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  • Microsoft shipped 2.4m Xbox consoles last quarter

  • MeBrains 30/10/2014

    I said it was what the future has in store for us all. Digital distribution will be the primary means of game distribution, just wait and see. Now you do know what "future" means right? You do know that this does not mean "right now" right? Which is why having choices is good right? Even someone with a MuBrain should be able to figure this out.
    flip: WiFi was not the future. BR was not forward thinking.
    flop: digital, (i.e. network, i.e. WiFi, which "should have been optional!"), is the way to go.
    flip: xboxers look forward to multiple (no shit!) Halo discs
    flop: digital is the future

    And even in terms of exclusives did you read my quote from the DF article of Forza Horizon? Stuff like "best in class" and "almost untouchable".
    much like your interpretations of KZ's quotes "nothing looks quite like it", I can interpret your "best in class" and "almost untouchable" as "best in class at sucking ass" and "almost untouchable in its blatant copying of PS3 games".

    As for "sticking to topics" you are the one who suggested that DF stated the PS3 was more capable.
    flip: bring me a DF post where it says PS3 is more capable
    flop: MuBrains suggested DF articles

    So it is bad to have to buy an adapter (which only a few people needed) but it is okay to have to buy an expensive cable if you want to play your games library as advertised in HD?
    flip: we should not be forced to buy extras
    flop: it is scandalous the (forward thinking) HDMi cable was not included.

    hey. enjoy your games. I hope I'm done "talking" to you. And please stick to MS consoles. You'll be an excellent representation of its community. ;)
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  • MeBrains 29/10/2014

    And it's funny now to see how many people calling for Halo MCC to be released on multiple discs ;).
    oh. and I was thinking that xbox zealots thought digital only was the only way?! Didn't you say so just a few posts ago? O_o

    now they applaud having multiple discs? :rolleyes:

    It is choice. I didn't need a wi-fi connection for the first 4 years I had my Xbox 360. Why the fuck should I have to pay for tech that I, and most people, don't have?
    so you paid again for the very same console to have wifi and HDMi AND defend that? You are as smart as my ass. haha... only fools! :D

    cute how you use the packed in AV equipment and HD in one line when the console didn't even have any forward-thinking HDMi slot. Maybe that's why MS decided to include two this time. They are trying to compensate for the stupidity.

    Also. You do like AV then do you? How was 360's audio support doing? 5.1 much? DTS? Pro-Logic? I fail to remember the details here. Enlighten me.

    They sold a more capable games console. One with better online infrastructure.
    About the same I'd say. with PS3 marginally outperforming it when programmed well. An online infrastructure you paid for (and couldn't access wirelessly if you wanted - oh irony!).

    It is choice. I didn't need a wi-fi connection for the first 4 years I had my Xbox 360. Why the fuck should I have to pay for tech that
    So MS's lack of vision and inclusion of forward-thinking tech which makes you have to buy additional adapters and / or a second console is "choice", while...

    Strange you forget to mention that and how expensive HDMI cables were back in 2006.
    ... is scandalous to you? A cable?!? I thought I had seen it all kinds of moronic arguments to defend a stupid choice one makes, but this breaks all! man!

    And why bring up FH?! Oh yea. You can't stick to topics. :rolleyes:
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  • MeBrains 29/10/2014

    Where do DF say that these games are "conclusively" better than anything seen on the 360. Come on show us those quotes ;).
    didn't need to look far.

    There's nothing else on any other system that looks quite like it, and in motion virtually everything is superbly realised.

    another one:
    But what makes this game so special is that the core gameplay experience is just so strong: in the midst of battle, nothing looks like it, nothing plays quite like it.

    And as I said the Blu-Ray drive is not an example of "forward thinking". It was Sony making gamers pay more so that they could use the PS3 as a Trojan Horse for their movie disc format.
    how soon were 360 games shipped on multiple discs? And why is including tech a bad thing?

    It brought up the cost sure. But, as stated, only blind zealots like you still think PS3 was more expensive than 360 in the long run.

