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  • Arma 3 review

  • Lonestar 26/03/2014

    I've bought all of Bohemia's previous military games and held off on this until all the campaign was released. As always I'm in two minds as to whether to see the island unfold during the campaign or go into the mission editor put down an empty vehicle (in Resistance it was the moped and bus) and an AI chauffeur. Then start at one corner of the map get him to drive to the other side so I could sightsee the map.

    It was also heartening to hear the other day that Bohemia are going to be focusing on the infantry side of things in future updates.
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  • Never Been So Much Fun: The making of Cannon Fodder

  • Lonestar 04/12/2013

    Curse you skidoo!! *Shakes fist* Reply +2
  • Driver: San Francisco

  • Lonestar 26/08/2011

    The only Driver game I've played was the original and thought it was fantastic but playing the demo for this, I really missed the spongy suspension that was present in the first game. It may be present in some of the older American muscle cars in the full game but none of the cars in the demo evoked the same feeling. Reply 0
  • Harrison Ford making Facebook game

  • Lonestar 07/03/2011

    Will anybody want to play Ectopia with Harrison Ford? Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Midwinter

  • Lonestar 19/12/2010

    Great atmospheric game. I can remember going up a mountain on a cable car through the mist and then skiing or hang gliding off it. Looking at the noise indicator and seeing an enemy vehicle rolling over the distant hills and frantically thinking "Please don't spot me...Please don't spot me...(!)". It had a really nice manual as well (one of the hall marks of MicroProse).

    I think I remember reading in the tips section of one magazine back in the day that you could complete the game by simply going up the highest mountain near the enemy base and using the hang glider, bomb the hell out of it without even having to recruit anyone else.

    A retrospective on it's sequel Flames of Freedom would be sweet.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

  • Lonestar 01/10/2010

    I really enjoyed the PES 2011 demo considering I thought the 2010 one was abysmal. The last full version I played was 6 which I picked up for the princely sum of 99p at the beginning of the year.

    The major problems for me with 2011 is that keepers sometimes dive in an odd manner as though they have lead boots. They also seem to concede some very weak shots on target particularly from free kicks. Crossing is another bug bear where every time I cross the ball, I connect with a team-mate around 7 or 8 times out of 10; far to frequently.

    Three things in my opinion I'd like to see in future PES':
    .Trigger player runs (without removing players individuality)
    .The jostling system from Fifa when the balls in the air
    .The flick right stick move when recieving a pass; also from Fifa.

    I do find you have to be bolder in your passing than in Fifa, you need to be confident in that the ball will reach it's intended target.

    It's nice to see the opposition AI utilise all the pitch and pass around the back occasionally and there's a real sense of ebb and flow in a game. Although I'm not sure if Konami have tempered the likes of Messi a bit too much, in the 2010 demo he was incredibly difficult to defend against, now not so much.

    Also I'd like to mention the atmosphere of the games. I don't know whether it's the colour palette or the lighting, but PES matches feel more 'alive' whereas Fifa comes across as sterile.

    All in all I'd say it's a vast improvement over past games but by no means the finished article and between this or Fifa I'll plump for PES this year particularly as I'm more interested in a challenging single player career / master league mode.
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  • FIFA 11

  • Lonestar 27/09/2010

    I'll prefix this by saying this is my opinion of the demo.

    Has anybody conceded a goal from outside the area? ( How about you Tom Bramwell, in the full finished game?)

    There's a lot to like about Fifa but the opposition AI is just so predictable in it's attempt to score goal. Yeah it's nice that the AI can perform skill moves (although it seems to LOVE the 3/4 pirouette) but in terms of variety of goals it scores, it's just dull.

    EA can go on about it's Manager / Career mode but if the opposition AI on the field plays exactly the same match after match, with the same type of goals; where's the challenge? Where's the unexpected? Where's the drama?

    Going by the demo, I'd say If you're into the single player experience of managing a club over numerous seasons, then Fifa 2011 will get boring very fast.

    And that's a shame.

