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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Scourge of Free to Play*

  • Martin 07/08/2011

    I realise that this is an opinion piece and that the author isn't in any way required, or perhaps even encouraged, to be fair but there are a number of things that needs to be adressed in this article.

    As others have stated there should be a counter article to this that examines why the F2P/freemium model is a useful model but I'll just chime in with a quick couple of thought bites.

    The first issue I have with this article is that it only looks at the current crop of games on the PC in the MMO realm.

    If you design a game around a F2P model then it's quite possible to make it entertaining for both paying and non-paying players. The majority of current crop of games - and certainly all of the ones that the author mentions - was not designed with this model in place.

    It's also important to realise that F2P is more likely to work on other devices than the PC and in other types of games than MMO.

    Sure, cramming an old game design into a F2P business model will most likely fail but if you're clever about it there is nothing that says you can't design an enjoyable F2P game.
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  • What Devs Want from the Next Gen

  • Martin 04/08/2011

    Not suprised that McMillen isn't a fan of "exotic" controllers seeing that his most popular game requires extremely precise control. Reply +22
  • Retrospective: Wild Metal Country

  • Martin 31/07/2011

    @SubDominator: Don't argue war machines or simulators with Tim Stone unless you really know what you're talking about. :) Reply +9
  • Martin 31/07/2011

    Had memories of Twisted Metal conjured up in my head when I started reading this but quickly realized how wrong I was.

    Not quite the same thing. :)
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  • A Rare view of the future of Kinect

  • Martin 30/07/2011

    Christ, what a pointless interview. Did he even answer one question properly? It's like reading an interview with Mark Rein at Epic. Reply +1
  • Retrospective: Tomb Raider Legend

  • Martin 17/07/2011

    I still need to finish this but I absolutely loathe the fighting so reading Johns comments about the final boss doesn't exactly inspire me to have another go at it.

    Still, I've come so far now that it'd be silly not to finish it I suppose.
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  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

  • Martin 15/07/2011

    Amalur? No, you're the lur!

    /gets coat
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  • BioShock Infinite

  • Martin 09/07/2011

    Why would an AI ask for a beating?

    Perhaps S&M is one of the themes explored in the game. :)
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  • Square Enix suing Deus Ex leakers

  • Martin 06/07/2011

    "Square Enix is suing 15 Italians it believes are responsible for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution that occurred earlier this year."

    Why are they suing their developers?
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  • Duke Nukem Forever

  • Martin 14/06/2011

    Ouch! Not that I didn't see it coming though after a number of previews and hands-on around the web.

    Just let the old dogs lie, it's never a good thing to make them do tricks.
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • Martin 06/06/2011

    Would *love* to have Hamilton on the Xbox!

    Looks ace for a quick round with a friend or for grinding out the most points from a level.
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  • Dust 514 shots suggest PS3 exclusive?

  • Martin 06/06/2011

    Well, the PS3 branding doesn't have to mean it's an exclusive. So here's still hoping that it'll go multiformat. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer at E3 2011

  • Martin 06/06/2011

    What is "6pm" in proper clock language? 18:00 or 06:00?

    When will you brits (and the yanks for that matter) get with the program?
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  • How to Build Your Own Gaming PC

  • Martin 22/05/2011

    Very well done, exactly what I hoped for when I clicked the link. :) Reply 0
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • Martin 16/05/2011

    Shame about the prices for WP7 games, that puts me off quite a few of them. Reply +1
  • Podcast #61

  • Martin 23/03/2011

    I'm not the biggest PA fan but this is pretty spot on:

    And no, I'm not a misogynist, nor do I hit girls. I just think that knee-jerk reactions are as tiresome as cliché videogames are.
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  • Win tons of World of Warcraft loot by dressing up

  • Martin 07/01/2011

    This should be interesting! Reply -1
  • Kinect mod gives you x-ray vision

  • Martin 05/01/2011

    This particular implementation wasn't all that exciting perhaps but the thing to remember is that we have just begun to scrape the surface of what Kinect and Move can do. Reply 0
  • Over 1.5m Windows Phone 7s shipped

  • Martin 22/12/2010

    On the subject of "Windows Phone 7 phone"; I never hear or read "iPhone phone" so why should a WP7 be called anything else than a Windows Phone 7?

