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  • Sony finally offers up settlement for 2011 PSN hack

  • MeBrains 28/01/2015

    Are you some kind of moron?.
    I wouldn't call myself so. Are you?


    The 1st gen of PS3's ( fatties ) were well known for the YLOD infact I had two that died on me, and most of my friends who had a fatty had theirs YLOD on them.
    They were well known indeed. The BBC even made a program out of it with a queue of about 4 persons. I guess you and your friends were all standing in line there, because that indeed is some ill fortune there chapski! You had TWO? You should play the lottery!

    Lastly. The slim was created for cost reduction, as was the removal of the EE. Sony had to do something, didn't they? They engineered a device which was packed to the brim with future-proof tech and they got the finger by its community who chose an ill-engineered box instead.

    but well. we'll be going nowhere with this anyway. tataa!

    edit: btw. You're wrong on the removal of EE as well. The launch 60Gb had it, the 20Gb didn't. The second batch, launched a mere five months later (80Gb) didn't have it. PAL regions NEVER received it. As I said: they took it out WAY quicker than the slim which launched 2 years later...
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  • MeBrains 27/01/2015

    Don't forget the YLOD on the old PS3 Fatties which Sony did nothing to compensate owners.

    Then to make it twice as bad they Left out the PS2 chip on the slims.

    Bollocks really
    sorry... a bit late to react here - has it been 4 days really?

    Anyhow. YLOD was over reported in the press and basically was a non-issue. Personally, I do not know anyone who had it (which of course doesn't prove anything per se).

    You're wrong about taking out the PS2 chip on the slims. Sony took it out far before the slims hitting the market. In fact, as far as I recollect, only the launch batch had the EE on board.

    Do you fail to comprehend why they did so?
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  • MeBrains 23/01/2015

    Take a look at MS. Products problems make compensation to every user, everywhere.
    oh please. MS sure doesn't - they try to cash in even when they should be giving compensations.

    Don't go far. Their biggest scandal, the RROD thing, they gave us nothing! I still can't believe consumers gobbled up an extra year of warranty as a way to get even (2y standard here in Europe - 1y extra) without the immensely deserved class-action!

    Sony took 23 days off - a great cost. Had their network infra looked at and reconfigured by VERY expensive consultants. Bowed down in shame - which is telling when done by Japanese and gave EVERYBODY free games when the network was back.

    Even so -> class action.
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  • Microsoft sold 6.6m Xbox consoles in Q4 2014

  • MeBrains 28/01/2015

    that's interesting- so the cell was actually good? I always thought it the equivalent of segas blast processing.

    Wasn't the cell Sony engineered ?
    Cell was damn fast. It [u]still[/u] is for certain tasks even though it was engineered over a decade ago. Digital Foundry had an interesting slide on it just a few weeks back. Look how Cell compares to even current-gen systems!

    Cell just wasn't really optimized for games and just was extremely difficult to get the most of - an effort even Valve's Gabe cursed about.

    Cell was paid for by Sony, manufactured by Toshiba and (mainly) engineered by IBM. It was referred to as the STI conglomerate. To make matters worse, MS actually just paid IBM into using parts of the Cell specification for its 360 console! The heinous wolves!
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  • MeBrains 27/01/2015

    I honestly don't know why Sony didn't just continue with the next generation of Cell. Would've blew the shit out of the current CPU. But then again 3rd party developers never bothered using the Cell's SPU's so I guess I've answered my own question!
    same here. a very innovative processor it was. It powered the fastest supercomputer ("Roadrunner", right?) for two years in a row; they normally get jumped each half year. If that doesn't prove how fast it was, then what will to the naysayers?

    But yea. Thanks to competition, innovative risks like that in the console space can be considered a thing of the past entirely.

    I'll get negged for this again. But arguments will not be given. Ah. How I liked EG; it dropped down to the third place in recent months.
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  • MeBrains 27/01/2015

    My concern however is what that insane amount of success led to. As much as I became a big fan of PS3 eventually, the level of arrogance and lack of respect for gamers during its pre-launch and first year or so was staggering.
    The level of arrogance and lack of respect from gamers during its pre-launch and first year or so was staggering.

    ^^ fixed that for you.

    As, according to me, Sony had a lot of tech included in PS3 initially, including hardware BC! Comparing to the price a certain competitor launched at, it was a steal too!

    But gamers snuffed at it because of some ill-placed words, which were immediately bent into something negative and then repeated and rehearsed by the American media.

    The result? Generic hardware this time (not even a custom built, state of the art CPU!) and paid-for online.

    Nah. Competition is not always a good thing!

