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  • Channelling XCOM: Porting Wasteland 2 to PS4 and Xbox One

  • MattEvansC3 27/03/2015

    @SuperSoupy they lost me at "channelling XCOM". That was a soulless game that traded tactical depth for a reliance on uber-powered super soldiers. It swapped player flexibility for developer enforced rigidity. It also traded replayability for a singular focused playing experience. Reply -13
  • No, Battlefield Hardline does not contain ghastly DRM

  • MattEvansC3 26/03/2015

    @Lalaland because there's nothing really stopping you, me or anyone else from renting out an Origin account. If I charged 5 for access to my Origin account (dummy details and using a prepaid card) I would easily get more than five people wanting to pay. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 26/03/2015

    @penhalion Nowhere does it say that it was just a GPU change. Its common for hardware reviewers to reinstall Windows after each hardware change otherwise you are introducing discrepancies into your test.

    Flying off the handle the way he did is also unprofessional. How can you expect to trust someone's reviews when they don't even perform the most basic investigations? He got the source of the problem wrong, he didn't contact EA first and threw out baseless accusations.
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  • Making sense of Steam's refund policy

  • MattEvansC3 20/03/2015

    The EA one would seem confusing but its important to remember that guarantees (and warranties) are not legally required and do not override the law, they are just in addition to.

    That means EA is putting in the disclaimer as a legal requirement and then having that guarantee as a bolt on promise going beyond the legal minimum requirement.
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  • Xbox Live and PS Plus subs now used to calculate UK inflation

  • MattEvansC3 17/03/2015

    @Murton of course its there to fiddle the figures. Just to put some context on that the CPI is widely criticised as not actually representing "inflation" as it doesn't include items such as house prices/mortgages or council tax. Things that the majority of households actually pay on a monthly basis. Instead they opt for things like SatNavs and XboxLive subscriptions.

    The CPI (the Consumer Price Index) has historically shown lower inflation than the RPI (Retail Price Index) and its the RPI that actually includes more essentials in its structure.
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  • Editor's blog: We've revised our editorial policy

  • MattEvansC3 09/03/2015

    @titaniumapple I've been feeling the same and looking back it started just after Rab Florence left. EG seems to have lost its bite.

    I favour RPS over Kotaku and IGN primarily because its riskier. Their PM interview was Marmite but it had that tenacity Eurogamer used to have. That "No this isn't right and we aren't accepting PR bullshit" interview style. Not expecting Eurogamer to open every interview with an accusation but compared to the last gen the few interviews we get are tame in comparison.

    There's also the case of content. Eurogamer seems less diverse. During the week it's reviews or news commentary and the weekend it's retrospective articles with DF articles interspersed.

    Comparing to RPS once again and even Kotaku, Eurogamer is too "mainstream". There's no specialist subjects, no in depth analysis of gaming culture or the industry and no fringe subjects.

    Eurogamer is a part of my daily routine but its stopped being one of must read sites.
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  • MattEvansC3 09/03/2015

    Regarding Early Access I think its a bad move not to review them.

    At the end of the day the dev/publisher is asking us to pay money to play the game as is. The second they make that game available for purchase its made available for scrutiny.

    Reviews are there ultimately to guide purchasing decisions and its only fair that Early Access games are reviewed to say what state the game is in and whether its worth paying for.

    Of course put in the disclaimers to say the game is subject to change and maybe revisit it once its been officially released.
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  • Gamer Network launches crowdfunded collector's editions of cult games

  • MattEvansC3 09/03/2015

    I occasionally pick up Collectors Editions and I'm quite liking this idea.

    There's to many collectors editions that have in game content to sweeten the deal like Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 3.

    Having Collectors Editions with actual collectibles have been missing for quite some time.

    Not interested enough in either of those two games to bite yet but maybe something to go alongside Mordenheim or Satellite Reign could tempt me to take the plunge.
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  • Steam now shows Steam Machines and their prices

  • MattEvansC3 07/03/2015

    @Mr-V well these Steam Machines aren't being released until November so specs are going to change but some general guidelines are;

    You don't need better than an Intel i5 CPU, especially if you are budget constrained. You'll be better off with a better graphics card than going from an i5 to an i7.

