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  • Sky charging £5 more to use Sky Go on Xbox 360

  • Merlinho 23/06/2014

    Also at the same time, they've changed their Sky Sports for iPad app, which you could originally to watch sport on 1 iPad without counting as a Sky Go device, so that it now counts as one of your Sky Go devices - all while cunningly disguised as an improvement so that you can use on multiple iPads. Rip off culture. Reply 0
  • EA to switch off FIFA 11 servers this month

  • Merlinho 03/01/2013

    @StooMonster there will be internally generated intangibles that aren't goodwill; all of their development work will be classed as an intangible, as will any licences they hold. That will make up the vast majority of that balance. Reply 0
  • Merlinho 02/01/2013

    @StooMonster I'm not a US GAAP expert, but I would have thought that things like customer goodwill wouldn't be on-balance sheet unless EA acquires a company. When that happens, the difference between the price paid and the fair value of the assets represents goodwill. Internally generated goodwill (such as customer goodwill) should not be capitalised.

    However, in essence you may be correct in that they could have tried to assess the impact on future sales, customer loyalty etc and estimated it to be less than the server running cost.

    However, I think the assessment was more along the lines of

    Increased sales of FIFA 13 as a result of turning off FIFA 11 servers > lost sales of other i.e. products as a result of reduced customer loyalty

    Pain in the arse for me as I still play FIFA 11 - I haven't got used to the new tackling system. I was planning to perhaps pick up FIFA 13 at some point soon, but I'm not happy EA is forcing the issue.
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  • FIFA 13 cover has Lionel Messi and... Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Joe Hart

  • Merlinho 20/08/2012

    This is ridiculous - the three mics belong to...who exactly? Reply 0
  • Rovio details first post-Angry Birds release

  • Merlinho 10/05/2012

    More of an acquisition than a release then... Reply +12
  • Zynga boss addresses cloning accusations

  • Merlinho 31/01/2012

    @Timotei So war, racing and football settings are now IP? Surely FIFA copied Pele soccer on the Atari 2600 if you want to take that line. Reply +6
  • Official FIFA 12 reveal, details

  • Merlinho 27/05/2011

    Does this spell the end of players holding the pressure button and knocking my lightforward on his back, then stamping on his head? Reply -1
  • First PSN class action lawsuit filed

  • Merlinho 27/04/2011

    The PSN EULA actually states Sony are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses from any loss of data by PSN.Of course, this isn't worth the paper it's written on and cannot renege on Sony's responsibilities to avoid negligence.In the UK, I'm sure the plaintiff would have to prove loss before being awarded any damages though... Reply +7
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • Merlinho 21/02/2011

    8 out of 10 then? Reply 0
  • Geohot: Call of Duty hacks not my fault

  • Merlinho 21/02/2011

    So, I'm still to play CoD:MW2 online, is the hacking so bad there's no point? Reply 0
  • European free XBL weekend cancelled

  • Merlinho 28/01/2011

    Not the cleverest piece of marketing in the world Microsoft... Reply +7
  • Christmas Angry Birds swoops in

  • Merlinho 02/12/2010

    I did the 2nd level just after it became available at 8am UK time, and at that point, my Christmas level ranking was no2 in the World!

    Something tells me that will be the pinnacle of my Angry Birds success...

    Edit: oh and just for added clarity, Angry Birds Seasons is basically Angry Birds Halloween updated & renamed, so 60p will get you both sets of levels, and you get the Christmas advent calendar levels if you already bought Halloween v1.0.
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  • Boom! The Eurogamer Quiz!

  • Merlinho 30/11/2010

    Apparently by playing the game I just subscribed to updates from Relentless software in my inbox. I have no recollection of doing that. Naughty EG. Reply +4
  • Football Manager All-Star XI

  • Merlinho 11/11/2010

    Coaching River Plate in 2000-2001 edition, I had tons of cracking players, and when the Europeans came raiding, replacements could be pillaged from the lower table clubs with reasonable frequency.

    One such player was Jose Sand. He smashed in 45 goals in 30 odd league games, ably assisted by Cavenaghi, Saviola, Ortega (for a small period until Milan came calling) and D'Alessandro.

    In real life he ended up with 2 Argentinian caps, and plied his career fully in Argentina until a move to the UAE last year. I still keep an eye for him hoping he'll come good, but at 30, I guess this is unlikely. Still, what a player.
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  • Football Manager 2011 unveiled

  • Merlinho 11/08/2010

    Can you ask if there is a new iPhone version planned? Reply +1
  • FIFA 11 developers tackle Clubs, quitters

  • Merlinho 10/06/2010

    ]I've had someone quit after the final whistle!

    This is wrong?! What if you don't care about the stats?

