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  • Now it's backwards compatible, here are Oblivion's best moments

  • Les 02/12/2016

    Oh boy, did I hate this game. The leveling up of enemies along with your character was a terrible design decision. What should have been simple encounters with wolves devolved into endless backwards runs shooting arrows in their face, hoping my spatial awareness was accurate enough not to accidentally fall off a cliff and die. Reply 0
  • Watch: Ian introduces Johnny to Cannon Fodder in Late to the Party

  • Les 02/12/2016

    Man, I loved this game on my A500. I can't think of any game before or since with better intro music. I still catch myself singing it every now and then. Reply +2
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most ambitious Nintendo game in years

  • Les 15/06/2016

    Absolutely awesome art style. In a way the relative weakness of Nintendo's hardware is their strength. Reply +1
  • Games of 2015 no. 8: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

  • Les 30/12/2015

    Absolutely awesome game. More streamlined than MH3U and the new weapons are magnificent. Especially soaring through the air with the Insect Glaive adds tremendous fun :) Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Games of 2015 no. 3: Splatoon

  • Les 30/12/2015

    With Monster Hunter 4 my favorite game of the year. Bright, colourful, deep, and exciting. Reply -1
  • Ninja Theory cut one of Devil May Cry's most sexually suggestive lines for Definitive Edition

  • Les 09/03/2015

    Headline is rather sensationalist.

    But think cutting that terrible line is a good decision. It doesn't really add anything.
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  • Troll deletes 11-year-old's Destiny characters

  • Les 25/02/2015

    Poor kid...

    And poor kids hating on the poor kid. Guess when you're 13, 11 doesn't look all that young...

    And finally poor, sad troll. Life must be truly awful for you if pulling crap like this gives you pleasure.
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  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • Les 10/02/2015

    Woohoo! :) Reply 0
  • Metroid Prime remains one of Nintendo's finest games

  • Les 04/02/2015

    Started this weekend playing the first Prime again and just can't stop. Graphics are great, the music is even better and I love the Wiimote controls.

    The save system is the main tell that it is an older game.
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  • Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy headed to Wii U eShop

  • Les 15/01/2015

    I loved the original Prime, though never finished it as the 3D platforming sequence while avoiding metroids ahead of (what I believe was) the final boss battle was insanely frustrating.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 I never played but looks like too good a deal to pass up on.
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  • US Xbox One sales rise but PlayStation 4 still top

  • Les 12/09/2014

    "Who, apart from a fanboy or an idiot (one and the same in my book), will make predictions based around 10 months worth of data?"

    The companies concerned. You can bet actual sales data will factor heavily into their forecasting models. It's not the only factor, but it is definitely used as a basis for predictions, which in turn guide decisions around market positioning (bundles, price reductions, promotional campaigns, etc.).

    Analysts will use it too: the historic data feeds into their models, which are regularly refined/updated.

    Pretty much only idiots would ignore it. Unless you have a crystal ball, it's the best information available.
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  • Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

  • Les 13/08/2014

    "He never says that the Rise of the Tomb Raider GAME is a timed exclusivity."

    Of course he isn't. That would kind of defeat the whole purpose of the deal and announcing it now. They want to drive additional Xbox sales with this deal so they'll keep it as ambiguous as possible, for as long as possible. Like with FF XIII 'exclusively' on PS3.

    The economics of modern console gaming are such that full 3rd party exclusives are very unlikely to work from a business perspective after a console's launch period. If Square Enix is smart, there will be an opt-out clause (no exclusivity at all, smaller duration, etc.) in the contract if sales of the Xbone don't hit certain targets.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • Les 12/08/2014

    I'd be truly surprised if this isn't a timed exclusive. Reply +3
  • "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

  • Les 08/08/2014

    "I don't know what you earn, but these were well paid professionals, who should be able to have a bit stashed away or arrange temporary loan or pay with a credit card any bills for few months. They weren't working as cake in tesco or something"

    That's rather shortsighted.
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  • Les 08/08/2014

    The guy comes of like a douchebag.

    I'm surprised that "only a few people" were complaining about missed paychecks. I would be extremely pissed. In the end, it appears to have worked out but the employees couldn't know that upfront.

    If the benefactor doesn't put proper management in place, this seems like a company to avoid working for.
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  • Sony is being sued for Killzone failing to deliver "native 1080p" multiplayer

  • Les 07/08/2014

    Just one of the ways in which the American justice system is f*cked up. It's a shame that tax payer money is used to keep the machinery of greedy lawyers and opportunistic consumers moving. Reply 0
  • Sony had more wow moments, but Microsoft has closed the competence gap

  • Les 10/06/2014

    What appears to be saving both consoles' bacon is the fact that the gap with the previous gen was so long. Gamers were basically waiting till they finally could spend money on new hardware. It's going to be interesting to see if they can both maintain their relatively strong starts. Personally, I haven't really seen any true advances in gameplay yet. But it's still early in the cycle. The first year or two is typically reserved for just pushing more pixels.