    You should be looking at 8GB RAM as a minimum. You are better having two equal sized RAM sticks in your machine instead of a single large stick. Dual Channel technology means you'll get more bandwidth and better speeds.

    Don't assume a bigger number on a graphics card means its better. Both nVidia and AMD "rebadge". This is where they take an existing product, like my Radeon 5770 and call it a Radeon 6770 to market it alongside the newer 6000 series cards like the 6790.

    The rest of the specifications wouldn't really make a huge difference unless you get given the option of a SSD over/in addition to a HDD. If you are given that option take it.
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  • MattEvansC3 06/03/2015

    @Mr-V So, having no understanding of PCs, which SteamMachine best suits your needs? Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 06/03/2015

    @arcam I'd have to disagree with that sentiment. Gabe and Valve, like Google are "New Open" or Open2.0. They like open ecosystems as long as they are at the centre controlling it.

    Gabe spewed a lot of hyperbole about Win8 yet Microsoft in no way limited the platform. Yet Gabe's response was to create an OS centered around his walled garden store.

    Steam is not open. Valve control what software goes on it.
    Source 2 is long as you release your game in Steam.
    Devs and publishers are free to add DLC to their long as its also purchasable via Steam.
    Devs are free to use Steamworks on retail long as the user has a Steam account.
    Remember when Gabe said people would be able to setup their own stores on Steam? We ended up with Steam Curators.

    This isn't truly open. Linux is open. This I a closed ecosystem with the veneer of openness.
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  • MattEvansC3 06/03/2015

    After reading the comments I thinks its fair to say there are three groups here;

    Group A - The Enthusiast Builders. People like myself who prefer to build their own and do the relevant research before choosing their parts.

    Group B - The Enthusiast Pre-Built Gamer. People who for one reason or another don't want to build their own PC but have done their research and understand the difference in specifications.

    Group C - The PC Virgin. People who don't know the difference between an Iris Pro 5400 and a Radeon R7 260X or an Athlon X4 and a Phenom 2 X4.

    The main problem I can see for Valve and the OEMs is that they want Group C's moving away from consoles and buying their gear but are offering systems designed for Group B.
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  • MattEvansC3 06/03/2015

    @The_Weird I'm not so sure about that. The Asus Steam Machine is the ROG G8 without Win8.1.

    The main thing to look at is that the existing G8 uses an nVidia GeForce 750TI GPU which at release was about 115 on release and was clearly below mid range. The G8S place holder merely says its a GeForce 9 series GPU and that the specifications will be the newest version of the part released at that time. That suggests Asus are hedging their bets and expecting a GeForce 930, 940 or 950 by Autumn that would put it in line with the AMD R7 260 or 270.
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  • MattEvansC3 06/03/2015

    @Po1ymorph that's the thing, apart from the SteamMachine name these are the exact same pre-built "gaming" machines you can find on the shelf already.

    If you check on the Alienware website they are selling the exact same entry unit with Win8.1 for $499 as opposed to the $479 SteamMachine.
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  • MattEvansC3 06/03/2015

    @Spuzzell IKEA actually sell a table with room underneath for a thin desktop PC. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 06/03/2015

    @Po1ymorph not sure where the form of assurance comes from. These are made with off the shelf parts and are no more compatible than a build it yourself PC.

    Most of the incompatibilities come from the drivers which come from the part manufacturers not the system builders.
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  • MattEvansC3 06/03/2015

    @J0rdan_KZ just buy an Intel NUC or a Gigabyte Brix. Both small/tiny form factors and all you have to add is a SDD/HDD and RAM. Larger ones have room for a GPU also. Reply -1
  • All the Windows 10 and Xbox One cross-play or cross-buy games revealed so far

  • MattEvansC3 05/03/2015

    @grassyknoll We definitely need to hear more details because my take on it was that it was just DLC that was cross-buy and at a push digital purchases only.

    I wouldn't expect retail games to offer Cross-Buy because you'd need Microsoft's initial plans for the XboxOne to be in place for it too work. Otherwise you'd have a situation whereby everybody would buy the retail disc on the XboxOne, unlock it on the PC and either return it for a full refund (more an issue for Amazon due to the distance selling laws) or trade it in at GAME the day after for the higher trade in price. I wouldn't think any of the devs, publishers or retailers would be happy with that.
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  • MattEvansC3 05/03/2015

    @alimokrane I'm expecting the cross-play and cross-buy to go hand in hand with server based games like online F2P games. In those games you are unlocking content on an account as opposed to purchasing content.

