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  • All the Doctor Whos are in Lego Dimensions

  • LiamK 09/07/2015

    *clears throat* I think you'll find that the character's name is actually "Doctor Who's Monster".

    (Also, it'll be Hurt's Doctor who's (ha!) missing. He's "The War Doctor", so he doesn't count in the numbers because they don't want to have to move everyone from Ecclestone onwards up one number. I'm sure he'll be there though as an unlockable or paid-for bit of DLC.)

    (Also also, the 5th Doctor was the best.)
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  • Video: When video games got space really, really right

  • LiamK 07/03/2015

    @FogHeart I can't rememeber if it was Babylon 5 or another show, but apparently when in preproduction they experimented with having no sounds during the space scenes. They said it killed all the atmosphere (no pun intended). I think silence works for things like 2001 that are going for a certain tone, but Star Wars without that TIE Fighter sound? Rubbish. Reply +5
  • Actor in Donkey Kong costume suffers heart injury, sues Nintendo

  • LiamK 03/12/2014

    I'm slightly worried for the empathy of the human race that several people's first thought after reading about someone who has had such a serious heart condition that he's had to have a permanent heart defibrillator implanted is "well, he probably knew he had a bad heart, so he took a job that would risk his health and possibly his life in the vain hope that he would then be able to sue the company." What terrible, cynical lives you must lead. Reply +37
  • Frontier's drive to make Elite: Dangerous on PC future proof

  • LiamK 17/07/2014

    "But if you also hold down the alt button you get a HD screenshot of four times the resolution of what your rendering the game out at."
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  • Video: 16 Things You Never Hear Gamers Say

  • LiamK 10/05/2014

    Video was quite amusing. Funnier though is watching people who have seen something they don't like on the internet and feel the need to make sure that the WORLD KNOWS! Reply +3
  • Transformers retrospective

  • LiamK 13/04/2014

    @ProtoformX " I'm reading the current comics (Which are great & nothing to do with the films) and I'd notice that suddenly a character would get a redesign. There would be a narrative reason for it, but it would be very sudden and just when you're wondering why, Hasbro will release a figure in that appearance."

    Well, that goes all the way back to the 80s. Why did Megatron become Galvatron? To sell a toy! Why did Optimus Prime get a Powermaster upgrade? To sell a toy! The Marvel comic in particular was full of this stuff.
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  • LiamK 13/04/2014

    @BellyFullOfHell there is no way I'm accepting that 1988 Springer is a better toy than 2013 Springer. Boxy bricks who could move their shoulders and nothing else that "transformed" by lying down and tucking their legs and arms in. The line now is both for young kids getting their first figure, and old fans who can't believe they make a toy of frigging Staxus.

    If you like Transformers but don't like the films, there's plenty of other stuff. Transformers Prime has just finishd and was pretty good (although not a patch on Tranformers Animated, which preceeded it.) The two current comics are awesome.

    So yeah, current Transformers are brilliant. Unless you think that everything was awesome when you were a kid and sucks now in which case I can't help you.
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  • When will we see a gay protagonist in a triple-A game?

  • LiamK 28/02/2014

    It's heartening how many people are "I wouldn't mind a gay character, as long as it's relevent to the story, otherwise it's just tokenism". Because obviously being white and straight is some sort of default, so to be anything else you have to have a reason. Like how if they're making an action film and looking for a lead male, they should only cast Will Smith if there is a good reason for him to be black. Otherwise everyone will just spend the whole film saying "why is that man black? It makes no sense." Reply +5
  • LiamK 28/02/2014

    @manic_mouse Lots of black people use the n word, and they are (usually) not racist. Words are extremely complicated things and trying to sort out the arguments behind "gay", "pussy" and things like that is not going to be accomplished on a Eurogamer comments thread. Suffice to say that there are some homosexual people who will use "gay" to mean "bad", and others that hate it when it's used in that way. At the very least, can we agree that using a word that defines someones sexuality to also mean that something is crap is not perhaps an ideal situation?