    MS screwed up initially and would have been in a much worse position now if their online service hadn't been superior the previous two generations. These days, there's much more to consoles than just the power numbers of the hardware.
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  • Xbox One without Kinect "levels the playing field" with PS4

  • Les 13/05/2014

    It will be interesting to see if this will really close the gap with PS4 (or at least stops it from growing further).

    It is good that Microsoft tries to take hints from the marketplace and adjust its behavior.
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  • John Carmack accused of stealing tech from id for Oculus

  • Les 02/05/2014

    It's quite irrelevant whether any of the work he's ever done has been patented. Patents are just one form of intellectual property rights (and one that should die as soon as possible for as far as I'm concerned). Code for example would typically be covered under copyright. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 update 1.70 detailed, will let you pre-load games

  • Les 29/04/2014

    @tiptup The problem that Sony, Nintendo and MS face (or think they face) is that they do rely on these shops to sell their consoles. PC's don't face that problem and hence there's not much that a Game can do against Steam pricing.

    But if they'd start to refuse putting demo units of PS, Wii and Xbox in their stores, this might affect the sales numbers for the consoles. These demo units are thought to serve a purpose, even if people end up purchasing the consoles via online stores like Amazon.

    Perhaps this impact is overestimated but I don't think the console platform owners are really wanting to take the risk and find out.

    And then there's also the fact that it may not really be in the platform holders' best interest to have software prices drop too much. While it doesn't look like current consoles are sold at a loss (when looking at the components at least; may still be once you factor in R&D, marketing, etc.), the margins are small and the platform holders count on software sales to generate the bulk of the profit over a console's life.
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  • Les 18/04/2014


    Now drop the price so that I'll actually WANT to buy a digital game in order to pre-load it.
    Not going to happen as Sony doesn't want to piss off the brick & mortar stores that it to a large extent depends on for selling the console itself. And once consoles go download-only in the next generation or two, there won't be a competing games market around anymore to drive prices downwards.

    In other words, current console game digital prices are likely as good as it gets, unless they start to feel even more pressure from other platforms like mobile.

    Another way to look at is is that if you're willing to forgo a certain level of convenience, you can get games cheaper in a physical format. So rather than saying that digital games are expensive, their physical counterparts are cheap.
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  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil review

  • Les 16/04/2014

    "The use of fully licensed stadiums might be especially helpful for the workmen still building them."

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  • Firaxis announces Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

  • Les 13/04/2014

    :) Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift: Step into the game, step out with two billion dollars

  • Les 26/03/2014


    Not saying that's my POV. Just what I think is behind some of the reactions.

    I personally don't care much about VR. Not as long as it is bound to headsets. I do think the level of concentration that's going on right now in the tech industry is a shame. Having just a few corporations control the space may not really be conducive to innovation.

    Wouldn't know how to change that though. It's the downside of the ridiculous valuations of some of the tech companies. At some point the bubble will pop and the cycle will start all over again...
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  • Les 26/03/2014


    And now you have problem with Oculus being bought by corporation?
    Interesting straw man you put up there but people don't appear to be upset that OR is being bought by a corporation. They are upset about the particular corporation that bought it. Given Facebook's statements ("we're not a hardware company"; "we're not trying to buy ourselves into gaming"), it's hard to make the case that this acquisition is good news for hardcore gamers. And this is a website targeted at gamers in the end.
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  • Les 26/03/2014


    If you are in a position to be parted from $2B of your own dosh, you have to have done something right.
    True. Even if you're exploiting a bad system, that still requires skill (in addition to huge doses of luck).
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  • Les 26/03/2014

    @man.the.king Exactly. Zuckerberg thinks VR is going to be the next great computing platform and wants in early. Facebook stated it isn't trying to break into the gaming space.

    As long as VR is tied to anti-social headsets/glasses, I don't share his optimism about its potential as a platform. People are social beings after all. He may be a smart guy but smart people are about as successful at predicting the future as less gifted ones.
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  • Les 26/03/2014


    I say this as the KS is not a 'gift' its a pledge/backing and an investment because there is a chance you might lose your funds if the company fails.
    The investment or backing is not tied to purchasing equity in the company. You don't buy into any upside other than the company at some point in the future giving you the things they offer for the tier you pledged to. If you don't agree with not sharing more in the upside, don't invest through Kickstarter.

