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  • Little Britain: The Video Game

  • Load_2.0 16/02/2007

    Cyberblade wrote:
    For a start the Little Britain fan base is a lot younger than you probably think... it's the number 2 brand behind the Simpsons amoungst 6-10 year olds... how many of those do you think are actually hardcore gamers??????? how many of them do you think play Gears of War, or Supreme Commander?????

    Sorry mate, I can't say that the target audience for Little Britain is 6-10 year olds given the content of the show. The DVD's carry a 15+ rating for a reason. The fact it's a shit game does'nt make it automatically suitable for kids. there are a plethora of quality titles for that age group rather than the shit that gets plastered over the TV.

    Maybe you should think about the content of what your kids are absorbing.
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  • Vanguard beta keys live!

  • Load_2.0 08/01/2007

    Donit. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 10 - 1

  • Load_2.0 30/12/2006

    Wow my uncharacteristic foray into the comments section was well worth it. Anyway back to the safety of the forum. Reply 0
  • NZ Story confirmed for DS

  • Load_2.0 19/07/2006

    Yellow kiwi's are the most dangerous of all. You would be amazed at how they fashion bows from twigs and branches. Its quite an evolutionary feat, however there need to be more signs warning of the kiwi danger though. Tourist fatalities are way up this year. Reply 0
  • Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

  • Load_2.0 04/10/2005

    Soooooo, not great but not Krap. Reply 0
  • Are you buying a PSP? Tell us why or why not

  • Load_2.0 02/09/2005

    Wow free market research for Sony! Where is the questionnaire? Can I throw a nice skew into the bell curve by saying I plan to wait for the Microsoft Palm Tiger. Why buy a PSP when you can get the Tiger with a 30 Gig hard drive 512 DDR Ram and Pentium processor! And itís backwards compatible with the Sega Genesis and Atari 2600! Bigger screen, better battery life and after 29 strokes it simulates the feel of another persons hand. I wouldnít touch the PSP with an extra long DS Stylus knowing that the palm tiger will be released in December. Plus look at the bundle it comes with.... Palm Tiger + Halo 2.75 + Playing Glove + Protective carry case + Tetris V 2.0. Wow Go Baby GO! PS When do Sony send us out our gifts for participation and are there enough for everyone? Reply 0
  • Nintendogs

  • Load_2.0 23/08/2005

    Why does no mention the catapault? My best distance is 25 metres with a golden lab. Reply 0
  • AV Control Center 1 and 2

  • Load_2.0 08/07/2005

    Dammit! I just brought a whole load or porn off amazon, now I have to buy this Too! Reply 0
  • Pac-Pix

  • Load_2.0 01/07/2005

    It takes plenty of pactice to be this bad at puns. Reply 0
  • Load_2.0 01/07/2005

    Your right, prehaps we should make a Pact not to do anymore. Reply 0
  • Load_2.0 01/07/2005

    6/10? Not going to make much of an impact with the gaming community. Reply 0
  • Load_2.0 01/07/2005

    This is Typacal of the kind of silly puns frequenting the forums. Reply 0
  • Gizmondo set for 19th March launch

  • Load_2.0 08/03/2005

    I feel guilty slagging off this "device" just like i feel guilty about the body buried in my backyard, but come on! It is one seriously chunky hunk of plastic, no-one will use this as their phone in this age of super small super fashionable mobile phones, GPS for games is a gimmick and the game line up sucks.
    If gizmondo was here Id give it a big hug because I form strange attachments to inanimate objects... but then i would sit it down and tell it to go on a goddamn diet get a haircut and some new clothes, because baby you is UUUUUUUUUUUgly. This suckers going down like a £5.00 hooker.
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  • Beat Down: Fist of Vengeance

  • Load_2.0 08/02/2005

    Raven, Zeus and... Gregolio? Gregolio must be an apprentice, and by the looks of the screen shots he has buggered up the morning coffee order. Reply 0
  • Kutaragi defends PSP design despite high defect rate

  • Load_2.0 25/01/2005

    Designed that way eh? I always knew that square button was crap, thats why I always assigned Ryu's useless middle kick to it.
    Sounds like Ken Kutatragi chose ther wrong option...

    x -Tell the truth.
    ^ -Run for the door.
    [] - Make preposterous announcement
    o - Attack with battle axe.
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  • Classic NES Series: Dr. Mario

  • Load_2.0 12/01/2005

    It is quite mad to price these at £14.99. I can't understand who is forking out the money for them and encouraging this sort of price point. Surely the Nostalgic GBA owning crowd can't number too highly and I can't see the Youf being particularly overcome by the generally repetitive nature or retro graphics in any of these titles.
    Even a ten in one type deal does'nt appeal much.
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  • Valve suspends 20,000 Steam accounts

  • Load_2.0 24/11/2004

    Yes transformation is well within the capabilities of the Clam People. The phrase "I am usually a Clam Person" indicates he is currently not in that form... Prehaps that form effects typing speed. As for age restrictions on younger Clammers playing games, well from what I can extrapolate from that post, they generally adopt a fairly Laissez Faire approach to age restrictions and education focusing more on developing their devastating powers... that and perfecting various chowders. Reply 0
  • Load_2.0 24/11/2004

    Fools! don't make fun of the clam people they have "Powers" Reply 0
  • Terrible start for N-Gage, Cube still lagging

  • Load_2.0 14/10/2003

    Yeah i'm amazed at that too, Damn 9-1!!! Reply 0
  • Load_2.0 14/10/2003

    I havenít played on an N-gage but from all accounts it sounds as much fun as a Tiger balm covered broomstick up the ass.
    However I do not want it too crash and burn. I want as many new entrants and idea's to the gaming industry as possible.
    Having a poke at possible poor sales seems to me unnecessary.
    Guess thatís ok though we can play the big three for the next 100 years.
    Who needs innovation?
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  • Deus Ex sequel this year? Uh...

