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  • Powerstar Golf review

  • Mark D 28/11/2013

    Best golf game I have played in a while. Its full of character and have some neat features to keep you interested. Well worth 15 quid. Reply +2
  • Xbox One TV integration suffers noticeable judder in UK

  • Mark D 25/11/2013

    just checked my STB and they all have an option in settings to output at 60Hz. Which my TV seems happy with. is this not common with STB? Reply +1
  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: the 720p fallout

  • Mark D 18/11/2013

    I think gaming has to change, its stuck in a rut. I also think MS and Sony know this.

    There is a law of diminishing returns when it comes to visuals. 1080p v 720p meh! Show me something immersive and innovative. Virtual worlds with more depth and complexity.

    How many people moan about the way games like COD get churned out with little innovation? How many people have looked at a next gen games visuals and thought that's not that different from last gen?

    64 players in BF4 multiplayer, that gets my attention. Forza 5 drivatars that drive more like my friends than dumb AI, now that gets interesting. Its a start.

    sure 1080p looks better than 720p, if you look hard enough, no denying that.

    Next gen is going to be more about whats going on under the hood, creating immersive new experiences than whats going on in front of your eyes as in previous generations.
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  • "It's less to do with specs and more to do with what you do with those specs"

  • Mark D 18/11/2013

    @alexgeorgiadis Games are far more than just graphics though. Creating believable, immersive virtual realities needs more than just a pretty picture. Having 8GB of RAM is going to help immensely in that respect along with a big hard drive but the game changer is likely to be the internet, yes the cloud and its not just MS, Sony are big on the idea of the cloud and gaming. Reply 0
  • Mark D 18/11/2013

    @Tickles_ 1080p matters not if the game isnt fun to play. I would rather play a fun game. 1080p v 720p isnt going to significantly increase my enjoyment of a game. I think games hardware has hit a plateau in terms of visuals with a law of diminishing returns coming into play. Depth and innovation is the future of gaming. whats going to be important with next gen is whats going on under the hood. For example BF4 64 player support is more important than the visuals, both next gen consoles look good but I am buying BF4 for the 64 player. I think this is born out byt the rather underwhelming response to next gen. Reply 0
  • 12 minute video shows us what it's like to use Xbox One

  • Mark D 08/11/2013

    @Sodding_Gamer Ok, so I can see the Ps4 appealing to gamers, but I think MS have just made a device thats going to appeal to a whole lot more people as well as gamers. it needs to be cheaper though and it will be in time. I can see the xbox one out selling the PS4. Reply +1
  • Mark D 08/11/2013

    @Psiloc just occured to me that an xbox one is now competing with the multi thousand pound conferencing system in my office meeting room. another great reason I can work from home more often, so long as they dont catch me playing Forza. Reply +3
  • Mark D 08/11/2013

    @Darren but Kinect will know if the sound is coming from the TV channel you are watching or from you, heck it even knows if its you or the person next to you Reply +1
  • Mark D 08/11/2013

    @dr_zoidthrob I didnt see anything that would be technically difficult to do. The you just need to tell the one guide if you have freeview, freesat, sky or cable and it can pick the schedules of the net. In fact windows media centre already pulls guide information of the net so one guide can do the same. Reply +2
  • Mark D 08/11/2013

    you have to admit its pretty cool, I ahve bought games that were not as much fun Reply 0
  • Battlefield 3 Review

  • Mark D 29/10/2011

    Been playing a couple of days now.

    I don't get the dislike for the single player from most reviews. This is way more enjoyable that Gears 3 campaign where I felt I was being swept along and things were gonna happen if I did anything or not. With BF3 if I don't play my role well I die or the mission fails.

    I'm really enjoying the single player.
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  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

  • Mark D 21/03/2008

    I recent bought and completed the original on classic label and loved it so had V2 on pre-order. So far I am loving it, sure its more of the same but the changes to the game really have made it a better game than the original. I don't see it as being any better or worse than COD4 to be honest both are atmospheric and involving. I went from COD 4 to the original Vegas before getting V2. Terrorist hunt is going to give me way more online play than Halo3 or COD4 ever will. Easily a 9/10 so far for me and the single player mode will give me way more than 6 hours play, maybe 2 or 3 times that based on how long it took me to complete the original. Reply 0