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  • Sony PlayStation E3 2017 conference live report

  • Lince 13/06/2017

    Anticlimactic, re-remaster of SoTC saved the day I guess, God of War looks so different (not a bad thing), Las of us 2 releases 2019-2020, no FF7 remake info, no FROM soft info... meh/10 Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch reveal live report

  • Lince 13/01/2017

    no comments on hardware details since it's weak, and battery can last from 2 and half hours (playing low-res 30 fps game?) to 6 hours (idling on menu?) the range is not well defined, this does not look good Reply -1
  • Lince 13/01/2017

    300 € for a Zelda game? add the price of the game itself, an external battery pack and the usual cables, 400 €, is Nintendo really pulling this again? are Zelda fans enough to carry on the system? time will tell, so far it looks awful. Reply +1
  • Lince 13/01/2017

    The Switch will live as far as the Mario and Zelda hype does, then it's dead, right dead. Reply 0
  • Lince 13/01/2017

    I'm sure 3 people are pre-ordering the system as we speak, game console with no games, great idea Reply 0
  • Lince 13/01/2017

    when your translator falls asleep in the middle of the presentation you know you doing something very, very wrong Reply 0
  • Lince 13/01/2017

    300 space age dollars, paid online and 2 hours battery, lol what is this, go home Nintendo you're drunk Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity launch beats Black Flag's in UK chart

  • Lince 17/11/2014

    gamers will never be taken seriously, that some people walked away hands full of money after selling an embarrassing buggy, unfinished product with a hundred misleading trailers should be reflected on an updated review somehow, this is unacceptable. Reply +4
  • Face-Off: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Lince 04/10/2014

    @nickbonkersperry CPU has to track all the geometry rendered on screen as well, so it's not only a matter of RAM and GPU, the more geometry on screen / off screen the more CPU calculations you need. Reply -1
  • The JAMMA bliss of Salamander

  • Lince 08/06/2014

    MSX version was the best among the 8-bit peers, coop mode and all the content coupled with great graphics and amazing music thanks to the SCC chip made it one of the best "MegaROM" cartridges. Reply +3
  • inFamous: Second Son update lets you change the time of day

  • Lince 02/04/2014

    Always nice to have the option, not that troublesome for developers and a really good bonus specially for hardcore gamers. Reply +1
  • Does the 13GB Dead Rising 3 patch boost performance?

  • Lince 24/01/2014

    you cannot download better hardware Reply +53
  • Ryse: Son of Rome review

  • Lince 21/11/2013

    Reply +5
  • Lince 21/11/2013

    System Seller !!! (lots of people selling their pre-orders on e-bay as we speak) Reply 0
  • Next-Gen Now: Ryse: Son of Rome

  • Lince 21/11/2013

    looks quite spectacular, yay ! ...but at 900p and less than 30 fps, didn't they use the "power of the cloud" Richard ?

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  • Does the Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 patch fix everything?

  • Lince 20/11/2013

    so it turns out that the PS4 is too powerful for CoD Ghosts... no surprise given the poor quality of the game both in tech and gameplay wise, as Polygon would say, -the game is "too future", "too frames"- Reply +10
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts PC patch drops 6GB RAM requirement to 4GB

  • Lince 19/11/2013

    so the meme "download more RAM" was true after all Reply +5
  • Live: PlayStation 4 US launch event

  • Lince 15/11/2013

    Killzone multiplayer hnnnggggg !!! Killzone 2 was my GOTG Reply +1
  • Lince 15/11/2013

    transaction rejected lol, guess he hoped he was gonna get that PS4 gifted for being customer #1 Reply 0
  • Lince 15/11/2013

    at least we got some Last of Us and Last Guardian news... keyword today is "last" Reply 0
  • UK chart: COD Ghosts top, more copies sold on PS4 than Wii U

  • Lince 11/11/2013

    "Despite PS4 not being released"

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  • Call of Duty: Ghosts review

  • Lince 05/11/2013

    7/10 is a bit too much for this game, I guess the 7 goes well with 720p tho Reply 0
  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: Call of Duty: Ghosts dev Infinity Ward responds

  • Lince 04/11/2013

    meanwhile, Xbox One fans seem content with this damage limitation...

