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  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2015

  • MattyB2007 02/01/2016

    Some how seems wrong to give Bloodborne game of the year when for me it's comfortably the weakest Souls game especially if you played it through more than once. Also has the least content and polish of them all! Reply -6
  • How Left4Dead changed my life for the better

  • MattyB2007 28/09/2014

    @Tomo Nice write up Tomo! Remember meeting all you guys at the Expo. Those were some good gaming times! Reply +6
  • Midnight Resistance retrospective

  • MattyB2007 11/05/2014

    Christ I remember playing this on my mates Amiga. Thanks for making me feel old! Reply +1
  • The Best Ł100 Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6870 Review

  • MattyB2007 22/07/2012

    How would a 6870 compare to 2x5850's? I do need to upgrade sooner or later! Reply 0
  • Why the PS3 can't do cross-game chat

  • MattyB2007 19/08/2011

    Essentially Lexx is right though, even if he didn't word it very well. Your either an anti-social gamer (plenty about and not a bad thing) who wouldn't like it or you simply haven't tried it and are making excuses. Cross game/Party chat is a great feature and I find it quite sad so many people are trying to make excuses for it it not being on PS3. if the PS3 had it, i'd sure be using it a lot more than I do!! Reply -7
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • MattyB2007 04/07/2011

    Glad to see some more Windows stuff being written about even if they are out on other platforms. Recently got Plants V Zombie and geoDefense. Both great games! Reply +1
  • 3DS eStore Games Roundup

  • MattyB2007 13/06/2011

    I put so many hours into Tennis on the GB back in the day, was brill. Obviously hasn't quite stood the test of time then?!? Reply +1
  • Why I Love: Ninja Gaiden II

  • MattyB2007 12/04/2011

    I didn't find anything cheap about it on my warrior run through. it was just hard in places and the Armadillo you could litterally take about in 30 seconds. Oh my you have to press block when you see something blowing up, how cheap! Reply +1
  • Revenge of the Titans

  • MattyB2007 05/04/2011

    Yay!! So pleased you guys reviewed this and gave it a good score to go with after I was nagging in the download reviews comments section. Best indie game i've played in a long time! Reply +2
  • Download Games Roundup

  • MattyB2007 25/03/2011

    Still no Revenge of the Titans? Is a sad panda :( Reply +2
  • Download Games Roundup

  • MattyB2007 18/03/2011

    Any chance of you guys reviewing Revenge of the Titans? Cracking tower defence/RTS game just released on Steam that came with the Humble Indie Bundle! Reply +2
  • Why Chet Faliszek is Valve's Mr Awesome

  • MattyB2007 16/03/2011

    He is a pretty cool guy but if he ever forgets that we beat his team at Left4Dead there will be hella trouble!!! Reply +1
  • Crysis 2

  • MattyB2007 18/02/2011

    Agree with most of the article being one of those who has got the dodgy copy (but will still be getting on 360 and poss PC) but the bit about it being harder to combine suit abilities is complete rubbish. It's far easier now. It was always quite tricky to combine them really quickly in the first where as in this you can sprint into a power jump and with ease go into armour or cloak all in one fell swoop. Was no where near as easy to do that before esp on a pad! Reply +1
  • EA Sports Active 2

  • MattyB2007 25/11/2010

    I actually really like the Kinect version and while the issues commented are fair the voice issues are a known problem and will be fixed with patching as i'm sure some of the others will be but i've turned the voice stuff off now and that stops the jukebox etc coming up so apart from the odd time it losing me I don;t really have any issues now. Reply +2
  • Batman: Arkham City details emerge

  • MattyB2007 11/08/2010

    Sounds like the game the 1st one should have been barring the combat. Reply -12
  • Why Sony mandates 720p for PS3 3D

  • MattyB2007 19/07/2010

    I was under the impression it was basically impossible for the PS3 to do 60fps and 1080p in 3D via HDMI 1.4 due to the restrictions of 1.4 HDMI. I don't actually know but it was someone very informed that posted that somewhere. Reply +1
  • Sony's Andrew House

  • MattyB2007 17/06/2010

    Superb interview and questions! All ones involving higher ups should be like this. It's fair to say Sony didn't come out of this one looking great though and quite rightly in my opinion. Refusing to talk about what gamers want to know and trying to push 3D as hard as they are will fail for me but we'll see.

    Also having games only as long as your subscription is a really really stupid move. Can you imagine if the 360 stopped you playing Trials HD when you didn;t pay for your Gold account. There would be all hell breaking loose!
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  • Four more key staff desert Infinity Ward

  • MattyB2007 15/04/2010

    Regardless of Activisions history I don't understand the love for IW in this case. The more it goes along the more it sounds like from a legal stand point that they were quite right to sack who they did.
    Wasn't the rumour that they talked to another publisher (rumoured to be EA) whilst under contract and low and behold a few weeks later they're all at EA? Sounds like the IW are in the wrong in this one to me. Not sure why anyone thinks otherwise.
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  • ACII DLC was originally part of game

  • MattyB2007 23/12/2009

    "Seems like an internal problem to me, no obligation of giving shit away to customers for free at all, just like we have no obligation to buy anything."

