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  • NX is now Nintendo Switch, a portable console with detachable controllers

  • Masaroth 20/10/2016

    Exactly what i was hoping it to be, so will be picking one up on launch. Plus with skyrim being shown, it could make things quite interesting if it does have stronger 3rd party support. Reply +4
  • EA Access is adding Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Star Wars Battlefront this year

  • Masaroth 07/10/2016

    Been meaning to get mirrors edge for a while now so subbing for a month for 4 quid to complete it sounds great to me! Reply +6
  • When is a layer not a layer? Dishonored 2's intricate approach to level design

  • Masaroth 04/10/2016

    All this talk about a clockwork mansion just reminds me of the excellent thief 2. Really do need to replay that again at some point! Reply +6
  • Battleborn will be free to play soon - report

  • Masaroth 30/09/2016

    As the only fps moba on the market at the moment im happy with it doing this as the game needs new players badly. Love the game but low playerbase means crappy matchmaking. Reply +5
  • How EA works out FIFA 17 player ratings

  • Masaroth 27/09/2016

    @Ziz0u I laughed quite a lot when PES showed up and went your passing rating is better in our game, want a free copy. Reply +4
  • Paladins boss speaks out over Overwatch clone claims

  • Masaroth 21/09/2016

    @Plankton1975 Battleborn and Paragon arent hero shooters though. Ones a moba fps and the other is just a moba. Reply +1
  • Paladins open beta launch trailer reminds us a lot of Overwatch

  • Masaroth 16/09/2016

    Can anyone explain why everything gets compared to overwatch and described as a rip off, even games that have been in development the same amount of time as it has, and would have had no effect on the development? Is it just due to blizzard popularity that everything else gets trashed. Reply +7
  • Private matches revive Destiny's two-year-old competitive multiplayer

  • Masaroth 15/09/2016

    @telboy007 Its outside of clubs as well, club lfg just restricts who can see it to the members of the groups. Go to the parties tab on the side bar and just below the usual start party option there is a looking for group option now which lets you choose your game and then takes you to a list of all the available groups. Reply +1
  • Halo Wars 2 feels caught in No Man's Land

  • Masaroth 17/06/2016

    Main problem so far is down to balance, marine spam pretty much beats everything and can actually capture points. Hopefully when the beta opens up deathmatch can get a better feel of things. Reply +2
  • Resident Evil 7's demo fails to be the next P.T.

  • Masaroth 14/06/2016

    I really enjoyed outlast+dlc and super looking forward to the sequel but I'm not convinced by this. As a downloadable spin off i could see it working but i have no idea how they will keep the gameplay fresh enough over the course of a full retail release. It just seems as though a team at Capcom was developing a random horror game and the execs thought, you know what will make it sell more, lets slap the resident evil name on it. Reply +2
  • Nintendo bringing Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem to smartphones next

  • Masaroth 27/04/2016

    Fire Emblem for mobile would be great, though does depend on how they make it "more accessible". The latest entries are already pretty damn accessible compared to the older titles. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls 3's multiplayer is a very different, absolutely brilliant take on online

  • Masaroth 19/04/2016

    Haven't bothered with the PVP as my first playthrough of a souls game is always without coop or pvp(well unless i get invaded but that's only happened once so far). By the sounds of it though, its going to be a fun second playthrough! Reply 0
  • Xbox survey asks if you'd sell back your digital games

  • Masaroth 21/03/2016

    With xbox rewards you also get up to 10% of a digital purchase put into you accounts credit, so combining the both would bring it up to 20% which is not too bad if you go all digital. Certainly better than nothing. Reply +2
  • The Witness costs 29.99, pre-orders now live

  • Masaroth 20/01/2016

    I'm curious now to see how this price translates to the ios version, as there is no chance of it selling well for a fixed 30quid upfront. Reply +1
  • Destiny: The Taken King director apologises, Collector's Edition content will now be sold separately

  • Masaroth 25/06/2015

    How is selling 3 emotes, 3 armour shaders and 3 exotic class items for 20(usual destiny conversion rate) much better? That plus the expansion still costs 60 then. Reply +142
  • Kickstarter campaign launches for Shenmue 3

