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  • 10 million posts and counting in the Eurogamer forum!

  • MikeD 26/11/2013

    Haven't been active for a few years now on the forums, but I was for quite a while. Good to see many of the same names still alive and present. They (and others like Whizzo and Unclelou) made it a great place back in the day! Reply +1
  • Hitman: Absolution

  • MikeD 07/06/2011

    What Shoot out in the church in Hitman 2? I took those guys out one by one by playing very carefully.

    This preview does not sound like the Hitman I love. But I'll try to stay hopeful.
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  • Dreamcast: A Forensic Retrospective

  • MikeD 01/02/2009

    I'm trying to figure out in what way a nozzle shooting a constant stream of chocolate into my lap would be a good thing. Sounds like it would get messy. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 5

  • MikeD 04/06/2008

    Unless she is really hot. That would harden the impact. Reply 0
  • 2006 FIFA World Cup Interactive Quiz Game

  • MikeD 08/06/2006

    Has sony dropped the ball 'buzz' wise? Reply 0
  • Half-Life 2: Episode One

  • MikeD 01/06/2006

    I hate Alyx, I was hoping she died at the end of halflife 2. Oh well. Not sure if I can cope with 'annoying tough girl' accompanying me for 3/4 of the game. Reply 0
  • Guild Wars: Factions

  • MikeD 20/05/2006

    Though not interested in guild wars I am grateful for this review for pointing out the rpgcodex review of oblivion. Best review yet!

    edit: o.k. o.k., maybe not best. But it raises a lot of good points
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  • Lionhead's other new title

  • MikeD 12/05/2006

    I'm not so pleased about his cavalier attitude to storyline. Fable could have used a better one, to be honest.

    I am also a bit disappointed that the gun will only fire 400 bullets.
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  • X-Men actors to voice game

  • MikeD 24/04/2006

    Jackman's in? Pfft, that's me out.

    Mark hamill's Wolverine is the ultimate version. I bet Hugh's rendition will be poor.
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  • Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai

  • MikeD 10/04/2006

    "It's hard not to love The Apprentice"

    Somehow, I can manage.
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  • Oblivion horse for PC gamers

  • MikeD 06/04/2006

    "(5) Greater content has been given away by LESSER/'POORER' devs in support of their games in the past for FREE . So it is not irrational or 'whinemongering' to expect Bethesda to be able to give away a damned horse armor in view of the spectacular success Oblivion has met."

    And by bethesda themselves, don't forget. The morrowind official plugins were great fun.
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  • Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

  • MikeD 11/03/2006

    Hello Morriss.

    I am still taking a break from all forum/mmorpg/other addictive internet activities until I finish my educational work. If you want to get in touch with me Unclelou, Kalel and several others on the forum have my email/msn info.

    Nice to be remembered. :-)
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  • MikeD 11/03/2006

    I wanted to go swimming but I left my speedo in the car. Reply 0
  • Top 50 Games of 2005: 5 to 2

  • MikeD 31/12/2005

    I tried the new demo a week ago. (never tried the olde one) It seemed rather shite.

    Ho-hum, pot noodles it is.
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  • Top 50 Games of 2005: 15 to 11

  • MikeD 29/12/2005

    You guys should do reviews like this. It's awesome reading several opinions. Reply 0
  • James Bond 007: From Russia With Love

  • MikeD 23/11/2005

    I'm a bottle of scotch! Reply 0
  • Spyro: Shadow Legacy

  • MikeD 13/11/2005


    Any excuse to hit puppies against walls.
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  • Without Warning

  • MikeD 26/10/2005

    I know, but writing previews about games you know are looking a bit iffy is tough :)

    It shouldn't be, just write: Well, this is looking shite so far.

    You'd have my respect. And a review saying: 'This is much better than the preview' would be much better than 'we were too optimistic, again'. Imo anyway.
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  • Quake 4

  • MikeD 23/10/2005

    Doom3 was unloved by many.

