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  • Eurogamer readership survey 2015

  • MeBrains 02/03/2015

    yeah!!! I'll tell 'em how it is!

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  • Valve's virtual reality headset is called Vive, made by HTC

  • MeBrains 02/03/2015

    I sicnerely do hope that parents will not buy VR for their 6y olds - like they have done CoD, all these zombie games, Battlefield etc.

    To me it sounds like a dangerous combination for kids.

    that said: bring it on for adults!
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  • Among Friends: How Naughty Dog Built Uncharted 2

  • MeBrains 01/03/2015

    I really want a Uncharted trilogy on PS4, even though the PS3 versions still look good today.
    actually, yesterday I started the first Uncharted again and... remembered the boat scene as being better graphically.

    That said: graphics improve quickly!
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  • MeBrains 01/03/2015

    @Suarez07 what you say is the downside of custom silicon indeed. I am not going to argue there. You are right too that it also is of sentimental value to me - I grew up with one innovation after the other in the seventies and eighties and I lament its disappearance since this gen.

    Custom silicon has CPU engineers thinking outside of the box though, as it does devs. It makes them creative - although only from an engineer's POV.

    Oh well. Pros and cons, as with so much.

    PS1 might have been easier to code for, but still custom, no?
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  • MeBrains 01/03/2015

    360 ultimately seemed a better balanced design for developers to use
    of course it was! it was pretty much standard OtS components. Except for the CPU which they "borrowed" part of STI's design for.

    Of course it was easier for devs to use than the custom piece of high tech silicon Sony had opted to pay for #fortheplayers.

    Unfortunately, the days of real custom silicon are behind us now. Thanks to the competition I may add.
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  • Does resolution really matter?

  • MeBrains 28/02/2015

    Another PRO-XBOX article from Eurogamer...
    Now tell me the news...
    Exactly. We have this one. Fruit Ninja 2. Fable Legends. LA Cops. RER2 Face Off. Games with Gold news. FH2 expansion. Halo Nightfall. Xbox system Update. World of Tanks. RotTR. Universal apps. Upload studio. Roundabout...

    ... all got coverage. OK. That's all part of the news...

    But where is coverage of:
    Guerrilla Cambridge, Ethan Carter's Dev on The Order, Hirai's PS focus, Yakuza Zero, eight week PSN discount, Toukiden, Dragon Dogma online, PSN themes, Sony's "early access", Color Guardians, Pirate Warriors, Dragon Quest Heroes, Neptunia VII, Sony Design book (PS4 on the cover), 1M+ PS4 sales in Japan, DC DLCs, Mizuchi studio, Image Based Lightning, Axiom Verge, FutureGrind, Disgaea 5, Deep Down, Bloodborne, Godzilla The Game, MLB15, TLG, 20th anniversary #00001... and hellblade. where is that one?
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  • MeBrains 28/02/2015

    hey RL. After years of making the 360 a winner because of 5%-10% resolution differences and 3-5fps differences (while consequently disregarding the PS3's much better audio output) for an entire generation, you do not have to write articles now that a 44% res. difference doesn't make any difference!

    You'd undermine a complete gen's worth of your "verdicts" by doing so.

    Then again: you already lost some of the high regards I held for you the last few years.
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  • Future Assassin's Creed games will have "more robust modern day" than Unity

  • MeBrains 27/02/2015

    that modern day stuff is the MAIN reason I never liked the series.

    guess I'm safe to continue disliking it for the next 10 to 20 years then!

    I prefer the consistency and focus of something like The Order - and a good thing it isn't as smeared out! 10-20 years?! Really?

