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  • From panties to shorties: why the young anime girls of Tera were censored

  • Lukey__b 14/05/2012

    I don't even think they look that young. They're cartoons ffs! I can't bloody tell how old they're meant to be. Are people checking birth certificates here?

    I don't think it's going to increase the dangers of paedophilia. I can kind of see what the interviewee means about the behaviour that could maybe go around with it... but then in that case, why not just get rid of that race entirely? I don't think the changes made are going to help that kind of thing at all.

    As others have said, it's just about getting the 12+ rating. Fair enough I say. A very sexy fair enough.
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  • Why Devs Owe You Nothing

  • Lukey__b 11/02/2012

    Troll article.

    Clearly any demand is basicly a customer asserting their customers voice. "do this or your customer base has at least one unhappy person".

    Obviously some ppl take it to far, but in general its people asking. Business is to ways.

    A clear troll article. As usual now days on EG.
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  • Lukey__b 11/02/2012

    Troll article.

    Clearly any demand is basicly a customer asserting their customers voice. "do this or your customer base has at least one unhappy person".

    Obviously some ppl take it to far, but in general its people asking. Business is to ways.

    A clear troll article. As usual now days on EG.
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  • Who framed Roger Ebert?

  • Lukey__b 18/01/2012

    I just don't see the point of the discussion really.

    Well, I can in some circles, but for Joe Public I don't really see what the fuss is whether it is or isn't. It's as if the term 'art' suddenly changes what you are labelling, making it better.

    Under most definitions of 'art', people like Katy Perry are considered artists who make art. With that in mind, and the fact I like curry, I propose we class games as curry.
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  • Meet the Griefers

  • Lukey__b 04/01/2012

    I don't really like the comments those videos get.

    "Chavs deserve what they get"

    Seems all based on having a regional accent or not. If "chavs" only beat on people that run around them in circles and say 'burberry' in their faces constantly, would that be a bad thing?
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  • The Witcher 2 pirated 4.5 million times, reckons CD Projekt

  • Lukey__b 30/11/2011

    God, when will people learn.

    The pirates are not their customers! Most of them probably never had any intention of buying the game, DRM or no DRM. You can't stop piracy. Any game that comes out will be cracked and put up for pirates. It's a fact.

    Why bother concerning yourself about something you can do nothing about? Do as CD projekt do and concern yourself about the people who choose to pay for the game.

    Selling bootleg copies on the other hand is a problem. Something the authorities should do something about, as these are people willing to part with cash but are paying the dodgy bloke in a trench coat rather than the developers.
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  • I Am Alive director explains controversial PC piracy comments

  • Lukey__b 26/11/2011


    It's not just 'it costs too much'. Ubi are in the habit of making their PC games unplayable for some people with the use of their DRM.

    I will not buy a Ubi product while they are continuing to use their DRM on any game. I simply will not.

    If I now pirate a Ubi game, there is no lost sale. They are no more hurt from me pirating it than if I didn't. It is not their bandwidth I am using to download the game. It really isn't much different than if I borrowed it off of a mate. I will not be a theif as I have not taken anything away from them.
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  • Lukey__b 25/11/2011

    Pirated copies do not equate to sales.

    It may impact sales, but the figures are essentially meaningless. You wold have to ask each pirate whether they would have put down money for the game or simply not played it.

    PC gamers I know who pirate will buy games they are passionate about. They might download the Sims 3 to see what the fuss is about (then make a facebook post about how shit the game is) and then go and buy Skyrim off of Steam.

    It's a 'my mate' claim, but it's about as insightful as the pirate figures and the claims publishers make.
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  • Why I Am Alive is unlikely to launch on PC

  • Lukey__b 23/11/2011

    @gotyourmoney I always though it was 'dime a dozen'. Reply -1
  • Saturday Soapbox: Faster, Pussycat?

  • Lukey__b 24/07/2011


    Christian said straight away at the beginning of the article that not all games should follow this design model and some games need the longer cycle e.g. Starcraft, uncharted etc. He then went on to describe how this design model is being incorporated into the standard process. Did you read the article?

    There's more than 1 type of game. Your ocarinas of time can happily coexist with 48 hour indie titles. I don't play one when I want to play the other. I might fancy playing an epic PnP rpg with some friends or I might want to play a game of solitaire. If I want to take a break from writing an essay for 15 minutes ill play a quick flash game rather than The Wither (which will suck me in and rob me of 2 hours).
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  • Disabled and Hardcore

  • Lukey__b 13/07/2011

    Now, jjolley's experience actually interests me. Playing with your face doesn't.