    (which is not to say I want a single-platform console scene)
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  • MeBrains 27/01/2015

    Sony released the PS2 as an underpowered system with two controller ports, no online built in, no 50/60hz support in Europe, etc.
    You can't be serious! That was a console designed almost two (!) decades ago and which gave us games like God of War - unseen of back in the day. What underpowered? What no online? You do remember it had DVD which was still in its infancy?

    They similarly released the PS3 at a ridiculous price tag with unfinished BluRay support, severely inferior online support, no achievements/trophies, etc.
    the PS3 was widely regarded as being the best bluray player, it can be argued it became the most performing console (eventually) and was packed to the brim with forward thinking tech!

    Also, PSN used to be free on PS3 and trophies were invented on PS2's Ratchet and Clank (if I remember well).

    Without competition they would not have gotten their act together. We need more than one strong competitor in this market.
    I doubt it since this gen. Competition brought us generic consoles, paid-for online and, were it not for the indies as well as Sony taking risks in that department, the same game experiences over and over again.

    Credit where credit's due!
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  • MeBrains 27/01/2015

    Nobody needs a repeat of PS2 era domination; it only leads to hubris.
    Why not? What was so bad about it?

    (with which I'm not saying I do want a single-console market - mind)
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  • Unreal Engine 4 tech demo looks unnervingly realistic

  • MeBrains 27/01/2015

    the camera man must have some vampire blood running in his veins! No reflections huh?

    that said... EG, how low can you go ffs?!

    I mentioned before that, having HALF my screen infested by the browser bar (Chrome though - pretty minimal), the EG header and the most obnoxious of ads is too much! Only because of that, I'd put you on the adblocker list! But, hell I thought, they need their income...

    I tried hitting full screen on this video just now. Guess what happens. The full screen video plays behind a corrupted EG webpage!

    So, I'm sorry, but from now on, you'll be ad-blocked by me.

    edit: so that you can debug. I have a 200.000px (at least) height ad for HP on top and one in some French language which is not my own about "Décrouvrez la visite virtuelle du Salon de l'Auto 2015" on the right. I guess it is the top one messing up.
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  • Microsoft HoloLens is a new AR headset computer

  • MeBrains 21/01/2015

    what's new really? I mean... this giant company with infinite resources has been promising this literally for years.

    Are we all so psyched now this will actually come to fruition this time?

    Please. Be my guest.




    or even the 1987 (Mac)

    hey. it's all good to get psyched over some things, but please. Stay real!

    thanks. :|
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  • Here's what DriveClub's upcoming Japanese track looks like

  • MeBrains 15/01/2015

    Also, this ISNT a sim racer IMHO.
    no, it isn't a SIM racer! Whoever here argues so?

    But it is a racing game gem. More than able to bring the actual sense of driving a high-powered car down tracks whichever time of the day, whichever weather. It arguably even is the most able racer out there - even in comparison to the standard franchises.
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  • MeBrains 15/01/2015

    give me back the NegCon already!

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  • Microsoft announces Forza Motorsport 6 for Xbox One

  • MeBrains 14/01/2015

    The pay to win option shouldn't be allowed in full price games.
    whoever in their right mind negged you for this?

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  • Wait, what? Xbox One just won an Emmy

  • MeBrains 13/01/2015

    no baby, "win" not "nominated".
    I stand corrected... err... honey.
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  • MeBrains 13/01/2015

    what Awards did Playstation win this year?
    Outstanding Achievements in Video Game Writing...
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  • MeBrains 13/01/2015

    @ziggy_played_guitar thanks. but what do you mean with "it works fine"? What can you do? I can't really imagine what extra's it brings... (and that's an honest question again) Reply +1
  • MeBrains 13/01/2015

    I still wonder how the Xbox One TV integration works outside of the main (US and UK, I suppose) territories? How does it work in Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Norway...? How integrated is it? Does the OneGuide function? And so on... honest question... Reply +5
  • Here's how Assassin's Creed Unity: Dead Kings' lantern item works

  • MeBrains 13/01/2015

    never understood why the near-future stuff needed to be in there. to me, it broke all immersion.

    but that's a side-note. press and hold L3 huh? That's... err... interesting and quite informational.

    I guess.
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  • PlayStation 4 has sold 18.5m worldwide

  • MeBrains 07/01/2015

    @belziah they didn't m8. Reply 0
  • MeBrains 07/01/2015

    That was a lot of words to say nothing at all.

    Thanks for your effort?
    these lines tell me you seem to have found it hard to argue with what I wrote then.