    (And lots of Christians DO get upset at people using "Jesus Christ" as an exclamation.)
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  • Microsoft releases new Xbox One firmware update

  • LiamK 11/12/2013

    I think that Internet Explorer IS part of the kernel in Windows. And to be fair, Windows only needs one reboot as well. You install the updates, then reboot. Our Red Hat servers at work get restarted just as much as the Windows ones do. The difference with the XO seems to be that rather than installing the updates while the system is active (like Windows and Linux) it needs the machine to start from cold and not be used (so more like an iPhone, I guess).

    @kris73 Alphas aren't finished products. Alphas come BEFORE betas, not after.
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  • Fire Emblem DLC censored in the west

  • LiamK 05/05/2013

    @coderkind On the other hand, some of those playing possibly ARE 8 years old. So...

    (Really, I dunno. On the one hand it's seems a bit of a silly thing to censor. On the other hand, getting worked up about it also seems a bit silly. I DEMAND MY RIGHT TO SEE GIRLIE BOTTOM IN TACTICAL ROLE-PLAYING GAME, and so on.)
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  • And this is what Activision's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game looks like

  • LiamK 03/05/2013

    @bad09 "new art styles for the cartoons are never a patch on the old one where they all had character"

    You mean the 80s cartoon where all 4 Turtles were drawn exactly the same, with only their different coloured bandanas to tell them apart? Yes, they had much more character than the 2000s cartoon or the latest CGI show where all the Turtles have different designs. Y'know, for personality.

    But hey, if you want to play "things when I were young were awesome and things now are shit", knock yourself out.
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  • Garry's Mod: $22 million in seven years and now Garry is making a new PC game

  • LiamK 07/03/2013

    @SuperSoupy as that money pays for the infrastructure required for him (and us) to get an education which in turn allowed him to make millions of pounds, then shooting the taxman would be rather spiteful just because he is now in a position to not require those services. But yeah, screw the tax man, and schools, hospitals, the police, fire brigade, roads, charities, etc etc. Reply +6
  • Forget the Dead Island: Riptide pre-order incentives, what's happening with that awful Zombie Bait bikini torso edition?

  • LiamK 02/03/2013


    Er, are you honestly saying that there's more violence directed at men because more men die in the army than women?

    You do understand that when army members are killed, it's not because they are men (or women), don't you? Because otherwise you've managed to miss the point so spectacularly that it can actually be seen from space.
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  • Star Trek Preview: "It's like someone spliced Metroid Prime into my Uncharted"

  • LiamK 13/09/2012

    So many posts, and not a single "There's no such thing as a Vulcan Death Grip."

    And you call yourselves fans.
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  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Review

  • LiamK 24/08/2012

    "I pity the young-uns and their Ben Ten bullshit these days..."
    @SClaw What about the young-uns and their non stop Transformers cartoons for the past 14 years, at least half of which have been much, much better than the original 80s series?
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  • Lost Humanity 8: Days of Nothing

  • LiamK 16/08/2012

    "Her mother isn't especially girly so her preference for floral dresses and pink toys didn't come from her and she was, for the most part so far, home-schooled so it's unlikely that peer pressure lead to here preferences."
    The problem with that argument is that is assumes that pink is natually a girly colour. Less than a hundred years ago, baby boys were dressed in pink and baby girls were dressed in blue, because pink was a "stronger" colour.

    It would be almost impossible to determine if cultural pressure plays a part in stuff like this. You say this girl was "mainly" home-schooled, but did she spend any time around people her own age? Watching television? Did she ever wander into a toy shop and see that while the boys aisle was full of colour, the girls one was pretty much wall to wall pink?
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  • LiamK 16/08/2012

    I am arguing that white privilege doesn't exist because it implies all whites have it, which they don't. You are arguing that the white race, is, in general, in a privileged position compared to other races.
    They are kind of the same thing. Sure, not all white people are rich. But I bet you a bottom of the rung white person would have better luck trying to find a job than a bottom of the rung black person, if all other things are equal.

