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  • Rainbow Six Siege hits 25 million players as Operation White Noise launches

  • Marrrfooo 06/12/2017

    @Bloobat Well they are but unless they're the original characters they're pretty prohibitively expensive (take a long time to earn enough to unlock). A great game and support system though. :) Reply +1
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta begins next week

  • Marrrfooo 16/02/2017

    The audio and gun play was okay but it just didn't feel like any actual firefights were much fun. If you stealthed it you felt badass but get into an exchange of fire and it felt terrible rough. What on earth was the deal with the helicopter controls in the closed beta? It started off doing one thing and then seemingly shifted mid-flight to a different model. It desperately needs fixing for that to be fun anyway... Reply +1
  • Here's everything that's new and noteworthy in the leaked Project Cars 2 trailer

  • Marrrfooo 01/02/2017

    @Foxtrot-Oscar I'm not sure there was much that could be done from a code perspective post-release to improve the pad handling. Also it's intrinsically personal nature made that harder to service for everyone. That doesn't detract from the fact that it's handling from default was unquestionably poorer than its contemporary rivals in terms of pad play and tweaking it to improve it was challenging to comprehend at the least. And that was acknowledged by SMS but they did also come in for a lot of abuse over it and other things which was pointless and unnecessary and there were a handful of things that I saw elements of the community jump on as a valid weapon to beat them with that served no purpose other than to vent spleen.

    It was widely accepted that for PC2 the pad handling and overall QA/QC would be a focal element amongst others. The former was a victim of a PC/wheel community that helped develop it. The latter was not budgeted for properly in terms of console code and that was also admitted as a mistake and something that would not be repeated. Those are the things that, this time round, were they still to be lacking then no defence would be given...
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  • Marrrfooo 01/02/2017

    @christopherdorn That is great to hear. I loved PC1 but invested in a T300 shortly before so played with a wheel and loved it. Hated the pad despite attempts to better it. I know others found settings that worked for them but I tried and failed. If they can at least set their handling benchmark to around Assetto Corsa's level then they'd be in an enormously strong place in terms of console racers.

    The track list was really good. The car mix was too. The community had some really great peeps in it (as well as the vitriolic nutters as all communities have). Yes it did fall short on some early promises but it otherwise pushed console sim racing forward for me.

    I'm aiming to play PC2 with a pad as the wheel is hard work to setup to an extent so the pad handling needs to be much better out of the box and easier to configure. But AC proved it's doable and SMS did say they were making it a focus (along with an actual console testing phase or two). Fingers crossed...
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  • PS4's big new update (the one with folders) goes live

  • Marrrfooo 13/09/2016

    @antmusic97 As I understand it the only thing you'll be getting HDR from off the back of this update as of right now is any HDR content you stream via something like Netflix. Games have to be designed to exploit HDR and no PS4 title currently is. However many can make relatively small adjustments to provide HDR as a patch (Deus Ex is doing this shortly I understand amongst others) and going forward of course devs can implement HDR from the get go.

    (This of course assumes you have a 4K TV that also outputs HDR10 - as I understand it the PS4 is backing HDR10 not the HDR that Dolby support).
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  • Our No Man's Sky review will be late, and here's why

  • Marrrfooo 08/08/2016

    @ManBearPig I was thrown when the 30hr stuff started to do the round. I wanted to just try and convey the sense of exploration in it all without spoiling anything. The post was a bit mega in size I alologise. I don't want people to be discouraged by that 30hr stuff and the day one patch is making some really important changes for the better too. I really want to get back out there. Reply +5
  • Marrrfooo 08/08/2016

    So I top got my release copy on Sat AM. I resisted it till the evening and played about 8hrs over the weekend.

    It is a game the enjoyment of which rests upon the fulcrum of self-immersion for me.

    I was stranded on freezing planet (-70 in day -90 at night) meaning any time spent outside my ship was regulated by how much enviro shield my suit still had and the life support energy. If the former expires the elements will kill you, if the latter expires the lack of oxygen in your suit will kill you. Almost certainly the two will never happen together because if they do then the show is certainly over (for now).

    That feeling of being on a planet alone with a stranded ship as you forage out for stuff to fix it, huddling in the cockpit to warm up and recharge is quite powerful. I was taught to fear night, find a cave if I misjudged my distance from the ship to keep warm. It's very much thenjoyed elements versus you initially. You are intentionally told not a great deal and made to learn by doing which is very much the exploratory spirit.

