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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2017 voting

  • Lankysi 12/12/2017

    @porkface I still can't see Shadow of War, what's it listed under?

    Edit: Never mind, was definitely being blind this time, found it :)
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  • Lankysi 08/12/2017

    @porkface Unless I'm being blind I can't see Shadow of War on the list?! Looked under Middle Earth, LOTR etc. Most likely just blind but I can't see it :(

    Nope, been through the whole list, definitely can't see it. One of my games of the year, put so many hours into the main story, loved it
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  • Jelly Deals: £5 off a £40 spend at Argos for end of Black Friday sale

  • Lankysi 28/11/2017

    Thanks for the replies about when payment is taken. I contacted Argos through their chat and they confirmed that payment is taken when ordering :( Dammit, not sure my wallet can take another hit!!! Reply +2
  • Lankysi 28/11/2017

    I'm tempted on pre-orders for Xenoblade and Monster Hunter but I can't seem to find anywhere on the site that says whether money is taken when ordering or on dispatch Reply 0
  • Amazon has the best Nintendo Switch deal on Cyber Monday

  • Lankysi 28/11/2017

    @jimmius That really sucks :( did you quote that others have had luck doing this?
    I don't know if you can PM on here, but I'd be happy to send you my transcript and you can use that, see if that'll add weight to getting the game for a good price!? Up to you
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  • Lankysi 27/11/2017

    @Pro_Olaf Tell me about it. Seems pot luck whether you can get Mario Rabbids for that. Some are having luck, some aren't, seems to depend on which CS rep you get. Thankfully I've always had very helpful people on Amazon! Reply 0
  • Lankysi 27/11/2017

    @udat Believe me, it was a struggle trying to explain what I wanted. The person's grasp of English wasn't great. But we got there, the person was a great help :) Reply +1
  • Lankysi 27/11/2017

    Bought the Neon Switch with Mario Odyssey on Friday for £279.99
    So when I saw this, I got straight onto Amazon CS this morning and asked if they could do me a copy of Mario + Rabbids for £20.
    After a lot of explaining and saying that no, I didn't want to refund Mario Odyssey, I got a £16.85 credit to then buy Mario Rabbids for £20

    Very happy now :) Although Odyssey arrived yesterday, Rabbids is due Wednesday but the console isn't due til Thursday :lol:
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  • Black Friday 2017: This is the best Nintendo Switch bundle so far this year

  • Lankysi 24/11/2017

    Bagged 10!

    Just kidding, only bagged the 1 for myself. As nice as the red limited edition one is, I'd prefer the physical copy. So I'm happy. Will be arriving next week by the look of it :)

    Thanks for the heads up EG/Jelly Deals :D
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  • Lankysi 24/11/2017

    @TheEnvyCorps Shame you couldn't have had the same attitude "wait until next Black Friday" for your pointless comment ;) Reply 0
  • Lankysi 24/11/2017

    Gutted I missed out on the Odyssey edition of the Switch last night but I'll definitely be up for grabbing the Red/Blue with a physical copy later! Here's hoping I get lucky!!!

    Reminder set, payment method set in Amazon, delivery address set....I'm ready haha
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2 players are using elastic bands to cheat their way to credits

  • Lankysi 24/11/2017

    I actually don't have any elastic bands in the house so I'd have to BUY a box of elastic bands in order to use a "hack" to get around buying in-game items! Oh the irony! Reply +11
  • FIFA players react to EA's dramatic Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransactions U-turn

  • Lankysi 17/11/2017

    Finally an article touching on micro transactions in FIFA! After all the furore surrounding loot boxes, I was amazed that none of them even mentioned FIFA and the FUT mode. I know someone whose job it was to raise funds via microtransactions in FIFA, he was heavily involved in the card packs in FUT.

    It's good to see that the FIFA community is thinking of ways to combat this as well.

    End of the day, the only way we'll truly see the end of MTs is for people to vote with their wallets. But while some people are still ploughing money into games post-launch, we'll continue to see the practice in games. It's obviously working for publishers because, despite the bad press, they're still making a shedload of money from them!
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  • Loads of FIFA 18 players are scoring straight from kick-off

  • Lankysi 16/11/2017

    Surely if this works in FIFA 18 it'll work in any version, being as how they're "all the same" ;-) :D Reply -3
  • Jelly Deals: Nintendo Switch down to £269.99 at Amazon this week

  • Lankysi 13/11/2017

    @Incubati0n That's what I'm hoping for in an ideal world, with Mario Rabbids or MK8 instead of BOTW (already have it on Wii U).