    Wi-Fi was available for the 360. You had to buy an adapter. Why? Because when the 360 was released the majority of homes in the US and Europe did not have a Wi-Fi connection. Why make people pay more for something they don't need. Later models came with Wi-Fi when such connections became more prevalent. Ditto with HDMI connections (more TVs had DVI ports than HDMI ones). I prefer this more consumer-centric approach than forcing us to pay for unnecessary extras.
    Wow. Nobody had it at launch, but ended up needing it and Sony included it right from the start. That was quite, how shall I put it, forward-thinking of them. I don't see how you can call that anything else... oh yea. I read you. that choice argument again! :rolleyes:

    MS on the other hand sold bare-bones, then charged obscene amounts of money for "the extra wifi adapter". They even sold completely new consoles again to include HDMi. Maybe they manufactured their initial version to have a 60% failure rate on purpose?

    You call that choice? I call that defending such an approach consumer stupidity! ;)
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    They do? Which ones? Show me a quote from any DF article which "conclusively" states that the PS3 "was more capable that the 360". Good luck with that.
    KZ2 & 3, as well as the Uncharteds and TLoU spring to mind. :)

    there's up to now not a game which states that Xbone does things that PS4 wouldn't be able to do, unlike the given examples above last gen.

    And forward thinking tech? LOL! The Blu-Ray drive is not forward thinking tech. Going entirely digital with the PSP Go was (because that is the direction the media industry is taking). Didn't work so well for them ;).
    Blu-Ray was one. WiFi was. Bluetooth was. HDMi was.

    replying with "digital was the only way forward" back in a day when 28% were still on dial-up, is outright asinine. But I started to expect nothing more from you.
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    The various face-offs DF have done conclusive show that the 360 is more capable than the PS3. It's fanboys like you (and your buddy Vizzini remember him) who have trouble with simple concepts like that. :cool:
    the various articles on PS3 exclusives DF have done conclusive show that the PS3 was more capable that the 360.

    It's fanboys like you (and your buddies remember him) who have trouble with simple concepts like that.

    Let's not take all the forward-thinking tech into account at all, which brought up the price huh?
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  • MeBrains 27/10/2014

    So I guess DF are Xbox supporters...

    waw. your zealot brain draws strange conclusions. :lol:

    as for the rest of your post. cheers. tldr.
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  • MeBrains 27/10/2014

    The fact that the PS3 was overpriced and underpowered proves your point? LOL!
    here he goes again, rephrasing me.

    Leave what I actually say to myself, thx.

    I said that the perception of PS3 being overpriced and underpowered by xbox supporters, proves my point.


    Here! Four times the failure rate of the Wii! I don't see you asking ilikegames101 for his sources
    LOL! "SquareTrade". I knew it. A company selling insurances! :rolleyes:

    hey, I am not going to address every single post on here, huh? And you take it easy. This is the first time you actually post a link to a dubious source given their interest. What about the other times I asked you for sources? You just don't (can't?) give them.
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  • MeBrains 25/10/2014

    Some new footage has been released showing Halo 4 running 1080p60 for the first time and it looks better than anyone could of hoped. It makes Destiny (and even KZ:SF) look a little bit silly really. :cool:
    I am not going to question the art direction and the graphical accomplishment therewith. I am not.

    But, I do question the validity of comparing the confined spaces and short, fogged-up draw distances in Halo 4 to the long-range vista's KZ:SF.

    They look different, both look good. The latter is pumping out a whole other level of graphical complexity though.
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  • MeBrains 25/10/2014

    Hostility to their "forward-thinking" platform? You mean hostility towards their over-priced and under-powered media center!
    No, that's not what I meant.

    But I know that is how it was received, proving my point actually. :)

    That its YLOD issues whilst far less prevalent than the RROD issues effecting the 360 were still above industry averages.
    Above industry average? Which source you use?

    That cost far more than their competitors.
    To short-term thinking zealots like yourself, it has been perceived as "costing far more". I have seen that line before and it's a dumb one.
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  • MeBrains 25/10/2014

    The PS3 (which I'm assuming you mean) had blu-ray, sure, and HDMI at launch (which the 360 did not have until later revisions), but those only make it forward-thinking, not 'future-proof'.
    yes, well deducted.

    BR and HDMI. Only these? You forgot WiFi, BT, card readers, full backwards compatibility by inclusion of the EE chip, which they quickly lost given the hostility towards their "forward-thinking" platform...

    The 360 (which did have a version with a 20GB HDD at launch) and the PS3 also shared similar PowerPC architectures. The PS3 had a different approach with the SPEs, sure, and an nVidia GPU instead of AMD, but they are similar enough that I'm not getting why you claim the 360 is 'ill-engineered' compared to the PS3, considering IBM worked on both from similar specs.
    The inclusion of a distinct GPU and the similarity between the general processing parts in their CPU's is about where comparison ends. But you are right though, after most of its engineering, MS approached IBM with bucketloads of money to get part of the tech STI had invested in and eventually released an "ill-engineered" platform, which off course refers to its notorious and scandalous failure rate.

