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  • The Witcher 3 sells 6m copies in six weeks

  • Marrrfooo 26/08/2015

    Utterly deserved. It's a fantastic game. Well written, beautifully designed, enormously deep and complicated yet simple to enjoy.

    And frankly it completely raises the bar on what an optional side quest should be, how much genuine care is taken to write them and the interplay they can have with the rest of your play. They are not sources for trinkets or baubles but a series of sub-stories that can each have their place. For that alone they deserve enormous credit and hopefully many others will take great inspiration from it.

    It's sometimes the littlest things that can have the biggest impact...
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  • Professional Lumberjack 2016 falls to PC and console this November

  • Marrrfooo 24/08/2015

    Game Of The Year contenders list blown WIDE open. Reply -2
  • The Phantom Pain is unlike other Metal Gear games

  • Marrrfooo 24/08/2015

    @2late2die It translates in the form of subtitles. This means that enemy radio communications (and crucially tactical stance changes etc) will become clear to you through the subtitled on-screen translation of what you either hear over the radio or ear-wiggling proximity conversations. Without the translator there's no subtitled translation. For a Russian speaking ninja like yourself (assuming you asked the question because you speak or understand it) you might even get more out of the game not nabbing the translator! :) Reply +1
  • Marrrfooo 24/08/2015

    @dfernand Yeah it's a good idea to if you can - but not essential.

    Principally I found it a primer for the adjusted play mechanics (they have been tweaked for the better and not radically changed) and the fact that such a geographically open setting means 360 awareness of your situation with regards to sight lines and waypoint traversal is more important than ever.

    If you can give it a go as its great fun and doesnt take very long to complete but its very replayable and there's plenty to enjoy. Plus it has some references for the upcoming story but not Earth shattering (from what I remember).
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  • Video: How much harder is The Witcher 3 NG+? Here's some gameplay and impressions

  • Marrrfooo 18/08/2015

    @Bagpuss The question was open ended and nearly impossible to answer unless you work for CDPR and the suggestion it was unfinished was inaccurate. That was the cause of negging I believe. You're inability to reconcile the negative perception of an opinion portrayed as a statement of fact is your own challenge I'm afraid.

    It had a few minor bugs but they really were minor. Suggestions of it being incomplete are wide of the mark - my opinion. Additionally the patches have mostly been aimed at providing the free DLC snippets that were roadmapped for post-launch before the game was launched. Some have improved framerates, peovidied additional control options (entire new methods of play if preferences suit) and even allow the deactivation of post-processing effects that actually improve the FPS with nearly no visual downgrade.

    Kind regards,

    The 'Fanboy Twattish Crowd'
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  • The Force is strong with the limited edition Darth Vader-inspired PS4

  • Marrrfooo 17/08/2015

    @rotmm I was thinking something similar. The controller really looks like a cheap unofficial ripoff of a DS4 controller. Really ugly.

    Also - and I'm ashamed to say this as a Star Wars fan - why the red circle? I'm racking my brain but am not getting it. :(
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  • PS4 to get YouTube broadcasting, Communities and more

  • Marrrfooo 12/08/2015

    @jamyskis1981 I think you'd just get negged for framing everything through your own opinion - which is fine - but then projecting the negative perceptions you have on to everyone else.

    I get that people would like more customisation options a for the basic view but I really don't see it as an urgent issue or a big problem. Perhaps I just don't dash between that many games at a time - because the stuff I play is quickly accessible in the current layout. Is the folder gripe mainly a multimedia organising frustration (something I honestly have no consideration of to be fair)?

    I also don't get other people moaning about the social media stuff that isn't forced on anybody. I'm now in my thirties and I get that younger generations are arguably more social media focused than many my age but I don't get the horror reactions when it's not forced on you at all.

