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  • Has Respawn fixed Titanfall 2 on Xbox One X?

  • Les 15/11/2017

    Thatís a lot of words to say ďyesĒ...

    Awesome game though.
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  • Russia uses game screenshot to try and claim US is working with ISIS

  • Les 15/11/2017

    Shows the danger of poor journalistic standards. Unfortunately with the Murdochification of the media, significant portions of the population of English language countries consume comparable drivel. Reply +2
  • EA slashes Star Wars Battlefront 2 hero costs after fan furore

  • Les 13/11/2017

    Won't be getting this one, in part because I really don't care about loot boxes. Randomized loot is fine (e.g., I enjoyed Diablo 3 and Destiny) but monetization has become a big part of the loot (box) economy where now in-game progression is being slowed down to entice people to pay money and I'm not OK with that. Reply +9
  • Should you buy an Xbox One X?

  • Les 08/11/2017

    ďI see a glimpse of this bright future now, in the option to play some games at 60fps, which is more important to me than an ultra high definition image. But the Xbox One X feels like a console we won't enjoy the true benefit of until later in 2018Ē

    If I were in the market for an Xbone, Iíd get the X. Because I wouldnít plan on getting the Xtwo as soon as itís released in 2019/2020. For those however who want to be there at the start of a new gen, this machine will likely have a short lifespan.
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds review

  • Les 07/11/2017

    If not, then it's best to avoid Frozen Wilds as this is in no way a game-changer.
    Of course it isn't. The original was well received critically and apparently didn't disappoint sales-wise either. Game-changer DLC is typically reserved for games that were crap on release...

    I haven't played it yet but just picked it up in the sale this week. I was planning on waiting to play it till I had a HDR enabled TV but with this year's OLED sets missing key future proving features that will have to wait till at least next year...
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  • Microsoft Xbox One X review

  • Les 03/11/2017

    Nothing surprising here. Itís one year later than PS4 Pro, more expensive but also more powerful. It would be ridiculous if it wasnít. Itís also one year closer to obsolescence when the next generation hits.

    I hope Sony will learn from MSís approach to leveraging the additional power of a mid-gen refresh machine for older titles. It seems much more straightforward than what Sony did with the Pro.

    And as someone who doesnít care too much about resolution and fancy pixels, I do hope that these future mid-gen machines will also offer the option of running with no enhancements at all but with quiet fans.
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  • The Dragon Ball Fighterz story mode looks like it will do the anime justice

  • Les 02/11/2017

    I hope it wonít be too much like the anime. All that talking and grunting will get tired pretty quickly. Plus youíd get to do one cool move before youíd have to wait another week... Reply +1
  • Housemarque brings "longstanding commitment to the arcade genre to an end"

  • Les 01/11/2017

    Interesting. I was actually thinking the other day that Iíd like to have more arcade style games on my systems. I have less and less time to play and these days story is often just getting in the way. I really, really hate to have to suffer through a minutes long cut scene when I have just 30 or 45 minutes to play. Reply +1
  • Our first look at Destiny 2 expansion Curse of Osiris

  • Les 01/11/2017


    The first Destiny did already do that quite well. On your own you could get to the highest light levels. They were meaningful for Iron Banner and strikes for example besides just fulfilling the base urge to reach a gameís level cap.

    I donít see why Destiny 2 canít do the same thing.
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  • Les 31/10/2017

    I haven't touched most of the content of D2 yet because the progression system to the higher levels is fucked for single players.

    After playing nothing but the first game for months on end (got the Collection late last year) I can't believe I turned away from this one within a week or three. The crucible and iron banner have had all the fun sucked out of them and doing patrols, public events and missions is meaningless before you know it.

    I'm sure Bungie will correct this at some point, and then fuck something else up, but I guess that's progress for you...
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  • Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus review

  • Les 27/10/2017

    I am enjoying the first game but in doses. The game is completely over the top which is hard to stomach for hours on end. Or at least it is for me. I don't enjoy the old school health system too much but you get re-used to it after a while. Biggest shame is that ammo is often so scarce. You have all these cool weapons, many of which you can dual-wield, but you don't get to shoot them too much. Which feels kind of wrong given the over-the-topness in general. Reply -2
  • Interview with the video game whale

  • Les 26/10/2017


    I think his 'shaming' comment is relevant given some of the reactions here.