    I really like my WP7 (HTC Trophy) a lot but the games are too expensive still. A very good start for the WP7 platform.
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  • Out This Week

  • Martin 20/12/2010

    "Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell gazed into his crystal ball last week. He said FIFA 11 would be top, Call of Duty: Black Ops second, FIFA 11 second, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood third, Just Dance 2 fourth and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit fifth. How did he do?"

    Well, if FIFA 11 managed to end up both 1st and 2nd (shared with CODBLOPS) he did really damn good! ;)
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  • Hydrophobia: We did get a few things wrong

  • Martin 20/12/2010

    @DED: Well played, this is how you handle feedback.

    Always glad to see devs listening to their audience.
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  • Retrospective: Midwinter

  • Martin 19/12/2010

    Loved this game to bits!

    Thanks for the article.
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  • Harm's Way - first 15 mins

  • Martin 18/12/2010

    Who are "we"? This seems to be a lot more fun in co-op and still you play it single player - and badly at that!

    Still, seems to be quite a fun little game, especially considering the price.
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  • I'm just browsing

  • Martin 07/12/2010

    @Miths: Die2Nite can be played as a loner but it'll take some guts to do so. It's a lot easier if you play it cooperatively but it's not at all a must.

    Just don't be suprised if everyone despises you for using up all of the towns resources for your own personal gain. ;)

    If you decide to try it out, please enter MartinNr5 as your sponsor as I would like to see what that does (seriously, I have no idea).
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  • Why I Love… Wheelman

  • Martin 27/11/2010

    Thanks for this opinion piece. I quite enjoyed it and will now look for Wheelman in the used game section of my local games store. :) Reply -1
  • Why I hate… Halo

  • Martin 27/11/2010

    I liked this one. Well done, Will. :) Reply 0
  • NFS Hot Pursuit gameplay trailer

  • Martin 25/09/2010

    Gamplay? Where?

    Please EG, review the videos before you put them on display.

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  • Man tries to finish MW2 without killing

  • Martin 26/08/2010

    When I read the headline I immediatly thought "And in the game!"

    I'll get my coat...
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  • Portal 2 gameplay trailer

  • Martin 25/08/2010

    Isn't this the same footage that was released a couple of weeks ago? Reply 0
  • Mafia II

  • Martin 24/08/2010

    Oops. Thought the demo (on the 360) was quite alright.

    Oh well, at least that's one game less I have to play this fall. ;)
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  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

  • Martin 19/08/2010

    Glad to hear that my impressions of the demo (played for 10 boring minutes before turning it off) wasn't as off the mark as I though it was.

    Shame though, it could have been good and perhaps IO can patch the problems with MP at least.
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  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

  • Martin 19/08/2010

    Excellent! Had high hopes for this one.

    It's nice to see Tomb Raider get a reboot of sorts as I really like the basic premise of the games.
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • Martin 15/08/2010

    "Final" as in "no more"? Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock dated

  • Martin 09/08/2010

    Hey Eurogamer - any info when it'll be out in the rest of Europe? ;) Reply 0
  • Need for Speed World

  • Martin 02/08/2010

    @Slipstream: NFS MW had the best "feel" of all the NFS games but only on the "Xbox 1" - the 360 version was utter crap (especially framrates were horrible).

    MW had great customization options, well balanced head to head competition with a friend, excellent races and decent cops. I would love for the 360 version to be as good as the original as I have put away my old Xbox but alas, it can not be.

    I have no idea how MW is on the PC though.
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  • Bleszinski explains Gears movie hold-up

  • Martin 28/07/2010

    I think you are all approaching this the wrong way (seriously).

    A movie based on any of the games (haven't ofc seen GoW 3 yet but still know this) will be stupid and pointless. Just like a movie based on the game AvP would be pointless.

    What you do is you take the universe and the characters and make a movie with that and them.

    The characters are pretty bland and stereotypical in the game but in a movie a good writer would be able to make them interesting. Just because your setting/world includes a gigantic war against bugs with big guns doesn't mean that it can't tell a very interesting story.

    The big risk here though is that Epic doesn't dare wander too far away from the actual GoW games (just like the Doom movie was the game turned into a film).

