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  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch

  • LFace 11/12/2017

    I grew up with SF1 in the arcade which was a very popular machine back in the day with people queuing to play it. This was also before people knew it had hidden moves in. The moment people knew you could do the fireball attack it increased in popularity but nobody quite knew how to pull it off (phrasing). It resorted to people rubbing the joystick (more phrasing) in the bottom corner and tapping weak punch repeatedly until it happened.

    The game was so memorable to my childhood that when I could afford it, I later bought an arcade cabinet with the SF1 PCB. It was glorious.

    I still play the game now in emulators on Raspberry Pi for example. It is a very misunderstood game purely because of how "janky" it is in comparison to modern fighters. I will always love it though and this collection is a day one purchase even though I have every single one of the games on my Pi.
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  • The history of bleem!

  • LFace 11/12/2017

    I was heavily into the emulation scene back in the day from the rise of davesclassics to retrogamer and emuunlim (cough).
    I remember when bleem came out and was cracked within hours of release by some kid.

    Back then people had working emulators like PS Emu Pro (I think that was the name?) that allowed increased resolution and other effects to improve on the graphics. They ran pretty well.

    Once people got hold of bleem (no doubt from the cracked version, after all back in the emulation days people were pirating stuff left right and centre but that's for another discussion) and it ran far worse than the free emulators available then it became a laughing stock in the "scene". The bleem channel on IRC had a crazy number of visitors asking why games did not run well due to lack of memory whereas in the free emulators they ran smooth with increased features, and no answer was given. Bleem was a paid for product that was inferior in every way to the free ones.
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  • PlayerUnknown reveals Battlegrounds Xbox One release date, and a major difference to PC

  • LFace 03/11/2017

    @metrictwo Ah ok. I wasn't aware of the full involvement of PU. It's not a game I'm interested in playing but is very fun to watch on twitch. Reply 0
  • LFace 01/11/2017

    @2dshmuplover Not H1Z1 King of the Kill ? Thats what I used to see and thats damn near identical Reply 0
  • LFace 31/10/2017

    @metrictwo wasn't PUBG directly copied from h1z1 ? I could be wrong but I could have sworn I used to watch twitch streams of that when certain high key streamers were given very early alpha keys for pubg in a very very early state and it blossomed from there. I recall that had you parachuting in to a map that had gas expanding in to areas that were safe zones etc. Reply 0
  • Official Resident Evil 2 board game looks awesome

  • LFace 26/09/2017

    @AhSoul Well my box was damaged and one of the bosses was too when it arrived, some of the white cubes are missing, and I've emailed them 3 times now and had automated responses and no resolution.
    I've enjoyed the game dont get me wrong. The delays, splitting the stuff into two waves, the translation farce, the very lengthy delays in shipping to some countries - those are shambolic.

    I will be *very* surprised if Wave 2 is delivered on time. And the laughable Armour set figures and the poor poses they chose are another issue but as they were stretch goal freebies I am not too bothered by them.
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  • LFace 26/09/2017

    A bit overpriced for what it offers if you compare it to other board games.
    After the debacle with Dark Souls kickstarter, I hope they've learned their lessons as that was an utter shambles and is still ongoing.
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  • Dead by Daylight adds Leatherface DLC

  • LFace 15/09/2017

    Look what your brother did to the door! Reply +2
  • Jelly Deals: Tesco vouchers are back with up to £25 off games and tech

  • LFace 11/09/2017

    Is it future, or is it past? Reply +9
  • Jelly Deals: Xbox One S bundles discounted before Xbox One X launch

  • LFace 06/09/2017

    To be perfectly honest, he sounds like a twat, never mind trying too hard Reply +1
  • Microsoft really wants you to know playing Minecraft online is safe

  • LFace 02/08/2017

    Not that I agree with it, but I certainly understand the business reasoning behind not allowing it from Sony.

    Scenario 1. No crossplay: (A), (B), (C) have PS4, (D) has Xbox. "Come play minecraft (D)" "I cant, I dont have PS4... mum can I have a PS4 and Minecraft for my birthday/christmas?" Potential sale to Sony.