    But I was primarily reacting to the blanket 'politics' comment. If we can't talk about politics there is not much to discuss here.

    This particular story is at the intersection of politics and gaming. Politics informs whether or not we think this is a problem. And for those who think it is, what solutions might look like.
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  • Les 25/10/2017

    Yes, companies are becoming more and more adept at exploiting human psychology.

    The silly, but also kind of necessary, fiction of free will is to blame.
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  • Les 25/10/2017


    Why would you say that?
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  • Are loot boxes gambling?

  • Les 12/10/2017

    ďPerhaps in this case, the law is struggling to keep pace with technology.Ē

    Not just in this case. The law is always struggling to keep pace with societal advancements.
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  • One month on, Destiny 2's end-game needs tuning

  • Les 12/10/2017

    Once I hit 265 I stopped playing. As a solo player there wasn't much for me to gain anymore in the current state. As usual Bungie took 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I'll return once they've fixed this. (And in the process screw up another part.)

    It is quite disappointing as I played pretty much only Destiny for 5 months straight when I got the Collection end of last year.
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  • Gran Turismo Sport's full car list revealed

  • Les 09/10/2017


    No, the problem is probably me.
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  • Les 07/10/2017

    Every now and then I buy a racing game because they look so damn nice and fun but each time I end up hardly playing it. I loved GT 2 on the PSone and GT3 on the PS2 but after that I got tired of semi realistic racing games. Motorstorm is probably the last racing game I played a decent amount of. Reply +2
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 has a loot crate problem

  • Les 09/10/2017

    Bad. Luckily I never developed much of an attachment to Star Wars. And any that remained from my youth was lobotomized by the prequels. Reply +3
  • Warframe's big open-world expansion is out next week on PC

  • Les 06/10/2017

    Downloaded it a while ago but havenít gotten to it yet. But I probably will give it a try as Bungie managed to screw up Destiny 2ís loot progression system once you hit ~265 light/power. The gameplay is still great but getting only useless loot from patrols, public events, etc. kills the fun. Reply 0
  • I'm a bit worried about Ni No Kuni 2

  • Les 05/10/2017

    Still working on the first game... Would probably have finished it by now if Sony had really made the Platinum headphones compatible with the PS3... (I do most of my gaming at night when the rest of the family sleeps)

    Iím also not a huge fan of the battle system of the first game nor the way too convoluted familiar evolution system. It is bad design when you can do it Ďwrongí.
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  • Wham! Sony announces a new SingStar PS4 game

  • Les 05/10/2017

    Awesome Reply 0
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War review

  • Les 05/10/2017

    Not surprised after the horrible trailers. Except for the license this has very little to do with Lord of the Rings. Reply +4
  • Destiny 2 downtime is as regular as the game's weekly reset

  • Les 05/10/2017

    This doesnít affect me much because I live in the US at the moment and because I donít currently play the game anymore.

    I wonder why Bungie made the idiotic decision to cap the level of loot drops for the most accessible activities in Destiny 2, making playing it meaningless for me right now. I had expected that the game would dominate my play schedule for months, like when I got the first one late last year and didnít play anything else till about April. Instead itís dropped out of the rotation in a matter of weeks.
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  • Overwatch's Halloween event returns next week

  • Les 05/10/2017

    I might give this a try. I sort of enjoyed the previous PvE event even though >50% of the people I got match made with dropped before we finished the round. Reply 0
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting a Complete Collection this December

  • Les 05/10/2017

    One of the many, many great games I havenít gotten to yet. Kind of want to wait till I get an HDR TV and thatís probably not going to happen till the OLED sets offer variable refresh rate support. Reply -1
  • Cuphead review

  • Les 02/10/2017

    Seems to be one of those form over function games. I personally donít like this art style but it is beautifully done. Reply -1
  • True 4K isn't the best way to play Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One X

  • Les 29/09/2017


    I don't see what else can be expected from them from hardware perspective at this point in time.
    Agreed. They pushed it as hard as they could and end up making a loss on the hardware even at $500. I'm still mystified by the strategy. The 'credibility' this may earn them is only relevant to a tiny fraction of the user base needed to make a console platform profitable.

