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  • Star Citizen is free to play this week

  • Macross 01/02/2016

    @Mun what everyone has failed to mention so far is that the rip off prices are purely to fund development, you won't actually need to pay out money like that to fly ships when the game is launched. think of it like kickstarter rewards to allow passionate fans to contribute to dev costs and get something from it while work is in progress. Reply +2
  • Destiny: House of Wolves review

  • Macross 25/05/2015

    I've had fun with this so far, and yes I think £20 is steep. BUT no matter what Bungie say this is a flavour of MMO, and they need to keep the servers on somehow. I actually really like this model vs subscription and ESPECIALLY vs the dreaded microtransaction. Reply -9
  • Star Citizen progress continues with Arena Commander 1.0 launch

  • Macross 22/12/2014

    @Donk8077 its the money on ships i find silly, especially as to make the final game actually not completely silly youl be able to get all of the ships and most of the variants of them by playing normally anyway once the full game comes out without spending an extra penny in cash. Reply +4
  • The first Elite: Dangerous player to reach Triple Elite status gets £10K

  • Macross 17/12/2014

    @williamarthurfenton you are correct, although the article does state you have to play exclusively in open play to get the prize :) Reply +2
  • Is Overwatch related to Blizzard's failed MMO Titan?

  • Macross 08/11/2014

    @Kasual7 god i hope not Reply -1
  • Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom release date

  • Macross 26/08/2014

    @wojciechmusialkiewi dude @frightlever did :P Reply 0
  • Routine ditches Oculus Rift support due to motion sickness

  • Macross 20/08/2014

    spose thats why its still a devkit until they hit that magic number thats supposed to nail the vommies with vr.

    roll on consumer vom free oculus!
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  • CCP announces Eve Online Recall Program

  • Macross 04/04/2014

    @Daemos what you say is true, but all of that gametime sold in game was bought by someone from ccp, so it all evens out in the end.

    game is epic, but it was cloaked loki booster alts that killed it for me, just took all the fun out of roaming.
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  • Games of 2013: The Last of Us

  • Macross 21/12/2013

    The last of us - the game i wish i liked the most but didnt of 2013 :(

    I have no idea why i didnt like it, its an excellent game, i can see that its excellent, everyone else says that its excellent. but it just left me cold on every level :*(

    someone save me from me! D:
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  • Star Citizen raises an incredible $30m

  • Macross 25/11/2013

    lol its already at $31 mil.... im so behind the times :p Reply 0
  • Face-Off: Saints Row 4

  • Macross 24/08/2013

    It still amazes me that after all this time the PS3 often lags behind on these comparisons, its a real shame. All my PS3 games are platform exclusives these days as everything else just runs and looks better on PC / 360.

    The one and only good thing about it is i get to take the piss out of my mate that sold his 360 and bought a PS3 because of all the MS hate going around at the moment, the chump (why he cant just have both consoles and enjoy the best of both worlds I don't know).
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  • DICE reveals next-gen Battlelog for Battlefield 4

  • Macross 25/07/2013

    yeah damnit no windows devices supported

    /me looks at shiny new lumia glumly.

    hopefully will be able to at least run the mini map on monitor #2 on pc?
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  • Microsoft will allow self-publishing after all

  • Macross 24/07/2013


    r/e your first comment. dont always agree with you, but yeah im starting to get a bit sick of the jihad going on here. as long as we dont get screwed over while we actually own the console then they can do as much listening to consumers as they want before it launches, just means better deal for us when the time comes :)
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  • A postcard from Reykjavik: Inside 2013's Eve FanFest

  • Macross 01/05/2013

    watched loads of the streams for this, one day i will go. although im not sure my liver will survive it. ive never seem such beer monsters in all my years. Reply 0
  • Defiance review

  • Macross 12/04/2013

    wow harsh rap from eg there.

    i think maybe they were playing it too much like an mmo and not enough like a game in its own right.

    really enjoying it so far, got my moneys worth easily and not even done all the coop missions yet, not had any real issues to speak of either.

    am playing on PC though.
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  • Julian Gollop reveals how the original X-Com was nearly cancelled - twice