    I also hear the 'appear offline' thing a lot - but seemingly from people who don't even want to play online in secret - they just want to play alone. In which case they can log out and get the same effect. Again not a perfect solution but not a real problem as far as I can see. And those that want to appear offline to their friends but be connected must be able to see that that's more than a little oxymoronic and I doubt indicative of the majority of players.

    Some of the gripes and stuff that people miss I get. But the level of knee-jerk mini-rage on so much of it I just can't quite see the logic in.
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  • Metal Gear Solid: The first modern video game

  • Marrrfooo 12/08/2015

    A friend of mine lent this to me as he was going away for a week and couldn't play it. I'd barely heard of it.

    He gave it to me Saturday morning. Come Sunday evening I'd finished it. The first time I'd played a game that gripped me to the point of being unable to out it down.

    As quite an explorative gamer it sang to my playstyle. The twists were fantastic. The characters and dialogue interesting, surprising and funny. It was a playable action/thriller and it really did just about change everything.

    I did see someone playing it a while back and I think the change to the first/third person flexibility of its contemporaries really undermines it. Only because it's less frustrating to hit stuff as missing is solely down to you whereas you could argue sometimes the occasional choice of camera in MGS made depth perception harder than you might have liked. And of course the textures by comparison haven't aged well.

    But it also the call back to it in MGS4. Going back to Shadow Moses was almost like discovering a younger version of you again. You'd go back and remeber so much of it but in hazy details. You'd remember certain fights and pieces of scenery (aided by flashbacks too) and the music would kick in and Kojima all but took you back to 1998. For a few minutes at least. That was magical but only possible if you'd played and loved the original.

    That call back is still the greatest in video games for me. It was genuinely emotional to return there after so much real time and so much game/story time. He was reconnecting the story world with your own. Mirroring the self-relfection of Snake and all he'd done up to that point with his first cautious actions along with your own unavoidable reflection on the games he'd made that you played.

    It has its faults. Everyone and everything does. But to be able to conjure up that level of sentiment, for me, takes genuine vision and touches of genius - not matter what comes after.
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  • The people behind Project Cars are making a Red Bull Air Race game

  • Marrrfooo 05/08/2015

    Did not see that coming!

    Looks fun. Very interesting prospect. Giving coverage to an under-appreciated sporting competition. It does makes sense for a racer dev to make a racer after all.

    Colour me interested.
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  • FIFA 16 introduces Draft mode for Ultimate Team, and builds upon career mode

  • Marrrfooo 05/08/2015

    But will I be able to play with a friend online against the AI (without being chained to a single player)? Reply -1
  • New article on Konami paints a bleak picture

  • Marrrfooo 03/08/2015

    It's like they're turning into some borstal-esque version of Zynga... Reply +12
  • Don't Starve announces Shipwrecked DLC

  • Marrrfooo 01/08/2015

    @Sora888 Thanks. It just feels like its been in early access for going on a year now. Considering what it is it surprises me it's not 'out' yet. :) Reply 0
  • Marrrfooo 31/07/2015

    Whatever happened to Dont Starve Together for consoles?? Reply +4
  • An hour with Randy Pitchford

  • Marrrfooo 24/07/2015

    The man is either a compulsive liar or, more likely, a complete Spin Machine.

    Everything he says is consistently hard to understand in the context of the real world. He's evasive. Inconsistent. He even presents himself professionally in part linking back to his magician past.

    The guy is now a caricature. He's the American Peter Molyneux in terms of credibility.

    It's so sad. Those Brothers In Arms days seem so far away now...
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  • Looks like there's a Dead Island: Definitive Edition

  • Marrrfooo 22/07/2015

    I pretty much assumed Dying Light was DI:Definitive Ed. (tongue in cheek but somewhat serious). I mean they made the combat system work much better. Changed the location. And that was about it. Well plus the free running - but that really was the key/sole differentiator.