    You're welcome! ;)
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  • MeBrains 07/01/2015

    You obviously weren't around for the end of PS2/launch of PS3 and your comment about a decent price is laughable.
    wasn't I? myea... if you say so o' Wise One.

    Luckily there is the internetz and are we able to look up some things from years prior and, as always, google is your friend.

    With PS3 having offered the vast amount of forward-thinking tech, I even have the impression that it has been one of the most value-for-money releases ever and it certainly has not been the most expensive console.

    Do I need to assume you started gaming in 2005 then, disregarding previous console prices?

    I take it you also forgot "next-gen starts when we say so....", where they then proceeded to get their arrogant arses handed to them.
    what about that marketing line makes you so riled up? How is it different to a producer mentioning their washing powder washes whiter than the competition?

    As mentioned before: to me it was / is hard to fathom exactly why Sony got attacked the way it was.

    Unfortunately, it has been and we are left with standard components now, (mostly) excluding forward-thinking tech from now on. And we pay for online... Thanks to game industry supporters like you?
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  • MeBrains 07/01/2015

    Also how many of those 360 sales were 2nd/3rd purchases to replace RRoD? I know I bought 2 360s (an original and a newer version) overall.

    I have wondered more and more as last-gen progressed. I sometimes have though 360 owners having bought into a single 360 console were the exception, rather than the norm...
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  • MeBrains 06/01/2015

    I have tried it and my impressions were that it doesn't justify the purchase of a PS4.
    fair enough. opinions differ. ;)

    (and... have not bought a PS4 either. DC makes me come close, but then again. When I play now, it's Elite. Why bother get a console already? There's ample time.)
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  • MeBrains 06/01/2015

    some of his quotes are completely bonkers.
    worthy of a true engineer then?
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  • MeBrains 06/01/2015

    Good news, though tempered with the thought that a successful Sony can and often has been an arrogant Sony.
    like last gen huh? where it brought us massive amounts of forward-thinking tech for quite an ok price? What do you mean?

    strong competition is vital.
    I'd agree mostly. But from last-gen to this in the games industry, that competition brought us only marginal amounts (if any?) of forward thinking tech, and paid-for online.
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  • MeBrains 06/01/2015

    Nope, still not bought one and like others here I see no reason to, perfectly satisfied with my X1 and until some "must have" exclusive is released that cries out to me I don't see it changing any time soon.
    as a racing fan yourself. maybe you should give Driveclub a shot. I heard it is not as bad as some people made it out to be!

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  • The Mad Catz LYNX 9 is part controller, part Transformer

  • MeBrains 06/01/2015

    RAT9 and I was quite pleasantly surprised.
    ahh. the wireless one. I stuck to RAT5, which has a fixed "left wing", but an extendible rear, adaptable weights, a cotton-wrapped wire and a metal plate as its base. Feels very sturdy!

    It is the best and most comfortable mouse I ever had. Amazing piece of tech!

    As for this tech... I'm in the "myeeaaaaa... I don't know"-camp.
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  • Reader's top 50 games of 2014

  • MeBrains 03/01/2015

    Horizon 2 actually has way more cars and a bigger world than Horizon 1 and is in every aspect better than DriveClub
    talking about flawed arguments. In every aspect as you say?


    Also in weather effects or, generally, graphics?


    feast your eyes on FH2's superiority...
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  • MeBrains 02/01/2015

    Games are supposed to be reveiwed as they are, not what they have the potential to be after god knows how many patches.
    haha... this line made me remember how Obama (no less!) got the Nobel peace price... based on the promise of peace in a few great speeches!

    but the juice media is able to tell that line better
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  • Microsoft gives more CPU power to Xbox One developers

  • MeBrains 02/01/2015

    most of it seems to be focussed on camera/voice/AR features but they do have GPGPU libraries for physics.
    thanks. Interesting read and it does not seem to have been mentioned here...

    So, if I understand the article here and the last slide on that link well, MS is gradually removing the voice commands - although it was a core feature*, while Sony is improving them.

    * Shouldn't there be an outrage? I thought both voice and Kinect were touted as "integral parts" of the set-up and they have / are being removed? And I am genuinely wondering: how is the one's TV integration in countries outside the US and the UK? Does it work? Do you have the EPG?
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  • MeBrains 02/01/2015

    Sony released a new code to help out GPgpu performance in FW 2.0 yet EG does not talk about it.
    really? Seems to remain relatively unreported indeed. Maybe Sony's press department should be more clear about it? I don't know. Do you have a link?

    That said. From one of the best widely known console tech benchmarkers around, I would indeed expect a report about it. If it's out there, where's the article, DF?
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  • Games of 2014: Far Cry 4

  • MeBrains 29/12/2014

    he world somehow feels stale in comparison to its predecessor.
    yup. felt so already on FC3. There hardly is an emotional connection to any of its NPCs. Or at least, that's how I explain it...
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  • Editor's blog: Merry Christmas!