    Might be wishful thinking, but even if there's no ground-breaking bundles on BF, I think there'll still be some decent ones around between now and Xmas
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  • Lankysi 13/11/2017

    @Minilev Yeah I saw that but I'm in 2 minds. Buy now and sod's law says that the bundle will either be cheaper on BF or there'll be an additional game bundled with it haha.

    I'm in no hurry to buy (playing AC Origins at the moment that's taking up all my time) so I can wait and see on BF. I'm sure someone will do a similar bundle.........hopefully!
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  • Lankysi 13/11/2017

    I'm holding out for BF in the hopes of a good bundle with Mario Odyssey as well as Mario Rabbids and/or Mario Kart. Fingers crossed! Reply +1
  • Will there come a day when EA doesn't release a new FIFA every year?

  • Lankysi 09/11/2017

    I'd be happier buying a full version first then updating the parts I play. I never bother with FUT for example (never been able to get into it) but play career mode to death, so I'd happily pay a bit, maybe twice a year after the transfer windows close, to update my version than forking out £40-£50 every year. I could see that working.

    If any devs/publishers need an example of taking a break working, then look no further than Assassin's Creed. The series was quickly going down the drain with it's annual releases, but they took a break and now look at Origins, arguably the best in the series for some!
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  • Jelly Deals: Some early Black Friday offers are going live

  • Lankysi 09/11/2017

    I'm the same but I think that's because I've not been in the market for anything specific in previous years. It seems to suit those looking to buy big, like a new console, new TV or other large electronic devices, none of which I wanted to in the past.

    This year, however, I'm going to be hoping that there's a really good Switch deal from someone.
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  • You can battle Anubis, Egyptian god of death, in Assassin's Creed Origins from today

  • Lankysi 08/11/2017

    @Kremlik It was the same with Hitman unfortunately. There were some unique targets released near the start of the game's life, I don't believe they're happening again, although I'd love to be corrected on that. Shame, I only picked it up recently and it means I'll miss all those, including killing Gary Busey!

    This is the same. If people are saying you need to be level 40 to beat Anubis, I'm a long way off that! Be interested to know how often they'll come about. Why can't they be there constantly, like some of the "boss" creatures in WoW?!
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  • Cult classic murder mystery Deadly Premonition is now backwards-compatible on Xbox One

  • Lankysi 03/11/2017

    now brings the number of Xbox One compatible Xbox 360 games up to 452
    And still no Crackdown or Mercenaries 2 :(
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  • Jelly Deals: Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids bundle for £74

  • Lankysi 31/10/2017

    @tonyferrino I was so so tempted but I just know, sod's law, if I buy now there'll be a kick-ass deal come Black Friday! If there's a pack for console + the 2 games here for around £300, I'll definitely bite :) Reply 0
  • Lankysi 30/10/2017

    And with a Switch costing £260 at Simply Games, you can effectively get a really decent bundle for £334!

    Very very tempting. Will there be much better come Black Friday/Xmas?!
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  • How Jon Hare's Sociable Soccer went from Kickstarter flop to Steam Early Access

  • Lankysi 12/10/2017

    I backed this on Kickstarter and was gutted when the campaign got cancelled. Totally understand the thinking, it wasn't going well and even I could see that! I was worried that that would be it, thank god it wasn't. I've been following the progress ever since and I'm really excited to grab a copy today (keeps refreshing Steam).

    Gaming night tomorrow night with the lads, this is going on first!!
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  • Assassin's Creed Origins is the series you remember, back yet again

  • Lankysi 05/10/2017

    Played at EGX and yes, it was only for 15 mins (so no time to judge properly) but I did come away feeling (and saying to my mate) that it just felt like another AC game.

    However, having read this article, it certainly sounds like they've put a lot of work into some areas. Just a shame they've not done away with the pointless side quests and, as someone said above, find some way of bringing back the tomb puzzles. Can you imagine having to explore a pyramid tomb?!

