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  • Borderlands and all its DLC to get Xbox One Backward Compatibility

  • MattEvansC3 03/09/2015

    @scawp best theory, its a beta and that was a glitch. Reply +1
  • MattEvansC3 03/09/2015

    @iceytoa1 maybe you need to install the DLC disc to the XboxOne? Reply -1
  • FTC: Machinima "deceived" consumers with Xbox One videos

  • MattEvansC3 03/09/2015

    @PlugMonkey I can't give you enough +1's for that statement. I do disagree with one aspect, I hope GG never becomes about ethics as it would then legitimise the abuse its caused.

    The silly thing is that people on both sides are concerned about "ethics in journalism" and always have been and if we left the anti-libelarism at the door we could have actually pushed more sites to a better quality of reporting.
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  • MattEvansC3 03/09/2015

    @L_A_G You are deliberately trying to change history here.

    You make it sound like there were legitimate questions raised by the Quinspiracy posts and videos. You cannot have legitimate questions raised on a pack of lies. The original accusations were debunked. The following videos were found to be poorly researched, not fact checked and wholly and uncategorically wrong.

    All of the questions raised by the Quinspiracy were based on the argument that Zoe Quinn was sleeping with multiple people to gain favourable reviews. She was in a relationship with one person who never reviewed her game.

    Have you read Adam Baldwin's twitter? The guy is not interested in gaming. He is vehemently anti-liberal and tweeted a video based on false accusations attacking a feminist. The Quinspiracy movement took his hashtag as the movement's new name.

    Also I see you keep bringing up that mailing list. That's standard practice regardless of what industry you are in. It is not a sign of corruption and its not some big conspiracy.

    Zoe Quinn is not the main focal point, its Anita. I've been on KotakuInAction and there are more posts on the first three pages about her and WomenVsTropes than anything else. 99% of those posts are talking about how to combat those videos, those who support those videos and condemning/ridiculing any mainstream media outlet that gives positive attention to those videos.

    The rest of those three pages are made up anti-liberal posts, either complaining about people bringing up race or gender in the media of patting themselves on the back when they think somebody is agreeing with them. There is even a thread lamenting why the #BlackLivesMatter movement is getting more positive media than them. They are literally discussing why a movement born out rage at unarmed black people being illegally shot at and killed by police is less important than their hashtag. Nobody on that thread has posted a dissenting voice.

    There is one or two threads about this Machinina story, something also being reported in the mainstream media.

    The #NotYourShield was not about inclusiveness, it was pure damage control. It served no purpose other than to say "We can't be sexist, we have women". It did nothing to help those being attacked by the movement and did nothing to change the discussion within GG circles which is still about anti-feminism. The hashtag should have read #OurShieldNotYours.

    So regarding 8chan are you saying that DailyDot made up the quotes in their article?

    You only have to spend five minutes on KiA to see that GamerGate is not about ethics in journalism but about stopping the encroachment of liberalism into their hobby. It is about trying to deny those who want gaming from being more inclusive having a voice. GamerGate is censorship.
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  • MattEvansC3 03/09/2015

    @L_A_G so you are telling me that 8chan, the site where its founder REFUSED TO DELETE FORUMS DEDICATED TO PAEDOPHILIC IMAGERY BECAUSE OF "FREE SPEECH" actively deletes and bans people for being anti-SJW? Reply -1
  • MattEvansC3 02/09/2015


    GG started with a bitter ex throwing false accusations at his indie dev ex girlfriend. Otherwise known as The Quinspiracy.

    The term GamerGate was coined by the crazy Baldwin in response to that story.

    The main target of the "ethics in journalism" brigade was not against the male journalist but against the female dev.

    Even after the bitter ex-boyfriend's story was debunked and the indie dev in question was shown to have gained zero favourable coverage from being in a relationship with that make journalist the GG crowd still focused their attention on that female indie dev.

    The GG crowd then added a YouTube personality to their hitlist for making a video asking for a better representation of females in gaming. This is still about ethics in journalism.

    After a female games journalist posted an article highlighting the inherent sexism in the gaming community, most notably the GG movement the GG response was to co-ordinate an effort to get sponsors to withdraw their monetary support and run the website into the ground. Much like your posts,GG's ethics in journalism stance is anti-censorship.

    GG gained mainstream support from anti-feminists, anti-equal rights, convicted abusers and rape apologists such as Milo Yianopolous/Breibart and Julian Assamge/WikiLeaks. Instead of distancing themselves from these people GG rallied around them (Assange more briefly). Noise of the had any real interest in having prior to GG and it's more about adding to the anti-SJW voice.