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  • PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 number one in UK chart

  • MeBrains 23/02/2015

    if they actually put some effort in.
    120 peepz. A couple of years.

    yea. no effort at all.

    did you even try to digest yourself what RaD has created or is it easier for you to jump on the bandwagon of fools thinking that an infinite amount of fetch-quests or tacked on mp makes games better?
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  • MeBrains 23/02/2015

    Wow mainstream gamers what are you like!? way to send the wrong message to the gaming industry. I guess GFX really do matter. Sony will soon merge all of their franchises into linear, semi-interactive moviegames. Due to their ties to Hollywood the blur between cinema and games is something they've been pushing for forever.

    How dare consumers indeed prefer buying a visually groundbreaking, artistic, richly detailed, well characterized, musical score defining work of love above genre-defining, innovative, genuinely new experiences like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Evolve, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto 5, FIFA 15, Minecraft: Whatever Edition and Destiny?!

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  • Tech Analysis: The Order: 1886

  • MeBrains 21/02/2015

    By that logic there are no bad games then.
    exactly. To each their own.

    TO is a good game graphically though, musical score, the setting, the story, the voice acting.

    Is it for everybody? Very apparently so it is not, not according to critics. They generally preferred another CoD, another AC, another FH, another Fifa, another Pes and another A. A new approach to interactive tripple-A entertainment is not appreciated.
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  • MeBrains 21/02/2015

    I'm surprised the devs opted for it.
    yet they did! After three, four years of giving 120 men a job, they opted for it.

    I tend to believe they did that because they thought that was their artistic vision.

    I also tend to believe they opted for QTEs, for musical score and graphical fidelity. Is it perfect? Maybe it isn't. What is though?

    I tend to believe fact is that this "game" is bringing some glimpse of the future. To others that might have been GTAV as well, or, an indy game.

    As far as AAA is concerned. Nothing has come close, except for maybe Ryse.

    Personal opinion about the latter. Visually it did. Story-telling wise it did not. TO did go further.
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  • MeBrains 21/02/2015

    @Mr-V yep Reply +2
  • MeBrains 21/02/2015

    it simply isn't a very good game.
    according to what standards?

    maybe GoW isn't when you like QTE's? Maybe GTAV isn't when you like movies? Maybe FC4 isn't when you like a story? Maybe COD:MW isn't when you don't like multiplayer...
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  • MeBrains 21/02/2015

    man. such comments sections.

    hey. the reviews are bad; maybe the game isn't that much.

    It's a labour of love instead of a yearly rehash.

    Get over it. Both sides are contented:
    - For Xboxers: the game is "bad" - only 65 metacritic
    - For "SDF"'s: the game is a great, well made, visually ground breaking, story-oriented, audio-centred masterpiece.

    Get of your high-horses and shake hands. You both got what you want. Enjoy the games huh?
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  • MeBrains 21/02/2015

    Cliffy B has had his say on the game, and he praised the visuals, but said he felt let down by the game play. They need someone like him in the team,
    please no. a foul-mouthed fool like him serves others games better.

    (only used "fool" because of his language. The guy does have skill.)
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  • MeBrains 21/02/2015

    the first EG article which actually gives some credit to this graphical masterpiece.

    I have the impression that, like the other ps exclusive DC, TO just is not understood all that well by the press at large. it gets compared to so many games, while this is in a league of its own.

    RaD used a 2.40:1 aspect ratio as if to scream out: HEY, this is not a standard game. This is our artistic vision of interactive entertainment. Still the press has been blind to it.
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  • Video: The Order 1886 - debating the issue of value

  • MeBrains 21/02/2015

    The Order´s problems (what makes is a good movie, but not a videogame):
    1 - too short;
    2 - scripted action;
    3 - no gameplay alternatives;
    4 - interrupted gameplay actions make storytelling boring;
    5 - every gameplay element is drab and rote;
    6 - excessive QTE usage, specially in unnecessary moments;
    7 - low replay value, as the action is always the same scripted one;
    8 - half of it´s 6 hours campaign is unskippable cutscenes;
    9 - pacing issues;
    10 - little combat moments feel outdated compared to modern shooters;
    11 - non-combat gameplay is just a linear walk down hallways;
    12 - lack of resolution for most of the game's story elements.
    In the mean time on Xbox One and copy / pasted from the review:

    1. poor story.
    2. button-mashy,
    3. no new guns,
    4. weak enemy variety,
    5. less successful upgrades,
    6. dull effects from amps and overdrives,
    7. lame stat boosts,
    8. problematic missions,
    9. annoying mission structures,
    10. endless parades of fetch quests,
    11. mechanically rote,
    12. an inability to surprise,
    13. only sometimes a memorable moment,
    14. easy to dislike name-checking,
    15. faded cultural touchstones.

    8/10! (recommended)

    Or, also on Xbox, copy / paste from the review:

    1. Obvious graphical foibles
    2. Featureless desert plain
    3. Absence of a photo mode
    4. Dreadful paper-thin plotting
    5. Somewhat bumpy debut
    6. No way to initiate a quick competitive race
    7. The usual rote nonsense
    8. Bizarre design of lead character
    9. Profound sense of dissonance
    10. Cutscenes and dialogue are whitenoise
    11. Scripted background animations
    12. Painfully earnest cutscenes
    13. Less welcome moments
    14. Game systems appear conspiring against you
    15. AI rubber banding
    16. Finish above third "because it's harder for the game to sabotage you"
    17. The grind really manifests itself
    18. Anything desirable is phenomenally expensive
    19. Insidious moments
    20. Microtransactions
    21. Dabbling in 30-second kill challenges
    22. Requires and enforces patience

    8/10 (recommended)

    and you people keep on saying all are treated equal?

    haha... :rolleyes:
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  • MeBrains 20/02/2015

    @Cyber6 I understand your comment and partially agree.

    However, your "that can lengthen the game" is a bit silly. Either it lengthens it (by being fun and crowded) or it is better left alone.

    there's a certain amount of quality to be expected and the Order just doesn't have it.
    doesn't it? To me it sounds like an overabundance of "quality": great story, good atmosphere, great sounds and music, groundbreaking visuals. Exactly what "interactive entertainment" needs to be. It seems like a lot would prefer a lot of that quality to be given up for fetch-side missions and tacked-on MP.
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  • MeBrains 20/02/2015


    You can filter on Sega Master System...
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  • MeBrains 20/02/2015

    Come on EG. I thought you were better than this.
    yea... they're not anymore... :(
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  • MeBrains 20/02/2015

    BTW. Yet another movie from EG with lots of spoilers in it.

    Hell, they even posted the COMPLETE game, sped it up 40x and slapped 1:28:00 under it! For a story driven game, this is kicking the devs in the nut.

    Way to go EG. Way to go!
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  • MeBrains 20/02/2015

    Ryse: 6h00
    Portal: 3h00
    Ico: 6h30
    Crash Bandicoot: 6h30
    Sunset Overdrive: 9h30
    Wolfenstein: 9h
    Murdered: Soul Suspect: 06h30


    Again. Why is this being a point now? It was never taken into account before.

    Here on EG: 4 articles in a week discussing it (the "original", the review, DF, this).
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  • Alien Isolation, Watch Dogs 60% off in huge Xbox sale

  • MeBrains 20/02/2015

    psn has sales too. where's the repeated reminder EG so kindly gives us twice this week already for xbl? Reply -4
  • Performance Analysis: The Order: 1886

  • MeBrains 19/02/2015

    why is the tech house commenting on the gameplay and length as well and is in fact devoting more words to length than it does to visuals?!

    what does DF stand for? Technical analysis or review opinion?

    edit: and why oh why is a 1:28:08 40x speed full playthrough movie included in this article for a game which was made first and foremost around story?! DF should be ashamed! These are devs giving you work, having spent the better part of 3 years on this obvious labour of love, which you spoil to us, customers, by posting it.
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  • The Order: 1886 review

  • MeBrains 19/02/2015

    - This game is going to rock - people will still be replaying it after months and coming back after years - just for the story. Like a movie you watch and rewatch - a 2h experience, sometimes 3, where nothing changes from the first time you go through it

    - It'll be the start of a new IP - like Uncharted

    - Reviews will be lower than 8 - lower than Uncharted, as it seems to be the fancy thing to do not to give Sony exclusives sound scores :|

    - It'll be the second lowest grade here on EG from Avoid, , "silver" and "gold" - what's the names again?