  • Masaroth 16/06/2015

    @ChuckNorris Xbox One, Mac and Linux versions are undecided at the moment as per the kickstarter faq, so they could still happen but are not a priority at this point, so i would say that its still a pretty odd place to do the announcement. Reply 0
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst gets a February release date

  • Masaroth 15/06/2015

    @Syrette Same, the main thing that kept me playing the original was the time trials of the games levels. Thats unlikely to happen if its open world, its more likely to be full of the usual open world bloat instead. Reply +4
  • Terraria's "ultimate version" arrives on PS4 next week

  • Masaroth 06/11/2014

    @MeBrains Hmm on closer inspection seems none of the big sites have reported it, and the few that have might just be reporting the same thing each other are as there is no source, so no idea how reliable this information may be.

    I just did a news search for terriria xbox one and saw there were a few articles on it at first. This is one of them but there a few other smaller sites reporting it as well.
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  • Masaroth 06/11/2014

    @DuvaDan88 Not sure, I'm guessing its due to the source article being from the playstation blog which obviously is not going to mention anything about an xbox version. Reply +4
  • Masaroth 06/11/2014

    @DuvaDan88 Apparently its coming out on the xbox one 2days after the PS4 version, no idea why it wasn't mentioned in this article. So you can take your pick on which version you want to get. Reply +5
  • Alleged Just Cause 3 screenshots hint at F2P and micro-transactions

  • Masaroth 05/11/2014

    If anything this is going to be like GTA5 online mode which had microtransactions. Cant imagine that they would be big enough idiots to do this with the campaign. Reply +1
  • New Mirror's Edge world record speed run sure is dizzying

  • Masaroth 05/11/2014

    While the main campaign was fairly short if you just played through story mode, the main game for me was trying to beat the level speed runs. They required you to carefully plan out routes and then execute a near flawless run and were great fun trying to beat especially when you discovered a new route that would allow you to save time and keep momentum up. So this speed run is really impressive. Reply 0
  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • Masaroth 20/10/2014

    Sounds to me like the xbox one does not currently have a way in the OS to deal with a install disk. So they had two choices one disk for SP and one for MP that you have to change depending on what you want to do, or a 20GB content update and have it all run of the one disk. Out of the two options i personally would prefer the update seeing as i have a internet connection that can handle it but i can see why its not ideal for some people. Reply +3
  • ID@Xbox title Sixty Second Shooter Prime launches today

  • Masaroth 19/06/2014

    @arty so its closed because they only take developers with a proven track record? Why would microsoft let everyone in, when they give out dev machines and other bonuses. If they allowed everyone in then you would just end up with everyone not even devs signing up just to get there hands on two free xbox ones.

    Once they enable retail xbox ones dev machine functionality im sure they will open up the program a lot more to take anyone.
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  • EA teases Mirror's Edge ahead of E3

  • Masaroth 09/06/2014

    Mirrors edge was one of my favorite games last-gen and i am nervous about what kind of game they announce. For me it was never really about the story, it was more a racing/puzzle game where you had to figure out the quickest way to make it through the level, keeping your momentum high at all times. The speedruns of the story missions was what kept me playing for so long.

    Still remember trying to get the speedrun achievement for the i think third level (one where you go down into the drainage system), it had a stupid time that seemed impossible to meet but after hours of trying for that perfect run to beat that time, i actually ended up with 7th globally for it without intending it. As long as the new ones can scratch that itch ill be happy.
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  • Titanfall runs into problems on PC with error 503

  • Masaroth 12/03/2014

    @Darren In regards to pins there stored with your account on their servers, so they can be accessed when you sign into different machines. Why they don't store them in a local cache and make sure they update when you sign in i have no idea but would be a better solution. Reply +1
  • Microsoft launches viral Titanfall promotion

  • Masaroth 24/01/2014

    @Daddy-Doom-Bar Just got back from work so only noticed your posts. Good to see you got that bit worked out. Now its just figuring out what to do with that code! Reply 0
  • Masaroth 24/01/2014

    @macisaguy I have been checking the source for that login box and it doesn't seem to post anywhere(doesn't do anything), so think its a red herring for the time being. is the full image of the container with the code on(all 6 images tied together). Been looking at it to see if i can find a clue what to do next.
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  • Masaroth 24/01/2014

    So does anyone else who has managed to crack the code no what on earth you are meant to do with it? Reply 0
  • Masaroth 24/01/2014