    It's a very cheap way of getting funding. Funding through a bank loan or seed capital from a VC firm would be much more expensive.
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  • Les 26/03/2014

    I don't really understand the Kickstarter-related outrage. Kickstarter is about donations for pledges, you're not buying equity into the company you're sponsoring.

    I do understand people who are concerned with Facebook being the company buying OR. Facebook sells data of its users to its true customers. Ad purchasers' interests will always trump those of the users. That doesn't seem to gel well with the traditional gaming industry business model.

    Another concern is the concentration of user data with a single party. No matter how good Facebook's security is (or Google's) eventually hackers will be able to get in. In my opinion regulators should step in and curtail what user data can be stored, for how long, for what purposes, at what level of detail (e.g., individual users/persons vs. aggregated) and what (if any) can be sold to third parties.

    User outrage over deals like this may eventually push the lawmakers in the right direction.
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  • Les 26/03/2014

    @dailygeek The problem is that Facebook's core business model is selling user data, not selling directly to users.

    It saw OR as a potential threat (or opportunity, depending on your point of view) to the time users spend with their service and thus their value to advertisers.

    Also, Facebook's track record with acquisitions isn't really great. Push Pop Press went from an interesting direction eBooks may go into Facebook Paper. Instagram got ads.
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  • Les 26/03/2014

    @jefranklin18 Yeah, markets are by and large irrational, driven by mass psychology. Unfortunately, so far it's the best method humanity has been able to come up with to make judgments about the future in order to determine where to invest resources.

    Markets are like democracy: hugely ineffective but still much better than any other option we've been able to come up with.
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  • Les 26/03/2014

    @technotica Yes, I think it's pretty similar to what happened before. Once again we're faced with unproven business models that, if successful, could be the gateway to untold riches. Investors are terrible at distinguishing the good from the bad and with the stakes so high will get caught up in crazy bidding wars. Eventually the bubble will pop, like all bubbles do, and the 'proper' economy and our pensions will suffer the brunt of the expense. Reply +1
  • Les 26/03/2014

    The business model of the current tech bubble is to come up with something cool, don't worry about the business model, get as many non-paying users or press attention as you can muster and hope you get bought by one of the 'established' tech companies. Whose leadership will have cashed in most of their stock and options by the time it becomes clear there's no actual money to be made and/or they've been taken down by the next big thing. It's a crap shoot and it's kind of a shame that a significant portion of humanity's potential is wasted on trivial things like this. But that's capitalism... Reply +11
  • Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

  • Les 26/03/2014

    Given the anti-social aspects of VR glasses, it seems like a perfect fit...

    Curious to see how Facebook will fuck this up. It's a bit of a shame that the tech bubble allows companies like Facebook to throw money around like it's nothing.
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  • Misogyny, racism and homophobia: where do video games stand?

  • Les 24/03/2014

    @craigm @terminatahx

    The point the the guy makes though, is that right now, developers or publishers make the decision to not have as much diversity in characters as one would expect based on the make-up of the world's population (or even just that of the Western world) as they are afraid it might hurt sales.

    So writers right now may want to include diversity in their video game stories but either get overruled or censor themselves, anticipating the actions of the higher-ups.
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  • Les 21/03/2014

    @Frybird What I meant with my remark about that Rockstar should be worried if they want to reach a truly mainstream audience is that the current console public is pretty homogeneous and not a good representation of a mainstream audience. So GTA V may do very well with console's narrow demographic but as (if?) that demographic widens, they may end up leaving a significant market untapped if they continue as is. Reply +1
  • Les 21/03/2014

    @parkboyer No. That's also not what I'm saying.

    Not every game needs to high-brow. It's all about the mix across games.
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  • Les 21/03/2014

    @Sephiroth1550 There is no contradiction. A white male protagonist is not by definition a hurtful stereotype. Unless white males feel offended by being portrayed as gun wielding heroes saving the universe.

    However, if for some reason all people writing for video games, can only come up with stories with white male protagonists, that is an issue. It's a diversity issue though, and not a stereotyping issue.
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  • Les 21/03/2014

    @Frybird I think the whole focus of the debate you're having with PlugMonkey et al on a single game is missing the forest for the trees. The problem is not an individual game (not going into whether or not it propagates stereotypes), the problem is all games together.

    Like once upon a time mainstream TV used to show just white people. That luckily has changed. But that doesn't mean that there aren't nor shouldn't be shows anymore with an all-white cast. Some stories may call for it.

    Non-casual gaming has nowhere near the diversity of mainstream TV. If it ever wants to become a true mainstream form of entertainment, it should.

