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  • Cliff Bleszinski's return to video games

  • Machetazo 27/04/2016

    @FenderMaster caution, lest you invoke the shade of Japanese Faith! :o Reply 0
  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • Machetazo 27/04/2016

    E3 this year for them sounds quite strange. Because on the one hand there are all these reports of production being ramped down on Wii U, and yet, they're going to be pointing to a new game that is coming to that retiring system- to sell to whom?

    If I'm waiting for Zelda, why don't I decide to hold out for more on the NX - by which point that purchase is much more likely to be made of that game on the new hardware.

    If I don't yet have a Wii U, do I really want to catch the train right as it's pulling towards the station? Maybe, they try a cumulative highlight reel for Wii U in hopes of encouraging that...But, would that be effective on a Direct?

    How will they convince viewers that the Wii U isn't in the rear view, while bringing only one playable game to the show, and leaving (potentially) their showing in that room overshadowed by the elephant?
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  • Machetazo 27/04/2016

    @chatsubo could the reveal being before the end of this year save them from some of the harm from that?

    I just don't know whether the mass-market would be as receptive to NX news coming outside of E3, where you have companies making statements, and cameras trained to capture moments.
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  • Telltale's The Walking Dead season three sees return of popular character

  • Machetazo 27/04/2016

    @simpleexplodingmaybe As I saw season two's closing scene, the important thing wasn't about the location Clem ended up at, but more the position, the change of role that she took on as a result.

    As you say, in S1 the characters band together early on to better their odds, they're taken in as part of that group...

    The end of season two found Clementine in my game on the opposite side of that relationship, with others turning to her in hopes of shelter - which I felt was a very good point from which to continue for season three, once that would arrive.
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  • John Romero and Adrian Carmack go to Kickstarter with new FPS Blackroom

  • Machetazo 25/04/2016

    @kingdumpalot The voice says: "To get Blackroom, you must fund the Kickstarter campaign by John Romero", according to a poster on Neogaf. Reply +1
  • Machetazo 25/04/2016

    @TheTingler That's the biggest stumbling block at the moment. I can't see the game they're trying to make. :(

    If you go to the FAQ, they talk about how "Furthermore, a game with such unique and in-depth gameplay as this"...(which could potentially be shrugged off as grandstanding) But, there was little clue offered as to what that entails. How am I to be convinced the result would even be something I wanted to play, as their presentation stands?

    If the idea's in-depth, that idea still has to be communicable - and, were they seeking traditional investment, that would most likely be required before anything got signed. There's nothing there beyond vague concept art, and a relocation to Ireland, although the way the video ended was intriguing.
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  • Gearbox confirms that Borderlands 3 will be its next game

  • Machetazo 24/04/2016

    @mechamonkey you're aware that Gearbox had practically no part in the development of TFTB? Reply -4
  • Machetazo 23/04/2016

    @Pac1Man if was still Furious 4, then maybe. Reply 0
  • Machetazo 23/04/2016

    I'm sure there's a connection between Battleborn and Rock Band 4 aside from the one mentioned in this piece. Reply 0
  • Amazon marks GTA5, FIFA 16, Minecraft and more as "exclusively for Prime members"

  • Machetazo 22/04/2016

    @grassyknoll the lack of that discount goes a good way towards keeping me off Prime. Rubbish exclusivity on items pretty much seals the deal. I decided to get some music, and found to my great surprise that I wouldn't actually be able to. I later found it offered at a better price on another store, anyway!

    I thought some sellers were using Amazon to fulfil their orders, but the article has it that the arrangement has the huge online retailer sending ITS goods through indie sellers, which doesn't seem right.
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  • The new Doom is having a tough time with Steam user reviews

  • Machetazo 19/04/2016

    @haruvister a competent promoting of the game would be able to manage any misaligned expectations. These haven't, and the result is that the consensus (WOM) states that at it's best it's merely serviceable.

    Which could suffice in the case that Doom existed in a vacuum. and/or had enough positive to say for itself in how it stands out from competing games that the narrative would shift. A largely unremarkable showing on a big, open showcase will not ease the path for Id's latest - but, they probably won't be fussed anyway, as they mainly make engines.
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  • Dark Souls 3's multiplayer is a very different, absolutely brilliant take on online

  • Machetazo 19/04/2016

    "The online experience is not always perfect and you do get the odd dodgy connection"...But, at least it can be used, UNLIKE that functionality (so, messages, bloodstains - anything requiring a connected experience in) the PC version of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition, which has been down for the past week, practically, with fleeting acknowledgement and no sign of resolution from Bandai Namco. Reply +2
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta starts next weekend

  • Machetazo 14/04/2016


    That aside, I really like the idea they've gone with for social play, here. Setting Runners against each other's courses should go a long way to making sure that the majority of the city gets an increased amount of visibility and footfall. Where otherwise, players might be inclined to just follow mission routes. This ought to increase longevity in the title.
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  • What went wrong with Quantum Break on PC?

