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  • A few extraordinary pledges secure Areal Kickstarter success

  • MattEvansC3 21/07/2014

    Not followed Kickstarter news in a long time so forgive my ignorance.

    If the developers fake fund themselves (as seen by a handful of investors investing large amounts) to get over the threshold do they then get all the money? And if they then show some progress they can call quits on the project, keep the money and the backers don't have a leg to stand on. Does that sound about right?
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  • What if every PC game could run on your tablet?

  • MattEvansC3 19/07/2014

    @Quikky technically its 18 months but even then the Surface2 Pro was only a refresh, fundamentally is the same product as the original Surface just with newer chips inside. Reply 0
  • You've got male

  • MattEvansC3 19/07/2014

    @Rrralphster do we class Morpheous as a "white" blade? He's a vampire that does ho hunting other vampires on occasion. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 19/07/2014


    I'd say the issue is defining "New". More kids than adults are going to recognise Iron Fist and Nova because of the Spiderman WebWarriors cartoon, not because of the comics but the current Nova is a new character taking up the old mantle.
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  • MattEvansC3 19/07/2014

    @McEwan there's a storyline where we get introduced to Thor's three female grand children, odds are its one if them. Reply +2
  • MattEvansC3 19/07/2014


    Because, as people who read the comics and not just know the faces understand, in Marvel a superheroes identity is merely a mantle and is bigger than the person behind. Captain America is literally a walking flag, in the Ultimate's universe Steve Rogers is not the first Captain America (he's the first super powered one) and SHIELD were creating a whole backup platoon so that when Steve died someone else could just go into the costume and nobody would be the wiser.

    Rhodes took over as Iron Man when Tony Stark fell into depression and alcoholism. Ultimate Spiderman is Hispanic after they killed off Peter Parker.

    This is my issue with the whole furore. Marvel has never (with the exception of what ifs and one-offs) gender or ethnicity swapped a character, they have replaced that character with another character who has their own independent identity but that happens to be a different gender or ethnicity.

    Rhodes was not a black Tony Stark, he was Rhodes being Rhodes but wearing the Iron Man armour the same way that Bucky was not acting as Steve Rogers, he was Bucky in the Captain America costume. Even the article forgets that, its about it being a new Thor, a new Captain America the fact that those characters (and Falcon is an established character) have a different skin colour or reproductive parts is irrelevant.
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  • Blurred lines: Are YouTubers breaking the law?

  • MattEvansC3 17/07/2014

    @kangarootoo well of course we are talking about the Curse of The Cat People, though I should have said I'm not a fan of "modern" horror as a genre. I love the black and white The Haunting, the original Lady in Black, the Masque of the Red Death, low key character driven horror that rely purely on the director's and actor's skills instead of special effects, cheap jump scares and an over reliance on physical violence.

    The Haunting is technically amazing in its cinematography, especially the scene where it just uses music and a frosted window to initiate a pareidolia reaction in the viewer to increase the tension. Its that artistry I find missing from the "modern" horror genre.
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  • MattEvansC3 17/07/2014


    Not talking about the collapse of Game Jam. AngryJoe has on numerous occasions taken potshots at game journalists over sponsorship deals and has painted a picture of himself being the person on the gamer's side, that he's not some corporate lackey and that he always speaks his mind...he then takes part in a reality TV show as a judge that is heavily sponsored and signs a contract that prevents him from bad mouthing the organisers and sponsors.
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  • MattEvansC3 17/07/2014

    @InvisibleCrane he sort of did. He was a judge on Polygon's ill fated Game Jam "reality" show that was full of sponsorships, fake drama and signed contracts saying they weren't allowed to bad mouth the makers or know, everything he's had a go at main stream journalists for doing. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 17/07/2014


    I'd have to disagree with you there. I've reviewed games in the past, I've had to review games like a Bratz The Movie tie in games, I am clearly not the demographic for that game but does that mean I'm going to give it an unfair review? Hell no.