    Make it a prequel telling us how Dom and Marcus got to know each other (and not just 90 minutes of fighting another sort of bugs in another war, 10 years ago). It would give a good writer and a good director every chance to tell us a very interesting story and in the same time flesh out the characters.

    And as you all know, just because you're telling a story doesn't mean you can't get violent and shoot things in the face. Plenty of room for action as well.

    Or throw away Marcus, Dom and the gang completely. Make them into secondary characters and focus on how a young recruit is forced to take up arms because that's what expected of him/her. She then learns how awful a war can be and despite all her resistance and willpower soon is broken down and succumbs to the fact that there is no other way than the way of the gun.

    Hell, you could even tell it from the viewpoint of the locust (the risk is that it becomes too much of District 9 though) but I fear that the love between a human and a locust does not a good movie make. ;)

    What I'm trying to say is that as long as you care for the "world" the movie is set in you should be able to sculpt a good story. I know not all are fans of the 3rd Terminator movie but at least it stayed true to the previous movies.

    Take a look at what happened with number 4 where they completely disregarded the established Terminator universe and rewrote quite a lot; crapola.

    So, Cliff, if you're reading this: Don't focus on the amount of God rays or what Michael Bay would do. Instead hire a good writer and pen a gripping story first. Then mold your GoW universe around this story. It's not as if you have a lot of canon to take into consideration. ;)
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  • "I was born to make DeathSpank!"

  • Martin 06/07/2010

    I like your interviews Wesley, they feel very natural and are always interesting and engaging.

    Also; Ron Gilbert = yay!
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  • Retrospective: Painkiller

  • Martin 04/07/2010

    I enjoy painkillers. That's the same thing, right? Reply +2
  • Eurogamer appoints News Editor

  • Martin 28/06/2010

    Hello Wesley!

    Please force your webmonkeys to make the news navigationable with "Previous" and "Next" buttons. Preferably with a hyperlink to the previous and next news item, respectively.

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  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • Martin 14/06/2010

    @zoidberg: Not the same thing! Ellie adds a unique twist to it that I like.

    Prefer getting it filtered so that I can assimilate the info in my own pace.
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  • Martin 14/06/2010

    IE8 doesn't work on second computer either.

    Sod it - I'll grab Chrome just for this event then (see what I'm prepared to do for you EG?)
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  • Martin 14/06/2010

    Still no autoupdate in IE8. It worked before the "fix" so I'm sure it's not something I did... Reply 0
  • Martin 14/06/2010

    @rotmm: Hmmm... I'll restart something and see if that helps. Reply 0
  • Martin 14/06/2010

    I can confirm that it is now broken (doesn't update) in IE8 instead.

    Not cool EG. :(
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  • Martin 14/06/2010

    Pic of Ellie and Peter:

    At least it's not raining...
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • Martin 12/06/2010

    I really like these roundups. Feel free to name and shame w/o actually publishing a review.

    Also, if not already so, try and include games from every "major" platform (PS3, 360, i*, DS, PSP).

    I have no idea how the Android games market is and I have other sites that cover the Windows Mobile platform (although when WP7 comes out you should keep an eye out for it).
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  • Crysis 2

  • Martin 10/04/2010

    A well written article, Christian. Funny and informative. Reply +1
  • Game Room

  • Martin 05/04/2010

    Intellivision was great fun and me and my brothers spent waaay to much time playing games on it. Of course there were quite a few crappy games but to call it "the world's worst-ever gaming system" is far too harsh.

    Then again, the entire retro fad when it comes to gaming isn't my cup of tea. Sure, there were quite a few games back then that defined me as a gamer but far too many of them are better left alone, rose-tinted glasses firmly planted on my nose.
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  • Allods Online

  • Martin 05/04/2010

    What little I played Allods during beta I agree with Quinns.

    It is very pretty and has quite a few nice ideas but I never got immersed in the game and quit playing after a couple of weeks.

    I hope they do get a game in there as there is a lot of potential.
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  • Edge Games "completely certain" of win

  • Martin 27/03/2010

    I feel the pain of Mr. Langdell.

    My Italian based company that is developing a new, automated shopping trolley have also been the target of completely unfair bullying from Electronic Arts.

    I cannot divluge any details of the proceedings at the moment though.

    Martin, CEO
    Electroni Carts
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