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  • GTA Online Flight School update lands today

  • Madder-Max 19/08/2014

    Well, that was shit. After the fifth attemp at formation flying that was that. Back to sky rim I go. Reply 0
  • Return to Skyrim

  • Madder-Max 18/04/2014

    Oblivion is a superior game to skyrim. It has more narrative depth, detail and is more of a challenge. Playing a vampire is far more challenging and rewarding for example.

    Skyrim is a great game but with little depth or consequence to your actions.
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  • Amazon, Asda drop Titanfall Xbox One bundle to £349

  • Madder-Max 12/04/2014

    Fucking hell guys. The sun is out! Go outside, get some fresh air, have a picnic, fall in love just do something other than dribble your drivel in the comments section.

    If aliens suddenly invaded earth and gave you 10 minutes to live, would any of this seem important?
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  • Who is DayZ creator Dean Hall?

  • Madder-Max 30/03/2014

    The bloke sounds like a bellend going by this article and Day Z was a shit film with a ridiculously gash 'twist' or whatever it is.

    Only read a third of the article btw because I couldn't stand the sould crushing abuse of grammar and punctuation any more!
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  • Ground Zeroes shows open worlds how to be open

  • Madder-Max 22/03/2014


    A.What are the major responsibilities of forum moderators?
    1. Theme control
    The moderator must create an open discussion atmosphere in the forum he/she moderates, trying best to write posts, transfer relevant articles and reply to users' questions. It is the moderator's responsibility to establish and keep the forum style and theme according to the board layout.
    2. Maintain order
    The moderator must mediate irrational quarrels occurred in the forum he/she moderates to maintain normal order. The moderator should take a neutral stand and pose a fair attitude in settling disputes, particularly when involved in controversial topics.
    3. Keep forum clean
    Monitor your assigned forum for abusive posts, unauthorized spam or advertisements, copyright infringements, any sort of harassment, and any other violations of the forum rules and edit or delete posts that violate these rules.
    4. Reward users
    Properly utilize the moderator's rights to reward users for their excellent posts through making them sticky, classic or giving users scores. Do not abuse your power for personal gain.
    5. Organize activities
    Organize forum activities frequently and closely coordinate with the official forum staff in organizing forum activities. Moderators should submit an activity plan to forum admin! If the plan was accepted, the admin and moderator will work together to hold the activity and moderators will get certain MMOgold as reward, which depends on the activity result.
    6. Increase forum popularity
    Foster a sense of community, caring and responsiveness in your assigned forum. This can be done easily by getting involved in discussions, responding to posts (especially those no one else responds to), and offering your support. NOTE: You do not have to reply to every post.

    That's just a general guide I found on google. I don't see anything about judging people as idiots, but there is a a very clear point about neutrality.
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  • Out There review

  • Madder-Max 14/03/2014

    Its "ambience" not "ambiance ffs. Reply +1
  • How Alien: Isolation recreates the horror of the 1979 original

  • Madder-Max 11/01/2014

    @jamieleng No, I mean it looks like Deadspace. Someone inm isolation in the dark with a torch against a scripted hiding enemy with microtsansactions etc..

    The Alien series were about people (more than one) with weapons fighting more than one alien.

    Its like someone singing a classic song and adding extra notes and singing out of rhythm and syncapation and then calling it 'expression' or 'artistic interpretation'. It just fucks up the original song.
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  • Madder-Max 09/01/2014

    It looks like Deadspace Reply 0
  • Titanfall maximum player count is 6v6

  • Madder-Max 08/01/2014


    On XBOX360?

    Epic online battles that require strategy and tactics and most importantly allow time for progression to have an impact have gradually been replaces by 10 minute frenetic battles in which everything is unlocked in the last minute.

    How long are the battles in Titanfall? I suspect the shorter battles in games and the retraction of setting options for matches has something to do with microtransactions.
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  • Madder-Max 08/01/2014

    I really struggle to understand why in 2009 we had epic 64 player battles that would last for up to an hour in Frontlines FOW, (on maps that were designed for that number) and ever since no other game has ever come close.

