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  • Guild Wars 2 revealed

  • Machina 22/03/2007

    No level cap + reduced instancing = WoW without the fees.

    Is this really the direction in which they want to be going?
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  • SWOS coming to PC

  • Machina 02/03/2007

    What with WH40k MMO and this it has been a good week for game announcements... Reply 0
  • Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition

  • Machina 30/01/2007

    Excellent interview. I especially liked that he took time off to photograph volcanoes.

    'Eurogamer: Why do you think people love Another World so much?

    Eric Chahi: ... One of the less obvious reasons could be that anyone can project and imagine something into that game because it is suggested - there are no details in the graphics or in the story. Another World is being constructed in the mind of the player it is not totally defined by the game...'

    I wish current-gen developers would also realise that sometimes less is more. Photorealistic graphics != style.
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  • Wings Over Europe

  • Machina 25/11/2006

    Bang on, ImGameCube. Nicely idiosyncratic idea for a review, but fails to pay off in terms of readability. Still, I'm all for such experimentation, especially when it livens up the review of otherwise mediocre games. Reply 0
  • Eve online Fanfest 2006

  • Machina 22/11/2006

    Beautiful Scandinavian women??? You saw some? I was in Reykjavik this summer and have to admit to being tremendously disappointed on that front. And this was with a considerable number of visits to the local watering holes. Reply 0
  • Should you buy a PlayStation 3?

  • Machina 10/11/2006

    Whereabouts in Canada is Ellie? I live in Canada and it's fab. Reply 0
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset

  • Machina 10/11/2006

    Almost makes me want to buy the game and faff around to see what I can create in a few weeks. How generic (read: uninteresting) is the main campaign that comes with NWN2?

    Of course, the one thing that isn't mentioned in this article is that Module Creation Time eats into your actual Game Playing Time like nothing else...
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  • Lair

  • Machina 22/09/2006

    Anyone here remember Dragonstrike (SSI developed)? Now that was a good game back in ye olde days. Reply 0
  • GT creator plans revolution

  • Machina 31/08/2006

    hehe love the condoms line - classic. Reply 0
  • Sensible World Of Soccer for Live Arcade possible - senior source

  • Machina 29/06/2006

    WE WANT! WE WANT! Reply 0
  • E3 2006: Activision

  • Machina 11/05/2006

    First(2)!! Reply 0
  • Virtua Tennis 3

  • Machina 11/05/2006

    First!! Reply 0
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

  • Machina 24/03/2006

    Thank god for EG giving average scores to average games; it makes it all the more exciting when something truly special like this appears. If every half-arsed piece of junk got marked an 8 (as they do on some other sites, naming no names), then seeing 10/10 at the bottom of the page wouldn't feel so damn spectacular.

    And I actually managed to read the whole review before scrolling down to see the score... I was trying to guess whether it would be a 9 or a 10, but it became more and more obvious the further I got.
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  • MechCommander 2 source

  • Machina 21/03/2006

    Whoa, thanks man. I've been looking for SC2 for ages. How 'finished' is the Ur-Quan project in terms of being a complete version of the original game? Reply 0
  • Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

  • Machina 14/03/2006

    I can't believe the score that EG gave this in their review - this game was so obviously a 7.05 that it's not even funny. I mean 7 is just not high enough is it? The fact that it only got that puny mark is because they are so far in Sony's pocket that you'd need an excavation team to dig them out - if this had been a PS3 it would have got a 7.2 or some such OUTRAGEOUSLY high number.

    And look at the trouble that they've caused - 200+ witty, well-articulated posts proving that there are clearly vast numbers of gamers out there with their finger so firmly on the game-reviewing pulse that they could do a far better job than EG - even with 99% of their time taken up stacking shelves and scouring the internet for a date. Talent knows no limits.
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  • Machina 13/03/2006

    Christ, I just the watched the GRAW Launch Trailer on Eurogamer TV and it almost made me puke from cheese overload. They've even got the voice-over to sound like it was from an all-American movie for testosterone addled military junkies. Reply 0
  • Top 50 Games of 2005: 50 to 41

  • Machina 25/12/2005

    Hahaha. I can't believe how wound up people are getting over this. I also can't believe that Kieron mentioned Head over Heels. Now that's old-school gaming. Reply 0
  • Film critic slags off games

  • Machina 30/11/2005

    Games slag off film critic:

    In response to Mr. Ebert's comments earlier today, a number of games voiced their opinion on his opinion.

    Black and White, of Guildford, England: 'Mr Ebert obviously thinks that he is God. Well, I certainly have a lot more experience than him in that regard.'

    Resident Evil, of Japan: 'They've made a film out of me. Have they made a film out of Mr. Ebert?'

    FIFA 2006, North America. 'Art?'

    GTA, of Dundee, Scotland: 'Shut yo mouth muthafucka'
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  • Machina 30/11/2005

    I have to be honest and say that Ebert is actually a very useful film critic. If he gives a movie a thumbs up, you know to stay well away. Reply 0
  • Machina 30/11/2005

    Planescape Torment! There are at least 3 books in there... Reply 0
  • Atari gets academic

  • Machina 17/11/2005

    'Since the project began pass rates have increased by 10 per cent to 100 per cent.'

    I can see the headlines now - Playing Games makes Pupils Perfect
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  • Combat Mission: The story so far

  • Machina 31/10/2005

    Given that WWII is overdone, and so is the 'nameless middle-eastern' modern day warfare, it's obvious that we need someone to start another war so that game developers can get new inspiration for their latest products. And preferably it should be someone completely unexpected - how about New Zealand vs. Peru?

    Come on politicians, get your act together - surely you can start a fight?
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  • New Sam and Max game

  • Machina 21/09/2005

    Bring me all the unclothed women my poor eyes can stand.

    This is great news. Anyone know if Purcell is working on any new S&M comic strips?
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  • Editorial: Reaction, Not Bias

  • Machina 18/05/2005

    That's strange, Eurogamer has never struck me as being the equivalent of the BBC news website (a site that prides itself on objectivity and neutrality). EG has always seemed to be the place that has an interesting (and often argument-provoking) opinion on things - software, hardware, gaming in general - and that, more than anything, is why it is a worthwhile read.

    And Feanor, even though I am slow, I do stand by my comment that EG judged the consoles on merit. It just happens that the criteria that they chose for this judgement do not align with your own - nothing wrong with that.
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  • Machina 18/05/2005

    I stopped reading GameSpot a couple of years ago because you knew what you were going to get; you could practically predict the score that they gave a game in advance. Thank god that those who write for Eurogamer DO have an opinion. It doesn't mean that you have to agree with it. And I don't think that it was some sort of pre-formed bias towards either machine; that it was settled upon before even going to E3 based on some pathetic hatred of MS or Sony. Come on people, grow up.

    EG seems to have gone to both press conferences, made (appropriate) fun of over-zealous American media-hype, and then judged each console appropriately on merit. Nothing wrong with that at all.
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  • Phantom Brave

  • Machina 21/10/2004

    Mouthy hoes? Lippy gardening implements? Pushy lawnmowers? Whatever next? Reply 0