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  • Halo 3: ODST Master Chief Collection release date spotted

  • MeBrains 30/05/2015

    haha... I knew that EG would make the exception to post this "news" over the weekend when I read about it this morning. Reply -3
  • PlayStation digital refund policy in spotlight on BBC's Watchdog tonight

  • MeBrains 29/05/2015

    @TrevHead hey trev, and I do not really want to sound like I am sticking up for Sony, but I do. all my posts in this thread only tried to point out that there isn't a single company which is not sick in the same bed and that a consumer show squarely setting its sights on one, smells awkward.

    but mentioning that is not done. In this thread, you only bitch at Sony. Let ago rationalism, reel in anti-sony sentiments - lest you be negged.
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  • MeBrains 29/05/2015

    funny. my horror consumer story is negged - although it was about things far worse than 40.

    seems like in this thread, you only get upvotes when you bitch about Sony.

    Apparently many of you believe this kind of customer service horror story only happens with the Japanese company.

    Plain untrue...

    oh well. keep the rose-tinted four eyes on! :)
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  • MeBrains 28/05/2015

    @FASELI Finally! An answer about the bigger picture, as all I read was "Sony this", "Sony that" without much nuance.

    I agree with you fully and it is one of the reasons why I disliked the "online only" policy MS tried to sell us this gen.

    I got one of these stories myself - be it non-games. I had my house installed with new windows and a new front door. My requirement was: "My domotics system needs to be able to close the door when I hit the 'all out' button in the bedroom." In front of me, they called the manufacturer, discussed about it and gave me the price of "100 additional cost". I bought and signed it with the vendor.

    Upon installation, I was informed that it was the system which is able to open the door remotely. I emailed them about it and they replied, black on white: "the manufacturer misunderstood. What you want it seems costs 1000 extra." I mentioned: "look, the contract between you, the vendor, and me, is clear. I do not deal with the manufacturer. Please install what we agreed to." They didn't - they informed me to go to court if I didn't agree which would have cost me headaches as well as a lot more. I didn't.

    So. To make a long story short. It is totally unfair to direct this only at Sony, which is what I reacted to. So many companies are guilty of the same practice. If this Watchdogs program only talks about ONE Sony customer, it is a joke. Much like it was back then addressing YLOD without even a mention of the "infinitely" more abundant RROD.
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  • MeBrains 28/05/2015

    I just told you there's more than one story on Watchdog.
    I hope there is indeed - and there will be. We all have been frustrated with some customer support in our lives. But that'll not only be Sony.

    Where did you get your information from?

    edit: read it. "One other guy?" so, two persons complaining? :D

    oh boy. they should be able to find thousands of customers. Sony customers, Apple customers, MS's, Asda's, HP's, Dell's, Corsair's - heck, even the grocery vendor on the local market probably has at least one discontented customer!

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  • MeBrains 28/05/2015

    Are you really stupid enough to think that Watchdog did it on the back of a single complaint? Because that's pretty f*cking naive.
    Are there any plurals in this - or in the complete EG article?

    The report - set to air during this evening's show on BBC One at 8pm - was sparked by a customer that took the company to task for refusing to refund a purchase made after his account had been acknowledged as stolen.

    They aired the YLOD thing on the back of 20 (or 11? or 5?) consoles back in the day. That was on the back of around 0,00001% consoles of total sold.

    I guess some of you will see tonight. And I'll read about it tomorrow. ;)
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  • MeBrains 28/05/2015

    I'm sure Watchdog do a bit more research than taking one guys word for it.

    I would suppose they would indeed, but am I sure? Not really. ;)
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  • MeBrains 28/05/2015

    If you seriously think that "taken the appropriate action" is Sony not banning the console, then I recommend leaving Dream World and joining the rest of us here in the Real World.

    I know it's nice where you are, but you can't stay there forever.
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  • MeBrains 28/05/2015

    also pretty amazing that this thread is rife with persons defending Watchdog's laughable call to action because of one customer complaint, while some of us here who forward an alternative take, are negged?

    Shouldn't you consider that maybe, just maybe this one person is the guy trying to get away with fraud?

    oh well. this attitude is one of the main reasons I tend to avoid commenting on EG more and more. It used to be fun here - as well as (more) objective and balanced.
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  • MeBrains 28/05/2015

    If it wasn't fraudulent, Sony wouldn't have banned the PS3 that made the purchase, would they?
    djezus. do you all lack basic reading skills?