  • MeBrains 23/12/2014

    Oli (and Tom) and of course the team, enjoy the very welcome break you deserved. Running a site like this is hard work and you did a great great job, often bringing news and articles which were firsts the internet-wide. The EG name you have created and which you need to live up to over the years is amazing. Well done!

    Do remain thoughtful of bringing news without the influence of the internet at large and you'll be all the better for it. Take a step back if need be from corporate influences and budget accordingly. We, or I, have come to expect EG to have its very own opinion and, looking back at how 2014 went, it does seem to have hollowed out.

    Regardless of the minor note, I do wish you a very Merry Christmas and an awesome enjoyment of all festivities!
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  • Destiny has had just shy of 13 million players

  • MeBrains 23/12/2014

    not too shabby for a game nobody plays... Reply +52
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets Halo 4's Spartan Ops

  • MeBrains 23/12/2014

    somebody should run a class action lawsuit against microsoft, no?

    They promised an infinite increase in "size, scope and scale of gameplay elements" through usage of no less than 300.000 servers in the cloud and all we got it woes on dedicated servers.

    just wondering though... nothing to see here...
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  • Elite: Dangerous review

  • MeBrains 23/12/2014

    got around 50K in bounties (still is a lot to me, about a quarter more than I had), came back with the booty I had on mission, had around 15 regions I explored which you are able to sell later, had my cargo hold full of tits and tats and...

    ... got shot down by the station I had received docking approval from...


    (I don't know what happened though. I guess I accidentally hit federation police while in a dogfight. Normally I take care not to do so. Oh well. It still was good fun! You do not learn to walk in a day. Enough for today though.)
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  • MeBrains 22/12/2014

    And I have a question for anybody that has played this... is the whole flight stick setup necessary?
    no. mouse and keyboard player here. works as well...




    ... although I would like to buy me some hotas one day. X55 Rhino, huh?
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  • MeBrains 22/12/2014

    What happens once you ground enough credits going from A to B to get "the best" ship and weapons etc...are you then still also enjoying going from A to B for hours on end even if it's entirely pointless?
    such strange criticism. what happens when you have all unlockables in Forza, in CoD, in Mario, in Uncharted? You continue to do laps, continue kills, continue collecting coins and save the princess and continue to, well, look at the scenery? the same point you are making is valid for so many games. And, for all four of them, I wonder as well. Progression then is entirely pointless. Still, much to my personal and private astonishment, people keep on playing them.

    the 8 rating here doesn't make any sense reading the actual review. (And yes I was/am playing ED since the earlier betas, by the way).
    what makes you come back then?

    It is 2014, going on 2015. When I get a game these days I expect a LOT. This is either an enormous amount of things to explore and to do in an open world, an incredible and enthralling story...or a massive world with infinite possibilities and lots of interaction with others players. ED doesn't offer any of this at the moment.
    out of interest. Which games give you a LOT these days? Which do you like playing? Maybe Elite isn't for you? It has an enormous amount of things to explore in an open world, an incredible and enthralling story, but you need imagination to see it. There's a massive world with infinite possibilities, but, that part you are right about: I too would wish for more interaction with other players. I seem to run into NPC's quite a lot more than I do into actual players. But maybe it is because I am short of the 45+ demography you have labelled 99% of players to be? In my son's class, the 14y-old "CoD generation", people seem to immensely enjoy it. I am happy for it too. Finally they are opening up to something else instead of the onslaught of gung-ho macho shooters.

    In this Elite, players bend the universe. They influence prices by trading. Destabilize systems by running kills and so on. Something which I am only just learning to appreciate now. It's not only you. It's the sumtotal of player actions doing this. Why do you think they killed the offline portion?

    Well. To me at least, Elite turned out what I wanted it to be. True to the original, but with more immersion and 2014-2015 thinking than I expected; it turned out all the better for it.
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  • MeBrains 22/12/2014

    Landing completely ruins the experience for new players. Docking computer should be available (and cheap) immediately and on most systems, not expensive and not hard to find like it is now.
    lol... i take it you never really experienced the first one!

    landing in E-D is a breeze compared to how it was!
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  • MeBrains 22/12/2014

    Because I've been inching my way around in super cruise dropping out at every unknown signal source and I've found bugger all. "Kill this guy - known locations 3 systems"...
    it's still the way to go though. Hunt down the unknown signal sources in the correct system. Do pay attention to its name "Altair IH2-B" is not the same as "Altair IH2-8" or alike.