    Its very sad.
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  • Games of 2013: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Madder-Max 26/12/2013

    What about GTA Online? The sp is great and highly entertaining but I don't think its the best gta.

    The online game is completely wrecked atm by all the hacks but Rockstar went about the microtransactions and game tweeking all wrong.

    Most online don't attract as many hackers so soon, but game that set expectations too high and showed blatant disregard for its players over time? That might do it.
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  • Fixing Forza 5: How Turn 10 wants to win fans back

  • Madder-Max 15/12/2013

    @frazzl so they have tweeked a game then to cater for a minority audience? This argument still does not add up and is still a big steaming pile of poo.

    Companies exist to make money. That's it. There is no way they would risk changing a game to allow for microtransactions if they did not think a large proportion of players would spend money on them. This also shopws the limited time argument for what it is.
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  • Madder-Max 14/12/2013

    We have acceleration, and that was based on feedback from players in Forza 4 - there's a small group of players that can't be bothered to do things and they have disposable income. They're the sim guys in a lot of cases. They don't want to do the career, and they don't value those aspects, and that's alright by me."

    Since when do coporations design games for a minority audience??

    This whole argument of limited time is a huge steaming pile of poo. We all know why the companies are doing this and its insulting that they would think us stupid enough to buy that argument.

    If you don't have enough time, why are you throwing extra money at games that you are not fully playing? It does not add up and it baffles me why Sony and MS are trying so hard to kill off console gaming.
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  • Crackdown retrospective

  • Madder-Max 25/11/2013


    I truly hope there is NOT a remake or sequel inm development! Crackdown 2 ignored the promise at the end of the first in favour of zombies and just wasn't as good or free.

    All microsoft will do is influence the design so it becomes a chore to play whilst poking you to pay for microtransactions.(Like Rockstar did with GTAV)

    No thank you.
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  • DICE acknowledges Battlefield 4 "issues affecting large number of players"

  • Madder-Max 04/11/2013

    Another Cloud beta test! Exactly the same problems as gtaV!

    Next generation isn't looking so great.
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  • Rockstar explains GTA Online cash stimulus delay

  • Madder-Max 04/11/2013

    Crikey I really hope rockstar peeps don't read this comments section. The amount of self entitled whinging arseholes here is quite worrying.

    If I was rockstar I would be close to saying fuck you and turning off the online servers.

    Most of us enjoyed gtav single player.

    The online was obviously a beta to anyone with half a brain. It is free and it is also enjoyable. The issues need to be sorted and I hjave faith that they will. Let's not forget that this is also a stress test for microsofts cloud hardware. Major xbox 1 game release dates were put back following the launch of gtav.
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  • Microsoft hires Jonathan Ross to work on Xbox

  • Madder-Max 29/10/2013

    Dodgy cloud server farm, stupid price and now jonathan ross! MS really doesn't want gamers buying their console do they! Reply +6
  • Games of the Generation: Fallout 3

  • Madder-Max 24/10/2013

    @gallow how did u take out the behemoth outside galaxy radio building then? Reply -1
  • Grand Theft Auto Online micro-transaction pack prices revealed

  • Madder-Max 25/09/2013

    Fucking hell there are some properly retarded mongos commenting here and its funny how every positive post is negged. (Probably by the same 'tard between wanks)

    I suggest that the mongos should actually read (if they can) what has been said about the content updates and passive mode, before wading in like inbred, knuckle-dragging apes with their 'opinions'.
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  • Is the most disturbing scene in GTA 5 justified?

  • Madder-Max 21/09/2013

    Writing an article on a major gaming site about isn't going to attract attention away from the rest of the game is it!! Writing an article about it isn't chasing headlines or clicks?


    A huge part of rockstars success is in the media coverage each game has received; including the planted articles....

    Guantanamo still is not shut down despite obama saying he would close it. America just shrugs and gets on with torture as a legitimate interrogation technique.

