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  • The closed Sea of Thieves beta had 332,052 players

  • MeBrains 05/02/2018

    @mega-gazz this is no no man's sky.

    (also a game I predicted well by saying years before release that it would stink)
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  • MeBrains 05/02/2018

    said years ago - this would be the game I'd buy an Xbox for...

    (but I won't - don't even have time to play all I want on one console)
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  • The new God of War hits PS4 in April

  • MeBrains 23/01/2018

    but I have an extreme dislike for kids
    Makes me sad you once were one.
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  • MeBrains 23/01/2018

    Looks lame and too American.

    The franchise's been milked too much.
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  • Xbox Game Pass just got a lot better

  • MeBrains 23/01/2018

    :lol: Reply -5
  • Fallout 4 on Xbox One X delivers a detail-rich 4K experience

  • MeBrains 30/11/2017

    I keep on wondering.

    When 360 outshone PS3, it was all about how much better the improved rendering was.
    When PS4 outshone Xbone, it was about how it was all the same experience.
    When PS4P outshone Xbone even more, it still was.
    Now that XboX oushines PS4P, it's about how "the upgrade is positive" and about how "the increased detail and higher resolution deliver".

    While for me. It always and ever was about gameplay. Since the seventies really.
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  • Black Friday deals for Tuesday 21st November

  • MeBrains 21/11/2017

    $199 for a PS4? O_° Reply -2
  • This gadget fixes the video game steering wheel compatibility nightmare

  • MeBrains 03/11/2017

    Really? Does it fix the incompatibility with NegCon? :/ Reply 0
  • Microsoft Xbox One X review

  • MeBrains 03/11/2017

    @loadstone007 correct. Reply -3
  • Here's five miserable minutes of The Last of Us Part 2

  • MeBrains 30/10/2017

    @apoc_reg I'd be surprised. Reply -2
  • MeBrains 30/10/2017

    Soooooooooo many gratuitously violent games in recent years. A LOT of them praised by the lot of you. We now have one which does it artistically, well-made and emotionally and some of you are all up in arms?!

    Get rid of your hypocrisy chapskis!
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  • MeBrains 30/10/2017

    @splayer88 you're wrong.

    the violence will not be too gruff, too callous, nor too brutal. Not in the light the world has moved in since the original's inception in 2011 / 2012.

    The world already now is a grim place you see. This kind of violence happens in real time already, by our governments. Or do you think our waging war is all about "clinical strikes"?

    Women and children do already die.
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  • Comparing the stunning space vistas of Elite: Dangerous, No Man's Sky and Space Engine to NASA images

  • MeBrains 27/09/2017

    @riceNpea long time no see. trust you are fine.

    saw your link to the youtube. specifically logged in to point you towards an image of it you can zoom into yourself. :D

    Take care chaps!
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  • Gran Turismo Sport may well be the series' first real racing game

  • MeBrains 24/05/2017

    the series' first real racing game
    the series practically invented the first [real] racing game.

    also, Mr. Robinson, are you aware that GT brought forward some real-life champs?

    and... hey @frazzl - still a troll with nothing better to do huh? ;)
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  • Advertising Standards launches investigation into No Man's Sky

  • MeBrains 29/09/2016

    Can somebody explain me why I already knew the game was not going to be as good as some believed - the moment it was announced? I still struggle myself as to adequately answer that question. Reply +1
  • Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on No Man's Sky

  • MeBrains 17/09/2016

    Saw this coming ever since the game's announcement. Never understood the hype. Oh well. That's just me - the 45y old dude who played games already in the seventies. Reply 0
  • Watch: Why I'm not sticking with No Man's Sky

  • MeBrains 25/08/2016

    I said so all these years ago... :( Reply +2
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with DriveClub VR

  • MeBrains 22/08/2016

    @rep- haha. to each his own.

    I gave up on the discussions with (some of) the annoying dudes here.

    I am sure some will be delighted. :D
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  • MeBrains 21/08/2016

    @rep- nothing I missed then. Good. One of the reasons I gave up here. :D Reply +1
  • MeBrains 21/08/2016

    that does look like good fun and the closest you can get to driving a real supercar! nice!

    yet, to invest in a wheel, as well as PSVR just to play this? Hmm... I'll hold off for now.

    ps: all fine here? anything happened in the last half year since last I posted?
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  • What does Brexit mean for the UK video games industry?

  • MeBrains 26/06/2016

    On the plus side we don't have to embroiled in a war with Russia over the EU plans to expand into the Ukraine
    Russia does not want a war of course, but given NATO aggressiveness, we might find ourselves in one within the next years.
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  • Revealed: Sony's plan for PlayStation 4K - codename Neo

  • MeBrains 20/04/2016

    Still not sure if I like the idea. I think Sony is wrong dividing its customer base. If you want upgradeable hardware, buy a PC.