    It's like the article "Straight White Male - the lowest difficulty setting there is" states: there are rich black females. There are poor white males. But by and large, in the vast majority of cases, a straight white person will find things easier in life than a gay black female.
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  • LiamK 15/08/2012


    Harley Quinn the original character isn't misogynistic. She was a victim, and only really worked with the animated series version of the Joker, but she wasn't misogynistic. The version in the video games though who is incapable of covering up her suddenly massive breasts? Different person.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Outsiders

  • LiamK 11/08/2012

    The thing is (and to be fair, this is touched on in the article itself) is that there's a real danger of comparing A successful Indie project to ALL commercial games. The commercial games that bomb make a big splash. The indie games that don't are noticed by no-one apart from the guy who made it. Of course, it's also true that the former instance is going to cost lots of people lots of money wheras the latter is only costing one guy time and money, but it's still unfair to do a direct comparison.

    This thing is a bit touchy for me because it veers dangerously close to the arguments spouted by Gove that we should get in teachers from outside the teaching profession, because they would have "new ideas" and not be "burdened by the existing" rules. Again, like the acticle mentions, an idealic Dead Poet's Society situation. This, of course, is bollocks. In 99% of cases teaching comes down to study, preperation, and more preperation. We have a danger nowadays of demeaning professionals and assuming that anyone can do their job.
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  • Worms Collection announced for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

  • LiamK 25/07/2012

    Do we really need Worms on a G3 console in 2012?
    ...nope, sorry. I've tried hard but I can't work out how the Ps3/360 are "G3" consoles. This is either a measuring system I've never heard of before, or some people think that the PlayStation 1 was the first ever games console.
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  • Father blames Microsoft as son spends 1150 on Xbox Live

  • LiamK 13/07/2012

    Although I agree with most of the comments, is no-one else depressed that apparently "mong" is still an acceptable insult in 2012? Reply +2
  • X-Wing Retrospective

  • LiamK 01/07/2012

    Well, there were meant to be 9 episodes, with Shadows of the Empire (I think) following on after Return of the Jedi.
    After 20-odd years, you think that lie would have been put to bed once and for all.
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  • PES dev slams FIFA 13's aesthetic changes

  • LiamK 29/06/2012

    "We always focused on gameplay and that's what we want to get back to."
    Er, hold on... you've "always" focused on gameplay so this year you are going to "get back to" focusing on gameplay?

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  • Microsoft announces new Surface tablet

  • LiamK 19/06/2012

    This could be very useful in an office environment. We have several people requesting iPads at work, but from a security point of view it's really tricky. You'd be amazed at the number of offices that lock down the user's PCs, but give them free reign on their iPads and smart phones.

    A Windows tablet that can slot into an existing Active Directory structure, using all your existing policies could be very useful.
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  • Lego Batman 2 trailer shows Joker, Batman talking

  • LiamK 12/06/2012

    Batman sounds like Mysterion from South Park.

    Oh my god, Kenny is Batman!
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  • Is Nintendo HD Ready?

  • LiamK 03/06/2012

    Hollywood movies are sh*t. Anime is ace. In place of explosions the ?void? lol is filled by quality as any sane person would expect. Strange.[/quote

    Or maybe some Hollywood films are shit, some are good, some anime is shit, and some is good? Reply 0
  • Epic unveils Unreal Engine 4 with stunning in-game screens

  • LiamK 17/05/2012

    I think we should all remember what a massive mainstream success the Neo Geo was. Reply +4
  • SWTOR Game Update 1.2 tomorrow: patch notes, maintenance timing

  • LiamK 11/04/2012

    The chief reason for this is actually highlighted in this article - maintenance times. European players are treat like second class citizens with peak maintenance times that are ran at the same time as the off-peak times for our US counterparts.
    The article says that the downtime is 6am to 2pm. On a weekday, that seems a fairly reasonable time.
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  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Review

  • LiamK 15/03/2012

    My wife would get on well with one of these. She goes on lots of courses and travels a lot, so a tablet that also works as a laptop replacement would be perfect. Is there a better Office package for it, even one that costs? I don't think OpenOffice is available for Android, is it? Reply +1
  • LiamK 15/03/2012

    ...a digital storefront that is literally bursting with apps and games.