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  • Call of Duty: Ghosts 720p on Xbox One, 1080p on PS4

  • Lince 30/10/2013

    Reply +153
  • Lince 30/10/2013

    Reply +198
  • Face-Off Preview: Battlefield 4 next-gen vs. PC

  • Lince 29/10/2013

    The Xbox One version (or maybe Digital Foundry capture equipment / settings) just boosts sharpening and contrast to the max, detail is lost, there's some videos around showing different contrast and saturation for the Xbox One version.

    Example: See how Xbox One is missing details "thanks" to crushing black level, tweaking gamma, extreme sharpening and saturation in a brave attempt to look on par or better than PS4/PC even when it lacks proper Ambient Occlusion, runs at a lower resolution and, even at that lower resolution, manages a worse framerate than the PS4. First multi-platform game and the Xbox One already resorting to obscure tricks to hide how underpowered it is.

    look at all the missing details... shame.


    look what happens when you render in lower res and do some extreme sharpening on top of that:

    very poor showing here Microsoft:

    PS4 version rendering 56% more pixels vs Xbox One,900p vs 720p
    PS4 has anti-aliasing, missing on Xbox One
    PS4 has HBAO ambient occlusion, missing on Xbox One
    PS4 has motion blur in multiplayer, missing on Xbox One
    PS4 runs at a higher framerate in spite of all of the above advantages !!

    and this is just a multiplatform launch title, I wonder what would happen when devs focus on PS4 strengths (also PS4 is much cheaper, you can basically get the game for free if you buy a PS4 instead of the Xbox One).

    source: NeoGAF
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  • Digital Foundry vs. the Xbox One architects

  • Lince 23/09/2013

    "the upclock was a better choice because one part of the pipeline in our GPU is rather weak and forming a bottleneck - a part we're conveniently not discussing at all in this article" Reply +5
  • Xbox One exclusive Ryse runs at 900p

  • Lince 17/09/2013

    While we'd clearly prefer 1080p as a target resolution, it's safe to say that the reduction in quality isn't quite as impactful as you might expect in these shots...

    ...given the choice between a consistent gameplay experience at 900p or 1080p with a frame-rate hit, we'd take the smoother performance every time.
    had this been a PS4 exclusive I suspect the wording of these comments would have been a tad more... sour, isn't it Mr. Leadbetter ?
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  • Lince 17/09/2013

    Richard Leadbetter on suicide watch Reply +9
  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5

  • Lince 17/09/2013

    Ok, I have the disc2 installed on a USB3 pen & I have absolutely no streaming issues or blurry textures under my feet :-/
    @Rocky5 Thing is you don't need extra hardware for the PS3 version, just buy the game, what would you need if GTAVI was to be released on 360 ? HDD + USB + VHS Tape ??? come on
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  • Xbox One CPU speed increased by 9.375 per cent

  • Lince 04/09/2013

    It's amazing that Leadbetter can consider the CPU a significant step ahead for a potential 9.38% or whatever when he has stated a 50% GPU advantage (at the time for the PS4) wouldn't make much of a difference.. and don't even get started on other things like HUMA technology the PS4 is supposed to feature, that completely makes up for the allegedly data move engines' advantage and then some, the data would not need be shuffled to the GPU, cycles saved = more performance. Leadbetter would do whatever it takes to make the Xbox One sound on par with the superior PS4 hardware, even misunderstanding some article which stated the word "several" talking about performance and he just took the word "seven" out of nowhere... ah Richard.

    All of this are data straight from Microsoft and Sony, not speculation, and just a quick reminder, Sony has not yet stated the clock of the CPU, just AMD leaked that it wouldn't run underclocked, so we can also expect a surprise that Richard would find hard to digest.
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  • Xbox One records the last five minutes of your gameplay

  • Lince 22/07/2013

    Richard Leadbetter getting paranoid about Xbox One lack of features compared to PS4, again, Sony stated this afternoon that it was 15, some sites, included this one, translated the "several" comment as "seven" of course before searching for clarification they preferred the figure closer to the Xbox One "one", so folks, PS4 15 minutes, Xbox 5. End of Story.