    Please quote the line where they say they "banned the PS3"?!

    They only said: "We have taken the appropriate action against the console which made the purchase but unfortunately we cannot share the details of this console with you for security purposes."

    Maybe they sent a message warning them? Maybe they merely removed the credit card number?

    (Or is it somewhere in the telephone conversation?)
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  • MeBrains 28/05/2015

    One customer leading to a Watchdog broadcast?! LOL

    This One customer could just have logged in on another PS3, bought it, and then made a fuzz of it or am I mistaking?

    Also, Mr. Phillips, how do you deduct and state it actually is fraudulent? The emails, nor the phone recording indicate so. Where do you read confirmation that "it was somebody else"?!

    Sounds like the YLOD Watchdog farce all over again. Remember that? All 5 (!!) consoles were repaired by the incredible PlayStation Repair Action Team. haha. a good laugh after all these years. :D

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  • Rockstar launches BBC lawsuit over Grand Theft Auto drama

  • MeBrains 22/05/2015

    I'm sorry to say, but, concerning "news" the BBC is a biased and unreliable broadcasting corporation anyway while they undeservedly keep having a good name.

    to me, this seems to be yet another low point. They misuse their established but unreliable brand to try to get away with things they really should not.
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  • Performance Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • MeBrains 20/05/2015

    The framerate of the PS4 version is certainly higher than that of the Xbox One verions if uncapped.
    >> Rubbish. You don't know this. It is pure speculation and a deep desire to have it so.
    concerning that XB vs PS4 FPS "discussion" here.

    _should_ XB render at 1080p as PS4 does, there wouldn't even be that "discussion". Fact is that XB renders 40% less pixels than PS4 does and even then, it "struggles" just that bit more.

    And that's disregarding the completely overlooked inferior texture filtering on XB too.

    Can we deduct, given the abundance of 900vs1080p "proof", that PS4 indeed is 40% more powerful than XB is? - and that's an honest question for these EG members who "know".
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  • MeBrains 20/05/2015

    @Liuwil I am hardly simplifying it chaps.

    There's quite a few who supported Xbone's non-ownership because "they could just select new games without getting of the couch". Sony's inclusion of BR should have been supported by these very same persons.

    Cell was a _fast_ processor - specifically made for games consumers. Was it the best for games? No. But the intention and benevolence of Sony _was_ there. They went another way for us and invested billions (edit: not millions!), but "we" just didn't get it and (mostly Americans) pulled up their nose to it.

    360 started with an above-average GPU. Not at all cutting edge. Not like Cell's architecture was "cutting edge" - be it not the best for games.

    And that is all disregarding: hdmi (which was new), BT (which was new), WiFi (which was new), MemCard readers (the inclusion of which was new to consoles), HW BC (which was expensive).

    360 "challenged" high-performance rigs as much as PS4 is doing (to a _slightly_ lesser extent) now.

    We were two years in the generation back then and we were already seeing inadequate performance (compared to middle to high end pc's) back then as well.
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  • MeBrains 20/05/2015

    It could have been so much better if Sony or MS had invested some money in a real next gen system.
    exactly! like Sony did last time around!

    because packing your gear full of future-proof technology automatically results in better sales over the less forward thinking release!


    oh wait... :|
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  • Witcher 3 on Xbox One uses dynamic scaling to boost resolution

  • MeBrains 12/05/2015

    Yeah... I mentioned that idea to a certain Phil Harisson about 20 years ago in a bar in London while being on a press trip to see Rosco McQueen firsthand... He found it quite interesting... :D Reply -2
  • Xbox One voice messages now live in new system update

  • MeBrains 12/05/2015

    Sunset Overdrive is far and away the best exclusive on any platform
    haha... you made me laugh. Cool. Keep it going. :D
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  • Face-Off: Project Cars

  • MeBrains 11/05/2015

    its never going to win against driveclubs excellent photo mode then I guess!!
    what do you mean? As far as I know, DC's photo mode uses the actual in-game renderings for its stills. They are not "improved" in any way just for the photo.