    IMO, the 360 had gone through a much more drastic evolution (HDD installs and USB storage being the 2 main ones) and, to me, improves the console experience, which was achieved through software updates.
    PS3 also saw quite some evolution software wise chapski. Arguably more than 360 last gen.
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  • MeBrains 24/10/2014

    @iainmarchant1 waw. you bought four then (or three?). Close to £1000 to experience single console gaming, disregarding the annual live fee, which would add another £300-£400, I suppose.

    From the +/-80M MS sold last gen, I do sometimes wonder how much were really distinct users.

    it really is stupefying to think how MS got away with it and how the community kept on supporting it.

    anyhows. that scandalous launch and the community's reaction to it, is The Main Reason people know me as defending Sony's take on the industry.
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  • MeBrains 24/10/2014

    I burned through four Xbox 360's in the space of eight years.
    and? all replaced under "extended warranty"? How many did you actually buy?
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  • MeBrains 24/10/2014

    Actually the RRoD didn't really have that effect, it's hardware revisions that are responsible for the bulk of multiple sales.
    haha... really?

    i lost track of how many time I saw people admit having bought a second console "just in case"*.

    * hint: it wasn't because they'd "just in case" not have a hardware revision.

    And frankly, I do not know a single person who has had more than one PS3. But maybe I am the exception here.

    Why the hell would one buy more than one of the exact same console? I have my original PS, PS2, SNES, NES, GB, GBC, PSP, MegaDrive, N64, Amiga...... All of them, the only single unit I bought. In fact, should one have failed, I'd not have bought a replacement.

    Why would you pay twice for an exact same console? MS started it by initially not including even an HDD. Then by adding WiFi. Then again by adding HDMI and then, finally, by releasing an actually stable revision! And people kept on re-investing?! Grotesque really!

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  • MeBrains 24/10/2014

    Both Sony and MS need someone to keep them on their toes, and having both of them around and at each other's necks seems to be mostly working out well for all of us.
    I used to believe that as well, but I came to the conclusion that competition in the console hardware industry really is not all that good for us. I do not get why you say "seems to be mostly working out well".

    Here's another take. Last gen we had one company which had gone through extreme lengths to give the customer a decidedly future-proof console from the start. It had all these kinds of tech which were only nascent at the time, all included, be it for an early-adopter steep price. That company still is known as has always been for great hardware, great gadgets, fine engineering.

    they were massacred though because of it. The "community" chose an ill-engineered, fault-ridden, standard component, pay-for-online, which even did not have an HDD to begin with! That "community" put up with the highest failure rate ever seen in a consumer product and only applauded when the company "extended" its warranty.

    It must have been a strange sight, a weird feeling to the engineers of the former. They had a damn-fine, high-tech, state-of-the-art product which seemed to fail against the latter.

    So, what do you think that company does then? Would they again take huge amounts of risks, or rather play it safe? Would they again offer online for free? Or would they follow what the other console started?

    So. I don't know if competition has been all that good for us.

    Maybe it is just me.
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  • MeBrains 24/10/2014

    RROD was actually so bad at one point, that Microsoft had to release a 3 year warranty for Xbox 360's. It also cost them over 1 billion dollars in 2007 alone.
    that really is such a load of crap.

    yes, they extended the warranty by a year - 2 years being the bog standard term in a lot of countries and might indeed have cost them. Now, this "cost" is not something which should make the community think: "hey. look how nice they are? they just gave the community 1 billion!" That one billion is entirely of their own doing and I think the complete amount should have been shoved up somebody's MS ass in 1 dollar bills.

    I also very much doubt that number. Where the hell did it come from to be now stated as fact? 1 billion is a sum which I more relate to, just saying, the development of a completely new type of processor and the factories it needs for example.
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  • MeBrains 24/10/2014

    But...isn't that true for, well, both now-gen consoles, really?
    it is. that's my point really. we don't see the overabundance of next-gen tech anymore like we had last-gen. last-gen the company which offered all that next-gen tech and free online got massacred because of it. why the hell would they have repeated taking such risks? they didn't.
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  • MeBrains 24/10/2014

    It seems MS and Xbox are is a healthy state judging by those revenue numbers
    there's quite a few regions where "healthy" doesn't seem to be an appropriate word to use, TechMaster360...