    They quit after the final whistle but before the result had been set if you catch my drift, it was literally as the final whistle animation came on.

    This meant that the result changed from whatever it was to a 3-0 win to me, my PS3 froze up for a bit, you don't get to see how many points you got or how much your ranking has changed by as a result of the match, and I think even it doesn't count towards the achievements to not lose 5 in a row or win 100 online games (or however many it is).

    Yes, you could say this is a problem with the game interface as well, as it should prevent at least some of the factors above, but I considered that effectively griefing for the sake of it.

    Edit: stupid comment interface differing to forum
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  • Merlinho 10/06/2010

    My problem isn't so much with the quitters who leave when 7-0 down, I can excuse that a little, and even send a message to people I've thrashed sometimes saying thanks for being a good sport and staying on.

    My problem is the quitters quit after going 2-0 in the 70th or 80th minute. It would be easier probably to stay until the end at that point. I've had someone quit after the final whistle! Then you don't get to see the match stats etc and it's just annoying. The system needs to be punitive to discourage that kind of stupidity.
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  • Ubisoft dates football game for May

  • Merlinho 24/04/2010

    Wow, that trailer looks terrible. The way they players run reminds me of a 90s football game. Actua Soccer was probably better. Reply +1
  • Pure Football - Trailer

  • Merlinho 24/04/2010

    Why Ubisoft, why? Reply 0
  • New PS3 firmware kills Linux

  • Merlinho 29/03/2010

    Clearly the hacker has caused Sony to act, but the action is the Sony equivalent of keeping all of the schoolkids in at lunchtime because one kid did something wrong...

    I'm glad I don't use the feature personally.
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  • Blizzard fixes WarCraft III hacks

  • Merlinho 16/03/2010

    How is WoW as old as Warcraft III exactly? Reply +7
  • Activision: WOW could become "obsolete"

  • Merlinho 03/03/2010

    Company does annual risk assessment and publishes in its shareholder report.
    EG publishes as news with sensationalist headline.
    Trolls get fed.

    Why don't you publish your own risk assessment EG?
    Eurogamer: website could become "obsolete" News
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  • Buy Psychonauts for a quid on Steam

  • Merlinho 27/01/2010

    I had this on PS2, played it a few levels through, and then my PS2 blew up, so never played it through. I've now paid my pound, and got it installing on my work laptop...a few sneaky goes at lunchtime me thinks! Reply +1
  • Podcast launches!

  • Merlinho 12/01/2010

    Cool, I'll have a listen now. Just subscribed to the RSS and noticed that the date added for the first podcast says: 12/01/23110. Is it doing that for anyone else? Reply 0
  • LBP marks birthday with free costumes

  • Merlinho 03/11/2009

    I haven't fired up LBP in months. After completing the game, I'm not really feeling the need to go through and collect the hard to reach things, especially those where you need two players. I'll probably still download the free content though, just because... Reply +1
  • Sky Player for Xbox 360 dated

  • Merlinho 14/10/2009

    From Sky website

    If you already subscribe to Sky TV, you can watch TV programmes on demand from the channels you're able to access on your Sky Box. For most recent shows we won't charge you anything extra. You can also choose from our extensive library of older catch-up programmes to rent or buy.

    If you subscribe to Sky Multiroom or Sky Broadband Unlimited, you can watch live TV on Sky Player at no additional charge. All other Sky TV customers can subscribe to watch live TV on Sky Player for only £9.75/€14.75 a month, with no need for additional Sky boxes or installation.

    And you log into it using a username and password linked to your sky account (mysky), so probably be able to get round issues with XBL and Sky account being in different names.
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  • Guitar Hero 5 demo on Xbox Live

  • Merlinho 12/10/2009

    Any news whether this will also be on PSN? Reply 0
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

  • Merlinho 30/09/2009

    I wasn't expecting to see that 10 score, I must be honest, I was thinking a 9 from the review, I actually did a little gasp, such was the surprise.

    I'd now better get going completing the games in my collection so I can justify getting Batman and this, as I'm shelling out for FIFA on Friday.
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  • FIFA 10 Liveseason Tutorial Trailer

  • Merlinho 25/09/2009

    Mind you, you're not watching this on Mexicangamer. It would be nice to Championship support in the future, so I could try and reverse Paulo Sousa's awful start at Swansea... Reply 0
  • 1 vs. 100

  • Merlinho 17/07/2009

    I was sure it was J.R. Ewing who wrote Lord of the Rings... Reply -1
  • Mario & Sonic winter sequel dated

  • Merlinho 14/07/2009

    Actually quite looking forward to this on DS, the Summer games was an enjoyable little game. Reply +1
  • Katamari Forever

  • Merlinho 02/07/2009

    I sold my We Love Katamari on ebay after my PS2 broke for just more than the £30 I bought it for 2 years earlier!

