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  • Discovering the Wii U's third space

  • LeoliansBro 04/12/2012

    Yeah, these do look fun. Just not 'Ł350 + having to buy four wiimotes on top of that' fun, especially given the majority of people don't have four mates in their living room to play it all the time.

    And 'Talk or Die' is an even weirder slogan when you consider Nintendo's refusal to support system-generic voice comms.
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  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - announcement trailer

  • LeoliansBro 28/05/2009

    WANT. Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero World Tour

  • LeoliansBro 20/06/2008

    Looks good, and I love the customisable note charts, although I'll remain skeptical until I've heard with my own ears that the resulting 'music' you make doesn't sound like the Elite II midi tracks.

    As with every release in this segment, song list and note charts are everything. Rock Band have nailed it. Hopefully these guys can too.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots review

  • LeoliansBro 30/05/2008

  • LeoliansBro 30/05/2008

    I think we all know what going on here .everyone knows Prince Phillip s raping our kids. The only solution is to rise up agains tthem. Publish this one if you dare!! Reply 0
  • LeoliansBro 30/05/2008

    This just shows us EGs real agenda.. I have been realising over the past few years that this communist governmet are sponging off the taxpayer. Seven words: elect Jeremy Clarkson as prime minister. What next? Giving benefits out willy-nilly? Oops. They do it already!!! Reply 0
  • LeoliansBro 30/05/2008

    You don't spell a$$ like that baphomet. You spell it Arse. It has no monetary denominations in it at all.

    And I can't help pointing out that while you think that baphomet is a cool demon name to choose, and all rockstar and shit, it is actually the Zionist name for Isabella. For such an obviously butch man you have a surprisingly girlie name. Coupled with your constant references to the arses of other men, I am forced to reach only one conclusion.

    And you're a tedious, whining fanboy.

    These comments make me cry for humankind. Apart from pete, gibbon and W00t, who make me cry with laughter.
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  • Gears of War 2

  • LeoliansBro 15/05/2008

    Oh GOODY. More cocksucking Gears of War. More tedious whining american children in my ear. More tiny levels and rabid fanboys banging on about ooooh teh shiny. More pretence that a game with very few weapons, variety, or fun is somehow the be-all and end-all of gaming. As opposed to an essentially on-rails corridor shooter with identikit grey backgrounds, grey protagonists and grey enemies. I. Can't. Wait.

    Although the massively gay characters are always good for a chuckle.
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  • Illust Logic DS + Colorful Logic

  • LeoliansBro 16/01/2008

    frod, frod, frod... Reply 0
  • New Year's Resolutions, 2008

  • LeoliansBro 01/01/2008

    Bit of a strange piece this - you make new year's resolutions for yourself surely. Why do you care what I assign as my own? Reply 0
  • Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

  • LeoliansBro 20/12/2007

    Why is this listed as an Xbox360 game on the front page?

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  • Armageddon Empires

  • LeoliansBro 19/12/2007

    Sold. Reply 0
  • Peter Molyneux LiveText

  • LeoliansBro 30/11/2007


    Technically not a question, but SYNDICATE!

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  • DS Game Roundup

  • LeoliansBro 04/05/2007

    Play Slitherlink. You will never need to do anything else ever again. Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero III's Rock 'N' Roll Star

  • LeoliansBro 18/04/2007

    That's constructive. Reply 0
  • SingStar Pop Hits

  • LeoliansBro 11/04/2007

    Ben Folds? Get in! Reply 0
  • Earth Defence Force 2017

  • LeoliansBro 05/04/2007

    Possibly one of the best reviews ever written - I salute you! And definitely the first time a review alone has convinced me to buy a game. Looks bonkers. Reply 0
  • Mario Strikers online detailed

  • LeoliansBro 05/04/2007

    This is the start of something great and you all know it. Online gaming where 2 people can share the same console is something so many games lack, and Mario football is the perfect game for it. Now roll on SSBB!

    And for those who haven't played it, understand that Mario Football is to real football what MarioKart is to Formula 1. They've taken the beautiful game and they've also taken a lot of drugs. Go buy it.
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  • Far Cry: Vengeance

  • LeoliansBro 19/01/2007

    We never said graphics don't matter. We just said they weren't the be-all-and-end-all of gaming.

    Wii sports is brilliant because its about gameplay rather than the polygon count. And no amount of HD glory will disguise the fact that the likes of CoD3 requires you to aim using your thumbs...

    Far Cry's graphics suck because they are lazily implemented on a console which is capable of a lot more. But even that would be forgivable if the game was fun, but by the sound of it that just isn't the case.

    EDIT: for spelling.
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  • LeoliansBro 19/01/2007

    Not sure I understand what makes this control system the quantum leap over that in Red Steel - surely everything described here is the same as in that game?

    Still, shame, would have been nice if it worked...
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  • Eye On '07: Wii

  • LeoliansBro 05/01/2007

    Have to agree with JuanKerr, have had more fun playing multiplayer with four people in the same room than over t'internet. Mind you, for those who don't live close to their friends, I doff my cap to the 360's headset and instant chatting.

    My beef, as has been said many times before, is about the assumptions that graphical excellence is everything. Its lovely that a game has a draw distance to Mars and bullet trajectories account for solar radiation and tidal forces and all that, but these things don't make a game better. GoW is a popular game because the gameplay mechanics are groovy, not because of any super-sophisticated polygon count. Zelda is a great game too, for the same reasons, and is not diminshed by lacking HD etc etc.

    Oh, and swinging your arm to bowl > pressing 'A' to hide behind cover.
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