    GG has yet to find any major beaches of actual journalistic ethics within the mainstream media. Mainstream journalism was still reporting about ethics in a VLOG world such as the issue over early reviews for YouTubers who gave Shadows of Mordor favourable reviews.

    Regardless of GG supporters supposedly being against abuse they have greatly profited from it. Females not even commenting on GG, just abuse in general were harassed off social by the GamerGate hastag. Commenters, especially female ones, are too scared to voice disagreements against GG.

    While the majority of GG is supposedly anti-abuse, the victims of the GG movement have received no support from those using the hashtag. Prominent GG personalities who have openly attacked homosexual men and women as well as transgendered people and did a charity drive to raise money for anti online abuse charities to improve their image. These people they attacked never received apologies.

    GG supporters have shown more concern over being labeled abusive and misogynistic than they have for the people affected by the hashtag.

    Its not some global conspiracy to paint GG in a bad light. Its purely that GG has added nothing to the discussion other than highlighting how crazy people get when the status quo of male power fantasy games are questioned.
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  • MattEvansC3 02/09/2015

    @L_A_G Except, you know, for the time Eurogamer published the article looking into YouTube and paid for content that was linked at the bottom of the article. Or that time that Eurogamer got threatened with legal action because of Rab's Doritogate article. Or that time Eurogamer covered the sacking of the Kane and Lynch 2 reviewer (either Gamespot or IGN). Or that time Eurogamer reported on the All I Want For Christmas Is A PSP debacle. All were pre-GG.

    That's the funny thing about GG. They act like they were the first and only people to discuss ethics in journalism while some of the more vocal supporters of GG were exploiting loopholes to say they shouldn't be held to journalistic standards in their reviewing and were refusing to cover games unless they got a share of their profits.
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  • MattEvansC3 02/09/2015

    @bladdard All I want for Christmas is a PSP Reply +3
  • MattEvansC3 02/09/2015

    The Federal Trade Commission has clamped down on a YouTuber group that failed to disclose they were paid by Microsoft to say nice things about Xbox One and its games.
    Isn't that opening paragraph stretching the truth to the point of falsehood. Yes the money has come from Microsoft via an advertising budget but at no point in the FTC report does it state that Microsoft directly paid the YouTubers or had any involvement in creating this scenario.

    Even later on saying that Microsoft received a "slap on the wrist", which implies Microsoft were part of the wrong doing and got off lightly isn't exactly true. The FTC findings that you quoted show that as far as they were concerned this breach happened in spite of Microsoft's policies and not because of them. They also make mention of Microsoft's quick action to resolve the situation.

    The FTC firmly laid the blame at Machinima's feet not Microsoft's so attempts by Eurogamer to make it sound like the FTC considered Microsoft in anyway accountable for this is a disservice to your readers.
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  • Street Fighter 5 alternative costumes give Ryu a lovely beard

  • MattEvansC3 01/09/2015

    @perydwyn I know. Though it begs the question did Ryu get that perfect beard by shaving them on those sexy sculpted abs of his? Reply +1
  • MattEvansC3 01/09/2015

    @Drunk-Si You are referring to the "ugly, western" Cammy
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  • MattEvansC3 01/09/2015

    @Drunk-Si are you referring to the "ugly non-Japanese" look or the revised ""cute Japanese" look seen in the preorder shots? Reply 0
  • The man who sent his game to Gabe Newell in a briefcase

  • MattEvansC3 31/08/2015

    @superfurry ...but...but...they bitch about the people and things we don't like and give us cheap games. They have to be good people. Reply +2
  • The obscure baseball game that went on to be the PC's second highest ranked game

  • MattEvansC3 30/08/2015

    @DrStrangelove there's a blink and you'll miss it line in the true that says you results are automatic unless you watch it real time and can go bunting. That suggests no playing baseball. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 30/08/2015

    @vert1go Don't you mean "Recommended". Reply +4
  • Jon Blyth on: Microsoft Jackpot

  • MattEvansC3 29/08/2015

    @Pierre2k you make it sound like its a new thing. I was playing fruit machine simulators on my Amstrad CPC 464 when I was in primary school. As opposed to training me to be a gambling addict it put me off as I learned at a young age that it was a boring, hollow pastime because there was no payout.

    The lack of a payout or any tangible reward makes this less insidious than most games aimed at kids or teenagers. Zelda, FF7, Mario Party and even Sonic have incorporated gambling elements, even mock fruit machines, whereby you gain tangible ingame benefits be it extra currency or powerups.