    Games like any other medium don't exist in a bubble, it is not only hardcore fans who would be interested in it. To look at your Final Destination example, I am not a horror fan, I do not "appreciate" all the finely honed tropes that are in the movie but as a non-horror fan (I like certain horror movies but not in love with the genre) I can still appreciate the acting, I can still appreciate the suspense, I can still appreciate the cinematography and I can appreciate whether it was intentional or not the play on the Lewton Bus trope.

    In the same light I am also less forgiving of its flaws, especially Final Destination 3's clear hatred for/ pleasure in torturing its female cast. All the male deaths are near instantaneous, the females, bar one, on the other hand are tortured and their death scenes drawn out. It was uneasy watching and not a movie I would recommend.

    Fans of a genre are naturally blinded to or dismissive of that genre's faults, some will even enjoy the genre for those faults. That means there will be an inherent bias and the review catered to those who also have experience in the genre and not entirely suitable to someone who may be interested but never seen a movie in that genre before.
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  • MattEvansC3 16/07/2014


    So AngryJoe was being honest when he reviewed Age of Empires online and said all the non-decoration content would cost over $100 when it only cost $60 and it was pointed out in his comments thread? He was being honest when he said that Mass Effect 3 having a shit ending was a bigger crime than Rab losing his job because a marketter threatened legal proceedings over a legitimate article about back handers or companies charging for on disc DLC? He was being when he retweeted claims that the PS4 would support capture over HDMI at launch and ignored Sony's own tweets that said it wouldn't?

    AngryJoe is a forum commentator with a budget that takes pot shots at other journalists who actually take the time to research, provide balanced opinions and apologise when they get it wrong.
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  • MattEvansC3 16/07/2014

    @Silverflash personally I find Angry Joe to be representative of all that is wrong with YouTubers. His reviews and news pieces are not well researched, contain too many errors, show little objectivity or perspective, is easily swayed by public opinion and is a moral crusader. He occasionally brings up some good points but there's too much ego there, he uses twitter as his own personal echo chamber and disagreements to his personal opinions are either ignored or shouted down.

    I used to watch his show a lot but when you get past the exaggerated responses there was too much wrong to take him seriously.
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  • Microsoft announces 18,000 jobs to be cut in the next year

  • MattEvansC3 17/07/2014

    @Bander Any objective view of Nokia's history would show that ditching Maemo was the right thing to do.

    Nokia was pouring cash into an OS that no other major OEMs were interested in, had garnered very little enthusiasm from developers and scored badly as a consumer phone notably on power consumption.

    Maemo was a dead end that offered no lasting business model and was taking resources away from growth areas such as its mapping software. Nokia and Elop made the right decision for the company by ditching it for a 3rd party OS that they did not have to support.
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  • MattEvansC3 17/07/2014

    @grassyknoll Elop locking Nokia to Windows phone saved it for as long as it did due to the kick backs Microsoft was given them.

    Nokia quite simply did not have the finances to move to Android and even if they did their services section, which provided them with their highest revenue, would be playing second fiddle to Google's services on their own phones.
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  • Remember PS3 hacker Geohot? Now he works for Google

  • MattEvansC3 17/07/2014

    @The_Red shows my age, I thought we were talking about the original Big Breakfast host. Reply 0
  • Sony: PS4 targeting Wii owners who skipped PS3 and Xbox 360

  • MattEvansC3 15/07/2014


    The other problem with the Disney comparison is that Disney made limited batches to control supply. They'd make a few hundred thousand or a million copies of Sleeping Beauty and then they'd move onto Cinderella, then Pinocchio and so forth until they came full circle and then do another run of Sleeping Beauty. That way they ensured that Disney movies never devalued as you were unlikely to find over stocking.

