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  • Star Wars Battlefront alpha leaked, mined for information

  • Marrrfooo 02/07/2015

    @lone_wolf_uk "What have the Bothans ever done for us?"

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  • Marrrfooo 02/07/2015

    How many Bothans died to bring us this information? :P Reply +87
  • Nolan North: "I know they're doing The Last of Us 2"

  • Marrrfooo 30/06/2015

    @MrTomFTW Any game packing 'Boogaloo' in the title is going to be hard to NOT play. Hehehe. Reply +1
  • Battleborn's co-op entertains, but for how long?

  • Marrrfooo 12/06/2015

    I'm not really sure how long it would appeal for.

    All I know is...I wasn't Battleborn yesterday.

    Yeah I went there. I hate me too. :'))
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  • Logitech confirms a new wheel for PS4 - and reveals a new Xbox One contender too

  • Marrrfooo 11/06/2015

    @bad09 The T300RS is excellent and I assure you the default pedals look far more plastic than they feel - there is no plastic flex in them or anything. That said they do lack a clutch pedal but unless you're getting a shifter too I see less point in a clutch personally.

    You also have the full range of additional TM gear to further expand or customise should you want to. More racing-dedicated GT 28 TM wheel, F1 wheel, T3PA-PRO full metal pedals with brake mod (which is great by all accounts and I have my eye on), the shifter too of course.

    I love mine. It's a completely different world in PCARS - so different from using a controller you can't appropriately articulate it - it must be tried or gamble-purchased to truly understand it.

    Alas they are not cheap pieces of kit, but especially with console race sims now coming to console there has never been a better time to invest and enjoy.
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  • Neymar is on the PES 2016 box

  • Marrrfooo 10/06/2015

    Neymar - the PES Dispenser. Eh? Am I right?

    *gets coat*
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  • Project Cars overtakes 1m sales

  • Marrrfooo 06/06/2015

    @mega-gazz It's also pretty damned expensive to play an equivalent amount of content on by comparison to the others isn't it (iRacing)? Reply 0
  • Marrrfooo 05/06/2015


    True from what I've read. But they have a good deal less ground to cover in terms of stuff to squash with significantly fewer circuits (as things stand at present). It's only fair to mention that is all I'm saying.

    Really excited for AC on console next year.

    Kaz Yamauchi must be shitting himself now the competition is so much better than before and numbering more than 1-2 competitors.
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  • Marrrfooo 05/06/2015


    Because at the near-last minute there was a multiplatform crash bug discovered that delayed submission of the patch for consoles whilst it was squashed. This has knock on effects for the PC version.

    Patch 1.4 fixes almost everything that you've listed as a problem. It'll land before F1 2015.
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  • This week's free Witcher 3 DLC is...

  • Marrrfooo 02/06/2015

    It's utterly irresponsible of CDPR to release a game this good. Not only does it largely crap on the genre leading studios efforts (Ubisoft, EA/Bioware) but it even has a minigame that's fun to play and addictive to collect like Pok-crack!

    It took me nearly 200hrs to play Dragon Age Inquisition. I will possibly have not finished this before the story DLC in October!

    Ban this sick filth! :D
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  • FIFA 16 features female national teams for first time

  • Marrrfooo 28/05/2015

    Brilliant. Genuinely. End of. Reply +15
  • Actually, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, I think you'll find…

  • Marrrfooo 15/05/2015

    Simples: Swap it for a bullet train and up the ante. :P Reply +25
  • New Witcher 3 CGI trailer tops the lot

  • Marrrfooo 14/05/2015

    Engage the HYPErdrive engines! Reply +13
  • Project Cars puts the sport back into motorsport games

  • Marrrfooo 06/05/2015

    @riceNpea T300RS all the way. Add-ons to your taste as well. Reply +2
  • Dirt Rally could well be Codemasters' first real sim

  • Marrrfooo 27/04/2015

    I think 2015+ is a good time to be a racing game developer or a racing peripheral manufacturer. PCARS is bringing a fresh perspective on motorsport and judging by the speed at which T300RS wheels are selling out on Amazon (i.e. gone in less than 2 hours this morning after just returning to stock) there's a growing demand for quality racers and peripherals that could further fuel itself. Cross platform and early access between PC to consoles further allows devs to see the demand and develop titles with confidence. That's before even factoring in how long it's been since a proper rally title was around and the deep love many have for it.

