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  • Dark Souls board game raises $71k Kickstarter goal in three minutes

  • LFace 17/05/2016

    Having recently got into board gaming, I would have loved this but 80 for it is just way too steep. I'll wait until it hits retail and see what price that lands at, and if unsuccessful in the shops I'll gladly get it when it hits a sale price. Reply 0
  • Postal Redux is coming to Steam next week

  • LFace 10/05/2016

    Would prefer a modern remake of Postal 2. Had some great fun on that, as stupid as it was. It wasnt a game to take serious, and if you went in expecting stupidity and sandbox fun then you got a game that was hilarious at times. Reply +13
  • The 64 is an unofficial reimagining of the Commodore 64

  • LFace 19/04/2016

    Bloody good spectrum Reply 0
  • Elite Dangerous' long-awaited The Engineers expansion goes into beta next month

  • LFace 15/04/2016

    How about some news on the long awaited PS4 version? Reply +13
  • Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit is the UK's next video game TV show

  • LFace 21/03/2016

    Celebs competing. Lessons clearly not learned. 1 season wonder. Reply +30
  • Face-Off: The Division

  • LFace 18/03/2016

    sub Produce_DF_Article()
    Game.PC.Rank = 1
    Game.PS4.Rank = 2
    Game.XBone.Rank = 3

    call PublishArticle()
    end sub
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  • Sony adds 22 games to PlayStation Now, including Uncharted trilogy

  • LFace 09/03/2016

    It wouldn't be too bad a price, if it offered the same games the Americans get. But it does not. Europe once again gets the shaft by Sony. Reply +5
  • EA Access just added a Xbox One backwards-compatible game

  • LFace 01/03/2016

    @SwissTony1994 I wouldnt exactly call it click bait, but its certainly playing football in the same park. The article is about one game in particular, yet the headline doesnt tell you which, you have to read the article to find that bit out so it certainly is in the same clickbait territory even if it is not using such "You'll never guess..." tactics to get you to read it. Reply +4
  • Minecraft update 1.9 has completely changed combat

  • LFace 29/02/2016

    @adampoole with current rate of patch progress, I'm sure it will, however don't expect it anytime before 2018 ! Reply +1
  • Over 20 years later, Mortal Kombat's secret Ed Boon menus uncovered

  • LFace 25/02/2016

    @daviejambo Because the guy is clearly awesome Reply +1
  • LFace 24/02/2016

    @retrodevil Thats the one! I blame age as well. Reply 0
  • LFace 24/02/2016

    @FuzzyDuck I believe that was to unlock the cheat menu which enabled easy Reptile fight on the Pit level. You could set the shadows to always fly past the moon as well as other debug type cheats. Reply 0
  • LFace 24/02/2016

    @jabberwocky Megadrive needed the cheat code on the warning screen (ABACABB.. thats mentally wired into my brain for life).

    Snes was censored, but in a magazine at the time (cant remember which) they ran an April fools showing how the game is even worse than the arcade and you had to cellotape a penny to the cartridge to unlock it. The magazine had mocked up screenshots showing gallons of blood and ridiculous fatalities.
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  • Street Fighter 5 gets off to rocky start

  • LFace 16/02/2016

    @Fourfoldroot they are but its hardly anything to write home about, and from all accounts the tutorial is pretty basic and sparse Reply 0
  • LFace 16/02/2016

    Me pointing out how shoddy releasing full price with only online multi available isnt quite so harsh anymore is it readers. Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero Live failed to do the business, too

  • LFace 12/02/2016

    @sanctusmortis There is widespread reports that the guitar is of wonky dubious quality and causes buttons to stick.

    Mate at work has it on xb and he had same issue, but after following video's showing to take the neck apart and wedge paper behind the circuit board, it fixed all his button issues. You obviously shouldnt need to do that with a product, but for an easy fix it could work.
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  • LFace 12/02/2016

    I picked up Guitar Hero for PS4 the other week when Game were flogging it for 45. I loved the originals on xb360/PS2 so thought why not. I dont regret it for one minute, but I see it is back up to full price again at around 90 quid in same shop. Thats not going to tempt anyone to pick it up.