    Once you leave a planet then you start to manage inventory more. Certain resources need to be on hand to recharge things both for your mobile equipment and the ship. Inventories between the two are relatively simple to manage but leave a vital something on the ship and find yourself a long way from it and issues will quickly emerge. It's a balance. The patch to increase the amounts will be very welcome.

    I learnt many Korvax words. Travelled to 3 or 4 planets. Discovered mostly herbivorous creatures but did come across one horrific bipedal carnivore with tentacles that was fairly close to nightmare fuel and immediately attempted to consume me no sooner had I scanned it (traversing back across the same area minutes later I climbed a cliff and one was at the top and tried this again).

    So a lot of this game involves your enjoyment of exploration. Folding yourself into that role somewhat. Then you start to explore systems. Are faced with orbital space stations to dock into without any loading screens. Leave them and breeze across to a neighbouring planet that can take 1-5mins to get to under cheap booster or seconds in a short intra-system jump that requires a more expensive replenishment of fuel. Thus you're presented with some choices in your travels. You're always told how long it takes to get somewhere so no fear of waiting without knowing.

    I was attacked by space pirates once I started to possess more advanced resources needed to replenish tech. Nothing is the same when your ship politely informs you as you approach a system 'Hostile Scan Detected' followed by 'Hostile Ships Approaching' and you're thrust into ship combat. It's not enormously sophisticated but it's fun and escaping early is not an option at least.

    I traversed from a planet, to an orbital space station and then across to another planet a few mins away. I landed at night. Took in the bizarre colours of this new planet. Sold some things to a Korvax. Took in an alien planets sunset. Explored till dawn. And stood momentarily awestruck up at the bluish sky as I looked and watched a ship leave the planet and stream towards where I'd just come from. Looming in the sky was the planet I'd been at hours before. Alongside it was the orbital station a bright spec in the day sky. Trade routes and a few bright specs from ship engines visibly traversing the skyscape and stars going about their business. And that is magical. There is no other word for it. Whatever else the game brings it is magical, sometimes brutal, sometimes hard work, sometimes punishing. But I stood and looked up at places I'd been and realised I'd travelled these distances and never once seen a load screen. I'd appreciated sights I would in real life given the chance.

    I will need to delete and restart but I don't mind...

    Whether your more Kirk than Picard or Obi-Wan than Solo there's a place for you out there. Millions of spaces in fact. Your adventure is what you make it. But if that sort of thing works for you I genuinely think gaming may never be the same again for you. It's a digital frontier of sorts. Sure it's just a game but it's actually bigger than all of us combined. It's such an achievement that it works at all let alone works as well as it does.
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  • F1 2016 looks to have learnt some lessons from Dirt Rally

  • Marrrfooo 29/07/2016

    It is looking enormously promising. There are two major items that I could really do with knowing more about:

    Wheel play
    2015 had possibly the worst force feedback of any game I'd played with a wheel in years. There was zero FFB in the middle 30-60 degrees of movement which entirely sucked the joy out of flowing gentle corner complexes when you couldn't feel the curbs or the car at all and made it downright awful in wet conditions as you stood no chance to feel the car start to get away from you. You were done or you were fine. I desperately hope they have improved that as that was the reason I dumped 2015 within single figure hours of play.

    Online co-op
    There was a pretty decent Co-op season mode going in 2014 that was dumped in 2015. I appreciate there has been confirmation of multiplayer but no confirmation of a season Co-op mode. And no one seems to be asking about it either. I grant that it was a relatively unique offering for a licensed racing title but it was so appropriate and well done that an absence of it in 2016 would be a huge disappointment (although the apparently quality of the single player would be enough to see me pick it up anyway). Has anyone from Codies confirmed or discussed co-op with anyone?
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  • System Shock reboot is coming to PS4

  • Marrrfooo 21/07/2016

    Had been eying this and hoping it would get PS4 launch. I now have no reason to not back it. Hehe. Reply +2
  • Ark: Survival of the Fittest PS4 on hold

  • Marrrfooo 21/07/2016

    I don't really understand how you could rationally bring a spin-off to a platform before the main game had landed on the plstform anyway! Maybe I'm alone on that... Hehe. Reply +9
  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4K

  • Marrrfooo 10/06/2016

    How on earth does a system be intended to sit alongside or to complement the original yet cost more than the original system does?