    Funnily enough I think both space sims and racers are coming back as a result of the early access giants like Star Citizen (a behemoth!), Elite, PCARS and Dirt Rally. Long may it continue.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Project Cars

  • Marrrfooo 17/04/2015

    Have a free bone:

    The track list - a source of rife speculation for some time - has been confirmed. It's excellent (many real world tracks carry fake names for licensong reasons but are accurate in all other respects, just to be clear).
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  • Marrrfooo 17/04/2015

    So we've gone from Mike Channell's ridiculous hatchet review of Driveclub - which was not hatchet in terms of the broken online (fair comments at the time) but the suggestion that the core gameplay was poor or dull which was patently not the case...

    ...To emerge at EG premptively shitting on a game via speculative conclusion gathering off early code. Yes it's not very far from release but optimisation and polish takes effect right the way up to release. How you guys didn't think to ask a developer of a widely reported crowd-developed game if they were okay with this beforehand is quite remarkable - and I'm a long time EG reader and admirer.

    Should we expect a 'build them up then knock them down' series of articles for F1 2015 - seeing as that's the next big racer round the corner - in order to earn EG the triple crown of racer trashing?

    DF - please stop the pre-release assessments of game performances. It's a largely moot practice in contemporary game development, disingenuous and makes you look like fools.
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  • The Witcher 3 could take over 200 hours to complete

  • Marrrfooo 31/03/2015

    The key thing I'm focusing on is that CDPR are quite notorious for writing and developing a huge majority of their output themselves so I would expect a good deal of side quests to either be more than just fetch x/y or at least feed back into the story (not all of them will of course).

    DAI on the other hand, whilst I loved it, was filled with way too much pointless side missions (Ubisoftitus - see your GP for mo're info on this highly contagious disease) that revolved around nothing more than fetch or kill quests. It was clear also from resource placement that a lot of it was done by generator/code (either that or they did not bother checking v well as there were lots of resources stuck in the ground that you couldn't extract, for exampe). By comparison. Lot of CDPR work that sort of stuff manually rather than procedurally so there's hope for attention to detail.

    I completed DAI after 190hrs+ (ridiculous) and some of that was chorish - The Witcher 3 will eat me alive. Lol.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront teaser points to full reveal next month

  • Marrrfooo 26/03/2015

    No! Do, or do not! There is no trailer... Reply +3
  • Codemasters announces F1 2015 for PC, PS4, Xbox One

  • Marrrfooo 26/03/2015

    @Wonderboyf60 I think its simply because this is a new engine so was developed with the '14 pack as the content whilst awaiting the 15' cars to be unveiled.

    Codies can, for the next iterations, tweak and polish the engine further and ready themselves for the release of the '16 cars to get the game out maybe even earlier.

    You gotta start somewhere when you're changing development strategy and earning an approx 4 month early release is a decent starting gain. Although release dates mean nothing if it's doesn't play well. Hehe.
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  • Marrrfooo 26/03/2015

    @superfurry But it's just not possible. Not with liveries and tech updates. Codies are trying to get the game out earlier so that with a nice new (hopefully better than ever) engine behind them they can put time into updating the cars for new seasons faster and earlier. But considering the 2015 cars only broke cover a month ago - and with the secrecy and licencing minefield that is F1 - a 3-4 month earlier release than before is a good start.

    How it plays is of course the question. From a personal perspective I'd love to know whether the co-op season mode allows any more than 2 players (i.e. 3 people playing along in a season in different teams). I know most won't be bothered by that but I'm hoping new gen tech power might make that more feasible...
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  • Farming Simulator 15 console release date crops up

  • Marrrfooo 19/03/2015

    @jamyskis1981 I was waiting for someone to drop this in. Great work. :D Reply +1
  • Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 out in April

  • Marrrfooo 19/03/2015

    You wanna play Car Mechanic Simulator 2015?

    *breathes in sharply through teeth*

    That's gonna cost you, mate...

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  • First shots of F1 2015 leak

  • Marrrfooo 16/02/2015

    I am also keenly looking out for this. And second comments regarding co-op season play. It was the foundation of my enjoyment of it with a friend.

    Ironically I now have a further person who might get involved this year - so am now hoping that a rival seasons (as well as the original two man co-op) that will allow for more than two people to participate in a season is possible. But I reckon I'm in the minority on that one. :)
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  • Marrrfooo 16/02/2015

    @Mr-V Interesting comment.