    Trevor represents the type of person that would carry this out as he is emotionally detached and on speed most of the time.
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  • Retrospective: Grand Theft Auto 4

  • Madder-Max 09/09/2013

    Hmmmm. A 'misguided' flame bait article. Rockstar still aint gonna be friends with you y'know Reply -2
  • Lost Planet 3 review

  • Madder-Max 27/08/2013


    In its time lost planet mp was brilliant. I lost hundreds of hours to it and levelled up to "evel 80 odd.

    The thing is that it was region free so u would be playing people all over the world and the best games by far were when the japs came online. Mental, tough matches and they preferred machine guns. Great stuff. A learning curve as steep as a brick wall but once u broke through the sense of achievement was great.

    The lobby still stands as the best example of functional, clear and easily accesible multiplayer game.
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  • Madder-Max 27/08/2013

    Lp 2 was shit and lp 1 was about the MP. The sp was secondary.

    I want to know about the mp in this one. How can u score again without reviewing mp?
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  • Why Need for Speed: Rivals runs at 30 frames per second

  • Madder-Max 24/08/2013

    In my experience, online racers are wrecked by lag switchers who r in abundance unfortunatley. (Looking at u Forza 4) Reply -2
  • Microsoft explains Ryse micro-transactions: "There's nothing sinister, we promise"

  • Madder-Max 24/08/2013

    Mass effect 3 I meant. Reply +1
  • Madder-Max 24/08/2013

    Mass effect 2 packs were bollocks because u didn't know exactly what u were buying. They were/are a cash grab.

    Listen microsoft c'mere a second. Lend me ur ear. Fuck. Off. Okay? Get the message?
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 will let you smoke weed

  • Madder-Max 21/08/2013

    @jabberwocky. Heh! "Catch The Snotty". Minigame. Reply +1
  • Madder-Max 21/08/2013

    If ur character uses coke, then does he become a boring obnoxious cunt who repeats himself and just won't shut the fuck up? Reply +3
  • Madder-Max 21/08/2013

    Um. Weed isn't a narcotic. Just thought I'd say.

    That is all.
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  • Fan-harassed writer Jennifer Hepler leaves BioWare

  • Madder-Max 17/08/2013

    I like this bit the best!

    "Today, Polygon added this quote to their story in order to make things ultra-clear:

    When asked if the harassment led to her departure, Hepler told Polygon “No, leaving Bioware was for family reasons. I am going to be working on a text book on narrative design among other game-related freelance projects.”
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  • Microsoft's Xbox 360-One Season Pass Guarantee

  • Madder-Max 15/08/2013

    Buuut.....they are doing away with season passes anyway so this is in fact a 'nothing' with not even a bushel rolling past. More like the vaccuum of space kind of nothiing. Reply -2
  • Xbox One will function without Kinect plugged in

  • Madder-Max 13/08/2013

    Great! So when are we going to see a kinect free package that includes a headset on sale for around £325 then? Ill become interested in that. Reply 0
  • I've decided which console I'm buying this year...

  • Madder-Max 10/08/2013

    Oh and its also about not wanting friggin kinect nonsense in my house! Reply +16
  • Madder-Max 10/08/2013

    I got my 360 slim 250gb in january so there is no point in getting a next gen console for at least a year yet as we have gtav, saints row 4 and more coming out soon. Reply +3
  • Xbox One's new reputation system detailed

  • Madder-Max 01/08/2013

    Soo, a big fan, a big heatsink and a 'kerazee' algorithm are now features? Reply -1
  • COD developer appeals for calm following death threats

  • Madder-Max 24/07/2013

    "The problem is that gaming "community" isn't a community at all - it's largely made up of a load of internet hard men, hiding behind a wall of anonymity, drooling all over their keyboards, and acting as though they are extras in a real-life Lord of the Flies."

    Now this, ladies and gents is a classic example of the problem that exists at the end of the gamer spectrum.
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  • Madder-Max 24/07/2013

    Why did the gamer play COD?

    Cos it was his doody!

    Anyway. We are not all retarded little cunts who play black ops 2. I like winding the lil fuckers up anyway with my rocket launcher and emp granades. A great set up to take out their scorestreaks. You should hear the rage!! I bathe in their anguish!
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  • Ridiculously well-hidden Battlefield 3 Easter egg discovered

  • Madder-Max 17/07/2013

    Fucking hell is that it? How do I get the last few minutes of my life back?