  • Macross 29/03/2013

    wow that was an interesting vid to watch, my old boss got a mention on the slides and i used to sit next to pete moreland many years ago :p Reply +1
  • Eve Online expansion Odyssey being released 4th June

  • Macross 25/03/2013

    @scoop, the fact that theres always someone better is part of the charm. its an uneven universe, and its not fair, which makes it exciting cos you dont know what the next guy is gonna fly like.

    that said a decent, engaged new player can quite happily take down an apathetic veteran with a little ingenuity. there's whole corps ingame dedicated to the church of the noob owning those horrible mean veterans, and they do, regularly.
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  • GAME announces store lock-ins

  • Macross 04/01/2013

    i always wondered why game didn't capitalize more on geek culture and be more like games workshop and be a gaming social hub as well as shop Reply +7
  • Eurogamer's Game of the Year 2012

  • Macross 30/12/2012

    wow i evaluated fez for greenlight a few years back i liked it but wasn't that impressed at the time. just goes to prove "only fools and children judge things half finished". then again if that's true my job was professional fool. which is probably the case for many publishers.

    ps i left the dark side so please don't hunt me down ;)
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  • Dark Souls 2: there's a "core" that needs protecting says Miyazaki

  • Macross 19/12/2012

    regrettably because of all the overlays on that youtube video i couldnt actually see anything.

    it sounded cool though behind it all. youtube really need to add a button to squish all those in one go, they ruin so many good videos.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Death of the MMORPG

  • Macross 17/11/2012

    I still think that the only real mmo left is eve. As flawed as it can be. Its the only one where a single player can leave a lasting mark on the game for every player.

    Even then this is only due to its absolute focus on player interaction on a competitive layer from everything from huge alliances to trading ore in high sec. The fact its a broad rather than deep game (skills instead of levels and there are 100s and you can learn whatever u want so no status classes). Helps as learning cliff aside its relatively fast to become relevant at something.

    Even eve falls down for those looking for a more cooperative experience. On this it falls afoul of all the same repeat and respawn issues that other mmos suffer from. Its certainly not a problem anyone has solved yet.
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  • Infinity Blade Dungeons delayed until next year

  • Macross 18/10/2012

    im planning on giving wp8 a try just in time that il miss out even if they do :( (im a phone tourist, and its my last stop on a 6 year journey!) Reply -1
  • Retina MacBook Pro review

  • Macross 07/10/2012

    as per usual my main beef with apple stuff is you dont get much bang for your buck, id rather spend that much on something that will give me the juice and run anything at top everything.

    if your swimming in cash and need something for hotel rooms to play on though im sure the fashion factor + decent spec will be very attractive.

    ... i do love the display though :)
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The loneliness of the long-distance MMO

  • Macross 06/10/2012

    @Sgt_Petter you sum up the issue perfectly :)

    another one is that people think of gaming as a hobby, with mmos the game itself is the hobby.
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  • Macross 06/10/2012

    its not subscription mmos, its just the fact the game is old and every game afterwards has seemed like a weak copy.

    gw2 would be as good if it was sub or not imho.

    wow did wow better as it has had much longer to perfect it. too many other games have tried to do exactly the same since, and failed to live up to the bar... ie most mmos that have come out since.

    having sat in game greenlight meetings i can see exactly the reason why this has been. mmos are massive investments so execs will want to play it as safe as possible, either missing the point of making an mmo or totally aping market leaders and then in a fit of irony be taking an even larger risk by not doing something new and fresh.

    many people, especially the ones with the funds, who may or may not even play games, especially mmos dont seem to realise that people dont play mmos in the same way or even for the same reason they may play regular games, and applying the usual and often successful approach wont work with them. The mmo industry is still an infant in a relatively infant sector, its maturity will be limited as well by the number of titles out there and the length to develop them and judge their success.
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  • Microsoft reward scheme gives you 17p on your birthday

  • Macross 05/10/2012

    what the hell is going on with this thread? its free stuff, you dont have to do anythinng more than you do already for it. who cares if it isnt much.

    never seen so much concentrated bitterness in one thread about a free gift before. its like being upset on your birthday cos you got one less present than last year.
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  • Day Z Video Diary, Day 3: I'm a Survivor! (feat. Dean Rocket Hall)

  • Macross 04/08/2012

    @Smerdyakov lol dude its only alpha you need to take that in your stride, I was on one server when i got sniped by some asshole, went to respawn anew and it plopped me back afresh next to my dead body with all my gear.