    Surely you either price it higher because it's superior and could effectively replace it or you price it same or lower like some form of add on?

    And this is before even considering a potential multi-tier console platform - arguably pretty much flying in the face of the point of consoles...
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  • F1 2016 reintroduces safety car and career mode to Codemasters' series

  • Marrrfooo 27/05/2016

    I'm really hoping that cooperative online in the career or a career-lite for multilayer is available.

    The absence of a career in 2015 was inexcusable for me. It smacked of lazy when you saw how poorly thought through the threadbare online elements were too.

    The essential need will be for proper wheel feedbacknow. It was the worst placting racer for FFB on a wheel in nearly a decade. Really disappointed by last year having been quite enjoying the previous years.

    Dirt proved that Codies could do a genre of racing right. I hope F1 2016 does a Red Bull / Ferrari and closes the gap they inexplicably allowed to develop of late.
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  • The latest PS4 update does some cool, unannounced things

  • Marrrfooo 08/04/2016

    @flaming.carrot The more problematic issue is that uploads need to be individually cleared manually. Or at least they did at last check. Annoying task to clear them and even more annoying that a 'List is full' notification is lacking for uploads but instead the console fails to upload anything until you clear the list once it hits the mystical limit. Minor, but remarkably daft. Reply +1
  • Trackmania Turbo review

  • Marrrfooo 24/03/2016

    I played the beta and enjoyed it in small bursts after the initial self-competing addiction of improved times faded away.

    It felt very much like a solo title. Whilst of course the online is a time attack format the presence of literally dozens of other racing ghosts largely blurs the sense of competition back into one of beating a clock rather than a specific person.

    I was rather hoping there might be room for both time attack and race formats but that doesn't seem to be the case. Whilst many tracks are quite narrow and would therefore hinder live non-ghost racing it feels like the online element isn't really multilayer at all but more of the same ghost-beating but with so many on-track at any one time it's actually impossible to maintain a visual on any ghost until you compare times at the finish.

    It looks lovely and runs smoothly and I have no doubt that when this comes over to PSVR the first person view will be wonderfully sickening. The control are weightier but have a learning curve to them whic is nice. And for Ł25 there's a lot of time attack for the entry fee. I think I just felt there was an opportunity for an additional layer of racing against others that was missed here to really round the game off.
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  • Dirt Rally rides onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One in April

  • Marrrfooo 07/12/2015

    Delighted its finally coming. Come on Codies. Show us what you can really do. So excited. Reply +3
  • Star Wars Battlefront patched, Barrage and DL-44 reportedly nerfed

  • Marrrfooo 01/12/2015

    Not a single mention of the near-crazy short cool down timers on grenades? Or the potential to carry at least 2x cards worth of them + potential special card (as Westie pointed out)? Nor the near-useless properties of Emperor Palpatine?

    I mean the tweaks they've done are good - let me be clear - but certainly at least the grenades needs a little rebalancing when they're absolutely fucking everywhere all the time. Hehe.
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  • Is Boba Fett overpowered in Star Wars Battlefront?

  • Marrrfooo 26/11/2015

    I would have said the chocolate teapot nature of Emperor Palpatine was a larger issue to address. Whilst offering a similar support role as Leia he really is soft as hell, requires extreme closeups to do any damange and is just generally dreadful to play with I find. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 at 10: Major Nelson, voice of a generation

  • Marrrfooo 25/11/2015

    Random Article Published.

    Sorry Christian - this one failed me. What was the point? That he was different? That he represented MS but wasn't a stereotypical 18-30er? That he was funny?

    You referenced his suits (ignoring the awful Magnum PI ripoff shirts that became his God awful centrepiece after a while), a yabbering-sounding podcast he did and that was about it that I could gather...

    He never hit the right chord for me. Always tried to be close to dude/bro without ever saying it, always introduced himself with one long sentence spouted so quickly it was effectively one word: 'HeythisisMajorNelsonforXboxLivecomingtoyoufromSanFranciscoComic...'

    I'm sure as a person he's great. As others have indicated as a rep for Xbox I just didn't get him at all and eventually he grated on me. By comparison to the Outside Xbox lot it really underlined how much he missed the tone.
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  • Konami sorry about incomplete PES 2016 transfer update

  • Marrrfooo 03/11/2015

    A truly excellent game in terms of play, visuals and even in-match audio - let down by the utter ever-more staggering incompetence of Konami.

