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  • Bethesda literally cannot produce any more Pip-Boys

  • Lankysi 28/07/2015

    Hahaha just seen this on Twitter Reply +32
  • Guild of Dungeoneering: an RPG where you play as the difficulty curve

  • Lankysi 22/07/2015

    What "rough-and-ready RPGs" did you play in your maths book? Never seen these, they'd have made maths VASTLY more interesting and digestible!! Reply +3
  • Nintendo Direct E3 2015 live report

  • Lankysi 16/06/2015

    I need Metroid, StarFox and F-Zero pleeeease Ninty, make it happen! Reply 0
  • The first Video Game Hall of Fame selects its inaugural class

  • Lankysi 05/06/2015

    If you're talking missing strategy games, what about C&C? Massively defining series in the RTS genre.

    Fantastic selection of games as an initial list of inductees, couldn't agree more with it.

    I'm genuinely surprised that GTA isn't on the list or been mentioned in this thread. I don't necessarily feel it should be on the list yet, I'm just surprised it isn't, maybe next year?
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  • Actually, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, I think you'll find…

  • Lankysi 15/05/2015

    Just when you thought "nerds" couldn't outdo themselves! Reply +13
  • Sony's knuckles rapped over PS4 20th Anniversary Edition competition

  • Lankysi 13/05/2015

    Game cause "unnecessary disappointment" every day with their pricing and trade-in values, nothing new here.

    So Game and Sony get a bit of a slap on the wrists and told don't do it again. Bet that really hurts them, bet they won't sleep at night now knowing they've upset a few gamers!!
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  • Video: What happens if you delete P.T. from your PS4?

  • Lankysi 30/04/2015

    Never got around to getting my phone on Ebay with Flappy Bird installed. Maybe I will with my PS4 :) Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft patch 6.1 brings colourblind support

  • Lankysi 18/02/2015

    I'm really glad that more and more games are adding these options now. There was a video from a developer that demonstrates the difficulty us colourblind gamers have and how easy it is to add filters.

    There have been so many games in the past that I've had to push aside as I can't play them but so many now with these features that I can fully enjoy them. Well done Blizzard, about time!
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  • Wii U GameCube controller adapter compatible with more than just Smash Bros.

  • Lankysi 08/10/2014

    The touch pad controller is absolute genius, it's just a lot of developers choose not to use it for one reason or another.

    Try games that actually make FULL use of it (and I don't mean just to display a map) such as Nintendo Land, Rayman Legends etc. Fantastic use of the controller, particularly for multiplayer!

    That's great news that this adapter will be compatible with other games, make Mario Kart far more comfortable!
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  • Destiny beta release dates, expansions announced

  • Lankysi 08/07/2014

    Should special editions and extra content be allowed to be retailer exclusive? After all, you're removing competition and therefore leaving retailers to price items how they see fit, thereby leaving the consumer to lose once again!

    Surely special editions and extra content should be available across numerous retailers, especially extra content as in some cases I'd have to buy several copies of the same game just to make sure I had all of the content!
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  • Video: Mario Kart 8's controversial Fire Hopping technique

  • Lankysi 05/06/2014

    What's the difference between this and hopping off the end of a jump to gain a slight boost?

    I say fair play. As someone said above, it's not a game breaker! Everyone can do it. OMG that you should have to practice to get better at something!!!!
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer falls foul of GameSpy server shutdown

  • Lankysi 06/05/2014

    !$%&!$% I just bought this over the weekend as it dropped in price on Steam, didn't realise I'd be losing online functionality :'( Reply +23
  • EGX Rezzed Game of the Show 2014

  • Lankysi 30/03/2014

    I really enjoyed Towerfall Ascension, totally agree with your write-up of Alien Isolation, properly tense and I also enjoyed Overruled - 4-player scrap-em-up where the rules constantly change, loved it, had a great laugh on it Reply 0
  • GAME's back on track and eyeing the stock market

  • Lankysi 15/01/2014

    "Why were sales 83 per cent better this Christmas compared to last?"

    Because of their ridiculously high mark-up on pre-owned games, their relentless drive to rip customers off with high prices and a distinct lack of competition on the high street now thanks to the monopolies commission allowing them to take over Gamestation and doing away with the brand!