    - The comments thread for this exclusive, much like this one, will be infested with persons not having an interest, even having a distaste for the platform it releases on - unlike what happens the other way around
    This is what I said a few days ago. Seems I was right on 3 out of 5 already.

    I'm a visionary! ;)
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  • Ready at Dawn responds to concern over The Order: 1886 campaign length

  • MeBrains 18/02/2015

    @harjeetsinghsingh that contribution you made. You specifically signed up to post it?

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  • MeBrains 18/02/2015

    @Suarez07 A. what you keep rehearsing is that the games takes 5 hours. Did I mention you based that on ONE tube?

    B. Analogies was an incorrect use of words. I was referring to your charity thing.
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  • MeBrains 18/02/2015

    It's just been drilled into me for years to not waste money unnecessarily.
    And I feel exactly the same way.

    I have not bought into PS4 (or Xbone) because of it. I could, I can, but fail to see how that is money well spent. I could buy another mobile phone, but choose to stay with the Xperia S.

    I could buy quite a lot of stuff, but choose not to.

    Now, this game, despite its alleged length, seems like a game made with passion. Far above tripe like what AC could have become, far above the repetitiveness CoD brings us, Far above the yearly Forza, the next BF, another Fifa.

    If you think this game does not deserve your money. So be it - your money, your choice. But do not go on rehearsing the same shit over and again and be careful of ill-placed analogies. Again, and I am running on a same gut feeling you have that this is _not_ worth it, I strongly think it is. It is well-made, well-thought out, good story, great graphics, excellent musical score, great atmosphere etc.

    As mentioned: something entirely for me then. I'd pay - but need a PS4 first, which I'll probably only buy towards the end of this year.
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  • MeBrains 17/02/2015

    when did I ever state that people should or should not spend £40 on a five hr game
    well, you did tell me that I should better spend the £40 on charity instead of on this game, didn't you?

    Hey. I tried to be ok here, even PMd you - something I hardly do. But you seem focused on telling people they shouldn't preorder or even buy The Order because of ONE tube mentioning a 5hr playthrough.

    ONE. Which you keeeeeeepp on repeating over and over and over. Much like I do "ONE" in a way.

    Kinda ironical that ONE.

    A good ONE that. Pretty good ONE.

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  • MeBrains 17/02/2015

    lol... I'd thought more of suarez, but he just keeps on repeating the same thing over and over again, based on ONE tube.

    and then he says "I never said a games length defines its worth, did I". Only to continue with "£40 is a lot for 5hrs*. There's other offering more value for money." No other variables, just length is, according to suarez, defining a games' worth.

    * you know, the 5hrs coming from this ONE tube.
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  • MeBrains 17/02/2015

    @Suarez07 hey suarez. as PM'd. we'll (at least I) drop it.

    I have the impression The Order is a labour of love. They put their resources (120 peepz they paid and families they fed) in creating story, background and atmosphere.

    to me, these latter three sound right up my alley. I tried the GTAs, tried RDR, tried Skyrim, tried Assassin's Creed... Far Cry 3 and so on. It didn't tick. In fact, I'd call the latter two _way_ overrated.

    I did have fun with the Uncharteds (first one bought second hand, second one discounted, third one full price). With TLoU (my first preorder ever - be it only a week in advance and I'd suppose my favorite game ever - since I started beginning 80'ies), but also with Rain and Ico. The latter were short too.