    As for Rockstar being unable to create convincing female characters. If they ever want to reach a true mainstream audience, rather than the majority of the homogeneous console-buying public, they should be worried about that.
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  • Les 21/03/2014

    @parkboyer I'm pretty sure that's not the point the guy is making (besides it being so broad that it pretty much represents all underrepresented groups rather than picking the side of any particular one).

    It's not that there is or should not be no room for dumb, testosterone fueled shooters with white protagonists for example. It is that if the industry wants to become truly mainstream (and mature), there should also be games that appeal to and represent, other groups. There should be diversity when you look across games, not in each and every individual game. That should be driven by the story that the writers want to tell.

    However, propagating hurtful stereotypes is never OK.
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  • Les 21/03/2014


    The reason is women's organisations/charities influence with those who hold the purse strings.
    I think the primary reason is men's fear for prostate exams...

    And probably the fact that it can be discovered in earlier stages through uncomfortable symptoms, unlike breast cancer. In other words, men with prostrate cancer are more likely to timely be discovered through 'regular' doctor's visits vs. women with breast cancer.

    Making a distinction is not necessarily discrimination.

    As for your comment regarding men being disadvantaged in divorce proceedings, again there's a pretty good reason for that: the brunt of the costs of a divorce are carried by women, as they are still the primary care-taker of children, forgoing or stalling a career/career growth for the benefit of the family. If it turns out stay-at-home dads get treated differently than stay-at-home moms, or men get treated differently in cases where there are no kids are in play and you're talking about two full-time working people, then you have a case.
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  • Les 21/03/2014


    Real-world shooters, where using the realistic guns, vehicles etc is part of the appeal, absolutely, of course a male cast makes perfect sense.
    May come as a surprise but in many modern democracies women can and do serve in the military. They even get to shoot realistic guns and drive vehicles...
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  • Les 21/03/2014


    I think what he is trying to say is that we are all made up of ggod and bad qualities- I know as much as I try there are things I am closeminded about.
    Perhaps but that's not what I got from the original comment. My point is that natural biases are knowable and addressable (within limits, but those are pretty broad). The fact that a trait occurs naturally doesn't make it good nor does it make it a fait accompli.

    As for the overall article, I don't think the guy is saying that GTA and Gears/God of War should feature female/homosexual protagonists. But that big budgets shouldn't be reserved solely for the shooters with men on steroids. If story-driven games ever want to truly become mainstream, that is.

    But developers/publishers do have a social responsibility to not encourage sexist, racist and misogynistic stereotypes in general. As all people do.
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  • Les 21/03/2014

    Bigotry and small-mindedness is a perfectly natural part of humanity. We are not getting rid of any of it, so we should accept and learn to live with the problematic qualities of our species.
    Don't confuse 'is' with 'aught'. One of the nice things of humanity is that we have the capacity to reason. As we get to know and understand our 'natural' biases better, we should also be able to better guard against them.
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  • Microsoft talks PS4 sales: "This is a marathon, not a sprint"

  • Les 21/03/2014

    Probably what Sony said when they released PS3. Reply +1
  • How does Project Morpheus compare to Oculus Rift?

  • Les 20/03/2014

    I'm skeptical about the mass market potential of devices like this, because of their anti-social characteristics. They will definitely open up some interesting immersion and gameplay options. However, I'm not sure if I'd be willing to sit in the family room with such a device on my head. And I'm not sure I'd want my kids to.

    As for the Sony implementation itself: would the PS4 be able to wirelessly drive the headset? My understanding is the current implementation has a wire and that seems like a recipe for disaster if you can do 360 degree turns.
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  • Sony announces Project Morpheus virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4

  • Les 19/03/2014

    Not sure if this is really the way to go. It may be able to do cool things you can't do with a regular TV but does that really weigh up against all the social hurdles? If you're a hermit, perhaps, but for those of us with families...

    Consumers don't really seem to care for glassed-based 3D TV's and I can't help but think that the anti-social aspect of wearing such glasses in the house is at least one factor.
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  • Luftrausers review

  • Les 18/03/2014

    Would buy it just to reward the fact that there's a Mac version at launch. But the review sounds great as well :) Reply +2
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes review

  • Les 18/03/2014

    Sounds great. May pick this up if it makes it to PC. On the other hand, still haven't played MGS 4... Reply 0
  • Dark Souls 2 review

  • Les 11/03/2014

    Looking forward to play this on PC someday. If only I could ever find enough time to complete Demon's Souls, let alone the first Dark Souls...

    Demon's Souls is one of those games I loathe to complete. And playing the same sections over and over is so satisfying. It's like not wanting to finish a novel you're completely immersed in.
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