    You know what guys, just save the lost value and sell up now. Keep the dev team together but sell them off to a publisher who will actually not continually screw the franchise into the ground in spite of the great turnaround the development team has done.
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  • Rocket League match mutators to arrive in free November update

  • Marrrfooo 28/10/2015

    @cowell I'm pretty sure the matchmaking at launch was all over the shop, even Psyonix made reference to it and it was patched promptly after. The matchmaking was specifically tweaked and geared more towards ability/experience in the game.

    No game is perfect in that regard but it's a whole heap better at finding the right level of people than it did at launch (I found anyway).
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  • Star Wars Battlefront has a Ł40 Season Pass

  • Marrrfooo 13/10/2015

    @Bertie Indeed. But the promise of making it slightly cheaper with the outcome being that actually the player base becomes more fractured and thus your potential play experience is harmed is disingenuous.

    In addition it also suggests that the price of the DLC on an individual basis is artificially inflated. I assume in absence of data that most of their DLC purchases don't come from Season Passers. If that assumption is correct it makes it self-defeating to tease with the lower more comprehensive price. It also means you're spending money on DLC the contents of which you don't know. That's less clear than crowdfunding - how can that be the go-to method large publishers have gone to to try make money from gamers?
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  • Marrrfooo 13/10/2015

    I must admit I did buy BF Premium for BF4 quite early after release. That was a stupid thing to do and a complete gamble at the time. I will say it's a game that has given a great deal back in terms of DLC content and I don't feel entirely ripped off by it - but any DLC that matches release price is wrong. It was still a stupid thing to do.

    I generally don't agree with Season Passes. Price your DLC competitively and leave it at that. Let people buy what they want or not. I dislike DLC that splits user bases but I can't blanketly say all DLC is bad as there has been some that's been both reasonably priced and fun (e.g. PCARS). At least with PCARS/R6:S/Rocket League the DLC doesn't split the user base. That is as close as I think we'll get to paid for DLC being done right.

    Regardless, I will only consider buying DLC when I know what I'm getting so won't ever 'Premium'/Season Pass up front again.
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  • The original WipEout design document revealed

  • Marrrfooo 02/10/2015

    If WipEouT ever made it to a crowfunding platform - it would explode. Absolutely.

    I'd like to think Sony wouldn't let it get that far and would instead at least support a crowdfunded effort or something.

    It simply never had a rival. It was a genre to itself much in the same way Mario Kart was. Nothing ever touched it nor will it.

    One lives in hope. ;)
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  • Sony's Shu Yoshida talks the next 20 years of PlayStation

  • Marrrfooo 30/09/2015

    @Dysonism Yeah Phil Spencer has really been central to the MS/XBO PR front and that's a great thing as he's very down to earth and accessible as well as his obvious technical experience. Personally I can't stand Major Nelson and am glad to see less of him. Between the shirts and faux-overexcitement... Reply +4
  • Video: Nolan North talks about the realities of video game acting

  • Marrrfooo 25/09/2015

    Ah one day this industry will have a hall of fame - and somewhere among the Carmack's, Falizek's, Druckmann's and Meier's there'll be the North's, Baker's and Johnson's of this industry who breathe levels of life into videogames thought impossible even a decade ago. Bless 'em all. Reply +4
  • PES 2016 vs FIFA 16: a friendly comparison

  • Marrrfooo 18/09/2015

    @Illgameonanything You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for posting that. Much appreciated. :D Reply +1
  • Marrrfooo 18/09/2015

    @Illgameonanything I was a PESer from 1 through to '08 I think. Have been Fifa since. I've actually bought both this year. I know one will fall by the wayside but I really feel that PES feels more representative. I also find the three choices of tackling a far more realistic and less desperate crutch for defending. Having a standing tackle and a slide only feels too limited to me and favours the inertia of attackers in Fifa.

    Even the day of release there were streams of people playing with updated option files active for kits and badges. The absence of licencing is ironically becoming less and less of a problem for PES in reality.

    Plus - and I say this as a Gooner - I'd take Jon Champion over Alan Smith's co-commentary. Sorry Alan.
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  • World of Tanks is coming to PS4

  • Marrrfooo 16/09/2015

    @OriTheBattleBorn Try WarThunder's tank modes if you can - the simulation mode removes all of this stuff. It's like a cross between Predator and Fury. In a good way. ;) Reply +2
  • The BBC's Grand Theft Auto drama was weird and meaningless

  • Marrrfooo 16/09/2015

    A spectacular waste of licence fee money is I suppose the underlying unavoidable fact it leaves you with.