    But well. Good for us right, that it sells really well? We got paid-for online and the demise of future-proof tech as a result. We only need a lack of gameplay innovation now to come full-circle! :)
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  • MeBrains 24/10/2014

    Mediamarkt here had PS4s a plenty last week. Boxes upon boxes upon boxes, stored along isles, as POS, on ground-level storage, around demo units. As this single store, they seem to have devoted around 50m2 to the machine with around 750.000 inhabitants they serve. Xbone on the other hand had one stash piled up. About 50 units. It looked quite sad in comparison. Reply +3
  • Elite Dangerous Beta 3 goes live

  • MeBrains 29/10/2014

    it's an excellent game already. well worth the money already even if it were only "for old times sake".

    steep learning curve though. dogfights are damn difficult.

    looking forward to booting up this update...
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  • Digital Foundry vs Sunset Overdrive

  • MeBrains 29/10/2014

    umm, take your own advice? That's the best I got, since you asked.
    I do come over as somebody who needs to take your advice in order to follow mine, don't I?

    maybe I do indeed. In which case, I thank you for said advice.

    Nothing else then?
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    a strong emotion.

    be careful handling it. abstain from feeling it. refrain from using it.

    anything else?
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    youve got issues..
    no sir.

    you've got issues...

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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    @IronSoldier indeedy.

    And be very careful with posting objective facts about a system you don't own and have no interest to own.

    Should you post objective facts about a system you don't own and which do not align to the hive mind of said system owners, be prepared to bear the wrath of Adrasteia upon you.

    So has it been agreed. So will it be executed.
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    And remember kids, a Strong MS is good for PS4 owners too, because competition is good, right?
    I started doubting that the last few months. Here's why.

    Last gen we had one platform which brought all kinds of great and forward-thinking technology (Wifi, BR, BT, HDMi). It had free online too. It got hammered. The company learned. It did away with all that nice 'n' lovely tech and did not pursue a "for the players" custom built CPU anymore. It included (mostly) standard components this time and started charging for online.

    Disclaimer - I am a PC gamer who has yet to commit to a next-gen console.
    I play Elite when I play the last few weeks. Still to commit to a next-gen console as well. No exclusives I want yet... Tiiimmme... is on my side. Yes it is!
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  • Sunset Overdrive review

  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    He's got a personality disorder. I've blocked that joker & Eurogamer is 10 times better for it. I recommend everyone do the same, it'll drive him insane.
    he can be annoying indeed. certainly when he start rephrasing things, brings up irrelevant arguments or dodges questions.*

    But I won't block. I have nobody on the block list and want to keep it that way.

    One can learn from any which other.

    edit: * never mind the name calling.
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    i was just trying to highlight that you can enjoy a game in spite of a review.
    ... and I fully agree. I hope that is about clear now. I repeated that quite a few times in this thread already.

    i also was puzzled why you decided to cut and paste the negatives of the review. what was your motivation for doing that.
    I hope that is clear as well by now.

    i mean you was never going to like this was you as its an MS game and you have a blanket disliking of any game that is on a MS platform.
    that is not true. I said before: I largely steer away from commenting in reviews. Be they XO ones or PS4 ones...

    I nigh-solely address platform holder things.

    ... as well as this review, as it struck me how negative it was phrased, resulting in quite a good score.

    But again: so be it. Buy it and enjoy it.

    I indeed won't play it because I will not buy MS's platform. One platform per gen is enough for me. I still need to buy that too. Not enough good games yet on PS4 to make me want to purchase now.
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    Still 30% higher than Driveclub. I don't need to bother copying quotes from that review, the score is enough. If we bring Horizon 2 into the picture it's a 40% difference. It must burn the Sony pony in you so much huh
    here's frazzl. One chapski who is entirely unable to connect to or understand another one's motivation and tries to enforce his view through name calling and bringing up irrelevant subjects.

    isn't that a pathology to some disorder?
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    you like driveclub even though you could quite easy cherry pick a whole host of negative comments from the review.

    not my words. these are straight from the horses mouth. enough to put anyone off
    exactly! ... and it got a six, right?

    So... lots of negatives => six. I find that logical. lots of negatives => eight. I questioned. Yet, I never said they should review or adapt the score. I never said: "scandalous score" or something alike. I never even said "reads like a five" or something. I only reminisced. So many negatives => eight??

