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  • The Saboteur

  • LlamaFarmer 03/12/2009

    "So what do you get? You get Grand Theft Auto III crossed with 'Allo 'Allo"

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  • Lost in Shadow

  • LlamaFarmer 03/09/2009

    Indeed, very pretty Reply 0
  • Ubisoft cagey about BG&E2 status

  • LlamaFarmer 25/08/2009

    :( Reply +2
  • Naughty Dog keen to bring Jak back

  • LlamaFarmer 19/08/2009

    Franchise? Product? Wow, this person totally hearts games... Reply -4
  • MS marketing for XBLC games "woeful"

  • LlamaFarmer 26/06/2009

    I mostly agree with Clover chap, say whatever you want about whether they should be going for profits on this service, as an end-user it isn't a pleasant shopping experience. A lot of clicks to get the games without many signposts in the Xbox menu system and in the end there is a huge list of games that you have no idea about. Adding a ratings system/filters and a better way of displaying these games is essential. I really like the idea behind the service, I quite liked but didn't love Clover, but was more than happy to pay the asking price for the experience. I just wouldn't know what game to try next as that was based on the Eurogamer review. Reply +2
  • "Yes you can," EA tells President Obama

  • LlamaFarmer 22/06/2009

    @Cannibal: I agree, although I see the point of the feature in general I'd prefer to be able to switch it off altogether (As in making the whole +- thing on the side disappear). I enjoy reading the occasionally stupid comment, and some people have said perfectly reasonably things in other threads but they disappear because a couple of people don't agree with them. It's not really separating good/on topic comments from bad/off topic ones effectively Reply 0
  • The Shareware Age

  • LlamaFarmer 24/05/2009

    A great read, I got into gaming during this era, and this brought back a fair few memories. Loving these Sunday retro articles :) Reply 0
  • Another Code R: A Journey into Lost Memories

  • LlamaFarmer 16/05/2009

    I loved Another Code and Hotel Dusk, can't wait for this! Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Mafia

  • LlamaFarmer 19/04/2009

    It was an amazing game at the time, I loved the fact that the cars felt more realistic than GTA and the city seemed more alive. The cutscenes and story were fantastic, and I think shows that games CAN be made to feel like you're in a film. I remember doing that race over and over at a friend's, taking it in turns. We finally managed then I realised I'd have to do it again when I got home, what a satisfying feeling though! Really looking forward to the sequel, glad to see that they aren't making it too sandboxy, but still using the city as a stage for the story. Still hope they don't have quicksaves or too frequent checkpointing, something I don't normally say, but the shootouts were so tense and exciting! Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Dark Forces

  • LlamaFarmer 15/03/2009

    MotS was amazing, I was still fairly young when I played that, a group of my friends had a sleepover and we aimed to complete the game in that night. We got to the last level, in the old temple or something and we were absolutely terrified. I took the controls briefly, but being, at that point, rubbish at shooters, I was even more tense and scared. A swamp wompa or whatever they were leapt out at me, and I jumped, gave a little scream and hammered the keyboard in surprise and desperation....it fell down dead in front of me. Somehow I had managed to destruction and power slash it, as well as a few other dark powers. I collapsed from the chair and let someone else take over :) Reply 0
  • LlamaFarmer 15/03/2009

    Great article. Jedi Knight was one of the first games I properly got into, for the same reasons as John liking DF, the levels were amazing. Sometimes you felt like you were breaking the game somehow by working your way precariously across a ledge or pipe, unsure of where they'd lead. They felt more like places to explore than levels. The force powers just added to this, allowing you to jump ridiculous heights and distances. Great multiplayer too, and I only played the Battleground level repeatedly... Reply 0
  • Soulcalibur Legends

  • LlamaFarmer 10/09/2008

    Thanks Dan, really funny review Reply 0
  • PC Roundup

  • LlamaFarmer 04/08/2008

    It's Ł10 from GAME. Read another not-so-good review of it, don't know what to think now! Reply 0
  • Telltale doing Wallace & Gromit games

  • LlamaFarmer 25/07/2008

    It could be great but...hope they don't try to force the comedy too much like with Sam & Max. Would be great if Nick Park was involved in the writing for it. Reply 0
  • Exclusive - Prince of Persia: The Fallen King

  • LlamaFarmer 23/07/2008

    Probably best way to approach the game on DS really. Doesn't seem *too* combat orientated, which is nice. More likely to capture the amazing atmosphere of Sands of Time than the sequels to that game. Reply 0
  • Ghost Squad

  • LlamaFarmer 17/01/2008

    Nice review. Seems fun but too expensive for what you get at the moment. Will maybe check it out when the price drops, though that seems to take a while with Wii games :( Actually it sound more like a game to rent.