    Bar Paxton's character having some flesh and Radcliffe at least not being awful for any reason other than awful writing the only other moment of merit I could give it was the over-shoulder single-shot piece of the kid leaving the police station and driving away in a cop car. It was nicely shot. That was the best I could come up with.

    Sam Houser appears to wear almost nothing but jumpers. Seems to hate his brother or maybe just put up with him. He treats his staff well at first and then he's a human rights violtation waiting to happen. It was just ridiculous and I'm not surprised at Rockstar's response to it yesterday.

    It was interesting to learn how table tennis became a thing for Rockstar though.

    Oh and they did a wonderful job of making GTA look like nothing other than murdering people. Nothing to do with critiques of society, social commentary, excellent highlighting of the contradictions of modern society and living, of commentaries on the trouble facing people at the different times in which the games were featured - or even just stupid in-jokes that captured the essence of Americana and other western sub-cultures.

    It deserves a multi-part documentary and it deserves to explored and have questions put to it and have them answered by those involved. Rank speculation based on court documents ironically has provided just as little insight as the hysterical newspaper campaigns against GTA did at the time.
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  • Train Simulator 2015 fans rail against removal of US-based content

  • Marrrfooo 08/09/2015

    Rail/bus replacement service DLC confirmed?

    #sorrynotsorry :D
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  • Forza Motorsport 6 takes us back to the series' heyday

  • Marrrfooo 08/09/2015

    @bleeder The career mode in Forza is great for guiding you if you're unsure or don't really want to think too much about your own preferences and instead be loosely guided through disciplines.

    Martin's reference to being able to buy from the top end within an hour or so suggests they've significant reduced the cost / increases the earn rate since F4 (my last visit to Forza). I actually think the DriveClub method of grouping cars by performance and then being given access to a number/all of them is better than individual car buying. If I get given access to a LaFerrari I will immediately drive it and then want to compare with a McLaren P1 or Porsche Concept (918?). To have to buy them individually once reaching their level would bug me and was a cause of minor frustration in F4. But I just found eventually the career kept making me do stuff I simply didn't want to do through rounds of races at circuits that provided little (though there were good ones of course).

    Personally the PCARS approach of giving you all the toys might be a little too full on too soon but it allows for individual enjoyment to your taste based on what's available. And the track list is the best in any racer on console by a stretch. This gives you playgrounds on which to experiment and using a wheel is absolutely out of this world. It's a shame a lot of people could not seem to hack using the controller with it (although the timing boards indicate lots of people worked that out to an exemplary standard).

    If you don't have the desire to experiment with a full toybox then PCARS for example Will frustrate and Forza signs in comparison. But beyond the presence of 80s/90s sports cars and certain licensing hurdles that are hard to get over there's not a great deal for my taste that PCARS lacks compared to Forza, but the track list is better, weather and night racing dynamic and it has the most effective racing AI I've come across (as long as you unlearn what all other console racers have taught you is rational racing behaviour for AI cars).

    I'd love to play Forza 6 but in the absence of an XBO and the money to throw on one for the sake of that game alone its unlikely to happen. Racers on XBO will for me be better than PS4 on controllers thanks to rumble triggers which seem great. Once you own a wheel it becomes moot for me. :)
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  • Hideo Kojima's heartfelt goodbye to Metal Gear

  • Marrrfooo 02/09/2015

    @theFrenchDutch So what you're saying is (controversy over Quiet and the outfits aside - which I agree is weird and distasteful at best) because he has his name tagged into the title he's got a huge ego? Or because there was a video produced talking about the games with people he considered important who ended up talking mostly in praise for his work that that's somehow a character defect in him? Or visiting the family of a person whose illness and strength inspired him and his team at a tough time to maintain perspective makes him an ego?

    It all seems like a little bit of a leap doesn't it? Unless you know something I don't?
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  • Marrrfooo 02/09/2015

    Kojima's achievements when viewed in the cold light of day are extraordinary. He blew the doors off cinematographic storytelling with MGS and explored some very interesting (and some weird as hell) themes throughout the series. He experimented with a few things and pushed a few boundaries. Changing the isometric view to then allow first person shooting was a game changer (somewhat akin to GTA going top-down to 3D) and then moving to over the shoulder as standard camera changed it again - both for the better.