    And... is that not what I am saying? Even though a game has a six or an eight or a ten or a two. If it seems for you: buy it, play it, enjoy it!

    I do not entirely understand what you tried to explain to me with your comment.
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    Please stop, you're embarrassing yourself. And it's very distasteful to bash a game because MS hurt you. Thing is pretty obvious why you're being so obnoxious to a game you never played, it's because it's a Xbox exclusive, and that's silly coming from a grown man. Go away. In peace.
    where did I bash it Ziggy?

    I merely did two things:
    1) copy / paste from the review text - I didn't write these words!
    2) gave my opinion about my feeling towards the game, like I have towards most games. I also gave my feeling towards some PS exclusives up above. Knack "very meh". Infamous "meh". DriveClub "right up my alley" -> I liked Ridge Racer and certainly V-Rally a lot more than I did GT, which I have not played again ever since the very first one.

    I also did not express disagreement with the game's score. It's an eight! So what? You think this is for you, then buy it, play it, enjoy it.

    But I did question how a game with such a long list of negatives could receive an eight, while others with less negatives also receive an eight. But again: it is what it is and do have fun playing it!
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    ....take it your a pc pirate?
    err... I like all gaming platforms for what they are, but clearly have my preferences - certainly towards a platform holder's approach to the industry.

    I'll never buy an MS console indeed. Mostly because of last-gen's scandalous release and because of the attitude of its supporters.

    Can I?
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    Says good old MuBrains. Are you and grassyknoll recruiting for your Sony Pony party?
    poor story. button-mashy, no new guns, weak enemy variety, less successful upgrades, dull effects from amps and overdrives, lame stat boosts, problematic missions, annoying mission structures, endless parades of fetch quests, mechanically rote, an inability to surprise, only sometimes a memorable moment, easy to dislike name-checking, faded cultural touchstones.

    I apparently only started after the first two paragraphs. I failed to mention "pointless upgrades and unlockables that you couldn't care less about".

    much like "pointless comments and interventions that you could'nt care less about".

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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014


    To be fair, it's hard to argue with the rest of your response. My point still stands, though - listing all the points from your point of view is hardly a proof of anything, especially since many of those negatives you quoted may have positives attached.
    Like another one said: I clearly cherry-picked the negatives, as I was astounded myself how many were actually mentioned. I now know I did not even include all! Is this negativity per se? No. It is one kind of "analysis" of a written text and I keep on thinking that, with all these points mentioned, how could you come up with a final score. But. There it is! So what?

    Do all games scored an 8 have to be exactly as good as other games scored an 8? I would argue no.
    I fully agree. Of course not. There's 50 shades of grey.
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    For someone who doesn't like MS or the XO you do appear to post quitr a bit about them.
    the same can certainly be said about sooo many other visitors.

    There really is no need for you to venture into futute XO exclusive game review/article in order to highlight the negatives about a console you don't own. Just let the XO owners discuss their games and console without your 2 cents. It would be a nice change and rather refreshing.
    I think that would be my own choice, wouldn't it? But again: I mostly don't post in reviews not in XB, nor in PS ones. I post for or against platform holders and certainly against bs spouted against one or the other with no basis on (what I perceive to be) fact.
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  • MeBrains 28/10/2014

    Because you answered my facts about yourself by doing the opposite doesn't erase your past, my friend. Are you turning over a new leaf? I doubt it.
    Why the heck would I want to erase my past? I stand behind every single comment I made. :)

    And your justification that you only resort to name calling if someone does it first is really mature of you.
    haha. It is, isn't it? Maybe you didn't notice the quotes when I wrote that or failed to grasp why I did that? Here's why: I mocked my own answer.
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  • MeBrains 27/10/2014

    Fact: I've never read a comment by you saying a positive thing about MS without a negative dig in between.
    grumpy old me! Fact is: I do not like MS's Xbox division. Full stop. Can I please? I have my reasons to do so. To me, they are very valid. They are commonly referred to as opinion. Can I please voice that?

    You want something positive about MS? They're doing a very good job on the updates and turning around the (deserved! <- there, I did it again!) hostility towards them.

    Fact: I've read a lot of positive comments by you about Sony without a negative dig in between.
    see above, but inverse.