    (And I'm hating these Geomerty Wars: Galaxies adverts, I don't want to see annoying gurning people "playing the game".)
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  • Sin and Punishment on Euro VC

  • LlamaFarmer 28/09/2007

    Why do they cost so much? Reply 0
  • PC Roundup

  • LlamaFarmer 23/07/2007

    Because sub-par does not mean shit. Some people might still enjoy them. Reply 0
  • Infernal

  • LlamaFarmer 22/02/2007

    Judging by the demo I completely agree with nearly all points in the review. Game looked good, I could enjoy the silly generic future-tech "badass" characters and story as a bit of fun, but the gameplay was just so repetitive and not in a "30 seconds of fun, repeated" way. I'm bored of the waking up with amnesia/having supernatural powers slowly remembered or gained type games. Call of Juarez felt so fresh and different, good level design, lots of different gameplay elements, it felt authentic and had soul, which I don't think this game has (judging by demo and review).

    I think Alec's right to be harsh in this review, since we've seen it so many times before and with the power available to PCs and next-gen consoles, we should be able to get passed the keycard, locked door trudge through levels. Instead everything looks a bit blurrier and more shiny and that's about it for most games.
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  • Dreamfall demo

  • LlamaFarmer 02/01/2007

    ...Well I like it...

    It's a shame that it's such a huge download, as it's definately got lots of problems, but some people would still enjoy it for it's great story and characters, but are unlikely to give it a go when it's so bulky.
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  • EG's new download service

  • LlamaFarmer 13/10/2006

    I joined the service today - pretty impressed. Although the games aren't that new (a few are pretty recent though), they've got some pretty decent things there. Also, I had problems with the first game I downloaded Call of Juarez, but there's a friendly forum community and after reading a few posts I managed to get it sorted. Whether I keep the subscription up will depend on the quality of the games they add, but for now there's plenty of things for me to explore that I normally wouldn't pay full price to try out. For me, anyway, this is the sort of digital distribution service I could definately get into.

    For games I'm really looking forward to, I'll still buy the boxed game though :)

    Thanks Eurogamer for pointing this out to me, seems like a good move, and thanks metafil for the good work!
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  • EG mobile section launches

  • LlamaFarmer 26/05/2006

    Ooooh, great new section, I've been starting to think of getting into mobile gaming. At the moment I only have a crappy old Nokia, and all this is new to me, how bout some sort of guide to which phones work best for games, and the various different ways you go about getting the games? Reply 0
  • Revolution's real name

  • LlamaFarmer 27/04/2006

    I'm starting to get used to it.

    No seriously, the more I see terrible piss puns, the more my mind forces me to think of "We" when it sees "Wii". Still not sure if I like it that much, but I suspect by the time it comes out, or even by E3, it will seem pretty normal. I like the fact that it sounds like "Wheee!", less GamerboXPlayZoneXtreme3 and more just a fun name.
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  • Final Fantasy XI

  • LlamaFarmer 20/04/2006

    I really enjoyed this review, though I can see why some people wanted more information on the game. But for me, it was a great read. Reply 0
  • GalCiv2 dev on copy protection

  • LlamaFarmer 14/03/2006

    "Most people who pirate a software product would never have purchased it."

    Ooh never thought about it that way before, but I reckon it's probably true. This guy seems to have his head screwed on.
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  • Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

  • LlamaFarmer 12/08/2005

    I personally didn't have a problem with the review. Looking back at it, it does go over the few things in the game that work and told you the things that didn't. People are complaining about the "PS1 graphics" comment, but it doesn't really matter that these graphics couldn't be produced on a PlayStation, he's just letting us know that the graphics are bad.

    And as for the slowly dying comment, surely you'd rather spend your precious seconds being entertained than getting only the bullet pointed facts. Well, maybe not, but most people read these reviews to be entertained as well as informed. I did find it entertaining, but obviously not everyone did. I'm actually a big fan of JW, having read PCG for many a year and enjoying his budget/adventure game reviews, he seems to really care about what he's playing, and if he gets frustrated by a game, he can't help letting that show.

    Again, perhaps not everyone's idea of a good review, but I enjoyed it anyway, keep up the good work!

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