  • Machetazo 08/04/2016

    @Gemini42_ Microsoft of today wants to enable you to do things their way. They've seen competition and they don't have a competitor to send in themselves. What they DO have though, is the ability to ringfence all the other combatants into a new arena of their creation, just by redrawing a few lines. Reply +5
  • Legacy of Kain spin-off Nosgoth cancelled

  • Machetazo 08/04/2016

    @Tremulous Based on what I saw, both from social interaction and quality of the game, the developers came through, bigtime.

    My perception has been that this game had basically stalled, content to be as it was. I can't recall recently seeing any meaningful content announcements or, to think of it much of any messaging surrounding Nosgoth. Dormancy will not help keep a game in people's minds.
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  • Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit is the UK's next video game TV show

  • Machetazo 21/03/2016

    Bits was a meaty, fun show, that happened to focus on video games. I liked that they'd actually talk about games, give their opinions clearly and the cutaways and that were entertaining. "Go 8 Bit"? Even though I've read the explanation, I'd still skip it for the offputting name, and, well the concept doesn't sound that great. Reply 0
  • Valkyria Chronicles Remastered out mid-May

  • Machetazo 09/03/2016

    Having already bought VC previously on PS3 and picking it up on PC, I think I'll be giving this "remaster" a miss. Valkyria's great, but that video's not selling me on getting a third copy. Reply 0
  • The internet reacts to The Fine Brothers' "react" trademark - and it's not happy

  • Machetazo 01/02/2016

    @IronGiant It's a lame one-trick pony. You can see all it's got from the preview still! Reply 0
  • Machetazo 01/02/2016

    Huh? I always thought those were like LPs, just a umbrella term used for convenience by anyone - not a created brand. There again, I'd associate such videos with the term "clickbait", for how I tend to find them presented to me and pay the result about as much regard as another offspring of Jackass. Reply 0
  • Warner accused of abandoning Mortal Kombat X PC players

  • Machetazo 21/01/2016

    I'd just like to congratulate WB for the fine job it's done here in making sure that any future game they're associated with will get bought used. They cba to support their players, then it's only best to respond in kind. Reply +2
  • Mortal Kombat XL includes all the DLC

  • Machetazo 20/01/2016

    @marcd2008 NetherRealm Studios has confirmed that neither Kombat Pack 2 or the MK XL release will be released on PC. Result: Unrest and displeasure on the Steam boards. Reply +1
  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • Machetazo 25/10/2012

    @dudefella "not standing by your writer"

    I'm pretty sure it goes against most of what the site claims to stand for, too. I was of the belief that an editorial process was in place, and that writers were being supported when needed, to be able to express their opinion unhindered. Rab presented no untruth that I can see, yet his content was amended after being published with no evidence of any process, beyond his resignation.
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  • Machetazo 25/10/2012

    @darkmorgado He's also one of Dtoid's lead content writers.

    Like with any other reviewer though, he puts his opinion forward and you either agree, or not. I find the style at times in his presentation too much, but the character typically serves the material, and makes a change, and he is able to dial it back so that what he's got to say isn't lost in the horseplay. He does what his job asks of him, and seeks to entertain alongside. The one doesn't suffer for the other, so I don't see the need to criticise what he does.

    A loss that Rab has departed EG over this. A highlight of the site departed in the wake of another's tantrum.
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  • Machetazo 25/10/2012

    @chubster2010 good point. However, we mustn't forget that readers are the end-game for both parties. If we don't believe in the written words, if the writers don't have our trust, then it's not only the particular site/writer that loses.

    In the case that there is potential for doubt to be cast out of benefiting from participation of a cheesy promotional stunt, especially here where ads are being requested on social media for a price, that needs to be weighed up against the effect on perception around their day job.
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  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter review

  • Machetazo 24/10/2012

    @deadmonkeyuk The setting means little if the game's bad. Gameplay before setting. Though I am glad that the genre departed from WW2 at that time. There was a cycle of repetition in the design, which Call of Duty 4 stepped away from. Now another cycle is forming behind that.

    @scuffpuppies yeah...EA accepted to be associated with, and endorsed this to be sold to customers. :(
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  • Machetazo 24/10/2012

    The idea that even following application of the expansive day one patch, it remains a notch above FUBAR in terms of functionality is alarming. What a state to release this in. I checked though, and...The Aliens quote's taking a stand. I'm unable to include it because it has "higher standards". Reply 0
  • 3DS sales "weaker than expected" despite Japan success

  • Machetazo 24/10/2012

    @Mr.Spo "That Japanese sales are incredible is no surprise, because Japanese gamers have a steady supply of quality software."