    With HMV disappearing, Blockbuster, Zavvi etc all gone, supermarkets becoming less and less interested in gaming, Game no longer have competition on the high street, no wonder sales are up!
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  • Codemasters teases multiple racing games due this year

  • Lankysi 06/01/2014

    You are all aware that while these "multiple racing titles" all come under the banner of Codemasters, they're developed by different internal studios right?

    So people talking of spreading themselves thin and focussing on one racer, they should have the personnel to develop a number of different titles and it's not the case where a team of programmers/artists/testers/designers are sat there on a Tuesday working on GRID, Wednesday for DIRT, Thursday for F1 etc.

    What does worry me, as nohmaan786 said, is that the market is becoming flooded with driving titles, how many more do we need/want?
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  • Lankysi 06/01/2014

    Yeah, can we get back to roots please? Leave the Americanisms out and get back to hardcore racing a la McRae and TOCA! Reply +29
  • Myth-busting the murky world of video game trade-ins

  • Lankysi 18/12/2013

    If it's so easy to see what your games are worth and with there being a number of online and high street retailers giving trade-in values, how are Game still such a rip-off? Why aren't Game using sites such as Tradeindetectives? And why are people still trading games in at Game?

    Great article by the way, really enjoyed reading it
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  • Fable 3 is free from right now

  • Lankysi 10/06/2013

    Thanks for the full instructions EG. Saw this on some other sites earlier but couldn't get it to work.

    Played before but will look forward to playing again for free :)
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  • Next Xbox Reveal: live report and live video

  • Lankysi 21/05/2013

    @adscott Apple manage it and M$ LOVE to copy Apple ;) Reply 0
  • Grid 2 fires up for May 31st UK release date

  • Lankysi 31/01/2013

    @LOLLERS Non-Brands Hatch purchasers will probably just get the small Indy circuit, pre-orderers will get the full GP and another route I'm guessing. Yes, knowing Codemasters, reverse circuit! Reply +2
  • Behold the amazing unlicensed Chinese World of Warcraft amusement park

  • Lankysi 16/01/2013

    Looks amazing, the architecture and statues are fantastic

    How long before it goes "free-to-play" though??
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  • F1 Race Stars review

  • Lankysi 14/11/2012

    Just another case of Codemasters jumping on yet another bandwagon!

    Stick to what you're good at Codies, serious racing games, leave the Karting to the experts ;)
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  • Out There Somewhere Review

  • Lankysi 05/09/2012

    Sounds good

    I'm not sure I can recommend it enough
    So why only 9/10? lol
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  • Glitch dev turns World of Warcraft into Google Maps

  • Lankysi 18/06/2012

    There any "amusing" direction guides to be found on there? Reply -1
  • Rumoured GAME rescue package outlined

  • Lankysi 21/03/2012

    I've just posted this in the "Contact Us" section of Game's website,

    Do NOT close the Gamestation stores as reported in the media. They are the only high street store I and many others use for gaming. The staff are generally friendlier, more knowledgeable and not pushy unlike those generally found in Game stores!
    I tend to avoid Game and always use Gamestation, they're far more welcoming and leave me to spend my money how I wish.
    The number of times I've been into a Game store and the sales person has tried to push unnessasary accessories or other over-priced products on me is shocking. THankfully I'm very knowledgeable when it comes to what my gaming needs are and what a competitive price point is. I fear for those that aren't quite so knowledgeable and suspect its these people that often fall foul of Game sales tactics!
    Please please please do NOT close down Gamestation! If this rumoured move goes ahead, you will lose my custom and many thousands of other gamers to supermarkets and online retailers!

    I emplore you all to do the same, copy and paste my posting if you will. But we MUST stand together as gamers! The loss of Gamestation from our high streets will be terrible, to be left with the pushy, unknowledgeable (word?) staff from Game, we as gamers will suffer!

    One or two voices will not be enough. If people feel that strongly about the loss of Gamestation, make your voices heard!
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  • Blizzard tempts WOW players back with Scroll of Resurrection

  • Lankysi 07/03/2012

    Got a text from a mate last night saying that he can send me a 7-day trial to SWTOR now as well.

    Which came first? Which one responded to the other? lol

    I tried going back to WoW but just found it boring and far too elitist :( Shame, cos I've spent MANY hours on it in the past
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  • PSN accounts to be renamed Sony Entertainment Network accounts tomorrow

  • Lankysi 06/02/2012

    @midnight_walker haha beat me to it. It was the first thing I thought of, Special Educational Needs Reply +1
  • Kingdoms of Amalur Preview: Action Speaks Louder

  • Lankysi 30/01/2012

    Played the demo and really enjoyed it. I thought straight away that it had taken quite a bit from Fable (which is no bad thing). I'm really looking forward to this.