    Sony doesn't do that and digital cuts that circle out completely.
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  • MattEvansC3 15/07/2014

    @ubergine imagine going from the Wii to the PS4, your head would explode with the number of buttons! Reply 0
  • PS4 system architect Mark Cerny working on a new indie game

  • MattEvansC3 14/07/2014


    The problem is that the term "indie" has very little meaning now and has just become a marketing gimmick. As Cerny even says he's making a non-indie indie game as its been fully funded, presumably by Sony.
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  • Civilization Revolution 2 review

  • MattEvansC3 12/07/2014

    Really disappointed in this, enjoyed the original on my Xbox and even bought it for my phone for a couple of quid but £10 for something that doesn't even sound like an update let alone a sequel is ridiculous. Reply +1
  • Microsoft boss Satya Nadella commits to Xbox

  • MattEvansC3 10/07/2014

    @Xboxfanuk so because Microsoft is dropping a feature that was unpopular with both devs and consumers and instead increased support for third party and platform agnostic engines such as Unity to allow devs to quickly and easily port their games and apps over they are treating WP8/8.1 as a red-headed step child?...umm...okay... Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 10/07/2014


    Now you are just being silly for the sake of furthering your MS hate.

    The mobile market is predominantly "cloud" based (as in the marketing hype "cloud" which refers to anything done via an internet server instead of on the device itself). On a modern smartphone or tablet very little is done on the device itself, be it social networking, media streaming, productivity (Google Docs), storage, etc its stored and processed on some server farm somewhere.

    A mobile platform is nothing without the "cloud" infrastructure behind it.
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  • MattEvansC3 10/07/2014

    @Dantonir that's being phased out. A load of the Xbox Live titles for WP8/8.1 are being delisted and put back on the market without XboxLive.

    Microsoft f**ked it up royally just like GFWL and it was expensive for devs to use with little support from Microsoft who acted as the publisher for those titles. Thankfully Microsoft has been giving refunds for delisted games.
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  • Peculiar Skullgirls message confuses, catches those who pirate the game

  • MattEvansC3 10/07/2014


    None of which is related to DRM.

    I can play all the games on GoG as well as various indie games without a disc.
    Setting your save folder to a cloud storage allows you to access your save file anywhere.
    Games already implement auto updates independent of a DRM system, even then Valve's requires fannying around as it refuses to let you play the game once it starts downloading the update our will install an update even if you know its going to break the game.
    Everybody does sales.
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  • MattEvansC3 10/07/2014

    @FogHeart takes for spotting that, here's a +1 Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 10/07/2014

    @subtlesnake GOG allows me to do that also. Reply +1
  • MattEvansC3 10/07/2014

    I'm sorry but no, Steamworks is not a fair DRM.
    Does it allow me to resell my games? No
    Does it allow me to trade my games once I've finished? No.
    Does it require retail purchased games to download and install a 3rd party client before it finishes installing the game? Yes
    Does it prevent you from playing retail games in your possession before some arbitrary release date? Yes.
    Can it prevent you from playing a game you purchased and that other people are playing just because you live in a different country? Yes
    Can it prevent you playing your games if there is a payment issue with an unrelated game? Yes.
    Can it prevent you from playing your legally purchased games for any reason? Yes.

    As a DRM Steamworks provides no benefits to the customer and a hell of a lot of restrictions. It is the very definition of unfair DRM.
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  • How strong exactly is PlayStation's 2014 line-up?

  • MattEvansC3 09/07/2014

    @Quixz The Xbox360 was my console of choice last gen so I went out and got a second hand PS3 so I can play all those exclusives I missed while saving about £200.

    Unless its something like the Halo Collection I don't see the point in passing a premium to play a slightly prettier version of a game that by all accounts was near perfect when it was released not that long ago (in the grand scheme of things) on a perfectly fine console.
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  • Halo 2's Coagulation remastered for Halo: The Master Chief Collection

  • MattEvansC3 07/07/2014

    Well now would've been a perfect chance for Microsoft to be good to their word about supporting the PC and release this on PC as well as the XboxOne but hey that's Microsoft for you. Reply -19
  • These are your Dragon Age: Inquisition party members

  • MattEvansC3 03/07/2014

    @Makeem95 far from perking my interest it's lowered my interest in this game.

    Now its my fault for clicking on the link but I hate these expanded bios. For a start they are all generic fantasy/SCI-FI clichés, Dorian the generic toff who rebels against the constraints of higher society and Leilana mk2, the standard couch that questions their place in the machine, etc.