    Well that just makes the management standards look even worse when they come out and say the reasons doesn't it?

    I'll say it once again. They intended it to be in the game due to the chaptering numbers. They fucked up which ever way you want to put it. Whether it be money, not meeting there deadline. Whatever reason you want to come up with but it's still there fault. I have no doubt they work there arses off doing a job they hopefully love getting paid a lot for (heaven forbid) but don't make the consumers pay for your inabilty to finish a game properly. Or you know just release it for free.
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  • MattyB2007 23/12/2009


    It just means that only a handful of people have actually not out and out disagreed with menage and plug monkey and also a subtle dig at everyone who has a differing opinion to them. And apparantly 90% of the comments have been posted by people with no common sense or no sensible thinking.
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  • MattyB2007 23/12/2009

    Or all of a 3rd person who doesn't disagree with you you mean. Also the way your going on plug monkey with your ranting it doesn't exactly sound like you know what goes on in the industry and it sounds like your in it which is scary! Reply +3
  • MattyB2007 23/12/2009

    Well say for a start at no point did i mention they promised US anything. However they will have told people in there own company what they expected to fit in the game. Which they got wrong, which i'd say is poor time management if you can't spot it early enough to ! This is what i mean by over promising as well. And yes i'm sure it happens all the time when making games but charging for it just plain wrong. Reply +1
  • MattyB2007 23/12/2009

    At the end of the day they budgeted poorly and over promised on what they could do in the time they had if they couldn't get it all in, ambitious or otherwise. If it was free no one would be complaining one bit but when they charge us for effectively their fuck up then yeah to right consumers have every reason to voice there opinion and complain. I for one won't be buying it on principle. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Expo 2009!

  • MattyB2007 07/05/2009

    Sweet. Might actually go to the Leeds one! Reply 0
  • Eurogamer readers spank Valve at L4D

  • MattyB2007 24/04/2009

    Woot woot! Reply 0
  • No Bungie DLC for Halo 3: ODST

  • MattyB2007 09/02/2009

    Yes that just so happens to be by the same company you mean and is a special unit? I don't think they accidently called it Oni not realising it's game they'd already made do you? Reply 0
  • MattyB2007 08/02/2009

    Go type in Oni on Halo wiki then you'll see how it's part of the Halo universe. There part of the UNSC ffs, the Halo military in other words. Reply 0
  • Dodgy Ninja Gaiden 2 content back on Live

  • MattyB2007 31/07/2008

    The mission modes are sweet. had a few goes last night and thought it was good stuff! Reply 0
  • Ninja Gaiden 2 mission pack back today

  • MattyB2007 28/07/2008

    About time to! I know what i'll be downloading tonight when I get in from work! Reply 0
  • Microsoft hints at 'HaloCon' event

  • MattyB2007 26/07/2008

    Why is there always a couple of grade 'A' twats in the comments with any news piece regarding Halo. People like it, get over it you idiots!! Your not cool, smart, or funny for doing so either! Reply 0
  • Halo 3 is number one on Xbox Live again

  • MattyB2007 23/07/2008

    Typical yoss lol :) Reply 0
  • MattyB2007 23/07/2008


    a) Mainly because it was the only 'realistic' shooter out really, certainly of a high quality anyway and now others have come out. A lot of people love a bit of realism over sci-fi, not something that bothers me but hey
    b) It's appealed to a far greater casual audience. All my more casual game playing mates loved it because of the above but yet again most have moved on to GTA4 since thats what most other casuals are playing (they tend to follow trends and hype). I wouldn't take there opinions on games to seriously compared to sme of my other gaming mates.
    c) It's been out less time by what 2 months was it? Can't remember in all honesty. Yet as far as I know H3 has been pretty close to it most of the time.
    d) It's easier than H3.

    What was your point backed up with exactly? You've just said it was clearly better. On what grounds exactly? Please at least give some reasoning for your statement. But I can almost guarantee anything you come up with will be gameplay design and purely subjective to the players tastes as you can't honestly think the matchmaking/community aspects in anyway shape or form are better, surely?

    After looking at what 've just written it's kinda just occured to me that the main reason COD4 may have done so well for so long is simple lack of other realistic shooters as a lot of people really don't like the sci-fi stylings of H3. What else would they have had to play to get there realistic fix otherwise?

    Still plenty of people still play so it's obviously still got a good following even if most of the people I know have/are getting bored of it now.
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  • MattyB2007 23/07/2008


    What are you on about?!?

    I must be blind because it's clear to me that H3 is superior in everyway barring graphics hence why more people are still playing it despite COD4 coming out after it!
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  • Call of Duty 4: Variety Map Pack

  • MattyB2007 31/03/2008

    robg so COD4 has more polished features than Halo 3? What world are you living in?!?! Forge/saved films anyone? Reply 0