    I didn't pick up 2014 having been on-board since 2012 as I'd moved over to next gen by then. But I thought the handling in 2013 was pretty great. Challenging at times but I didn't find it punishing me or being ridiculously twitchy (a bar set by the ridiculously twitch NFS:Shift 2).

    I'm guessing that it felt easier to keep the car stable for you in 2014? Or was it more about being able to recover the car more easily when it tried to get away from you? Or something else...?

    Am just genuinely curious as to how different it felt from 2013. :)
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  • Video: Battlefield Hardline's image problem

  • Marrrfooo 11/02/2015

    The biggest and most immediate problem for me was that Hardline felt somewhere between a 15-20 BF:Vietnam-esque DLC and an F2P title.

    I think your video is spot on about how thin the skin gets when stretched across the militaristic-fuelled core of the game.

    It clearly trades on the BF name for identity-related sales when what it really should have done was break out as a separately named IP, with the aforementioned toned down weaponry. If it was good enough the fact it was a Visceral title would have been fine (see: "from the guys who brought you (some) of BF4" as a suitable marketing line). This would have given it more room to independently breathe and explore different areas (simply removing planes and tanks and using smaller maps made the experience less diluted than BF often feels early on). Some of the innovations in it were excellent. A free-choice progress path is, for FPS titles on console, bordering on revolutionary and game-smoothing things like picking ammo and health off players who can distribute same but might be too busy to do so show a refreshing player-focused drive to change things up.

    I think parallels with contemporary real world police issues is unfortunate and does it no favours when viewed through the 'social responsibility scope'. It is indeed a debate worth having, but it doesn't feel like a weight worth attaching to the game to bring it down.

    It just doesn't feel different enough to warrant being a full game and feels too similar to standard BF to make the cops 'n' robbers theme come through strongly enough. It feels like a missed opportunity to charge less and start small with a grand and entertaining experiment than to try and convince people that there is a full games worth of *different play* than you get from the BF4 title you probably already own (if you have any interest in it).

    I may not agree with all of the social commentary gravity applied to the video but I think it largely nails why it feels odd/awkward and highlights a debate on social responsibility. But I can't label the game extremely socially wreckless or irresponsible for what it portrays - its simply more vulnerable to negative assessment when social commentary is brought in. It feels a bit harsh to beat a game's theme choice when it's at least trying something different from its past rigid forms in that regard.
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  • Prison Architect will launch in 2015

  • Marrrfooo 30/01/2015

    Played my friends copy of this briefly and loved it and that was about 18+ months ago. Swore when I got a PC I'd pick it up. That time is fast approaching. :) Reply +2
  • Evolve has a free-to-play match-3 mobile game

  • Marrrfooo 30/01/2015

    Evolve - the most ironic of names for a game with the least progressive and most purposeless add-ons and app fluffing out there.

    Give people compelling reasons to play your game. Have an app for stats or management by all means. But splintering your app with other play features and meta-games? Absolute tosh.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Evolve beta

  • Marrrfooo 21/01/2015

    Whilst not to dismiss it entirely I think the biggest problem for me was that this game, under a technical test 4 weeks from launch and post-gold couldn't successfully allow me and up to 2 friends to play together in any server during the whole weekend. It couldn't find any games with 1-3 spaces in. Really? That sounds encouraging doesn't it - and this isn't a game that's trying to get 64 players to play together either. Shambolic technical test from my perspective on PS4 - perhaps the more loved in XBO version worked on that front.

    The only game last year that successfully launched an online focused game without a networking or core game hiccup was Destiny - packing a rumoured half a billion dollar budget.

    Why can't developers get their online components of their titles (we're talking online-focused games) even close to working for launch anymore? I'll be staggered if this doesn't fall over on launch day. Staggered.
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  • Take-Two president criticises Target and Kmart over removing GTA5 in Australia

  • Marrrfooo 09/12/2014

    @Collymilad True, but when you take down products based off consumer/pressure-group outpouring of emotion that gathered support through the misrepresentation of facts, you're pandering to the minority for the sake of dodging potential negative PR outcomes. Essentially they've acted under pressure that built up through spurious claims - but its easy to believe them cos the series and videogames themselves have had shit thrown at them long enough so some will stick. Reply +33
  • F1 2014 is PC and last-gen only

  • Marrrfooo 31/07/2014

    @nothough Formula 1 is one of the very hardest licences to make games for. Dozens of sponsors. Dozens of teams. Dozens of manufacturers. Dozens of drivers. Dozens of circuits. It sounds a bit like an excuse but when you have a guy like Bernie still running the show confirming changes for new season titles is a political and commercial nightmare. And that's before the cars have broken cover only a few weeks before season start at their unveiling. There's a lot of factors that complicate the changes on many levels.