    I should also say that I know that in custom tactics (greyed out in the demo) in previous Fifas, you could alter the Chance Creation Shooting slider up to 100 and this would result in more long range shots attempted by the CPU. However, I think that you could only save this to 20 teams (last Fifa I owned was 09), so the onus is really on EA to alter the stat for all the teams.
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  • Eurogamer appoints News Editor

  • Lonestar 29/06/2010

    Wesley! Appointed! News! Editor! Reply +3
  • Activision holding back MW2 royalties?

  • Lonestar 02/03/2010

    "Stay frosty..." Reply +4
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

  • Lonestar 21/10/2009

    The biggest millstone around Dragon Force is the name Operation Flashpoint, and DF has taken backward steps in almost every facet compared to the original. CM have developed this themselves and taken the game in a slightly different direction, I'd say it just falls short of the original Ghost Recon.

    What CM need to do is take the straightjacket of the PC version. The editor unit limitaions, disappearing bodies, no modding capability and so on, hamper and undermine the experience. What this game *has* is POTENTIAL, but if CM does not empower the PC user then it will all go to waste. (although saying this, I'm not sure of the EGO engines capabilities)

    If CM can also improve the cqb ai, then a game which allows freedom of movement across a large map utilising vehiclles, battles of small to meduim sizes and this could easily push on into (and surpass) the territory of the original Ghost Recon.

    I'll keep an eye on this game and see what happens in terms of patches and modding tools but CM really need to let the PC version of the leash and by doing so, more people will buy the game when they see the possibilities via Youtube. However, considering the game shipped with no cd-key protection, I'm wondering if they haven't just cast the PC version to the wind.
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  • FIFA 10

  • Lonestar 24/09/2009

    The main problem with Manager Mode is the opposition attacking AI on the pitch.

    Going by the demo (does it differ in the review / retail version?), it still seems lackluster with the AI obsessed with chipping the goalkeeper to score, there's no finesse or panache when they shoot, particularly when they're one on one with the goalkeeper.

    There also seems to be a complete lack of individuality from high skilled (dribbling) players compared to the PES 2010 demo where that had the likes of Messi doing step overs, feints and 360 roulette to get past my players.

    So while I think while Fifa 2010 will be fantastic to play against friends or online, the single player experience - specifically Manager Mode - will be another hollow experience sadly.
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  • Fight Night Round 4

  • Lonestar 26/06/2009

    Tried and enjoyed the demo of FNR4 but I was disappointed by the way they handled the corner side of things. If anything, it takes you out of experience by just hitting an automatic button to heal certain areas. A combination of the past titles corner mini-games and the new points system would have been better for immersion in my opinion. Reply 0
  • ArmA II demo marches online

  • Lonestar 26/06/2009

    The Little Birds have been ported to Arma 2:


    It's worth keeping an eye on the BIS mod forums, some very talented modders, scripters and mission makers often come out with terrific stuff.
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  • ArmA II

  • Lonestar 17/06/2009

    Yeah, I'm looking forward ArmA 2. Apparently the single player campaign is much better than Arma 1 and might be on par with OFP's or may even surpass it.

    The inclusion of Modules in the editor sound fantastic to editor Luddites such as myself. One such module; the Secondary Ops Manager, means that if you simply link it to your player, the HQ radios you and spawns missions for you, complete with support (sometimes) such as reinforcements, artillery, etc.

    The AI driving ability - amongst other things - is apparently being addressed and may arrive with the 1.02 patch which will be released either Friday or Saturday (if all goes well).

    To be honest, having seen some of the wonderful picture and videos, I might just go AWOL and go for a countryside stroll. Tiptoe Through the Shell Casings so to speak...
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  • E3: FIFA 10

  • Lonestar 03/06/2009

    I've found Manager Mode (or any game against the AI) to be very disappointing explicitly down to the opposition AI.

    None of the more skillful players attempt any tricks to beat my players and more frustrating is that I've never even conceded a goal from outside the 18 yard area, regardless of difficulty level.
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  • Live Fallout 3 interview

  • Lonestar 04/11/2008

    My question may have been blunt and to the point but I'm not going to skirt around the issue. Exclusive DLC is happening to multi-format games and the fanbase of the game, pays the price.

    He's the "VP of PR and Marketing for Bethesda Softworks" and "been at Bethesda for nine years" not someone who's suddenly been thrust into the spotlight. If there's one person who can field my question, it should be him. Who knows, maybe he'd have relished a chance to answer the question.

