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  • Dawn of War 3 review

  • MattEvansC3 28/04/2017

    @UncleLou And it was a criticism for DoW2. There's nothing wrong with expanding your audience but the way Relic goes about doing it seems to disregard your audience.

    It's like if 2K decided that they wanted a new audience for Civilization they released Civilization Revolution as Civ5.
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  • The original X-COM was cancelled, but development continued in secret

  • MattEvansC3 27/04/2017

    @Rogueywon It's because they've focused on the trees and not the wood. They've recreated the individual elements and components but with little thought on how it gels together. It's like looking down the uncanny valley. Reply 0
  • LG OLED B6 4K TV review

  • MattEvansC3 17/04/2017

    @Shantara I'm on my third mobile with an OLED screen. Only my Lumia 1020 had suffered burn in and was on the mostly featured icons after nearly two and a half years.

    Burn in on OLED is quite over exaggerated.
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  • Why Dwarf Fortress started killing cats

  • MattEvansC3 13/04/2017

    @Ra3v3r Is it made from dead cats? Reply 0
  • PewDiePie launches weekly Twitch show, as advertisers back away from YouTube

  • MattEvansC3 10/04/2017

    So, long story short. It's everybody else's fault, not PewDiePie's? Reply +19
  • Five ways your Xbox One and 360 games will be better on Scorpio

  • MattEvansC3 06/04/2017

    @4KLobster I'd guess at it being a 7,200 - 10,000rpm drive with improved cache for compatibility reasons than changing the interface. Reply 0
  • Scorpio made simple: the next Xbox's tech explained

  • MattEvansC3 06/04/2017

    @darioliotine Never going to happen. Gabe quite understandably wants to own his ecosystem and a partnership with Microsoft would mean he'd have to give them a voice in Valve matters.


    That's also how the Steam Box was marketed as and look how well that turned out.
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  • Microsoft on why Xbox One doesn't need a No Man's Sky equivalent

  • MattEvansC3 03/04/2017

    So Microsoft needs an exclusive game that was overhyped by a developer that spouted ideas off the top of his head but was enjoyable yet undelivered on its promises...?

    FABLE!...The word you are looking for is FABLE!
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  • BioWare issues statement on Mass Effect Andromeda future

  • MattEvansC3 30/03/2017

    @Pondis That's true but transgender people don't just come out and say to complete strangers, " Hi, I used to be a man/woman". Most prefer it if you didn't know they were transgendered and try to live as the gender they identify as. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 30/03/2017

    @Pondis You nailed the issue with the second paragraph. That's not how transgender people behave but that's how they are depicted in ME:A.

    If you are going to the effort of putting in a transgender character, or a character from any other underrepresented group then put the effort into making them a character that represents that group. Otherwise its just tick box tokenism.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda is another failure for trans representation

  • MattEvansC3 28/03/2017

    @Whitster Yet the characters own dialogue states they weren't allowed to be their chosen gender back in the Milky Way and had to go to a different galaxy for that reason.

    That means they are openly telling people from a galaxy where transgenderism isn't accepted and would likely still hold those beliefs that they are transgender.
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  • 26 years later, Street Fighter 2 expert reveals never-before-seen combos

  • MattEvansC3 21/03/2017

    @CaptainTrips But M. Bison's heavy grab never involved a ear :-( Reply +1
  • Lamenting the loss of Dawn of War's cool kill animations

  • MattEvansC3 20/03/2017

    This one article had put DoW3 straight into the "not for me" category.

    I enjoyed DoW2 but it wasn't a patch on DoW. The changes DoW made to the RTS genre such as the lack of resource management and on the fly squad changes felt like a breadth of fresh air. The expansion with the Tau and Necron further improved on this with the world map.

    DoW2 and DoW3 on the other hand feel like they aren't improving, they are changing and its not for those who enjoyed DoW, its to cater to those who didn't.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda review

  • MattEvansC3 20/03/2017

    @AgentDaleCooper The last five minutes. Reply +9
  • Blaster Master Zero: Switch vs... NES?