    It was fun to play don't get me wrong. But it really wasn't a large departure from DI.
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  • Project Cars gets biggest update yet

  • Marrrfooo 21/07/2015

    @silus Note the free Lykan Motorsport and Audi A1... Reply 0
  • Marrrfooo 21/07/2015

    @Madspyker66 One that has to make ends meet to continue to employ a staff large enough to carry on the good work they've done before losing them all to other projects. Reply 0
  • Project Cars Wii U canned, "simply too much" for hardware

  • Marrrfooo 21/07/2015

    @billythemule My understanding was SMS published the digital version. The physical version was BandaiNamco, along with the distribution of those physical copies as you say... Reply +1
  • Marrrfooo 21/07/2015

    @billythemule BandaiNamco is the publisher. Reply +5
  • Marrrfooo 21/07/2015

    It would have been the weakest selling platform. It would have been a technical nightmare to make it work. It would have delayed the development of a sequel. It would work against the principle of a soon-to-be-announced successor Nintendo platform. In short - it would have been a commercial bullet in their own heads.

    But no: laziness. That's the reason. Apparently. Honest.
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  • 15 games later, Rovio announces Angry Birds 2

  • Marrrfooo 16/07/2015

    @ckempo Unresolved Anger Issues Birds Reply +3
  • Marrrfooo 16/07/2015

    'Still Angry Birds' might have been my choice for sequential title. Hehe. Reply +16
  • Galak-Z is heading to PS4 in August, Vita version canned

  • Marrrfooo 14/07/2015

    Current status: I am excite!

    Been waiting for this release date info for aaaaages.

    Btw any news on whether PSN EU is getting the same blistering deal that PSN NA is getting regarding pre-orders/20% off + 10% off PSN code etc?
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  • Face-Off: F1 2015

  • Marrrfooo 14/07/2015

    In reality I think the more presosng issue is the relative gutting of content of this year's F1 game versus all previous 3-4 games. It really is a shallow beast. It's a good looking start to F1 next gen and there's features like the engineer involvement and pit lane options that are leaps beyond anything else.

    But it's let down by a huge shortfall of features that players are used to, a Force Feedback system that doesn't seem to exist before turning the wheel 45 or more degrees from centre and FPS drops that are more jarring than they ever have been before.

    I'm a huge supporter of these games but it has left me disappointed overall and left feeling slightly short on return for purchase. And I doubt the lacking elements will be patched in.

    It is this years equivalent of the McLaren Honda. Improvements in places are substantial and impressive but overall things are even further back than before. Shame.
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  • Jade Raymond joins EA to head new studio and work on Star Wars

  • Marrrfooo 13/07/2015

    EA Recuiting Director:
    "If only you knew the POWER of the Dark Side! Join me and we shall rule the galaxy together..."

    I'm guessing that's probably how the interview went...
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  • Jordan Henderson is on the cover of FIFA 16

  • Marrrfooo 10/07/2015

    @Ultrasoundwave Exactly. Even as a Gooner I'd have to say that Harry Kane would be more warranted. Henderson just isn't in my head when asked 'Who are England's best players?' Perhaps an honour guard reference to Stevie G instead maybe? I dunno. It just doesn't feel right. Lol. Reply +4
  • Marrrfooo 10/07/2015

    @superfurry No one has been able to work out WHY he's and England international though. That's the challenge. Reply 0
  • Marrrfooo 10/07/2015

    This was the outcome of the vote in the end? Really? Blimey. If he's the poster child for our national football identity then no wonder we're chuckled at. Reply +4
  • The latest Witcher 3 patch is... 1.07

  • Marrrfooo 10/07/2015

    Any news on suggested thing to do it you already downloaded the previously accidentally released Ciri alternative look? I heard CDPR suggest removing it but you can't do that on PS4. You have to delete the game an reinstall and redpwnload updates. But I've heard that people that did that had their saves fried?

    I would have thought the final version would be able to fix the problem by overwriting the original accidw tally released one. But no one seems to ask the question (that I've seen anyway).
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  • Ayrton Senna joins the cast of Angry Birds Go!