    Secondly what's the fun in having companions that you already know how they are going to grow? It's why I liked Alastair as a character, yes he's more than a bit generic but it was fun having him question his indoctrination AFTER he met you, AFTER you introduced him to Morrigan, BECAUSE of your interactions with him and BECAUSE of your actions throughout the game.

    Of course not all companions can be like that but as soon as a character has been set in stone like they have with these bios all they become are quest markers for back story missions.
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  • MattEvansC3 03/07/2014

    @penhalion will Dorian has definitely come out, the others not so sure. Reply +2
  • Microsoft court order has removed Chess 2: The Sequel's servers

  • MattEvansC3 03/07/2014


    That's not what happened. Microsoft have setup a dedicated cyber crime unit that works with law enforcement agencies globally to take down malware, botnets, child porn rings, etc. In instances like this Microsoft and the FBI would identify a threat such as a botnet, Microsoft would get a civil court order from a judge to take a hold of the domains to block the internet traffic and attempt to take down the botnet while the FBI go through their process to seize the actual servers.

    This is about the tenth time Microsoft AND law enforcement agencies have worked together to take down a botnet.
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  • Will EA learn from the terrible Dungeon Keeper mobile game?

  • MattEvansC3 27/06/2014


    It's already on the App Store and it is shit
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  • 10-minute Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay demo

  • MattEvansC3 12/06/2014

    @Vasenor its not actually that much work as its combinations.

    For example the ending may have you character die or not, that's two variations. Now if we add whether the Inquisition survives or not you've got four variations.

    Now if we add onto that if the main city gets ransacked or not you've got eight variations.

    If we then add on a Templar vs Mage plot arc we've got sixteen variations. Adding on a "Kingmaker" plot between two characters gives us thirty two variations. That's thirty two "major" variations based on five 0/1 decisions.
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  • Steam adds option to remotely stream games locally

  • MattEvansC3 22/05/2014


    How does the setup work with the Pro? Does it use the touchscreen/stylus or is the control method connected to the server PC? If its using the touchscreen/ stylus does it work well?

    Running a Surface RT at the moment but would definitely be interested in getting a Pro to go alongside it based on this feature. Hows the power drain on the Pro while streaming?
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition Collector's Edition is only $170

  • MattEvansC3 14/05/2014


    It comes with the soundtrack. It's not listed as the soundtrack comes with all copies of the deluxe edition of the game and a deluxe copy of the game is included in this collector's edition.
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  • MattEvansC3 13/05/2014

    @ghostgate2001 but not Steam-powered ones Reply 0
  • Xbox One's Games with Gold offer requires you stay subscribed

  • MattEvansC3 14/05/2014

    @Dantonir wait...what? Am I reading that right? You can, as a non PS3/PS4 owner buy a PSN+ account, add the monthly games to a download queue for a console that doesn't exist so when you do eventually get the console those games you wouldn't be entitled to are waiting for you? I was going to get a PS3 at some point over the next year and a PS4 a few years later but for the sake of £26 I'll get a PSN+ subscription now.

    I know you can add Xbox360 free games via the website I'll see if it gives me the option for XboxOne with my Gold account.
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  • Xbox One without Kinect "levels the playing field" with PS4

  • MattEvansC3 14/05/2014


    It'll also level the playing field in regard to how many countries the XboxOne is available in.

    The Kinect and its voice commands require considerably more resources to localize than just the console on its own and this is likely holding it up. Take away the Kinect requirements and you are going to get speedier releases in more territories, especially when you've made a huge song and dance about one of those territories i.e. China.
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  • Microsoft to sell Xbox One without Kinect for £349

  • MattEvansC3 13/05/2014

    Well Engadget put out quite a good plausible reason other than a price cut...localization issues.

    Microsoft is launching the XboxOne in China soon and if Kinect isn't localized it just ain't going to work. By selling without Kinect Microsoft can get the console released in territories quicker than if it had to wait on localized voice commands, then once the localization has been done Microsoft can then release solid Kinect and Kinect Xbox One bundles
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  • Microsoft to remove Xbox Live Gold paywall for streaming apps

  • MattEvansC3 13/05/2014

    @Darren Zune was pre-Windows 8.