  • MattEvansC3 19/03/2017

    Sophia the Third? Disney Princesses have gone hardcore. Reply +5
  • Finally, we have answers to Nintendo Switch's digital game sharing questions

  • MattEvansC3 03/03/2017

    @Bombado Not just them. My GBA emulator allows cloud saves! Reply +1
  • Microsoft announces EA Access-style Xbox Game Pass subscription

  • MattEvansC3 28/02/2017

    For me the big question is whether the Play Anywhere titles will work on the PC. Reply 0
  • Rare auctioning official Sea of Thieves-branded Xbox One S for charity Special Effect

  • MattEvansC3 27/02/2017

    @Gamblix You must be ARRRving a laugh! Reply +8
  • Overwatch game director talks diversity, inclusivity and Tracer's sexuality

  • MattEvansC3 23/02/2017

    @MrTummyGiggles What's wrong with not being "normal"? A lot.

    Not being normal gets you treated like a second class citizen most of the time. Let's take a look at it from a gaming perspective. Normal is pretty much the same terminology as mainstream and being different is niche.

    Mainstream gamers play online, therefore split screen is removed because its only for niche gamers. Mainstream gamers like loot boxes, therefore all mainstream games will replace fixed drops with loot boxes. If you differ at all from mainstream you aren't going to be catered for.

    Those niche gamers aren't wanting a developer to create a game specifically for split screen that is the same yet different to mainstream games. They want Halo, Killzone, CoD, Battlefield, etc to ship with a split screen mode so they can be catered to just like the mainstream gamer.
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  • MattEvansC3 22/02/2017

    @Fenbops Woah there, let's try and not blow peoples minds. How about we start off slowly with a Muslim male character that's not a fundementalist, jihadist steps. Reply +4
  • MattEvansC3 22/02/2017

    @MrTummyGiggles Not really. Diversity is normal and that's the point. No two people are the same yet we are constantly bombarded with "ideals" or social norms. As he pointed out, most FPS games re homogeneous in their use of muscle bound roidhead character.

    I'm a straight white male, married, two kids. I'm normal from a demographic perspective yet I've never been "normal". I've never fitted into "normal" society or been able to achieve society's ideals. It's only since I've been diagnosed with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) that I've been accepted by society as being "normal".

    You cannot have "its okay to not be different" and "normal". That simple distinction between normal and not normal automatically creates a two tier system with those who are "normal" being in the top tier.
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  • Total War: Warhammer's getting a new playable race, for free, next week

  • MattEvansC3 21/02/2017

    Hopefully this is more the chivalrous version than the cynical version GW turned them into. Reply +1
  • Nintendo's latest mobile gamble doesn't quite pay off

  • MattEvansC3 09/02/2017

    @Sicho It's a huge issue for this game because it makes the game extremely temperamental. Every other day there's a 400mb download. On my iPad it crashes to the home screen every time you run it. If you use the multitasking screen you'll see an error connection code. It's put itself in a connection error loop a few times on my wife's iPhone (it'll say there's a connection error and gives you the option of retrying or going to the home screen. Both options give you another connection error message). Reply +1
  • FIFA YouTuber who ran illegal gambling site addresses controversy

  • MattEvansC3 08/02/2017

    @cowell Depends on how you define "evil". He may not have set out to cause people harm but he went down a path of deceiving people to make money and treated any harm he caused as an irrelevance. Reply +2
  • Oculus owner Facebook ordered to pay Zenimax $500m in virtual reality lawsuit

  • MattEvansC3 03/02/2017

    @rep- On an ironic note seeing as Palmer is a Trump supporter, after being notified of the court case Carmack was asked to handover emails...he deleted 92% of them. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 02/02/2017

    @RPMcMurphy The ruling was that no code was stolen. The False Designation of Origin claim that Zenimax won related to Occulus claiming they solely invented the Rift.

    It's an important detail from the court case that Zenimax were helping Occulus develop the Rift without an actual contract. There was an NDA and a contract with Carmack that couldn't be enforced. Zenimsx didn't start contract negotiations until after they found out Palmer made the Kickstarter.