    The guy who killed me had run off and pulled a logski to get away from all the zombies attracted by his gunfire.

    Me and my little survivor posse then proceeded to follow the trail of zombies to where we thought he logged off as we thought hed log back in to rob my fly ridden corpse (id been alive for about a week so was well tooled) and then killed him about 5 times in a row to teach him a lesson.

    ...The game is hella buggy still, itl get better and less hacker prone as it makes its way towards final release...

    That all ended session later in the day when one of the boys slipped on his keyboard in the middle of a town raid and managed to attract the whole bloody town centre of zombies by running a few steps accidentally, one of us died I caught a disease from my injury and was eventually killed by a random player while I was searching for antibiotics, and they guy who messed up ironically survived only to be killed a few hours later trying to raid a military base.

    Despite all the bugs and hackery, all it takes is a second slipup by one guy and everything can be lost. its what makes the game exciting despite it all.
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  • World record Portal speedrun completed in 8 minutes

  • Macross 26/07/2012

    its amazing what practice can do, when i worked as a tester on the suffering first time i went thro the game it took 3 working days. by the time we released it i could complete the whole thing on the hardest setting in under an hour. Reply +5
  • X-Wing Retrospective

  • Macross 01/07/2012

    bloody hell i loved this, then i loved tie fighter, then i loved xwing vs tie fighter, then i loved xwin alliance and then conflict freespace 1 & 2 and then not so much but still enjoyed the X games.

    havent seen a really decent space combat sim since freespace 2, ffs i want to dust off my X52 (that i bought for swg JTL, also cool).
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  • Eve Online has "what may be the most crafty players in the world" - CCP

  • Macross 29/06/2012

    seriously, I wonder at some of the people here who seem to love making constant sweeping statements about the eve-o community.

    THEY ARE NO DIFFERENT TO OTHER GAME COMMUNITIES. You dont automatically grow a beard and put on 15 stone and your gf/wife leave you for having a subscription. People who play it have the same variety as people playing other MMOs. Theres no need for this bizzare 1990s view of gamers for some reason being applied by gamers to other gamers, its just strange. It wasnt true about gamers in the 90s and its not true about EVE players now.
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  • Eve Online maker CCP isn't scared of The Mittani or Goonswarm

  • Macross 29/06/2012


    you aren't wrong!
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  • How exactly will Dust 514 and Eve Online work together?

  • Macross 23/06/2012

    As an eve player Im curious to know how realistic a 4 year plan is for a game on a console that is nearing the end of its life cycle. Id feel much more positive if they'd confirm that after x time itd launch on pc too for example.

    In the meantime i shall be enjoying it on my ps3 :)
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  • DayZ hackers slapped with global bans

  • Macross 17/06/2012

    im so gonna get this if OA comes out on sale Reply 0
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic dev "looking at free-to-play"

  • Macross 15/06/2012

    man i loathe f2p when its thrust on an mmo rather than gone about intelligently like Guild Wars. If they go f2p i wont be going back (and would leave if i still played).

    The one thing a sub model does is level the playingfield, it doesnt matter who you are in real life or what you do you get the same shit as everyone else and the same chances. f2p totally destroys that for me, even to a certain extent when its just cosmetic.

    I think I'm cursed to only play EVE forever (although I will be playing GW2 on the side for now :p)
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  • Eve Online: the controversy, the economy and the coming Inferno

  • Macross 07/05/2012

    I never really understand how the 14 day trial on eve really accomplishes anything, it allows ppl to explore all thats a bit boring about eve and none of what makes it awesome.