    Gambling requires a strong risk/reward element to keep you hooked. Microsoft Jackpot has no reward. Chocobo Racing on the other hand has a strong risk/reward element.
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  • AMD's new R9 Nano - the ultimate GPU for small form-factor PCs?

  • MattEvansC3 27/08/2015

    @Renato84 AMD didn't develop it or at least just part of it. The RAM chips were developed by SK Hynix and have been sold as server RAM for a while. NVIDIA also talked about the connectors as part of their Pascal presentation before AMD detailed their HBM setup.

    AMD rushed out first gen stacked memory to claim to be pioneering even though NVIDIA had already stated they were waiting for Gen 2.
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  • Until Dawn review

  • MattEvansC3 27/08/2015

    How bad is the gore porn? I do like my horror movies but nothing from the torture trend. I had to walk out of Saw 3 after twenty minutes because I was getting nauseous. Reply +1
  • YouTube Gaming launches today

  • MattEvansC3 26/08/2015

    YouTube Gaming plays PokeThis stream is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Nintendo. Reply +8
  • Pokémon World Championship players arrested over alleged gun plot

  • MattEvansC3 24/08/2015

    @AmorousBadger ...oh shit... If white terrorist = 'misunderstood loners who kept themselves to themselves'
    And we know that Gamers = People who lack social skills and live in their parents' basement.

    Then 'misunderstood loners who kept themselves to themselves' is equivalent to 'People who lack social skills and live in their parents' basement'.

    Therefore White Terrorist = Gamer.

    FFS people burn your consoles and Uber Rigs! Delete your Steam accounts! And run to the fucking hills before MI5 detain us indefinitely without charge!
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  • MattEvansC3 24/08/2015

    @BigDannyH Guns don't kill people. Gamers kill people! Reply -3
  • MattEvansC3 24/08/2015

    PWC used The Law...It was super effective. Reply +10
  • Nintendo patents console without a disc drive

  • MattEvansC3 23/08/2015

    @drxym That's not how patents work and that's not what this patent is for. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 22/08/2015

    @drxym Based on the patent the specific speed controller, specific network controller and data integrity checking system and their inclusion in a console. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 22/08/2015

    @TheTrueSpin They are patenting a console that;
    A) Has no disc drive
    B) Uses a network controller for online play, downloading games and also streaming from a server or another console. That console may contain a disc drive and can stream the game being played from the disc.
    C) Has a speed regulator chip that can rewrite the game's read/write speed based on whether it is writing to the internal or external HDD.
    D) Uses a series of reprogrammable ROM chips that create a static image with which the console can compare data stored on the HDD with to check for errors.
    E) A WiiU gamepad.
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  • MattEvansC3 22/08/2015

    @BigPrimeNumbers Nintendo is not patenting a console without an optical drive. Nintendo is patenting a specific configuration and accompanying tech. A patent has to include a basic description of how the patent will be used. Reply +2
  • MattEvansC3 22/08/2015

    Reading the patent in detail and it doesn't actually appear to be a console. The patent is not for the "game apparatus" but certain tech within it.

    What we are looking at is likely a WiiU without the disc drive and/or a Playstation TV/ Steam Link device.

    The patent primarily focuses on three key tech;

    1) A games device working off a server using network communication which is really just how a digital store works. The interesting bit is this quote;

    13. The stationary game apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the game apparatus is compatible with another game apparatus comprising an optical disk drive for reading out a program and/or data from an optical disk, and a processor for executing the program read out from the optical disk to perform game processing, and an interface for the hard disk drive is same as an interface for the optical disk drive in said another game apparatus.
    That suggests some form of in-home game streaming from another device not only with an optical drive but playing the game from the optical drive. A WiiU without a disc drive in the bedroom could play Mario Kart because the WiiU on the living room has Mario Kart in its disc drive.

    2) A speed chip that can rewrite your game install to change its transfer speed depending on whether an external HDD is installed or not.

    3) Low volume memory to act as a data integrity tool. Its creating a snapshot of the program/OS so that it can compare it against the data on the HDD and look for errors.