    In fact, it is all good. People like different things. Where would we be if we all liked the same things?

    cheers chaps.
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  • MeBrains 17/02/2015

    If you can't think of better things to do with that money, I'll suggest some charities feeding starving people around world to you
    the slow one must be you, using that line to finish your rant.

    We shouldn't pay £40 for games which are "not long enough" - the money then is better spent feeding starving people.

    When the game IS good value for money (which is related to length!), you are better spending it on the game - forget the starving people.


    look chap. You have literally stated "5 hours", 3 times in your post. Based on what?! ONE tuber. ONE! No reviews, no other opinions, no second thoughts. One tuber says "5 hours" - 5 hours it is!

    The next step probably will be some American doing a class-action against RaD because of the game's length. How he lost $57 based on false advertising, on how he would enjoy the game, but that it was over before he could start enjoying it.

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  • MeBrains 17/02/2015

    I can't emphasise this enough, it wasn't a speed run.
    ok great then - no speed run it is.

    Haven't seen it, don't want to, will buy the game, will likely very much enjoy it. Need a PS4 first.
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  • MeBrains 17/02/2015

    So are you saying there's no games out there that offer twenty plus hours ???? I didn't say that was an average length, I simply said it's a quarter of the length compared to others. It's a tenth of some like skyrim though.
    you read what you want huh?

    I clearly stated "comparable" games, as did I say "the exception proving the rule", as did I use "most games" are 12 to 20h long.

    Incredible how you can go from the words I used to believing that I am saying that there are no games 20+ hours!

    And Skyrim very obviously so is not a comparable game.

    But you fail to address the reference to the speed run. If that is the standard for measuring game length ("damned if I pay £40 for it"), Skyrim has a story of 39m!
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  • MeBrains 17/02/2015

    here a game that's 1/4 length of others, but is still same price as them.
    where do you have this from? I still wonder. One tuber's first attempt at a speed run?

    He took over 5 hours. Which, according to you, would make other comparable games 22h long. Good luck finding them! Most single players (with or without tacked on MP) are between 12 and 20 in the full price range - the exception proving the rule.
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  • MeBrains 17/02/2015

    I personally prefer my £59 to go to a game with a lot more than 8 hours of game play. IMO a AAA should have at least 25 hours of gameplay in the main story and at least another 30 in side.
    entirely agree. if that is what you look out for, then ok.

    you must have regretted buying quite a few games in your game library then? Most of the single-player oriented games on it are not a lot longer than 12 hours, let alone 25 to 30.

    * increasingly amazed at all the publicity _this_ game is getting because of its length, which is in-line entirely with industry "standards" *
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  • MeBrains 16/02/2015

    i went over the youtuber's page(playmeTrough) and i also found the walkthrough of bioshock infinite, lasting only 3 hours! did any of you finished that game in 3 hours? they obviously rush through the game regardless of collectibles and stuff! i think length of the game doesn't matter after all!
    but woe these mentioning that it is strange that this game is being called out for it...
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  • MeBrains 16/02/2015

    what a great gif....PS4 hardware is completely is overrated
    LOL. :D

    then it certainly is not the only box!

    haha. god. you made my day.
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  • MeBrains 16/02/2015

    @karlo87 no. it started before.

    "that wizard came from the moon"? - remember, they even took it out?

    Sony's marketing about the "definite experience" or what was it?

    Before; not after. :)
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  • MeBrains 16/02/2015

    @A_FAN The Order will not be the masterpiece TLoU was.

    The Order will still be significantly above average - gut feeling.
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  • MeBrains 16/02/2015

    My own, personal, very much mine, gut feeling says this:

    - This game is going to rock - people will still be replaying it after months and coming back after years - just for the story. Like a movie you watch and rewatch - a 2h experience, sometimes 3, where nothing changes from the first time you go through it

    - It'll be the start of a new IP - like Uncharted

    - Reviews will be around 8 - lower than Uncharted, as it seems to be the fancy thing to do not to give Sony exclusives sound scores

    - It'll be the second lowest grade here on EG from Avoid, , "silver" and "gold" - what's the names again?