    You want something negative about Sony? They have been doing a very bad job at keeping momentum. Their DriveClub launch was a disaster (but I still think it is a great game <- see what I did?!). They're damn fools not supporting the "official" PS GT wheel. Etc.

    funny thing is: you replied what you did after me speaking of Knack and Infamous as "very meh" and "meh" respectively (without positive notes). :rolleyes:

    Fact: You have done a lot of name calling to people who disagree with you.
    name calling huh? There's one I have been name calling on recently, but hey, "he started it!". You'll have quite some trouble me name calling anyone else.

    So you can make believe you are an objective commenter but history tells us different.
    so can you and anyone really, isn't it?

    point concerning this article still stands: I merely copy / pasted that list. I even forgot some! Again: just questioning that, with all the negative remarks, how can it be rated an "eight"? Hey, but it is. Can we move on now?
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  • MeBrains 27/10/2014

    was not so much the words you cherry picked from the review, more you're dismissive meh looks boring comment at the end.
    it does to me. Like e.g. Infamous does as well. But Knack looks more boring still. ;)

    edit: I thought this to be strange... here's a c/p from another review

    Overall, it's good clean fun - so it's a shame that **** suffers from a consistent failure of imagination in how it's put together. There's not been much of an attempt to shake up the mission scenarios or structure of the game, leaving you with a very rote open-world adventure. Follow the waypoint marker, chase the suspect, investigate the scene, wipe out the jackboots; hunt the collectables and tick the boxes. You've been here many times before. The collectables and side missions all contribute to reclaiming districts from the DUP, which organises them into chunks and structures the reward usefully, and they've been judiciously pruned - but this is good admin rather than great game design.

    As pretty and playable as it is, in no sense is **** a post-Grand Theft Auto 5 open-world game. It's just a tidier, shorter and shinier one. It's easy to enjoy and has a winning personality, but it's reluctant to deviate from a stale streetmap of game city. It's no rebel, then. In fact, it's a conformist.

    could as well have been the bottom line here if you ask me.
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  • MeBrains 27/10/2014

    Fortunately, we don't review games by focusing only on the negatives. Apparently, you do. Good luck enjoying your life, buddy!
    haha... who are you then to review games? :lol:

    Reviews should take both positive and negative into account and the above does. Only, the list of "negatives" in the review above, far outweigh the "positives" I have read, making me question the validity of "8/10".

    Hey. If you're interested in it, then by all means buy it and enjoy the game huh? I was just questioning how a review text with so many issues addressed could score as "high" as it did.

    Destiny was an eight as well with quite a positive review, where only the lack of story and the pompuousness of its lore was taken as a negative.

    The latter "eight" then is a better "eight" than this "eight" is?
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  • MeBrains 27/10/2014

    And as you've noticed, no one cares about your sense (cents). Who did you think you were going to influence with your biased comments?
    I really didn't expect any other kind of reaction but to get negged to oblivion.

    fact still stands: the complete "list" I posted is hardly biased, it is simple copy / pasting from the review text.

    that comment at the end is merely my opinion. I am positive I'd find Infamous "meh", Knack "very meh", KZ "quite ok" and, as far as gut feeling is concerned, DriveClub "right up my alley". I don't believe I have posted in any of these reviews, except maybe for the latter one.

    In fact, I don't regularly post in review comments, unless certain platform-holders are bashed or defended without solid ground. You'll hear me rant about PS's lack of "official" $250 wheel support, as you'd hear me rant about 360 having been the cheaper console.
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  • MeBrains 27/10/2014

    be honest though, being a dyed in the wool sony fanboy you was never going to sing this games praises though was you.
    If you say so.

    Mostly I do not even take the time to comment on Xbox exclusives... Although, I do mostly read the articles and some of the comments.

    I commented this time believing that a game described with so many negative expressions to get an eight, is awkward to say the least.

    And again: I did not make up a single one of that list. They're all words taken as is from the review text, only adapted to fit to summing them up.
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  • MeBrains 27/10/2014

    @reggy72 yea reggy. and yours is a typical reaction as well.

    funny thing is: I merely copied from the actual review.
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  • MeBrains 27/10/2014

    so. poor story. button-mashy, no new guns, weak enemy variety, less successful upgrades, dull effects from amps and overdrives, lame stat boosts, problematic missions, annoying mission structures, endless parades of fetch quests, mechanically rote, an inability to surprise, only sometimes a memorable moment, easy to dislike name-checking, faded cultural touchstones.