    I know, it does sound amazing given their quality. And the approach is entirely unlike FM5 and FH2's which implement copious amounts of improving for the still shot in comparison to their gameplay.
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  • MeBrains 10/05/2015

    The staircasing effect is called aliasing. This is remedied by a technique called as anti-aliasing, which is discussed in the article at length.
    oh noes! :rolleyes:

    a smartass.

    where exactly have you read about aliasing in function of the extremely noticeable artefact on Xbox's cars? Please quote the line from the article. I must have missed it.

    btw: the lack of anti-aliasing on xbox's cars is most apparent on the third-last image in the comparison tool, but very very noticeable in all others as well.
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  • MeBrains 10/05/2015

    no mention of the very apparent staircasing on cars visible on almost each and every single Xbox shot?

    it was the first thing I noticed... and I am not an expert... :/
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  • Report: Phil Harrison is leaving Microsoft

  • MeBrains 17/04/2015

    well. he stole my idea to get big within Sony... :| Reply +1
  • Xbox One UK price now 299.99

  • MeBrains 17/04/2015

    How earth would Cell cope with crowds better than the X1 CPU (which already is faster than PS4) when we saw with our own eyes how well Cell coped last gen with such things, not particularly well either I might add. You guys live in dreamland.
    what I said was: What was the AC analysis a few months ago which had a chart showing how cell outdid even Xbone's processing power for crowds?

    it's here, slide 15:

    so not "better", but the 10y old Cell-based hardware coped almost as good as the Xbone's, proving my point.

    Anyhows. Do please continue living in your dreamland. Believe what you want. Enjoy the steady stream of groundbreaking games like Halo, Forza, the new GoW and TR. ;)
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  • MeBrains 15/04/2015

    The capabilities were grossly overestimated by Sony themselves and fanboys alike, when in reality it wasn't any more effecient or powerful than the Xenon
    What was the AC analysis a few months ago which had a chart showing how cell outdid even Xbone's processing power for crowds? Moreover, you are comparing a CPU to a GPU. :rolleyes:

    it's those same Sony fanboys who love to shout about the GPU power of PS4, yet no-one was talking like this about the Xenos vs RSX last gen were they! Despite a far wider disparity. No, instead it was all about "power of teh Cell".
    that "power of teh Cell" is entirely from your camp. Xbox fans dragged on about with a reference to "powah of da cell". In reality, most PS fans were far more down to earth stating: cell has its strengths and coupled with the (inferior to Xenos) RSX gave a machine which, when tapped right, could provide results 360 was not able to match.

    I think it's obvious who judged the market better there, Blu Ray was too new, too expensive and far too slow to be put into a console in 2006.
    You actually prove me right with that comment. Sony got whacked because of their choice to include TONS of forward-thinking tech and had to set the price accordingly. Dumb customers cast it aside like you apparently did too. If you do not support companies introducing new tech to consumer products, why did you buy Xbone then? Why have you the latest smartphone (I don't know if you have - it's a possibility)? Why DX12? Why any kind of evolution?! It's a asinine comment to make. Sony included HDMI - with 360 you had to buy an extra console. Sony included WiFi - with 360 either an adapter if I remember well or an extra console. Sony included Bluetooth - an impossibility with 360. etc.

    YLOD was a minor issue. Not anywhere near the levels of RROD. How much was it? 2%? 3%? Compared to 60% RROD?

    You stating you bought THREE 360's says enough really. Most 360 "fanboys" have bought as much, if I distill right.

    In fact, if you'd divide the sold-through by amount of same household renewal purchases, I think the installed base for 360 in the end much have been around half only of PS3's.

    oh and btw: never heard my son complain about PS3's online. It was not as piss-poor as you make it out to be and it was free. Given that 360 players were more than willing to pay for what ended up as an inferior value proposition (given PS+'s free excellent roster of free games), Sony logically followed suit. Charge for online. They'd be "judging the market incorrectly" if they'd not. :)
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  • MeBrains 14/04/2015

    Both 360 and PS3 were of PPC architecture, the GPU/CPU in both consoles were custom silicon.
    hey skippy. with a comment like that, you call me "ignorant" while keeping a straight face? :)

    I have the impression you selectively ignored the fact that MS bought part of the Cell's design from IBM.

    And that you failed to register that Cell was one of the fastest CPU's on the market. In fact, it still could hold quite its own on specific tasks, which indeed are not really tasks which were immediately "fit for gaming purposes".

    I notice you ignore that BR became, although it was slower than the DVD of the nineties, the standard for movies (yes - thanks to PS3 as well - I'll give you that) while also having been responsible to ensure PS3 living throughout its life without having a single release on multiple discs, which were standard in the late 90'ies and early 00's.