    How will somebody playing the next cod at 1440/60 (as an example) be matched with somebody having 900/28? (Both as an example to convey an idea. But some will probably take it out of context again. You freckle know who you are! ;) )
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  • 1979 Revolution review

  • MeBrains 16/04/2016

    @brabble projecting much? With a gutter mouth like you consequently carry against all who do not follow your opinion. Against all who corner you with arguments because your opinion almost always is based on zealous yet ignorant overcredulity. I do wonder who'd persons name the bigot.

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  • MeBrains 13/04/2016

    @fruckle you're a joke - entirely and consequently unable to understand sentences. as, where did I, even remotely, state that being female is wrong?

    it's just that you seem to insist on acting like my mother-in-law. she has a moustache like you. nothing more, nothing less.
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  • MeBrains 12/04/2016

    @Fourfoldroot hey. just ignore that fool frickle. she's not worth a breath. the moment she's cornered, she starts acting all irrational and throws insults. no point trying to have a rational, arguments-based discussion with frickle freckle. much like in real life! Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Nintendo 3DS vs New 3DS

  • MeBrains 27/03/2016

    @grassyknoll never was much for pixel counting, but read DF because of the HW insights it gave.

    also, I continue to find it funny how the marginal differences last gen were inflated immensely, while the huge ones now (mostly 30% difference in res coupled with a lower fps) are brushed away as asides.

    things backfired a bit on those making a fuzz out of it last gen. :lol:
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  • MeBrains 27/03/2016

    @grassyknoll hey... for me it's all the same. 30fps. 60? 25?! I don't care so much - as long as the game is good.

    I was just pulling legs because of some posters here who'd think that a game is good because it's 60fps or bad because it drops to 25.

    heck. I even have enjoyed turn-based games in the past. These run at 1 frame each 2 minutes!
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  • MeBrains 27/03/2016

    oy? I thought Ninty always stuck to 60fps? (which I thought to have learned from some keyboard warriors here) Reply -12
  • We know PlayStation 4.5 is real - but why is Sony making it?

  • MeBrains 24/03/2016

    The only thing it is, will be slim + embedded vr hardware, doing away with the external box and allowing Sony to release goggles only for Ł189.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.
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  • Apple announces four-inch iPhone SE, due next week

  • MeBrains 21/03/2016

    bought this one:

    pretty damn happy with it. does another 2d on 15% battery (!) - be it only calls and messages at that moment.
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  • Why Gears of War Ultimate fails to deliver on PC

  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    games almost never are 100% perdect - its a open platform with tons of different hardware configs and varietables to consider. Not as simple as slapping out a universal PS4 game
    not really following the complete thread like I used to do before replying, but you do make it sound as if developing a game is easy, were it not for the different hardware configs.

    for the record, not to sound pedantic to you, but for those who'd not realize reading your comment; games development always is damn difficult - even for the closed platform consoles are. You just can't "slap out a PS4 game" like you say, nor an Xbox one, nor a Nintendo one. Certainly not an AAA one.

    for example, and some will no doubt think I give this to pop in a PS4 game in a non-PS4 thread - which is not my intention. Let them have at it!
    I'm just giving the example as it's recent and to give some background to AAA development. Merely textures were created by 7 to 10 globally dispersed studios for U4. Read here.

    so. not as easy as "slapping out". (the only few words I reacted to.)
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  • Microsoft GDC party criticised for exotic dancers, Phil Spencer apologises

  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    @mattshark your interpretation I guess. both look to be the same top to me - be it a revealing one. On Jenny's pic I seem to see both the bra as well as the top, the latter going around towards her back. Anyhows. That hardly is the point.

    you said "they stripped" - I doubt that. We disagree? We disagree.
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    Can I identify items of clothing? Yes, apparently better than you.
    eh. but you can not answer a question on topic then? ;)

    Can you really (tell somebody stripped) by looking at these stills?

    I think they all wear the same top. What makes you believe that is not so?
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    @mattshark above? I see still images with some of the women showing quite some cleavage. and others where their upper backs are covered.

    it can very well be the very same clothing item. I can not tell somebody "stripped" there by looking at the pictures. Can you really?
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    @mattshark no, I was reacting to your remark that parties are professional. they are not. they are informal.

    how do you know they removed items of clothing, i.e. stripping? I do not seem to have read that.
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    at least guys do have a much more varied portrayal in the media, movies, music and business world etc.
    is that really so? Somehow I doubt that. Looking at adverts for male clothes, perfumes, cars etc. Watching movies with male actors or looking at the next music clip. All male "performers" seem to have a physical appearance few of the male population can really mirror.

    much like with the female population.
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    If you don't know, conference parties are considered part of the conference and are invite only for the guests.
    lol. I have been to them on several occasions, including E3 and GDC. they are parties like you say and not part of the conference. they are organized as such too: parties. they're informal settings organized by companies.