    Because Zenimax wilfully gave the tech to Occulus it wasn't theft.
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  • Punching Nazis

  • MattEvansC3 29/01/2017

    @man.the.king Don't worry, I'm not Trump. I won't pull a hissy fit for reposting something I said ;-) Reply +3
  • MattEvansC3 29/01/2017

    @MrTomFTW I'm not 100% in agreement with you on that point. The Nazi party was actually more of a socialist party. When we discuss Left Wing and Right Wing policies were are generally discussing the state's involvement versus the private sector's involvement. If you look at the main goals of most socialist parties its the removal of the economic class system, more power given to workers and a state system that provides security for the working class.

    By and large the Nazi party achieved this within its own borders. Everything was coloured through a Nationalistic lens but there was a much greater emphasis on state owned and state run industry. More emphasis was given to workers who contributed to Germany's rise than those who had money.

    If George Orwell had the Horse and Donkey invading the human's pub instead of building a windmill the Animal Farm would be about the Nazi party, not Russian Communism.
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  • MattEvansC3 29/01/2017

    @rep- Depends on the Brexit you are talking about. If we are talking about the Tory version of Brexit then it isn't. If we are talking about the UKIP/ Daily Telegraph then it is.

    It's a subtle difference but its in how it was discussed. Boris Johnson focused heavily on the EU as a system that wasn't working and was too costly (I disagreed but they were reasoned arguments). UKIP's focus was on fear of immigration, fear of losing a specific form of national identity, the demonising of civil liberty protections and isolationism.

    To put it another way Boris Johnson was discussing whether the influx of foreign players was affecting the chances for British kids to get into Premiership teams. UKIP were throwing bananas at Balotelli.
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  • MattEvansC3 28/01/2017

    @hillbilly66 The biggest distinction is that they lost and history is written by the victor.

    Just look at what attrocities were committed in Africa in the name of building the British Empire. Because we were the "victor" some of the worst criminals have their busts in universities as benefactors.
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  • MattEvansC3 28/01/2017

    @Tangled A Nazi is anyone who's ideology is primarily based on social Darwinism and uses fascist style propaganda.

    Social Darwinism is an extreme variation of the principle of survival of the fittest that focuses on inter species conflict. Those who follow the ideology believe that races are trying to eradicate the other so the only way to save your race is to kill off all the others. It's why Nazis, Alt-Right and Neo Nazis have an agenda based on ethnic cleansing and/or kicking out other races.

    Fascism is the ideology that the state's existence is more important than the individual. The state does extend to a primary race as well. If you don't contribute you don't have a place. This is why the Nazis sent the elderly, disabled and LGBTQ to concentration camps. They were a drain on resources and/or weakened the states bloodline.

    It's why you'll notice that UKIP and Trump's policies focus on removing individual rights in the name of making the state competitive with other states. There's also a strong fetishism with military might. Increasing the size of the military and its presence on the world stage.
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  • MattEvansC3 28/01/2017

    @ziggy_played_guitar Just use scientific principles. Two positives make a positive, a positive and a negative make a negative and two negatives make a positive. Therefore;

    Tolerance of Tolerance = Tolerance
    Tolerance of Intolerance = Intolerance
    Intolerance of Tolerance = Intolerance
    Intolerance of Intolerance = Tolerance.
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  • MattEvansC3 28/01/2017

    @BabyBabyBabyOh Which only makes sense IF the assumption is that in game violence perpetuates real life violence.

    The articles entire premise is based on a strawman argument. That the community believes we can punch Nazis because that yield results in games. That is a Daily Mail argument we as a community have argued against for decades.
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  • MattEvansC3 28/01/2017

    @Some_Goats @Some_Goats I'd have to disagree with that. While violence shouldn't be the first response it shouldn't be seen as a last recourse either.

    People like Spencer believe they are untouchable because liberals are conditioned to believe that violence is abhorrent. That fists must be thought with words. That means they are safe when they discuss ethnic cleansing, shit post, troll and dox.

    The only recourse liberals have left themselves with is to engage them in conversation. By doing so not only do you give them a platform from which to discuss their views with a wider audience but you also legitimise their viewpoint as a political position.

    People like Spencer and Farage are clever enough to capitalise on it. Prior to the last election Farage, as leader of UKIP, was on the Question Time platform more times than the Green Party, Plaid Cymru, SNP and DUP combined, even though they won the fewest seats in the prior general election (UKIP's two seats were bi election wins from existing Tory MPs defecting). If their views aren't heard (and even when they are) they are being censored, suppressed, biased against, etc.