    I'd be really interested in hearing how you play, jjolley. If you have the time and inclination to write about it that is.
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  • Lukey__b 13/07/2011

    They aren't mutually exclusive.

    I was just throwing out the old rehtoric other people throw out about computer games. 'Go read a book or play in the park'.

    I just think that it's a shame that in this day and age of technological advancement, the best we can offer severely disabled people is the chance to play COD with their face. Now, if playing computer games somehow increased the functionality of his limbs in the real world then that would be great and be something of a merit for computer games. How great would it be to say that computer games truly help people, instead of saying 'you can play games with your face'.
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  • Lukey__b 13/07/2011


    Doesn't it work? It seems that some people in the thread think that a disabled guy playing computer games offers an argument against the detractors of computer gamers. I don't really see how it does.

    I'm sure the guy could make some sort of contraption to smoke crack. Does that make crack good?
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  • Lukey__b 13/07/2011


    No, not at all. I think you misunderstood my post.
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  • Beachside Burnout

  • Lukey__b 10/07/2011

    Hold the fuck on.

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  • Download Games Roundup

  • Lukey__b 08/04/2011

    Spot on review for Machinarium. Reply 0
  • Dear Esther

  • Lukey__b 17/02/2011

    Sounds interesting. The review makes it sounds like there is inspiration from Braid in there. I'm also reminded of Iain Banks' 'The Bridge'. Must be a Scottish thing. Reply +2
  • Eurogamer Asks: Are second-hand games killing the industry?

  • Lukey__b 01/02/2011

    @Andy10With respect to your comments about supporting the developer with your money by not buying 2nd hand [which is your choice and personally I have only every purchased 2nd hand once], how much money do you think the developers see once you have waited until the game has hit sub 20 pounds? Do you think that the percentage cut stays the same, or that the developers/publishers cut gets smaller and smaller as the price falls? It might be worth looking into if you are really after giving the developer money. I'm sure there is a reason why retailers will advertise and sell games cheap, whereas the developers are working on the next thing to sell at 40 pound RRP i.e the retailers still make a nice profit, the developers dont. Reply +4
  • Lukey__b 01/02/2011

    I've no problem with the EA pass and alike as long as it is clearly stated, as it obviously will be.If it really is that bad and people don't like it, then they wont buy it. With the prices you get for preowned from retailers it won't make much difference if they give you a little less because you've used the code. This will also pass on to people paying less to buy preowned because they may have to factor in the cost of buying a new code for a tenner from the publisher. Anyway, it's the retailers and publishers mess to sort out. Don't look to blame the consumer who has no obligation other than legitiimately ontaining the product. If your business model isn't working, you are doing something wrong. Reply +3
  • No Super Meat Boy 2 planned

  • Lukey__b 26/10/2010

    I wish them every success. They've worked damn hard and it shows. Reply 0
  • Violent games edited for Middle East

  • Lukey__b 19/10/2010

    I think the rule is that they have to be large enough to cause proper damage and pain, but small enough so they don't kill straight away..

    That's the rule I stick by anyway.
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  • Lukey__b 19/10/2010

    If I smuggle in an imported unedited version, will they stone me or only chop my hands off? Reply +23
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent

  • Lukey__b 06/09/2010

    Tried the demo wasn't scared. Did enjoy it though. I think I may have to give this a punt - I've never played a game like it and I feel I need to give it more of a chance.

    Why does the articile use $? As a UK based website (?with a UK based reviewer) called EUROgamer, why $? Not that I've really a problem with this (apart from the price in the article not being relevant to me), just would like to know the reasoning.
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  • Singularity

  • Lukey__b 25/06/2010

    Huh, never saw this one coming.

    Sounds like something I need to play. Bioshock 2 kind of left me cold after an hour of play recently, so could do with this and then getting back to that later.

    Give me some guns, some enemies and then just let me shoot them in the face.
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  • Tow Truck Simulator

  • Lukey__b 17/05/2010

    So its a 2 then. Reply 0
  • Bulletstorm

  • Lukey__b 13/05/2010

    This actually sounds cool.

    The gags do sounds a bit juvenile but I bet the skillshots will make for awesome putdowns against mates.

    I like the idea of being creative with the way you clear an area. I used to repeat the same areas again and again in Max Payne 2, hopefully it will be similar to that... but an fps without bullet time.
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  • Alan Wake

  • Lukey__b 10/05/2010

    Phew. That was a lot of comments.

    Gotta read them all, gotta read them all!
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  • Retrospective: Project Eden

  • Lukey__b 02/05/2010

    I rented this and me and my mate played it over the weekend with very little sleep. At some points one of you wouldnt have anything to do so we would power nap while the other searched for some switch.