    Could that be because, in the East, the handheld/iOS/Steam development is not as high on people's priority lists, and due to a familiarity with Nintendo, and (the size of) its reach, developers are more inclined to push their games on to there - and then, the sheer quantity proves daunting to international publishers to find a large enough audience to bring across all but those sure to be profitable; or, those that have already been identified, outside of the origin region?
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  • If you want the original Doom 3 from Steam you have to pay 76

  • Machetazo 23/10/2012

    @Cafuddled because seeking convenience in a leisure product equates directly to laziness, of course...Is it also your view that you ought to have readied A4 graph paper every time you want to begin playing an RPG?

    "why not wait a little for the bugs to be kicked out then go back to the game then"
    Because we're talking about people who want to be able to buy Doom 3, not this awkward rehash.
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  • Machetazo 23/10/2012

    @persus-9 "Back in the bricks and mortar days companies wouldn't have to stock their old titles alongside the new, we'd expect them to go out of stock." and, when we found this had happened, we'd see whether we could trade for a pre-owned copy from our friends, or the local game shop - which publishers also endeavour to put a stop to. Reply 0
  • Machetazo 23/10/2012

    @Cafuddled Well, I didn't buy it again because I already have it and ROE expansion. But I did reinstall/move/patch it on to my new system as a result of the reminder the publicity of late has given the game.

    In terms of the point being often cited, that most people who were "loyal"/interested in Doom 3 already have copies.
    Sure, maybe they do...except that they probably exist as discs and keycodes on manuals, to where an accessible digital copy/upgrade of the game they already own and enjoy would be preferred?
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  • Resistance developer Insomniac tries to get you excited about Fuse

  • Machetazo 22/10/2012

    @IvorB Hollywood gets some things wrong, but I'm pretty sure that rule remains a constant, along with a dogged blind-pursuit of demographics, coincidentally.

    To think the Resistance team is behind this! :rolleyes: - so to speak, for they at least have their hands on the clay, if not the wheel.

    "During development and early conception for this title, we came to the startling realisation that existing third-person action games don't feature enough cover.

    So to address this, we enabled each player to carry around a block of their very own that can be stuck up against the face as you fire (humorous tongue protrusion, and mocking gestures we had to ditch, because these were pieces no longer matching our vision)."

    It looks worth, what, maybe 15 judging by the video? I didn't need to lose those 20 minutes like that.

    Even in terms of gameplay, it just seems terrible, because the concept is pinned on the idea that for highlights you literally disable the enemy, put them in a situation to which they can't respond...why?

    The result reminds me of FEAR mildly; except that there, extreme measures were reasonable. Players were hunted by Alma, and then a crack-team of psy mercenaries. Here, the enemy (we're in effect bullying) are mere foot-soldiers. Add "half-baked" to the list of complaints.
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  • Doom 3: BFG Edition review

  • Machetazo 19/10/2012

    Why did they alter the enemy designs? That Cacodemon looks like a long-deceased relative of jar-jar binks! Reply +1
  • Buying 007 Legends today? You'll have to wait until 9th November to play Skyfall, the "integral" final mission

  • Machetazo 19/10/2012

    @D00M2 TWINE says hi. Reply -1
  • Four years later, the average Viking: Battle for Asgard arrives on PC

  • Machetazo 18/10/2012

    Would have preferred a Bayonetta port, tbh. Reply +5
  • WRC 3 review

  • Machetazo 16/10/2012

    @Duallusion I didn't know there was a PC version demo (indeed, I read earlier on today, that there was not one planned...) but, while looking into the game myself, after this unsatisfying review, I did happen to find info about that demo, and the link to try the game!

    There's a thread with the link, and Inside Sim Racing have covered the game also, on their video cast: receiving it favourably over previous versions, noting improvements in presentation and no noticeable steering lag, in the First Look at the game. :)
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  • Face-Off: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

  • Machetazo 15/10/2012

    @systems that was a patched in addition, so it may not have been there/known at the time of the analysis by DF.

    Also, what's going on in the first video comparison? The Skyranger on 360 shows horrible detail-stripped texturing for some reason, whereas, for the majority of the clip it's the platform firmly in the driving seat, thanks to a filter, or muddy (though playable) gameplay visuals on PS3. Although the sequence immediately following appears more "solid" on Sony's machine...Maybe, it handles the cutscenes better than 360.
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  • UK chart: Dishonored denied top spot by FIFA 13

  • Machetazo 15/10/2012

    @kinky_mong Microsoft will actually try to come up with a decent new IP.