    I do find it weird that Fable Legends isn't cross-buy though. If I pay to unlock a class on the XboxOne I'd be extremely peeved if it didn't unlock it on Windows10. They are both associated to the same Xbox Live account.
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  • Valve's missing Link

  • MattEvansC3 05/03/2015

    In going to wait for a few more details and hands-on articles before getting too excited.

    The controller looks great but its it much better for non-FPS games than the Xbox controller? Strategy games are a no go because its only simulating the mouse not the keyboard and for games like Darksiders 2 or Kingdoms of Amular is the touchpad that much better than a good analogue stick?

    Also how much better is the Steam Link for streaming then say a Linx 8" tablet? Booting Steam into Big Picture mode then plugging in the HDMI lead and power supply isn't that big of an inconvenience. For that extra 30 you are also getting a decent tablet.
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  • Battletoads in Xbox One version of Shovel Knight sets tongues wagging

  • MattEvansC3 05/03/2015

    While I trust Rare to make a good BattleToads game I'd much rather they farmed it out to The Behemoth studios. They've been nailing that type of gameplay with every release. Reply -2
  • Bullfrog classic Syndicate free on EA Origin now

  • MattEvansC3 04/03/2015

    @inifnity_Rasta they're expensive (about 10) but I bought a SCART cable for my MegaDrive and it made life a hell of a lot easier playing it on a flat screen TV. Reply +1
  • MattEvansC3 04/03/2015

    @Raptaur the publisher sets a wholesale price, Valve is responsible for the storefront price. Reply -1
  • MattEvansC3 04/03/2015

    @PlugMonkey no, there was a phone conversation whereby RPS asked Peter a set of questions that Peter proceeded to deflect, give contradictory answers, lie and play the victim.

    Aside from the opening question the only times the questions could be deemed as aggressive were when Peter was giving answers that were blatantly not true (RPS were able to refute most of Peter's answers with facts) or when Peter was trying to deflect attention away from the untruths he was saying (according to Peter he never lied) by claiming RPS were trying to drive him out of the business.
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  • MattEvansC3 04/03/2015

    @Olemak Valve have a say in pricing and the final say on whether a game even goes on Steam. Valve are in part responsible for that 600-700% discrepancy. Reply -1
  • MattEvansC3 04/03/2015

    I loved Syndicate back in the day but sadly it hasn't aged well.

    Compare it to more modern squad based tactical games, such as Dawn of War 2, and it highlights how far we've come in game design.

    Syndicate is too manual with next to no AI, poor pathfinding and no automated actions. Reloading weapons between missions is an unprompted manual action.

    Your goons don't even fire back at opposing goons unless you manually tell them too or turn up the AI slider, which is a constantly depleting status bar.

    Playing Syndicate now is just a frustrating experience where you have to "unlearn" decades worth of gameplay design improvements.
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  • Build your Xbox One Games with Gold library via Xbox 360

  • MattEvansC3 03/03/2015

    @GiarcYekrub ideally what you want is a bog standard PC, add all your non-Steam games to the Steam library and use Big Picture mode. SteamOS is Linux so wont run your whole collection. Reply +2
  • MattEvansC3 03/03/2015

    @GiarcYekrub no, only universal apps. Reply +2
  • MattEvansC3 03/03/2015

    @TeaFiend yes because going to the Games with Gold tab on the Xbox360 to grab the Xbox360 games then go to a webpage, go through the options, find the game then "download" it is a sensible option compared to going to Games with Gold tab on the Xbox360 and grab both sets of games at the same time. Reply +24
  • Valve's virtual reality headset is called Vive, made by HTC

  • MattEvansC3 02/03/2015

    @StooMonster just a question regarding resolutions aren't they just outputting a single image twice? That way the console or PC is only processing a single, for example, 1920x1080 image as opposed to a 3840 x 2160 image with the VR headset duplicating the image and sending them off centre to each eye screen? Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 02/03/2015

    As someone with astigmatism unless there's an option to change the focal points for each individual screen this will be a non-starter for a lot of people. Reply 0
  • Does resolution really matter?