    This was probably the only time I'll get to ask my question to this indvidual so it might as well being something pertinent.

    I'd also like to point out that I'd ask the same question regardless of the development studio being interviewed, and I'll ask it again in future to both those who've gone down the 'exclusive DLC' route and to those who haven't - unless Eurogamer beats me to it of course (stop laughing back there...)
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  • Lonestar 04/11/2008

    Disappointed that my qusetion wasn't forwarded;

    "What are your opinions on developers who accept money in order to supply exclusive DlC to one platform, thereby excluding / alienating a part of their fanbase when it comes to a multi-format release?"

    Perhaps next time I'll ask the more challenging "What's it like having a critically acclaimed game?" or the ever tricky "What's your favourite colour?"
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  • Xbox 360 Roundup

  • Lonestar 30/10/2008

    10/10 Reply 0
  • Hendrix playable in Guitar Hero 4

  • Lonestar 21/07/2008

    Woodstock Improvisation and Machine Gun (live at the Fillmore East) eventually please. Reply 0
  • Ghostbusters

  • Lonestar 28/04/2008

    I want a sing-a-long to the lyrics dot on the main screen and when you press a button, a computerised voice sings out "GHOSTBUSTERS!"

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  • GTA IV review on Sunday

  • Lonestar 25/04/2008

    From reading various forums it seems that some of the underlying problems of the GTA series are still evident. Which - for me - undermines the living city Rockstar were tryng to achieve.

    I think the review will be along lines of "Best GTA yet; more detailed and refined but still retaining some of the old game engine faults of the previous games. 10/10"


    it could well be a 9.
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  • Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Lonestar 15/04/2008

    I fear for humanity when eurogamer does it's inevitable 360 vs PS3 face off... Reply 0
  • RedLynx Trials 2: Second Edition

  • Lonestar 10/04/2008

    Someone needs to mod in the Kick Start theme. Preferably the Kick Start 2 muzak version form the C64... Reply 0
  • Games a "colossal waste of time"

  • Lonestar 02/04/2008

    It's a generation in it's death throes.

    The Prime Ministers and World Leaders of of tomorrow will have grown up playing video games and will probably kick off their brogues (or stilettos in the case of Nicolas Sarkozy) and relax to some video game.
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  • No place for "really hardcore shooters" - R6 Vegas 2 developer

  • Lonestar 14/03/2008

    Rogue Spear we hardly knew ye...

    If anyone is interested in somthing akin to the original Ghost Recon or Rogue Spear then I'll point you in the direction of the game LiquidViolence mentioned:

    Ground Branch by Blackfoot Studios

    Some stuff:

    SimHQ user poster info:
    Ground Branch Synopsis + forum:
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  • New "City of" games coming?

  • Lonestar 08/11/2007

    City of Neutrals Reply 0
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare review

  • Lonestar 06/11/2007

    How long is the single player campaign? I've read that it's as little as 5 hours. Reply 0
  • Wow factor has gone - Molyneux

  • Lonestar 10/10/2007

    I disagree with Molyneux.

    Whenever I've read his game interviews and press releases and then played his final product, I've often gone "WOW!"
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  • Halo 3

  • Lonestar 23/09/2007

    It should be noted that Eurogamer in no way favours certain developers or game franchises.

    / Goes off to read the Sensible Soccer 2006 9/10 review...
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  • Mass Effect

  • Lonestar 17/09/2007

    I saw some E3 vids of this at Gamespot and the fighting looked quite clunky to me. Reply 0
  • Blue Dragon

  • Lonestar 24/08/2007

    Better than Mafia then... Reply 0
  • GTA IV delay is PS3's fault

  • Lonestar 03/08/2007

    I have a mental image of Michael Pachter pushing his way through supermaket queues bellowing "Make way; I am an analyst!" Reply 0
  • Combat Mission: Shock Force

  • Lonestar 31/07/2007

    I've always wanted a modern day Combat Mission and I've been looking forward to this for ages.

    Personally I think the major problem are the forces involved. I mean you've got the state-of-the-art US Army with their Javelins and Abrams tanks up against older Russian tanks and pick-up trucks with a machine gun on the back.

