.

    I see the sofware is very similar to what came with my headset. Can you download presets from the website and upload them to the remote?. Can you create your own presets and upload them to it?. If you can maybe you should give it a go.

    With the PX5's you can download presets created by sound engineers of games or other PX5 owners, connect the headset to your pc, then upload them to the headset.

    I've been fascinated about 5.1 headsets since I got a Sharkoon Xtatic 5.1 headset years ago. Unfortunately I kept tripping over the damn wires on that thing and it broke.

    Do hardcore PC gamers bother with dedicated soundcards anymore?. When I first got in to PC gaming they seemed to be a must have for serious PC gamers.
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  • MilkYMoO 14/03/2015

    @FMV-GAMER I'm still very happy with my PC. All my steam games look great on it. I can run the Homeworld remastered collection at 1080p and most settings set to their highest. It looks glorious on my TV. Not bad for a five and a half year old budget CPU. It has to be one of the best budget gaming CPU's ever.

    If a game supports native 5.1, your soundcard just picks up and sends the signal to your headset. Some PC games need you to set 5.1 in their settings menu. I think all PC games support native 5.1 sound now, maybe not all indie games though. Just like the consoles do. I just use a stereo headset connected to my PC now though. Years ago I had 5.1 speakers plugged in to my pc and loved playing Battlefield 2. The 5.1 sound was amazing.

    Have you tried playing dvds?. Maybe play a DVD and see then if you're getting a 5.1 signal. YouTube probably has sound tests that you could try. Halo 2 limited edition on Xbox has a very handy 5.1 soundtest. I always used that to calibrate my PC speakers. Maybe that might be on YouTube.

    I use a Turtle Beach PX5 wireless headset with my consoles. I get great 5.1 sound with them. I have no optical out on my soundcard, so I can't use them with my PC.
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  • MilkYMoO 13/03/2015

    @FMV-GAMER AMD Phenom II 550 BE X4(originally X2) 3.5GHZ
    4GB DDR3
    Radeon 6870
    Windows 8.1 64bit

    I doubt my Creative XFI Fatality Extreme Gamer soundcard makes it run better lol.
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  • MilkYMoO 13/03/2015

    I played the beta on both the Xbox One and PC. My PC is less powerful than the Xbox One, but the beta looked much better on my PC. Very disappointed with this port. I suppose I'll wait for it to appear on EA Access.

    This is the first Battlefield game I won't be buying.
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  • Goat Simulator herded to Xbox consoles

  • MilkYMoO 13/03/2015

    @Fleisch I hope it is. At least it wouldn't be a baahd choice.

    Okay I'm off to the pub.
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  • Phil Spencer's new vision for the Xbox One

  • MilkYMoO 13/03/2015

    Fair play to him. He's doing a great job. Reply 0