    Scenario 2. Crossplay: (A), (B), (C) have PS4, (D) has Xbox. "Come play minecraft (D)" "OK". No sale to Sony.
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds just became the most played non-Valve game on Steam ever

  • LFace 31/07/2017

    @Diji1 In this case they did indeed ban without evidence. They even admitted that they did not know for sure but still went ahead and gave a one week ban.

    Not that I condone stuff like stream sniping, but I do not think it should be a bannable offense even if there is evidence. Streamers on Twitch etc can delay their broadcast which would put a stop to any sniping so if the option exists for streamers then they should use it
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  • Superhot flares up on PS4 this Wednesday

  • LFace 18/07/2017

    Does this require move controllers for VR version or is regular controller ok? Reply +1
  • First look at Atari's new console

  • LFace 17/07/2017

    DOA Reply +23
  • Netflix Castlevania gets second season

  • LFace 10/07/2017

    I didn't expect much but gave the first episode a try Friday night. Next thing I know I had watched all 4 back to back. I really liked it. Wasn't perfect but still very entertaining and I did chuckle a couple of times. Lovely fight scenes and deliciously gory. Reply +12
  • Summer Games Done Quick starts

  • LFace 03/07/2017

    Its a shame Distortion2 isn't running Dark Souls 3. I always enjoy his twitch speedrun streams so to see him do the full game run would have been cool. He practised many many hours but they pulled the plug on the DLC2 aspect so he pulled out completely. Reply 0
  • GAME blames deep-rooted financial issues on Nintendo's lack of Switch stock

  • LFace 30/06/2017

    Karl Pilkington : Bullshit! Reply +11
  • UK shops get SNES mini in stock

  • LFace 29/06/2017

    @Some_Goats Did you put your foot through the mag and send Dennis publishing the bill ? Reply 0
  • Watch: Ian hunts unsuspecting teens in Friday the 13th: The Game

  • LFace 30/05/2017

    Is nobody else interested in knowing what Annalise from neighbours looks like these days then? I hear it's shocking too Reply +9
  • Quake Champions is an old school first-person shooter done right

  • LFace 25/05/2017

    This will no doubt get a bit of backlash, which I half understand, but I'll pose the question anyway..

    Is this going to be 100% PC only or will a console version see the light of day? I admit it will probably not be ideal on a controller, but having come from the PC Master Race many years ago where I used to play non-stop Quake 2/3/UT/CS etc to working full time coding/developing on a PC at work, I cannot face playing on PC anymore at home so I switched to consoles and laying down on the couch.

    Would be nice to pick up and have a quick game or two on PS4 though something tells me this probably wont happen
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  • Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers review

  • LFace 24/05/2017

    I stand by the review taking price into account, and I believe this should be the case in all reviews. If a game was 10 minutes long but those 10 minutes just so happen to be absolutely amazing, yet it costs £79.99, would you agree with the review if it said it was an essential? What about Recommended?

    There has to be a justification in said review that price has had a negative impact on the "score" and this review does so.

    I applaud you Wes for sticking to your guns and showing that a scandalous price for a game should indeed be chastised.
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  • Shadow Warrior 2 is fine on consoles but lacks key features

  • LFace 23/05/2017

    I bought the 1st one on sale ages ago and found it an enjoyable experience on PS4, mainly due to the framerate. First Person shooters are sluggish in 30fps and reading that the sequel is capped at 30 turned it into a non purchase for me. Shame really. Reply +8
  • Injustice 2 review

  • LFace 16/05/2017

    Not to take anything away from the review which I found very good, but all way through it I'm seeing praises for systems and mechanics in the game like they are new and not seen before, when really they were in MKX.

    It is the same developer so naturally they have their engine and have used it for both this and MK which is absolutely fine, but pointing out mechanics as new when they were seen a few years ago in another game is not that good really.