    It went up and sometimes down in terms of quality. It got a little convuluted in terms of story telling at points but was quite simple in others, had some incredible twists and double twists but it did all hold together - largely down to some fascinating characters.

    But they always played well, they were always fun and engrossing but they didn't always take themselves too seriously throughout each game. To me it seems somewhat apt that he blows the doors off once again exiting the building the same way he entered.

    I hope he takes some good time to decide what he does next. It will be fascinating to see where he goes...

    Thanks Kojima-san.
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  • The Witcher 3 sells 6m copies in six weeks

  • Marrrfooo 26/08/2015

    Utterly deserved. It's a fantastic game. Well written, beautifully designed, enormously deep and complicated yet simple to enjoy.

    And frankly it completely raises the bar on what an optional side quest should be, how much genuine care is taken to write them and the interplay they can have with the rest of your play. They are not sources for trinkets or baubles but a series of sub-stories that can each have their place. For that alone they deserve enormous credit and hopefully many others will take great inspiration from it.

    It's sometimes the littlest things that can have the biggest impact...
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  • Professional Lumberjack 2016 falls to PC and console this November

  • Marrrfooo 24/08/2015

    Game Of The Year contenders list blown WIDE open. Reply -2
  • The Phantom Pain is unlike other Metal Gear games

  • Marrrfooo 24/08/2015

    @2late2die It translates in the form of subtitles. This means that enemy radio communications (and crucially tactical stance changes etc) will become clear to you through the subtitled on-screen translation of what you either hear over the radio or ear-wiggling proximity conversations. Without the translator there's no subtitled translation. For a Russian speaking ninja like yourself (assuming you asked the question because you speak or understand it) you might even get more out of the game not nabbing the translator! :) Reply +1
  • Marrrfooo 24/08/2015

    @dfernand Yeah it's a good idea to if you can - but not essential.

    Principally I found it a primer for the adjusted play mechanics (they have been tweaked for the better and not radically changed) and the fact that such a geographically open setting means 360 awareness of your situation with regards to sight lines and waypoint traversal is more important than ever.

    If you can give it a go as its great fun and doesnt take very long to complete but its very replayable and there's plenty to enjoy. Plus it has some references for the upcoming story but not Earth shattering (from what I remember).
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  • Video: How much harder is The Witcher 3 NG+? Here's some gameplay and impressions

  • Marrrfooo 18/08/2015

    @Bagpuss The question was open ended and nearly impossible to answer unless you work for CDPR and the suggestion it was unfinished was inaccurate. That was the cause of negging I believe. You're inability to reconcile the negative perception of an opinion portrayed as a statement of fact is your own challenge I'm afraid.

    It had a few minor bugs but they really were minor. Suggestions of it being incomplete are wide of the mark - my opinion. Additionally the patches have mostly been aimed at providing the free DLC snippets that were roadmapped for post-launch before the game was launched. Some have improved framerates, peovidied additional control options (entire new methods of play if preferences suit) and even allow the deactivation of post-processing effects that actually improve the FPS with nearly no visual downgrade.

    Kind regards,

    The 'Fanboy Twattish Crowd'
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  • The Force is strong with the limited edition Darth Vader-inspired PS4

  • Marrrfooo 17/08/2015

    @rotmm I was thinking something similar. The controller really looks like a cheap unofficial ripoff of a DS4 controller. Really ugly.

    Also - and I'm ashamed to say this as a Star Wars fan - why the red circle? I'm racking my brain but am not getting it. :(
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  • PS4 to get YouTube broadcasting, Communities and more

  • Marrrfooo 12/08/2015

    @jamyskis1981 I think you'd just get negged for framing everything through your own opinion - which is fine - but then projecting the negative perceptions you have on to everyone else.

    I get that people would like more customisation options a for the basic view but I really don't see it as an urgent issue or a big problem. Perhaps I just don't dash between that many games at a time - because the stuff I play is quickly accessible in the current layout. Is the folder gripe mainly a multimedia organising frustration (something I honestly have no consideration of to be fair)?

    I also don't get other people moaning about the social media stuff that isn't forced on anybody. I'm now in my thirties and I get that younger generations are arguably more social media focused than many my age but I don't get the horror reactions when it's not forced on you at all.

