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  • Legendary buried E.T. cartridges to be excavated

  • Lince 31/05/2013

    you need to be in your middle 30's to understand what's E.T. and Atari... these news do bring a nostalgic smile to my face, I've aged so fast, lived so quick, my childhood memories fading away like tears in the rain. Now kids these days don't need no memories, they have Google. Reply +7
  • Digital Foundry vs. the ultimate gaming PC

  • Lince 22/04/2013

    @Suarez07 not random in Tomb Raider, up-close camera pans of Lara's hair with Tress FX are rather computing intensive specially for Nvidia 6XX cards Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 3 Review

  • Lince 10/03/2012

    this game doesn't deserve a 10, I was a huge fan of the original ME RPG, ME2 was a huge letdown, a corridor shooter with amateurish level design, something that ME3 has built upon ending in Gears of Wars meets Dragon's Lair, absolutely forgettable. I don't know how this game gets so much praise in the US, a lot of the critics are cringe worthy and overt the top, smells like money hats to me, GTAIV all over again. The game is decent, 7/10 if you're a fan of the ME universe, 5/10 if not. I've been gaming for +30 years now. Later. Reply +4
  • Face-Off: Portal 2

  • Lince 23/04/2011

    That 2007 footage is totally out of place here, I don't understand the reasoning behind it being included here? maybe Mr. Leadbetter needed to comfort himself with the poor hack port job that game was on PS3 making the 360 look like the better hardware or something? I really don't understand.

    Also. is Mr. Leadbetter a developer himself? he is always suggesting the way this or that should have been coded when the 360 version of some game is not optimal, not to mention how deep he goes when the PS3 is the superior version. When the opposite happens he never tells how things should have been done on the PS3 hardware to improve the situation, what's this Mr. Leadbetter doing? he's not serious enough to be featured in a place like Eurogamer to be honest.
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  • Face-Off: Homefront

  • Lince 19/03/2011

    is there any Unreal Engine 3 based game that performs/looks better on the PS3? definitely that engine is not pushing the hardware at all, waste of Cell. Reply +3
  • Dark Souls gets official announcement

  • Lince 02/02/2011

    GAME OF THE GENERATION should be interesting to see the 360/PS3 versions face-off with From Software still being bitter with Sony and all... maybe they put more effort into the 360 code lol. Reply -7
  • Face-Off: Dead Space 2

  • Lince 29/01/2011

    funny, when the PS3 version is clearly the one to get this time around Digital Foundry quickly reminds us of the PC version, they imply the PS3 version is the most complete package, with same visuals, equal performance and better sound plus a free game (Move enabled), but they never say it clearly. When the 360 version wins these face-offs they always say "obviously for the reasons this and that is the one to get". Reply -2
  • Killzone 3

  • Lince 16/12/2010

    silly game my arse !!! Reply -2
  • Resistance 3 multiplayer "more focused"

  • Lince 13/12/2010

    gutted Insomniac discarded R2-style online coop, that was amazing, campaign coop won't cut it. Reply +1
  • Digital Foundry vs. Halo: Reach beta

  • Lince 01/05/2010


    I guess playing MAG for so long makes everything else look small and limited, not just Halo, not that it makes a difference but I played Halo 2 and 3 for a long time, good games, lots of fun and hectic, just questioning the outdated tech of Halo Reach in 2010. Don't get too excited, just another opinion.
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  • Lince 01/05/2010

    to be honest the game doesn't look anywhere as demanding as other popular FPS if you take into account the somewhat low player count... at least from the footage released, 30 fps with framerate dips for average graphics, limited-scope maps and a bunch of players is so 2006. Reply -20
  • PS3 firmware update tomorrow

  • Lince 23/05/2007

    -up to 1080p-

    so 720, 1080i and 1080p are supported
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  • 80GB PS3 on Sony Korea site

  • Lince 21/05/2007

    cheaper and with more storage space... yup, Sony loves PAL-Lands. Reply 0
  • Lost Planet PC demo dated

  • Lince 11/05/2007

    I have...

    Win XP Pro
    Core 2 Duo e6600
    7800 GT

    do you think it would run as good as the 360 ver?
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