  • MattEvansC3 28/02/2015

    @dogmanstaruk as someone who plays games on the PC I find the 1080p argument a weird one.

    On games where its a choice between 1920x1080 resolution and low to medium settings or sub 1920x1080 resolutions and medium to
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  • MattEvansC3 28/02/2015

    Based off of that survey I wouldn't say resolution was the "main" reason people chose the PS4.

    There is a big reason between the most popular answer and the defining answer. Outside of their own weighting system there's no mention of the person taking the survey being able to rank or weight their answers. Couple that with the fact that those taking the survey could chose as many or as few options as possible and those results show the majority of users who bought a PS4 said resulting was A reason not that the majority of PS4 owners said it was THE reason.

    If I were to rank the reasons why I bought an Xbox360 last generation it would be;
    1) Price - I got a reduced Arcade model.
    2) Exclusive games - Fable 2 had just been released.
    3) Friends - My friend had one so I bought one.

    Now if in that survey 1500 people listed Friends as a third or lower option and 1400 people lists price as their number one option the Friends option would come out on top even though for the majority of users it was the third or lower reason for buying the console.
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  • Don't buy Darkest Dungeon from the Windows Game Store, dev warns

  • MattEvansC3 23/02/2015

    @reelbigkris which works of yours are being copied? Probably won't do much but I'll go on the store and raise some tickets for you. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 23/02/2015

    @grassyknoll and what steps should they take and how long should they take to do it?

    On the mobile front its common for publishers and developers to offload porting to 3rd so its not always a case of just being able to cross reference the developer. Then there's the matter of the platform holder not knowing the app from Adam. The Microsoft employee who authorised the app may never have heard of this game before.

    Now imagine if Microsoft, Apple or Google searched for possible cloning/trademark infringement on every single app, contacted the publisher or developer in every instance and waited for a reply before pushing the app to the app store. How long would it take to post the app to the app store? Take into consideration that Microsoft has the smallest app store yet still has over half a million apps.

    On top of that who's going to shoulder the cost of this? Its not the platform holder who's IP is being infringed nor are they the ones doing the infringing. The cost is realistically going to be passed onto the app developer.

    We've seen how vocal indie developers can be when it comes to hurdles being placed in from of them. So when they are looking at platforms to use are they really going to use a platform that charges them more and delays their app just so they can verify they are legit?

    Its not a simple case of saying piracy/cloning/trademark infringement is bad and the platform holder must do more. The platform holder has to balance the needs of devs and publishers who aren't supporting their platform against those who are supporting the platform and may support the platform.

    This is an industry wide problem and needs an industry wide solution. Something like a neutral database where devs and publishers can list their games, contact details, platforms they 're supporting and the name of any devs/publishers authorised to use the IP and trademarks. The platform holder could then search this database via the app name, make a reasonable assessment based on the potential matches and subsequently contact the correct people. In addition the platform holder must supply a fast track route for publishers and devs who've signed up to this database to report IP and trademark infringement.
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  • MattEvansC3 23/02/2015

    @riceNpea in this instance no theft has taken place. Because they are using the name and not copying any of the software its just trademark infringement. Reply -3
  • MattEvansC3 23/02/2015

    @Drygore sadly that's what happens when the number of apps becomes a defining feature of a platform. iOS and Android have a similar problem. Reply +9
  • How Paradox is teleporting its way onto the PlayStation 4 with Magicka 2

  • MattEvansC3 20/02/2015

    @Murton the main issue would be the UI. I've tried playing CK2 and KA:TRPG2 on the living room TV and I had to get off the couch and sit about four feet away from the TV.

    PC strategy games are designed to be seen on a 20" screen from two to three foot away. Whereas your typical living room setup is a 40"-50" screen that's at least seven foot away. This leaves the menus an unreadable mess, the dialogue undecipherable and the UI far too cluttered.

