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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare outsells COD: Ghosts in UK

  • Mattb90 10/11/2014

    There's a caveat the other way; these figures from Chart-Track only include physical copies and not digital. It's hard to know the effect this has, but the free new-gen upgrade might have encouraged more digital PS3/360 sales. Reply +1
  • Wii U debuts third-party cross-platform support with Cubemen 2

  • Mattb90 08/08/2013

    @Pwnsweet Not only is this in line with Nintendo's policies (they don't mind what people do with online play), they actively promoted Cubemen 2 in Wednesday's Nintendo Direct Reply +9
  • Dirt Showdown Review

  • Mattb90 24/05/2012

    @Darren It's available worldwide now on Steam, so your version may have unlocked already Reply 0
  • F1 2012 Preview: Staying on Track

  • Mattb90 19/04/2012

    @Ironic_War_Criminal I asked them about this at Gamescom last year, and apparently they're not allowed to put GP2 (or other feeder series) in the same boxed product as the F1 game due to licensing issues. Reply +5
  • GameStop: trade BF3 to get MW3 for £0.99

  • Mattb90 20/10/2011

    As MW3 is more than 99p more expensive than BF3 then it's probably worth it for anyone wanting to get MW3 (unless you can find it cheaper than £37.96), regardless of whether they want BF3. And if you want to keep BF3 when you get MW3, pick up a second copy of BF3 to get it cheaper. They must be rather desperate to get your custom in the first place. Reply +9
  • Out This Week - 23/09/11

  • Mattb90 19/09/2011

    Unfortunately the PS3 version of Child of Eden isn't out until next Friday (30th): Reply +2
  • Podcast #57

  • Mattb90 22/02/2011

    I suspect the lateness was due to the Bulletstorm embargo Reply +3
  • YourShape - first 15 minutes

  • Mattb90 04/11/2010

    It looks like they've gone overboard with the menu styles and made them rather difficult to use. I had the same troubling experience at Gamescom.Also the video locks up for me at 08:39, but I can skip pass it to get to things later in the footage. Reply +2
  • Sports Champions

  • Mattb90 01/09/2010

    @sfp_noodle: Resident Evil 5 Gold is £17.99 on for me - am I missing something? Reply +1
  • Blur Xbox Live codes all gone!

  • Mattb90 08/03/2010

    I was getting "This code has already been used.", but the awesome Tom Bramwell sorted it out for me :) Reply +3
  • New PAL Releases Roundup - 03/07/09

  • Mattb90 03/07/2009

    The only Virtual Console games out this week are Orgre Battle: The March of the Black Queen and Pulseman, both part of the fourth Hanabi Festival. The other four EG have mentioned are all games coming in the next couple of weeks as part of the Festival. Reply 0
  • PSN update: demos, DLC, more demos

  • Mattb90 22/05/2009

    What are you on about? Payment is only via a debit or credit card on PSN (in Europe), while Xbox Live lets you use a debit or credit card, as well as points cards. So surely if that's how you're weighing things up, XBL comes out on top? I just use a debit card on both, so don't have to worry about any interest payments, but that's surely your own problem anyway? Reply 0
  • Three brand new demos on Xbox Live

  • Mattb90 05/03/2009

    /pedant mode on

    These demos have hit XBL, not XBLA ;P

    /pedant mode off
    Agreed, it's confusing to see "XBLA" banded about when things are on the Marketplace, and clearly nothing to do with the Arcade. "Marketplace" or even "XBLM" would be better. When referring to the Prince of Persia DLC in the new releases pack the use of "XBLA" actually gave the impression it was a full release rather than additional content for the retail game.
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  • Mirror's Edge Time Trial maps out today

  • Mattb90 19/02/2009

    It's not a Games for Windows - Live title, so the PC DLC is via the EA Store where it's £6.99 for the pack. No idea why the price is different from the PS Store. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 20-11

  • Mattb90 29/12/2008

    @Rash': £35.99 for a DS game from an unknown source (that's not actually I'd be buying from) was still considered a "ridiculous price" when I saw that previously. However, on further investigation it might be the best offer out there... Reply 0
  • Mattb90 29/12/2008

    @Rash': Indeed, I thought so too, but as far as I can see, it's not available anywhere online in the UK without paying some ridiculous price (e.g. £60 from one Amazon Marketplace seller). Should have bought it when it came out, instead of waiting until Christmas and finding out noone else could get it for me either. Mind you, a housemate who was in the US in the summer couldn't track it down either. Reply 0
  • Mattb90 29/12/2008

    Been trying to get hold of Professor Layton for a while, but seems to have disappeared everywhere, despite only being out last month. Anybody got any recommendations? Reply 0
  • EA on Steam, but so far not in Europe

  • Mattb90 22/12/2008

    They've even announced it for Europe now, but still nothing here in the UK. Confused about the mention of Football Manager 2009 - it's on there, but it's published by Sega... Also, Crytek themselves are the ones responsible for getting Crysis and Warhead on Steam; the games are distributed to retail through EA Partners, so Crytek are free to make other deals for online distribution (which is exactly how it happens with Valve, of course) Reply 0
  • SEGA mute on OutRun Online Arcade