    I think this move is decent one. Frankly an October launch for a November season end is a bit too late. Hopefully the next gen engine and commercial relationships with codies will allow a faster update to incorpate the interseason changes. I miss F1 since moving to PS4. I am happy to wait till next year if its a quality next gen leap.
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  • Destiny Xbox One beta won't be 1080p, but the final version will

  • Marrrfooo 17/07/2014

    @TheEarlOfZinger I see your point but I think it should be alright as not 'everyone' is invited, so to speak, so it limits the numbers a touch.

    For example, when EA announced the sudden live Alpha/test for Battlefield Hardline I decide to fire up my PS4 and see if I could register for it just for fun - I really wasn't hugely keen on playing it. Logged in, got to the tile/page, and then the whole PSN completely crashed under the weight.

    I don't think the Beta should suffer that - certainly not with a limited number of keys / known quantity of keys in circulation. It will be serious red face time if it does...
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  • Ubisoft now employs a chief parkour officer for Assassin's Creed

  • Marrrfooo 17/07/2014

    I bet he climbs the walls when he gets bored in his office...

    *gets coat*
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  • Gran Turismo 7 in the works, standard cars set to stay

  • Marrrfooo 27/06/2014

    If they absolutely have to keep the old standard cars then i hope they make sure you leave an option to exclude them from your races and competition fields. There will be nothing more jarring than seeing those old things clapping around a next gen title. Either make them excludable by player choice or remove them completely. I understand the want to have lots of cars and nostalgia with some of them but you have to draw the line somewhere! Reply +63
  • State of Decay: Lifeline review

  • Marrrfooo 06/06/2014

    @Widge Sorry, I didn't see your reply till just now. Yeah I think it will. As the XBO has much better parity on punch terms with PC they'll prob come out much closer together than they were on 360/PC. I don't know if they've confirmed Class4 will come to PC but I'd be stunned if it didn't. It's just an XBO console exclusive. Reply 0
  • Marrrfooo 04/06/2014

    @Widge Yeah. It's project name is Class4 I believe. It will be fully online (hence why they aren't and can't make SoD online). As a PS4 owner it is one title that I will miss not being cross platform on console. SoD was brilliant. Might pick up this DLC. Reply +12
  • Watch Dogs sells 4m copies in a week

  • Marrrfooo 03/06/2014

    It's an odd one for me.

    The story seems genuinely quite nice and has some genuine emotion in it at least (am just entering Act 2 if I recall). The gunplay in neat. An interesting bunch of weapons that offer some variety at least. An interesting and different soundtrack. A large world. Plenty of quality NPC to NPC interaction in the civilians around the city. Some nice improvements in explosions and smoke usage I think (tiny comment but I notice it). A good cover system (not mixing action and cover buttons *ahemj*Mass Effect 3 *ahem*. Nice lots of good quality animations. Excellent hacking mechanic (i.e. taking down ctOS nodes - not the civilians).

    But in spite of this... The guns don't offer the variety they should after all their quantity and rating system. They seem to do more or less damage but handle nearly identically within type. The AI can be very shaky at times (cars failing to pass a perfect parked car or failing to make a gentle 90 degree bend are common). Cops have super quick cars and unfeasible acceleration at times. The soundtrack can be navigated with a single in-car button meaning if you miss your track you have to cycle through them all again despite there being very few buttons used when in car. It a not possible to shoot from vehicles but it's fine for the AI to do that, apparently! The handbrakes are largely pointless. The handling is too slow to respond / takes too long to full-lock which actually makes small to medium changes very difficult to achieve. The Knock Down only convoy side missions are hugely difficult as even one person remaining with a pistol is nearly impossible to close down to knock them down unless you're lucky enough to be near scenery that you can activate to assist you. And I don't really understand why a game that has such neat stealth elements refuses to allow you to choose when you want to crouch (it does it only when you enter an area) and as a result it just doesn't always feel natural. Sometimes I might wanna swagger into a place and go nuts and sometime a I might wanna sneak - the choice would be nice rather than having my hand somewhat forced. And despite full body animations being excellent the actual facial animations are really not that great or high quality.