    Most strategy games would need to have their entire UI gutted and made into a "Big Picture Mode".
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  • Alien Isolation, Watch Dogs 60% off in huge Xbox sale

  • MattEvansC3 17/02/2015

    @iamnormal and? So does everybody else here. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 17/02/2015

    From a Xbox360 owner perspective this is far from Ultimate. The deals just seem like a mish mash of random titles. Its the Yellow Sticker sale.

    Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect? Why not put a series on sale so its Dragon Age 1 & 2 or Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3? Would it be too much to ask for DLC to be discounted too?

    While there is a breadth of titles I much prefer the weekly sales or those tied in with Games With Gold as its all based around a franchise. This means that you can go in and get everything for a discount.
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  • Xbox One universal apps will run in the background - report

  • MattEvansC3 17/02/2015

    @MTM2 I remember ages ago when Microsoft first announced Universal Apps that they said the Xbox division would be solely responsible for authorising apps on the XboxOne. Reply 0
  • Law & Order airs episode dedicated to harassment of women in gaming

  • MattEvansC3 12/02/2015

    @lancashirered Now? I take it you weren't gaming around the time of the SNES and MegaDrive. Reply +9
  • Valve: devs should stop gifting game keys to win Steam Greenlight votes

  • MattEvansC3 11/02/2015

    Here's a thought, how about removing any game from the Greenlight process that actively provides incentives for votes (bribes)? Once the game has been greenlit THEN marketing can be done.

    Its also weird how Valve are trying to distance themselves from a problem that they not only created but are in control of. If you turn around to the community and tell them they can get a free pass onto the most profitable platform by garnering a few votes then of course those in the community are going to try every trick in the book to get those votes.

    It's also pointless telling those devs that resorting to such tactics is going to delay their game going on sale in a bid to stop said tactics. Devs want their games greenlit, it doesn't matter whether its today or next month, once its done its done and that's all that matters.
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • MattEvansC3 10/02/2015

    @Mr-Writer Personally I think that is the best way to score a game, how much would I pay.

    When you are reviewing using the traditional scoring system I'd be wary about dropping 40 on a AAA that scored 7/10 but wouldn't think twice about dropping 5-10 on a indie title that scored 7/10.
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  • MattEvansC3 10/02/2015

    @Pasco_ Not just that but just for fun, the game of the year award should be renamed yo the "Better Than Halo" award and all runner ups should get the "8/10" award. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 10/02/2015

    @nagi not really. Essential means everyone should go out and buy it. Recommended is that the reviewer really likes it and no stamp means to read the review and make your own mind up. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 10/02/2015

    @FuzzyDuck From Eurogamer's perspective you could argue why should they spend time constantly going back to games and updating reviews when the bulk of the views will come within the first few days of the review being posted.

    Also the review should be a snapshot in time and updating reviews can overwrite history. Should The Masterchief Collection and Driveclub get a free pass because they eventually became a serviceable game months after they were released?

    That's not to say Eurogamer couldn't or shouldn't go back and re-review a game after six months or a year but we don't want to go down that slippery slope of "forgiving" poor launches. If it cant be recommended at launch it shouldn't be recommended six months down the line regardless of the work put in.
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  • GDC preview: Windows 10 vs SteamOS

  • MattEvansC3 10/02/2015

    @Vash63 Look, its fine I get it, you are either a Valve fanboy, Microsoft hater or both. Twisting facts to create a narrative doesn't make them true and saying someone is making stuff up when you are doing exactly that isn't a good move either.

    Has Microsoft released an x86/64 based consumer OS that doesn't allow you to run x86/64 programs? No they haven't. Argument over.
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  • MattEvansC3 09/02/2015

    @Vash63 So let me get this straight, if we;
    A) Remove SteamOS from the equation.
    B) Focus only on the Linux distro its based on.
    C) Ignore that that Steamworks games require Steam to play, even on Linux.
    D) Scoot the fact that Microsoft in no way prevented 3rd party non-WinRT apps from running on Windows.
    E) Treat WinRT apps as the only apps available on Windows.

    We can then argue that Windows fits the definitions of a walled garden while SteamOS doesn't?
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  • Windows on a stick: the Hannspree Micro PC review

  • MattEvansC3 09/02/2015

    @Zomeguy technically $15. There's a $10 configuration discount for setting up Bing as the default. Reply 0