    Only thing that bothers me with it is the limited amount of "decent" tracks, which I know is purely subjective to myself. Theres still enough content there to get my moneys worth though and I enjoy the odd 30-60 min session on the "Live tv" channel which typically has Rock or Metal hour when I'm playing which suits me to the ground.
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  • What Street Fighter 5 will - and won't - have at launch

  • LFace 12/02/2016

    @alcolepone PC presumably. I'm a console gamer now on PS4, and buy everything digitally (usually using cheaper vouchers from cdkeys etc.) as I dont sell/trade games afterwards, and I occasionally use the remote play function which you cant do with multiple games that are physical.

    Dont get me wrong, im not trolling, I genuinely wanted SF5 to be awesome. I loved SF4 on xb360 but always felt it sorely lacking in content. I've been both an MK and SF fan for donkeys years, and MK has set the standard for game content to me with fighting games and if a company simply cant be bothered to provide content other than "1v1" then I see it as lazy and not trying.
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  • LFace 12/02/2016

    I said it the other day and got negged, but several more people agree in this article with what I said that this is taking the piss. I know digital is usually more expensive than physical anyway, but this half arsed incomplete game is 50 on the PSN Store. 50!! It has incomplete content with a "coming in March" tag that may actually slip for several months as it is not a 100% guarantee.

    We should not be accepting this. Remember when people got pissed over horse armour DLC? Here we are years later and an unfinished game with sections containing old geocities website "Under Construction" signs slapped all over it, and is full price, and people are defending it!

    "Ah Carnt Speyk!"
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  • Street Fighter 5's first DLC character, Alex, live in March

  • LFace 12/02/2016

    @Banacheck Tutorial and Training mode dont count as single player content any more than "Menu" is a special feature of a DVD.

    Story - yes. Survival - yes. NB & CFN absolutely not, they are online based. That is still a pretty low amount of content for single player in 2016 when compared to other fighting games. Capcom are yet again pushing out a basic fighter (ok the actual fighting is great and always will be, and I'm saying this as a big street fighter fan since the original 1 in the arcade as a kid) with next to no gameplay improvements since SF2 on snes.
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  • LFace 10/02/2016

    @albertino Like I said previously, MK had some pretty good extras for single player for those times you dont want to play online. Quoting Counter Strike as an example doesnt hold water as that purely is a multiplayer game and has no single player to speak of (talking about original CS mod for Half Life here, no idea if modern versions have it).

    Full price for SF5 with just bog standard online 1v1 is a little steep in my eyes when you compare to other current gen fighting games that offer much much more, but that is subjective and is purely my opinion.
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  • LFace 10/02/2016

    @jabberwocky Added at a later date you say? Just checked and the game is 50 to buy digitally, and theres next to sod all single player content? Well colour me disinterested then. Reply -3
  • LFace 10/02/2016

    Curious in seeing what single player content there will be in this having been spoiled by masses of extra gubbins in Mortal Kombat 9 and X.

    I'm not really one for going online much with fighting games as I dont have the time to put in to learn the characters well enough to go up against the folks who play online constantly, but I do love a go on single player from time to time.
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  • The Witness has already shifted "substantially more than 100k" copies

  • LFace 03/02/2016

    @Agarwel_Idiriz @UncleLou
    Cheers for that. It does sound intriguing and might make sense now from one particular moment I saw on Twitch when the shadows around the landscape looked a bit like the interface panel itself and I was trying to work out how the streamer solved the puzzle based on that shadow but obviously tuning in with no prior knowledge puts me massively at a disadvantage.