    Pointing out all the mechanics of Bloodborne such as respawning mobs when you die, having to collect your blood echoes where you died etc as being a game changer after they were used in Souls games in various guises is a tad silly, so it should apply to fighting games by the same developer too.
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  • EA reckons 40% of console game sales will be downloads by the end of 2017

  • LFace 10/05/2017

    Probably already covered somewhere in the comments, but I'm 100% digital now on the PS4. Its just easier when changing games to not have to get up and swap discs. I also don't like having shelves of media on display anymore. Yeah some digital games are more expensive than physical, but as I do not sell games on (learned that lesson in the past and regret selling all my older stuff now) I find the trade off on a slightly higher price to be worth it for convenience.

    Nobody knows what will happen in the future in regards to these digital libraries we accumulate from PS+, PSN, GWG etc, but I would like to hope that as new consoles come like PS5 that they would feature backwards compatibility and then the library can be easily accessed and no worry of discs deteriorating.
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  • Watch: 26 minutes of gore-soaked Butcher PS4 gameplay

  • LFace 09/05/2017

    We've not had a 2D pixelated game on PS4 yet so this should be unique Reply +8
  • PS4 premium joypad face-off: Razer Raiju vs Nacon Revolution Pro

  • LFace 03/04/2017

    Late to the party, but I've seen several people point out about the poor quality rubber grips on the launch DS4 controllers, and I still have a launch console with launch controller and the rubber is still fine with no tearing or wearing away at all. Not denying there is an issue as I've seen friend's controllers that went belly up after a few months, but just like to say that not all are like that. Reply -1
  • April PlayStation Plus games detailed

  • LFace 30/03/2017

    @deatheleventeen it turned into a vote for boiled shit, fried shit, or grilled shit, so kind of pointless. Reply +1
  • Fans have noticed something odd about Lego City Undercover on Switch

  • LFace 29/03/2017

    Misprint, or damage control and they are now reverting to everything on the cart after this shit storm hit ? Reply +1
  • 26 years later, Street Fighter 2 expert reveals never-before-seen combos

  • LFace 21/03/2017

    I wouldn't say these were "never before seen" as I'm sure I noticed it donkeys years ago when I used to go to the arcade in Barnsley to play SF2.
    I'm not usually one to moan about content on websites, as it is their choice what to show, but a full article about a glitch that can *only* be done against one character, in a game that is years old and probably is known by a lot of people.. was that really necessary ?

    I dread to think how much coverage there would be if someone noticed on Sonic 1 an extra 5 pixel high flower in the background if you stand in a certain spot..
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  • Nintendo Switch Street Fighter 2 first-person mode looks janky

  • LFace 16/02/2017

    It kind of is a re-release just with extra pointless additions. However at its core, it still has the massive problem the original HD version had - slapping HD sprites over the existing animation just do not work and looks awful. The juddering basic animations looked out of place back then, and now it just looks embarrassing.

    Look at the scene - crowds have 2 or 3 frames of animation. Main characters look like a fans first dabble with Mugen. It looks and feels wrong.

    The "new" characters are palette swaps. Utterly pointless additions.

    I love SF2 as much as any fan that played it on release, but come on its 2017 now and it is best served as a very cheap emulated arcade version rather than expensive rehash. Just play it on a Raspberry Pi and have done with it.
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  • Brexit blamed for incoming UK App Store price rise

  • LFace 17/01/2017

    Unfortunately things will continue to go up in price as time passes. This was forewarned prior to the vote, but still the unwashed uneducated racists went out in force to "Make Britun Gret and get rid of Immigruntz" and this is what we are left with. You can put the blame on greedy companies putting price up for no reason as much as you like but the fact is everything costs more in the UK now including behind the scenes stuff you may not even think about.

    I will no doubt be negged by the 52% that thought putting our country back to the dark ages was a good idea, but frankly I do not care.
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  • Unofficial fresh-start vanilla WOW server launches Saturday

  • LFace 04/01/2017

    @TheDooglet Stop playing? As cool as the thought of going back to vanilla WoW might be, this is still an unofficial and free way to play a game that should be paid for. It is piracy no matter how you swing it. Reply 0
  • Diablo 3 players divided on 20th anniversary patch

  • LFace 04/01/2017

    Free content is to be applauded not vilified. Although I don't think the anniversary content appeals to me, I still think it was a nifty idea and have no problems with it.
    Would I have preferred a Diablo 1 (or 2) remaster? Absolutely, as I never played those.