    :o I'd like to see that. I hope that in new consoles, there will be at least less focus on Gears and Halo from them. Bring the new, and maybe the old will come back later, spry and refreshed, so that there's a stronger overall platform.
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  • Most Wanted: A Criterion Game, but is it Need for Speed or Burnout?

  • Machetazo 13/10/2012

    @Kaminari Although in their decision, was reputation ever more valuable than recognition. Reply 0
  • Machetazo 13/10/2012

    @Ignatius_Cheese Thanks for explaining. Hopefully, they'll come through with a demo. Reply 0
  • Machetazo 12/10/2012

    For those prepared to strap themselves in
    to road-test the sure-to-be provided demo...There will be a demo before the game's out?

    I'd go that far as to try the game out, even though the car-hopping just sounds silly. Serving to devalue the entire garage, since you never own your vehicle - you're merely borrowing it until something better blazes past. So, your "avatar" in-game has no allure beyond a reskin, and stat boost. NFS...well the demo will tell!
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  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed trailer debuts actual NASCAR driver in the game

  • Machetazo 10/10/2012

    @Koborover that could be a bit of a missed opportunity. Maybe SoJ didn't think American sport personality to Japanese video game was a great culture match.
    Also, from a practical pov, you probably limit the visibility of the character with the surrounding cage, so maybe that would cause the presentation style to be interrupted too greatly. I would be surprised if they had not at least considered the idea during development.
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  • Microsoft slaps down user creation rules for machinima, videos, fanfiction

  • Machetazo 10/10/2012

    Well, it's great to see that at least the lawyers of Microsoft remember Rare, even if the mothership has all but delegated them. Reply +1
  • Painkiller Hell & Damnation slated for Halloween release

  • Machetazo 09/10/2012

    @Lord_Gremlin I've seen copies of that before on shelves, but I'm not entirely sure that it's supported by 360 BC so that it could be easily played today. There's more frequent loads than PC (think DX:IW/T3) so it's probably not the best version, compared to the PC's Black Edition. Reply 0
  • Dishonored review

  • Machetazo 08/10/2012

    No demo = wait for Absolution! I've seen this on WTF is..., and, yeah, that's turned it into a wait and see, from an either-way. :-(
    I think that Hitman (properly set up) will do stealth and character better than this, which comes across as more interested and focused around mechanics than it is interacting within environments, in which it actually seems lacking. The chaos system may tip the play balance a bit (and the idea's great) - but I wouldn't want to buy this in hope that is the case.
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  • Machetazo 08/10/2012

    Anyone seen sight or sound of a downloadable demo?

    That might help A LOT in these cases. Everybody's experience will vary (to where more talk around the game could revolve) but if people can easily get hands-on themselves, it could clear a lot up, and probably (I think the chance is high for this game) convince more ppl to get the game sooner.
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  • Machetazo 08/10/2012

    @Pasco The score doesn't seem low here, at all. Both text and score support the stated view that while Dishonored has issues, it remains very much worth time and money, and is otherwise a skilfully crafted game with plenty to offer. Reply +2
  • Machetazo 08/10/2012

    @CaptainQuint yeah, it's not great to have that. I'm not sure it puts me off, per se, but it sounds like something that should be better. Largely positive, with wrinkles, then?

    I'm a bit surprised there's no aspect of replayability present...Perhaps someone should have words!

    I'm not sure that replaying from the start with knowledge of what takes place, but purposely picking differently in how the character interacts/behaves is that appealing to me as a means to extend play-time.

    It would be better if the game recognised that people would want to do multiple times through areas, and fully accommodated that. The idea that you're playing a snapshot of where you were the first time, each time you choose to select an individual area to replay - just sounds terribly awkward/wooden, like a feature not given the necessary time, unfortunately.
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  • UK chart: FIFA 13 defends top spot from Resi 6

  • Machetazo 08/10/2012

    @jaguarwong are 'gamers' the ones buying it, though; and if so, what's the story from Friend's Lists? Right now, and I agree with Roguey, the picture is very unclear.
    Ex: 2k basketball - what does its high placing actually mean? (well done to them on it, though...I wish they'd go back into Football again.)
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  • Success for War of the Roses means permanent franchise team established

  • Machetazo 04/10/2012

    This looks very good. I'm glad it's working out for them. :) I'll get my copy soon. Reply +1
  • The Secret World post-mortem: "No, it's not going free-to-play any time soon"

  • Machetazo 02/10/2012

    "What I was hearing from the people playing the game in the beta, what we were hearing from the community around the game, what we wearing seeing on websites and so forth
    What I saw was a LOT of buzz around GW2, a great deal of concern/discussion about the TSW payment model, and much fence-sitting.

    Nice concluding paragraph of the article.
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