    8/10! :D

    (hey. I only copied some text from the review there. I didn't add a single thing myself.)

    in any case. As far as I am concerned, it looks entirely forgettable. Fun for a bit, but boring in the end. My $0.02 huh?
    Reply -6
  • MeBrains 27/10/2014

    @frazzl you are stupid.
    he is indeed. He always twists other member's posts around to suit his flawed arguments.
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  • The search for PlanetSide 2's largest battle

  • MeBrains 26/10/2014

    No clue why Sony didn't push this harder on PS4 already. It was a perfect fall exclusive to counter the Halo hype.
    the official site still says it is coming to PS4 this year. O_o

    PlanetSide 2 is the only MMOFPS where thousands of players align with one of three unique Empires and combat in an all-out, massive planetary war. In PlanetSide 2, when the battles last for days, the fight for territory is more than a victory, it’s survival. For more information, please visit the FAQ’s.
    Coming to the PlayStation®4 in 2014! Sign up NOW to receive news updates.
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  • ESRB: In Dragon Age: Inquisition "fellatio is implied"

  • MeBrains 24/10/2014

    I wonder what rating they'd reserve for "Hatred".

    Probably "Everyone 10+" May contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.

    I think "Hatred" will not contain a lot of "suggestive themes" and certainly not a lot of "mature" "sexual content".
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  • Civilian massacring game Hatred courts controversy, gets it

  • MeBrains 22/10/2014

    And even in the Netherlands the decriminalization was highly limited. Marijuana use is still strictly regulated and surprise, surprise, with the weed passes, it's now regulated even more ;).
    regulated more, while usage is on the rise?

    same country, increasingly repressive towards use, more actual usage, frazzl-fool.

    as said: we are getting nowhere again, while you still and consistently take the easy way to (try to) debunk stuff instead of bringing your own arguments or all the studies proving your point which you have referred to before.
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  • MeBrains 20/10/2014

    @Frazzl The page shows a difference between one country with liberal drug laws and one country with stringent drug laws. The liberal one sees far far less drug use than the stringent one.

    This decriminalization is not new. It has existed since the 60'ies or 70'ies. I do not need to search for "weed passes". I am from one of two of Holland's neighbouring countries.

    Anyhows. As usual, we are getting nowhere again.
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  • MeBrains 19/10/2014

    You are the one who's trying to use a comparison between 2 very different countries to support your legalization of drugs argument. Sadly that very page you link to provides more support for my statement than yours. I never said that legalizing drugs is the sole reason for this increase though. That's you once again talking out of your arse
    Where on that page can you deduct more support for your claim than you can for mine frazzl-frie?

    You can't even hold your stuff together in a paragraph you write yourself. :)

    One line says: "more support for mine", the next implies "but the table I brought on to support my primitive view, has various other reasons for drug increase than only my simple take on the subject". Oh boy. :rolleyes:

    Maybe, instead of just twisting facts to your skewed idea, you can bring about these "studies" you referred to, hmm? B)
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  • MeBrains 19/10/2014

    Did you read the page? First table compares drug use in Netherlands to drug use in the USA. 2 completely different countries with different demographics, different economies and very different availability of elicit drugs. How this is proof of anything is a joke. The second table though is more telling and unsurprisingly you fail to mention it. Here it looks at drug usage in Netherlands only from 1997 to 2009. You can clearly see that the prevalence of drug use has increased in this time period, with the greatest increase seen in cannabis consumption. Which basically fits with what I have said.
    so you first defend that you should not compare the US and NL because of different economies and demographics, but accept the increase in drug use in the netherlands as having the sole reason that it is "available", "fitting to what you said"? Talk about double standards!
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  • MeBrains 19/10/2014

    Well in the 1800s it was a "deductible fact" that people couldn't fly and never would. Quite simply you have absolutely no factual basis to back your arguments. You are simply talking out of your arse. No surprise there given who you are :cool:
    lol. so, you actually believe that the average 6y old these days is able to read 300-400 page violent "adult" books ánd have them racked more on their shelves than there are 6y olds playing violent "adult" games?

    There indeed is someone talking out of his arse!

    about sticking on topic... why don't you answer direct questions then? like how your previous "book answer" to me adds to the enlightened discourse we have?
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  • Dev behind Paranautical Activity Steam storm resigns, apologises

  • MeBrains 22/10/2014

    I'm like valve in a tiny micro way.

    I neg people when they're foulmouthed!

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