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  • All New Bargains Group

    Like the 'All New Bargains Thread' but split into multiple
    threads for ease of navigation. It's the future! 555 Members

  • Atheists

    Come and be touched by my noodly appendage 102 Members

  • EG Author's Guild

    A place for indie authors on EG 15 Members

  • Minecraft

    283 Members

  • PC Gamers

    For all PC gamers, talk about games and hardware. 589 Members

  • Philosophy and Religion

    1) Disagree respectfully 2) Do not attempt to convert 3) Do
    not attempt to destroy people's faith 71 Members

  • Poll Me

    Poll the EG populace! 10 Members

  • The EG Kitchen

    No Master Chiefs, just Master Chefs! (Do you see what I did
    there?) A group to discuss cooking, favourite recipes, and the
    culinary arts. 93 Members

  • The Phoenix Wright Appreciation Group

    For all those gamers that love the crazy (and sometimes very
    weird) Phoenix Wright games. 25 Members

  • The User Reviews Group

    Want some witticism with your criticism? Analyse your analysis,
    evaluate your evaluations and criticize your critiques in this
    most cynical of syndicates. Appra… 7 Members

  • Writers Network

    Scribble to your heart's content! 91 Members