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  • Sounds like Microsoft's revamped Xbox Avatars won't launch until next year

  • MattEvansC3 14/11/2017

    @MahtiK They did but some devs complained about it so it was stopped. At one point I had an ME3 helmet, a Torchlight T-shirt, Fable 3 trousers and boots and one of the walking tanks from Iron Brigade. It looked shit but I loved it. Reply 0
  • Watch: Blizzcon reacts to Overwatch's sexism problem

  • MattEvansC3 05/11/2017

    @FilthyAnimal For somebody who "can't be bothered to deal with the keyboard warrior mentality" you do seem to like going full keyboard warrior when it comes to issues such as sexism and throw attacks at people not even previously discussed. Reply +8
  • MattEvansC3 05/11/2017

    @PyD I'd say that honour goes to FilthyAnimal.

    Diji1 is being an outright cock. He's not the one using an article about sexism to launch a stealth sexist attack against someone who campaigns against sexism in gaming.
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  • Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back review

  • MattEvansC3 03/11/2017

    @captain-T-dawg Because Busby is infamous. For all the anthropomorthic shovelware that came out in the 90's Busby gathered a special reputation that encapsulated all that was wrong with that genre.

    It's existence along makes it a curiosity that needs to be reviewed. The IP has little to no fanbase, it has no critical awards attached to its name, it never set the tills ringing and most people who recognise the name don't do so for good reason.
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  • MattEvansC3 03/11/2017

    @RawShark With all the bloody "candy" YouTube videos that rack up millions of subscribers (my daughter being one of them). A game about a Ninja slicing and dicing brand recognisable sweets would make a bloody fortune.

    I also liked Zool back in the day.
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  • Xbox Game Pass can help fund big budget single-player games, Microsoft says

  • MattEvansC3 27/10/2017

    @mega-gazz That's a very pessimistic view which I don't agree with.

    The movie and music industries went through the same thing and they've come out better for it.

    The issue with the existing setup is that its a high stakes gamble. You invest millions up front, normally in the form of a publisher or bank loan, work on it for a few years, advertise it and then need to recoup all that money back and earn profit in a four week window. If you don't you're buggered.

    That forces companies to play it safe, go generic and follow trends. It's why we had the likes of Bayformers, West life and Call of Arms to the Battlefield 1942.

    Subscription services like Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music have championed diversity and inclusion. To make your money you can't just go for the lowest common denominator, you have to go for every audience. Beast of No Nation would never have been made if it had to recoup its costs in the cinema.

    People don't pay for things they are unsure of but if they are already paying they are ore likely to go outside of their comfort zone. I would never pay for many of the games in the Humble Trove but because I pay for the Humble Monthly Bundle I've been more inclined to play them.
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  • Steam Halloween, Black Friday and Winter sale dates leaked

  • MattEvansC3 20/10/2017

    @drxym Anecdotal but I found it to do the opposite. Steam games seem to hold their value for longer so they can claim the big RRP discounts. Reply +2
  • CD Projekt Red: "This approach to making games is not for everyone"

  • MattEvansC3 16/10/2017

    @Midfield Negged you because your point was irrelevant. Reply +3
  • MattEvansC3 16/10/2017

    @gordonpown That's a poor excuse for sloppy management.

    CDPR are an experienced AAA publisher who are experienced in creating franchises from scratch.

    Game development is just like any other project in any other industry. You have your objectives, you have your budgets, you have your headcount, you have your specialist staff, you have your outsourcing, etc. It doesn't matter whether you are building a game franchise or a shopping centre, its still the same people, resource and time management.

    I've been part of projects and as part of them I've been in constant meetings discussing resourcing. I've had to scrap work I've personally worked on because it wasn't meeting its objectives and was consuming too much time.

    I've never had to ask staff to work longer, offer them overtime or diminish the achievements of the naysayers by saying "that it just requires a lot of faith, commitment and spirit", therefore implying they don't.

    You get results by working smarter, not harder. Assess and reassess continuously your priorities. Cut, prune and scale back any element that has become a resource sinkhole. Value your staff more than your vision. Most importantly give them a degree of ownership of that vision and let them challenge your way of working. It increases their buy in which generally results in better performance without having to ask for more resources.
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  • MattEvansC3 16/10/2017

    @Bertie I was using the Royal WE, as in Eurogamer.

    EA was criticised for its crunch, it was either Ubisoft or Activision that was criticised for bragging about how many pizzas it bought its staff during crunch times.