    When they get their platform you can't debate against them because they don't deal in facts or logic. They've recently legitimised lying by calling them alt-facts.

    But just to put it in some perspective. We are debating the morality of punching a Nazi whilst at the same time an anti-facist protestor was shot in the stomach during a protest march by that breed of Nazi. That investigation was dropped by the police within 24 hours
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  • MattEvansC3 28/01/2017

    So is Eurogamer linking in game violence with real life violence? Reply +9
  • Overwatch webcomic not released in Russia over gay character

  • MattEvansC3 20/12/2016

    @Rexter2k A spunky, slight built female with short hair and sexual confidence in a mass market product. You're right, who would've thought she was gay?

    All jokes aside LGBTQ inclusion in media is still orientated to the straight male gaze.
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  • Let's remember GamesMaster's most infamous incident, broadcast 20 years ago

  • MattEvansC3 20/12/2016

    @jabberwocky Are we dealing in hypothetical situations? There was no Crystal Maze without Richard O'Brian. Reply +14
  • Sources: Nintendo Switch will have GameCube Virtual Console support

  • MattEvansC3 07/12/2016

    So I get to play Eternal Darkness and Resident Evil Remake on the loo? That'll sort out my constipation better than any medication. Reply +3
  • Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford fights fires over lack of Bulletstorm upgrade discount

  • MattEvansC3 07/12/2016

    @tennocyte To not have to pay again for a game they already own to play it on the same OS they bought it on just because a 3rd party service they never wanted it to use has stopped working. Reply -2
  • Captain America and Morrigan confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

  • MattEvansC3 06/12/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 Logan and Cable aren't in Disney/Marvel movies so they won't be on the list. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 06/12/2016

    @varsas technically always, not just now. Reply 0
  • Should games and politics ever mix?

  • MattEvansC3 26/11/2016

    @hairy_yan And what Liberal agenda is the games industry and games journalism trying to force sell? Reply +2
  • MattEvansC3 26/11/2016

    @blarty I would have to disagree with some of your points. As a Liberal I feel we have become the Left's scapegoat and are being blamed for the Left's failings.

    Liberal politics are not constrained to the Left its just that the Right tends to favour conservatism. This has made us awkward bedfellows with the Left who are almost as conservative as the Right.

    I no longer support the Left because they've become a lot more open about how downright nasty and vicious they really are. The Left is really just Socialism and are more concerned about their class warfare then they are about the people.

    You've just got to look at Corbyn and the influx of Socialist parties into Labour. Corbyn may not be as boisterous as Trump but he isn't much better. While we take issue with Trump's hiring of white supremecists we ignore that Corbyn invites into the UK terrorists and those that promote race war, violence against the LGBTQ community, the reduction of female rights and straight up genocide. He gives them a platform and never denounces them. Yet he's happy making fake videos about train journeys and getting his supporters to write for national papers under pseudonyms about it to push his agenda for nationalisation.

    Look at the rhetoric being used by the Left at the moment against those that disagree with them. The attacks aren't coming from the Liberals, we are to busy trying to support those being negatively affected by the latest political movement. Those attacks are coming from those that are now blaming us for their loses.
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  • MattEvansC3 26/11/2016

    This is my issue with the whole politics in games discussion is that its so broad, vague and all encompassing that nobody actually understands what the other person is talking about and thats what leads to inevitable shitstorms.

    I dont class diversity in games as a political issue but others do. If someone doesn't want to be represented by a trope in then what is so "political" about them asking to be better represented? Hell, I'm a straight white male and I enjoy expanding my horizons. Games where I get to play a well written character that is based in experiences I'd never have I find to be exciting. That's not political, that just me making a consumer choice and you not being interested in those games also isn't a political statement, you are just making a consumer decision to not buy them.

    For me politics is when you make a point of discussing ideologies and the way the world treats your character. I feel that becomes a problem when the developer tries to push their political ideology on you rather than just giving you questions you feel the need to answer.