  • Load_2.0 14/10/2003

    Right or wrong piracy is commonplace. Eidos would have factored this into their decision to release in the States alone.
    They have decided the Christmas sales from the states outweigh the loss from pirated copies. Itís the reality of the industry.
    To say you are upset at piracy is foolish; people have been copying games since the C64 came out and will continue to do so.
    Donít shed any tears for Eidos they will make a mint.
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  • Load_2.0 14/10/2003

    Don't you Europeans know nothing.
    We work damn hard to get shit first.
    First man on the moon, first to invade countries rich in natural resources, first country to elect a mechanised chimpman as president.
    If you want to start getting shit first your gonna have to work harder not smarter. Put down your croissants and cups of tea and start kicking some ass YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
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  • Ratchet & Clank 2: Locked & Loaded

  • Load_2.0 14/10/2003

    I never wear undies. Reply 0
  • Cube sales up 400% since price cut

  • Load_2.0 14/10/2003

    Mmmmm Cube, Rogue squadren and Zelda for £99
    Ok no formula for the kiddies Daddy needs a gamecube.
    Where can I get this sweet deal? And does anyone know of any other such bargains?
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  • Cube outsells PS2 in the US

  • Load_2.0 09/10/2003

    I don't know much about ducks or Eskimos. But I have heard the noise ducks make when they are angry its like a quack but with a ggg at the end "quackggg" and I have been simultaneously in the rain and near ducks and I didnít hear them make the angry sound.
    I have never seen an Eskimo anywhere except on TV but I wager if your house is made of ice then cold weather is probably more welcome then a nice balmy 40 degrees. "Mmmm lovely warm spell but shame about my house melting."
    Yep 50 below thatís the preferred temperature for an Eskimo.
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  • Load_2.0 09/10/2003

    C'mon i really like that ice and snow comment. It makes me chuckle. Reply 0
  • Load_2.0 09/10/2003

    Boy that ward of protection is working a treat.
    Lunch time now though... and I feel like something doughy round and sweet.
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  • Driver 3

  • Load_2.0 09/10/2003

    Driver2 kiks ass better than Wrestlemania that suxxor Reply 0
  • GBA SP ships two million in Europe

  • Load_2.0 09/10/2003

    You can buy a lovely All Blacks GBA in NZ its simply delightful.
    Ahhhhh Aotearoa.
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  • Half-Life 2 delayed to 2004

  • Load_2.0 09/10/2003

    "eeek. My pointer just moved 5 inches across the screen without me touching the mouse!"
    My mouse would do that when I left it near the mobile.
    Interference or the vibrations from silent mode. It was the highlight of my day.
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  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • Load_2.0 08/10/2003

    I can't wait to do Donits in the park with a Stinger.
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  • EyeToy: Groove soundtrack line-up

  • Load_2.0 06/10/2003

    This game would be perfect if it issued scathing remarks regarding peoples (in)ability to dance. Reply 0
  • Nintendo predicts loss

  • Load_2.0 06/10/2003

    Another alarming indicator (A.A.I.) of the impending collapse of the US is the emergence of the Rogue State Syndrome (R.S.S.)
    Hawaii the colourful, vibrant state and favoured holiday destination of many Americans has of late been making slow and steady progress to distance itself from the motherland.
    Keen Hawaii Observationalists (K.H.O.) will have noticed the introduction of two exceptionally large outboard motors attached to the West coasts of Hawaii. Hawaiian officials have stated that these are no more then tourist attractions, similar in fashion to those found in Australia or New Zealand. http://www.alphalink.com.au/~richardb/page4.htm
    Theorists however have suggested that recent movements of Americas more popular icons to Hawaii, such as the creation of Baywatch Hawaii, suggest a stockpiling of Americana before the exodus.
    The most likely mooring point of Hawaii is off the coast of England, which will allow the English to enjoy the fine beaches and tropical weather of a holiday spot without having to step on board a plane.
    In fact rumour has it that the English will be able to travel to Hawaii via paddle bike or canoe.
    Other States physically attached to the US have expressed envy at Hawaiiís seaworthiness, manoeuvrability and abundance of moustached Private Investigators.
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  • Soul Calibur II

  • Load_2.0 26/09/2003

    Wow a 11/10 for Bouncy Lisbon Breasts... With that sort of a recommendation I guess I better try it out.
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  • Load_2.0 26/09/2003

    Wow a 10 for Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Panza Kickboxing... With that sort of a recommendation I guess I better try it out.
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  • Load_2.0 26/09/2003

    Wow a 10... With that sort of a recommendation I guess I better try it out.
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  • Hyper Street Fighter II details

  • Load_2.0 25/09/2003

    I agree Street fighter 2 Turbo was the pinnacle. It seemed that the ability to produce combos on the earlier versions was a real skill, oh the hours i put in getting that spinning pile driver combo down oh and that bloody hard punch-knee-dragon drove me mad.
    Mmmm Hyper fighting cost me many a skool clas educashun.
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  • Load_2.0 25/09/2003

    Yeah ok so its a yet another slightly tarted version of the same game.
    But thatís fine by me, because itís the greatest game ever. Like a best of album by your favourite band, same songs in a different order.
    Sometimes when its very quiet I like to curl into a ball and shake making a bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound. I like to think I look ferocious like Blanka.
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  • Load_2.0 25/09/2003

    Mmmmm sweet, the greatest game ever with a spanky new compilation disc. I must get my western hands on it.
    I agree with Singularity the megadrive six-button controller was my tool of choice for pummelling opposition into the orange. Oh oh I am so excited I am going to crouch into the menís urinal and practise my dragon punches. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee just like a waterfall.
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