    The description also points to a cheaper WiiU as opposed to a brand new console;

    [0075] The present technique is configured to be suitable for an environment in which a game program can be obtained through communication and is configured not to include an optical disk drive, so that reduction in cost, size and the like of the game apparatus can be realized. Furthermore, because of the configuration in which power is supplied from the game apparatus to a wireless operation device via a power supply line to charge the battery of the wireless operation device, the convenience of the user related to the charging work can be enhanced.
    Its unlikely they'd be patenting a method for "cost and size" reduction for a new console as there is technically nothing to reduce (the wording is the important thing here).
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  • The least realistic things video games think cars can do

  • MattEvansC3 23/08/2015

    So when talking about exploding cars and liability issues you made a joke about Toyota and not the Ford Pinto? Was that because the Ford Pinto proved point 7 to actually be realistic 😉 Reply +7
  • The Paradox of Fredrik Wester

  • MattEvansC3 23/08/2015

    @MerryLoony Considering the success of Crusader Kings 2 I'd have to disagree.

    There is a niche of enthusiasts who want simulation games that have extremely complicated mechanics. I don't find Microsoft's Flight Simulator the slightest bit enjoyable yet it has a HUGE fanbase.

    Paradox has succeeded because their games are far too complicated. They appeal to a dedicated niche market overlooked by mainstream publishers.
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  • Digital Foundry vs ultra-wide 21:9 PC gaming

  • MattEvansC3 23/08/2015

    Considering the GPU requirements for 4K gaming we could realistically be seeing 21:9 as the selling bullet point for the next gen of consoles. Reply +1
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 review

  • MattEvansC3 23/08/2015

    @L_A_G Currently, not previously. Ashes of Singularity is an AMD showcase title. Stardock have been very open about working closely with AMD on this title. AMD's logo is constantly next to Stardock's and Oxide's. AMD and Stardock showcased this game at AMD's Gaming Evolved show.

    Of course its just a coincidence that a DirectX12 game that AMD is heavily involved in show's huge performance increases on AMD hardware and DECREASES on nVidia hardware.
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  • MattEvansC3 23/08/2015

    @L_A_G The Ashes of The Singularity DX12 scores can't be taken as a fair assessment as it was built with AMD hardware and Mantle in mind.

    This means it was taking advantage of low level access to AMD hardware before DX12 allowed it on nVidia hardware.
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  • MattEvansC3 22/08/2015

    @kintama if you remembered the dark days of PC gaming prior to DirectX you wouldn't be. Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 22/08/2015

    @kintama that shoes a lack of understanding about how DX12 and benchmarks work.

    The whole point about DX12 is that it favours the game optimisations over the driver optimisations.

    The Ashes game was designed to support Mantle. That means its already optimised for low level coding on AMD hardware whereas no such optimisations have been made on nVidia hardware. Non-Mantle based games won't get the same performance increase.
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  • MattEvansC3 22/08/2015

    Probably a bit too difficult to do but seeing as the average FPS is a blunt metric how about going with a median FPS score? A game with constant high and low fps scores can still get a high average score even though its not an enjoyable experience.

    A Median FPS score will better show the consistency of the frame rate and be a better judge of how enjoyable the experience would be.
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  • Digital Foundry seeks video production staff

  • MattEvansC3 21/08/2015

    I didn't even know DF had a dedicated YouTube channel, might give that a watch. DF has definitely matured into a good tech source but personally I find it restricted by the style and format of the Eurogamer site.

    The Eurogamer is well set up for game reviews, interviews, etc where its more narrative based with the occasional screenshot to break the text up. The side boxes are also ideally suited to additional information that is important but would otherwise break up the flow of the narrative.

    Tech articles aren't best suited to a single narrative, the additional info boxes and screenshot spaces obscure the relevant information. Its why most tech sites dedicate a single page to each element and use jump lists for easy navigation.
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  • A great explanation for how oldschool graphics worked

  • MattEvansC3 19/08/2015

    @IronSoldier I was one of four children in a family who's main bread winner was a self employed carpenter in the 80's. Lets just say money was a bit tight.

    Well we did upgrade to a C64 and one point. I say A but we went through more than one as the cartridge reader kept breaking.
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  • MattEvansC3 19/08/2015

    @IronSoldier My first computer was an Amstrad CPC 464...with a green monochrome screen! Who needs multiple colours when you've got the awesomeness of three shades of green! Reply +4
  • McDonald's Mario toy fingered in wank prank

  • MattEvansC3 19/08/2015

    Ba bababa bah...I'm wanking it. Reply 0
  • Vloggers given official advertising guidance

  • MattEvansC3 19/08/2015

    Bit disappointed there was no clarification on how that disclosure should be done. There's still those that feel its just enough to put the disclosure message at the bottom of the video description, which gets automatically hidden and does not show in imbedded videos and the guide merely says its not advisable to do so. Its still a grey area.