    I'll be picking this up to replace it.
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  • ZX Spectrum vs BBC Micro: the TV drama

  • Merlinho 02/07/2009

    I had an Acorn Electron. Waiting 30 minutes for a game to load somehow made you more appreciative of the games. I remember with fondness Starship Command, Thrust, Frogger, Killer Gorilla (rip off!), Superior Soccer, Graham Gooch's test cricket, Footballer of the Year, Steve Davis Snooker, Stryker's Run, Howzat, to name but a few. Reply 0
  • Sky Broadband sorry for PSN problems

  • Merlinho 25/06/2009

    I wondered why my PSN kept dropping out, now I know why! Reply 0
  • Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box dated

  • Merlinho 19/01/2009

    Is there much point in getting this for PS3 over the cheaper original, and downloading the content? Reply 0
  • Play-while-downloading AWOMO in beta

  • Merlinho 22/12/2008

    Hire-purchase games, whatever next... Reply 0
  • Employers screening WOW players?

  • Merlinho 17/12/2008

    WoW is my CV...but only because I used to work for them.

    Does this mean I now need to delete one of my only two full time professional jobs on there?
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  • GTA IV PS3 patched with Trophies

  • Merlinho 27/10/2008

    Will meeting any trophy criteria subsequent to patch but with a savegame originally started pre-patch work, or do you have to start a new savegame with the trophy patch?

    I don't care if I'm missed any already, but would be good to carry on my savegame and pick up a few trophies at least.
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  • Combat Arms beta codes on Friday!

  • Merlinho 20/10/2008

    No need to worry, it's for PC, the amount of tards will hopefully be vastly diminished....

    /crosses fingers
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  • Xbox Live comes back to life

  • Merlinho 30/09/2008

    Not exciting really. That's why you were first comment. Reply 0
  • Life with PlayStation now live

  • Merlinho 18/09/2008

    "And I was also a bit confused as to why the London news was mostly about the Asian financial markets."

    "Perhaps because of the time difference?! London markets have just opened. "

    I thought the news was meant to have a local flavour though. If I wanted to find out about Asian markets, I'd have hovered over to Tokyo. The Munich news was also 3 news stories about Bayern Munich, which was quite amusing.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it's an interesting concept, but there's a lot of work to be done. Things like "today's events" in each city might be an interesting function, or different news types (sport, entertainment)...maybe a live webcam at a famous site in each city...I'm sure there are plenty more great ideas.
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  • Merlinho 18/09/2008

    Yes, obviously I did expect Call of Duty 4.


    Edit: back to actual opinion...I didn't know a great deal about it previous to downloading, but I thought that the weather reports could be a bit more in depth than a symbol on the city telling you the current weather. And I was also a bit confused as to why the London news was mostly about the Asian financial markets.

    I will wait for someone else to actually try it so a knowledgeable discussion can occur.

    Edit: typolol.
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  • Merlinho 18/09/2008

    It wasn't very exciting when I had a quick go this morning. My main gripe was not being able to read the full news articles, there didn't seem to be a zoom button in the browser! Reply 0
  • Loads more Guitar Hero games by 2010

  • Merlinho 16/09/2008

    Please don't saturate the market. I don't want to see Guitar Hero: McFly any time soon. Reply 0
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

  • Merlinho 15/09/2008

    I want to play for the canon...but the gameplay does not sound inspiring at all. Short enough for a rent and complete by the sounds of it? Reply 0
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

  • Merlinho 11/09/2008

    I'm a bit confused as to who half the players in the Liverpool team pic are meant to look like:

    I have Reina, Agger, Alonso, Mascherano, ?, Benayoun(?), Torres;
    Kuyt, Gerrard, Aurelio(?), Carragher.

    Maybe the one at the back is Arbeloa? Benayoun if it is him doesn't like anything like his likeness.
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  • Original 360 defect rate was 68 per cent

  • Merlinho 08/09/2008

    For Microsoft's part, it said: "This new highly irresponsible."

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  • FIFA 09 - Adidas Live Season

  • Merlinho 04/09/2008

    By the way, Human Rights FC, nice one, I might adopt that :) Reply 0
  • Merlinho 04/09/2008

    If I was playing my mate, and Rooney decided to balloon a shot over the bar just because he had a crap game on Saturday against Stoke, I wouldn't be too happy! Reply 0
  • Major WOW patch coming in "weeks"

  • Merlinho 27/08/2008

    Barbers' shops isn't really a groundbreaking innovation though is it?

    It's a cool feature and hopefully will also involve some new hair models, but I didn't even know LOTRO had it, and I've been suggesting it for years...I'm just amused to see they actually implemented it.
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