    Will definitely put it on my list. Thanks.
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  • LFace 03/02/2016

    @Bambot based on reviews and feedback I've been tempted by this since I saw it, but when watching streams on twitch, all the puzzles appear to be that grid based line drawing style. Is that correct? Reply 0
  • GOG launches an early access program with "no questions asked" refunds

  • LFace 28/01/2016

    Skate 4

    ..oh wait
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  • Disney invests in new YouTube channel network starring PewDiePie

  • LFace 14/01/2016

    Sooner watch Ashens than that irritating cock womble Reply +10
  • Watch the Xenomorph from Alien rip apart Mortal Kombat X

  • LFace 12/01/2016

    Hurrah for Leatherface! Didn't get pack 1 but I sure as hell will be buying this. Look what your brother did to the door! Reply 0
  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 is as shameless as App Store games get

  • LFace 07/01/2016

    Looks a solid 5/7 to me Reply +9
  • Minecraft will change forever with addition of flying cape

  • LFace 07/10/2015

    Shark well and truly jumped. I used to play this pretty regular on PC years ago, and loved the game so much I bought it on several consoles since.

    Although nothing to do with the PC dev team, the ridiculously slow development of patches for the console versions has killed the game for me. Last I checked, there was still none of the new biomes like the Mesa and enchanting wasnt using Lapis.
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  • Netflix testing adverts on Xbox 360 app

  • LFace 02/06/2015

    Reply +85
  • Bloodborne review

  • LFace 27/03/2015

    Unfortunately the gods saw fit to part cheeks and ram cock in with me this week. My PS4 stopped working outside of warranty 2 days ago and in my angor filled phone call with support wanting 175 for repair, I cancelled this pre-order (and Mortal Kombat).

    I was so looking forward to this game having never played the previous influences, and feel I must have shit on a royal families twin daughters or something in a previous life.

    Glad to see the game is as good as it looked then. Once I have a working PS4 again I'll snap this up instantly.
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  • Mortal Kombat X: Mobile announced

  • LFace 02/03/2015

    The last paragraph worries me "players who own it can unlock content in the mobile game and vice versa by signing up for a WB Play account and completing tasks and achievements within each version"

    Do I sense an AC:Unity Companion App failure in the making? If stuff is locked away on the game and can only be accessed by performing grindy crap on the mobile version then not one single percent of that sounds fun.
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  • University dives into the physics of Assassin's Creed's haystacks

  • LFace 25/02/2015

    Bag o shite Reply +5
  • Ready at Dawn responds to concern over The Order: 1886 campaign length

  • LFace 16/02/2015

    I was kinda intrigued by this game, but the games length isn't the major concern for me, its those bloody QTE's that I absolutely hate. Am I the only one that cannot stand them, and think they are a lazy gameplay mechanic (and gameplay is used loosely here) ?
    Whats wrong with having to use actual reactions like moving yourself to somewhere to dodge something rather than "press X to initiate automatic control of the character".
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  • 100 Mortal Kombat X Kollector's Edition includes Scorpion figurine by Coarse

  • LFace 03/02/2015

    I keep seeing Goro being a pre-order only item from GAME in the UK but what about those who only buy digitally? Are we gonna get the stinkpalm because we dont want a scratchable piece of plastic from that shit hole?

    Not getting into an argument over digital v physical price wise, as I know digital is higher but for the convenience I prefer it. I dont mind pre-ordering the game on digital too at the standard price but if doing so does not net the "pre order bonus" then what is the point ?
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  • Digital Foundry vs Saints Row 4: Re-Elected on PS4

  • LFace 18/01/2015

    Having gone from being a PC gamer to xbox 360 and now PS4, it irritates me when fools comment on a console not being able to hand x because pc can when we are talking a single game. It's not as black and white as that. Different hardware requires different optimisations. A basic cube rotating on screen might run at 120fps on PC but straight porting it to ps4 with barely any code changes might run at 5fps as it wasn't designed for ps4. Rewrite the code and it might do 240fps on ps4 because it's been coded specifically for the ps4. Software varies. You can't jam a bagel in a toaster on same settings as bread and expect same results. tweaks are needed. Don't tweak and you get shit results ! Reply +4
  • Digital Foundry vs Resident Evil on PS4

  • LFace 08/01/2015

    @xXJippedXx They can, but clearly whoever is porting this dont know their arse from their elbow Reply +1
  • Sony video suggests PS4 friend notifications coming soon

  • LFace 11/12/2014

    Has there been talk of having video chats coming soon? Me and a mate typically Facetime each other on iPad yet we both have PS4 with the camera so it would be much better just using that to call each other. Not fussed about "snapping" it to screen so we can play a game at same time, thats not necessary. Reply +2
  • The race to defeat Destiny's (new) toughest challenge begins

  • LFace 09/12/2014

    FYI, Destiny is on the 12 Days Of Christmas sale today on PSN. 35 for PS4 and 30 for PS3.