    It wasn't really given a chance by most.
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  • MikeD 22/10/2005

    I think the multiplayer criticism is a bit out of place. Just because there are big sprawling multiplayer games with vehicles doesn't mean every games' multiplayer has to have that kind of bore-fest. Reply 0
  • Singstar '80s

  • MikeD 17/10/2005

    Euro release, eh?

    So the reports of localised version for countries were false? Or you just didn't think it deserved any mention? At all.
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  • Serious Sam 2

  • MikeD 14/10/2005

    Kieron Gillon a Doom 3 hater? No surprised there.

    Not enough emergent gameplay, eh? :-)

    incidentally. Keeping up with the jones was a great game, multiplayer.
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  • MikeD 14/10/2005

    No, next encounter was made by a seperate team especially for ps2 and gamecube.

    Serious Sam II is the REAL next-gen.
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  • MikeD 14/10/2005

    Hmmm. Then they carried boms in their hands? please?


    /should have eaten breakfast before posting

    Yes, it's my day off.

    Anyway, imo that just reinforces my point. They were headless and scary before (standing in an open plain. Hearing screaming in teh distance. It's coming closer. More screaming. Jesus that's a lot f screaming. Oh god, there they are, kill them now NOW< NOOOOOOOO!!!!). Now they are silly and slightly disturbing at most. :-)
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  • MikeD 14/10/2005

    I don't entirely agree with the review. Serious Sam the original did have humour and over the top things. But not AS over the top as in this one. Yes the world were bright. But they weren't hugely neon coloured 'in your face' colourful. They were quite natural feeling, in fact.

    Yes, the enemies were 'unrealistic' in the sense of the real world. But they their designs weren't necessarily silly as they are in Serious Sam II. They ranged between cannon fodder (normal soldiers) to scary (the bomb guys the first time, who DID have bombs for head, just not the size of the nagasaki bomb, slight faulty memory their Kieron) to impressive (the bulls, the endboss, the big 4 four-armed creatures). In SS II almost each and every creature is supposed to be silly, funny and odd. And it just doesn't quite work the same.

    I agree about the comedy. It was very unobtrusive in the original game. Mostly found in secrets in fact. Once the designers read how much people enjoyed the funny bits they decided that there must be more of it and it must be all the time. It stopped being funny (mostly).

    Hopefully it'll sitll be fun in a co-op romp. Can't comment on the score and general sense of quality mentioned in the review as I haven't played it yet. but it sounds like you nailed it.
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  • Myst V: End of Ages

  • MikeD 12/10/2005

    Tessa, they didn't go bust, they just didn't have any new projects. Financial problems they weren't.

    However, they have rehired those they had fired and are making a new game. No details on what yet, but it's unlikely to be another myst.
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  • X05: J Allard on launching the Xbox 360

  • MikeD 10/10/2005

    Nice interview. A lot of what he says makes sense to me.

    With all the (false) rumours a year back of MS banning the ipod from the workplace it's pretty funny to hear Allard call his Nano the coolest piece of tech available. :-)
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  • New Wolfenstein leads on X360

  • MikeD 05/10/2005

    And here I thought Microsoft wanted to revive pc gaming, which they so skillfully tried to kill.

    Empty rhetoric, as I knew it would be.
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  • Black & White 2

  • MikeD 04/10/2005


    That's probably because all unregistered posts have since been removed. :-)
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  • PlayStation gets an Emmy

  • MikeD 01/10/2005

    An Emmy for a console. hmmm.

    That conquered worlds ad sucks balls.
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  • MotoGP 3

  • MikeD 29/09/2005

    @tom: it's in the last paragraph. 'great game' for xbox.

    O.k. give Martin Coxall console games to review from now on. Because it's obvious he thinks coxall of pc's.
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  • Final Fantasy tops poll

  • MikeD 21/09/2005

    Aeris dies?!?!