    Its similar to when Valve released their staff handbook and pretty much all the gaming websites, not just Eurogamer, heralded it as some free thinking utopia that only Valve could deliver. Fast forward a few years and we are getting the reports from those leaving that its a terrible setup that's really clique-y.

    You are saying we should give them the benefit of the doubt but based on what information? Outside of them making the Witcher series and dishing out some free items we don't hear anything about CDPR so where is it coming from? They aren't even being slightly introspective about it, instead saying the problem is with the staff.

    If any of the main publishers came out with this PR saying its the staff's fault for not being perfectionists and settling for good enough they'd be rightly crucified.
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  • MattEvansC3 16/10/2017

    @Bertie But you have come down hard on other developers when they've crunched before. It does come across as you giving CDPR a pass because its their "culture" Reply +4
  • MattEvansC3 16/10/2017

    @Paul_Denton Corporate culture is like an oil tanker. It's huge, cumbersome and takes a lot of effort to change course.

    Also for all their talk of reinventing the wheel, boards of directors never look at reinventing themselves until the wheel has fallen off.
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  • Ex-Uncharted developer alleges sexual harassment at Naughty Dog

  • MattEvansC3 16/10/2017

    @Avaloner Do you know what, I've bought some new shoes and I'm not to keen on wading through the bullshit you are posting.

    Quite simply nobody here has talked about that first part. You've made that point up and inserted it into the conversation as if people were claiming it as true. That's not how real conversations work in the real world. As you don't seem to have a solid grasp on reality I'll leave you to it.
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  • MattEvansC3 16/10/2017

    @kangarootoo That's harassment and stalking which is a different kettle of fish;
    A prosecution under section 2 or 4 requires proof of harassment. In addition, there must be evidence to prove the conduct was targeted at an individual, was calculated to alarm or cause him/her distress, and was oppressive and unreasonable.

    With sexual harassment there's no requirement to prove it was calculated to cause alarm or distress. It's quite often the case that the perpetrator either doesn't acknowledges the other person's feelings or generally believes they like it/should be flattered.
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  • MattEvansC3 15/10/2017

    @Playstationman Well then you believed wrong. Sexual harassment is a civil case and does not involve the police.

    Your first port of call should be HR.
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  • MattEvansC3 15/10/2017

    @Malek86 That would only occur after the case had already gone to court.

    Edit - I've done jury service before and they can ask if you've read anything about the person being accused or the story itself. A yes to either of those is enough to get you deselected.
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  • MattEvansC3 15/10/2017

    @Avaloner Have a serious read back through what you just posted. This is the type of bullshit that pushes people out of the workplace.

    Every single person, at the bare minimum, is entitled to come into the workplace and NOT be made to feel uncomfortable by someone else in the office.

    There is no sliding scale on seriousness because there is no reason for anyone to make unsolicited sexual advances or remarks to a colleague in the workplace.
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  • MattEvansC3 15/10/2017

    @Malek86 Because if it went to court, a public outing can be used to claim jury bias among other things. Reply +5
  • MattEvansC3 15/10/2017

    @Pirederas About what? Eurogamer doesn't thread the responses so I don't know which comment you are replying to. Reply +4
  • MattEvansC3 15/10/2017

    @Avaloner At a minimum its undue sexual advances or making comments of a sexual/suggestive nature to that person. Reply +4
  • MattEvansC3 15/10/2017

    @X-Alucard If he was a woman he'd have to put up with the disbelievers AND the ones who victim blame.

    Just look at how much support Terry Crews is getting for going public about being groped by a man in a party... while Terry was holding his wife's hand.
    Edit - Weinstein isn't even disputing having sex with some of the actors but is claiming its consensual. Woodley Allen and Oliver Stone (both also accused of sex crimes) made sure to put in their public statements about Weinstein about many claims being fictitious based on the victim claiming a consensual act was non-consensual.
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  • MattEvansC3 15/10/2017

    @Pirederas Because being known as the one who sued your boss always goes down well on your CV. Reply +9
  • MattEvansC3 15/10/2017

    @connormakar Seeing that Sony are claiming he never raised the issue with HR at all. Proving that occurred should be easier and more beneficial.