    It really was a great co-op game.
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • Lukey__b 09/04/2010

    How much is it? Reply 0
  • Muscle March

  • Lukey__b 25/03/2010

    This game isnt gay enough if you ask me.... 6/10 Reply +7
  • Alpha Protocol

  • Lukey__b 21/03/2010


    Not sure what I think about AP. The premise is very interesting, but what with the delays (i know, what isnt delayed?) and less than enthusiastic previews I'm finding it difficult to get excited about it. Plus this this first half of the year is completely packed with great games AND I am thinking about buying a PS3 as well and going through that back catalogue.

    AP will have to pull something special out of the bag come release.
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  • Fable III

  • Lukey__b 12/02/2010

    "...They'll bring their own morphed weapons and dog..."

    We get cars as well!?


    He's already done the pied piper quest in Black and White.
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  • Heavy Rain

  • Lukey__b 10/02/2010

    It's games like this that make me want a PS3. Reply +1
  • Tech Analysis: Apple iPad

  • Lukey__b 31/01/2010


    Not something I'd buy right now. But, if my laptop died I'd consider getting one of these instead.... or just not getting a new laptop.

    I dont think it's going to do as well as the Iphone by a long way, but I think it's a 0.5 step forwards in terms of pushing technology.
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  • Apple iPad presentation

  • Lukey__b 28/01/2010

    I dont just want to hold the internet in my hand, I want the internets hairy balls banging against my chin and internet jizz in my hair.

    Give me that apple, then we'll start talking.
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  • Assassin's Creed II: Battle of Forli

  • Lukey__b 27/01/2010

    Looking at this interupted my drinking.

    Fuck you EG tards with your deliciously ripe tasting fruity comments.
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  • Napoleon: Total War

  • Lukey__b 14/01/2010

    Pirate material. Reply -9
  • Games of 2009: Canabalt

  • Lukey__b 28/12/2009

    I never heard of this game before, now I can't stop playing.

    I love the windows, I always let out a cry of 'Yes!' when smashing through one.

    I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to break 5000 metres, just did it, 5008. I'm immensely proud.
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  • ScamVille

  • Lukey__b 28/11/2009

    I like to neg everyone with possitive karma and plus everyone who has negative.

    Oh. And if you got 0, thats a neg aswell. See the two comments above.
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  • Modern Warfare 2's Jesse Stern

  • Lukey__b 27/11/2009

    There was a story?! Reply +3
  • Daigo Umehara: The King of Fighters

  • Lukey__b 27/11/2009

    Good point VMerken.

    All I'm saying is if I was playing Daigo, he would get a controller to the eye socket when I rage.
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  • Splash Damage's Paul Wedgwood

  • Lukey__b 26/11/2009

    First off, I am not a COD fanboy. It's just my MP fix every now and then.

    Anyway, in my opinion the COD games have done it quite well with the weapon unlocks, perks and the kill spree unlocks in CODMW2. I personally think they give you the best weapons from the off or after not playing long (I always use them and finish in the top 3 most times) and the perks you get are the same... you start with good ones for a newb and the ones I pretty much stick with are unlocked within an hour or so.

    Battlefield BC is the same again. Best stuff you unlock straight away.

    What that kind of system does do though, is slowly increase your options and toys you can play with so that, as a new player, your not overwhelmed. Its also nice to feel that you are progressing and get some new toys to play around with.

    So yeah.... I don't think it makes any gap between new players and veterans. Not saying that it doesnt happen in other games, I just don't think that that kind of system is inherantly flawed.
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  • The Price Gamble

  • Lukey__b 21/11/2009

    Got it for £22.50 when I traded in MW1. As it was my brothers MW1, I think thats not a bad deal.

    I've played it for 10 hours total online so far..... thats £2.25 an hour. Less that a pint. Even if it was £32 from Amazon thats 'steal' a good deal..... plus im gonna play it alot more that 10 hours in the future.

    I would have never paid anymore than £35 for it, regardless of activisions price hike or what not. £35 is my ceiling for games... unless its a one off special (like a FF game, or Fallout... or some other IP I love) and COD has never lived up to the hype for me. That doesnt mean I don't really enjoy it and dont think its a 9/10 game (whatever these scores mean).... but its not as special as the press, hype, fans make out. Although I think MW2 is an improvement over the last.
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  • Melty Blood: Actress Again

  • Lukey__b 12/11/2009

    "Whilst heated, the super gauge will gradually deplete and you'll have access to the Arc-Drive and health regeneration. But if you instead wait for the super gauge to reach 300 per cent, you'll automatically enter Max mode. From Max mode you can enter Blood Heat where you'll briefly have unlimited EX-Edges and a more powerful Arc-Drive. But the true purpose of Blood Heat is to land an EX-Shield. Do this to witness your character's ultimate Last-Arc super."

