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  • The making of Deliver Hope

  • Mavrik123 18/10/2010

    Why is it taking so long to make an actual Halo Movie? With all these short movies that have been made over the life span of Halo. With 'Birth of a Spartan' and the likes. If they need to put all these people in a room together and get it made. Reply +2
  • Marine dislikes MOH Afghanistan depiction

  • Mavrik123 12/10/2010

    HAHA I really don't get why people are so annoyed about this game? Just like every other FPS it is all fictional. Just because they have designed a game around the 21st Century they complain. I don't believe any of the WW2 games will have all their facts and everything right and how this British guy totally slaughter this German dude, Or these German dudes totally hacked up and gased these Jews...

    It is a game, like all books maybe we need to create a category called Fiction in our game stores?
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  • First Call of Duty: Black Ops trailer

  • Mavrik123 01/05/2010

    it maybe a "Treyarch Production" but the code is still Infinity Ward. The end of the day IW designed and made great games. Now that some other team has the code will they be able to take it to the next level, and actually develop it into something that can put them on the map, or will they remain a company that is just picking at the bones of another company to try and squeeze as much profit out the brand? Until we have another 5 CoD with the only thing that separates them is the storyline? Reply -26
  • The FarmVille Diaries

  • Mavrik123 05/04/2010

    Question - Did over 85 million people actually think the US Military would actually find weapons of mass destruction?

    Answer - Yes


    Can 85 million simpletons be wrong about a silly flash game as it sucks their very existence out of the fabric of life... YES!
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  • EEDAR: Are X360 Achievements too hard?

  • Mavrik123 15/03/2010

    XBOX 360 Achievements

    achievement |əˈ ch ēvmənt|
    1 a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill : to reach this stage is a great achievement.

    I have been an Xbox gamer since the very release of the xbox way back on the 14th of March 2002 and one thing i really like since the release of xbox 360 is the achievements when i first bought my 360 i never cared a bit about the achievements system, but as i continued to play i enjoy sitting down and trying to complete certain achievements within a game as it helps hone my skills and i come away from the game feeling i have achieved something that was actually rather difficult and i stuck with it to get the problem sorted.

    Why does anyone buy a xbox360 game? Is it solely for the achievements that come with the game, or is it the fact that a game is released that you will enjoy and wanted to play since itís announcement?

    personally I buy a game because it looks cool i will enjoy it and get a good load of hours play time out of it not because I get an extra badge, medal, ribbon or reward which is around 200x200 pixels on a screen. Not to say i donít enjoy every time i see my xbox logo pop up telling me i got a new achievement, it makes me feel iím achieving things as i play through the game.

    The people that dislike achievements would prefer all achievements to be removed from all 360 games or would you like them all to be made easier so that any tom, dick or harry can earn them?

    end of the day achievements are just an added extra the game designers have put a lot of time and effort into thinking up and using it to put a personal touch to each of there games, they donít need to do it and we all survived fine before it was around. There is no benefit for the user playing the game to get 100% achievement reward is there? bar bragging rights to their mates.

    If you have not got the skill to master an area of a game to get an achievement you basically have to man up and get better or not care so much about your gamer score.
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  • Mass Effect 2 DLC is out now and free

  • Mavrik123 25/01/2010

    Got to admit that was rather funny...

    Shame i only got the first one but better than nothing. Seems someone dropped the ball somewhere and most likely lost their job.
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  • Tom Clancy's EndWar - Trailer

  • Mavrik123 29/03/2008

    I am looking forward to the new Tom Clancy's game looks a nice one for the collection and give you alot to beable to do. With all the war games Tom has out i will prove to be a great addition to the collection and having all those resorces of all them amazing games hes on to a winner. Reply 0
  • Exclusive - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - Gameplay pt. 2

  • Mavrik123 29/03/2008

    Graphics look amazing, gameplay doesn't look so hot not very realistic. Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer TV Show: Special - Rainbow Six vs. Eurogamers

  • Mavrik123 29/03/2008

    Ah you have got to love paintballing one of the best sports in the world. Nice going lads.

    I am looking forward to finally getting to put vegas two in my Xbox.
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  • RF Online

  • Mavrik123 29/03/2008

    i played this game for a year and in 8 months i maxed my character, this game was never a grind and was a walk in the park and i enjoyed every last moment of it. I walked away feeling i had completed the game. Reply 0
  • Ex-Xbox man predicts death of consoles

  • Mavrik123 29/03/2008

    Well it is already goin that way with the amazing feature of Xbox live that has unlocked so many possibilties from downloading demos etc to downloading full on HD movies. So it is progressing so much that it most likely going to go that way, and just now Xbox have a good base for it with Live it is one of the reasons i would never get rid of my xbox its such a good feature. Reply 0