    - The comments thread for this exclusive, much like this one, will be infested with persons not having an interest, even having a distaste for the platform it releases on - unlike what happens the other way around

    as for the length. So many many games have released with this kind of length. Why is there an apparent huge part of the community being vocal now? Some even very specifically sign up and post their very first comment here in EG to complain about it?
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  • Molyneux's broken promise to Curiosity winner honoured by Devolver

  • MeBrains 17/02/2015

    @twmac EG is not my only source in either way. It used to be my main source though and that is fading - that's all I am saying.

    I mean: just look at the last few days again:
    - An article about The Order's length
    - Another about David Cage

    Nothing about quite some other newsworthy items for that platform.

    We DO have for Xbox:
    - An Xbox sale - PSN does that too, but never is reported
    - Xbox One universal apps _potentially_ running in the background
    - Some trivia about the next TR
    - A complete movie about what frankly looks like a shite game on Xbox One
    - A new feature for Upload studio
    - A demo landing on Xbox One

    Hey... I _am_ selective here, I know. Even so it furthers my perception that there is a lack of, or at least an unbalanced coverage on show.
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  • MeBrains 13/02/2015

    @cloudskipa No cloudskipa, what I have no idea about is if you even understand English...

    I wrote: "In short - without any nuance".

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  • MeBrains 13/02/2015

    @spamdangled I answered only since you asked and requested not to go there (again) this time.

    @riceNpea indeed. Big target on my head now. :)

    But see above. I'll (try to) dodge any bullets coming my way because of it. Not this time. We've been there more than enough times. BTW an old bastard here too. Started gaming in arcades on mostly mechanical machines!

    @ziggy_played_guitar The article indeed has nothing, not even remotely, to do with that shit. I only answered a question from our friend spamdangled. I took the thread off-topic enough with my small intervention about what I perceive to be a lack of news coverage on EG lately.
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  • MeBrains 13/02/2015

    You OK, hun?
    I am, but straight.

    Please talk to somebody else...

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  • MeBrains 13/02/2015

    Care to elaborate? As to me, they're all guilty of exactly the same practices, as has been demonstrated time and time again.
    it's the same ones I have rehearsed so many times here. In short - without any nuance:
    - The off the shelve components they have used since inception ("pc in a box")
    - The "macho" gung-ho culture
    - Their ridiculously ill-engineered 360 (which they got away with - no less)
    - Their lack of investment in new IPs
    - The Xbox community's aversion towards Sony's genuinely forward-thinking piece of tech (last gen)
    - Because of ^ the lack of completely custom silicon this gen and lack of forward thinking tech (like BR, WiFi, HDMi... last gen)

    Things like that. Each point is discussable to much length. Let's not go there (again) this time.

    I wrote it down only since you asked.
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  • MeBrains 13/02/2015

    You should probably go to a purely PlayStation site as most of that is news you want would be there. That said, if you know about this already why would you need Eurogamer to report on it.
    do you actually try to understand something before commenting or are you one of those picking up a single line to spout nonsense on?

    I gave answers to all of your remarks in other comments already. Look 'm up. They're public!
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  • Video: Inside the bonkers brain of David Cage

  • MeBrains 17/02/2015

    @IronSoldier yea, but I am a bit indeed.

    we can't deny the fact that Quantic Dream has been producing PS games the last couple of years - regardless of what they produced in the past.

    They are probably working on a PS exclusive again while this video is posted.

    oh. I might be discouraged by media in general (I mean "broad" - outside of gaming as well) and how the public opinion is fed with trains of thought which sometimes disregard measurable information.
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  • MeBrains 16/02/2015

    A third shot at Peter Molyneux from Eurogamer within the past few days.
    as well as yet another against a certain platform's exclusives...
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