    It a a fun game. There's lots to do. But a city of such size doesn't give you that much incentive to explore. There is no motivation to not hack every person you can as you walk past because there is no punishment for hacking 'nice' people but nor does their story stand out in the crowd from others in order to allow you to notice the difference. Plus the hacking of civilians is basically a press square to win button which cheapens the efforts of you elsewhere in the game and allows you to buy all weapons within about 3-4hrs of the start of the game (and you'll pick up half off the AI by then anyway).

    There's a canvas for good deal more. The paint used is quality in some places but elsewhere the shapes it portrays are identifiable but you're left feeling it could have been lots more. 7/10 is probably fair.

    What worries me is that Ubi will see the sales and assume that all of that was down to game content and direction (rather than an enormous marketing budget and a seriously barren patch for next-generation gamers in particular that motives the purchase).
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  • Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One expanded draw-distance shown off

  • Marrrfooo 16/05/2014

    To be fair they've hardly used dramatic landscapes to demonstrate it (i.e. cliff or mountains) so that doesn't help it. It doesn't strike me as a massive leap. But then again I don't recall the PC version having that much of a draw distance over it although I know you could configure it quite extensively if you wanted. Has it just been too long since I used the PC version....? Reply +2
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts the best-selling PS4 and Xbox One game

  • Marrrfooo 07/05/2014

    @PinktotheLast Quite possibly the ONLY silver lining to the whole affair, but you're quite right... Reply +2
  • Evolve community manager fired after Twitter racism controversy

  • Marrrfooo 02/05/2014

    I feel for the guy I honestly do. But as a community manager, therefore a person who's job is to be a form of outward communication and representation for Turtle Rock, to comment on something of that nature is dangerous. More importantly, (if he absolutely had to comment at all) he perhaps should have been more unequivocal about distancing himself from Sterling's poisonous point of view. Support of free speech is of course important but merely doing so without distancing oneself from Sterling's views CAN lead to questions about whether that person was in fact subtly attempting to throw support behind not just freedom of speech (fine) but also Sterling's view (absolutely not fine). Allowing space for the element of doubt draws negative attention to both him and Turtle Rock and makes his position untenable. It's a sad outcome but as a community manager I think he probably should have thought about the consequence of his wording. I don't believe he was backing Sterling, but the fact it's possible at all to argue it, means he's backed himself and TR into a corner they can only try to get out of by sacrificing him it seems. Reply 0
  • Hooah! When games speak like soldiers, are they missing part of the message?

  • Marrrfooo 29/04/2014

    Try watching Generation Kill (the TV series based upon the Evan Wright book). It's an excellent series, gritty and quite revealing - but the level of military speak in it is like nothing I've ever seen before. It seems to me that the military uses 'Mike(s)' a huge amount. From 'fourty mike mikes' (40mm) to 'ETA 40 mikes' (ETA 40 minutes) to Oscar Mike etc. Reply +14
  • Developer of Sony's F2P zombie MMO H1Z1 promises "fair" monetisation

  • Marrrfooo 24/04/2014

    @Lunastra78 I would suggest that the effort that's gone into Everquest Next Landmark means that branching into another MMO after all they are doing with ENL means that H1Z1 could get up to speed a fair bit faster. ENL covers construction, expansive maps, lighting effects and things like that. I am not sure if they are in the same engine though - it wouldn't surprise me if they were (or if the H1Z1 engine was derived from the ENL one).

    It seems that Sony is trying to place itself to give MMO a serious stab in the two sub-genres that have provided most sales and continued support (fantasy/WoW, zombies/DayZ and construction/Minecraft).

    I think the critical thing I suppose is listening to the players though and that's something that SoE at least seems to put quite central to how these things are steered. Big developers running almost an indie-style open-door policy is quite bold but thus far it seems to be working.
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  • Platform exclusive MGS5: Ground Zeroes content to be made available to all

  • Marrrfooo 24/04/2014

    Nice that it's free - the whole 'platform exclusive' really wasn't a draw for one platform over the other I don't think.

    That said, I suspect the XBO players will be getting more for their freebie than PS4 players - I didn't really give much care for the Raiden mission by the looks of it - although more reason to spend time in that excellent engine is always nice. Gift horse and all that. :)

    The Deja Vu mission is, for fans of the series, a really nice (and daft) treat.
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  • This is what a full Evolve hunt looks like

  • Marrrfooo 24/04/2014

    Despite the love of L4D and Turtle Rock, I was sceptical that the asymmetic competitive element would work (remembering how asymmetric L4D was painful, by and large).