    I've been on one where George Clinton played. Looking at him, hardly a "professional" image he has, huh? Should I have been offended because of it? Yelling how "unprofessional" the organisation was for inviting somebody looking like that guy? He had scantily clad female dancers with him as well.

    No, "we" didn't. We enjoyed ourselves and appreciated the effort organizing company had done for us to enjoy ourselves after a hard, professional day's work. Free drinks too - alcohol no less. Hardly professional either.

    So. Who's viewing things right and wrong here?
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    make it clear not to chastise/abuse the staff in/out of the building while visiting, in clear print. In short, be polite and don't be a d**k to them, as they are still people. And yes, you can still have your photo, reward for not being a d**k.
    that's it really. nothing more to it.

    some persons just need that tuition, as they do behave like d**ks and that is the problem: the lack of respect some show.
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    As I said, the only insult here is the (assumed) lack of male dancers.
    and even that is debatable. I have yet to meet gays who do not appreciate the female body for its beauty. they just aren't / don't seem to be sexually attracted to them.
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    not everyone comes to industry event to get horny and it still plays into sexual harassment issues.
    you can't be serious. I have been to my fair of tradeshows (with "booth babes"). It's not that all present suddenly run around carrying guns in their pockets?

    also, how does it play into sexual harassment? it doesn't. If you think it does, or for these who do, it's you or these men who have a problem. As, it is not because a woman is dressed up attractively, that she automatically is in mate-mode with whomever! If she is or you'd think she is, isn't it about time we address the lack of clothing on beaches? Or shouldn't we start campaigning for clothes which are covering the female body?

    Hm. I know I don't want to go there.
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    for a professional games industry event
    that event happened to be a party. And I think most of us enjoy parties more when there are women present. in a lot of venues, ladies don't pay or pay less precisely for that reason.

    these women accepted the contract they signed. they were paid to be there. they "sold" the USP they have - namely, a beautiful body. Mind that, more often than not, maintaining your body requires a lot of work.

    so, I think this whole "booth babe" thing is blown out of proportion immensely - always have thought so.

    my .02.
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  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    @mattshark enlighten me. Reply 0
  • MeBrains 20/03/2016

    meanwhile in the civilised world... god they look unhappy. you can really see how they're used and abused. how they surely feel disrespected. a tool. an object.

    they do not seem to be proud to be there either. the looks on their faces of disgust and disempowerment. much like these in the images in this article.


    to all hardcore feminists here and there crying about "equality"? we are not. Men chase. Women less so - if they do, they do so less "aggressively". Maybe men should stop doing that. Stop chasing. Stop addressing them. Stop sweet-mouthing. Stop the compliments. I wonder if ladies can imagine us doing that and how'd they feel without the regular attention they get. Would they be happy? I don't think so. So please, stop the nonsense about acting all upset when women are "used" to "entertain" men. These ladies signed up for it. They knew what they signed up for. They knew the clothes they'd wear. Still they did and they probably liked the assignment as well.

    hey. I'm defending MS here! But I am not their reaction to it to apologize for it.

    oh boyez.
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  • Microsoft to let Xbox One games connect with PC and other console networks

  • MeBrains 18/03/2016

    @imt558 trying to talk reason in top-tool frickly eh?

    Of no use. Not worth your breadth. He'll get personal in no time when he fails to logically counter your arguments.

    oh wait. I see. he already has.

    go figure.

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  • Xbox One backward compatibility: every major game tested

  • MeBrains 18/03/2016

    @Ivattthestanier damn. while all good PS4 games still cost top dollar. oh well. the downsides of being the best selling console I guess. But I can wait until playing TLoU remastered, Until Dawn, BloodBorne, Uncharted collection... Reply -1
  • MeBrains 18/03/2016

    Did DF even try using the gamma slider built into the Alan Wake game?
    did you even read the short, short few lines they wrote mentioning it?!

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  • PlayStation VR will cost Ł349, out in October

  • MeBrains 15/03/2016

    I use it to play games at 60FPS instead of the 30 they'd be making me play on consoles.
    you're cracking me up.

    when has 60fps ever defined gameplay?

    Does 60fps really make wonders of bad games?
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  • MeBrains 15/03/2016

    The poor mans headset for the poor mans gaming platform. Noice.
    lol. you indeed are better of with MS's alternatives which requires you to buy every single thing as an extra.

    that's the stupid approach for the stupid man's gaming platform.

    Vary noice!

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  • Raiden 5 review

  • MeBrains 11/03/2016

    Oh you joker:)but seriously ,1080p30 would suit me fine,ive never let framerates get in the way of me enjoying a good game
    it didn't me either but some seem obsessed with it. :D
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  • MeBrains 11/03/2016

    @Mar27w yes! we could play it at 1080p60 then!


    oh wait. :|
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