    I'll most likely get this but, given the other games coming out between now and Xmas (plus huge backlog as ever), AC games drop in price quite quickly, so this may well be a Xmas pressie or wait for the sales!
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 PC beta codes were on sale at GAME today for 10p

  • Lankysi 04/10/2017

    Be interesting to know how many they "managed" to sell and how much they made out of it. There's no mention of refunding anyone that bought a code! I appreciate that in the grand scheme of things, it's not much, but then this is Game and they need all the help they can get! Reply +6
  • Lankysi 04/10/2017

    @Jake316 What, selling a link for 10p or just Game in general? :D Reply +3
  • Metroid: Samus Returns review

  • Lankysi 13/09/2017

    @furrykitty And yet you've come to read the review and commented hahaha Reply +1
  • Lankysi 13/09/2017

    @pelican_ I didn't even notice that, interesting!! Are EG picking the right person to review these games? Is it worth having, as some sites do, a "2nd opinion" section?

    There's pros and cons of getting fans/non-fans of IPs/genres to review games, definitely. Be worth getting someone to add their 2-cents worth in a 2nd opinion bit I think, especially when it seems that the majority of reviews out there differ?!
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  • Lankysi 13/09/2017

    @JudgeMethos I'm the same mate. I look around at a few, tend to go with a couple of top ones and then read some of the bottom ones to see what the main gripes are. But by then, yes, I've generally made up my mind anyway. Comments sections are always funny too, especially when people take the scores so personally, as if they've made the game entirely by themselves :) Reply +2
  • Lankysi 12/09/2017

    @JudgeMethos Buy it! As I've said above, EG have gone against the crowds before on scoring games and look how that turned out. Horizon springs to mind and I'd say at least 90%+ of the people I've spoken to think it's a fantastic game and yet EG couldn't even stick a "recommended" badge on it! Reply +2
  • Lankysi 12/09/2017

    I get that reviews are a person's opinion of a game, but EG have done this before, been "meh" about a game that's been rated highly everywhere else.

    Take Horizon for example, EG didn't give it a "recommended" and yet it stands at 89 on Opencritic. Same now with Metroid and yet that stands at 88 after 37 reviews!
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  • GAME deletes "inappropriate" Hurricane Irma tweet

  • Lankysi 12/09/2017

    @VideoGameAddict25 I'm the same. Every time I go in a store I'm AMAZED at how many people are in there buying stuff. I'm afraid to say, it's usually mums, dads, grandparents, that generally know no better. But the other problem is that there's no high street competition any more :( Reply +2
  • Lankysi 12/09/2017

    Still, at least Game are getting some free publicity with everyone reporting this now! Reply 0
  • Jelly Deals: SNES Edition Nintendo 3DS XL pre-orders live now

  • Lankysi 07/09/2017

    @JamieW Turns out you can get it for £169.99 from Toys R Us.

    I've not tested this but someone's posted it on HotUKDeals. If you use code 8086839990 (£5 off £30 available through VoucherCodes) you can get it for this price :)
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  • Lankysi 07/09/2017

    @Pokkai The very same :) I use the same username all over the place haha

    I'm with you on what I wouldn't buy from Game.
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  • Lankysi 06/09/2017

    @kamakazilucas Tell me about it. I reckon I'd get around £50 for my red XL? If I'm lucky! But I want soooo badly!

    @JamieW No worries, happy to help :)
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  • Lankysi 06/09/2017

    I don't know what they're like for pre-orders but Toys R Us have it for a fiver less at £174.99

    I'd certainly avoid Game at all costs, given their track record of pre-orders being cancelled/messed up!
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  • What's going on with our Destiny 2 review?

  • Lankysi 05/09/2017

    @vert1go Me neither. Even the link at the top of the page to finding the best price for PlayerUnknown's BG has been replaced by "The best Destiny gifts and merchandise
    Destiny hoodies, T-shirts, toys, and more." :(
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  • Much-loved UK video game mag Super Play returns for a one-off to celebrate the SNES mini launch

  • Lankysi 01/09/2017

    This is such a great idea! I had so many issues of Super Play, until my wonderful mother cleared them out one day :'(

    Definitely purchasing this, thank you :)
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  • Share your favourite moments from Obsidian games and win consoles!