    I played the demo and as soon as I pressed Start, my tanks had fired on the enemy BMPs at the other end of the map. But that's modern engagement ranges for you.

    I think Battlefront should have gone for the tried and tested West against Russia or some hypothetical war where the sides are more equal.

    The removal of a random map generator is also extremely off-putting for me, at least although the mission / map creation editor seems quite fun to use.

    I'll still pick this game up in the future because Battlefront are listening on their forums and have said that depending on feedback, some 'game decisions' and the interface may be altered. There also has been mentioened the possibility of an updated demo further down the line so I might wait see what that brings.
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  • Rockstar doing PS3-exclusive

  • Lonestar 30/07/2007

    Michael Shorrock sounds like some television evangelist doing an info-commercial:

    "Attain true happiness and enlightenment by harnessing the power of CELL and Blu-ray disc".
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  • Enemy Engaged 2

  • Lonestar 28/07/2007


    If your looking for a decent attack helicopter flight sim, you might want to keep an eye out on Black Shark. It's from the people who made Lock On: Modern Air Combat.

    It models the Russian Ka-50.

    Blurb and info:
    Someone on their team made a recent vid and posted it on their forum:
    vid (129mb):

    youtube (low quality):
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  • New Sims 2 expansion

  • Lonestar 27/07/2007

    I'm just waiting for the 'The Sims For Your Sims' expansion to be announced... Reply 0
  • Rein clarifies Gears of War PC campaign length

  • Lonestar 27/07/2007

    So you could say, you can only get the "complete experience" on the PC...

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  • GTA IV better on 360 - Rockstar

  • Lonestar 26/07/2007

    Surely the "complete experience" is offset by the the fact that you need an actual working 360? Reply 0
  • Microsoft extends 360 warranty

  • Lonestar 06/07/2007

    I can see why people who've bought a 360 are happy but for me looking in from the outside, it just screams as though MS are not saying "IF it breaks down we got you covered" as much as, "WHEN it breaks down we've got you covered".

    I don't plan on buying any of this generations console for a year or two, so it'll be interesting to see if anything happens on the manufacturing / design front.

    *Has flashback of Thompson Drive - breaks out in cold sweat*
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  • ArmA expands

  • Lonestar 18/06/2007

    Patch 1.08 was released recently:

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  • Pro Evo 2008 unveiled

  • Lonestar 18/06/2007

    I passed on PES 6. It will be interesting to see if they sort out:

    "...And Cristiano Ronaldo skips past the chronically obese, asthmatic right back and races down the wing. What's this ? The right back - who has been nursing a broken leg - has managed to catch him up and make the tackle ! "
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  • Church of England attacks use of cathedral in PS3's Resistance

  • Lonestar 11/06/2007

    Can't they just... y'know... forgive?

    Besides I'm waiting to see if the Church says "little alien scorpions are Gods creatures to".
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  • R-Type Tactics revealed

  • Lonestar 23/05/2007

    I hope my reflexes can handle it ! Reply 0
  • The Bluffer's Guide to Hentai Games

  • Lonestar 10/05/2007


    "Lick! Thrust!..."
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  • Spider-Man 3: The Game

  • Lonestar 04/05/2007



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  • Student arrested over CS map

  • Lonestar 03/05/2007

    "...found a hammer in the creator's bedroom that they confiscated as a potential weapon, before arresting the lad on suspicion of terrorism."

    I hope the American authorities don't find out about our B&Q stores. They'll think they're terrorist training camps and weapon caches.

    Then they'll nuke us.
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  • Farewell, Father

  • Lonestar 27/04/2007

    "The time has come for us to say sayonara."

    That is all.
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  • GTA IV takes flight

  • Lonestar 24/04/2007

    Just like Half Life 2, I have a feeling when I get around to playing this, it'll be a big fat "Meh (!)" from me. Reply 0
  • GTA IV details leaked

  • Lonestar 11/04/2007

    I'll probably pick the Pc version eventually.


    Does anyone think that R* will completely lock down the game and not allow any modding what-so-ever? Given the lucrative download content for X360 and the 'hot coffee' debacle, I can see them really nailing the game closed.
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  • Lonestar 11/04/2007

    From what I've read so far about Gta IV, I'm left feeling quite underwhelmed... Reply 0