  • Marrrfooo 08/07/2015

    @IronSoldier Agreed. I suspect (or at least hope) that the charity earnings angle is the main motivator the family have behind doing this.

    If that's the case I hope it earns the Institute a small fortune to aid their good work.
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  • Marrrfooo 08/07/2015

    @FogHeart I understand where you're coming from. However, if you watch the in-car footage of him the speed and consistency of his driving is remarkable. His outpacing of opponents was incredible. Almost more than anything though his ability to drive those cars in the wet so much faster and consistently with controlled overteer and sliding is literally jaw dropping. Wet race footage of Senna is indescribably impressive. He made wet racing look an absolute doddle time and time again.

    Aside from all that he was a bloody nice bloke and gave a shit about everyone and the sport he loved. He was universally respected and did so much for top level motorsport safety, up there with Jackie Stewart.

    Dozens of drivers would probably no longer be with us if it wasn't for the likes of him.

    The Senna documentary as suggested by others is probably the best place to start.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront alpha leaked, mined for information

  • Marrrfooo 02/07/2015

    @lone_wolf_uk "What have the Bothans ever done for us?"

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  • Marrrfooo 02/07/2015

    How many Bothans died to bring us this information? :P Reply +87
  • Nolan North: "I know they're doing The Last of Us 2"

  • Marrrfooo 30/06/2015

    @MrTomFTW Any game packing 'Boogaloo' in the title is going to be hard to NOT play. Hehehe. Reply +1
  • Battleborn's co-op entertains, but for how long?

  • Marrrfooo 12/06/2015

    I'm not really sure how long it would appeal for.

    All I know is...I wasn't Battleborn yesterday.

    Yeah I went there. I hate me too. :'))
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  • Logitech confirms a new wheel for PS4 - and reveals a new Xbox One contender too

  • Marrrfooo 11/06/2015

    @bad09 The T300RS is excellent and I assure you the default pedals look far more plastic than they feel - there is no plastic flex in them or anything. That said they do lack a clutch pedal but unless you're getting a shifter too I see less point in a clutch personally.

    You also have the full range of additional TM gear to further expand or customise should you want to. More racing-dedicated GT 28 TM wheel, F1 wheel, T3PA-PRO full metal pedals with brake mod (which is great by all accounts and I have my eye on), the shifter too of course.

    I love mine. It's a completely different world in PCARS - so different from using a controller you can't appropriately articulate it - it must be tried or gamble-purchased to truly understand it.

    Alas they are not cheap pieces of kit, but especially with console race sims now coming to console there has never been a better time to invest and enjoy.
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  • Neymar is on the PES 2016 box

  • Marrrfooo 10/06/2015

    Neymar - the PES Dispenser. Eh? Am I right?

    *gets coat*
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  • Project Cars overtakes 1m sales

  • Marrrfooo 06/06/2015

    @mega-gazz It's also pretty damned expensive to play an equivalent amount of content on by comparison to the others isn't it (iRacing)? Reply 0
  • Marrrfooo 05/06/2015


    True from what I've read. But they have a good deal less ground to cover in terms of stuff to squash with significantly fewer circuits (as things stand at present). It's only fair to mention that is all I'm saying.

    Really excited for AC on console next year.

    Kaz Yamauchi must be shitting himself now the competition is so much better than before and numbering more than 1-2 competitors.
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  • Marrrfooo 05/06/2015


    Because at the near-last minute there was a multiplatform crash bug discovered that delayed submission of the patch for consoles whilst it was squashed. This has knock on effects for the PC version.

    Patch 1.4 fixes almost everything that you've listed as a problem. It'll land before F1 2015.
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  • This week's free Witcher 3 DLC is...