    (Isn't there another new one of these coming out, with a better screen, and some oddness like quad core only being on the wi-fi-only version?)
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  • Should More Indie Developers Be Saying 'Just Pirate It'?

  • LiamK 01/03/2012

    I have been downloading episodes of Transformers: Prime from Torrents. I do this because I can't buy the series on DVD, either region 2 or region 1. If/when it comes out, I will buy it. I know a few people who download the latest US TV episodes, and most of them would pay for it if there was a legal alternative that didn't involve waiting.

    I know it's a bit "I want all my stuff all the time now!", but when you have a global communication network, it feels awfully backward to be saying "oh, I can't watch that TV show for another 6 months or so."

    I do agree with what someone else said... when I had an Amiga 90% of my games were pirated, and I had more than I could play. Nowadays I buy everything, because I can afford it. Games, by and large, are great value for money compared to almost any other form of mass entertainment. I also spend my time trying to convince relatives not to by (for example) R4 cards for their kids DSs, if for no other reason that it means they can never buy them a game for Christmas again. ("Oh, why did you buy me this? I could have just downloaded it.")

    My nephew used to download pirated stuff on his jailbroken iPad all the time. The thing that stopped him was when I was discussing with him what he wanted to do when he grew up. He has an interest in technology in general, and said he'd quite like to make apps and games. I asked him how he'd feel if he made an app, came home and found that all his family had pirated it.
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  • Revealed: GAME's memo to staff on Mass Effect 3 cancellation

  • LiamK 29/02/2012

    Also, if someone actually spoke to me in the way that email suggests I swear I'd be leaving the store with bloody knuckles, handcuffed and never to be seen again.
    @Shikasama You mean if someone apologised for the situation, empathised with your predicament, offered you a full refund and an extra 5 voucher, you'd feel compelled to punch them until they were bleeding all over your fist?

    I hope I'm never in a restauranet with you if they get your order wrong.
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  • New Xbox 360 update tinkers behind the scenes

  • LiamK 23/02/2012

    Why are you sitting around waiting for your 360 to shut down, rather than doing anything else in the world? Reply +35
  • Skyrim PC patch 1.4.26 beta available, details

  • LiamK 21/02/2012

    Would you rather have a broken game which supports hundreds of hours of gameplay or a more streamlined experience lasting a dozen or so hours which is really polished?
    Er, the second one? I don't think anyone here has been saying "god, there aren't enough games for me to play, and they are all too short! I wish games were much, much longer because I have shit loads of free time and not enough to do in it."

    Or, heaven forbid, something in the middle? Like, 30-odd hours with a couple of bugs but nothing that breaks the game?
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  • London riots PSP student mugger faces "long prison sentence"

  • LiamK 21/02/2012

    I am vaguely terrified at the number of people who think that a sane punishment for a mugger is being burned and raped. It'd be like punishing someone for stealing music by removing both their legs.

    "Bread and water and the cat and 9 tails would sort this scum out. The government are a gang of whimps."
    Yes, because there was never any crime when corporal and capital punishment were used in the past. It was a heaven of sunshine, flowers and love.

    (Note, I completely agree that this person should go to prison. I don't think he should be hugged. I think that there are problems with crime and punishment that need sorting. I just don't think that "they should all be sterilised and burnt to death" is a sane response.)
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  • Everybody's Golf Vita Review

  • LiamK 16/02/2012

    you can purchase novelty items such as football-shaped golf balls.
    So, er, ball-shaped then?
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  • Sony improves PlayStation 3 web browser with system update v4.10

  • LiamK 08/02/2012

    it still insists on only offering 240p resolutions to view on my 46 TV. And sadly even its Bravia Pro engine can't make the images viewable with such draconian bit starving.
    I commented as much to Rosie Huntington-Whitely, who is sat next to me. And sadly even her amazing bottom was unable to figure out why you gave us a breakdown of your tv specs.
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  • Mass Effect 3 action figures to come with exclusive DLC

  • LiamK 24/01/2012


    "Action figures! Oh wait, I'm 29 years old."

