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  • In Animal Crossing, trust is a feeling rather than a commodity

  • Matooine 21/06/2013

    I was sat playing this last night, much to my wifes embarrassment, she asked me not to tell any of her friends about it! Some people just dont get it! Reply +2
  • Eurogamer meets Jonathan Ross

  • Matooine 21/01/2013

    I remember seeing him in CEX in Rathbone place, buying an import Jap gamecube and Luigi's Mansion just after release. I didn't say hello. Reply +1
  • Frobisher Says Review

  • Matooine 08/03/2012

    I have a spare code for this if anybody wants it, as I ended up with 2 preorder packs, send me a PM. Reply +1
  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception UK price roundup

  • Matooine 01/11/2011

    Its 31:18 at asda direct with this promo code for 20% off MVG311020 (letters have to be in capitals. Reply 0
  • Lumines Live! on XBLA

  • Matooine 18/10/2006

    they are really milking it:-

    The base game will ship with 12 skins in Challenge Mode, as well as additional content downloadable via Xbox Live Marketplace. Then, within an unspecified time, several more game packs will get released. They'll include three package types: 1) a Music/Video pack, 2) a Mission/Puzzle/Skins pack, and 3) an Advanced Difficulty pack. The core game will include Warner Brothers' artists such as Madonna among others. The addition Music/Video pack will feature more artists and seamlessly integrated interactive videos. The Mission/Puzzle/Skins pack will offer gamers new mission types, new puzzles and additional skins to complement the experiences. And the Advanced Difficulty pack will give the deepest, hardcore players a new set of challenges.

    Each additional pack costs 600 points!
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