    The best bits in the game are to do with other players and no one is gonna trust a trial account :( (or maybe im too bitter vet)
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  • Macross 06/05/2012

    lol war "Decks" eh? I'm guessing autocorrect ftw? Reply 0
  • CCP: players' attempt to destroy Eve Online economy is "f***ing brilliant"

  • Macross 28/04/2012

    imho EVE is the least "nerdy" mmo as it actually requires human interaction for almost everything unlike most other mmos these days. Reply +9
  • Eve's Inferno expansion releases on 22nd May

  • Macross 24/03/2012

    why should caldari be amazing at pvp when they are already the best at pve, why would anyone fly anything else? Reply 0
  • SWTOR patch 1.1 notes: new content

  • Macross 09/01/2012


    Seriously? I have never had a problem getting a group for anything so far. I you know, ask or chat to people with chat rather than expect to have everything on a silver platter.

    Sorry that they are forcing you to interact with other players using communication skills in an MMO.
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  • Eve Online video talkthrough

  • Macross 13/12/2011

    id get back into it but swtor is this week, so unfortunately il be letting my sub lapse for a little until the novelty wore off.

    Still despite that, EVE is in a class of its own, there is nothing out there like it.
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  • Modern Warfare 3 day 1 shipments "largest in history"

  • Macross 09/11/2011

    Captain, same reason why people who owned the iPhone 4 bought the iPhone 4s I guess. Reply 0
  • WOW talent trees to be scrapped, redone

  • Macross 22/10/2011

    i actually looked at the date to make sure it wasnt april 1st when i saw the panda trailer for the first time Reply +5
  • Eurogamer Interviews CCP's Hilmar Pétursson

  • Macross 21/10/2011

    classic games industry cock up: "we have something thats making money OMFG expand expand!! more more!! milk milk!!" ...... "oh shit players dont like being milked, or paying for nothing, quick sell sell downsize downsize!!"

    when will games companies ever learn, ive lost count of how many times ive seen over ambition & greedy strategies kill off games companies (and in fact been a victim of said policies more than once myself). At least ccp isnt rip from this.

    In other news, I played for 5 years, wont go back till that discusting travesty that is the "microtransaction" market is removed from the game. It goes completely against everything that I played eve for and i hate it. I truly hope this happens as Im far to invested in the game to ever just ignore it for good. I just wish i hadnt logged off in a rifter in the middle of hostile nullsec, cos at this rate by the time I go back I wont have a clue how to play.
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  • EVE offers returning players big discount

  • Macross 15/10/2011

    for the first time since it launched i can honestly say i dont really care anymore. I keep clicking on eve articles hoping for more than just words but im disapointed everytime.

    i can live with the rest of the shit but microtansactions goes against the entire culture that the game has been built upon.
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  • Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps detailed

  • Macross 13/10/2011

    rush isnt my cup of tea, hopefully theyl be just as awesome on conquest Reply +6
  • Why DC Universe is going free-to-play

  • Macross 21/09/2011

    really enjoyed this game, only let down by lack of things to do and variety. Best combat and customisation in any MMO ive played though. Reply +4
  • SWTOR to be final subscription MMO?

  • Macross 20/09/2011

    i hope its not the last subscription mmo. microtransactions are the spawn of the devil and go compeltely against the reason why i play mmos in the first place. Reply +3
  • Eurogamer Interviews the Eve Council Chairman

  • Macross 09/09/2011

    i think the mittan is a bit of a plum, but i whole heartedly support him in this. CCP really are taking the piss at the moment. Reply 0
  • Eve CSM chair Mittani breaks the peace

  • Macross 05/09/2011

    its also the whole single shard thing, you actually do get individuals who have enormous influence over large portions of the player base that could theoretically pull off a revolt on some level of magnitude. Reply 0
  • Forza 4 Infineon raceway footage

  • Macross 05/09/2011

    ive got gt5 and forza 3 and at its best gt5 is stunningly pretty, but its not consistent. forza at least is pretty consistent in how it looks so unless you play them next to each other it all looks pretty good where as the bad bits in gt5 really stand out.

    i dont know about the rest of it or realism or whatever but i have faaaar more *fun* playing forza3 than gt5. Also gotta love how tightly integrated online scoreboards are in it, so even when I play alone I'm not. Both great games but I'm a Forza convert I have to admit. Bring it on!!
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