    For example Fable 3. In that game Moyleneux demonised your brother because he made tough choices to save his kingdom instead of protecting the environment. You were made to feel like you made the wrong decisions if you also didn't put your kingdom in jeopardy by going all GreenPeace.

    Compare that to The Witcher or Mass Effect (except the final ten minutes) series. While the developers may have a political leaning and some options were the preferred options you were not punished for making the "wrong" choice. Instead you were given the freedom to look at the questions through your political viewpoint and after the knock-on effects of your decisions were shown you could then assess whether you did the right thing or not.
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  • What Zelda can learn from Skyrim

  • MattEvansC3 25/11/2016

    You know you are struggling to write an article when you class the crafting in Skyrim as a good thing and that it should be copied.

    Crafting in Skyrim is the embodiment of the laziness running throughout the game and is even worse than the skill tree.

    It literally is put a point im the skill tree, get X amount of Y material and make object Z. Put another point in the skill tree and you can use X amount of Y to strengthen Z. There's no variation and apart from one or two specific items there's nothing you can't already buy in the game.

    Compare it to Vanilla WoW which was released a decade earlier. You could find new recipes for unique items with special bonuses that you couldn't buy in stores.

    Compare it to Kingdoms of Amular that was released the same time. That was an equally simple crafting system. Each weapon or armour had a slot for a specific component. A sword was made of a handle, hilt and blade. You were then free to use whatever component you had in your inventory and the weapon's characteristics were the summation of the components.

    There's very little that should be copied from Skyrim.
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  • The importance of games in difficult times

  • MattEvansC3 12/11/2016

    @riceNpea of course, there's no problem at all with Russia invading democratic nations, helping tyrants use banned weaponry against its populations, attack aid workers and prevent other nations in assisting ceasefires.

    It would also be OUR fault for standing up to that.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda ditches character classes, but lets you respec

  • MattEvansC3 08/11/2016

    @LG You are forgetting one of the oldest and greatest classless RPGs of all times. Zelda A Link To The Past.

    Apart from the obvious puzzle enemies you can play as a warrior, archer, mage, rogue or grenadier. You are also free to change styles at any time or mix and match.
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  • MattEvansC3 08/11/2016

    @CharlieBigBollox Extra lives and save points used to be staples of gaming. So did fixed save points. They aren't now though because the restrictions that created them no longer apply and they were found to be archaic.

    Most games at the moment are pushing against the class based system, even D&D has been pushing against the restrictions they helped create for decades. Just look at how complicated 3rd edition (ruleset Baldur's Gate was based on) got through its single class, multi-class, dual class and hybrid class systems.

    If you were human you could level up as a wizard and a rogue at the same time.

    If you were non-human you could either level up as a mage or rogue, stop levelling up as that class, choose a different class, level that class up from level 1 and once you've reached level parity then gain access to your original skill set.

    Or you could be a bard.

    What's the major difference between a cleric in plate armour with a warhammer and a Paladin? Essentially they are both healers in heavy armour, one just specialises in healing the other in martial skills.

    The class system only really works if the characters are static or have a single set upgrade path like Gauntlet, Chess or to an extent Overwatch.

    When you bring freedom or choice into the equation you are dealing with square pegs and round holes. What you would class as strategy is just some form of meta game whereby you are figuring what works and what doesn't.

    Take WoW for example, when you get to high level raids there are builds that work and builds that don't. The game is designed around an archetypical class structure and this hampers strategic thinking by railroading it down pre approved lanes.

    Essentially you have to make your playstyle fit the character/class's intended build you don't get to build your character around your playstyle.
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  • MattEvansC3 08/11/2016

    Too many comments to @ but I fail to see how the RPG elements are being dumbed down.

    Plenty of RPGs are moving away from the class based system. JRPGs in particular have had class free systems for decades (FF7) and this won't be the first Bioware RPG to lack classes. Jade Empire's perk system does away with classes and I found it to be much better than the class system for Dragon Age.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda teaser drops a big hint when the game is set

  • MattEvansC3 01/11/2016

    @themethod I did and I've seen white comedians make harsher jokes satirising racist things said to non-whites.

    Maybe you are just a little sensitive and easily offended.
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