    However, there's a nagging part of me that suggests, given the low-publicity release, a lot of people are still playing through Skyrim and that Mass Effect 3 is just around the corner, this might drop in price quite quickly

    I bought Deus Ex at near enough full price on release (good ol' discount codes) and look how that plummeted......and that was a great game! I fear, but very much hope I'm wrong, that this will drop quickly
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  • Battlefield 3 dev DICE hiring an "Anti-Cheat Administrator"

  • Lankysi 30/01/2012

    How about getting the game working 100% first?!

    Bought the Back to Karkand pack and Gulf of Oman doesn't load, just get a black screen instead. Seems a common problem across friends and the Internet. GET THAT FIXED FIRST DICE!!!!
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  • UK Top 40: FIFA 12 leads for a fourth week

  • Lankysi 16/01/2012

    @evild_edd Totally agree with those comments. Really enjoyed the game but they clearly just got to the end and thought "sod it, roll credits". Maybe the ending animation guy/girl was off that week?

    BTW - this the same evild_edd that knows Mr Fell?? Or am I way off the mark?
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  • Govt to axe boring school ICT courses from September

  • Lankysi 11/01/2012


    That's how I deliver my lessons...load the paperclip, sit back and relax :)

    (I don't really, but it would make my life so much easier......and probably more violent)
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  • Lankysi 11/01/2012

    I'm an ICT teacher and I agree with most of this whole-heartedly. The ICT curriculum does need modernising and making more exciting. At the moment we teach what mobile phone to buy (which most kids know anyway), what resolution means, how to setup a home network, some of which is useful, some of which is EXTREMELY boring!

    However, there is a place for teaching MS Office skills. You'd be shocked and surprised by how little students know (at the age of 14+) about how to use the office packages. You tell them to write a report, they open PowerPoint. They can't do basic functions in Excel. They can't structure a letter properly.

    So yes, ICT needs to be made more exciting, but we still need to teach the office skills!
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  • Microsoft launches 12 days of Christmas Xbox deals

  • Lankysi 20/12/2011

    Can play it free in Google Chrome now!

    It is wicked though
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  • Nintendo 3DS Ambassador GBA games out Friday

  • Lankysi 14/12/2011

    Have they released updates to the free NES games yet so that we can save them? (not kept in touch with the news much!)

    Will these allow us to save our states?

    Fantastic list by the way, can't wait to play some of these :)
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  • Nintendo dates 2012 3DS, Wii, DS software line-up

  • Lankysi 13/12/2011

    No news on the remaining Ambassador games though? :( (unless of course I've missed that news) Reply -1
  • Obsidian boss brands online pass "a gimmick"

  • Lankysi 04/11/2011

    I hate DLC with a passion, mostly because it's only on rare occasions that we see extra content that's actually worthy of our extra money and adds a good few extra hours to the game's life. I'd say the majority of DLC is just money-grabbing uselessness!

    The only way I've been able to afford all these games recently is from trading in at shops or swapping with other people when I've finished a game. I know the recent crop of AAA titles have all come from different companies but if they'd been more spread out across the year I'd more than likely have most of them still sat on my shelf!!
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  • Vita EU release date, price announced

  • Lankysi 19/10/2011

    Rip off Britain once again! $249 = 158 on today's rates! But hey, lets add on another 70 just because the Brits will pay it!!!!

    I'll be voting with my wallet once again!
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  • Gears of War 3: Where's cheapest?

  • Lankysi 20/09/2011

    "Gamestation - 39.99 (an extra 10 off when trading in two titles - plus their trade-in value)"

    Is this still on? Having looked on hotukdeals, it seems the trade-in offer was only at midnight :( can anyone confirm otherwise?
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  • Mario and Mario Kart 3DS release dates

  • Lankysi 13/09/2011

    Yeah, no panic Ninty, we'll continue to make do with N64 remakes /sarcasm Reply 0
  • StarCraft 2 demo becomes Starter Edition

  • Lankysi 04/08/2011

    A nice little 7.08GB download.....lucky I'm in no major rush to try this! Reply +2
  • Nintendo fears 3DS price cut backlash

  • Lankysi 02/08/2011

    Yeah but how do I get the free games? My mrs nicked a 3DS off a little kid to give to me for my birthday in May Reply 0
  • Torchlight blazes past 1 million sales

  • Lankysi 07/07/2011

    Absolutely love this game and well done to Runic Games for this great result.