    The Necromancer is a tricky one though. It looks an interesting class and I'm all for adding content to D3 even if its only one class. Should it be paid DLC? I don't mind either way. D3 isn't a subscription game so any future content they make is technically out their own pockets (though very deeply filled pockets I might add) so should they make content for free? That's going to be varying opinions on whoever you ask. I personally don't mind and no doubt will pony up the cash for it.

    Could be worse, they could charge for the D1 content and add Microtransactions to unlock each Necromancer ability..
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  • Super Mario Run review

  • LFace 16/12/2016

    I was looking forward to this. I did a moan post a few days ago berating the always on component and that still stands, but I still wanted to try it.
    I downloaded it on iPhone 6 and played demo levels.. I was bored by the end of the second level. Its just not that fun unfortunately. It plays too slow and feels like if you were playing Super Mario without knowing about the run button.

    The levels (although only seeing first two so cant comment on rest) are bland and is just coin collecting which frankly isn't entertaining. If the levels get better then it is a bad design decision as the first levels should grab you and want you to play more.

    I cant recommend the game. Not bad enough to stamp it as Avoid, but for me it is not worth £8 and playing the demo has made me sure I wont be parting with my cash.
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  • Super Mario Run only playable with an internet connection

  • LFace 09/12/2016

    I'll chip in on the always online aspect. I have zero problems with a console being online only for gaming (such as my PS4) as that is connected to my router 24/7. No issue.
    On a mobile phone however? Thats dreadful and counter intuitive. People can scoff and say its 2016 and unlimited 4G data exists etc. Fair point, it does. I have an unlimited 4G sim card. I also get an hour long bus to work every day and the point where I would play on my phone. There are black spots on that route however where data does not exist. That would cause the game to be unplayable thus rendering it useless and not fit for *my* purpose.

    Stating that people have WiFi in most places and at home is not relevant at all. If you are in a fixed abode with wifi, chances are you are at home or at work - if you are at home and into gaming, I highly doubt you would be pissing about on a mobile phone and instead would be on a proper gaming machine such as a PC or Console. If you are at work, you will be working and probably get a virtual slap at the back of the head if caught gaming on your phone during work time.

    Nintendo doing this is just plain stupid and there really is no justification argument that applies.
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  • Starbucks may have just spoiled a big Pokémon Go update

  • LFace 06/12/2016

    Not being sarcastic, but does anyone still play this? I'm a peasant wagon rider and daily commute to work the bus was full of people playing it when it came out. You couldn't look anywhere without seeing it. It never appealed to me not being a pokemon fan but each to their own. Nowadays? I haven't seen a single person on it. Haven't for a while in fact. Reply -1
  • Board games understand the pleasures of taking things out of the box

  • LFace 29/11/2016

    I've recently got into board gaming myself and after many years of assuming they were beardy and all about painting miniatures to have a fantasy war on a little playfield like you see in Games Workshop, I have seen the light that there is so much more than that.
    Game of Thrones, Fury of Dracula, Besieged, Bloodrage, Relic are to name a few I've had a dabble in and they were all bloody good fun.

    Its become a slight addiction and I've been checking kickstarter out in the last few months (though thinking I now need to uninstall that app on my phone) and backed Dark Souls, Massive Darkness, Bears vs Babies (not quite board game but still counts), and most recently Yokai Quest which is looking pretty stunning.