    MS has continued a design which is not fit for purpose anymore. The eSRAM you seem to laud, is not even able to hold enough data to allow for smooth Full HD rendering. Indeed, one of the main problems with its design.

    Sony charged online, because customers have appeared more than willing to pay. A good "gamble" for them indeed. But quite unfortunate for customers.

    Competition is not always a good thing.

    btw: and speaking of 360 as being well-engineered. You forgot its 60% failure rate then? How many did you buy exactly skipsky?
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  • MeBrains 14/04/2015

    last generation, I just wanted to play games that looked and played as good as they possibly could on a console. So I got a 360. This generation, I wanted the same thing, so I got a PS4*.

    I'm not sure why you think that's so heinous.
    Sony was massacred for all the wrong reasons, while its competitor was able to launch one of the worst engineered consumer products in history and was able to get away with without even so much of a scar. That makes the situation heinous.

    And thanks to that runaway success of said competitor, we are now stuck with mostly standard components, and we pay for online. Forever too - I don't think Sony will ever allow such a huge gamble again.
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  • MeBrains 13/04/2015

    Don't you think the fact that almost every single multi-platform game played better on the 360 than the PS3 might have had something to do with it? And the fact that almost every multi-platform game plays better on the PS4 than the XB1 might have something to do with the reversal of fortunes this time around?
    that's what I'm saying: for shortsighted consumers, it did and does.

    difference is: back then, Sony's machine actually was worth the price difference with all it gave.
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  • MeBrains 13/04/2015

    But I remember around the time the PS3 was launching,the word 'blu-ray' was being threw around like it was something more than what it was,general joe were thinking it gave the PS3 some kind of graphical advantage.
    yea... bluray, as well as hdmi, wifi, bluetooth and cell.

    all of them state of the art technologies at the time and included out of the box.

    stupid consumers choosing the other console en mass are to blame for this gen's lack of HW innovation... as well as for paid-for online.

    competition is not always a good thing.
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  • The Digital Foundry 2015 budget gaming PC guide

  • MeBrains 11/04/2015

    yes, but does it match or exceed One's performance? Reply -24
  • The best Xbox One games

  • MeBrains 06/04/2015

    the utterly sublime Uridium. A game that on an NTSC model was notable among other things for running at a silky-smooth 60fps! In 1986.
    And indeed, the first game I actually bought - on cassette tape.

    (or was it the second after Way of the Exploding Fist?)

    edit: lol. what a bunch of absolute twats here. 3 votes down, out of three cast now. For the above?! What is there to downvote? Hey fools, make my day - go at it some more! :)
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  • Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break leaps to 2016

  • MeBrains 02/04/2015

    Looks like they are just ;moving it out of the way of a couple of other big games. No use cannibalising your own sales.
    are these the same ones we have been getting for years? i.e. Halo & Forza?
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  • Watch someone complete Bloodborne in 40 minutes

  • MeBrains 31/03/2015

    all ps exclusive games are too short!!!


    ps: as well as worth shit

    :| :|
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  • PS Plus in April adds Dishonored and Never Alone

  • MeBrains 31/03/2015

    but hey im paying to play online like i did for years on xbox and the games seem like a nice bonus
    exactly. thanks to MS's last gen success for our paying for online this gen! ;)
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  • MeBrains 31/03/2015

    the best game there is Dishonored but... GWG already gave that away as a free gift earlier last year.
    hey, GWG got at least one great game since last year, while PS+ got... oh well... too many to mention.

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  • Bloodborne review

  • MeBrains 27/03/2015

    reasons I'd buy PS4 myself now: DC, The Order, the prospect of U4 and maybe a bit of KZ.

    bloodborne, however great it might be and given the fact I was not able to get into demon's souls, is not part of the list.
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  • PS4 firmware 2.5 release date and details

  • MeBrains 26/03/2015

    Exactly how far back do you wish to take this example? as far as PS3? because if it wasn't for the 360 and the harsh lessons Sony learned, the PS4 wouldn't have been what it was at launch either.
    Exactly! If the PS3 had been more appreciated by customers for what it gave and had it have been a hit from its start, PS4 indeed might still have been packed with forward thinking tech like its predecessor. But it didn't sell, so they took cues from MS. They went cheap, nearly off the shelve but efficient and introduced paid-for-online. no?

    competition is only a good thing when it's Sony schooling MS but not the other way around?
    exactly! See above for the other way around and compare how MS reacted to PS4's announcement in the form of the frankly stupendous amount of 180'ies the company had to pull - which all were better for us customers.