  • Marrrfooo 02/06/2015

    It's utterly irresponsible of CDPR to release a game this good. Not only does it largely crap on the genre leading studios efforts (Ubisoft, EA/Bioware) but it even has a minigame that's fun to play and addictive to collect like Poké-crack!

    It took me nearly 200hrs to play Dragon Age Inquisition. I will possibly have not finished this before the story DLC in October!

    Ban this sick filth! :D
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  • FIFA 16 features female national teams for first time

  • Marrrfooo 28/05/2015

    Brilliant. Genuinely. End of. Reply +15
  • Actually, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, I think you'll find…

  • Marrrfooo 15/05/2015

    Simples: Swap it for a bullet train and up the ante. :P Reply +25
  • New Witcher 3 CGI trailer tops the lot

  • Marrrfooo 14/05/2015

    Engage the HYPErdrive engines! Reply +13
  • Project Cars puts the sport back into motorsport games

  • Marrrfooo 06/05/2015

    @riceNpea T300RS all the way. Add-ons to your taste as well. Reply +2
  • Dirt Rally could well be Codemasters' first real sim

  • Marrrfooo 27/04/2015

    I think 2015+ is a good time to be a racing game developer or a racing peripheral manufacturer. PCARS is bringing a fresh perspective on motorsport and judging by the speed at which T300RS wheels are selling out on Amazon (i.e. gone in less than 2 hours this morning after just returning to stock) there's a growing demand for quality racers and peripherals that could further fuel itself. Cross platform and early access between PC to consoles further allows devs to see the demand and develop titles with confidence. That's before even factoring in how long it's been since a proper rally title was around and the deep love many have for it.

    Funnily enough I think both space sims and racers are coming back as a result of the early access giants like Star Citizen (a behemoth!), Elite, PCARS and Dirt Rally. Long may it continue.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-On with Project Cars

  • Marrrfooo 17/04/2015

    Have a free bone:

    The track list - a source of rife speculation for some time - has been confirmed. It's excellent (many real world tracks carry fake names for licensong reasons but are accurate in all other respects, just to be clear).
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  • Marrrfooo 17/04/2015

    So we've gone from Mike Channell's ridiculous hatchet review of Driveclub - which was not hatchet in terms of the broken online (fair comments at the time) but the suggestion that the core gameplay was poor or dull which was patently not the case...

    ...To emerge at EG premptively shitting on a game via speculative conclusion gathering off early code. Yes it's not very far from release but optimisation and polish takes effect right the way up to release. How you guys didn't think to ask a developer of a widely reported crowd-developed game if they were okay with this beforehand is quite remarkable - and I'm a long time EG reader and admirer.

    Should we expect a 'build them up then knock them down' series of articles for F1 2015 - seeing as that's the next big racer round the corner - in order to earn EG the triple crown of racer trashing?

    DF - please stop the pre-release assessments of game performances. It's a largely moot practice in contemporary game development, disingenuous and makes you look like fools.
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  • The Witcher 3 could take over 200 hours to complete

  • Marrrfooo 31/03/2015

    The key thing I'm focusing on is that CDPR are quite notorious for writing and developing a huge majority of their output themselves so I would expect a good deal of side quests to either be more than just fetch x/y or at least feed back into the story (not all of them will of course).

    DAI on the other hand, whilst I loved it, was filled with way too much pointless side missions (Ubisoftitus - see your GP for mo're info on this highly contagious disease) that revolved around nothing more than fetch or kill quests. It was clear also from resource placement that a lot of it was done by generator/code (either that or they did not bother checking v well as there were lots of resources stuck in the ground that you couldn't extract, for exampe). By comparison. Lot of CDPR work that sort of stuff manually rather than procedurally so there's hope for attention to detail.

    I completed DAI after 190hrs+ (ridiculous) and some of that was chorish - The Witcher 3 will eat me alive. Lol.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront teaser points to full reveal next month

  • Marrrfooo 26/03/2015

    No! Do, or do not! There is no trailer... Reply +3