    @lukeysl Client Access link on Reply 0
  • Masaroth 24/01/2014

    @macisaguy yep got that. As mentioned in my previous post some of it makes sense, the bit that you have starred im not sure what it means. Have been trying to fiqure out what it does. No idea as of yet. Think im out of ideas. Reply 0
  • Masaroth 24/01/2014

    @macisaguy not too sure, using a couple of codes of the site, i managed to get almost somewhere, some of the decoded message almost makes sense, but some of it does not. Trying to think of where to go from there. Reply 0
  • Masaroth 24/01/2014

    @sinelinden onetimepad is a type of cipher. So that might be how the message is encoded. Reply +3
  • How Thief has changed, for better and for worse

  • Masaroth 24/01/2014

    Sounds like my fears about the map design being streamlined are right. I don't want to play a thief game where i essentially travel down a straight line where my options are say shoot the guard with an arrow or bypass them via some means. They aren't really choices.

    I was stupidly hoping that they would have kept the normal thief level design where you get chucked into a mini sandbox, where you can go about the level as you please, using stealth and your tools to achieve you objectives while hunting down interesting secrets.
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  • First episode of Republique out 19th December

  • Masaroth 17/12/2013

    Looking forward to finally getting to play this, love the stealth genre and having one on my phone should keep the commute to work interesting. Was also really nice of them to give you all the episodes for the 10 dollars paid to back the project. Was a bit concerned when i saw they were doing it in episodes that it was only going to cover the first couple of episodes. Reply 0
  • Fixing Forza 5: How Turn 10 wants to win fans back

  • Masaroth 12/12/2013

    It just seems like this guy cant win. Comes out and explains the reasoning behind their decisions and that steps are being taken to make the mob happy and gets even more vitriol directed at him.

    Personally don't see why forza5 gets all the hate. The game doesnt force any micro transactions on you. You get lots of money from just playing, you earn about 100-120k per hour. Just about finished the beginner set of races and have over a mil in the bank and a load of cars for future events already bought. The cut features are disappointing, especially the tracks but im fine with it as i hardly expected a huge track and feature list when the project was greenfield. Things take time to code and model, you dont have the luxury of infinite amount of time to get everything just as you want.
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  • Gran Turismo 6 review

  • Masaroth 06/12/2013

    @sweatyBallacks Just to point out incorrect information, forza 5 has 14 tracks but about 25-30 layouts not just 14 track layouts. Reply +4
  • Thief's XP system culled due to negative fan feedback

  • Masaroth 17/10/2013

    Good decision by the devs but not enough to sway me into thinking this will be a good thief game. I'm sure it will likely be a good enough game in its own regard but the levels seem too predetermined and a reboot of story means none of the previous games seem to have happened (no Hammerites, Pagans, Keepers or Mechanists factions).

    In the original two (and kinda the third), you were dropped in a fairly open level with a very basic sketch map and then left to your own devices to navigate around to find and complete your objectives. In the new thief with fixed rope arrow locations and jump spots it seems that rather than having a playground of sorts, you are just going to have say two different routes across the map that the devs have coded for.
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  • Microsoft still hopes for Xbox One digital game trading

  • Masaroth 05/09/2013


    They wouldn't do that, as its still open to abuse, if it was still the previous system of retail disk = digital.

    I could buy a game and load it on my machine to active it as digital copy to play, then i could give the game to a friend who could then unplug his console and play the game offline. So one disk has two people playing at the same time.

    The only way i can see them going about this without a massive backlash, is just to keep digital and retail two separate environments.

    You buy a disk from a store, things are exactly the same as this gen. You put the disk in the console and play the game though you get none of the benefits or disadvantages of a digital copy.

    You buy a digital copy you get all the digital benefits they are talking about. Seeing as retail disks do not equate to digital copies there will be no need for a 24hour check in or any other perceived negatives to handle this. They would work like XBLA/GOD games with extra benefits.
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  • Xbox One won't support external storage at launch

  • Masaroth 02/09/2013

    500GB for both consoles(Although I imagine only about 400-450GB will actually be usable) should be more than enough for just games. All other media will go on a 2TB NAS.