    Also the sponsored category looks like its going to be everyone's get out clause as its not covered by these rules. Yogcast's contentious "Pay us to Lets Play your game/Give us a cut of the profits or we won't talk about your game" technically comes under sponsorship as the dev/publisher has no say in the actual content. The content is still paid for, there is still a monetary incentive for the producer to "advertise" the product, spin negatives into positives, etc.

    The rules should be simple, if you are paid in any way by the people responsible for the item you are discussing you must say at the beginning of the video the basic deal. "Company X has paid for the production of this video. The views expressed are those of the producer", "The producer receives a percentage of sales generated by this video", "Company X has provided products A and B for free for usage in this video" or "This video was paid for and produced by Company X".
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  • The Force is strong with the limited edition Darth Vader-inspired PS4

  • MattEvansC3 17/08/2015

    The force is NOT strong in this one. Even if you can get passed that ugly controller with a police siren on top of the lazy arsed decal on the PS4 I can't get passed that image of Vader.

    The manga stylisation of Vader softens the image far to much and removes all the menace of the Vader suit... and that's just comparing it to the pansy Anakin Skywalker version.
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  • MattEvansC3 17/08/2015

    @goneski it's based on Darth Vader's chest piece... Yes it is that obscure. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs Xbox One streaming on Windows 10

  • MattEvansC3 16/08/2015

    @StooMonster I've got a while before I'm at that stage. I've got a toddler so it's all Sophia the first, Dora the explorer, Wonder Pets in between my wife's crap. Reply +2
  • MattEvansC3 16/08/2015

    @Yungstar so XboxOne streaming actually makes Batman playable on PC? Reply +19
  • MattEvansC3 16/08/2015

    @mr_ruberfon but can I play the PSTV while doing a job on the toilet? Reply 0
  • MattEvansC3 16/08/2015

    @JeffersonFarfan You have just sold me an XboxOne. I rarely get to play my Xbox360 because of The Only Way Is Made In Life Of Real Teen Mom Mob Housewives so there's little point me buying a PS4 at this point. Reply +3
  • Nintendo employee fired after podcast remarks on localisation, fans

  • MattEvansC3 14/08/2015

    @Erzeal Did he? What did he actually disclose that was confidential information and not already public knowledge? Reply +3
  • MattEvansC3 14/08/2015

    @redcrayon That I would say is going down the rabbit hole of personal definitions. Its very common for staff to employ an us vs them mentality with regard to the employer. Us and We could refer to either the organisation as a whole or just his direct colleagues. I have personally gone on line before, especially when I was working in a call centre, and discussed work situations using the term "We". In those instances the "We" referred to those chained to the desk via headset. Then of course you've got the Royal We. All are equally valid so I'm happy to agree to disagree on that point :-) Reply +1
  • MattEvansC3 14/08/2015

    @LLJaf Depends on the state law really. UK law gives protection in these circumstances in that length of service can override certain contract clauses. I'll find out the technical term but its essentially assumed benefits. Four years is not a short term or temporary contract, by being employed for that length you start to accrue contractual benefits as if you were permanent because it assumed you will be there indefinitely. It's there to prevent employers continually recycling staff on short term contracts and keeping them at reduced benefits such as no pay progression. Reply +2
  • MattEvansC3 14/08/2015

    @tassletine now this is where it gets blurry. I work for the public sector and this is an ongoing issue between The Crown and the Unions.

    In our civil service code of conduct we are prohibited from discussing government policies or having a view point on the current government. This is a blanket policy that covers all grades and departments. I work in transport but I could be fired for criticising the Tory policies on immigration. We have to be seen as impartial and that our viewpoints don't bias our ability to do a job...even though my job is about ensuring the motor trade comply with existing regulations and I have no input or involvement with policy or legislature decision making.

    Technically if I complained on Facebook about the government making it more difficult for me to strike I could get sacked.

    The unions argue that this is a breach of the Freedom of Expression section of the Human Rights Act. That regardless of what my employer says I am still entitled to have an opinion and express it.

    Of course much like the American equivalent it's a about government interference but the notion still holds true for the private sector. He appeared on the podcast in a personal, not professional, capacity. He was not representing Nintendo at the time nor was he divulging trade secrets.

    His delivery was wrong but no reasonable person would treat this as being representative of Nintendo as an organisation. By firing him Nintendo are stating they control his personal opinion and his time outside of work.
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