    I predict some stomach ulcer coming to Richard Leadbetter in case he doesn't start accepting that this time around PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One, and we are still waiting for those Xbox 360 games surpassing Uncharted 2&3, God of War or The Last of Us quality.
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  • Microsoft reverses position on Xbox One DRM

  • Lince 19/06/2013

    Dear Xbox fans, now we are making our console a PlayStation 4 clone, but bigger, less powerful and more expensive... we appreciate and embrace users' feedback (even if we said we firmly believed we were heading for the future of videogames) so if you tweet us "please add 8 GB of GDDR5" we will consider the upgrade, we want to be like the 360 but better, we were just testing the waters, please understand, and yeah... the cloud... what cloud guys ? Reply -3
  • Lince 19/06/2013

    Microsoft shitted their pants with so many preorders going on for PS4 leaving the Xbox One in the dust, multi-billion arrogant USA company have been humbled by Japanese user-friendly Sony, the day Microsoft reach a considerable amount of units sold DRM will be slowly put back in place as they have been discussing them with main third parties, specially Electronic Arts, for a long, long time... EA is pissed now, I know PS4 will benefit from the large amount of titles bound to be Xbox exclusives now to be multiplatform on the more powerful PS4 thanks to Microsoft humiliating 180, you know what Mr. Gates.. DRM or not not buying your VCR tivo consol, overpriced, arrogant, clueless, expecting a lot more changes in the future... no thanks. Reply +13
  • Live: Nintendo Direct E3 Conference

  • Lince 11/06/2013

    I will spend that money solely for the new Killzone game Reply +1
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    Wii U has nothing like Infamous or even The Last of Us / Uncharted, games people hype not only kids with cute graphics, this is, my daughter smiled watching the Mario gameplay, it's too cute for adults even if gameplay is somewhat fun. Reply 0
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    they could have had hardware similar to that of PS4 for the same money Wii U did cost at launch, they should have delayed the launch to compete with MS/Sony Reply +1
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    not taking back their DS and 3DS consoles are absolutely brilliant, but the Wii U is nothing but a dust magnet at this point. Reply +1
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    that old Zelda is the only Wii U game for 2013 Holidays... a bit sad and of course Wii U will get trounced by PS4/Xbox One... what are they thinking ? are they going full portable gaming ? Reply +1
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    so sad my most anticipated Wii U game is some old Zelda remake you can already play on Dolphin emulator @1440p... 2014 titles too far off, Nintendo and Microsoft are quitting gaming business, it's all Sony again. Reply 0
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    no Metroid... whatever happened to this franchise, man this was alright, most titles are 2014 but oh well I can wait while playing PC & PS4, but no Metroid breaks my heart... Reply 0
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    every game except those from Platinum and Monolith look like Xmas morning Reply 0
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    that made me want a 1080p remake of Skyward Sword with no motion controls Reply 0
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    that Monolith game looked delicious, Wii U has some powerful innards devs should learn how to tackle Reply 0
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    Metroid U please Reply 0
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    2014 titles... Wii U needs something big for the winter holidays....come on Reply 0
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    cure Mario graphics, cute Zelda, cute Donkey Kong... and suddenly, Bayonetta bitch lol, a game you would never expect on a Nintendo console. Reply 0
  • Lince 11/06/2013

    these should have been launch titles, price drop + these magnificent games should see Wii U overtaking the Xbox One at least. Reply 0
  • Xbox One's used game policies to lay with publishers

  • Lince 07/06/2013

    biggest disappointment in video-games history, no Internet no play, your ISP fails your games fail... but you can still watch TV, as if we hardcore gamers watched TV... we watch streams, at this point the Xbox One shouldn't be called a "console" any longer, more like a weird TV receiver with Kinnect voice and gesture commands which happens to play* Halo and Gears of War* (playing is not always guaranteed*). WHAT A JOKE ! Reply +1
  • The Last of Us review

  • Lince 06/06/2013

    meanwhile, in Xbox Live universe, people still shooting down aliens with heavy-armoured space marines. Games like Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet, InFamous, Valkyria Chronicles, Uncharted, Demon's Soul (the original still the hardcore favourite), Journey... and now The Last of Us making the difference between casual gaming and actual, classy gaming for videogames fans, thanks Sony ! even God of War was spectacular and technically unmatched, reasons why I'm going PlayStation for next-gen again, Sony delivering, Microsoft making Call of Duty and TV their main focus, thanks but no. Reply +8