    Can't wait for 2 with its MP capabilities, have a number of people I hope to play with

    Only downside has been trying to get the last achievement on the XB version, achieve max reputation. Its been a real grind and has got rather repetitive..........but that's the only negative of what has been a great game up to there
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  • id: sequels "unfairly criticised"

  • Lankysi 14/06/2011

    IMHO if a sequel is brought out for the sake of squeezing more money out of an IP and really doesn't push the series forward any, then yes, it should get all the hate and criticism it deserves.......for this read FIFA, Guitar Hero etc etc.

    If a series is pushed forward, if a story is seriously developed, if there are major new additions, if there was literally too much stuff to squeeze in the prequel, and above all, a really good job is made of it, I don't see a problem with a sequel.

    As someone said, if playing more of what you enjoy is what you want, a sequel is great.

    Borderlands 2 and Shadow Complex 2 are DEFINITELY in need of release!!!
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  • DiRT 3 DLC details leak

  • Lankysi 23/05/2011

    If people stopped buying DLC, they'd probably stop making it

    But people happily pay 1200 pts for a couple of extra maps/cars/weapons etc.
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  • 3DS price slips below 200

  • Lankysi 10/02/2011

    Shock of the year, Game comes in as one of the most expensive, being a game specialist and everything


    Wish everyone would just stop buying from them! They don't deserve to sell games to gamers, all they do is rip us off!
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  • DJ Hero joins Guitar Hero on scrap heap

  • Lankysi 10/02/2011

    niteninja wrote "M$ fucking fault the industry has gone to shit since they got involved. "

    LMAO at that fanboy comment! How on EARTH is it M$'s fault?! I'm not their biggest fan but what grounds do you possibly have for accusing them for this downfall?!?!?!?!

    As some people have already stated (and others are thinking), this is all down to the fact that Acti have simply churned out FAR too many rhythm games in a short space of time. We're all fed up of them.

    I said soon after the first lot came out, I'd rather just see one version of the game come out and then a shed load of DLC so that we can effectively pick and choose what choons we want to play. Bringing out the same game year after year, with a playlist full of the most obscure tunes that no-one's ever heard of, is just plain stupid!

    I feel terrible for Freestyle Games particularly, I've got a mate that works there and they've seen this coming for a while. As the article says, DJ 1 & 2 were great games, a breath of fresh air to the genre, but Acti's poor marketing and unbelieveably stupid release schedule, cost them :(
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  • Buy two XBLA games, get 400 Points

  • Lankysi 02/12/2010

    I particularly like the way M$ have "got into the spirit of Xmas" with this offer and the rewards program AFTER most people have bought the necessary items!

    I'm in the same boat as people above me, I've got all the titles from that list I'd actually want to play, so where's my 400pts?!

    Rewards programme, I've renewed my subscription god knows how many times as I bought my 360 at launch (and endured 2 red rings!), where's my points for that?!?

    Good one M$, your generosity never ceases to amaze /sarcasm
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  • Gran Turismo 5

  • Lankysi 24/11/2010

    I don't understand! I read the review and it seems to be weighted towards negativity, not least the whole online section. And yet it finishes with a 9/10. The review didn't read anything like that, a 7 maybe at best.

    I'm glad to see that some people, having played it, are giving it their own 9's. But I'm still a little apprehensive now! Is everyone just getting caught up in the hype of it being a Gran Turismo (much like people do with Halo, GTA and CoD these days), are people relieved to finally have another GT game 5 years on? Or is it REALLY that good?!
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  • MS/Sony to join forces within 10 years?

  • Lankysi 18/11/2010

    My thinking is that the competition will switch to the software market won't it? You'll get more great titles vying for our hard earned cash rather than consoles? Reply +4
  • Lankysi 18/11/2010

    I've been saying for years that I'd like just the 1 ultimate console and everyone fight it out trying to bring out the best games. Surely the profit margins are greater in software and the gamers will ultimately be the winners as we only have to buy 1 machine and everyone's trying to make the ultimate game instead Reply +3