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  • Next Borderlands 2 DLC details leaked already

  • Mike_R 18/10/2012


    That's just it right there! This game has a plethora of problems but the amount of praise it receives despite there being game breaking difficulty spikes, duping which existed in the 1st game, a Badass Rank glitch, and ideas clearly "stolen" from other games is absoultely infuriating. The praise seems even more gushing over the Atlactic (yes Im a Yankee), and has left me wondering if GearBox is a UK based company or something, because they could seemingly do no wrong here in the UK/EU. But it's based in Texas(after having to check). Perhaps all the love has something to do with an above average number of English accents present within the game, more then you would ever see outside of the trite elves and warriors type RPGs. But I'm just trying to wrap my head around all this love...it's definitely not all deserved.
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  • Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty review

  • Mike_R 18/10/2012

    My name is Mike R, and I'm your saviour. I'm born into a forum community by necessity. When this happens a community ceases to remain as it was. Some will react excitably to my posts and others will applaud them--this is the nature of my existence. And now that the introductions are out of the way, let's begin this week's segment:

    Mike R_Keeping It Real_Episode 1:

    The following is an excerpt of a conversation between myself and an industry insider in reference to the egregious trolling which has occurred towards the end of this DLC--2 nearly "unbeatable" bosses.

    "XBOX doesn't approve patches or DLC overnight. There is a mandatory 2 week approval QA-QC process. The DLC wasn't created overnight with the purpose of trolling those that broke the game (in reference to 2 "unbeatable bosses" towards the end of this DLC as some sort of developer backlash to cope with the rampant "duping" of rare weapons, and the CC & Bee combo which rendered Terrmorphous a joke).

    The DLC was created a long time ago and purposely left off the game to make more money post release.
    Gearbox is not above the current state of the industries' economics (season passes and milking customers before fixing original game) We want to believe they are but they have followed in the footsteps of other companies we loathe nowadays. Many of their ideas are completely aped from other games as well, like being inside the leviathan from Gears 2 like you said. So in essence all blame goes to Gearbox. The game wasn't balanced from the get-go and caused people to resort to cheap tactics on terramorphous. The final third of the game is also not properly balanced for multiple level fifties or soloing all parts. They released a single player DLC ONLY 3 weeks after the game. Mass Effect 3 was killed for having day 1 DLC. But who are we kidding this DLC was ready DAY 1 and released strategically 3 weeks later when most would flock back to their generic online FPSs ( as we did lol BF3 and Cod)"

    There are many problems with the game, and I feel like Valve, Gearbox could take an explicative in a bag, and receive medals of commendation from fans and the press. It unnerves me. I think I'll be staying awhile...
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