    Hunting these guys down? Yeah. You chose one of the initial systems. Go there. Chances are you get an "update" on the task with a definitive system. That can be a completely new system. Go there, investigate "unknown signals" - fight.
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  • MeBrains 22/12/2014

    imho... it is the best release of 2014 by far.

    a much welcome return to a long-forgotten genre and it lived up to be everything I hoped for. Sure, it is a grind. Sure, you'll make mistakes. Sure, you'll start over. Sure, it takes time to get yourself some decent kit.

    Yet, the first time you decide to take on a ill-equipped Python in your feeble eagle, taking potshots at its hull, grinding it down to 70% over the course of 10 minutes and then, all of sudden, being backed up by federation police helping you out on the kill and being awarded the massive 28K bounty when your last beam strikes, sure feels good. You jump in joy and prey you'll arrive at the next station to cash in without jump drive interdictions.

    All stations may indeed look like the handful you get to know early on, but the game is full of surprises. Just hunt for "Unknown signal sources" and investigate.
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  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • MeBrains 21/12/2014

    Digital Foundry, the technical analysis column at Eurogamer should not be dedicating an article to ellaborating on "gameplay versus graphics".

    Funny that this never was turned into a debate last gen.
    I noticed that as well. Last gen, the differences were smaller, but it was all that mattered to digital foundry.

    A strange observation indeed.
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  • CVG to close

  • MeBrains 19/12/2014

    remember it from way back, but did not visit the site all that often.

    this is the oldest copy I still have:

    beat UltraCombo!
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  • Judge allows lawsuit over Killzone Shadow Fall's 1080p graphics to proceed

  • MeBrains 18/12/2014

    sony still denies DRE even after sued
    you are talking a different language. What is this DRE?

    Sony lied about the root kits and still denies wrongdoing
    They lied? They pulled the discs! Both admitting the error and admitting the trouble they caused?

    Sony lied about the psn hack and still thinks they did nothing wrong.
    They lied? They were quite upfront about it. It took them 10 days (was it?) to admit, take PSN down, bow in error (a grand gest for Japanese, but you wouldn't understand it I suppose), offer refunds, gave games, secure psn etc. Which universe were you living in?

    Sony got hacked last year at sony pictures and told no one and a memo went around stating not to tell the employees that had their personal info stolen.
    Must have missed that. Unless you are talking about what is happening now. And now, they pulled the movie in question, in order to safeguard customer's data. Strangely enough, it is American politicians going against Sony for it now.

    MS lied for almost a year with RROD.

    And the billion. You are a fool believing that some extended warranty (1y, 2y, heck even 10 years!) costs as much as some of the graphical examples I gave. Some car manufacturers give 5 years of warranty. And these "devices" cost a hell of a lot more, don't they. Do you think they invest billions because of it!

    here: :rolleyes:
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  • MeBrains 18/12/2014

    MS offered a 3 year warranty and spent 100s of millons of dollars to fix that.
    (1) a 3y warranty, is only a year more than what is considered standard in Europe. Also, the cost, if any, was incurred because of their own rushed launch. I heard a lot of users ended up buying more than one console "just in case". So I am not even sure that...
    (2) ... they actually lost money on it. And certainly not the "hundreds of millions" people are babbling about ever since. Can you source where that ridiculous number comes from? To put things into perspective. Here's some things a billion buys.

    Two of these - almost:

    One of these:

    2/3 of this:

    1.5 of the world's only six-star hotel:

    and so on.

    Stop being a fanboy. It's the companies that lie and pretend they did nothing wrong that should be taken to task indeed.

    In this case. There hardly was a lie and Sony (mostly) admits and pays for its errors - unlike most American companies.
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  • MeBrains 18/12/2014

    plain amazing. And, I'm sorry to say again, I can not understand how this gets a lawsuit while the inherent promise of buying into a stable, functional console back in 2005 didn't get one.

    that scandalous launch deserved a major class action, but MS got away with nothing at all. It did cost them zilch.
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  • Microsoft's game streaming tech codenamed Arcadia, new report claims

  • MeBrains 17/12/2014

    another horrible trend in modern gaming brought to consoles by Sony.
    any others... by Sony?
    no answers? strange that...
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  • MeBrains 16/12/2014

    another horrible trend in modern gaming brought to consoles by Sony.
    any others... by Sony?
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  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • MeBrains 16/12/2014

    good riddance. I'm not for censorship, but make an exception for this game.

    there. I said it!
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  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • MeBrains 14/12/2014

    You got a genuine LOL from me.
    I know! ;)
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