    I also hear the 'appear offline' thing a lot - but seemingly from people who don't even want to play online in secret - they just want to play alone. In which case they can log out and get the same effect. Again not a perfect solution but not a real problem as far as I can see. And those that want to appear offline to their friends but be connected must be able to see that that's more than a little oxymoronic and I doubt indicative of the majority of players.

    Some of the gripes and stuff that people miss I get. But the level of knee-jerk mini-rage on so much of it I just can't quite see the logic in.
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  • Metal Gear Solid: The first modern video game

  • Marrrfooo 12/08/2015

    A friend of mine lent this to me as he was going away for a week and couldn't play it. I'd barely heard of it.

    He gave it to me Saturday morning. Come Sunday evening I'd finished it. The first time I'd played a game that gripped me to the point of being unable to out it down.

    As quite an explorative gamer it sang to my playstyle. The twists were fantastic. The characters and dialogue interesting, surprising and funny. It was a playable action/thriller and it really did just about change everything.

    I did see someone playing it a while back and I think the change to the first/third person flexibility of its contemporaries really undermines it. Only because it's less frustrating to hit stuff as missing is solely down to you whereas you could argue sometimes the occasional choice of camera in MGS made depth perception harder than you might have liked. And of course the textures by comparison haven't aged well.

    But it also the call back to it in MGS4. Going back to Shadow Moses was almost like discovering a younger version of you again. You'd go back and remeber so much of it but in hazy details. You'd remember certain fights and pieces of scenery (aided by flashbacks too) and the music would kick in and Kojima all but took you back to 1998. For a few minutes at least. That was magical but only possible if you'd played and loved the original.

    That call back is still the greatest in video games for me. It was genuinely emotional to return there after so much real time and so much game/story time. He was reconnecting the story world with your own. Mirroring the self-relfection of Snake and all he'd done up to that point with his first cautious actions along with your own unavoidable reflection on the games he'd made that you played.

    It has its faults. Everyone and everything does. But to be able to conjure up that level of sentiment, for me, takes genuine vision and touches of genius - not matter what comes after.
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  • The people behind Project Cars are making a Red Bull Air Race game

  • Marrrfooo 05/08/2015

    Did not see that coming!

    Looks fun. Very interesting prospect. Giving coverage to an under-appreciated sporting competition. It does makes sense for a racer dev to make a racer after all.

    Colour me interested.
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  • FIFA 16 introduces Draft mode for Ultimate Team, and builds upon career mode

  • Marrrfooo 05/08/2015

    But will I be able to play with a friend online against the AI (without being chained to a single player)? Reply -1
  • New article on Konami paints a bleak picture

  • Marrrfooo 03/08/2015

    It's like they're turning into some borstal-esque version of Zynga... Reply +12
  • Don't Starve announces Shipwrecked DLC

  • Marrrfooo 01/08/2015

    @Sora888 Thanks. It just feels like its been in early access for going on a year now. Considering what it is it surprises me it's not 'out' yet. :) Reply 0
  • Marrrfooo 31/07/2015

    Whatever happened to Dont Starve Together for consoles?? Reply +4
  • An hour with Randy Pitchford

  • Marrrfooo 24/07/2015

    The man is either a compulsive liar or, more likely, a complete Spin Machine.

    Everything he says is consistently hard to understand in the context of the real world. He's evasive. Inconsistent. He even presents himself professionally in part linking back to his magician past.

    The guy is now a caricature. He's the American Peter Molyneux in terms of credibility.

    It's so sad. Those Brothers In Arms days seem so far away now...
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  • Looks like there's a Dead Island: Definitive Edition

  • Marrrfooo 22/07/2015

    I pretty much assumed Dying Light was DI:Definitive Ed. (tongue in cheek but somewhat serious). I mean they made the combat system work much better. Changed the location. And that was about it. Well plus the free running - but that really was the key/sole differentiator.

    It was fun to play don't get me wrong. But it really wasn't a large departure from DI.
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  • Project Cars gets biggest update yet

  • Marrrfooo 21/07/2015

    @silus Note the free Lykan Motorsport and Audi A1... Reply 0
  • Marrrfooo 21/07/2015

    @Madspyker66 One that has to make ends meet to continue to employ a staff large enough to carry on the good work they've done before losing them all to other projects. Reply 0