    Perhaps they really are thinking console generations are dead and want to move towards the PC model. If not, they could be a bit more upfront about the fact that the XboneX is going to be just as useless as the XboneS when the inevitable next gen arrives*.

    *Won't play next gen games and will be not as powerful as the next gen, something the audience this machine is intended for is very sensitive to.
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  • Les 29/09/2017


    b) UHD Blue Ray - this is the key for me (how good it is compared to dedicated players from Sony, Panasonic)
    I haven't made the jump to 4K yet. Besides the fact that the upgrade is nowhere near as compelling as the one from SD to HD, it's driven by the paucity of 4K streaming. After the user-hostile travesty of Blu-ray I've vowed to never again invest in physical video media.
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  • Les 28/09/2017


    This is the issue now with these mid-gen consoles, people are frothing at the updates to old games instead of exciting new ones.
    Well, many people (myself included) tend wait a few years before jumping into a console cycle. So for those updates to existing titles are a nice bonus. And I really envy the people who have enough time to spend it on replaying games.
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  • Les 28/09/2017


    If available console power has to be what defines the limits of the possible for the game industry, I'm happy for the upper limit on console power to be pushed so far forward.
    But it isn't really. PS4 Pro and XBoneX were designed to provide upgraded graphics not 'next gen' gaming experiences with their hamstrung CPUs. One could argue that this approach may actually slow down progress by extending the lifespan of the current generation.

    On the other hand it would also be a shame if 4K screen owners had to wait years before they were able to get their hands on consoles that would benefit from them.
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  • PlayStation Plus October games lineup includes Metal Gear Solid 5

  • Les 28/09/2017

    Nice :) Still have to get to part 4 first; part 3 (which I also played years after release) is one of my all-time favorite games. Reply 0
  • Destiny 2 is a lot less annoying, but a lot more of the same

  • Les 23/09/2017


    Narratively they obviously can do whatever they want but the Traveler leaving behind guardians doesn't seem to make too much sense to me. The Fallen were once chosen but when the Traveler left, they 'fell' as a civilization. In their fallen state they have been able to chase it, shouldn't races still favored by it then have been able to do so as well? Also, I thought guardians only started to appear after the Traveler 'died' ahead of the first game.

    But regardless, what would a new race really add? It's just cosmetics in the end and pretty much limited to the menu screen, social spaces and the odd cut scene. During actual gameplay you don't see your character and to others you are covered in armor head to toe.

    As for enemies, they didn't make massive changes to the existing races but it is a step in the right direction. I'd like to see them take that further and improve AI. I think that would be more interesting from a gameplay perspective than more of the same with different looking models. It would also allow the writers to expand a bit more on the motivations of the existing races. All of them come across as incredibly dumb in gameplay but they should all be much more sophisticated than the humans, having travelled across the galaxy while humanity has apparently not been able to leave the solar system.
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  • Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is Switch's best-selling non-Nintendo game

  • Les 22/09/2017

    Looking forward to playing this game when I end up getting a Switch. I really like XCOM but so much time is being sucked up by micromanagement. And time is my most scarce resource these days. Reply +5
  • Firewatch review-bombed following PewDiePie racism incident

  • Les 22/09/2017


    It seems like we've reached the stage where we're going to go in circles. I can assure you that I have a better than average grasp of the law.

    I too can cite lawyers that support my position. E.g., take the following from a Polygon article (https://www.polygon.com/2017/9/14/16309430/pewdiepie-campo-santo-strike) on the subject:

    In the case of a Letís Play video, a content owner like Campo Santo would argue that they can revoke their permissive, non-exclusive license to stream (granted to end users) against anyone who uses their content in a way they find offensive, or in a way that associates their game or brand with something against their values
    A few other points:
    - A contract or agreement doesn't have to be a piece of paper in legalese that's signed and dated by both parties. E.g., end user agreements, verbal agreements, etc.
    - Besides their contents contracts and other agreements are governed by the principles of reasonableness. That covers most day-to-day agreements we make with friends, colleagues and family, precisely because it is not practical to draft a complex contract every time we loan someone a car, hire a babysitter, a cleaner, etc.
    - Filing a DMCA claim is not the same as saying that someone stole your original work. Campo Santo did not claim that PewDiePie stole their work but that through his offensive behavior he forfeits his license to use it in his stream(s)
    - YouTube does not employ PewDiePie, he uses their service and even with zero DMCA strikes they can basically kick him off their platform whenever they want. It's quite likely he violated their user policy already
    - Vagaries because there is no case law yet to my knowledge that settles the fact that Let's Play does not fall under the fair use definition. Most lawyers seem to agree that it doesn't but until that's settled in court there is some ambiguity. That's not necessarily a bad thing as the status quo seems to work out well for all parties involved in most cases. However, if it were definitively established that it's not fair use service providers such as YouTube could start to proactively prohibit Let's Play videos
    - PewDiePie wasn't singing rap lyrics

    Let me finish by saying I'm surprised by the apparently significant number of non-lawyers taking so much interest in the legal system. They don't understand it well if they claim the DMCA system was abused from a legal perspective as I've explained ad nauseam and I would not be surprised if for a large number of them it's simply a cover for defending racist abuse.
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  • Les 21/09/2017


    You seem to miss the point entirely...
    Like I said, it isn't about his behavior, it's about false DMCA claims.

    My point is that it's completely wrong to use DMCA as a censure tool to silence people you don't like. Or to attempt to destroy their livelihood just because you don't like them. People in this comment section seem to think it is Ok, which completely blows my mind.
    I would argue that you are the one missing the point here.

    First: You can't look at these two things separately. If you argue, as I do, that PewDiePie's offensive behavior legitimizes a DMCA claim (because by being a racist asshole (and not for the first time) he forfeits his right to use Campo Santo's original work) then there is no fake DMCA claim to be upset about.

    Second: This is not censorship.

    Third: This is not about Campo Santo not liking PewDiePie. This is about not wanting to be associated in any way, shape, or form with racism. If I use PewDiePie's language at work in a moment of frustration, I get fired, destroying my livelihood, and that would be totally fair.
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  • Les 21/09/2017


    Saying a person is using my car without my permission is exactly like saying a person is using my video content without permission. They are both crimes that can be prosecuted.
    It is not exactly the same (in law things hardly ever are). Yes they are both crimes that can be prosecuted. But prosecution after a reported car theft is more likely than prosecution after a DMCA takedown notice. I would estimate the chances of criminal prosecution of PewDiePie based on this takedown notice at ~0%. And in the fake car theft scenario your friend will have to deal with cops looking for him while again the chances of law enforcement invading PewDiePie's domicile based on this take-down notice are ~0%.

    a DMCA claim can lead to a deletion of a channel. This would cost PewDiePie millions of dollars, and possibly end his YouTube career.
    Again, unlikely to happen because of a single DMCA claim. But it would be interesting to see what would happen if more rights holders wanted to prevent him from using their original works on his channel through DMCA claims and it would go to court. Just because PewDiePie is able to earn millions currently because of vagaries in the law and no real interest on the side of rights holders nor government to challenge the status quo doesn't mean that at some point they may.

    If they had said agreement you might have had a case, but they didn't.
    When contracts are vague, the law fills in the blanks. Saying "Feel free to use it" is a little naive I'd say but a reasonable person should still understand that the permission was granted with the expectation of appropriate use. As I've said, analogies are hardly ever perfect but I think your favorite of the borrowed car could enlighten this point. If I say, "Feel free to borrow my car, no strings attached" that does not mean that I'd be fine with you lending it in turn to a friend of yours. Or that I would not want to be compensated in case you turn out to be a pretty poor driver and return it with dents and scratches. Or that I'd be OK with you putting an "I hate [random minority]" bumper sticker on it. Or that I would not get very mad if I learned you were driving around in it with a KKK costume on.
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  • Les 20/09/2017


    One of the reasons the analogy doesn't work is because filing a DMCA takedown notice doesn't result the cops knocking on your door or stopping you on the street. It results in the hosting company removing the content. You won't be arrested, potentially facing a fine and/or jail time.