    I bought myself a 35 voucher online for 29.44 so it wasnt that expensive to get, so I'm looking forward to playing it. Been on the fence since its release as I didnt want to pony up full price having tried the beta test and finding it average.

    Im sure EG will put an article up soon about todays sale.
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  • Ubisoft details third major Assassin's Creed Unity patch

  • LFace 17/11/2014

    @Darren I'm loving the game and have not had any game breaking bugs so far, and I've encountered the huge frame drop you refer to as well. On any of the buildings with stained glass it tanks massively when you are climbing around it, but if you release R2 it seems to speed up the frame rate. Almost like the engine is struggling to figure out the "attach" points for your character around the stain glass Reply +3
  • Assassin's Creed Unity walkthrough and game guide

  • LFace 14/11/2014

    There is a few hundred streaming it on Live On Playstation and having watched a few streams, I've yet to come across any of the show stopping bugs. Not saying they dont exist its clear they do, but perhaps falling through the floor is a rare bug ? Frame rate issues doesnt make a game unplayable, it just makes it jarring.

    Those of us that went through the early "modern" console age of PS1/Saturn will understand that framerate drops do happen but do not break the game. I have it on digital which I will be trying out tonight (had it on pre-order, one of the first games this gen I have pre-ordered) so I'll see for sure how it is then. Of course, it is inexcusable to have frame drops so severe in this day and age, and I hope they do sort it out. But for now I can live with it.
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  • Trials Fusion to receive free eight-player online multiplayer this year

  • LFace 06/11/2014

    Too little too late. All my friends who bought this to play multiplayer are now sick of the game and I doubt we'll even have a single multiplayer online game now. Poor show. Reply +2
  • Destiny guide

  • LFace 05/11/2014

    oh good, more Oh good, more Destiny articles comments! Reply +45
  • The many styles of Mortal Kombat X

  • LFace 08/10/2014

    Glad to hear the Block button is back. It feels more natural in MK games than pulling back like Street Fighter. I couldnt get on with Injustice for that reason. Reply +4
  • Trials Fusion: Welcome to the Abyss expansion release date

  • LFace 24/09/2014

    The game is dead to me now. I simply dont touch it due to lack of online multiplayer. Me and several friends bought it on the premise that multi was coming and we thought it would be a laugh. Its now several months later and no show and none of us touch it anymore. Its a shadow of its former xbox 360 self. Pathetic Reply +25
  • Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion - report

  • LFace 10/09/2014

    IS this for Mojang AND the Minecraft IP (as stated in comments earlier, Mojang doesnt have the Minecraft IP, Notch does) or just Mojang?

    If it is just Mojang, then whats the point exactly.

    If the IP is also up for grabs, and does indeed sell, would that mean that updates to non-MS platforms could potentially stop coming? So the recently released PS4 version could well never be patched again?
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  • New full-size Lego Minecraft range revealed

  • LFace 18/08/2014

    Still an improvement on the first lot which looked nothing like minecraft, and even had terrible ratio size. But like has been said, these still dont look quite right and are another poor attempt. Reply +2
  • This is how Minecraft looks running on PlayStation Vita

  • LFace 14/08/2014

    @pb Cheers. I thought it might be but thought I would ask. Reply +1
  • LFace 14/08/2014

    If upgrading to PS4, does it then stop your PS3/Vita copy from working or is it unaffected? I own this for 360 but swapped camp to PS4 so wouldn't mind having a Vita version for commuting but would also like to have it on PS4 as well. Reply +8