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  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

  • MikeD 19/09/2005

    We'll probably do something about Gears of War at some point this week, I guess. I'll say this straight out though - having seen both that and MGS4 running on giant hi-def screens this week, there's simply no comparison. It's cool that we have a proper idea of GoW's gameplay, definitely, whereas MGS is all cutscene so far (albeit real-time cutscene), but GoW's graphics aren't in the same league at all.

    Dare I say it?

    The REAL next-gen?
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  • Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix

  • MikeD 14/09/2005

    You throw the tomatoes at the Bull so that it becomes enraged and escapes. So you can then jump over it and use it's turds as ramps.

    THAT is why it's fun.

    I guess.

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  • Final-final SingStar '80s tracklist

  • MikeD 12/09/2005

    Because kayleigh is a much better singalong song. Reply 0
  • Who won the PSP compo?

  • MikeD 06/09/2005

    Touring car association? That doesn't fit with DTM. Reply 0
  • Win a car in Forza

  • MikeD 06/09/2005

    ....and eurogamers is a british thing, really... the name eurogamer was just cooler i guess

    In the Netherlands we can go to court for false advertising. :-)
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  • MikeD 06/09/2005

    But it's not Eurogamer's competition, they're just pointing you towards it.

    Still, the title of the news article could be: Dirty Brits can win car in forza competition.
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  • End of an era for Zelda?

  • MikeD 05/09/2005

    I knew it! Nintendo is going Urban! Reply 0
  • Final SingStar '80s track-list

  • MikeD 30/08/2005

    Screw 99 red balloons. that just sounds silly. Give us the german version, damn you! Damn you! Reply 0
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • MikeD 30/07/2005


    Must be British
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  • SingStar '80s struts forth

  • MikeD 20/07/2005

    hmm, using the English version would suck. I can't imagine 99 red balloons sounding anywhere near as good as the ole' German version.

    luftballon(s?) just sounds so much better than red balloons.
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  • MikeD 20/07/2005

    99 red balloons? is that an actual English language version? Reply 0
  • New batch of EA screenshots

  • MikeD 15/07/2005

    Seth from the O.C.?

    /shakes head
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  • Romero leaves Midway

  • MikeD 13/07/2005

    "currently looking at lots of exciting developments right now and it'll be a couple months before I can announce my next destination."

    Back to monkeystone, eh?

    Hyperspace delivery boy 2!
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  • New Serious Sam II details

  • MikeD 06/07/2005

    Serious Sam has been a one off for me so far. second encounter and that 'next encounter 'game not coming close to the brilliant simplicisty of the first one.

    And though the game was never 'serious' (heh) I think the wacky and extremely colourful way the sequel is looking might not be my preferred direction. For all it's puns and secrets the first game did actually have the potential to amaze and even scare.
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  • PS3 vs 360 - who cares?

  • MikeD 04/07/2005

    Yeah, but at least I know that in 6 months time I'll still be able to keep playing new games on my console, and I don't have upgrade my graphics cards or anything else!

    The same is true for pc's. Don't be ridiculous.
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  • MikeD 03/07/2005


    Unclelou was actually being sarcastic. Making a similarly idiotic comment like yours to show how dumb it was.

    And the fact that you like to rile up 'geeks' would make you a troll. Are you certain that is a cool thing to do/be?
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  • God Of War

  • MikeD 01/07/2005

    I chose to review the NTSC version on the basis of its progscan support, just to clarify. It looks great in normal mode though, and even has a 'soften' option to blur out jaggies.

    I don't think that's a great review policy for "euro"gamer. Ic an understand reviewing an ntsc version because it's not out in pal territory yet. But once it is you should play what WE will get. And not just up the graphics glory for your own enjoyment.
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  • New Super Mario Bros.

  • MikeD 28/06/2005

    A mono recording from 1965?

    Are you sure you don't mean 1956? :-)
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