    Another reason is that the 'borrower' in the car scenario didn't do anything to invalidate the arrangement he had with the one loaning the car while in this actual case PewDiePie breached an implicit understanding with the rights holder of the original work he used in his 'content'.
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  • Les 20/09/2017


    Yeah, that's why I said the car analogy doesn't really work. Allowing someone to temporarily use a physical object is a different legal construct than allowing someone to use an original work.
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  • Les 20/09/2017


    Alright, that was a rather naive move on their end. But it's good to see that some people still have faith in humanity... ;)

    I would argue however that it is not reasonable to expect that that permission was given without any conditions. There is the implicit expectation that the user comports her/himself in an appropriate manner. When the user doesn't, the permission can be retracted.

    That's where your borrowed car analogy breaks down. The 'borrower' in this case did perform an action that changed the situation from a legal perspective.
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  • Les 20/09/2017


    It is the knock on effects and precedent for everyone else that would be my problem.
    That risk is pretty insignificant. As long as people who stream video content behave like decent human beings the relationship with the rights owners is a mutually beneficial one: the streamers get ad money and the rights owners get 'free' publicity and potentially more sales.

    PewDiePie was involved in yet another racist controversy and one guy/company took action. And what do you get? White supremacists get up in arms under the cover of concerns for "free speech" and the alleged incorrect application of a law. I mean, seriously?!
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  • Les 19/09/2017


    but government, even though it's usually very supportive of Church, currently stands aside with official position of 'we don't censor this stuff' with only several deputies saying 'Matilda' is against Russian people, against everything the nation stands for, and it should be stopped.
    The public/private division is a bit more muddied in Russia than it is in much of the West. And even a "we don't censor this stuff" statement can still carry the connotation of "... but we'd be very happy if you, cinemas, took the hit for us".
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  • Les 19/09/2017


    I find it interesting that both parties want their voices heard and using systems which were never intended to be used the way they're using them (e.g. DMCA to avoid association with another person and Steam Reviews to voice political opinions).
    There is no doubt that both parties want to have their voices heard but Campo Santo did not use DMCA in a way that it was not supposed to be used. They don't want PewDiePie to use their game in his videos and as rights holders they are entitled to that position.
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  • Les 19/09/2017


    but how about when he makes fun of people with big noses, is it still going to be okay for devs to issue DMCA strikes against him over that?
    Rights holders don't need to explain why they decide to enforce their rights. The law doesn't care. In this case the rights holder did to send out a signal but how that is received is a matter of PR, not of the law.

    And on similar lines, I think it's entirely possible to use words like that without actually being a racist
    Context is important but it's hard to imagine a scenario where it's not racist when used in a derogatory way by a non-black person. It doesn't really matter whether the person uttering it thinks of themselves as a racist. The group of people with racist ideas is much larger than the group of people who'd describe themselves as racists.
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  • Les 19/09/2017


    You can't allow someone to use your content and then file a DMCA against them.
    What happened here is not taking back something that was granted. It is enforcing a right that was not enforced before. Basically the rights holders of games don't enforce their rights against streamers who create 'content' around their property that goes well beyond fair use because most of the time the use benefits both parties.
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  • Les 19/09/2017


    Silencing him with DMCA is censorship in both cases
    No it's not. It's one private party exercising its rights against another private party.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Switch's 'impossible' Doom port

  • Les 21/09/2017

    I just want a Destiny 2 port... and cross-platform play. One can dream ;) Reply -2
  • Monster Hunter World gets global release date

  • Les 19/09/2017

    Really looking forward to this game. Between Destiny 2 and this I won't need (nor have time) to play anything else come January. Reply 0
  • Jelly Deals: LG 55-inch 4K OLED TV at its cheapest price yet

  • Les 19/09/2017

    I prefer to buy my TVs when the previous version breaks down. No matter when you buy them, next year's version will have a cool feature or improvement you wish you had. My current LCD screen is about 7 years old now and still quite serviceable. I'm also a little hesitant to splash on an expensive TV given that there are 3 young children running around in the house. I never understood why people put electronics in cabinets until the first one... Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy 9 gets PlayStation 4 re-release

  • Les 19/09/2017

    Never finished this one. It was fun but apparently not fun enough to keep playing. Reply 0