    And you're still playing computer games at your age? How sad are you?
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  • Sony PS3 update attracts class-action lawsuit

  • LiamK 21/12/2011

    Just to expand on what Machiavellian said, a lot of the "Americans sue for anything stories" are grossly exaggerated, and even when they are not they usually get thrown out straight away. The system has to exist in such a way that people can attempt to sue for anything. It does not mean that they should succeed, merely that they should have the opportunity. Reply +1
  • Grand Theft Auto 3: 10 Year Anniversary Edition Review

  • LiamK 20/12/2011

    However, if the 30-pin connection of my iPhone could accept a USB converter...
    Apple, give up their proprietary interface that allows them to control what can plug into an iPod/Phone/Pad?

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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic - The End of an Era?

  • LiamK 15/12/2011


    "The whole article is flawed because it ignores the fact that the development costs have already been paid.

    Some rather poorly researched, scaremongering journalism from EG. It's like Robert Peston suddenly left the BBC and took up games journalism.
    You've already been corrected once, but let's try again.

    Say you are right. EA use the x million pound profit they made over the past few years to fund this game. So the game is paid for and any money it makes is profit?

    But what happens if, instead of spending that 5 million pount profit on this game, they put it towards another game, one that might have made them more money? Hell, what if they just put it in a bank and got interest off of it.

    Shareholders don't think "well, they spent 5 million quid and made 5 million quid and 50 pence back, so that was a worthwhile 4 years." They want as much profit as they can. And if this game doesn't do very well, they will be grumpy.
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  • Skullgirls sexism complaints are "misplaced and shallow chivalry"

  • LiamK 08/12/2011

    "Apostle #122 12 minutes ago

    It's realistic.

    If girls are gonna fight in those tiny little skirts then there would be a lot of knicker flashing."

    If there's one thing a fighting game involving a girl wearing a hat with super strong arms that she controls with her mind must have, it's realism!
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  • LiamK 07/12/2011


    I can read your argument. I just cannot fathom how it makes any sort of sense at all.
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  • LiamK 07/12/2011

    Shortpacked said it best when the female character on that described it as the "background radiation of her life". When you are presented with that stuff all the time, I imagine a lot of girls grow to think that's the norm and don't challenge it.

    The thing that strikes me about Kangarootoo comment's is the whole "if more women wanted to play games, then they'd make more games for them." Don't Nintendo games have a large number of female players? And don't they tend to sell very well? I would be curious as to the male/female split of COD, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, and the other big franchises. Because some games seem so anti-female that I wonder if they are intentionally trying to alienate half the audience to try and get a bigger share of the other half, or are they just thinking "girls like ponies, not games, so let's not even bother"?

    I do agree with the argument that a worrying amount of this sort of stuff isn't actually sexy girl funtimes for men... it's "he he, boobs!" for 15 year old boys.

    (I do find the "well, if that's what the girl is wearing while having a fight of course you are going to get panty flashes. It can't be helped" argument very funny. If only there was some way to determine what the characters were going to wear in the game you were designing. If only...)
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  • LiamK 07/12/2011


    But the men do have to let them in, because they are the ones who are currently running the places, because historically men did. You could go back 50 years and make the same argument about black people. In an ideal world, we wouldn't need positive discrimination and the like, but we don't live in an ideal world and we do. How are the women supposed to get the jobs if the men are just giving them to other men?

    The complaint "if you are a girl and don't like sexism, get a job in the industry" isn't any different from "hey, if you don't like that game why don't you write a better one?"
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  • LiamK 07/12/2011

    It was good. It was also sold on it being a Batman game. It was marketed as a Batman game that was also good. This is being marketed as an all-girl fighting game, that may or may not be good. People focused on the Batman in AC, the same as they are focusing on the girls in this.