  • Mattb90 18/11/2008

    I think THQ are only involved for the publishing in Australia (and probably New Zealand too). I don't know if Sega actually has offices down there, and it's not uncommon for even the big publishers to rely on a local partner (Konami in Australia too, and Rockstar using Capcom in Japan). Reply 0
  • MadWorld spoils "family fun image" of Wii

  • Mattb90 12/08/2008

    It should be remembered that "mediawatch-uk" is just the modern name for the "National Viewers' and Listeners' Association" - i.e. the organisation founded by Mary Whitehouse back in the 60s to fight "indecency" on the BBC in particular. This is simply gaming receiving the Whitehouse treatment 30-40 years on. Reply 0
  • Shame Train Roundup

  • Mattb90 19/06/2008

    Actually, Limbo of the Lost 2 is set to feature all of these! Reply 0
  • Puzzle Fighter leads PAL PSN update

  • Mattb90 31/05/2008

    The pricing seems fine; they've pretty much price matched the XBLA version (which is 800MSP or £6.80), which is what happened in the US (where 800MSP is US$10). US$10 may only be about £5 now, but then the dollar has decreased rapidly since Microsoft set the MSP-to-real money conversion rates back in 2005. Reply 0
  • No sign of Splinter Cell at UbiDays

  • Mattb90 28/05/2008

    Microsoft probably aren't too happy about the delays considering it's an Xbox 360/Games for Windows exclusive, which I can only assume they're paying good money for. Reply 0
  • Rock Band Wii to get bonus track disc

  • Mattb90 06/05/2008

    From the article: "The Xbox 360 version of Rock Band will arrive here on 23rd May " No, it's not out here yet. Reply 0
  • TrackMania Nations Forever

  • Mattb90 30/04/2008

    Well, the Steam versions of both TMNF and TMUF are free of StarForce, at least. Reply 0
  • COD4 map pack problems fixed

  • Mattb90 07/04/2008

    With the PlayStation Store currently out of action for updates, it's not as if Infinity Ward could put it up at least the 15th anyway. Reply 0
  • "Technical difficulties" hold up GT5 Prologue PSN

  • Mattb90 28/03/2008

    I ordered the disc version as it was cheaper, but while Gameplay have done their duty in shipping out the game yesterday morning, Royal Mail as usual have managed not to deliver it, despite first class postage. That's alongside a CD of mine ordered a week ago, and I suspect there's more packages waiting too. Two sets of review code from different companies sent by recorded mail have gone missing in the past 3 weeks alone. No idea what else that wasn't recorded went missing (aside from the fact that one of those two recorded was already something being resent).

    Update: Royal Mail decided to do a second delivery for me today via van, providing me with GT5P, my CD, and an unexpected copy of Dark Sector, so I'm actually rather happy now. Doesn't quite make up for those two missing copies of DMC4, though.
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  • Smash Bros. to have VC demos

  • Mattb90 28/01/2008

    It stands for Super Smash Mothers Brawl! A new title to help widen the appeal... Reply 0
  • Virtual Console Roundup

  • Mattb90 15/10/2007

    Once again the prices are wrong - 800 Wii Points is £5.60, and 500 Wii points is actually £3.50. Odd to see this error considering they were correct in the news post on Friday announcing their release.

    Anyway, £5.60 seems like quite a bargain for Super Metroid, it's just a pity I'm too busy with other titles (such as Orange Box on PC, PGR4 on 36) at the moment. Still, it feels like the perfect thing to get ready for MP3 in less than 2 weeks...
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  • NBA 08

  • Mattb90 14/10/2007

    Edit: fixed. Misunderstanding fixed. Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. Reply 0
  • Ecco The Dolphin

  • Mattb90 20/08/2007

    I was about to correct that 600 Wii Points is actually only £4.20, when I realised that Ecco is a MD title and thus must be 800 Wii Points instead (which is £5.60, so £6 is almost right). I know it's 600 in Japan, but it can't be both 600 and £6! Reply 0
  • Kirby drives VC Friday update

  • Mattb90 29/06/2007

    EG appear to have forgotten last week's releases which brought the total to 103 (F-Zero was two weeks ago, after all). So we're actually now at 105. Reply 0
  • Sony quiet on LocoRoco PS3

  • Mattb90 10/04/2007

    I'd be a bit suspicious about the 23rd June date for two reasons: firstly that's the date the LocoRoco arrived on the PSP here in Europe last year (so could be a simple platform error), and that date is also a Saturday. Like disc-based titles (and Wii Euro VC releases), PS Store downloadable titles tend to appear on Fridays. Reply 0
  • Texas Hold 'Em 360 dated

  • Mattb90 17/07/2006

    Gus: It's probably a misprint, and meant to be "1080i *and* progressive-scan resolutions" (i.e. 1080i, 720p, 480p). Unless Microsoft can push 1080p without HDMI now... Reply 0