    Why in this day and age of having multiple device, would anyone want to store there media on local storage that only one device can access is beyond me. Surely you would want to be able to acess all you media for all your devices and for it to have redundancy in case of a HDD failure.
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  • How Uncharted influenced PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886

  • Masaroth 29/08/2013

    Love the concept for the game, hopefully the gameplay is great, as the comparisons to uncharted have me slightly concerned as never did think uncharted was that great. (I know I'm heavily in the minority with that opinion here) Reply +1
  • Where are the Xbox One role-playing games?

  • Masaroth 27/08/2013

    I would assume that MS would announce anything like this at the tokoyo game show, and the delay for the console over there would be due to them trying to get together a launch line-up that would be more appealing to that market. At least that would be the sensible way to go about things. Reply 0
  • Meet Card Hunter, an RPG from veterans of Irrational, PopCap, and Magic: The Gathering

  • Masaroth 09/08/2013

    Been playing the beta for a couple of days now, and so far not really had to worry about the f2p elements. The only things the premium currency can pay for is alternative models and a membership that is quite frankly very expensive, but all it really does is give you an extra bit of loot with every quest. The rest thus far has been thoroughly enjoyable without having to pay a penny. Reply +2
  • Deus Ex: The Fall headed to iOS this Thursday

  • Masaroth 10/07/2013

    Had a quick go of it during lunch, and so far seems surprisingly good. Only done part of the first level tutorial, but im getting good vibes from it. Reply 0
  • New real-money Xbox dash raises game prices

  • Masaroth 10/07/2013

    Not surprised really, knew this was going to be happening when they announced it, as we in the UK were getting a good deal with the old points system. Which is why i never really understood the mass hate behind it. (In this country, at least)

    If they were giving the points at the same conversion as the games then Microsoft would essentially be giving away millions of their money for free (No sane company in the world would do this), as that's not the conversion rate for the currency. Game prices have seemed like they have risen due to the xbox getting them cheaper than elsewhere before because of the points limits games had. This has now been removed so the prices should have parity across all systems now.

    As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.
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  • Lovefilm ditches game rentals

  • Masaroth 02/07/2013

    Damn, went to cancel my lovefilm subscription but they have just taken payment for the month today. Talk about bad timing. Guess i'll hold off changing services till the end of the month then. Reply +1
  • Masaroth 02/07/2013


    They actually do Wii U and Vita Games but they don't have their own category. They came under psp and wii.

    After being a paid member for the past 5 years(must have given them at least 500 quid of my money) i think I'm going to have to cancel my subscription. The reason i went with them was due to this, as it was something that gave them a unique selling point. Now they are going to be the same as everyone else i might as well just go with one of the better services.

    I doubt I'm the only one who is going to do this, so seems like a very foolish move by them.
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  • Just weeks from launch, PopCap delays Plants vs. Zombies 2

  • Masaroth 28/06/2013


    Sounds like no timers, and apparently no paywalls, but you will need to buy certain plants and upgrades with real cash. A bit of concern but hopefully its still great.
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  • Titanfall dev demystifies Xbox One cloud following "a lot of confusion online"

  • Masaroth 25/06/2013

    As a software dev using the azure cloud platform for hosting i know that they have two existing data centers close by, one in Ireland and one in Holland if i am remembering correctly.

    The good thing about "cloud" servers, is they are essentially virtual servers so you can have as many or as little as you want. Its very fluid and easy to change compared to normal server hosting.

    For example, say titanfall is allocated 100 servers (low on purpose) to run on launch, but the amount for players playing online need another 300 to all play. You can have code monitoring the load and when it detects the player load is higher than capacity, it can spin up more servers by itself without anyone having to do anything. In the same regard, say after the first month player counts start dropping off, it can stop the servers by itself. So you should always have enough servers to cope with the player count no matter what, without anyone having to lift a finger.

    Its for this reason that it will be cheaper to run than traditional servers as that can be expensive to add new servers and also has longer turnaround times to get sorted. This approach typically ends up with loads of empty servers that the developers are still paying for without anyone using it.
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  • Minecraft Xbox 360 saves won't transfer to Xbox One Edition, Microsoft says

  • Masaroth 14/06/2013

    I would assume, this might be due to the worlds being stored in the cloud, and having them more as persistent worlds rather than the peer 2 peer of the 360. Could be completely wrong there but would make good use of the azure back end (ms cloud platform) Reply +2