    @sega By Dick Greyson I meant "Nightwing", if that helps. And saying that blaming men is the most sexist thing of all is a bit... bizaire. DC has men in all the positions of power. They rebooted their entire line a few months ago, and off all their new comics they only had about two women drawing or writing any of them. When asked, they said "they picked the best". Which is the worst agument ever from a company that has hired Rob Leifeld.

    Lots of girls want to break into the comics. Lots of girls want to make video games. They want to enter an industry where Samus has gone from a strong protagonist who happened to be a girl to being just another "admire my ass" Barbie, an industry where a games programmer used the term "feminist whore" to describe a character perk, an industry where at a recent awards show the sponsors thought that showering the table with condoms was the way to go, an industry where all trade shows consist of scantily-clad girls pointing out how to play the games, an industry where if there's a female protagonist there's a 50% change she's going to thrust her arse at the camera and/or be naked at some point, an industry where a game that was claimed to be one of the most mature of recent years (Heavy Rain) still had a scene where you controlled a girl who walked around her appartment topless, an industry where a game broke ground for having homosexual sex in, except of course it was only between two girls (well, one girl and one androgynous alien who just happened to look like a hot girl) and definitely not man on man action, and so on and so on...

    Maybe, just maybe, it's all this stuff that stops women wanting to go into the games industry. And maybe, just maybe, that's not their fault.
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  • LiamK 07/12/2011

    "Of course, none of you have probably even noticed any of these things exist, because all the attention seems to be focused on trying to be as offended as possible, even if you're really not. "

    Yes, how stupid of us to concentrate on what the girls look like in a fighting game marketed on having an all-girl cast with giant breasts.

    People kept noticing that Arkham City had an awful lot of Batman in it, y'know.
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  • LiamK 07/12/2011

    @kangarootoo "Can it not be both? I guarantee there are women out there that like muscley blokes. Absolutely the intent of the creator may have only been the male power fantasy thing, but we've already talked about whether intent is everything (if a creator doesn't intend to be sexist, can their creation still be so?)."

    Oh, it can for sure. I think the argument (as shown in that Shortpacked strip) is that by and large women don't go for the Superman look. If you look at what have been considered the "sexiest men" of the last decade or so, you have your Clooneys, Pitts, Edward-from-Twilight. Your Arnie's never get on the list. You do get the odd Daniel Craig, but it's quite different. Whereas the women in comics are drawn how the men want them to be portrayed. (In fact, the Bond-coming-out-of-the-water moment in Casino Royale is one of those rare examples in cinema of a man being shot with the "female gaze", exactly as a woman would be shot with the "male gaze". And in a Bond film, no less! It's not there for any reason other than to perv at him.)

    If you got female comics readers to compile a list of who they considered "sexy", I guarantee that the two that would top the list would be Dick Greyson and the Winter Soldier. Two guys that tend to be drawn slightly leaner than Batman and Superman. I'm sure cleverer people than me could read more into that.

    I also think that to use any one example misses the point. It's not that these comics are sexist, or that this film trailer shows men punching people and girls taking off their tops, or that this video game character can't help flashing her pants at the camera. It's when it is all of those things, all the time, and mentioning any of them causes people to argue about the 10% of the time it doesn't happen.
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  • LiamK 07/12/2011


    Not to be harsh, but you can't say "I'm unfamiliar with comics so I can't comment", and then say "ah, but comics are full of men treated the same as women."

    And as I said, even if the men are shown in a "check out the muscles" way, that's still a male power fantasy, not a female fancying fantasy.

    During the recent relaunch of DC, we had one comic featuring a walking blow-up sex doll, a Catwoman comic that showed several shots of her bra before we got to see her face, a previously large woman (Amanda Waller) who has now been shrunk down to the same supermodel body everyone else has... the list goes on and on. As has been said, why on earth are their strip clubs in the DC and Marvel universe when every single woman looks like a model.

    Oh, hell, everyone just read Laura Hudson's excellent article and then meet back here in an hour.
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