    People like Weinstein can only thrive when the corporate culture allows it and covers it up.
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  • Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw leaves BioWare after 14 years

  • MattEvansC3 13/10/2017

    Can't really blame him. 14 years in one job? Bloody hell! I've been working in the public sector for fourteen years and in that time frame I've worked for four agencies and about twelve teams, all out of choice. Reply +2
  • Inside every Xbox One X is a tiny Master Chief riding a scorpion

  • MattEvansC3 06/10/2017

    @harryisme Being a Super Robot Wars fan the idea of a Chibi Halo tactics game sounds quite appealing. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 06/10/2017

    @Tiny_Kaiju They stopped making the VCR model a while back and it's been officially discontinued. Reply 0
  • Microsoft kills off Groove Music subscription service

  • MattEvansC3 03/10/2017

    @Baihu1983 More likely its the other way around. Microsoft's ecosystem is quite barren compared to its competitors, especially on the digital media front.

    The way they never seemed to commit to their digital offerings always came across as "Only here because nothing else is". Groove exists because iTunes and Spotify didn't on Windows. Movies and TV only exists because Amazon Prime, iTunes, Sky Store, etc don't.

    If Amazon puts out a UWP Prime app expect Movies and TV to disappear too.

    Edit - Groove is one of the few major subscription services not to offer a family plan. One of the bigger requests was for Microsoft to do a Xbox Live & Groove bundle. Microsoft has access to numerous USP's that they could have promoted Groove subscription with to make it competitive but didn't.
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  • Cuphead review

  • MattEvansC3 02/10/2017

    @riceNpea I know myself and most people would not use those mechanics as a reason to buy or not to buy a game so they aren't all that relevant to a review for consumers. Reply -1
  • The new Ataribox console priced and dated

  • MattEvansC3 27/09/2017

    @Decaf So pro-Brexit arguments are equivalent to those "meet real people" dating website adverts you see on torrent sites? Reply -2
  • Destiny 2's launch week uproar shows why developers need to talk about money

  • MattEvansC3 16/09/2017

    @Number1Laing That's the implementation rather than the concept.

    I don't personally have an issue with the idea of microtransactions. The rise in microtransactions has also seen a rise in post release support for both single and multi player. Compared to the 90's with the SNES and Megadrive where games were shipped and dropped games are supported with more content.
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  • MattEvansC3 16/09/2017

    @riceNpea My apologies, normally when I see a statement like yours its attached to a statement about how YouTubers and Streamers aren't/are less corrupt. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 16/09/2017

    @Nathan_Shepard My interpretation of the article wasn't so much that microtranscations are okay, more that this was a situation that was allowed to blow out of proportion because devs are afraid to talk about it.

    It come across as a pro-microtransaction article because they are focusing on how this implementation of microtransactions creates a better game balance than the situation created by Destiny's microtransactions.

    Edit - So that I don't come across as too pro/defensive of the article, considering the article is about communication around microtransactions and people's responses to that, the comments show that the message wasn't communicated well enough.
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  • MattEvansC3 16/09/2017

    @aceldama The movie industry survives on microtransactions. We just call it merchandise instead.

    Even movies not designed for kids will have elements inserted into them that allows them to create a toy range aimed at kids. I had Batman Return toys for the Christmas after the movie was released even though I couldn't see it in the cinema as it was rated 12.

    There are already toys on sale for the Justice League movie that hasn't even been released. Movies will throw on gimmicks, like BB-8, just to make it a must have toy.

    On top of that producers were forcing 3D into their movies so that they could sell over priced 3D tickets for the cinema.
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  • MattEvansC3 16/09/2017

    @riceNpea To be fair to Eurogamer, like all content publishers they have to align with their audience and the general gaming audience has moved away from well reasoned, impartial and nuanced reporting.

    They live in a world of double standards where the implication of mainstream media being biased towards publishers is a bigger concern than vloggers with millions of followers actually signing contracts where they agree to give preferable coverage in exchange for money or advantages.

    When the gaming community makes millionaires out of people screaming into a camera and forgive those that literally scammed them out of money, we can't really complain about the journalistic standards of mainstream media.
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  • Bungie removes "hate symbol" from Destiny 2

  • MattEvansC3 13/09/2017

    @HL706 Define "easily". Not saying it wasn't an honest mistake but there are two key elements to the design;
    1) The use of the letters K, one backwards separated by lines.
    2) The green coloured background.

    There are some disimilarities with the flag, four lines instead of three and a grey bar bracketing the logo. This could point to it being a unhappy coincidence except for the fact that the logo has no relevance to the name.

    The name is Road Complex AA1 yet in no way is it shown in that logo. We aren't talking infinite monkeys with typewriters. Out of all the colour options they chose green, out of all the alphanumeric options they chose K. Out of all the ways to separate the letters they chose horizontal bars and they chose to mirror the K's.