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  • Dragon Age: Origins - Warden's Keep and The Stone Prisoner

  • Lukey__b 12/11/2009

    First off, I dont own the game.

    But.... I personally think the free DLC you get as a new buyer is a good idea. Its a good way of making an incentive to buy it new, or for them to make money off of the 2nd hand buyers. Heck, if your buying it 2nd hand and you dont want to pay extra for it then dont buy the DLC..... just like every choice you make about DLC. Again, good business idea from Bioware.

    The wardens keep DLC with the loot box. Well, that sucks to be honest. It quite clearly should be in the game already.... it was released at the same time and it adds something you would expect to already be in there. So it should already be in there.
    Its like Fifa making you pay an extra fiver for DLC so that you can change your throw in taker. Sure, you can get by without it.... but its so obviously intended to be in the game already and such a small thing.... well, its just petty really.

    Makes me feel glad that Im going to play the game without paying for any of it. Muahahaha.
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  • Price Pressures

  • Lukey__b 18/10/2009

    I don't pay release date asking price.... apart from Fallout 3 when it came out. That was because 1. Massive fan of the previous games 2. Happened to be in the market for a new game 3. Having a bit of a gaming night that night.

    Now, I don't agree with the massive prices (COD £55!!), but I do not regret paying full price for Fallout 3. Its a great game... and I would guess that I have gotten 2 hours of great entertainment for every £1 I spent on it. Compared to other things thats good value regardless on the amount of profit the dev/pub or retaler is making.

    But I would never pay £55 for COD. Others will. That's how markets work and how prices will be defined. If people have the money and think that the item is worth the price, they will buy it. If you don't think its worth it, dont but it... but don't cry about other people who want to pay that price.... yes, they may be idiots.... but, again, thats how markets work. Its like crying over gravity or sommin.

    Having an issue with the industry trying to muscle out the 2nd hand market is a valid reason to start getting shouty.
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  • BioShock 2 multiplayer gameplay

  • Lukey__b 07/09/2009

    It looks very much like timesplitters.... which I liked.

    If it doesn't impact on the development of the SP then, meh... ill give it ago.
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  • Hardware Test: PS3 Slim

  • Lukey__b 02/09/2009

    Lack of a HD cable aint that big a deal if you think about it.

    I think that somewhere like 50% of next gen HD console users don't use it with a HD TV. So when they decide to release a updated console they're thinking "Who's going to buy this, who we trying to buy it?" Answer, someone who hasn't already got one mostly.

    Ok, thats obvious... but it's important. I'd bet that 90% of people who have a HD TV and care at all about gaming either have a PS3 already or 360 or both. Out of the PS3 group and the 360 group, the 360 group are far more likely to buy the new PS3 slim (cus they aint got one), either way all groups probably have a HDMI cable already (probs several). ANyway... wafflin on a bit. Basicly the majority of purchasers will either have a HDMI cable or wont have a HDMI TV anyway. Yes one would be nice.... but it's hardly limited thinking by Sony not to put one in.... they are just stingy.
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  • Cryptic "ready to go" on Champions 360

  • Lukey__b 01/09/2009

    They're just thinking very hard about it.

    Obviously they would love MMOs to take off on the 360, tons of people sign up and pay for live and also pay for the subsciption. That would be their favoured outcome.

    Orrrr...... they can drop the neccesity for live for that game, and, as people have previously said, that opens up the possibility of people questioning the need for paying for live at all. "PS3 players don't pay.... PC doesnt pay....." Sommin along those lines.

    Personally I would be very releuctant to shell out 3 subscription fees to play one game. ISP - Live - Game subsciption. Even though I can understand why you would need to.
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  • EA: We'll see Xbox 560 before 720

  • Lukey__b 31/08/2009

    Blu-ray won't be around for long. Certainly not in the way DVD is/has been. With the success of platforms like Steam and XBLA, I wouldn't be surprised if they ditch physical media altogether. You can get a 500 gig (think its 500, its massive anyway) memory stick now, in a few years when the next gen is out memory is not going to be a problem. Plus net speeds are getting faster and faster.

    I can already see gamers going into HMV, going up to the games booth, inserting their memory card and purchasing a new game to take home..... then leave the store before fiirng up their antigrav boots.
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