    I'd say competition is good for all parties.
    it isn't necessarily. qed. See above.
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  • MeBrains 25/03/2015

    Just imagine how slow these updates would arrive if there was no Microsoft leading the way. Competition is a great thing indeed.
    just imagine indeed. we'd still have forward thinking tech aplenty for a reasonable price, instead of risk-free of the shelve components, as well as free online.

    just imagine without competition how we would now be renting our games, have our console spy on us, have motion-based gaming as a core platform feature, while we have nothing but COD, sports and TVTVTTV.

    just imagine. thanks ms!
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  • Is Bloodborne the best game ever, or just the second best?

  • MeBrains 25/03/2015

    I do understand. I understand that Sony aren't putting gamers first.
    really? what made you come to that conclusion?
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  • The best PS4 games

  • MeBrains 22/03/2015

    Disagree with perfect blend of price, power and online. How can PS plus be great value when until PS4 we've never had to pay for online?
    We had! You can thank MS for that - and the millions of customers having bought it!

    Most PS4 games can't do 1080p at 60fps so Sony really should have charged an extra few s and guaranteed a performance suitable for this generation cycle
    At least it does 1080p... most of the time.

    4kTV by 2017 (I've had mine a year already)
    then, as far as I know, you either are filthy rich, or have bought a TV which does 4K photos a lot better than 4K movies. By 2017, most will still have 1080...
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  • MeBrains 22/03/2015

    Well I think DriveClub would be one of those rare cases where a re-review is justified, because it wasn't just a small fix that happened, Evolution completely changed the game and it's now a fully featured, excellent racer, not the bare bones, broken mess it was at launch.
    they'll not do it. they'd have to give it a score equal or above Forza and / or Forza Horizon.

    Not gonna happen...

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  • God of War 3 Remastered announced for PS4

  • MeBrains 20/03/2015

    Hope your day gets better
    unlikely. I hope tomorrow gets better.
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2015

    The Xbox One console from Microsoft.
    indeed. nothing more, nothing less.

    back to basics as it were and always been. Do what we have been successful with and continue.

    (and please, don't use "Xbox Remastered" here - that'd be concepts from 1.5 decades ago)
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2015

    Oh Dear, youve upset MeBrains.
    Hey. I'm pissed off today already - because of entirely different things than "gaming". Staruk can handle it! ;)
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2015

    Thank god, you're not 12. :)

    Why is it you call me this new concept of "quote miner"?

    I am still confused.

    (as a not-12y-old)
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2015

    Who needs original content from Santa Monica studios when a port will do.

    In other news Sony change the PS4's name to the PS3 Remastered.

    is this coming from the same guy who bangs on about:
    - DC lack of weather - oh wait
    - DC lack of multiplayer - oh wait
    - DC lack of photo mode - oh wait
    - DC lack of replays - ...

    And now still continues to bang onto the lack of PSN?

    Should you indeed defend that PS4 should be PS3 remastered, then how would you describe the other platform?
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2015

    That includes any MS IP or 360 exclusives also.
    yet you get all fuzzy down the inside when there's talks of a "new" F, a "new" FH" and a "new" H?

    quite a contradictio interminis.
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2015

    You jerking my chain, or do you not know what quote mining is?
    actually Guy.J. - I don't have a clue. Please explain.
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2015

    Quote miner.
    yeah. I actually think it should be standard behaviour. Replying without quotes makes it more difficult for persons not having the time to read the entire thread. Context, you know? :)
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2015

    Sony's first party next/now gen offerings are pretty slim at the moment.
    console yourself. It's worse on MS's platform.

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  • MeBrains 20/03/2015

    The recycle machine
    You mean that machine with Halo MCC, Forza N+1, FH N+1, Fable X, KI, Sports, DR and upcoming Forza N+2, Halo V, RoTR and SoD?

    yeah. that's a recycle machine!

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  • Microsoft will allow pirates free upgrades to Windows 10

  • MeBrains 18/03/2015

    Incredible. The only way I can make sense of this is by believing that they actually are planning a subscription model down the line... Including for all those who got it free.

    A lot of companies moved to it. Adobe for example.
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