    If like me you presumed board gaming to be smelly unkempt bearded blokes that have never heard of body spray then think again, it is quite a good bit of social fun to have with a few mates.
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  • Lego Dimensions Easter egg references Ghostbusters movie controversy

  • LFace 03/10/2016

    didn't like the idea of a new Ghostbusters film - especially one that changed the team to be all female instead of all male.
    Except that was not the case at all for the vast majority of people. That was merely the scapegoat used by the execs who were trying to dampen the dreadful reviews and comments about how awful the trailers looked.
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  • Elite Dangerous has a "heat meta" and Frontier just poured cold water over it

  • LFace 27/09/2016

    Any information on the PS4 version of this yet? Reply +6
  • Forget Chewbacca, it's Bossk racking up the massive killstreaks in Star Wars Battlefront

  • LFace 23/09/2016

    Member Chewbacca? Reply +8
  • PS4's big new update (the one with folders) goes live

  • LFace 13/09/2016

    @cowell Why install them in the first place then? Reply +7
  • No Man's Sky modders start by shutting up your exosuit

  • LFace 17/08/2016

    @csber3 I would agree that people raging that a large dinosaur species hasnt been seen is a bit pathetic, however that Reddit thread that is doing the rounds of all content shown that appears to be cut is pretty damning.

    I'm loving the game and definitely had my moneys worth, but also disappointed that things mentioned in interviews and shown in recent trailers just isnt in the game whatsoever. The absolute silence so far from HG is pretty poor.
    If they come out and say that due to time constraints and game breaking bugs cropping up with said features, it meant they had to be cut until a future patch, then I would be ecstatic with that.

    To re-iterate, I do love the game and I am not bashing it, but it is sorely lacking in shown off features that not one person from the company has officially spoke about since release.
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  • Watch: We play No Man's Sky on PC locked to 4K 60fps

  • LFace 15/08/2016

    @IronSoldier I rarely go by the critic ratings either, but the 4chan crusade genuinely happened and has completely weighted the average towards the negative side anyway. A bit pointless if you ask me, but then thats 4chan crusades for you. Reply +3
  • LFace 15/08/2016

    @IronSoldier You can completely ignore the user reviews for PS4 as 4chan had a crusade to rate it 0/10 for a while. It was getting a bashing on metacritic even before official release date. Reply +2
  • Evolve goes free-to-play, devs discuss "DLC s***storm"

  • LFace 07/07/2016

    @SBandy 4 v 1 can be damn good fun in the right game. I've been watching hours worth of Twitch streams of Dead By Daylight and that looks fantastic.

    Cant wait for that to come to Consoles (hopefully it does).
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  • Skyrim remastered: PS4, Xbox, PC, mods and everything we know

  • LFace 21/06/2016

    @zachtrevors So you're saying because the game was evidently broken and unplayable due to shoddy lighting and shadows on previous gen, that it is perfectly OK to release it again full price on current gen with only minor tweaks to visuals and leaving frame rate the same? Reply 0
  • LFace 20/06/2016

    A remaster stuck at 30fps is a waste of time. Might as well play previous gen and put up with a little less details running at same speed. Reply -1
  • Minecraft's new Battle Mode season pass costs £7.99

  • LFace 21/06/2016

    I've not been keeping up with the current patches of the console versions of this, but with this being battle themed, am I to presume that they havent implemented the current fighting mechanics in the PC version such as weapon swing cooldown, swipe mechanic, dual wield, shield?
    If they havent then surely its a wasted potential to begin with.

    Its already taking the piss on how far behind console versions are, but they get away with it because its minecraft. Same with the shoddy glitches that if were present in a Ubisoft game, there would be article upon article about them.
    Curious on why Minecraft gets a free pass on things like that.
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  • This War of Mine: The Board Game is so bleak we had to mug an old lady

  • LFace 17/06/2016

    Having recently started playing some myself at a games club at work, I welcome the addition of more articles about them.
    Played B-Sieged last night which was pretty good once we got to grips with how to play it.
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  • South Park The Fractured But Whole out this December - here's gameplay

  • LFace 14/06/2016

    EG - can you try and get an update on whats going on with the UK pre-order of this? Still not showing on UK PSN store, and both Sony and Ubisoft are flat out ignoring people on Twitter that are asking them about it.

    Edit - UbisoftUK have also deleted a tweet which advertised the game being available for pre-order with Stick Of Truth bonus. This is looking like UK are getting the Shaft!
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