    Also Windows 8 wasn't out of touch, it was just badly executed. You only have to look at Microsoft's competitors, Google is working with HP to bring out a 13" laptop running Android which is in direct competition to its Chromebook line and Apple's next update to OSX is making it resemble iOS.

    The market trend is pointing towards convergence been platforms with shared ecosystems and Google and Apple are playing catchup in that regard but all the are still stuck trying to find a formula that works.
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  • MattEvansC3 13/05/2014


    What the Ars article's source suggested was the new Xbox TV shows. Not sure if that's technically moving them behind a paywall as the article suggests as it's not really been said how users would access this content to begin with.
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  • Bound By Flame review

  • MattEvansC3 13/05/2014


    Personally £19 is not a budget title, especially on PC.

    You can find a lot of AAA PC titles for that price or less a few weeks after release.
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  • DriveClub micro-transactions will let you quickly unlock cars

  • MattEvansC3 12/05/2014

    @Haydar but on the flipside Sony PR announced this as a PSN+ game to reassure prospective PS4 owners that they'd still be getting games on PSN+ and that it wasn't just Xbox live. Reply 0
  • EA to unveil six new games at E3

  • MattEvansC3 07/05/2014


    We're more likely to see Medal of Honour on the PS5
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  • MattEvansC3 07/05/2014


    Why would EA want to knock the crown off of Titanfall? EA produces Titanfall.
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  • MattEvansC3 07/05/2014

    Bad Company 3? That would be a pleasant surprise in a genre that's now overly dominated in "serious" shooters. Reply +2
  • PS4 is doing great - but it's a different story for Sony

  • MattEvansC3 02/05/2014


    As one of the founders they claim the largest share. Sony is also one of the world's if not the world's largest producer of BluRay discs as well as being one of the largest BluRay authorising companies. They have ten plants in Japan and in 2009 opened a $920 million plant in China as part of a joint venture and various other plants around the world.

    Sony was also solely responsible for the near $1bn worth of incentives paid to companies like Fox and Disney to get them to be BluRay exclusive during the format war with HD-DVD.
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  • MattEvansC3 01/05/2014

    Now the loss on physical media is a weird one and hard to predict how its going to affect Sony going forward.

    There's a good article about it on The Verge but essentially what's happening is that in the Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD battle Sony pretty much backed and pushed Blu-Ray on its own. The R&D, infrastructure and content deals were borne by Sony and at a huge cost which Sony hoped to recover over time with the sales of BluRay.

    Sony isn't losing money on BluRay, its failing to recoup money on BluRay, a slight but important difference and a difference that means Sony fans need Microsoft to do well as it now includes a BluRay drive in its lead console. With the two biggest next-gen consoles using BluRay Sony should see a significant uptake in the format for the next five to ten years which will hopefully recoup those costs.
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  • MattEvansC3 01/05/2014

    This doesn't look good for Sony.

    While its easy to pin the blame on the Vaio sale and say everything should be run like the PS4 it completely ignores the fact Sony launched the PS4 in this window, that's Sony selling the PS4 at its highest price to the largest number of customers, its a one-off figure and not indicative of future performance. Also the Playstation profit and Vaio loss almost balance out, that means the rest of Sony made a 130bn loss.

    We've also not seen any non-Sony retail games on PSN+ yet so when those agreements kick in that's going to be an expense to come out of that profit and that wave of goodwill Sony is riding wont carry on forever. Microsoft is already getting aggressive on pricing (a titanfall bundle now goes for the PS4 solus RRP) and if they get aggressive on the gaming side then Sony is going to have to start cutting prices which is going to further cut into that profit.
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  • PS4 to receive Nidhogg, Spelunky, Skulls of the Shogun and more

  • MattEvansC3 01/05/2014

    @Eisenstein not sure about Skulls of the Shogun. I've got the game and love it but it just "feels" better on my tablet than my PC. If you've only got a PS4 then get it but if you've got a Win8 tablet or iPad get it on that platform. Reply 0