    This video alleviates pretty much every worry. Large levels, ability for the monster to play to a hit and run playstyle (but not just that playstyle) and to hide and ambush, strong need for the hunters to work collectively (and there being little skill overlap between classes, thus making knockouts to certain team members change the play), the need for the hunters to be aware of their surroundings for both the hunt and their own safety.

    In terms of multiplayer, it could be a bit of a gamechanger.
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  • Minecraft PS3 worlds will transfer to PS4, possibly Vita

  • Marrrfooo 24/04/2014

    @skowhegan I imagine the idea would be to take the PS3 map and place it in the middle of the PS4 new world seed, if you chose to upload it. The difficulty would be getting the larger world to match around the edges of the PS3 import world (without having world holes etc).

    I am really keen on this. I've been on Minecraft since the Alpha PC days and got it on XB360 but really want it on PS4 and would seriously enable me to buy a Vita too.

    It would be nice to be able to gain access to more skins and maybe a few mods - but lets walk before we can run, eh...
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  • Project Cars commits to Nov 2014 release with stunning new trailer

  • Marrrfooo 23/04/2014

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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition release date announced

  • Marrrfooo 22/04/2014

    "Enchantment? Enchantment!!"

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  • Grid Autosport is the Codemasters racing game you've been waiting for

  • Marrrfooo 22/04/2014

    I'm encouraged by the move overall by Codies. I would only really consider it on a next-gen basis (having moved over) but that's just me. I would however say this with a tinge of burnt-before scepticism...

    I love Codies as a developer but their F1 series was a demonstration that even without completely rebooting an engine and just improving it (although improving it markedly in several ways) it took them almost six months post release to sort the bugs out and some of them would have been absolutely obvious has more concerted testing efforts been made (or the game not forcibly released so soon - it must have been one of the two reasons for it). Therefore a next-gen Codies game SHOULD be phenomenal, but I would expect, sadly, that I'd have to wait a few months post-release to be able to play it comfortably without near-game breaking bugs being present.

    It sounds like I'm being down on Codies - I'm really not trying to be that way, I genuinely love so much of their work and their general attitude. But as far as released product was concerned, at least sofar as the F1 series was concerned; once bitten...

    I hope they nail it. :)
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  • Marrrfooo 22/04/2014

    @JoeGBallad Because some games, despite faults in other areas, offered an immersive in-cockpit view that was the best on console to date *cough* Shift *cough*. The whole point of the cockpit view is that it (should) be a totally different perspective to the racing - but the importance and subtlety of door-to-door racing is most keenly felt when in cockpit - and if you do cockpit configurations well enough you should be able to choose whether you see it from a closer-style helmet perspective, or from a wider angle but less eye-realistic view - which again Shift did (despite getting the handling so twitchingly wrong).

    You can't claim to be a *serious* racing game if you don't provide this basic version of playing a racer like a real driver would. It doesn't make you less of a racer for not using it, but don't expect yourself to get taken seriously as a sim-like racing game if you don't provide it. Would Burnout have benefitted from such a view? Absolutely not. But it wasn't a serious racer but was still epic without it.

    I have friends that use the bonnet cams when we played Forza before. I appreciate it gives a more 'thorough' view of the racing, but I prefer and am used to the perspective of a cockpit (and I'm a glutten for that kind of in-car challenge) and as such find the bonnet cam inertia all wrong. I'm sure if I used it persistently like they did I'd get used to it and find the cockpit hard going - but part of the challenge (for me) is that you can't see everything from behind a helmet (in fact most racers are quite generous with their in-cockpit views at times). But again, and you alluded to this in part, an Oculus-type affair would make a realistically restricted helmet view viable - doing it absolutely realistically without that feature is a plain disadvantage (as real drivers can of course turn their heads to get around the restricted view that you can't do so intuitively with a controller/wheel).
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  • Codemasters announces Grid Autosport, cockpit cam returns

  • Marrrfooo 22/04/2014

    If it's going for a more realistic slant, that would be great. More variety in formulas is nice but is not enough on its own for me. Shame they're not able to go next-gen as yet. Then again, new platforms and new engine would, allied with the 'questionable' testing setup at Codies, lead to more bugs than a Starship Troopers film.

    But if its not next gen I find it hard to imagine me wanting to get it having moved over already. I do appreciate of course that most will not have done so yet.

    Well done for bringing the cockpit back though.
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