    With no inspiration from the name, or use of the armour, the designer designed a logo that is extremely similar to a designed flag.
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  • Apple reveals iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X

  • MattEvansC3 12/09/2017

    @Bander The feature works really well when its called Windows Hello 😉 Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 12/09/2017

    @UsernameIsDumb You do realise that Samsung has a toggle option that allows for quicker logging in with the disclaimer its less secure? You also realise that option was toggled on when they did the photo unlock?

    You also realise you've never used Apple's facial unlock so you are just repeating marketing and not providing an evidence based opinion?
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  • MattEvansC3 12/09/2017

    As an owner of a phone that already has Qi wireless charging and facial recognition unlock... its a bit shut and I rarely use either.

    Qi was slow compared to USB2.0. Its like an arthritic tortoise compared to USB-C with fast charge. Apple were right that its a million chance for someone else to unlock your phone using facial recognition because its about the same chance as you unlocking your phone.

    USB-C Quick Charge and good old fashioned PIN is far superior to this fancy tech.
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  • Xbox Live Indie Games officially closes 29th September

  • MattEvansC3 12/09/2017

    @Shakey_Jake33 Call of Cthullu is brilliant. There's also a puzzle game whereby you control two ghosts, one with the left stick, one with the right and you have to get them to meet in the middle. It's bloody difficult but charming. Can't remember the name of the game. Reply 0
  • Firewatch dev threatens Pewdiepie video takedown, following YouTube star's use of N-word

  • MattEvansC3 11/09/2017

    @zecc How many mistakes is he allowed to make? The backlash over his comments favourable to Hitler didn't make him realise he needs to think about what he's saying. The backlash over his anti-Semitic jokes did not make him realise he needs to think about what he's saying. Being used as an alt-right icon did not make him realise he needs to think about what he says.

    People aren't asking for his channel to get taken down just because he said the N word. They are asking to have it taken down because he continues to make these "mistakes" and then brushes them off as satire and promises to do better next time.
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  • MattEvansC3 11/09/2017

    @Nibbles Umm... no.

    We all have unconscious bias which means we gravitate towards people that are like us. This does mean that our first impression can be exclusionary but no malice is intended towards those being excluded. This is not racism as its merely a first impression and its fairly easy to get past those first impressions and not act in an exclusionary manner.

    Racism is as worse as those. Racism causes the victims to be perceived as sub-human and therefore not entitled to the protection society affords against physical, emotional and sexual violence. It is why lynching's were common.
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  • MattEvansC3 11/09/2017

    @GrandLeveller He uses racial slurs as insults, does Heil Hitler salutes, pays people to hold up signs saying to kill Jews and according to some people here is in no way a racist. Reply +28
  • MattEvansC3 11/09/2017

    @zecc but at least I'm not a racist turnip 😎 Reply +18
  • MattEvansC3 11/09/2017

    People who see racism in everything are the real racists
    I bet that sounded really clever in your head and you were so, so proud of yourself. To all us non-racists we read it and think you are a bit of turnip.
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  • MattEvansC3 11/09/2017

    @HE1NZ To be fair to the @spamdangled you are defending the use of a racial slur as an insult. He cannot have a serious conversation with someone who can't be taken seriously. Reply +19
  • MattEvansC3 11/09/2017

    @williamarthurfenton No, you are trying to elevate a crude summary to a place it doesn't belong.

    You are justifying the use of a white person using a racial slur created by white people to denigrate POC as an insult because white people have decided it no longer has a negative impact on POC.
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  • MattEvansC3 11/09/2017

    @JorgeLuisBorges Is this a trick question? I'm going for 4) All of the above. Reply +15
  • MattEvansC3 11/09/2017

    @HE1NZ Aww, did the nasty Libtards stop you from using the N word? Do you want to point on the Broflake doll where those nasty Libtards hurt you in the feelz? Reply +25
  • MattEvansC3 11/09/2017

    @williamarthurfenton I understand how appropriation works.

    I also understand that a demographic who either created words or appropriated word to be used as direct slurs against other demographics, such as n****r or f*g, cannot turn around and claim those words have "transformed" and they no longer have an impact on those demographics.
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  • MattEvansC3 10/09/2017

    @The_shlaaaag_returns H3H3's win was based on them providing analysis and critiques of the videos they talked over.

    The judge was very specific that reaction style videos, like PedwDiePie's were not covered by that ruling of Fair Use.

    Also brand owners have legally been allowed to stop television personalities from wearing their clothing on TV as its an endorsement they feel that damages their brand. This would just be an extension of that.
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