    I know guys involved with making games spend a lot of time indoors due to the nature of their profession, but seriously guys. They really should get out more. They have taken things toofar goddammit!!! Argh!
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  • Teenager's massive Skyrim mod took 2000 hours to make

  • Madder-Max 17/07/2013


    "'m not saying he's going to be hired by Beth and everything will be sunshine and lollipops. What I am saying is that year out will have garnered him lots of relevant experience in things like Project Management, Design, QA and other fields..... "

    Really??!! Cost control? Human resource management? QA to whose standard? Driving the team towards deadlines? Market research? Forecasting? Time management? (And so on). This kid has blagged his dad(who probably knows little about gaming) to pay for him to have a year off to get on with his hobby. People also over exaggerate how much effirt they put into things. He did not put 2000 hours in himself. No way.
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  • Monaco dev laments "disappointing" Xbox sales

  • Madder-Max 16/07/2013

    Personally I had heard/read next to nothing about it, and maybe assumed it was a driving game (which is a genre I'm not really into) due to the name. Just saying Reply 0
  • Microsoft pitches Xbox One to small businesses

  • Madder-Max 11/07/2013



    Ms have just destroyed any hope that this machine is aimed at gamers.

    It will be a turd. The price point is all wrong for business and gamers alike and we really really don't want or need kinect.
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  • Xbox One doesn't come with a headset because it includes Kinect, Microsoft explains

  • Madder-Max 26/06/2013

    The last thing I want when playing at night are peoples voices coming through the tv as I don't really want to wake the wife and kids up. MS really don't want many people to buy the Xdone do they? 430 quid plus game plus headset. Fuck off. Reply +11
  • War never changes

  • Madder-Max 12/06/2013

    I think the article was spot on. The evolutionary jump from PS2 to PS3/360 was the multiplayer plattform. There does not seem to be an evolution to the next gen. It is definatley more of the same. U could say that games progress during the consoles lifetime but don't forget that MP was available day one on PS3 and 360.

    To see prompted qte's in Ryse was very dissapointung to see. Skyrim did qte's without prompts.

    I also think that as always in techy land, loads of people are spaffing over the cloud but the actual benefits will be far less than people think.

    Johnny 5 is definatley alive!
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  • The big interview: Sony's Jim Ryan on PS4, DRM and the next-gen console war

  • Madder-Max 12/06/2013

    Stuffs? Reply +2
  • Battling to stay online

  • Madder-Max 08/06/2013

    I really liked homefront but that's been offline for fucking months now. Shutting servers has been going on for ages. Reply +4
  • Curiosity dispelled: Peter Molyneux reveals what's inside the cube

  • Madder-Max 26/05/2013

    I can't stand molyneux. I can't find a word to describe him so I will use the default 'cunt'.

    There was a reason he was promoted and he had a sense of his time having passed........and its there in that mwlah uh reveal whuh where he can't fucking prop...speak properly.
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  • Hands-on with Xbox One

  • Madder-Max 22/05/2013

    There is still no identifiable benefit to owning a Kinect device. Features yes, but no benefit for the consumer that can't be done without the controller (unless of course the functionality has been changed to accomodate Kinect) and for that reason I'm out.

    There is too much that has not been demonstrated or revealed which makes me very distrustful of microsoft.
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  • Microsoft reveals Xbox One, due worldwide this year

  • Madder-Max 21/05/2013

    How many of us have virgin or sky? Why the fuck would I then want to buy a new xbox to watch the same channels?

    I want a next gen gaming console for gaming. My music, movie and tv services are covered thanks.

    /awaits news on steambox
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  • The next Xbox: everything we know so far

  • Madder-Max 20/05/2013

    I really do not want a kinect device in my house storing and sending information about my famiy thanks. Reply +25
  • Madder-Max 20/05/2013

    What if u don't have a coffee table?

    Anyway. Just seems that ms don't know exactly what hey want this machone to be. Like its trying to be all things and with ftp and microtransactions, just really put off tbh.
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