  • Lankysi 30/08/2017

    KOTOR 2 - Getting your first light saber. Yes, sure, I know you get one in KOTOR 1 but that's what Star Wars games were all about for me, particularly the KOTOR games. You spend time with blasters and swords but lets face it, SW is ALL about the sabers and getting your first one is a special moment, especially as it took me ages to find the necessary parts and there were no easy-to-access wikis etc to help me! After that, combat was great and being able to twirl it while exploring, sooooo good! Reply 0
  • Jelly Deals: Up to £20 off games and tech bits from Tesco

  • Lankysi 23/08/2017

    Shame Tesco aren't doing the 2 for £80 at the same time. 2 for £70 is always a great deal, particularly on pre-orders. Reply +2
  • Gran Turismo is getting its own limited edition PlayStation 4

  • Lankysi 22/08/2017

    PS4 Amateur
    Does that mean one PS4 model gets paid for it's work while this one doesn't?!

    On another note, isn't GT Sport enhanced for PS4 Pro? So why not release a Limited Edition of the PS4 Pro instead?! Strange!
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  • Angry Gameseek customers call aggressive discount promotion a "scam"

  • Lankysi 18/08/2017

    "We want to actually make history and change how customers engage and interact with an online shop" - by pissing off as many in one go as possible.

    It'd have been fine if they'd explained things a bit better, allowed for the fact that their site would get absolutely pummelled with traffic and be more open about how the whole thing works.

    I must admit, I was getting extremely pissed off with it, especially when I missed out this morning, hitting Buy as soon as the timer hit 0 on a game but still got told I'd missed it, impossible I thought, complete scam. Just to rub it in, I got a notification email half hour later to tell me it was on was still sold out.

    Anyway, it's worth checking back on the games you want. Someone else had said on Facebook, so I went back to the game (Metroid) and sure enough, was able to add it to my basket and buy it. I've now got it on pre-order at £20 :) And yes, GS take money at the time of transaction, but hey, I think we all knew that already.
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  • Latest Humble Bundle offers a ton of 2K games on PlayStation

  • Lankysi 16/08/2017

    Only 3 games for PS4 (I don't own the other two consoles anymore) and I read on HotUKDeals that it's one key for each tier, so I couldn't even sell the games I don't want/can't play :( Reply +1
  • "Fundamental changes" coming to Xbox achievements

  • Lankysi 10/08/2017

    All gamerscore does for me is irritate my OCD. I want a gamerscore ending in 0, not 2, 7, 9 etc. When I "finish" a game and then the gamerscore tells me I only have 200 for that game out of 1000. These things only serve to wind me up! :D Reply 0
  • There's more to Hellblade's permadeath than meets the eye

  • Lankysi 10/08/2017

    @Olelassen Then please explain who this article was aimed at?

    Because if it was aimed at those of us that haven't played it and are yet to experience the possibility of perma-death, it's full of story spoilers when it didn't need to be! Just say "we tried to die lots but it doesn't happen".

    If it was aimed at those that have/are playing it, leave them to find out for themselves. Again, the article is spoiling it!

    Who was meant to read the article?!
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  • Lankysi 09/08/2017

    And now, despite the spoiler warning, you've just spoiled it for everyone! Nice! Reply -21
  • Friday the 13th fans furious as studio moves on to new game

  • Lankysi 25/07/2017

    Agree with @slammers I was so tempted to buy this on release, watching people on Twitch shitting themselves was great fun. But I told myself to give it 3-6 months, see how it develops. Boy am I glad I did!

    Has there been any word from the devs? I think that's the most frustrating part, when the devs go silent, in much the same way that Hello Games did for NMS!
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  • Sports Direct buys chunk of GAME

  • Lankysi 13/07/2017

    Do you think Mike was asked the following when he bought the shares...

    Are you a loyalty card holder? Would you like to join our Elite program?
    Would you like to insure those shares?
    Would you like to pre-order any other shares while you're here? Only a £5 deposit per pre-order!
    Would you like this lovely statue that has nothing to do with those shares?

    And don't forget to fill in the survey, tell us how we did today, you could "win" (yeah right) £200 Game vouchers
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